Daily Arkansas Gazette from Little Rock, Arkansas on July 6, 1875 · Page 2
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Daily Arkansas Gazette from Little Rock, Arkansas · Page 2

Little Rock, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1875
Page 2
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SOCIETY DIRECTORY. HABOHIC. - tr-S HDOH DE PA YEN COMMAN DKR Y (jy1 ' No. 1 meet on the third Monday in each month. H. C. Went, Eminent Commander; H. S. Rymal, Recorder. jv-z-a, OUCI DKNTA1 .XUNCILi NO.l meeU 1LJ5 fl rat Trev--'': tg of Jan nary j April, "V5- J nly aa- 5 tuos. Panel, T. i. UN1CN CHATTER MO. 2 meet an. ond Monday night evrv month. 8. W. Williams. H. P R. . Yerkea s-tecretarv. - t S3T Simon M. 8. Secret .WESTERN , STAR LODGE NO. I meeia firs Monday night every month PV TTammluiil W X Simon Cohn, S. W. ; B. S. AlfordV J. "W.; M. 8. Wieder, Treasurer; K. 8. Yerkes, Secretary. MAGNOLIA LODGE NO. 0 meeU IrrS l?,st Monday night every month. H Wm. I. Whltwell, W. M.: E. Melcalf, MAGNOLIA 1 i . J. W. : Geo. II eatJ t .treasurer ; , J . M. tocher, boa - larjr. i. o. o. r. rr-aOONCORD LODGE NO. 69, 1. O. O. F. (Lr meets every Wednesday evening, at p.m., at Odd Fellows Ball. L. Ehrenberg, N. G. ; L. Volmer, V. G. ; a. Uans, Treas.; J. Uenkns, Sec it-t, FAK WEST LODGE NO. 1 meets Thursday evening, in Odd-Fellows' hall, corner of Markham and Scott Htreets. Andrew CaKtelbenc, N. G. ; M. doldoaum, V. 04. Iaaac Pareira, Secretary; U. Ehrenberg, 1-reatiurer. Y-3, PIKE LODGE NO. 12, I. O. O. F., meets every Tuesday evening in Odd-Fellows' hall. J. M. Fish N. G.; Dan Ottenheimer, V. G.; W. G. Beudor, Secretary ; J. B. Bond, Treasurer. -- HARMONY LODGE, NO. 43, I. O. !J3r O. F.. meets every Monday evening, TTr, n Odd-Fellows' hall. H. G. dolt, N.G W. E. Foster, V. G- W. C. Finney, Seerelary; H. J. English, Treasurer. ,. FRATERNITY DEGREE LODGE, Ug No. 1, 1. u. O. F., meets every second , Wednesday in each month. Albert 'Jotfen, Degree Master; H. E. English, Secretary. ARKANSAS ENCAMPMENT NO. 2, 1. u. o. t ., meets every first and third Wednesdavs in iuh month. .1. H Bond. Ch. P.; X. S. Smith, H. Pr.; F. A. siarasin, Scribe; M. Navra, Treasurer. OFFICE OF THE M. W. G. MASTER, UJy Little Rock. The fraternity will please take notice that te officia. nonrs of the Grand Master, hereafter, will be from 10 to II o'clock a.m., and from S to 4 o'clock p.m., each day (Sunday excepted), at tfce office of the R. W. G. Secretary, OV.d Fellows hall. . 17. . R. St. HERMAN Hi-AMM NO. 165, U. O. R. meets every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. , over Buerger's, Kumpe block, on Ea--t Murktmm street. A. W. Lange, O. Chief; John Ketscher, Secretary. -. .iBKA.NSAS STAMM NO. 12, CO. It. M., meets every Wednesday at 8 p. m. over Buerger's, Kumpe block, East Mark nam street. A. Caatel-berg, O. Ch Wm Reinixuin, Secietary. GERMAN IA ENCAMPMENT NO. )) Cj So, meets every second and fourth Monday in each mouth, at 8 o'clock p.m, over Buerger's, Kumpe block. A. K.raase, R.; J. Thommler-Selka, Chancellor It. of f . ,. I'AMUN LODUE NO. 3, KNIGHTS I oi fyiuias, meet t caoUe Hall (In u-cr Odd FeUows' building) every Thujs-day evening, at 8 o'clock. David Ollpbant, C. C. ; D. W. Pollock, K. of R. and S. M. !. A. UTTLE ROCK MERCANTILE Ll-11. . ubAUi AAH.H31 ATION. Library read- iut! DMimsin Marun oioca, corner ol Third and Main streets. Open every day (Sundays excepted) from 4 to y o'clock, p.m. Membership, fl: dues, tl quarterly. In ad vance. Geo. E. Dodge, President ; Frank ai. rarsons, secretary. I. O. It. K. I.MTl.K ItlM'k I)1KK. NO. ISK. I. Jl 1 o. ii. 11., meeta every Sunday at 2 p.m. in the new hall, Kumpe block,Mark- rrcl. I till ffwtUrT ITRSIdeDt; H. Ehrenberg, v lce-l'residt-nt ; S. (John, L. fv. I.. .v l-'-SllKU iSONS OK ERIN, COUN- jlr eti- .No. Maectneveiy sttturchty even-lli, at tbeir lodge room, Kraus BiiikiiLg.coraer iuaiu ana !S.'oonO streets. Win. Uixin, Secretary. C. A. O. . AClMJilA UKOVE JNO. 6, U. A. O. D.. meoUt every Friday eveviug at 8 (i cuh'.e. ai Liinir new nail. nvtr Knr. ger's, No. ao8 Markham street. Christian Tiss linger, Secretarv. PROFESSIONAL CARDS W. BISHOP, 'attorney at law, K. S Benjamin Block, LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS. 102 H. CCKBAH, ATTORNEYATLAW, No. 17 Denrkla Block, Little Roek. COLLECTING A SPECIALTY. J . ULOCHER, NOTARY PUBLIC. OFF1CK GAZETTK COUKT1KO ROOM. KtrtxirrL ATTORNEY AT L.AW, LJiVLE R(K;K ARKANSAS. M-. : No., AdMirtM tmtlrltnii. fOLLISS, DENTAL PHYSICIAN, : OIAL AND DENTAL SURGEON. KiKims: Khi side ol Main street . tet ween rvranh and Fifth, Little Rock, Ark. . Office bourn from 8 to 12 a.rr. and 1 to 5 p.m. P;0. BOOPKR. A. I BKKTSACBKR. LJTTLE ROCK. ARK. - pKANCIf II. COHWAT, COUNTY SURVEYOR. Otnoe npstalrs,' City hall, Little Rock, Ark. Residence. Fourth and Spring streets. TO PRINTERS. XT' r A Hoe Country Press . Oram Cylli IIai Power (31x43V, apd a EIGHTH MTDTUM GORDON PRESS BOTH X GOOD ORDER. , - Arlv at thin nw. FRANKLIN POTJlTDiaY, S3 Tim Street, aacisaaU, Ohio - AUISON, SWITH 4 JOHHSOK. ' . TWTtp wblca t bia ptpr Is priotad ia from abava W oaadrr. K, utts. . . TJRIffTINQ NKAT1..,JUICK1 ; CHEAP XT Wit will durlcst eastern price, at fiiuma Job. Rooms. TOE DAILY GAZETTE. By WM. E. WOODRUFF, Jr. NOv lt)l EAST MAHKUAM STREET. A Il nimmnnlAnlfnn. am fci,H. u .i uwun.iiniw wumjcnsurutURi wse ihould be addreased to ARKAKSA8 GAZETTE, Little Rock. Ark. UTTLE ROCK. ARK.: TUESDAY......... -.JULY 6, 1875 Gen. Sherman's son-in-law, Mr. Fitch, went to the Missouri penitentiary the other day, with the sheriff, to levy on some property which Waddy Thompson, one of the contractors, was trying to secrete. On his return to the hotel a telegram was handed him. A reporter for cue of the St. Louis paper says : He opened the telegraph. Ilia black eyes enlarged, and he cried. "Great God ! See here." I feared to take the dispatch for a nun-ate. It read: "Thomas W. Fitch, of Ht. Lonls: "Minnie has a son, and is reported doing well. . W. T. Sherman, . General." We both jumped tip and shook hands across my writing-table, and, without farther remarks, proceeded to the bnr. "It'll please the general." said Filch, "as it's his first grandchild " Then he stopped and said : ' It isn't very creditable that the day my son was born his father was in the penitentiary at Jefferson City." Robert Dale Owen has become insane. He had accepted the manifestations of the "Katie King" impostors, and pinned his faith in the life hereafter, in reunion with his father and his wife, on what spiritualism showed him. Readers of his ar- iiute iu uie Atlantic iuontnly upon " Katie King," will remember the syllogism by which he proved, to his own perfect satisfaction, that the visitor was indeed a disembodied bit of supernaturalism. The day before the article appeared the fraud was exposed. Mr. Owen wept bitterly, it is said, when a conviction that he had been made the dupe of knaves forced itself upbn him. He telegraphed to Boston to cut out the article, but it was too late. The magazine was already printed; and Robert Dale Owen's syllogistic proof that " Katie King" was a spirit and "Katie's" own