Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 2, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1896
Page 3
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Washing made graceful." (After ft sketch in New York' Truth.) We want to show it, because this seems to be a woman who uses Pearline (™ ™' ahp ). She's doing no work to speak of, you see— she doesn't look as if she ever had to. She appears to be rinsing- out the clothes, after letting them soak in Pearline ( roll « ap ) and water, which is about all the labor •equired. washboard we don't understand she's washing it. Women who Pearline (SS"^!^) don't need a washboard. They don't have that tiresome, wearing rubbing over it. . But for cleaning washboards or or anything of the kind, then,they paint wood work or wain Pearline. Washing can't be made graceful unless it is made easy. Of alUhe ways of washing that arc perfectly harmless, the easiest, quickest, most economical, is with Pearline. 410 THE RAILROADS Railroad Officials are Gratified a Judge Taylor's Decision. BRAKE INSTRUCTION General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. BIT OF DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY, .1 UXB 2, ISW on your, tea table served with die tea, will lend additioa.il charm lo the afternoon call. % Y-5ti can h;ivc "ripe" fmjfraiit 051, frait cake always on baud, with- -ti out trouble or expense, by using yj- } NONE SUCH 1 MINCE MEAT. A It makes a surpassingly rich, yet *% wholesome cake, with a. fruity $4 flavor that can not be equalled. ^ Get the genuine. Sold everywhere. Take no substitutes. Scud jour nil<!rc.n. immlnf: llilfl [rnpcr, niul ro will ,«cu<l JonlfrL 1 ,. 1 ft &<*>!{. ".Mrs. I'upKlm'Tliuttli*- filviii;:.'" tivoimof tlui mosl iiopiiiitr lluiuoruus ltLTJ of iliu (l- •IT; Plctnd and Bunu r.-t-ssnii Gil. . A , b< " u; "- ; '' >jl . tscrc.u»hly m»do ind > ) Hatty Bn:r.!ird Bicj-cls Lamp, Jolt and i > eyclonc -,ro~: ( ) mt.Yatiritif.il i TH." P< rj<i:tro St., r.irc. co., ew Yorli. Five cooHelido'iJs gallons corked up "tight in bottles! When you are thirsty—it's ready. Make it yourself. HIRES Rootbeer. ifmlc oalj &7 Tho Cli.vlei R, HlrBK Co,, I'hUntli'lfilil*. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOOANSPOHT, IND. • $2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson, President. S. W. Ullery, vice President H. J. HcHbrink. Cashier. DIKECTORS. J. F. Johnson. S. W. Ullcry. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Klllott W. H. Snider. Buy ami sell Government boiHs. Loan money on personal security and collaterals. Issue special certificates o! deposits bearing I per cent. Interest when left one year; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited six months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of this bank for tho deposit of deeds, Insurance policies, mortgages and other valluablCB, :rentod at from $5 to J15 per year. .Mandolin for sale. Ii:qnJre iiOfi North street. Pay yaur natural pis bills Iml'oiv .TlHJC 10. George Harrison handles Landreth'9 seeds only. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. ET.arrison's. C. H. Stevcns's gallery at 414 Markei street Is aow open. Competent workmen. Work (ruarantoed. Landrutb Seed Company of Philadelphia, have been seed growers for one hundred anil fifteen years. Harrison i« their agent !n Cnss county. One swallow does not mate Spi-ins, but one swaJlow of One Minute Cong] Cure brings relief.