The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1930
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Served by (he (Jutted Press BLYTHEVILLE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AltKANRA'S ANn SOUTHEAST MISSOURI NEWS _Blyt_hevine_HnBlc] e ^ _ MhsjMlppt^UeyjLeadcr __ HhYTHKVIU.K, ARKANSAS, U'KDNHSDAY, AUCUST '20, HWO HOME EDITION COPIES FIVE CENTS DYNAMITE BLAST KILLS HIGHWAY WORKER Art Davis First Off In Miami-Chicago Race Drouth Generally Broken But Too Late • Belief; Corn .24 Normal Eslimalc MIAMI. Fla., Aug. 20 i UP) — Ait Davis, Lansing, Mich., aviator, a W:uo. was Die first 10 Hike' off today in '.he Miami to Chicago air derby. IILs plane loll Hiiilpali airport at 12:20 p'. in. , . Davis was followed at one minute intervals by An Kiilits. La Orange, 111., flyer, in a Waco, and : George Dun-ell. La Grunge, III. in ' I r . • iv ,.| p u Spearman plane. ' nlSlOnC bailie (ji'OUIlC: Ray Hrowii derby manager, look FlaiTlCS as BrittsllMovc to OF POT 1 SMS Guns Roar In Hislonc Pass;! P, off ill 12:23 p. m. in a Lockheed executive model plane. Tl:e first blop is al Tampa, after Ibe j which the dyers will go to Jack- LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 20 ilJPl- Aikansns io-k stock today of damage wrought by a' three! sonvillc. month's drouth, now eci'.eial'y broken in the norlh and central I and scattered portions of thp *\atf '. Within the period of May I'D to ! August 20 u-peaied tic-at waves' shriveled premising crops, sapp-d the enthusiasm of farmers with prospects ol bumper' yields nnd created a .situation of acute suffering. !f tain hud come six weeks aco there would have been rejoicing In the fields, but rain which fell in the past week—in some sections it is still dry—came too late. Ii only made the weather more bearable for farmers who gathered to map relief measures for themselves nnd j The sl-ite of their destitute neighbors. j Pher.snn's health was no longer ., "The condition of the southern } ivvstery today, bin thi> manner in fanner cannot be visualized with- • which her mother. Mrs. Minnie rut penrcnn] day by day contact i "Mother" Kennedv. received a with him en his sunbaked farm." I broken nose was still something 'of Fred A. Smith, noted agriculture I an enigma. :Find Evangelist All ; But Her Mother 1 Broken Nose. Has Halt Savage Tribesmen lly;M!I.TOS' BROXXKK ! N'KA Service Writer LONDON'.—Historic Khyber Pass ' i thai narrow defile through the ! ! Himalayan mountains through ] which invaders of India have 1 marched with fire and sword for ' 2500 years, Ls again aflame with liatlle as Urilish army airplanes drop bombs on the world's oldest and most savage fighters and spn:l ] them scurrying into the hills. For the Khyber country—scene ! of Kipling's "Kim" and the last British outpost on the Afghanistan border in northwestern India—is again in the world's news. The LOS ANGELES. Aug. 20 (UPI — Aimee Semple Mc- ilia in the Gandhi revolt has extended 10 the fierce Piutian tribes- ncss who sec chance tor loot desire to fight. The recent attacks of these wild nnd restive marauders on Pesha- the British-controlled city teacher an dsecrclary of the Uar- j The evangelist admitted to her ! war. denelle chamber of commerce said. | sick room for the first limp re-j thai "The crop condition is mosl seri- ] porteis. permitting them to (icier- pass, hnvc centered attention 01 oils, the estimated yield having 1 mine frm what she was ailing and, li'-Pm again. They have been i at 111? samp time stating definitely j beaten oIT in fights into the out! rhe did not strike her mcther as ! skirts o; the city nnd British air- dropped a sizeable