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Little Rock, Arkansas
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tnlUtewei tiu tmdden aenisilioA is tdik. ke sir raisins. TERMS OF IlirGAIETTE. Potatoes. BARRELS Irish Fvutoett't1 received, and for sale, by I bare freqneatlT noticed Uxal roca who hsvt 'BOXES, btwch raisins, fresh, received per JLvw Coryette, and for sale by ON AGRICULTURE.

In this coaotry fro man seed lo be idle, for its surface would afford agricultural employrteat ARKANSAS STATE SAZETTE ia raUuhed Uut fihe Swu UoTeriirofltil of lh Sll ArhuiauO ry KinlT. F00 "tun pr aonom bm may to diachar-! "TvJTheDiEntofTUioou.As,iadfje. vj I r- CllAfcLEs RArLEx fc CO. JdawaTf 83, 184U "yn J. DE BAUif.

December QU, 1840. 3 HARDWIRE. SALT. ITJl'jjj paper will be aaot to a asr pu fiac TEfinS OF ADTEUTISIKG. Car a nua 10 liMa Ant laWlkm Ml DOLLAR, for more than tea-fold the Bomber ol its pre.

sent iohabitaQts. Too many haods cannot be employed in this business. The learned eail. SACKS fine end coirse Salt, received per BOXES Cellina axes JSL 3S corn-milla. No.

4 to 8, assorted been very pooruil, waeataey rich, iota one of the two extremes of imprudent expenditure, or excessive saving. The happy medium is ooly the rtuult of becomia; gradually accustomed to the change With many, however, the meanae is merely accidental, as if there were a necessity for restrain iag the of. the disposition by an eccentric course. Que of the most eminent wi. Alorebead, sod far by 4 mtt curt Im eaca coau aua nc tot iu iiaea, ana not r' in hn as a aatiara and a half mar IS.

and 300 Iba. Enchshblister-ateel 30 kees cut'naiU Novemler 10, 1 2000 lbs. Manilla cordate, assorted ixziiaf a two iuara-aat ia ikat proportiua (or All adwiifBiiientito be paid for la adtance, or payment Jsd by repoMibl peeaon. Tiiefl an Individual aceooot, al lha above rates, amounts to under iQO. ta on rear, a disceunl of Ji per eut will Tfea and jsuek Wheat.

mgs may be crowded and trade too great a number engage in they starve each other; but ia a new, extensive, and fertile country every one who industrious ly and skilfully till his ground, while he se. cures his own independence is adding to the Ghrlott KrcorA Al Nw Lotvdoq, Coo. necticut. the following insert ptka ja found so a gravestoue. The records of aocieot Room or Greece do not xluh-t nobler of patriotic heroism: 4 "Ou the SOtb October, 1181, 4,000 ag.

lisb foil upon the town with fire and sword. 700 At-ericaus defended the fort for wltolw day; but to the evening about 4 o'clock It was taken. TUo cuounooder of the besieged deliver, ed up his sword to an Engliahmao, wbo ian-mediately slabbed birOp All bis comrades were put to the sword. A line of powder was then laid from the magazine of tbo fort te the sea, there to be Eghied, thus to blow tbo fort ress into the air. William Hotman, who lay not far distant, being WsiuadeJ bjr three Strokes of tho in his bsdj, beheld it, and said lo one of his wotinded friendi wbo was still alive: "Wo will mideavor to crawlfa jlhis tine we will completely wet tho powder sriih our blood, and thus wilt we with the little life Barrels sprior 4f 9 half barrels Back Wheat, in.

Eaglisb spades 4 wire aierea 1 4 Carpenter's patent knob-locks, 6, 8 inch 4 Sc'Mch 84 twin bocklee 109 pereeesioa eaps, assorted qualities 13 iox. handsaw files 15 reams ruled letter paper For aale it the teweatBaarketbrieegi bjr d6to a surgeons ia Loodoa, who bad been struggling with poverty for many years, became by a single operation almol a rich man and his reputation being fixed, bis fees in a single year far exceeded the amount of what he had earned public stock, and while he enjoys the fruits of Green aud Dried tipples. his labor lie may have the satisfaction to re. fTaaat and when amottnit to 8109 or aprard ia the same iLjoi, a diiiotim of 33 13 psr cenu will be made. No dedoc-bmrnver, will be made, if pajrmant be deferred after lha (hull Mae expired nor will may reductioa.

lie made oa nl adTerttmeau reqaired bjr lew ia be pauttsaed. COST a ACTS BV THE IEAH, exceediug 10 Hnes. renewable at pleaaura, 9X1 per a .60" AU entomeot, parte thereof, exceeding 10, 30, or 60 lines, at the ceae my be, aubject the ctarges and distsmnM inTmeauoned end no eontracu at three rate for a lea term tiun a fear. No deducti.m (w OocadoDal ooniashrtw; and all contraeta by the year to be paid ta 4RRELS Greea Appies, fleet that his fellow creatures in distant climes Firmer and mortice chisels; steet-blade squares 12 Dried in the whole of his preceding career.