—.!. II. Johnston. Kaufman it Co.'s bargain shoo stor call attention to their special ladies' sab Natural gas bills for the month o June are now due and .payable at the company's oliict; on Tcarl street. The consolidation of the Natural and Aritt'icial Gas companies, makes the payment of bills.-for consumers using botli kinds of gas much more convenient. The person paying for natural gas and who is also a user of the arli- liclal can now pay both bills at Hie same, time at the new company's office, HIT Pearl street. All bills arc due a.nd collectable on the first of each month with customary ton" days' grace. Hi!!* for Tune, 1S1W, now being due. Sir. James Perdue, an old -soldier residing at Monroe, Mich., was severely ifllictcd with rheumatism but received prompt relief from pain by using Chamberlain's Tahi Balm. He says: •'At times my back would rtcho so badly that I could hardly raise up. ,1C I had not jtotton relief I would not bo hero to write these few lines. Chamberlain's Pain Balm has done rac a great deal' of good and I feel very thankful for i.l." For sale by B. ,F. KeesLing, drugzis:. . The fill lug of Judge AViieeler, of the United States District conrr, siisiaiuiug .lie .Toint Ti-allic Association agreement, a source o£ much gratilication to the light'r oiliclal.-? Of the Tronic and Trallie Vssoci.'rtkm lines. Chawiexjy JJ, Di?- >e.w say's: '-There never lias been in iie history of the country an a.tn-eeuienf liat was .drawn up with as much care s that one. In vhe first place four solid uths wen; spent by die best aulhor!- >s ujiou franspoi'tatlon matters in the ou 1.1 try upon 1'unnnlallntj' it in 'the rude form. These railroad meu • met linost daily at the Ork'iital hotel. :;l Ia'nl!.-it!!i!i Beach. Aiany uf them eaun: n^iad of miliw and shiyed then! im- the agn>)nu'nt was drafloil. After l-l'at tin- agreement was submilteil t.n I ho railroad in-esLdeuts, and for two I weeks Uiey Atndird the matlt'r ami n«-j modeled it 'a.;u1 drew it iinto an even j ii't-iv coinpaci form, siill unsaitsticdr f.i'.i' inatlor was turned over tn the counsel df the dill't'i'c.nt roads inren-sted. These la wyej-s, U.'i> ablest i.-f ilio roiintr.v hr-'.A a series of odnsnltations. Anywhere that the agreement fcinliictedj with the huv if was madilied, or cr-a 1 . (.he oiTeiiding provision stricUeu inivea-' tircl.v. Then, afier all -this troublu, nnd I he realization of an iron-clad agreement it was submitted lo tlu» c-ounti-y. ImmediatiJy the Inter-Sfa-to commerce i.'oiiimiss'iou attac'l:.--; the a'.at-tcr. a^rl V,T; ai-e glad that it did. We wan Iff! the matter settled forever. Thi>i is (ho best agreement^fo-r the people, the railroads, tl'.e busiiTess men and everyone in general rbat has ever been effected. It .helps the Inher-Stati 1 cominerco commission, if they would only sec it. I; Her flic old system 'of ranting rates ti tradlc was distributed uiu'f|ually. an ira.nspori:iiion facilities wi;re di o:?ra nixed,"' 'Had. 'the 'I'reijrht .car been .attiiclicd to the passenger ..train some .one would have been 'hurt.- C. P. Burgmau of ihe inachins' shops got word j-esterilay that his brother and wife were victims of the 'St. Loui.s cyclone and. were dead. An Italian attempted i<> jump on a moving i-rain loaded with stone ai Ken- uetlryesterday and had his right leg badly mashed, be was raUcn to I he hospital, where Dr. Hetheriagton. dressed fhe injured inembor. W. C. Pemio'ck returned yesterday i'l'run a business trip East and was very greull.v eau-j)rlsed to find that the boys had cleaned house while ho was gone. They now have ono of the most pleasant otlices in the city. Commencing Saturday May i6th. And continuing'for two wee Ks, \ve will place CD sale, some rare bargains, in our Clothing Department. AVc- ' liave marked medium we!.;l)t. and summer suiting at COST to close out certain liars. W e arc offering most excellent values that were never before offered at the price, and to SN all who are lookin i PQ \ ,: O . , for HOWS THIS! We oiler Om> Hundred Dollars l!e- w:!i'il for JHI.V case o<f Cafarrl) thai can not: lie cured by Hall's Catarrh CHIT! V. .T. Cheney .t Co., Props., Toledo. 