percentage in i the last 30 days," J. A. Sattcrficld, ! field specialist of the state agricul- ; charged by Mrs. Kennedy. i men. pursuing th?in into the hills. tural commission said. ' previously Mrs. McPherson's I navc bombed Iheir retreats. SaltorfiPld save the following physic-inn-:' "had announced Unit she! A fcw lnilos beyond Peshawar estimate showing decline in crop ; wus suffering from a nervous' tlle P :lss begins and then for nearproduction: "The bale yield of i breakdown and eyestrain. while nor , lv 30 milcs K lca(ls Arkansas cotton this year is 1.10C.-I foursquare gospel . associates inter- winding route through t! 000 standard bales. This is 135 ! preted her condition as "near death I hanging hills to the borde: pounds lo the acre. Since the Und blindness." ghaniston. Nothing in America re- start of the drniith acreage has Until the sick room visit there rambles it. perhaps, cxc2j) "ilropned-from 4.012,000 acres lo 3.-] was'no answer lo Mrs. Kennedy's • Giund Canyon of Colorado. 939.000 acres a? of August 1." (statement that "Aimee struck me! Is Ilravily Fortified - 'T-he-cbrn crop was 24 percent! en the nose." . ' ' • British forta are strung of normal on August 1. with an ! "I v:ould never strike mother estimated yield of 11.058.001) bush-i never." Mrs. Mc.Pher.son said to- els. Thus is 14,720.000 bushels k-is'day. than the yield a year ana." Sailer- ; -We had a slight argument but — >— DARIUS TMEGREAr. f<c.Ti(V:;o.B.C.5l6 •—>- AIEXAHCCRTHEG.REAT. rl:cci;onio,OC.33t JENGHIZ KHAN. fret, l-cnqciia.A 0 \M-l22f "~~-T(MUH,frc<.Sarrc;rka-.d.AO!39B J Postpone Search (or | Publisher's Body Today NEW YOUK. Aui:. 20. (UPi — JHearcli for the bmly of Van li'ar •Iliack. Baltimore publisher who fell oil his yiH'hi while It was cruising elf the New Je]-;ey was abandoned tem|in:iirlly today bc- cati!.< of |»or visibility. Three plant's set out from the INcrth Hcncli tiiipnrt at .seven a. in. today to cjiiilnue the search but llipy reluniPd throe hours later re- lus it wus useless lo continue .search umli visibility linprov- Captain John Kelly, skipper of Hlacfc.s yuclit. filed a rejxirt today United Slates steamship In- spectcr. 15 WIN OF Osceola Man Instantly Killed by Prcrnalure Explosion en Keiser Roaclwork How tlie Khybcr Pass country on India's remote northwestern frontier IILIS formed the "funnel" thru wave of unrest that lias_s»cpl In- vvnicn Inrtja . s i llvnri( , rs llave lKmrc[1 fct 25 man In this remote mountain fast- histrated on the above map. At the the situation a I lefi is a typical Pathan IrHiesma.i and their natural o[ lll( . , vilc , hill colmlly „.;,(,.,, ,,„,.. tors the world's mosl savage fighters, lit'.le changed by the centuries except that they now have- guns in- wea pons. I At the rlyhl is shown a canipl liain winding its way lhvou°h Kbyber Pass, the narrow -.lefile that connects India with ihe rest of Asia ie n jCili/cns Would Prevent Marriage of Girl, 14, and Mayor, 63. PAULS. Tcnn.. Aug. 20 (UPI — This little country Tenm. ;ce lown i became an armed camp tt lay fol- | low ing ihe elopement of Us M I year old innyor uiul u 10 year old school girl. The Mayor. Frank C. McNelll. one of the town's richest citizens nnd a relied business num. mid lib ulrl bride, the formpr Miss Myrtle Pauline ICiiik. were light tn delltiuce of in:i! 'ed last u- citizen's" field said. WASHINGTON, Aug. 20' (UP)— Developments in the drouth situation today pointed to eventual congressional appropriations to relieve distress next winter. President Hoovr-r, Chairman John ! 