The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on July 16, 1945 · Page 6
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · Page 6

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1945
Page 6
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£ak* Wrii 6 Monday, July 16, 1945 S. L. Auditor Clarifies Home Costs L. E. Holley, Salt Lake City auditor, Sunday said he has no criticism of the operation of the boys' detention home by Salt Lake county. "The boys' home is being operated and managed better than ever before and my only object in making a report to the city commission wa's to clarify city records and get approval to pay the bills as they are submitted," Mr. Holley said. Records from the county listed costs at $1.55 per child, which is all the city can pay under the law unless the county employs a full-time ; instructor at the school, Mr. Holley said. If an instructor is employed, then the $2 per child for which the city is billed is not excessive, he said. On the other hand, if the county has other costs of the home not included in the original report, they should be submitted to the city, he contended. He admitted that the county had taken a loss in operation of the home, when the city in past years was billed but $1 per child per day. UTAH ONE OF 18 STATES TO VOTE PAY BOOSTS Utah is one of 18 states in which recent legislatures voted pay increases for governmental officials and employes. The Utah legislature turned down a proposed blanket increase for all state employes, but voted increases for elective officials and appointive commissioners, for city and county officials, district and supreme court judges. Increases for elective officials are not effective until new ones take office. By action of the state finance commission and the other departments and institutions, virtually all state em- ployes have received increases since the legislature adjourned. INFLATION FREE Farm Sales Stay Level In Utah, Report Says Clayton Family to Meet Descendants of William Clayton, 1847 pioneer, will meet in Liberty park Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., when new officers will be elected. Dr. I. Q. "The Menfaf tanker" Coast-to-Coast Iroadcast from Utah Theater in Salt Lake City 8:30 p. m. Nelson Eddy Guest Artist "Telephone Hour" 7:00 p. m. * "The Rise Stevens Show" with Gueit Conductor from Hollywood 7:30 p. m. "Chejferf/e/d Supper Club" 9:00 p. tn. Utah farm .prices and farm sales are not undergoing the extreme inflationary trend that has beset west coast states, Richard P. Harding, executive vice president and secretary, Salt Lake Real Estate board, said Sunday. Department of agriculture figures show that on the west coast, immigrant workers in shipyards, airplane plants and other war industries who never have owned or operated a farm, are buying small farms in such large numbers that prices in the Pacific northwest for such farms m/ »,nr,. BOH HE'S NOT 6NES QUICK J HE'S GOING HOME V TO LISf ESI TO -' THE MAN FROM G-2—7:00 P. M. are from 63 to 66% over prewar levels. A report on the situation In Business Week cited as "alarming" the fact that these high prices are being paid for marginal, poorly located or too-small tracts. The demand seems to be based on postwar security in small farms. Mr. Harding, however, sees no such threat in Utah. Utah has had no great labor immigration as the coast states, he said, and as a result, farm prices in this state are "not exorbitant." He said that while it is true farm prices have gone up in Utah as well as throughout the entire country, prices for farms here are "not out of line in regard to the outlook of agricultural earnings," THE LAND OF THE FREE HE SAW A WAY OUT Pfc. Guide H. Schroepfer, one-time nazi youth, tells his two- year-old-son, Dickie, that the bronze star he won in Germany should be pinned with the other medals—but a little lower. Slates Phone Talk W. Donald Oakes, manager, central office 4- Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Co., will address the Salt Lake Round Table at 1 its regular