0. Wo, the undersigned, have known F. .r. Cheney for the last 1." yoaiy, and ho- lievo him perfectly honorable in all bus- in ess transactions and financially abb lo carry out any ohlijriiliou jjiadn by tin 1 lirui. WEST & TKUAX, Wholesale Driv,' :sl,s. Toledo. 0, WALDLXO, K1XXAX & MAItVl'X Wholesale Droggisis. Toledo, O. •Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acrin? directly upon the blood and nincnrs surface? of the system. Prk-i: T.'c per bottle. Sold by all driv-'fris Testimonials free. Come and see tis. we will con viuce yon that no place in a ciry will be allowed to undersell us. No rmitteer what they say. We are Overstocked And must move onr goods, and have made a price that \vill do it. Our patrons are .-.Prised (o take .idvautage ol • this sale, before it is too late. c mpie Hats MET BY A CROWD. Dr. Waiver, .The Oculist and Am-is From Chicago Arrived At Tl'e / ' Murdoch Hotel. Monday Mt.n 1 :- aud Was Met By :\ I.;ir,4'i- Crowd of IVonlo. Do not former ihat our Hat Sale of sample bats, «.c 50 w:its ,,n UK; dollar siili coin! uues. Splendid bargains are yet id L-e picked up in this li ne. Don't miss the oppor. liinilv. JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. ,322 MARKET STREET. J. iUS BIG FOUR INSTRUCTION CAK. CoiiRueneiiifr yesterday all trainruij and engineers will be required tn tak instrntfion in the air brake instnu tiou ear now jn the city trader rlie man a.wDjont- of_\. .1. Hartmau. .Kail men arc expected io pass an examina (ion, after such a courste of instruction the same as is required to establish th qualities of their eye-siprht or hearing Tlio men arc divided into two ela'ssw •ocoiv.ing instructions at diffia-ent tlmrs; the ouKi'ucer from S:.'.!()•.i,, m. until noon mil tin.' trainmen from noon -,mtil 3 p. .m. There is no doubt that ibis .will be (he result of greatly improving flu- trainmen in their work and is but .another instance of llic enterprise''which is charactenlstic of the Big Four railroad, Mr. iTartman, the gentleman who has control of |-.hp car, is courteous, as well as being an export in his line and destined to become very popular with Hit railroad men during his slay in tho city.—Wabash Tribune;. D. E. DELZELL, : : : DENTIST : : : 416 MARKET STREET. JJpitalrs over Brnggeman'a Sttve. L. G. PATTERSON Has opened a Fire and Accident Insurance office at 410 Broadway, up stairs, and solicits a share of tho public patronage. Nono but First Class Companies Repre- •mted. DR. S. H. WARD, HOnCEOPATHIST Office 309 Fourth Street. ;0vrr Tujlors Jewelry store- Residence 018 North Street. /\ Ocnlal Tl-.in.T In ypklor.i. ' There is a .spicier in Nov.- Zealand that usually throw.:; croiis of its we'o about ttuc head of its prey, mail tlui wveichcd v'jct:m is firal. blhulcd and then choked. In ir.a-i;y i:nl'retiu<.T.tcd dark nooks of the jungle you come across most perfect skeletons of small birds cruig'lit in these Icr.vible snares. T;IO Sorrow of China. Tho Yollcw rirer is styled "(Jie Sorrow of China." Pm-iug t.iic last cen lur\ it lias changocl its csurec 02 tJmes, and now flows into tihc sc:i tiiroiigh n mouth 300 in UBS distant from Hint of JOO years ngo. It i.s cistiwaitcd-tiha.t its floods in the present e«i,tuTy bare cost Chijiii ll.OOO.ttW of lives. Tobacco CjJtui'o in Cullfornln. Calif or rfta farmers' nrc desirous of aV tempting tobacco cultivation. The slate board of U'.idc has decided to supply thu farmers with seed, nud it is thought tobacco culture will become nn'important California industry. How Ito Oy»tor Grows. The oyster grows from tJie inside by throwing- out every year rings o.r circles of a calcareous substance, ;md I'.xpcrte can. tell iviicre the grovs'th begins nnd for the yvaj- The nfost Crowdoil Spot. 1 It is stated that the most crowded spot on the earth's surface, is the "Mandcrng-gio," in the city o£ Vuletto, in Malta. Upon a spot in -this place, dbout 2 1 /;. square, acres in extent, no fewer than 2,574 live. This is af. the rate of C30,000 per square milc^or 1,017 to an acre. DlnproportloD-.itc, There is but one.firm of undertakers In Skowlieg-on, Me., to 12 doctors prac- g' in the place. RAILROAD NOTKS. H. Aiilmer. mafdiinist Is again at worl Mr. C. S. .Tcues nnd wife are In Obi cago on n visit. M. 15. Corriden'flf the mnchim: slioj was at St. Louis Sunday.. .T. D. Allison is agaiu at his old desk in the round bouse office. . ' - Engineer Dan Moore is critically ill nt liis lioini;, fears are'enterljilned of "hi: recovery. Frank Meebea wei»t lo St. Luniji Sun Jay :uid pot-a jsooil offer for'work oh Hie bridge and- stayed. E. A. Vox, :i awitchnuin, Iiail the thumb v-n his ri^iit hand inashed while uiaUin.i; a coupliuor yesterday. Pat MYihonoy of Ihe bl.-ictoiniUi shop ^ at Soutli Boud attending tlic Father Maithew T. A. B. coaventlon. • W. II. G-ifford, .-). bratdiui)n.- had his. right eye Injured at Trliuiiioi- yesturilay. | Dr. TTethurJHfftou drcsssed (lie woujul. .Toliu Manes cniiK' near being in a bad wreck in Hartford City last: Friday. A cut or cars at-t.hu Belgian glass 1 work's ;ot away from the s-witeh engine nnd mne ten-ring down. ,iu incl'ini; scrni)lng the engine Manes had charge, of tear-, ng the side of a freight car off and otherwise injuring the passenger train.i I [ For some rime the papers have lini.-n full nf tusti-nionials from iieople wln-m Dr. "\VaKer of. Clu'eago has cur-d cf dcufiit'rS and ailments of ihe eye. ear nose and throat, and upon his arrival Ir. this city at the Miirdor.-lr bo;el. Mun- O'.iy morninjr, one of his tirst jjalient.s. -Sirs. E. B. Sliidelof, Ijucw-ne, Ind.. fa.vs: '•I have been cross-eyed all of my lii'i until I called n-pun Dr. .Walti-.i at tin Miirdock liotc?!. JMonday June -1. .iKfu; and ho straightened my eyes in one niin- \v:Miowt amy bandage whatever over my eyes and am gJad to say they are as straight as . any ones, and 1 eTn r.o: thank Dr. Walter euou.sli, as I regard him as a scientific man," PAID ONE AT A TIME. Feunliw Sot Lcg:il Tender In Amounts of 3ioro Tlliin Twi>;ily-l<Mvo Conf.«. There is a postmaster in a little town not far distant, who is noted for the amount of authority be is inclined to Show in trivial matters. A short time ig-o, says the Mount Morris (Mich.) ."nion, a 'business man of the place »p- jcared before tho istamp window of the ITice and demanded 300 one-cent, lumps, for \vhitfli he laid down an equal umber of pennies. Here was a fyood hnnce for the authoritative gvjiileiBari, nd witli a view of teaching'hi.s inipor- t 1 , he piekcd. "u pennies from the eap, h.'inded outss stamps n.nd shoved ic rest, of the 'money to the would-be nycr \\-;t!v the remark that, pennies e.re not legal Ir-rder (Jiero in aiEounts ' more than 2S conts. I-Xposfillation w;is in vain, the post- m:islc-i- cited the Jaw in tho case and 1,hat sccinud lo ycttl.