confession that she was a fraud were published together throughout the country. The mind once so vigorous could not stand the blow that 6hook the faith of half a lifetime. The insanity feared at that time has at last come. He was carried to New Harmony, Tnd., last week by his sou. and will be kept confined. He was a kindly, genial, whole-souled man, the predestined prey of plausible rogues, the friend of every scheme of reform, combining the purity of childhood with the vigor of manhood. He has met a fate worse than death, a fate for which a trio of sordid swindlers ut probably responsible. BAD WEATHER AHEAD. According to Prof. Tice, the people of the world are to have a pretty rough time of it for the next few years that is if his theory of meteorological cycles be true. He says : Judging from the earthquakes 1 hat have occurred during the present Venusiaii disturbance, and during May, I think it is an unruistaka'ble evidence that the Sat-urnian disturbance baa already acquired considerable strength. The disturbance is of six years' duration, three before and three after the equinox which will occur in December, 1877. In July, 1877, a Jovial equinox occurs. Frequent and violent earthquakes may therefore bo expected for the next five years ; and general phenomena at the critical periods will be more than usually energetic. Planetary equinoxes during the remainder of the present Tear : July 10 and 18; August 5 25, and HI ; September 17 and 22 ; October 10, 14 and 15; November 2, 25 and 27; December 13. The strongest is the .combination in October; the next in energy is that in the latter part of August, and the next after that is the November one. The July equinoxes both belong to the present Venusian perturbation, li .there will be tropical cyclones, the August combination will bring them about. Tl, k wvutiuic vi a luj uauu u 11 Hit, fVauth coast of Florida ia stated as pos sible between the 25th and the 31st oi August, and unseasonably cold weather predicted for November. The experience of these meteorological disturbances at the times specified will offer strong confirmatory evidence of Mr. Tice's, theory, bat the causes which may prevent these manifestations are so explictily stated that no one can fully urge the absence of the phenomena in''. discredit of his theory. DEATH OF EDWARD A.WARREN . The state of Arkansas! has suffered a grievous loss in the death of Edward A. Warren, Tone of her first .citizens in ability, worth and influence. Prom his entry into the; state Col. Warren occupied a 'prominent1 position. lie was member of the state house of representatives from Ouachita in 1843, and was elected speaker at that sees'iou. In 1852 he was elected to the lower house of congress,' from the newly organized southern district,' and again in 1856, serving two full terms witb credit to himself and advantage to this district. After the irar he: devoted himself strictly to the practie of his profession, the law, mingling little in political life. f He was an able debater and a strong advocate. Few men in the south have ever possessed a larger influence than he wielded. The Ark-adelphia Standard, through which we get the intelligence of his death, says: It 13 with feelings of the most profound sorrow that we hear of the death of CoL 15. A. Warren, which occurred at the residence of his son; E. A. Warren, jr., at Prescott, Sunday lastl Col. Warren bad been in feeble health for some time past, but a short time before his death was thought to be improting. CoL Warren, in many respects, was an extraordinary man, being