Daily Arkansas Gazette from Little Rock, Arkansas on June 3, 1884 · Page 6
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Daily Arkansas Gazette from Little Rock, Arkansas · Page 6

Little Rock, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1884
Page 6
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Ban on WishlnsrtoB Bank. . Washington, Jane 2. A rutt wu made today on the National Saving bank, where a slight run occurred Saturday; Mno-teutha ol the per-aoua drawing 'are colored people. The banks here. have taken wans in from recent eveuta and fortified themaelvea. The offioera of "the National Savinga bansajr they are cavinir DromntlY and have no intention of taking advantage of toe tnirty aay clause, aa mey are id condiiiou to profit by the forfeit ore of accrued lutereat upon depoa-ita withdrawn. . Middletoua statement ia expected to be ready tomorrow. . The Bsnlth' Bile Bmm: From the Arkansas Dally Gazette. "Ara you feallntf better f tld a gentle an yaaterdajr to a well-known JronHoun-- tain railroad man. "Yea, a great deal better. The night run li Tery bard and I got down belor I knew It. I bad fever after fever, and ahook tbe car off tbe track a eonple of ' timet. Finally 1 decided to try Bmltb'e Bile Bsans, lwii prejudiced against tbe name or ratber tbe Bile part of It, or I might' have been wt 11 long before I waa. . Tbey brougbt me out like a new man." - Tbe above U an actual fact, and prevee ' the merit of tbe goods. 7 be name of the gentleman can be given. For tale by all druggists. 3091 The Paris Iiepublique Francaiee condemns the United States for allowing dynamiters to plan outrages. The Iatransigeau saya tbe explosions in Loudou are the result of 600 years of misery. MARK VALENTINE, .Attorney-at-Law, Orricx: H. W. corner Main and Mark. . ham ttreata (Boom No. 71. - em IJTTIJs BOCK, ARK. V WARNER'S Sale Liver and Kidney Cure t HiiKtifwM'wtstM 1 rut: tor DR. F. IV, GREEN. Disease! of tie Eje ail Ear a Specialty. r 80 CEHTEB ITBEET. ' R OCRS From 10 am. to li:S6 p.m.' P.O flooperji. U. A. L. Breyaaober.alJ) DBS. HOOPER & BHEYSACHEH UTTIJC BOCK, ARE. FFICX: Adama Bleak, eorner ol Main and Markham etrw- 194 0 DR. JTN7 GLOVER. DB. 3. y. GLOVER offer hli professional aervioea to the people of Little Rock and vicinity. tyOfflceS.w.opr. Main and Fifth. Carter's Ltttie Liver I'illi must not be eonlouuded with common Cathartic or Purgative Fills, as tbey are entirely unlike them Id every respect. One trial will prove their superiority. 41S3 The comptroller of the currency has declared a liual divideut of 11 j per cent iu favor of the creditors of the Miners' National bank of Georgetown, Col., making a total of 76 J per cent. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by that terrible cough. gallon's Cure lfc tbe remedy for you. VV. H. Halliburton, agent. - - ..,... . , . 4178 . A. J. Drexel & (Jo. announce that they will buy at par the interest coupon's of the consolidated mortgage bonds of the Reading road, due iu 191 1. 