This, gentleman had received from a grate 'ut patient For sal tow, by December 23d. 1840, J. DE BAtW. 3 are fed from the produce of his fields. If the farmer's income be less abundant than that of the merchant, it is much more certain.

If Measuring rapes brass and iron candlesticks Rat-traps table-betta hemp and cotton Gah.linea Hand and crosa cat saws; Britania castors Received per Little Rock, and for sale by in the country a present of bams and poultry, and about three hundred eggs. When the hamper was unpacked, my wi( was preset. "Does like ezgsT" said the surgeon: Corti JTIenl. BUSHELS Bret qualitv Cora Meal, lor aula br j. DE BAUN.

CIIA'S RAPLEY CO. July SO, 1840. 23-tf SADDLERY. December S3dr 1840 2 ar 10 linrt, or le-e, each additional aquare, 584 00 12 00 00 ii a.mlin vert isemenu wilt be chareed at the first mea- these are very fine." My wife replied in the affirmative, and suppossed of course, consider BACON. LBS.

sides and shoulders. DOZEN Bridles, assorted qualities, 13 Fillings, tioeed rales, unless a contract be made when left for Insertion greater bodily fatigue ia attached to his em. ployment he has much less anxiety of mind. If he has not an equal access to the elegancies of life he is better assured of its real necessaries and comforts. Every farmer that is not in debt and has in himself the fee of his land, is a prince within his own domains; aud provided his farm produces a competent support there is in his pow.

er as much independence as can fall to the lot a rv. ,11 111 BOO iba tJan. Hams, received per Gov' Morehead, and tor sale by J. DE BAUN. Utile Rock, Nov.

10, 1840. 50 ing the intimacy of our acquaintance, that he would have sent one of his servants with a huo. red at least to my house. Deliberately examining his stock, he laid his hand upon a large egg, and said, Well, give him that." My wife inclined lo take this as a jo'te, but 4 Reina, 6 Worsted Circingle and Cirih, 2 Martingales, 2 Hamea. 4 Cart Collars.

Side Saddles, Men's assorted qualities, Saddio Baaa, received per Gov. Morehead, and for DUILD FRUIT. FEW barrels Dried Applee, received and for sale by J. DE BAUN. that remains to us save the fort and magazine and perhaps few of our comrades wbo aro only wounded." He alone had strength to accomplish this noble -si-n.

In his SOtb year he died on the powder which be over-flowed with his blood. (lit friends sod seven of his wounded comjwtniona by that means Lad their lives preserved." After this simple narrative are the following words in larga characters: "HERE RESTS WILLIAM HOTMAN." lUrtford CmmmL AGGRESSIVE PROURF.SS OF RUSSIA. Within the period of 64 rears, the total acquisitions of Russia equalled her whole Euro- Kev. 18 49 aale by CHARLES RAPLEY CO. of any man.

When a farmer plants or sows he, as it were, loans his property and for seed that he puts into well cultivated soil he December 7. 1840 52 no joke was intended and he appeared much hurt when his own wife reproached him with his meanness. This gentleman, on that very Advertitememf of persinal altercaliens will, in alt cases, be charted per square fur the ftrst insertion, and gi fur each BAiianance; and must be paid for in advance. rTiudvertiseinents must be marked with the number of inser-Dmi Uetdred, otherwise they wilt be continued until forbid, and charged accordingly. person will be announced fur any office, either city, state, reoanty, without the advance payment of five dollars PoUtte1 circulars will be charged as advenisemeuta, and pay-bbsi required in ad ju i will hereafter be delivered to sny person with whom at have regular deal! es, until paid for.

AU letters majt he pott-paid, or they will not receive altentioo. Simte number of the paper It 1-8 cents. jOf No variation will I made from the above rates. J. ITCH EE, 8.


riTCUUR, TF EATER PRODUCE DEALERS, GROCERS, AND UM5 MSMJbiS FRESH FLOUR, Vc. Ac. receives twenty fold. This is an interest of 1 QUARTER cnak superior Madeira, I half pipe Champagne Brandy, 1 do. do.