luncheon Tuesday at 12:15 p. m, in the Hotel Utah, according to Hugh C. Lewis, secretary. He will discuss the outlook of the telephone industry. Salt Lakers Earn Service Awards DAYS OF '47 BROADCAST /C//p This Out— Refer to It] Quten Coronation Tuesday, July 17th, 9:15 p. m. Beard Growing Contest Wednesday, July 20th, f p. m, Rodeo Finali Saturday, July 21st, 8:30 p. m. Early Days of Pioneer Drama Monday, July 23rd, 7:30 p. m. Sunrise Services Tuesday, July 24th, 6:30 a. m. Days of '47 Parade Tuesday, July 24th, 9:30 a. m. . Days of '47 Pageant Tuesday, July 24th, 8:45 p. m. 570 on Your Dial 570on Your Dial TAfs It the American Broadcasting Company What's on the Air Today Monday, July 16, 1945 (MWT) For Further Information Phone Stations Puld Advertising The following Salt Lake men recently received awards for meritorious action while in the service of their country. Bronze Star Sgt. John Carter Anderson, son of Mrs. Hazel Johnson, 865 W. 8th South, and whose wife is Mrs. Grace Anderson, Ely, Nev., awarded his fourth bronze star for action in Germany. For services in Italy with the 85th "Ouster" division, John F. Regan, whose wife is Mrs. Aldulah S. Regan, 1285 Gunn ave. M/Sgt. William M. Lence, former East high and University of Utah student, for service in Apennine mountains and near Po river, Italy. Lt. William F. Dowell, whose uncle is J. J. Dowell, 1635 Har- vard ave., for action in Germany. : Pfc. Roderick J. Long Jr., son of Roderick J. Long, 261 N. West Temple for gallantry in action on Okinawa. Lt. Rayburn F. Gotzinger, whose wife is Mrs. Elizabeth Gotzinger, 43 N. West Temple, and who is a son of Mrs. Anna J. Droetch, Spokane, Wash., for action in the China-Burma-India area. Pfc. Arthur C. G. Koehler, son of Arthur C. E. Koehler, 1485 Van Buren ave,, for action in Normandy, northern PYance and Germany, Purple Heart Ens. Thomas G. Giles, whose wife is Mrs. Nancy P. Giles, 1256 E. South Temple; Pfc. Osborne M. Allen, U S M C, son of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Allen, 141 W. 5th North. Vet Europe Officer En Route Home A.M. 6:00 6 = 15 « -tn 6:<1K 7:OO 716 7:30 7 '4K 8 'fin • •1 S 8 "*%n 8 -dfi D on 9 15 fi'30 945 1O 'OO 1015 1 (V*n 10:4.6 11:OO 11:15 11:30 11:45 KUTA-570 •* — American Broadcast- Ing Company •frMartin Agronskl, News Time 'n' Tunes 6 - 55 News fcHrcakfftfit Club, with Don McNolll, M 0.. •frUirtikfur.t Club ^P.lll \Vlllur NCWB •^•Onc Wornnn'w Opinion i^Tom Brcnnprrian'B Breakfast ID Hollywood 1tGll Martvn News Ik-Ted Malone •A'Glamour Manor » Setty L&H6 *Baufchage Talking ^rConstance Bennett . . . *My True Story -Jr 11:55 Aunt Jemima KSL-J760 ® — Columbia System WNews ol the World.... WTho Pour Clubmen.... 'vCoffe* Club • ... World News . . . BonRn of Harry Olarko Bun Up Tune Tlmo. . . . World New» . . tircuk/nnt Tlmo HftlT Hour (VjNew» of the World.... 8:.15 News Fashion House WVallant Ladv WLlght or the World ®Aunt Jenny Stories... WKate Smith Speaks ®Blg Sister •^Romance of H Trent (<OOur G&J Sun day ®Llfe can Be Beautiful K-Ma Perkins ®Radlo Newspaper ©Young Dr. Malone KDYL-1320 ® — NBC Network Rise and Shine Farm Tlpa and Tuned News Morning Revue ....... <j>Fun and Polly Surirlno Song Parade 7:30 Edition of News <S>Rovolllo Roundup 6>Lorn Lawton <$.Ro»d of Life ...,,..., <S>Joyce Jordan <j>Fred Waring Show. . . . The Variety Store .... <J>Davld Harum Melody for Milady .... <$>Larry Smith Personality Parade- ... News and Harmony . . Musical Main Street... <S>Homemakers' Hour — <3>Art Baker, News KiO-7430 O — Mutual System • — Intermtn. Network MUB)O at Dnwn Music at Dawn OFrav.ler Hunt, News , . . OSmlle Tlmo OSluuly Valley folks. . . Weather Report NOWB. Col Lowder NOWB for Women..,.. . OFun with Muslo * * 1 QNeWB, Arthur Gaeth. , . The Market Basket OTake, It Easv Time O9:55 'Cliff Edwards .... C/Wm Lang, News Service News Pioneer Dav Show .... QLuncheon With Lopez Quarter to Lfnch Time A.M. 6:00 6:16 6:30 6:46 7:OO 7:16 7:30 7:46 Q:OO 8:16 8:30 8:46 8:OO 9:15 9:30 9:45 104)0 10:16 10:30 10:46 11:00 11:16 11:30 11:45 First Lt. Delbert V. Barrett, whose wife is Mrs. Jerry Barrett, 413 E. 4th South, is returning home from Europe with the Eighth infantry division after a year overseas. A former Salt Lake salesman, Lt. Barrett participated in campaigns in northern Prance, Siegfried line, central Germany. He wears the bronze star, purple heart and three battle stars. Afternoon Programs Noon 12:OO 12:15 12 30 12:45 SornethR. to Think Abt Fun F?st News While It'i News Shopper News World New», Petersen OORosemary ©Business of Fanning... ®Tena and Tim S Guiding Light Today's Children ...;.. 