1 he total interest due today is $000,000. The Drexel banking house was filled wiih holders of these coupons, ivho ure receiving their money. or Great Value to Vocalists. L'NIONVILLE, WKSTCHKSTBIt CO., N. Y. August, '.0, 1882. , I bad care'.ckaly exposed myself and sustained a very severe and tight cold on my chest and m my throat. I procured Allcock's Porous Plasters and applied one on tuo chest, well up on tbe throat, and relief came readily; tbe soreness of my chest waa removed, and my vocal organs were kept clear tbe entire past winter, enabling me to fulfill public engagementa In different parts ot this country. Mo more may be said than that Allcock's Porous Plasters, if applied by afflicted vocalists, will greatly assist their vocal rendition in public. 4011 B. Franklin Church. Thos. Lampson, of Sebewaing, and Frank Ilalsey, -of East Sagiuaw, Mich., both youDg men, were drowned at Ileisterniau island, in Saginaw bay, yesterday, by the capsizing of n skiff'. EVERY PROMISE backed by a guar-antee. Acker's Ovspepsia Tablets will five immediate roller. Price 26c and 150c old by E. P. Schaer A Co. and all drug, gists. The uew 2-cent paper, the Morning Call, appeared ou the streets of St. Louis yesterday. It is republican jn politics, aud is understood to repre-seut the Filley faction of the party. Tbe weak, worn, and dyspeptic sbould take Coldeu' Liquid Beef Tonic. CoUlen'i; tah no other.'. Of druggists. 98 The New York supreme court has appointed John T. Wilson receiver of Booth's theater, iu tbe suit of John H. Morris vs. Grant & Ward et al., for a partition of property. lfytl All who have experiunccMl and wl tn exact! the effect of Hos- tetter's Stomach Hitters upon tlm weak, broken down desponding victims of dvs- roinijiaiTtc-n-rr- : ami agutf, rneu-matlsm, nervous debility, prema ture decay, know mat in mis eu-jirime tonic ancl alterative in en; exists a specific I principle- wnicn reaches the very source of the -trouble , and effects an absolute and pcrma-.nentenre. For sale by all Druggists and Dealers generally. , - TOK CH. at BlTTtrRS MANHOOD RESTORED. A victim of tvrlr .mpradenca, ctinalnir tmroaa debit ftf, premature dcu, etc, luvktff tried in vain Terr known remedr. hdiTerfd simple mean of nelf-Oare.wbich he will send FRKK tohifel)ow-tm.ferrA 4numtj U. REEVES, 43 Chatham tU. New Ya K ERR'S Svstem Renovater at Hughes 'tlal Drue Rtnrs. For CLOCKS, JEWELRY, SILVERWARE 8li SPECTACLES TKT h. o. clok' jewelrt house. Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repairing receives prompt attention. Ail goods ana work warranted. Tbe beat of goods and lowest in price. (18 Him STBEKT, CLOK BLOCK. J. N. HALDEMAN, President of ths Great LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL CO. Tells What He Knew of ! yWINTBRSMITH'S CHILL CURE- 0fic or th Coi i JouaAL, toutiviu Dr. mnltrtmitk. Sir- I waive rult 1 nave ,.. ,er, th. v.lue of your rtm.dy P-Si me to nr.-i' replyto your requ"t. what 1 know - ofSTr CKill Cur. ht prlvaw atauraacci of it; 3bcv I had, and the rood reaulu i of Ma .ffeca. I hTd ohaervcdooMr. R V. M.r.ditli,wao,for nor. ' fwifiMO yara,haa baea foreman of my offica, rndScVd" o it ia y faV- Th re.ults 17 baao aatircly aati.fac.ory. The rat ca.a wu if wryaara-ataid.ng. in which I believe rrary &m nmedy had b.h triad with temporary rt, te.reaill.yr..uing .arnica y "dK-JIT L'c. "thi h b. ao recurrence of the- for th aSE montha. Th. other caae waa of a rnea-bat Th. IhUla would return at interval., temdiea, om d which time, friSuabl. "pcic. and perform. aU y prom ht it. Very resjtfuily, W. N. HALPF.MAW. NIC dose of 8ATAOTA will l"- neirtly any sbmbio u v-" ver. ' TBS "open-formula" Family Medicines prepared at Bond's Pharmacy have proved their value by;the only tesWoay JAMES COOK ' TsAUBJalilfiSl X . Book, Ark. JteUllc Caaea.eUikept ' a band, uraen Dy MiefTapa wui receive prompt attectlen. ti TeleDnone cennectione. C. M. MCNEAL. FUNKttAL DIHEOTOB 13 Mala) Strwt. ... Uttta Rook PERSONS UvtD(t In mlaamatlc distridls may prevent any attack of Mai aria by an eeca 8ATAMTA THE SECOND ANNUAL FAIR -'' . ' 0 IBM WMte Connty , Fair Associatiotf rWlllba'fteld at Judsonia, Oct.JW, 15 and 16. LABOI additions'' are being made to tbe boUdings, and It la ex peeled the next exhibit will be Moond to none In tbe state. The Premium List will be issued as soon as tbe copy aaa be made up, and will afford a valuable medium tor advertising. NH9 IF you are going to clean up and Kal-aomine your bouse, you can get all shadea of Kalsomlne. ready for use, at Hnbe Palatial Droir Btore. 0 J. V. f attiabr JEWELSB 8 9 l-h S J i as 4 4 So 2 M Vd W1 M P ! J i tyninstrated Catalntnes aent on application. 105 K. was :j 8g2o; g, as o in ARKHAITI ST. m3 J. F. WILSON &, BRO., IBi Fifth and Louisiana, lp3'55 DEALERS IN SfeSfni.lft jiiul Vancv Groceries. I riBadiinartera for flme and Produce. Tel. connection. 5 t3 J. W. MAST, DEALER IN Iron, Wagon and Carriage Material. Paints, Oils and Varnishes, Pittsburgh Coe. 218 EAST MATtKTTAM RTRTTET. - XITTL'E HOCK. ARK. I Lafe' ICE CREAM Pa. Fine Confections FRENCH and I HOME MADE. Chke of BTry Variety. 8 c0 as S to j CO Special attention paid to supplying Waddings, Balls and Banquets. Everything guaranteed to be of tbe best. 107 E. Markham St., Little Itock. L. F. UECK, Manager. FHBD. J. KOTTINGER, Clerk NEW MANAQBMBNT. COMMERCIAL SAMPLE ROOM ON FIRST FLOOB. GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL. Ame'lcan Plan. Tbe bouse has undergone thorough repair, and Is now being eon- ducted by tbe owner. Special attention paia to the tsd'O ana ine com ion oi guesu Please givoue a trial and oe convinced. All modern improvements. Terms reasonable. lltl'SHwa STREET, selnnen FIFTH a. i SIXH (street Cars Bus Wlthls ne Blecli of Hotel.) A New Departure IN THE South End. C. COCHRAN'S .Dr-ULg Store Pull Stock of New Goods. Prescriptions Carefully Compounded. 1301 TWrAXET -TREET E m DMONSON &. HORTON, H Staple and Fancy Groceries, Corner Fifth and Mai Streets, LITTLE ROCK, ARK". 1: c HRiSIVl AN &. PHILLIPS Groceries, Game, Fruits, Poultry, Etc. Commission MeroHsa-nta. Telephone. 107 Wat Fifth Btrt. A roll Bnpply oi Cora, Oata, Hnn ad All Kinds ol fia d and Garde Seeds. W. S. HUTT, DKLKR IN STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES Tobaooo, Whlaklea, Wlnos, Plantation Supplies and Beeaa. S13 Main Street, Staxfc Bloofc.. S500 REWARD! JS..T. wim vbi. rtii J" . an itri!T wpiw r-"'T m I-M to mivt MUitaclKta. SttT CBrtaS, "SJ Z !-'.'' r br u '"'Jr mm. Mlt an laillukMi. Tb poolaa nubctn4 oalj T SSac. wsW co,w w w. ac.catwg. Imlri cku at -wolytot a 1a S ftl- Able' tomP00'"1 ot H,MT 01 T" SPRING ANNOUNCEMENT ! Oar stock of MENS', YOUTHS' and BOYS' SUITS are now Teady and embraces the Most Standard and Popular Makes of Worsteds, Cassimeres and Flannels, made in the Latest Design? and Equal to Merchant Tailor's Work. Novelties in Cut and Fabric are constantly being added, our stock is the Largest in the City, and comprises every grade of goods from the lowest to the highest, being adapted to the wants of Everyone. Our stock of CENTS' FURNISHING G O O D S is Larger than ever, embracing many Novelties and Latest Importations. Our stockjof HATS is unsurpassed. We make a specialty of Merchant Tailoring. Orders throughout the State have our prompt 7 attention.