-i it, \Vith a malicious fvlea.ni hi his ey^ the buyer swept the re- iuai::!nR- pennies into.his potl^ct and mildly hifiuirot!: "I siijipose 1 can g-et :i one-cent stump here fora penny, can't I'?" "Certiunly," said the maa nt the window. "Then give me ^ii one-cent stiinip," sn.id the otlier kiyinpdowu the money. H was iinmde<l to him, aijd ]ia deii:a7)derT ajiotber and another titter that. Soveir.".] people had coroe Jn in the meautime. .Tnd ivur-e in.'p.iticntly wa.it- their turn at,the window,-but tlu- obdurato buyer Jicpt ojj fl-ravely b one-cent stamps ou the installment plan. Seeing determination JJi the .face of tho other, tba postmiistor o-fTercd to arbitrate, but it wu.s of no a veil.. Ho continued to buy as' locg- as his money astcd, a.nd f.riumpiiaiitty .departed amidst the approving- smiles .of the crowd. INVENTORS AND • BUSINESS MEN. Perspective and Mechanical DrawiBgs prepared for the Patent Oflice and tot Commercial purposes. Drawings and -Spec: ii cat Jons of Ekxy trica! and Hydraulic devices prepared, including Alarm Batteries. Brakes, Coud uctors, Cutouts, Electric Lights, Magnets, Coils. Keys. Lightning Rods, .Meters, Registers, llecorders Switchboards. Telegraphs, Telephonic Appliances, Elccfrical Clocks, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Mercurial, and notary Ale Pumps, accumulators,. Compressed Air and Water Elevators, Double Acting • Drainage and Force Pumps, Lift and Oil Cups, etc. Byron B. Gordon. Draughtsman and Patent Attorney Spry Block, Lofansport. Ndiural and Ariificiai Gas Bills due the First of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Sireer. • . Special—Low rates on heaters during the months pf May, June, July, August and September. . A stupidly obstinate piece'of li tion has just baen settled by Uic bouse of lords. Two Aberdceusliirc land own- nrs quarreled over the right, t-a fish in the Tlivci 1 I^ee, which borders their cs- tiir«s for 350 yards. Roth admitted that the- lishiug 1 was of no value,.but they 'hf>.'V KpeDt ¥1S,000 to have t.bcir rig-hts CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER >: No. «7 Market Street Cal.'s.attended, to promptly, day or night. Central Union and Mutual telephones. Office, No. I«| ReoJdeBod, No. 130. 'J'lIE MODERN BEAUTY, Thrives on jjood I'ood and suusliine, i\'itti jrfuii'ty ot oxej-cise in tbe open air Her form jrlows witli beiiltb' and ber face, blooms wrtlt Jts 1 l>e;iiity. If ber system needs the cleansing action of a lnxntivc remedy, she uses the sende and pleasant Syrup of Figs. • Made by tlie California Fig Syrup Company. Children Cry tor Etcher's Castor la, Think of Painting YOUR HOU5E?| If so, I can sell you your paints cheaper than any- man on %trth. B F KEESLING. Long Havana Filler Select Sumatra Wrapper W Meets Every Requirement of a First-Glass Cigar. Only Five Cts.90 Ask your dealer for Cubanok A. KIEFER DRUG COMPANY^ Sofc DhtrifautOT, Jbdianapofc PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberi? Optical Co. The well-known Specialises or New York bRve appolnleA- n. A. HA UK meeent for tbelr celebrated Spectacles and Kro GlnsBas, every pair Runrenteod, D.'A. Ji.Vl'K tia complete assorinient and Invites all to satlsfj thcmselvc.s ol tte great suyeriorlty of these goods over nor iMnofactured, at tbe-swra oZ». A. HAUK, Bole ageat tor Logansport Ind. . So Pedd'ors Supplied.

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