'Rarlon Payne of the Heri Cross, ar.d ; Secretary of Agriculture Hyde are j of the opinion that the most acute i phase of distress will conic in the ! cold months. } With the federal rmmniftte nam ed and thrpe of the state organisa- tions cempleied Hie relief program is expected to be in lull operation ihortly. mother received her bvukpn when she threw herself on flc-r in a tantrum." alonj the pass and, except for a few- turns where the view is obscureti. gunners command every foot ol its length. If ttlis were not so. no rich iiiise ' raniel train traveling through thp the | Khyt>er with silks and other val- • uable merchandise would be safe. Even with these precautions, occa- j 1UJ 111 ,11 - m m TRIO ill UP Women Air Racers OH (or New Mexico City DOUGLAS, Ariz., Aug. 20 (UP) — The .'is entrants in the women's air del by left International air' p port here today for Lordsburg. N. n I nrr c i i '• M - lhc r "' : ' t lSL01 ' pnroll '° lo nt < ; - Usceola uthcers oearch tor '. *' f ". N ' M - v.-ncrc nioy win spenu Men Who Robbed Keiser | Gladys o'Uonncll of Lout lieacli clntised lime leader in [lie Long Beach lo Chu.iyo rape, was first lt> Storekeeper. OSCEOLA. Ark.. Aug. 20.—I.irtil .sional wayfarers are murdered with I officers are searching for Ihree , a well-aimed rifle shot trom a sni- w hite men, who disguised | per liirkiiiij among the rocks and j grCK , Si i, ro t ;e mlo w P same's " and '• leave tl'.e- field. . 8 . 30 a m She took oil lime at The tribesmen who live in desolate comy.ry .are the world's! most blood-thirsty people and have been so for centuries. Time upon j bnc j.' Qf " j'j" time tliey liave been subdued by j military force, but never Iiavc they (store lat Keiser Sunday night tllls robbed Samse cf a hundred dollars in money and a pistol. Mr., wha sleeps in the store, was awakened about 10 o'clock by two men. wiio said they wanted lo buy some The first move will lie lo call the A. Rice was elected commanfl- ' banker members of the slate ccm mittecs to Washington to confer j with Henry M. Robinson, Los An- i cr of Dud Cason post- of the Amsr- geles banker, who has been appoint- ican Legion ill the annual election ! ed on the federal committee to of officers last night. R. B. Stout o[ • organize and coordinate credit fac- ; this city was named first vice-coin- j UUies. • inandcr: Bob Rhodes of Wilson, i | second vice-commander: Jim Bray ' i cf Lenchvilli 1 . third vice-commanci- ; cr and George Roth of Manila : Planes at Meet Monday \<™™ t ™c-co,,,mn,,der. TI-.C.V as-: Every Man 'Carries Gun Every man 'carries a gun with him constantly. Even In his native village, he does not venture i into his courtyard without it. Tie | They made their escape in a waiting automobile driven by a third companion. Mr. Samse said he at first thought lhc two who entered the store wv:re negroes, but Two Boys Qualify Model ne office in September. . Other officers elected for the local Approximately 30 bo.vs were prcs- I ]VMl ^re: A. L. Flowers, finance of- ent at the weekly meet Monday ! ficer; C. A. Cunningham, historian, cr thp local unit of the American ] ;11M | Krcd Carlock. chaplain. Th? Aircrafters and Gliders club when I appointment of nn adjutant will be Simcn Joseph and Howard Moore ma( | e ] at er when the new corn- qualified by flying Iheir model vnandsr assumes office, plane.s. I Executive commilteemen named Moore launched his model Airl nre: j. j. Dalv. F. A. White nnd King nnd Joseph flew the Flying | R N - W arc. The following mem- , ing his chance to take a pot shot j ' at a neighbor. But no man ever ; shoots a woman, for lhc murder | ; of a woman would be considered ! ! a disgrace. Caravans ;were white men made up as np- roes. and travelers who Three Hurt in Auto