Coenfac da. Soap BARRELS Fresh Flour. 10 Rectified Whiskey, and Candles, Teas, in caddies and canniaera. Pepper day had travelled siX miles to perform a gra-tu tous operation, and, as I afterwards learned, had left two guineas on the table for the use of his poor patient. Many months after this cir two thousand per cent.

and al the same time such enormous interest is paid without impoverishing any one. and ball, Alspice, Mustard, CHihsmon, Molases, Rice. Powder, Indigo, Salts, Spanish Segars, Socar and Coffee, received from New Orleans, per steamer Gov. 6 kegs Pie's Feet, 4 Buck Wheat, 20 White Lead. 280 pounds Cotton Yarn, Received on consignment, and aale by CHARLES RAPLEY December 19.

1840. Times and Advocate copy. Morehead, and for sale by J. DE BAUN. cumstance occurred, I veoiured to remonstrate with him on various little acts of meanness In old countries, by the monopoly and entailments of land, all but a few are excluded from the privilege of being owners of the soil.

N. B. Cash will be required for Groceries, in all CO. 3 cases. COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MERCHANTS.

December 8, 1840. S3 i.omT Lmntimr. LITTLE KOCK. ARKANSAS. DUNN A SUTTON, SPERM OIL.

GALLONS best Winter Oil. received and for sale ly CHARLES RAPLEY CO. (Successors to Btd Du.nn.) Forwarding and Commission merchants, IKO AND CASTINGS. ty TONS Tennessee bar iron 15 assorted castings 6 cookinst stoves pean empire before that tnr. rhe acquisitions from Sweden equalled the now kingdom ofSwe-deo from Poland, a territory equal to the Aus-tricn empire from European, 1 urkev, a country equal to Prussia, exclusive of the Rhenish provinces; from Asiatic Tut key, a territory equal to the German small state, Rhenish Prussia, Holland and Belgium from PVrsia, an extent of country equal to England; rnd from Tartary, a country equal to European Turkey, Greece, and Italy, and tho whole of Spain.

The Russian frontier has been advanced by these acquisitions about 700 nr lec towards Ber-lin, Dresden, Munich, Vienna and Paris; 500 which he had committed. (La answer was, I feel the force of al) that you say but there are moments whsn the remembrance of my own sufferings comes over me to such an extent that in the dreal, an belief, you will say, of a return to the deep misery of which I hav felt, I imagine that an act of gansrosity is almost a crime. That I am insane at such times cannot be denied but, alas! who can explain the various phases of the human mind Frazer's Magazine for October. December 7. 1840.

52 Here it is happily different Vest tracts of saleable land lie uncultivated, which can hardly be settled within a whole century to come. The abundance and cheapness es well as fertility of the American lands, together with the easy access to markets from extensive sea coast3, iind from the number of our fine navi-gable rivers which intersect the whole country, offer a decent competency and independence to millions of families in the industrious pursuits of Eastern paptr. ILL eive their special attention to Forwarding Goods pledging themselves that goods con. on consignment, and for sale, wholesale or retail, for BAR IRON. cash only, by rl tcutu, WEAVEK, ol tu.

JWy 15. 140. 3I-if LBS. bar iron 400 plough moulia WHITE BEANS, NEW JLARD, BARRELS While Beans, in store. and foraale by CUAS.

RAPLEY St, CO. 1841. 7-if E. Y. BAUER A CO.

signed to their address shall be promptly shipped, arid that their charges shall be moderate. Liberal advances will be made on all kinds of merchandize consigned to them for aale. As they are de lermined to use every effort lo give saualaction, they solicit a share of patronage. RICHARD F. DUNN.

ROBERT SUTTON. Little Rock, Jan. 13. 1841. 5-tf 40 kee New Lard, for sale on consignment, for PITCHER.

WEAVER. Sl CO. December 19. 1340. 3 EEP constantly on hand, at their store in East Passion.

The things that we do, to be miles lo Constantinople, 630 miles to Stock-sorry for afterwards, are most of them doce I holm, and about 1,000 miles at Tehran. The ia pussion passion of some sort. We are 1 estimated population of Russia in 1689. alike Main street, a general ussortmem of staple dry From the Nashville, A jricu'turiat. SOWING BLUE GRASS.

Every furmer who thinks of raising horses, cattle, or shnen, must be sure to blue WHITE LEAD. REUS White Lead. I full of passions, and surrounded by objects and CANDLES. goods, hardware, groceries, boots and shoes, hais and caps, Slc which they will sell on the most reasonable terms for cash. Feb 1 8-tf JLUfW 37 Nails, received on consignmenl, mcideols calculated to rouse them into violent is BOXES Sperm Candles, for sale on commission by DUNN At SUTTON, accession of Peter was attVt accession of Catherine II.

in 1782, it wai and at ber deaih, in 1798, it was 88.000,000 whilst st the death of Alexander, in 1825, it was 58.000,000. Sitamboat Ware house. January 13. 5-tf CASES gent's line call boots, just received from New. York, via New.Orleans, and 'or sale ly Feb.