3>Women In White <$>Hymns of AD Churches, OLester Smith, News.., QJane Cow) . , OQueen For a Day Dud Williamson — Noon 12:00 12:15 12:30 12:45 1:00 1:16 1:30 2 OO 2:15 2:30 2-45 n Downey, Songn B Kennedy, News Ik-Vagabonds *-Ladles. Be Seated *Tlme Views the News Nichols Reports Sona of the Plnnseni of All Churches 3 00 3:16 3 3O 3:45 I 4:00 4:15 4:3O 4:45 C:DO 6:16 6.30 5:46 Make Believe Ballroom, with Bill Age* Name the Tune . Nrws While rt'x News Blng Crosby Show... •ifTerry and the Plrfctes •A-Detectlve Dick Tracy •fcJack Armstrong •A-Hop Han-lean vjirene Beaslc? .... Hits ol the Day ... ®A Woman's Life .. ©Bachelor's Children •>House Party ... 02:25 News ^Arthur Godfrey SEvelyn Winters Marilyn Day Songs of Carol FranclB ®Meet the Mlsaus <J>Woman of America.... 3>Ma Perkins .... 6>Pepper Young's Family QRlght to .Happiness .. Alblaton Rodeo Time. Matinee Album Tea Time Tunes Ogden Quiz <$>Backstage Wife (^Stella Dallas ^Lorenzo Jones 4>Young Wldder Brown. <g>When a Girl Marries. <$>Portla Face* Life ... <J.Just Plain Bill <S>Front Page Farrell.,. Howe. News Cnn-oll Singe ®Easy Aces (•EWorld Today. Harsch Judy and Jane. News Easy Llstcnln' . (•xAunt Mary Women's News Amateur Show OSummertlme Melodies Hollywood Headlines Musical Train, with Cousin Ken Bennett Playing Requests News . ... Musical Train Requests 4:40 Sport Shorts OHere's How Kora Kobblers Two on a Clue News, Royal Soldiers of the Press (g>Thls Woman's Secret IQHoune of Mystery News Reporter .. QSuperman Fashions !n Music— OTnm Mix ..... The Texfls Rangers—I Hal Mclntyre's Or.— 1:00 1:15 1:30 1:45 DISCHARGED Pvt. Kenneth G. Wright, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bryrmt Wright, Mlrlvale, linn received an honorable discharge from the army at Walla Walla, Wash. Overseas nine months, Pvt. Wright has been in the service two years and wears the purple heart, European theater of operations ribbon, good conduct ribbon and two battle stars. Ke was wounded Dec. 2, 1944, in France while serving with the 44th infantry division. Rest Camp WITH THE 106TH INFANTRY DIVISION IN GERMANY—Pvt. Hiroshi Shimizu, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Shimizu, Sandy, Utah, recently spent three days at Namur rest -camp in Belgium, a former summer resort. New Assignment EM 2/c Gale Ainsworth, U S N, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Ainsworth, Lehi, former Sandy residents, has been assigned to a destroyer escort in the Atlantic. Wins Stripe MIDVALE — Pfc. DeLos S. Beckstead, whose wife is Mrs. Aggie Osborne Bcckstend nnd who Is a son of Mr,s. Eliza Beckstead, Midvale, recently wns promoted to his pj-oHcnt rank at Camp Wollers, Tex., where he hns bcc'ii stationed tlic past five months. Best Crew Flight Officer Byron A. Hollis, whose wife is Mrs. Gloria McGinty Hollis, 2864-23rd East, is navigator of one of the three best crews chosen at completion of training of the many combat crews of squadron T-l at army airfield, Walla Walla, Wash, SERVICE CALENDAR 2:00 2:15 2:30 2:46 3:00 3:15 3:30 3:45 4:00 4:16 4:30 4:46 stop 6:16 6:30 6:46 Evening Programs P.M. B'OO 8:16 6:30 f;;45 "/ :OO 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:15 8 '3D 8=45 B'OO 1 9 "IS 0:30 9:46 ' 10 OO 10:16 1O:3O 10:46 11:00 11:16 1 1 :3O 11:45 12:OO 12:16 12. '3O 12:45 1:00 "dr Lous Ranger .«.