Wreck Near Sheffield THE KILLED II ccnnnitlcc which called upon them i In a body In an effort lo prevent the marriage. The couple was married near — : midnight in thp presence of five i rtftpn ! I'ersons. The wedding had been I IIUL *i ischeduled for lute today, nnd plans I Milr il I under way gave promise lhat It LUUUU Would be n gala affair. . nriflll McNeil revealed lie had recelv- III n I Uied several nnnonymous leUcr-i df- l| F H I Ijiiiounelng the match and declaring UL.II1 11 ["you are dispmcliig Paris.!' . "If we wein to go away." the C3 GSCEOLA, Ark.. Aug. 20.—Geor°e Wilson. 41. of Osceola, was instantly killed by a dynamite explosion one half mile west of Kciser this morning about 9 o'clock while working for the county highway department In building a new road. It is believed that the liming of the fuse for setting off the blast was incorrect as oihe.r workmen staled that Wilson had just lighted the dynnmlte when Ihc explosion occurred. No one else was.In- jured. Funeral arrangements are incomplete landing the arrival of relatives from Mississippi. The wilson family is well known in Osceola where they have lived for several years, having come. from Hiilcvllle. Miss., to Mississippi counly five years ago. They also hiul lived at Wilson. A native o[ Wlnona, Miss., the deceased lived there for a number of years. lie Is survived by his widow, Mrs. Vnlcria Wl'son; four sons, James. Warner. Maurice, of Osceola, and William, of Rulcville; four damjh- :"o and parents'. Mr. and Mrs. M. F. W. on. two brothers. Amps and Jeil Wilson of Wlnona. Miss., and one sister. Mrs. Weldon Bnskins. of Clarksdnlc, Miss. - • Husband of Former Local [J^ ^ Girl Dies o( Iniuvios Re-!" 1 tnm , • ,-. , . i>:llll.-"|H .-. . . t'.XplOSlOll. mill" peopli 1 of the most distinguish- In west Tennessee, inlglil think we were ! afraid to slay and face the world I We are solni; lo stay right here MEMPHIS, Anp. 20. lUPI— A race I now and take cur Ifl)) later." between an airplane bearing the patents and yonn? wife of Jack n. Scliaffer. 20-yenr-old mcler superintendent of the Memphis Natural Gas ccmpany, aiiri death, i ended when the youth died shortly I before the wheels of the plane i .touched the ground at Monroe. La., i ters, Maldle. Clnrlce. Marie, all of Osccotai -p , . . . _ . i it was learned lv?ic loduy. tweiily Injured in Gram sctiarre,. v.i, 0 was a resident ot Thousand Bales of Cotton FUvifn,- R-.C!- 17 ; ,. „ i Mcnl l* ls - wn s injured in a me'.cr ! Llevatoi blast, I i i o C . xpl05lon at Boima- u ca ,. ly tc . Breaks Out. BALTIMORE, Md.. Aug. 20. (UPI —A dust explosion in a grain ele- day. reports ini; word of his Injury. In an air- p!nne enroule to Monrce where injured man was .taken. M rs - Thelrna Beetle Schader. vator at Port Covington a few minutes before noon today is believed to have killed three men and injured 20 others, when a wall of the 12-story elevator was blown out. The blast started a fire which ! wi - c o! J ack B. SrhafTcr. was vis- threatened the remainder of ihe ' ilin e ' ier ErandparciiU. Mr. and plant. | Mrs. A. C. Hall, \vhcn she received One woikman was reported blown I w'ord (his morning ol her hus- througb an upper window on the j band's accident. Accompanied by harbor side of the loading build- Pledced lo Mid-South in Day of Campaigning County Unit Wages Fight • Against Typhoid Fever With several deaths already from typhoid fe.veft.lii Mississippi' coun- 14V aUhojgi?Stlvy.,year's iccord. ls.