possessed of quick perceptions, logical mind, and impassioned eloquence, aud while acting as prosecuting attorney for this circuit several years ago, he made for himself a reputation as a criminal lawyer enjoyed but by few men in the state. His sympathies with misfortune and sorrow, of late years, generally prompted him to espouse the cause of the defendant, when be could do so without a violation of professional duty, and many a man in Arkansas today owes his life or ..is liberty to the ability of Col Warren in defending his case. Before the war Col. Warren represented the Camden district in congress, with credit and ability, but his political disabilities since the war retired him to the shades of private life, from which he never emerged after bis disabilities were removed, as his professional duties and failing health would not admit of the sacrifice. Warm-hearted, generons and impulsive, he made friends anions all classes, who, with us, will mingle their sorrow wth those of the bereaved family, at the loss of so good and useful a man. May " He who tempers the wind to the shorn lamb," sustain his family in this sad bereavement. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. BIG ROCK. 1)LEASIIJE PARTIES WISHING visit this pleasant resort durimz TO the i the summer season, or other oints t river, cuu procure FIKNT CLASS SKIFFS and ex perk-need (-.airmen, hv nnjilieation t BILLY CAM'l'l'.ELl., hoot of Commerce slreet. SteamlMat I tiding. FI.ETl'HEU, IIOTZE & C0. COTTON FACTORS, :l PEARL STREET. NEW YORK. FLETCHER & HOTZE, COTTON FACTOES, LITTLK KK, A II If ANN AM. Liberal Advances Made on Consignments. Futures bought and sold ror partie.- at lowest rates. PUBLIC SALE. T K, Till-: 1'NDERSKJNED.WII.I, SKI. I. I VV in front of our staOle, at public sale, I t the highest bidder for cash ' t ) N E SECOND HAND CARRIAGE, j hft by J. J. Crowley of Memphis, Tenn. i for storaire. Sale t take phce Friday, j j u ly ai 10 o ciock, a.m. T0l CROSS ifc DIV FR, JAMES P. HENRY & COT Real Estate AI BROKERS No. lO Reading Elock, West Markham Slreet, nearly opposite the Statc-hoase, Little H-M-k, Arkansas. rpRANSACT A REAL ESTATE BUSI-J tit as In all its branches. Dealera in Soriiw, Bonds, and other fecuritie, and publishers of the "Real Estate Advertiser," circulation, monthly, ten thousand copies; subscription price only twenty-live cents per annum. Send for specimen copy. Parties having lands In Arkansas for sale, will do well to correspond with us. Parties desiring good investments in Arkansas lands, should write us for particulars. LITTLE ROCK Flour Mills. YOJJTiirV eft Near Center and Fifth Streets. Wheat LuyiDg a Specialty. milK IIIUHKST PRI K WILL H PAID for Wheat, and Flour exchanged lor w heat, and , (JIUMHNU DONE TO ORDEIl The niHl ha been thoroughly repaired, and the best work is done. YONLEY 4 BRO. MARBLE WORKS. Little Ilock Marble Works, KM T A BUSHED IN iHS'2. a K.3vr33 Txnyjj tt, H.VI1HLE WOJtKER, And importer aud dealer In FOREIGN AND AMERICAN MARBLE o. 3 OA Went Markhnm Ntreet. ,ne bltwk Went or Htate-hoase, Little-Rock. All order for Moanmentn, Head' and; Pool :tiie of any kind of style will be promptly Oiled at mm low rates aa can be bad elsewhere. .Partie wtHbing anything In this line will do well to call on mo and examine patterna, teaier. ir1ce lint, etc. JMF THNNAH. THIS PAPER ISO.t FTXJE WITH Wfcere Aivertlstaa- Coatracu earn b m aa. SPORTSMEN'S GOODS. J.P.Trumpler JfB REMOVED TO NO. 124 vTATN STREET WHERE CAN EE FOUND THE LARGEST STOCK in the STATE OF ALL KINDS OF el H H a a H Q Q M n f Q ALSO AtJENT FOR THE CELEBRATED REMINGTON Carbines and Pistols. ! Without doubt the best arm In the world, rtut:i.u-u uy uine uuiHreiiL governments who have adopted them as their national ! arm, anil demonstrated at the rifle matches I at Creedmoor, the past two yenrs, including j the famous Irish-American International match. Kfe frill reports in the Army and I Navy Journal, Octotx-r 3, 1874. j The best Breech-Loading Double-Barreled Sbot-Unn in the World. ARMY, NAVY, POLICE, j and POCKET-SIZE, FIVE and SIX SHOTS. ' l"hiri v-t w-, 1 ):ir v-erht and Forty-four Caiibie ITt.O130tiajlS PlStOla, Five and Six Sliots. DEUIilXGERS. double and sinIe-bai iekd. Hi.1-; Canes, t aitridges, Etc. Etc. MISCELLANEOUS. E. IT IS AN ESTABLISHED FACT THAT the Kxtrnrt of tranberriei and Ifemp, combined by Dr. J. p. 111L1.KK :fJT Spruce street, Philadelphia, Pa., permanently cures the most obstinate cases of Dysieptic, Nervous or Siek Headache, and is an absolute spe itic ffr Neuralgia and Nervousness. Prepared in pills ; jo cents a box. Sent by mail. C.J. LINCOLN A CO., 412 Agents, Utile Rock, Arkansas NOTICE TO PILOTS! SIGNALS BARING CROSS BRIDGE, LITTLK ROCK. .tSt'KKDI.Mi BOATS will please sound One l oug Whistle opposite the I.and-int; nt LITTLE RiCK. I)Ki E.l)IMl BOtTS will please sound Three I . o n k tVliillei opMstte the liIJ HOCK. At night a White Light, and in i!:iy time a White Flag will be waved from the end ol t lie draw when i! is.fiiHy opened and made fat . Until that Signal is Given it will be Dangerous to AI tempt to Kim 1 lie Draw. OATH MIOU1.1) UK KKl'T UNDER control until the signals, an above, are. Kiven. jjo noi attenipi tlie j-un wtilletlie Iraw is only partially opened. j. M. LOUGHUOKOU0J1I. For the '"enipany. Dissolution cf Partiieiiip. THE COl'ARTNKRSIIIP LATELY EX-l&tinn between the undersigned, under the firm name of Cook & Tindall, is tliis dav dissolved by expirtiou of tne term, and mutual consent. The business will hereafter be conducted by Mr. James Cook. JAMKM COOK, W. 1L TINDALL Little Rock. .Tu'y 1, 1S75. 7 W J. T. O'HAIR & CO., AUCTIONEERS commission'merchanis, No. 106 Main Street, LITTLE ROCJVARKANSAS. PROMPT ATTKNTION PAID To THE BALE OF MEKCHANDISK, STtH'K, HEAL ESTATE, ETC. Liberal Cash AdTances made en Consignments. E. J. OWENS, JE' jBl. & Merchant Tailor, mWEST MARKHAM STREET, OP-pOHite the state-house. , . . - . i ' ' HAS JUST RECEIVED A LOT OF FINE IMPORTED GOODS ; at reduced rates which he will- pot up at COSTontll UieclOBe of the season. K ; . 729 E. J. OWEN. HEADAGH MISCELLANEOUS. N. F. BURNHAM'S TORB1XE WATER WHEEL was selected foar years ago, and pot to work in the United States Patent Office, WASHINGTON. D. C-, and has proved to 'toe the txt ; 19 Mzes made. PRICES LOWER than any any other first-class wheel. Pamphlet free. N. F. BURN HAM, York, Pa. KENOSHA WATER CURE, BKArTirri.i.T locatid at KENOSHA, WIS., ON LAKE MICHIGAN. The oldest "cure" In 1 ho northwest, with the best of fa. ill ties for the treatment or Chronii DU eases. Recently enlarged and Improved. Summers remarkably cool, no miasma, boating, driving, walks, etc., good. Those reauirins rest or treatment i hould address for circulars, Dr. N. A. Pen-j nover, or K. Pennoyer, propria tor. OPIUM MORPHINE habit and INTEMPERANCE SDeedilv cured hv Dit. BECK'S only known and sure remedy. So Charge for treatment until cured. Call on or address DR. J. C BECK, No. 112 John str t. Cincinnati, Ohio. $F O $OA per day at home O H q)&VJ Address UKO. CO., Portland, Me. . Terms free. ST IN SON 4 and locality. rticu- Angnsta. ! ADVERTISER'S GAZETTE, A Journal of Information for Ad-VfrlUrm. Kditlon, 9,600 copies. Pnblished weekly. Terru 83 per nniinm. in rt l vnnee. I j FIVE SPECIMEN COPIES (DIFFERENT j DATES) TO ONE ADDREs-S FOR 23 CENTS. Office No. 41, Park low, Sew fork i H. HOWELL - CO., j Editors and Pnblloher. . . COTTON FACTORS ETC. K. A. I 'iWIII.K. JIIHX OIBSIIN. t-'KANK CAK1 DOWIJLE, GI c?: CO., .