- .- - - - IVC- Fonoo-te cS& Bro. : 104 Main Streec, LOUISiOLF, tyAU orders by expraesoT mall - promptly attended to. WATCHES, CLOCKS, Jewelry, Eto. 310 MAIN STREET. P R O B ST ft HI L Q. T&b Oldest youor House ill tii8 M! HUIP BEST'S CELFfe RATED KILWAUIER LAHEh JEfiK, LAIfc ERIE DELAWARE WINS. SWtK"' TAWB4 CIUABt. TOIIJ1CCO A BID A COMPLETE STOCK OF FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIES. 186ft. RaatAr- Prlcsa Diniliriatad. ?riirlit Addd., 1884. BOOMING! BOOMING! PINNACLE SPRINGS! THE PINNACLE HOUSE baa all the eonvenleDeea of a flrsKslaas modern . hotel. It la sltuatsd on aa elevated plat, convenint to the sprlnr, and especially adapted to the summer. It Is a two-story Frame building 86x61 feet, containing 40 rooms which are large and well ventilaUd, and a continual breeze is sweeping through its long broad halls. The superb promenade ea tbe -two verandas, making a stroll of 802 feet, and tbe picturesque . scenery on every side makes this a delightful home for pleasure seekers, it is under the management r J. D. and W. W. Martin. W. E. Crosby, that well-known jjaterer of tbe Crosby Jlouse, Conway, Ark., Is general manager of the dining-room and kitchen. HOTEL WILL, BE OPEN JUNE 1st. - A regular hack line Is established, leaving Conway on Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays at 2:30 p.m.; leaves Pinnacle Springs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 7:30 s.m.. making connections with Little. Rovk and Fort Smith By. COFFEE ROASTED For Merchants and Consumers for 85 cents per sack. Special rates in lots of ten sacks or more. I always keep on hand a stock of fresh, Home-Roasted Coffee, which I sell at lowest market quotation. E. HETZWAUEfl. Prop'r I. R. Baking Powdef Manufactory. Cor, 8lh anil Louisiana, Little Rock, 1 H I GO li 1 - 1 1 11 -in 1 1? 1 u:fffhPiiTi' 1 rfiTT fTairrri n Od lie American id European Plans It la most convenient for ail trains on the Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad. The rooms are finely furnished, the table cannot be surpassed, and everything first class. . Street cars leave the Hotel every ten minutes, promptly. L. D. GLEASON. JAMES L DAVIS. ROBERT J. MATHEWS. DAVIS & MATHEWS, Real Estate, Tet:x:-:Peiyi:tag AND INSURANCE AGENTS. OPPOSITE STATE HOUSE. COMMERCIAL UNION ASSURANCE CO, of London. EstaM 22 Years. SPRINGFIELD F. & M. INSURANCE CO, of Massactotts, EstaD'il 35 Tears. Large Tracts of Timber Lands for Sale. B.B.GBKS8. L,, B.LEIGH GrPtESS Sc LEIGH, Insurance -A.gents No. 210 West Markham Street, Little Rock. GENERAL AGENTS FOR ARKANSAS OF The St. Paul Fire and Marina Insurance Company. LOCAL ABENIS FOR Home Insnrance Company, Net Tort SprinEflelil F. anil M. Ins. Co, Mass. Crescent Insnrance Co, New Orleans. Merchants' Insnrance Co,-New Jersey. London AssnranceComorat's,En2lani Oneen Insnrance Company, Enflanfl. Lancashire Insurance Co, England. Meiers' Life and Accident, Hartford Mntnal Life Insurance Company, New Tort. Total Cash Assets of Companies, 8141,000,000. Rish Written in all Parts of the State. Qin Houses and Contents Insure! 101 ADAMS & BOYLE, INSURANCE AGENTS, No. 113 East Markham St., Little Rock, Ark. GENERAL AGENTS FOR Nti Orleans tesannci Association i"' ' aiuoli Lift Assarincs Social. LOCAL AOKNT8 FOB Uvtrpool ui Londoa mi Globi Ins. Co. Continental Insvinco .ompinj, Nil Yon. Pbinlx Insmaci Conpiy, Brooklyn. London and Lancashln Intanncf Cospurj Altai Insurants Contpanj, Hartford. tasoranci Coirpsrrj of North America. Nortl Brttls. aad liercaotlli tooranci Co American Central Insurance Company. Connecticut tnsnrance Company. ElitJ Written nroMliont tit State. Sis Bouses ul Contests IiclBdei. D. R. WING. D. It. WING & CO., C. E. STEPHENS Machine Shop CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. ALL, KINDS OF MACHINERY MADE TO ORDER. and Foundry. S-l :.o3 O VawfiaaawawkiHawUwaawMwaaawMaaaawaa era tr-1 S3 JOHN Ji JTJNG-IXNID, Dealer ia Toilet Articles and Fancy Goods, Paints & Brushes of all Kinds. All Toilet and Fancy Goods at New i ork prices. Terms wash. 714 aiAlN ST. This space belongs to ALBERT COHEN. Watches, Clock.. ml i Perspnal Attention n jenai.T. soecudea. The Old Reliable Jeweler. ui... Opera (Jlaaaea, .,,,, nrr JTI1 ..J CTII CTP Orallat Pr. ripllso. nicrosropes. nu. 411 RAin 01., DLL tin SliU 9in 010. eareruilr -:;.fJ. Inspect his klegant stock, and U suited, buy. No Two Prices. Kverv artiolc 1 marked ft, Plain Fieiira Mill Work, Steamboat and House Work A SPECIALTY. Engines, Boilers, Machinery and Mill Supplies. Kg- Write for Prices. J 618.620.622 and 624 Eaat Markham St.. Little Hack Announce the arrival of hi Foreign Importation a, eomprlslnc; the lnteet do Ig-na for Spring; waar. Stock the largest end moat varied ever Imported to this market, HI good were made axprwaaly to order by the flneat American and European Manufacturer. Important Tailor. 116 West Markliam Street CORRELL & GRIEBEL, - DEALEK3 IN Fine Imported. Ooii feotio ns Manufacturers or Candles of Every Description. Bome-Mad Candles a specialty, A First-Class Bestaarant,with delicacies of the season IS 1 3; Main Street (opposite Grand Opera House). Htriotly rure Insect Powders at BEIDELMAN'S OBUO STORE. Contl'a White. Green aad Mottled Castile 8oap Inst received at BEIDELMAN'S DBUG STORE. Artists' Materials, full assortment. BE1DELMAN, 216 Main St. THE CASH DRUG STORK. JOSEPH KUTTNER. NEW AND ELEGANT STOCK OF MILLINERY", Novelties, Dry Goods, Embroideries, Luces, Etc. JOTCome and Ice us before the rush. 418 jriAIr strkct. ALEXANDER & CO. INTERNATIONAL Ho. 205 E. Markham. P-A-WILST BROKER, No. 200 East Markham. Money Loaned on all Kinds of Collateral Security. Special Attention Given to the Handling of WATCHES AND JEWELRY. Money Loaned. Money Loaned. O'NEALE & STEYENS FULL LINE POCKET SEASIDE LIBRARY. Stock Will he Kept Complete. Now Books Ordered an Rapidly as Sold." ' ALSO, FRESH SUPPLY OF PECK'S BOSS BOOK. D. C. SELL. TELEPHONE No. .140. 8i. 0. SJHTB. BELL & SMITH, WHOLE8ALK AND RETAIL DRUGGISTS, SIB Main Street, Opposite Crrand Opera. Hovise, LITTLE ROOK, ARK. BAR&AINS ! MI UNCONDITIONAL SALE OF BANKRUPT STOCK AM OF Boots, Shoes, Clothing, Trimmings, Etc. G, I WILL SELL roE CASH Fifteen Thousand Dollars Worth OF Boots, Shoes, Clothing, Gloves, TKIMMINGS, CLOAKS, ETC., Being the bankrupt stock of a Hot Springs merchant, regardless of cost. All t he goods must be sold in one month. Call at Wait block, Markham street, near Main. FRED. KBAMEB, Receiver. Little Rock, May 2G, 1834. 6051 ' and Lemon wiu coxa jv.

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