1. 8-if E. BAKER CO. aad for cash only, by PITCHER, WEAVER. St CO.

December 19. 1640. 2 FURNITURE. 0 HIGH pF8i bedsieads 019.25 low 1 pair end tables 1 card WHISKEY, FLOUR, Ac. grass, or his labor will be spent to little good effect.

The season is now al hand both to make preparations and sow the seed. The I preparation of ground consists in taking oifi the under growth where it is very close, burn- inj the leaves, brush, and old logs, and a com- plete harrowing. The last operation, howev- er, is not importnnt if the land is inclined to Preserves, Raisins, and Sardines. Ti JT.itk BARRELS Rectified Whiskey 200 Sacks Egyptian Oats, a fi action. Hut their government over us is al- most always a bad government.

They lead us through long courses or perplexity and strife ond agitation, for the attainment of some object which loses all its value the moment we possess it; or they turn us away in disgust from those pursuits which would ensure our happiness, and then plunge us in a moment into difficulties from which a lonsj course of' rsl rate a nice 8 CASES preserves in jars 60 boxes, half boxes, and qr bunch raisins The Ur Du. A good story ia tolj of a chap in North Carolina, who the entire figure in the way of mirryiaj all the girls wbo would have him, without wafting for any of them lo die off as the law directs. After 130 Barrels Ohio Flour 35 do. sardines received per s. b.

Corvette, and for sale tor cash r-nly, lightness and is Iree tiom trash. the best by Y. BAKER CO. soil is the black limestone land. Afier the buviug married the thirteenth, some of his first i i ji Feb.

I. s-tr preparation of the. ground the next point of; tranAA, mri lover came down upon him and had him fodred 133 Potatoes; 27 Onions 24 White Beans 13 Dried Apples; 9 Dried Peaches; 15 Casks Cheese 100 Barrel Green Apples; 9 Buckwheat F.our; 1 the jail. But a person so fond of perfect stant by passion, and the best Ineods made the i liberty, one wbo coud gel into Hymen noose most implacable enemies. So well have i 3 i a with such ease, found In tie uitncuJty in trtntiaz men found out the danger of passion, that they r.

i iV 3 i ojt of the ju, and the next news cf hun be often say of one who yields himself to its in- wii ninnini il er. with K. A t.f 290 eh lira 24 mattresses 3 wash and work stands 4 curled hiir mattresses 8 feather beds for aale t.y PITCHER. WEAVER. CO.

27 ift41 7 if Oardcn Field Seeds, Urowth IS40. CjVSk BOXES garden seeds, warranted fresh, Oal't' and put up expressly for this market SiO bushels hlue-erasa seed 2 casks tinio hy aeed 1 cask orc'iarJ grass seed 1 cask herd's grass seed just received, and for sate by PITCHER, WEAVER. CO. J.27. 1841.

7-if 3G Boxea -Kentucky" Tobacco SUGAR, COFFEE, TEA, Ac. Is BOXES best losf sugar xL 25 sacks Rio coffee 50 caddies best imperial less 2 chests young hyson do 10 boxes bar soap 40 do eperm cmdles just received from New-York, and for site for cash, by F.b 1. 8 Y. BAKER St CO. CIGARS.

Just received on consignment, and for Bale low at ihe Ware house of DUNN SUTTON. January 13. 5 if flucrtCB. hf i hn own whnI Mr w. Ilk was shortly re- urn nnt nriltrrnrl i 10 fnAl'iK na I appre COSOn.

moment is to have good seed. We sowed last spring many acres, and in cousequence of the had seed not a sprig of grass ever appeared. To judjje of the quality of seed first notice if they and the chuff with them have a green appearance if they do there is risk, and they should not be purchased. If they have a musty smell" there is danger tho seed have been heated and they are not likely to vegetate. Seed one, two, or even three years old are nearly or quite us good cs fresh if they have not been suffered to heat and have been .1 i themselves There are in them tolerable stores 6 CASTINGS.

TONS Castings. A spiendid lot of castings on commission, and will he sold uncommonly low. K. A ftfl Htf HAVAWMA cigars 10,090 superior regalia do. DUNN SUTTON.

January M. 5-tf Y. BAKER it CO. 8 lor sale by Feb 1 a una rowarvj, iuvuoj mm to nis nouse. oestreo of wisdom, if they were but used; but those MW rr htm to set down, called his wife to chat with stores are very apt lo remain unlocked.