«. ••• •frBllnd Dat« £Mett Your Navy •^Clinton P. Anderson, Sfrcy of Agriculture •fr Tokyo Calling ^Reunion USA .... [ •A-Liim und Abner ^Jciiri Tltchf* *Hrntlllnn Edition *Jift>'inond Gram Swing News South American Way •^Luckv MUllnder's Or Music N*wg 11:05 Rainbow Randevu Parade of Bands . New» 12:05 Good Night (j)Vox Pop , . . . . MMerry Life ®B11) Henry, News 5)Beulah ', 0The Sea Has a Story. . > t • §)Screen Guild Players ®ThankB to the Tanks V)NewB, Daly At Shlrcr. . >)Heddo Hopper GJCrlme Doctor i>:53 Sport* Hl-Llghts V)Muslo From the West NPWS Royall . ... BYU Music Festival... ®Johnny White's Orch. 11:55 News Good Night ^H V ECaltenborn .... <§>NBO Newsroom .... ^•Richard Crooks and Symphony Orch, ^Telephone Hour, with Quest Artists <J>Rlse Stevens Show ^Contented Hour, with Josephine Antolne. <§>Dr 1 Q. . , •ftSupor Club <?>Tho Throo Sons <«>Cafo Zanzibar Orchentra Newa The Navy Program Pale Moonlight Blng Crosby News <*>Songs by Mary Ann . . <$>Thos Anthony & Orch <t>ll:55 News ! S>Blltmore Hotel Orch.. $>Thomas Peluso .....,, <&12:55 News P Good Nlcht Bev Wayne Show ONow It Can Be Told. . QProf of Broadway and Boltram .... OGabrlel Heatter Newt QReal Life Storlea OSpotllght Bands Songfellows' Quartet . . . OAn d baugh News of Today OFulton Lewis News Jeanetto MncDonald. QBud Wtxplo'H Orch OJlm Doyle, News ...... Sing Swlngtlme News , , . . Bpnrts Roundup OThe Feeling Is Mutual Adventures In Research f»ewa . . ..... Night Patrol Music for Tour Pleasure Mldnlte News , •" * P.M. 6:00 6:15 6:30 6=45 7:00 7:16 7:3O 7:46 8:00 8-'15 8 ;3O 8:45 9:OO 9:16 0:30 9:45 10:OO 10:15 10:30 10=45 11 :OO 11:16 1 1 :3O 11:46 12:OO 12:16 12:30 12:46 1:OO Activities for service men and women In Salt Lake City Monday will Include: U S 0 clubs: 73-2nd Past—Tennis, Liberty park, 4 p. m,; movie In club lounge, 8 p. m. 57 S. State—Recorded music, dance, 8 p. m.; portrait sketching In lounge, 8:30 P. m. Salvation Army: Km! Shield Canteen, 137 E. l»t South— Usual 0 a. m, to 0 p, m, social activities. 1240—KOYO, h-ovo; 145Q—KOAL, Price; Mutual and Intermounfaln; 14QQ—KNAK. Salt Lake Cream Deodorant Safely helps Stop Perspiration 1. Docs not irritate skin. Docs not rot dresses or men's shirts. 2* Prevents undcr-arm odor. Helps stop perspiration safely. 3. A pure, whkc, antiseptic, stainless vanishing cream. 4. No waiting to dry. Can be used rislit after shaving. 5« Awarded Approval Seal of American Institute of Laundering—harmless to fabric. Use Arrid ond 59fBio. tax MORE MEN AND WOMEN USE ARRID THAN ANY OTHEK DEODORANT Bemedaled Ex-Nazi Youth Home From Europe Wars He might have been just another soldier home on furlough. When he left Germany, headed for the United States and home, Pfc. Guido H. Schroepfer was doubly thankful for the things that were his—an attractive wife, an energetic young son and a place to live, in a free land. Pfc. Schroepfer, whose wife, son and mother, Mrs. Frida Schroepfer, live at 342-12th East, tasted the ways of nazism and disliked them. A member of 'the L D S church Boy Scouts in Hamburg, Germany, Pfc. Schroepfer was forced to don the khaki of a Hitler "HJ," the nazi youth organization, when the Scouts were embodied in the immense Hitler movement for German youth. Two months later, because "I caused them too much trouble," he was released from the group. Family Leaves Germany Just 18 at the time, Pfc. Schroepfer, his mother and sister left Germany for "political reasons" and because of "living conditions." Already, the German youth had completed two years at Hamburg university, where he had learned fundamentals of the English language, and prior to leaving Germany he was an accountant in Hamburg—a city in a country where "you were never your own boss." In 1935, the small family came to Utah, settling in Richfield, Sevier county, and Coving later to Salt Lake City, wh'ere he was employed as a stock clerk. In September, 1943, Pfc. Schroepfer, now 27, donned the khaki of an American soldier and in February, 1945, he was shipped to Europe. Because of his knowledge of German, he was assigned to the counterintelligence corps and fought the gestapo through the Ruhr, southern Germany an Czechoslovakia. Organizes Raids • He assisted In organizing an participated