(. 20 hakkh Opposite Antt v. .j ijoase, COTTON FACTORS aich WHOLESALE DEALERS IN GROCERIES AND LIQUORS. Agents for tlie bt-ate for tlie uetiuiue DURHAM! TKADE MARK. in 3? 1 SMOKING TOBACCO, Manufactured only by W. T. Blac It Darharu". N. C. We have also a very large stock of O X Gr "FL 33 Of all grades, direct from New York We keep constantlv on hand the celebrated CALirORKIA WISES, and a large sr-ock of Choice Liunora v w OC " P ' UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA. SI MM E It LAW I.F.CTCRES (nine weekly), begin 15th July, l!75, aud end 16th September. Have proved of signal use: 1st to students designing to pursue their studies at thU or other law school ; 2d to those who propose to study privately : 3d to young practitioners who have not had the advantage or systematic Instruction. For circular apply (P. o. University of Va.) to JOHN B. MINOR, Prof. Com. and Stat. Law. pis. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT OK THE University or Louisiana, Kew Orleans. Practical opportunities for studying: Medicine are unequalled by any college In the L nited States. The Professors, accompanied by the students, visit, daily, the wards of Uie great Charity Hospital, where more than seven thousand patients are annually treated. The Forty -second annual session will begin November 15th, and terminate March 12th. Fees the same as charged by all the best school. or circular giving fall Information, address T.O. RICHARDSON, m. D-, Demi. AUSTIN M. and F, INSTITUTE, Lonoke county, Arkansas: twenty-five miles northeast of L ttle Rcek near Cairo and Fulton , railroad. Good society. Healthy location. Excellent water. Dally malls. Thorough preparation for college or for i. bus! ness. Terms payable quarterly in advance. Board and I uitlon, per mouth, tlStoflti. , "or furtherparUculara address, - JT. F. HOWELL, Principal, ' 30t - . ..... Austin, Ark. . VISITING E CARDS- THE LARGEST and best assortment in the tai at fill fh fl fl A WEEK guaranteed to Male XII female Aeenta, iu their lit I I v."i nui itii u) try it. in V I larsti-ee. P.O. V1CKERY &Ct EDUCATIONAL m iAUTTI JOH ...VKj FRESH GROCERIES. H. W. WILSON, H. W.WILSCN ' W. WILSON - W, WILSON ,! OXIOOETX MARKHAM, HOOTT AND ELM sTH. ODD FELLOWS BUILDINfl. WILSON, THE GROCER! ' AT THE OLD STAND. : Markham. Scott and Elm Sis , : - ODD FELLOWS BI H.niXU. H. W.JILS0IU. ; CO i m I, O I (3 o CO i 3" THE FINEST QUALITIES OF 33 U "X'JLti JrL Asn ! ROASTED COFFEE! ROASTED AND GROUND COKFEES HESf QUALITY, AND FRESH. EVERY DAY. GROUND COFFEE! PITTED CHERRIES, Fresh Prunes, Dried Apples, aud a full line of DRIED FRUITS of nil kinds. TT MVJS, ETC. Fancy Hams and" Breakfast Bacon, Beef Tot'.jjiits and Dried Beef. TEAS ! TEAS ! FRKSH TRS.S-Choicest qualities. CANNED GOODS, JELLIES, ETC., ETC. CANNED GCODS A full line of Caniu-d Good. JELLIES, PICKLES, Etc., Etc. ODFl.Hll. FANC MEBS MACKEREL, MEi AND SMOKED SALMON. PRESEKVFrf.-OiHger. Shaker, New York. H.W.WILSON HAS HOMINY, (iRITS, . FRKSH OATMKA h: ; f i - , - - : fOOBEN-aiiaWILMWfiBE MRI BBISG BRVSIICK, j broouk, - . j ETC ETC. II. 33 W. WILSON i C3-3FtC033 MARKHAM, SCOTT AND KLH ISTS. OPD FELLOWS BUI J)TjVjGr.'. f 1 I

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