In a i him as an mJuvment to detain bim there. He citv like this, where some friction or other is A L( am i- started tor a constable to arrest the ruoawar. always upon the feelings, it lakes more than i i What was the poor man astonishment on re- an ordinary share of good sense to keep cool. a turning with the constable, lo and that tho raw any men get in such a habit of flying into1. -l i Lothario taking the advantage of hu short ab- passion, that nothing ever strikes CIGARS.

4a.1VfX PRINCIPE and other ci. SACKS salt jusi received on consignment aw kept in an airy dry room. Such as have been RACOON SKINS. tf4hrfi GOOD racoon skins w8nt. and for sale uncommonly low.

8 DUNN SUTTON. Feb 3. KS PLWJ ed, for which I will give 50 I i cuc a.ujou wuu ma wue. sots OtlsTaS BARRELS rectified whtakey Jt1f200 do. superfine flour in trie cellar snouia De avoiaea.

lite main matter is to buy seed from a man who is re- sponsible for what lie says, and there is little 1 danger about the Quality of seed. A bushel makes the fellow's slock on hand fourteen. cents each in cash" at my siore. THO VI AS BUTTER WORTH. Liille Rod, Jam.

13. 1841. 5-tf timet iiicuvaiijr ui aiwaujr inu kuc Bjuiav fly as from red hot iron when the hammer iusi received on consignment, and for sale by ten. a. il ou Who has the most Money? A swell cWk from Pearl st.

who was spending an evening in a country tavern sometune-since, cast about i of seed in the chaff or a gallon that is clean is the allowance to the acre, but if douole the JFurs, Peltry, Venison IMams, Vc. BlHE highest price will be given, in "cash," for first falls upon it. Some throw out almost ooe constant glitter, like the runners of a sleigh i when the snow is gone. "Party politics get I i many men into a miserable state of feeling, Flour, Whiskey, tfc. UST RECEIVED by late arrivals, 100 Barrela Saperfine Flour 1 JL Furs, Peltry.

Venison llama. 4tc al the store him for some amusement. Feeling seen re in If VP a H-F saie. for sal by 7 PITCHER, WEAVER. CO.

Jwry t8tl 7-if FRESH GROCERIES. PITCHER, WEAVER, CO. have received, by the late boat in addition to their targe stock ef Groceries, the followine 3l) sacks first quality Havana Green Coffee, 10 barrels and 3 bogaheada Brown Sugar, 10 barrels Molasses, 20 botes Herrings, 1 bos Pine Apple Chtese, -10 barrels Lamp Oil, winter strain), 1 box Gr und Pepper, put np in paper for family use, 48 kegs Pickles. 2000 pounds Round, Flat, and Boiler Iron, 5 half barrels Cranberries, 150 barrels Potatoes, 4 Apple Brandy, For sale low; for cash, and for eaah only. December 19.

1840 2 Little Hack. Jan. 13. 1841. 5-tf I and keep them in it.

They take the vehement amount bo put on the stand will be quicker and better. The seed may be sown any time from the first of January to April as a general rule the earlier the belter. If all is ready sow on tha first snow after TJhristmas, or if the possession of the most money, he made the following offer I will drop morry into hat with any man in tbe room. The ooe who holds out longest emotion of their viiuperatve orators Tor so much irenuine patriotism, when iust as likelv as 159 do Whiskey; 2 Pipes Holland Gin; 8 4 do Chnropaiane'nnd Cogniac Brandy; 10 Quarter Caska L. P.

Port Wine 6 do Madeira. Have in aiore. Sugar. Coffee. Salt, Tobacco, Pow SADDLERY, Of a Superior Order cheap.

HiHE subscriber has made arrangements in Phila uu uru is a snow ui icurunry uc auio iu ouw i. pniintrv nnH rvntv moant Kiimasll uh.n h. a lh take the? tlrhnl anrl treat lha delphia for a consmnt supply of all kinds of Sad der, Lead, and generally. before it melts away. It is easy to see when ni J' talkinrr aHrfctit Inn rurvnl 1 ho K.1 ittu ml I 11 no tt.

SSId an larnM Th. cock Mt ltntLL aicnaabta. Janwrg 12. fact the only safe way, is to keep cool aod ihe the seed fall regularly on snow, and this is the greatest advantage of sowing at this time. It dlery.

Harnesa, and having just received a large and fine assortment of gentlemen's and ladies' Saddles, English Bridles, Martingales, Saddle. hags. Strangles, Girths, Slc, ofTers them at eastern prices. Gentlemen's fine Clothing, Dry Goods, Flour, Whis. key, at tow rates.

BUTTERWORH. Little Rock. Jon. 13. 1841.

5-tf Ready Clothing. JUST RECEIVED, in addition to our stock, a full assortment of Remdff Made Clalking, Hats, Caps, Sbee amd Hoot. Staple Dry Goods, and Hardware which we sre able to sell on as good terms ss any PITCHER A WALTERS, only safe rule is, to do noihing in a passion, but wait until the passion is over. If a man insults you, wait until lo-morrow and if your passion is then thoroughly subdued, come back nod knock him down if you think it beat. If you are in a passion, shut up your mouth and put ney droned io a quarter the countryman followed with a Bunglown" copper.

Go on," said the cockney. "I won't," said the farmer; "take it all and treat the company." Y. PIsnel. IHt. Lord Orrery says "Tbe sword of wit, like the scythe of time, cuts down friend and foe, and attacks every thing that a cc ideal, ally lies in its way." HAVE just received per steamers Victoria and Trident, a I re assortment of groceries, ceo.

is a common practice in 1 ennessee and Kentucky, after the seed are sown, to turn all the stock upon the ground to tramp them in and close to the soil. When they begin to sprout turn the off. Let nothing graze on the young grass except a few sheep and calves or colts till after it seeds, and then it should be 1 -T1 Jfust Received by J. Jf. Rear don it Rr other.

BOXES 8 by 10 Window Glaaa, 15 do. 10 by 12 do. do. 12 do. 10 by 14 do.

do. so your hands in your pockets. Do nothing in a passion but the best way of all is, never lo get into a passion. This is our sermon about pas lghtly pastured till me second vcar. do sure sisung in part of tha following articles, to say 203 barrels Rroitied Whiskey 250 do Flour; 80 Boxes Soap and Candles 15 4 Bbls.

Buckwheat Floor 25 do do do; 35 Boxes Cheese, and 5 cssks, do 114 Bbta. Cranberries not to turn in stock too early in the spring nor house in this place. MITCHELL CHARLES. Jwryl2. -lf Times and Star copy, RACOON SKINS.

IF sny ofour eountry frienda have Racoon Skins to sell, we hope they will not forget the old stand of Mitchell CkarUe; where they can get the highest pries, 50 cents each, in eaah, for good Racoon Skins, and every other kind of FDRS at the highest market prices. MITCHELL CHARLES. Jar12.1841.- -f eed the gras too close ut any time. POPULATION Or AMERICAN CITIES- sion. We give it gratis, as so much over and above our duty.

Jour. Com. The last stratagem we bavo heard of by which to make money, occurred at the canal market yesterday. A lazy fellow was busily 8 do. 12 by 16 do.

do. 6 do. 12 by 18 do. do. 2 boxes, Rich Cut Tumblers, 6 do.

Tbickaide do. a superior article fori vern use, 5 do. Plain Flint do. 2 do. Fluted pressed do.

2 do. Plain Fluted Pressed do. 2 doz. bar Decanters, mounted Corks, What a lbs mailer, uncle Jerry said Mr. as Jeremiah R.

was passing by, growling idmI ferociously. Matter," amid the old man, slopping short, "why ber 1'vt been lugging water all the morning for Dr. wife to wash with, aod what d'ye a'poee I got for ill" Why, I suppose about nine-pence," answered Mr. wNino-peoew! 1B40 1830 Increase. 9,4 IS 21,753 Albany Baltimore engaged in selling "fine, (at, dressed squir.

NEW STORE. relay as he called them. Suddenly the tail of Bath, N. Y. Boston Brooklin HlGGINS, teieleaele ooe of the little animals, which the follow bad one told me tne doctor would pax loot for 2 eetts rich cut Decanters, 2 doz.

rich cut Wines, for sale low. Mmrek 10, 1840. 13-tf retail dealer tim Vrv-lioode, Ureceriee, mo some tune. neglected to curtail wben akioing it, was obi Main-street, next door to tbe Real Estate Bank.Xjttle Bridgeuort served to be sticking out a A bystand Rock, Arkansas. iynl 16,1839.

lt Buffalo FOR SALE, SMALL IRON SAFE, patent fire.proof. man. ufactured by Delano. New York. er remarked that thai was a curious looking r-l teprd into a shop, some r.

i i i time since, and eoouired for at afa worth, of Canandaigua la 1 1 ivi i i oi mia, wuu wr-, vtwvw i COTTON. Apply to L. J. REARDON BRO. Cincinnati ea would t.v the ennir.

eracxers, out leeiing too oeceeaity of other 1,227 I 23,0 19J 24,830 1,770 12,035 491 21,551 989 1,335 3,004 313 2,036 109,645 examinin "I a ae a November 9. 1840. 48-tr WE will advance liberally in At kaneaa money, on crops of cotton, if early spplicstton is made rela all turned out to be rats" It aeema thai comwrt, CDangea bis mind SOd took. IflbML Dover, N. II.

Gardiner NEGROES WANTED. the? bare been in the habit of Irappintr these oroc in5 era-. Aer drinking be fnado I st oor store fn Little Rock. I al. a 1 Jl JM a TIT A NT ED 'to purchase one or two good field fillbT an mats and sellinz them lo tho citizens as lD wa Co, trHi if hands, and a 6rst-rate blacksmith, for which 33,627 24,209 102 378 60,625 5,000 3,773 84,401 61,392 36,283 12,403 4,570 2,800 18,356 6,321 5,653 5,162 46,382 24.831 6,438 5,449 5,044 3,709 12,793 0,789 7,210 6,892 4,826 2,790 312,234 202,589 5,528 4,356 14.390 10,678 7,161 9,888 102,591 8,321 8,010 7,239 5,179 258,832 .188,797 21,296 12,542 12,601 7,222 ADAMSON, CAKTEB, At ttjUtoina.

Wis. 1840- 0-tf FURS AND PELTRIES. the highest prices will be given. nuirrals, (or some time past. What delicious Pm PaJ- ened at, did, not squirrel pot pies some of our frienda must have Pe br f-AnJ urw.

ret ITr. tK.w Yes but you did not pay fof the crsckera.H Little Rock, Jane 27, 1840. 29-tf Hartfoid iliddletown Natchez New.York New London New Haven Newbury port N. Orleans WE will glvs the highest priee foi furs sad pel. tries.

10 do d-; 8 Bbls. White Beans; Bbls Batter 2 do sup'- do; 25 Kegs do do 10 Bbls. Dried Apples; 4 do Boston Crackers 43 do Butter do; 5 Casks Tongue; 20'ICsfs Lardt 10 Hacks Feathers 2 Dos, sup. Calf Skins 7 Bbls. Vinegar; 8 Boxea Candy; 1 Fine Franklin Stove 1 Nine.plete do; 25 Kegs Powder; 50 i do do; 10 Das Chain; 863 Gal.

Stone Jogs, Jars. Pans and Churns 2 Dos. Wilson's No. Coffee Mills 19 Half Bushel Measures; 50 Reams Wrappings Psper 1000 Lb. Lesd; 3 Bbts.

Table Salt ia Loaves Boxes Siareh Bbls. Sperm Oil Gross Blacking 1 4718 Pounds Iron and Castings 3d PbBtffas fhxii No. 1 to 1000 IA. Cotton Yam; -103 Kes Assorted Nails and Fleorinf Brads; r75 Do No. I Wfcrts Lesd.

i 25 Bbls. haloes tiO Boxes Glass. 8 19 and 10-11 24 Dos-Ground Tamblers 12 10 Flats do; 18 I 7 dot do. 34 Pint Flasks i' Ring Decanters; 1 Lombsrd do asi cocks 1 1 i 2 Pim Tsmblersi i 13 Boxes CaveBdisb Tobacco envied. I Cin, Ledger.

1 1" Jw P7 WT STATIONERY, Ac. 1,172 3,712 "3 I into? i aid not est I ADAMSON, vAKTbK. BiUUiria. SrsJestSrrll. 1310.

40-tf flf TK REAMS 6oe Cap Psper. ruled sad pleia, tPHJ 50 reams 6ne Letter do. do. do. vr a I i wrj cry etjj citHg.n Kuuurauiii ywutu ueviHf i mtmrx wounv AmmeA aheddinv teara aver anmia.

i UfOVn Atid. Td renUo. WHISKEY AND FLOUR, 52,088 do. reevelope Fsper, 200 peeks Plain Primin Cards, assorted sixes. 1 k.

a thtno irt ior Ian look llw firal nnnortrinlrw tn hrn act Oljrnt enacxea XaOSUTt ftOO Newport RZtth BARRELS eld Rectified Whiskey sUtjr freahSurmfinellottr Introduced to ber end mrU rx. douKt that arte 1 Polonius in an obscure town io Yorkshire, wers) Norwich 2,060 70,135 Philade'phTa was congewaWpirit, .1 i I arm tn arm to rcnearsil Mxt Just received end for sate by i ADAMSON CARTER, ieyHIGGINS. ''OctetW' 19M840i 45-kf a What work was that a fleeted you so much. 1 wu- joongwjtw was cm. 6 dozen Msynsrd St.

Noyes Superior Blsck Ink, 3 do. Stephen Blue Fluid do. 2 03 Qoilla. assorted qualities, 4 dozen 2. S.

end 4 qatre Blank Books, 1 12 Blank sod Memerandam Books, 6 Books, v. -S---lOOdo. fine Lead. Pencils', 700 sheers fine Drawing Paper, i- 10 dozea Ink stands, assorted nualiiles. loeeiber X617 tha other mbrningl saw you shed a great Ctea taern a lad, mno kstf wttosod Pittsburgh Portland v' Poughkeepsie BY THE LAST ARRIVALS I 2,785 many tears.

"Was It Bulwer'alastr perwnn.ocej. anooung st tne toy tus "TT UST reserved, per stsam-boats Little Rock, John 5,210 I donn know what Bulwers last ts, re-1 TOlcc 11 nersiDesmi-ouiJcrapiatu Provideoco 5 22,042 if 16,832 20,129 9 269 -1114 M0J380 turned she, but I assure you I was doinz a Savannah tuw vuikuaivvjiaiuwt aiiwiuo, wee PTCv 1 nr. ni- witba ijeneral assort ment-tf the smaller metes of Stationery, reqaired coaming rooms or offices; all ef which will be sold oo reaaooable terms, af the of. 3,911 18.783 St. Louis S.852 100 bbta freart sopertine losr, eny era no -73-' old reenned Whiskey i 21 cssks of W.

R. Cheese, fine srtels 120 boxes do do. for family sse -25 Goshen Better, fresh i -CaSM-Stiitr. Riee. Loaf Suear, Fish, eVe.

i fSower for pTessara these last but for a day. Syracuse 6,111 2,565 fiee of the" Arkansas 3,546 7,963 as Tttix droll nditor of the 1 Sho haa trees for se, which last for years, as Little Rock. Dee. 5. 1840.

W-tfl Troy 4 19.372 EJcbmond EUr sstsi Tbe following aim UI 11 ana mumaj, taat -wciieresv is A larve enamit ef BOOTS AND SHOESL al ffUST srimed-aad for ssle at tbe efEce efths 4.35 Ulica 8,323 READY MADE CLOTHES: Domestics. 4c hung out we donl KDOw where, and bT wn 1 and soon bset us fa. Arkanaas'Gasetie. blank checks on ihe bank of 8,950 a the Ra id Arkanmi eithel Honnd er nmrea Hon! know Whom i RIalvina ftlnrtaiw mm.I mc 1,704 Washington- 22 J77" 18,827 Wilmingto 8,33 Wilminjn, K. 4 DOUf Ainer.

oianay. AU of which I will sell at from IQ te 20 per cent, less than tbe msrkef prices, as I mean to east to parehase riiuwla. aa aaott as Dosaible. dirs, wben aba kan g't thera cheps for ktub and ffUST printed, ea fine paper sod of approved forss no iikEeri are sul-ored in tha bows. A ply down Likewise.

I witLseH DRY GOODS, at lUUs over 'K 2Tlty. A rrdtrt gala the good will cf those he cocve rrs wii lei-a, co toJy e-vici a rrsa Cxs cot 500 Lb. Dried Beef; AH ef which will be eol.4 low for cash. CV for sale at tbe Gazette a i n. meat mv arrangements.

r-area by the tUh III vLiXUia Ga VIA4JS i-A. splendid pace- Tbe Michigan Advocate, published, at season, says-rf Wo bava ia Ibis village one distillery in eppe ration, esi cne ia Call and examine at toe new ana enesp oiore, vo SMALL nomber cf coolee of rhs Eeportof the 4-f ey-a. Main Street, ia Doct. fcprsjne'i vnc vumi A is very "Veia'r. Ley, I A.

Committee en the odiciary together with the it fcai ra tl the prepress of erection or.s three M.mnriat of Col. WilUara Kusscll, ol Missoari. io me 1 ffV JT. B. The bichest prices paid for all good rrt Aasemblvof'the Srats cf ArXer.a, forsale billiard rocrrs, ff.sea f-r V-ir.

Western. Sad Southern Funds SPECIE in WANTED TO 1X1 HE, fRILL tbe 81st December next, a negro woman Jl. to cook and wssVfor a small Enquire at this 1- LiHteitffJtM.Umi, "jz" r- to fcai'y." -w tks Gatette olaes." --17rar21, 1640, itoai liquors, ar.d the Ctite Little r.tei, iVas, 23rf, ISlO. 50-tf iillf.

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