-..,^ a decrease over previous" years," members of the county health unit are waging an extensive campaign to further decrease the number;of victims. . /-. Approsiiualcly 3000 innoculations " have licen %\ven in the past week. White 'persons have been given lire prcventalive at th-?se places: Boynton, Pawheen, Carson Lake, New- Liberty, Trashy Lane. Bnrdetlc. Ekion, Uocky. Tomato, O'Donald Tiend. Hlcianan, Hutlinan nnd Promise Land, and there were 40!) given al the local olllce Sa'turday- Negroes at ihcse places have In ken the tiiiicculallons: Shohyo. nell. Flat Lake. Oreenbrler rtidge, Dutlei-, Wilson. aYrbro. Puxlco. Joiner. Osccoia. Number Nine. said. The youth's pa- I Mr. and Mrs. Don c. Schni-! fer, and his wife, a bride ol less] than a year, left IYJIC upon receiv- OSCEOLA. Ark.. Aug. 20 (UP) — thousnnd bales of cotton were, ncd in tile south end ot the coiinly yesterday for the Mic 1 - Sculh Cotton Association, providing that the contracts are void if the proposed branch office of the p-~sociallon Blyllieville. j bcrs will act as delegates from the ; Fool model. diaries. Hall. Paul Ncvins and j i crn j post i 0 (i- l( . convention cf the Dub Willingbani entered models in Arkansas department at Fort, the win pusher glider contest, al- | smith. September 1-3: Curtis tervnls along Ihe route, spaced to a day's.camel march, there are caravanserai, or overnight fortresses. These are heavily guarded en, closures with thick, mud walls, in which both camels and travelers . SHEFFIELD. Ala.. Aug. 20 (UP! --One man was minus nn arm to- I day and two others were recover- I ing from less serious Injuries as the I result of nn intimobile accident : here last night. . i Louis fiinnpe. who was said to be I Inj. Witnesses said lie was hurled ICO feet into the harbor. A search tor him w-as started by lugs. The cause: of the. blast was undetermined. There were about 25 took nn airplane for Monroe. Mr. and Mrs. ScliafTer. his par- men working In the building nt the ents. had left Memphis earlier today for the Louisiana city or, a Is not established In Tliis Is the largest number of bales signed in a single day in the Til-slate- territory, since ier sister-in-law Mr.; H J Dr'.s- I lnc beginning of this year's cam- coll, also of Memphis, they motor- I I )ni 8 n - according to Joe Carter, cd lo Memphis immediately ni'ter receiving the telegram where they field representative il the association, who insisted in the sign-up here yesterday working with J. L-. Williams of Osceola. J. F. Tompkins of Burdcuc. E.. S. Wildy. Bob Wilmcth and Hardin Meadows of Jonesboro College to Offer New Department JONESBORO, Ark., August 19.— The Executive Committee of Jonesboro Baptist College, at its meeting yesterday, authorized President Manory to expand the curriculum at the college, so as to include a new department of Home raon- omics. Both Domestic Art and Domestic Science will be offered. Home decorating will be a specially. A large number of students have already been enrolled for these courses. spend Ihe night. The gates are nl- | racins his car with, another on the In, T i n ways locked al sundown. i Lec highway, lost an arm when Ins ;DU.rg!ars ! SKC renniCS , business trip and trie plane over- | Etowah. I took them at a .Mlwssippi point. | The campaign in the south end ttioiiRh none of the planes remained in the air long enough to qtiah- fy. In n trial flislit Paul Ncvins' pusher remained in the air one minute and 45 seconds. New Air Schedule Starts Little. Bob Rhodes. E. A. White. C. R. Rabcock, George i L. Muir. R. J. Dodson. Fielder! Peery. J. J. Daly. N'cill Reed. Er- i nest Roe, R. B. Stoat. Roscoe Craf- Annther similar meet is sched- ! ton. A. D. Gwyn. Each delegate will i uled lo be held at the golf course i name one alternate, next Monday at 2 p. m.. according The p^st endorsed a resolution to i lo J. J. Daly, one of the sponsors | be forwarded to Senators Joe T. i of the club. j Robinscn nnd T. H. Caraway in-11 1 Congressman W. J. Driver calling I i attention to Blytheville's need of a- , inn ,i post ofTice building and V i nc " n eare<t large citv .car : Curtis J. | is h c i rib esmen's Paris. It abounds j A. Rice. P. ' w fi h a u lhc vices and praciicallv ! ,. ^ ------ •" . - i crashed into a parked truck. none of the virtues that can bejHawlev Sets New CfOSS found in ihe civilized world. Vice, i /> A . n j crime and opium smoking are fa- ! LOUntry Auto KeCOrd vorite diversions; murder and rob- i • befy arc practically taken for j NE WYORK. Aug. 20 <UP) — From Store at Cardwell CARD WELL. Mo. -- Udd and Store Mr.s. Driscoll also accompanied them. Mr. ~f the county will continue through the week, two teams, one composed ro,,^oi e trr , , InS S« n™h* *e e"rv fro time bii.iaaj nignt. tr.e en.rv , nnd Mrs. SrhafTcr were I nt Mr. Carter and M. L. Summers. married In Little Hock bs: winter '. cndiier of lhc First State Bank of where the bride lived alter moving j Oscecla. and another composed of Tile liauchicr of Mr. i A. F. Splesc of Osceola and J. B. For Live in Hill Country most of their lime. .Cecil "Stu" llawley established • new round trip transcontinental the | automobile record when he return- tribesmen lead a roving life in the i cd here last night after driving to :ed hills, practicing proles-I the Pacific and back in 13G brigandage, at which they ! hours and 58 minutes. A few profess to tend j The previous round trip mark cf Out of Memphis Today j urging them to use their influence . ' hcrds ' an( , hnrv est scanty crops. ! 1C6 hourr. was held by '"Cannoni in including a building for this' T1 , eir (avor it e method of warfare j "all" Baker. MEMPHIS. Aug. 20 (UP)-A new ] city in the next federal buildings : is sniplng f rom behind trees, and 'appropriations bill. tne BrUisn i. 5V e lost- numerous, .BOTANIC GIFT being gained through a window on the south side of the building. A small sum cf nnney. all in pennies, was taken frcm the cash register. Three wagon sheds, some work clctliing were taken :and perhaps .erne other articlrs which have no; yet been missed. in Revivals Draw Crowds In Cardwell Vicinity .CARDWELL, Mo.—A revival meeting began Sunday, August 17. at the Church of Christ in Cardwell. It is being conducted by the Rev. J. S Jones of Wingo. Kentucky. On the evening of Saturday, August 1C, a revival meeting began at Forest Grove, three miles of | Cardwell. It is being conducted by- Rev. Mayweathers ot Rector. Arkansas. flying schedule for the Robertson airlines was f.tarsed here today w'hen two of the company's planes left here al 8:30 a. m.. one south for New Orleans and the second ship norlh to St. Louis. Headquarters of the pioneer airplane company wore moved here yesterday. Commerce Commission men as the result. It is related thai i CLEVELAND. O. (UP) — Edo ; once a British officer, incensed at ? | Nicholas Claasen, 97, has donated lonc sniper who continued to pick > bot&nicnl specimens, reprp- Revises Cotton Rates off his men with appalling regular- | senting a coliecttai which took ily, finally offered a huge reward mor e than a half century to make. WASHINGTON. Aug. 20 (UP)— of rupees to any native who would j | 0 Western Reserve University here. The Interstate Commerce Com- • dispatch him. A slender, beardless ' ciaasen tramped over Italy. Ger- STII.I. IN' OLD MINE FLORENCE. Co'o. lUP)—Sheriff Henry Koerner of Fremont county explored an abandoned mine tunnel near here and was rewarded with the discovery of a 20 gallon still and ICO gallons ot niish. Mrs. C. W. Beale. she had ! Wilson of Joiner are working lived in Blythcvillc al! her life ex- th:: 1 territory ngnin today, cent for several years spent .11 I.It- j Tomorrow Mr. Carter. E. A. Tea- tie Reck. ' ford of Osccoia and Mrs. McDear- Other member* ot t!ir llenl-fain- i men. carhier ef the Bank of Lux- . ily wili meet Mr.s Si-'nalFpr in Mem- ; era will form a team which will LeactlVllle K6V1V31 sclicil contracts In the neighbor- ! -- hood of Luxora. while J. F. Tompkins and J. L. Williams work In and around Otceola. On Saturday 1 mission today ordered a getvral re- : youngster from the hills volunteer- j many and parts of the United i vision of cotton rates effective Jan- cd. In an hour be accomplished the i stales in gathering the r.pecimen*. I nary I. 1P31. on all shipments with- : Job. shooting the aged sniper thru GREELEY Colo (UPI- Roy i'" ' hc Mississippi valley and .south- U«> head as he crouched behind a rnnf nf Di\if=,-iii n nnc HUM $5 i western territories, and from south-, ' r ^ ; I western to southern territories. : Ilovv dld >" ou nnd hlm so V lick ; „ ' -ly?" asked the British oftlcer. Ol.n STONE JAR "Easy." the young native replied. MARYSVILLE, O. (UPl-Harry i ° ""is"'Funner' lo India coxTF.Mrr or COUKT ^: Prout of Plattsvillc wns fined and costs tor contempt of court by J'.istlcp E. C. English. Proul swore- cm- n warrant against Earl Dnlton. ch.irping Doltcn with operating a j BOY IUTES SNAKK • WOOSTER, O. (UP)-There ! a snake about thp^e parts was that confidence game, and then refuse'i' to pioscnitc. saying he "had more imporlant business lo tend to." • tried to bite and got bitten. Allen E. Taylor, school principal here. | AfEhaiiistan. with its has n stone apple bullpr Jar that j lands, forms the buffer has been in his family for 10!) years. wild tip- state be'.Continued on page three) Manson. 17. bit the reptile, a bluv racer, wh?n i( coilpd around Manson's neck: Manson bit and kep 1 on biting 'til the snake relaxed Then the youth killed II with n stick. jGOOU BF.r.T PROSPECTS LOVELAND. Colo. (UP)—Prospects for the beet crop in the Loveland district this year are brighter lhan last season. It is estimated the crop will br 1 worth $1,200.000. AID QVAKK VICTIMS YOUNOSTOWN'. O. (UP)—Members of the Sons of Italy organization p05t]OT'p<l a holiday excursion trip to Ctdar Point. Lake Erie resort, and decided to send the money they had planned to uss for their own pleasure to sufferers in the Italian earthquake district phis. Funeral nrnisicrments arc In- I complete, pending tiieir retuni to! hat city. Mr. Schafler frwuentiy made lo other ri;: f -* and it wa? 1 Ihe wh-le committee will join forces Has Large Attendance Mrs. Scr.afTer's custor.: to acconi- I and work in Osccoia. puny him but she came here on this occasion to visit her grandparents. Mr. Schafler was to have returned to Memphis this evening and Mrs. Schafler had planned to return to Memphis after lunch. Married Couple . •! the m Automobile Wreck The evangelistic meeting a; Leachvil!.; being conducted by the Rev. P. Q. Rcrie. pastor of the First Methodist church here, has greatly increased in attendance and interest since the opening sermon Sunday night. Mrs. Rorie is singing in the choir. NORTH ANDOVER. Mass., Aug. Reduce Freight Rates on Fedrtoff, to Droulh Area i were riding crashed into a tree. ALEXANDRIA. La . Aug. 20 (UP>! The dead are: Paul Graves Pluni- - Officials of ali railroads in liner, 27. his bride. 25, and Edwin LwlsiRiia will offer a 50 percent I Nas-h. , reduction in freight rains r.n feed- ; «.utf: lo drcmli affefti-.l arcar: oft tl'.p state. