The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1930
Page 3
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i)i<:n«,mF.R 12, mo JThrr.e Fine Films in O'ffins; • . r) Declares Hollywood Observer (ARK.) COURIER NEWS R E. Anderson of Horners- vil.'e a Suicide: Financial Trr .Sic Blamed. UOKNERSVIIAE, Mo.— Funeral wivlccs were conducted at the Methodist Church here yesterday t'<: R. E. Anderson, GO-year-old liurltam cf Ifornorsville, who shot himself to death in his store here Tuesday afternoon following an atIcmp: to negotiate a 1'on from the! liank of Honiersville of which he'. was u director. Religious rites were: conducted liy Rev. W. A. Mns:i»y, IWitcr of the local Metho<l!sl| Church. ! Anderson Is survived by three I daughleiE, Miss Qathryn of this place. Mi-:, Warner Bishop of Little ROL'k, Ark., and Mrs. Clyde' \Yj:-!lman of KenneU, wife of the Misrouri yovcrnor of' Lions Intcr- njll-'.ial. He Is also survived by a sister. Mrs. U. M. McCaleb and a brother. C. 13. Anderson with whom lie was as:/>ciated in the mercantile business hei.;. Anderson was a native of Tenn- j j (ut , rssee where- he was born in 1810.' He and his brother. Campbell, ml-, "'" c er.i'--1 lo Missouri in 189G and cs-i tablished a mercantile business lnj HCrnersville which they developed if' one cf the largest businesses |.\ccrelly immled, who are being l:?!d an :iccompllces to n murder. John Mlljan as a police Inspector also clots n fine bit of noting. And then If you like comedies, 11 lii-rc's ••Hook. Line mid Sinker" with Her! Wheeler, Robert Woolsoy r:id Uo.-ciny Lee. Wlieeler' find Wjtil'cy. of couise, furnish the fOiiiedy wliile Dorothy adds the ro- nuintlc Interest. This Is by far the best comedy licit unit Bob have turned out in some time and It's the first one without a song In it. Uoiolliy n!?o has more lo do than in any of the previous pictures and C'iicap;oans Shot a n d Ilivowu From Automobile.. Into Roadside Ditch CHICAGO. Dec. 12, (UP)—T.' , .„ - - 'first serious renewal of gang war. Justine.'; every foot to film allotted fare in Chicago for several wcri-.-i ! ; loccuned early today when Rudolph I i '1 liis' picture puts Wheeler and > Moreno. 24, and Jnmes Toimsulu. I ; Woolsey In the hotel business. All j 28, were shot three times each inr.l I 1111 ull. If yen crave an evening of tossed fiom automobiles into a! laughs it's not a bad picture lo see ditch a quarter of a mile from th? i Beverly Country club. i One of Die men was still iremh- hig when picked up by officers called by a motorist. He died before reaching the hospital. The other was dead when found. Tomnsiilo had a long criminal record and had used many allasss. Cliallerton is shewn here is sin- appeared in the entirely ;nl roles of mother and daughter 'in "The Kigi-.l tn Love." of ils kind in thii r.^gion. Conduct-: Chatterton's latcs usivc credit retail busi- iHishl to Love," is BY DAN THOMAS NEA Sen-let Writer HOLLYWOOD, Dec, 11 —Ruth mil and when she comes out she teams up with three other ex-convicts to engaee in a racket that latest effort. '"The j is just, within the law. Ing an extensive credit retail busi- !«iB"l io Love," is a highly cnler- . Joan, of course, plays the girl ness, they amassed several hundred 'tainlng film ba'sed on Suzaniand docs It mighty well while Ro- scres of land during their thirty- ! Cla^ell's novel, "Brook Evans." bert Armstrong, Marie Prevost anil five years of or.i?ralion. Supposed Ihe general theme is that a girl - George Cooper do their share as reasons for the act of tuicide were has a perfect right to love, whom- ! other incmlxr;; ol the "gang." Arm- financial depression and despond- ever she pleases without any inter- i strong I", madly In love with Joan, resulting from failure lose- ference from her family. j does everything she says and in the cure a loan which had teen solicit- • AS usual, Miss Chatterton gives , end 6 lvcs himself up to the police ...... eel by the vitinj shortly preceding an excellent performance which Is I so tl!at tlle 5' his death. He returned diretly from to be more or less expected as she the Bank of Honiersville to his easily is one of the best actresses store and fired a Lhot from a re-, ever seen on the screen. She is volvcr into his head, dying in- [ particularly good in one sequence stancly. Several persons were in of the p j c i lln , j n w hj cll she plays free Joan and | iCainett Garage Fire Does $10,000 Damage KENNETT. MO.--A fire of disastrous proportions p.ncl of unknown oi'gin broke out In the Pankoy Chevrolet garage and store room .of the Sexton building In this city 'and did damage of more than $10.. 000 to properly before being ex- j anguished. Twenty-five automobiles were destroyed Including three new Cbcvrolcts on display In the sales room and rive other machines belonging to customers which were stored In the building. 'Hie fire originated about one o'clock in Hie morning and had gained great, headway beiorc discovery. The Iccal fire department was several hours getting the blaze under control and preventing it ! spreading to adjacent buildings. The gopher tortoise Inhabits Florida and other southern coast slates. It burrows into sandy soil during ll'.e tiny, and emerges at night In Old Illness Fatal to 1 Walter Withrow, Campbell' 'Mii>i:;-:i i,. MO.—Funeral berv- cs, were conducted ul Hie Mclluxl- •-i -lunch ur ihi., city Wednesday rf.uncon r ra - Wuliicr Withrow lotmer n:.?ml-er of Hie Oily Conn- r I. who siid-mnbert v a tDice yj«r old cancer infection at his homo iuie Tnewlny M i s]ll . im crmcia >5 lii \\ciodlawn cemetery following religious cervices by Hie Rev. Will-row !s survived by Ills widow and three children, two sons mid one daughter, nil O f whom arc 1 grown. Flaming Jack Rabbit Starts Fire in Grain Jo Jil, MEONE Mareno hud no record that police j kne\v of. \ Mrs. Marllm Vnn Wocrden. who wns i:i a farmhouse nearby, said she heard Die shots ami sttw four automobiles speed past scon ------ HAKTIARA, Cilllf., (UP) -A surr brew*, und n limning Jack rabbit combined to spread n Ito near here recently that destroyed UO acres of wheat before il was put out. sonV'^^biX M.,^ nn!!! 13 .!,.,™."- 1 ? 10 • "wrhy IU_I The comfort of healing, soothing warmth! Whit a relief in time of pain! \Vhat a joy on t zero night! Sutcly there's somebody on your Chmimu lilt wlio will welcome this friendly gift, a Wcstinghouse Wttming Pjd, jf^cted in soft, fluffy eiderdown- rose, green, nn and lavender. from $5.93 to <9.00. ward. &U UlttL IMCy VUll HCU JU1UI UUU eonr-l, rtf t n ^j rr\ i , ° ' Kent Douglass, whom she has I '„" ' ^^'J'f , S|>i:c es 0[ tov .' ""W li about, 15 inches lonir. with the store at the lime of the tragedy and testified at the Coroners inquest concerning the act. ; Anderson was a member of the MeUicdisl Church where he was a itsward and was prominent in so- ial, civic, and religious circles. H.? served for several years as a incin- btr of the Hornersville Board of Eduation and was a member of the. board of'dirsckrs of the Bank of the dual role of mother and daughter. The picture opens with Ruth madly in love with David Manners although (he match is opposed by their parents. They plan to be married anyway but Manners is killed and Ruth then tells her parents that she is going to give'birth at the time of his '° a cliiW. Irving Pichel, whom j Ruth hns repeatedly refused to marry on previous occasions, again offers to marry her. She accepts and goes west with him. Many years later, her daughter, also played by IMiss Chatterton, falls in love with a boy to whom her father objects strenuously but her mother urges her to do just as she wishes a3 it is her right to love him. However, the daughter gives up the boy and goes to China to do missionary work. There, she | meets ami falls in leys with Paul j. and gives up everything forf., Kirn.'"" ,'•,.. . |. Every person in Miss Chatterton's supporling cast gives a fine pu'iormance and Richard Wallace's direction is considerably above the Sheriff Will Start Receiving ...Applications December 20;" Prices the Same. The sheriff and collector's ofil-ic- here will be ready to receive applications for 1931 automobile licens;;: on December 20th, Sheriff W. W. Shaver announced today. City license tags for the coining year will go on sale Monday, city Clerk Sidney Craig stated. •p. H. Blackwood, chairman o'. trie state highway commission, hir Issued to the collectors of the Arkansas counties, pamphlets containing 1931 automobile license fees, preparatory to beginning the issuance of the Ings. Mr. Blackwoo- ctnnuonced that no more reservations for special numbers can b3 made, sinci such reservations en- tqil much additional clerical work The numbers reserved tast yeat have been set aside lor the sam- car owners this year, it was said and the reserved license plates v/n be held n. reasonable time. There are no changes in the pric of tags, except for new model cuv. with weight and horsepower different from last year's model. Th' lowest fee is $15 for Austins. Mod;' T Ford roadsters and other \\fn four-cylinder roadsters. The high- -, cst fee for passenger cars is S43 fo- I Ihe Cadillac V-iC seven-pasienj;.- I Imperial sedan. • The color combination of the nr.v ; state license plates is still unknov.r, to the sheriff's ofiics here while th? city clerk declares he would only be guessing the colors of the city tags until he uncrates the platas which have already arrived l-.cre. average. • • * Aiiother picture which should draw them to the box office is Joan Crawford's latest, "Within the Lew." The story is- that of a young girl who is railroaded into prison for a theft she didn't corn- We keep them HAPPY I'crd owners like our brant] of service. It is derwndable, prompt, economical. Our shop is clean, cheerful —the mnst ship-shape you ever visited. Modem equipment, Ford- trained mechanics get best results on all jobs—big or little. Come in. We make a specialty of periodic tunins-up, oiling and greasing. Complete stock of genuine Ford parts ard accessories. Ix>w prices for repainting or washing ihd^, polishing. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Bl.vtheville, Ark. .Phones: 810-SU-777 inches long, with a shell of brown and black above, Kennett Man Heads j Oil Marketing Group KENNETT. Mo.—Wiley Lloyd.' president of the Lloyd Oil Distribution company of Ink city, was elected to (he office of president of the Southeast Missouri Oil Marketing association at a nicellng of that organization held In Cape Gl- rarde.iu yesterday. E. c. Mason of Cnruthersvllle was elected to the board of directors of Hie association for the ensuing year. The next meeting of the organization will be held at Cape Girarcleau in March, 1931. ill Cffm'J , '" ' iU> Ill ' y 8ml » '" U ul ILM i ? (:xtl "K" L ' | i Hie "ames fnimprt i „ hc Brnin - T1 « «'l»'l """«1 the (lie until GOO acres of grain anti brush htnd was burned. Westinghouse Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Your Service" FACULTY SALARIES BOOSTED NORTHAMPTON. Mass. (UP) — Despite business depression, the salaries of the Smith College faculty, have been increased. The raises represent an annual total c! i $40,000 which will b? subscribed by the Aluuinae Association until tl:c endowment fund is sufficient to "re for the increases. YOUR XMAS Dollars Will Buy Useful and Lasting PRESENTS AT GILLtNf HALF PRICE SALE cMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY COFFEE Bell Hov Pountl 25c liulk Pound 18c Paimolive 3 for 25c OLEO Gold Dot Pound 15c SORGHUM Tennessee Gallon 88c BACON Blackhawk, Sliced Pound 29c MACKEREL Nice and Meaty Each 9c BOLOGNA Pound 12 SALT MEAT For / Boiling Pound 12 PORK RIBS Pound 12 WE1NERS J,h. 20c Franks Lb. 16c NECK BONES Pound 5c MIX SAUSAGE Pound ioc CHITTERLINGS Pork 10-Lb. Pail 95 c STEAKS Sirloin or T-Bonc Pound 25c ROUND STEAKS Pound 17ic THE BOOTERY'S HOLIDAY SAfcE Continues in Full Force ; Ladies$10& $11 Values ULACK AND HROWN SUEDES Hl-ACK AND BROWN KII),S RAJAH LI/ARDS ALL NEW PATTERNS STRAPS—PUMPS SPORT TIES ARCH PRESERVERS FOOT FRIENDS ALL •'-•'BALES :•" STRICTLY CASH All Children's Shoes 20% Discount Ladies $7.50 to $9 Values ^ Patents, lllack.' and Brown Kid, Uluc Kjd and Black Faille Cloth; Pumps and Strap Patterns, Jr. Span and High Heels. $/?35 6 Special Showing . •' • '•. • --;:S-;r,r' of Daniel Green House Slippers Indies .^nd Growing " „• • "mil- .•••'• •- P^jJ-Stajfefn^Rort PMer^<Ji' : ,^)lM»lier9, P»i^:;:«|W^Brsipv ; "Kid pJ»BI%;-vTwf^:^t ifwijtj;:.:;.>, v.>ft\i?«j- ]•;:• •- a'xfori Mens Shoes Entire Stock at Lowest •—• •— — ^^ ^^ ^r^ ^tf^r^ K ^ v% $8.50 Nunn & Bush and $ Holland Oxfords $12.50 Edwin Clapp $9.95 $11.50 Nunn & Bush Kid $7.50 Freeman's Young Men High Shoes $8.95 Oxfords $4.95 $10.00 Nunn & Bush $5.00 Freeman's Young Men Oxfords $7.95 Oxfords $3.95 No Approvals No Lay Aways All Sales Strictly Cash Combined Stock of SAPHIAN'S and WaUer-Roseiithal's New York Store Sold out to St.Louis Auctioners&Stock Buyers BUY! SAVE!! Your last chance to buy Munsingwear Ready-to-Wear Millinery, Shoes and Hosiery at 50% of Actual Wholesale Cost Ladies Coats SO.97 2 Ladies Silk Dresses $J.97 Ladies Hats 55c Munsingwear Full Fashion Hose $1.50 Value Combined Stock on Sele W. S. Rosenthal's New York Store We Must Sell Out! Get Out!, Stay Out!

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