in three raids agains enemy sabotage parties which ha been assigned to harass supplj convoys and kill or capture gen eral officers. These aggressive Trio Quizzed In Burglary Three juveniles, brothers 9 am 12 years old, and a second 12-year old, were under police investiga tion Sunday in connection with a senes of recent Salt Lake bur glaries. Detective Stanley Butcher ar rested the trio Saturday in connection with one burglary, am they also were being questioned in housebrcakings and one attempted hold-up. In another case, police held two transients for investigation 01 strong-arm robbery in thefi of $40 and valuables from Odel Johnson, Negro, 536 W. 2nd South They were apprehended by Ed Jackson, radio patrol, half an hour after the alleged robbery Saturday at 12:45 a. m. and gave their names as Noah Emery Spencer and Fred Lewis Senior. MAKE ICE CREAM At home — Any flavor— Delicious— Smooth — No ice crystals — No cooking — No rewhipping— No scorched flavor — Easy — Inoxponsivo — 20 recipes in each 15< pkg. Please send Ihis ad for free full-size sam- pie ofier, or buy from your grocer. Brand Homemade tee Cream STABILIZER - 135 HOWAHO. IAN f MNCHCO 3, To Address Optimists Streets Commissioner John B Matheson will address Salt Lake City Optimists in Hotel Utah Wednesday at 12:15 p. m. A CHALLENGE To Women With CRAY HAIR Safely Color Faded Cray Hair with NOURISH!NE ... at about '/» tht cost STou. too, can have alorloualy beauMful hair, trco trom GRAY and wllh * lovely tone, soft and liintrou*, In the privacy of your home — with oroferjlonivl-looklnB results. NOURISHINE nets uriidually to Impart youthful color. Closest friends can't detect your secret. NOURISHINE cleanses sen IP, beautifies the hair and will not wnsh nor nib off. TRY NOURISHINE AT OUR EXPENSE Ask your druKtilst for the ECONOMICAL B-oz. size of NOURISHINE for J1.25 and it you are not satisfied that NOURISHINE does all we claim, return the bottle and your druggist will refund your money. For better results we recommend NOURISHINE SHAMPOO SOc SOLD AT ALL DRUG COUNTERS Writ* for Free Booklet NOURISHINE SALES CO., Bollywood 38, Cat raids resulted In the capture of 57 of the enemy. Decorated with the bronze star about three days after V-E, Pfc. Schroepfer arrived home on furlough via the Liberty ship Marine Raven, Most of his first few days were spent in becoming reacquainted with his son, Dickie, whom he hadn't seen since November, and who knew his dad only by picture. On a 34-day furlough, he will receive further orders at Fort Douglas, then ship to the Pacific to fight a different enemy. Naturalized by his service in the American army, the one-time German youth who "gave Hitler a bad time," wears, besides the bronze star, tho combat infantry badge from service with the 97th division, and the European theater bar with, a battle star. Pfc. Schroepfer, who might be just another soldier home on furlough, born to a land of oppression and slavery, saw a way out—and chose America, PERMANENT WAVE SPECIAL A Smart Machine Permanent for only BRING THIS COUPON Tli!» coupon entitle! you lo • Machine I'erniancnt Wave *t the gpecliU price of .only S2.0O —between 10 a. m. nod 3:30 p. m. — at Excelil* Remit? School, Main. «Jid Brondway. Salt LiUte City. taJBRQADWAl \ /\ BABY PORTRAITS BY AUSTIN •A Specialty '*> •• 6x8 RICH BRONZE PORTRAITS EACH in lot*, of four CHOICH OF PROOFS Austin Studios for 20 years the largest and best known Studios in the west, will use the latest equipment to photograph your baby or any member of your family to best advantage. Highest quality at lowest rates. NOTICE: The Post Office requests Christmas packages going to the boys overseas be mailed September 15 to October 15 HAVE YOUR SITTING EARLY! .ustta-cJLumiere SALT LAKE CITY 12 So. Main St. Phone 5-3003 DAILY HOURS: 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. Sundays by Appointment tos OGDEN 2374 Waihington Phone 2-2323 DAILY HOURS: 10 a. m. to 7 p. m. Monday 12 Noon to 9 p. m. Sundayi by Appointment

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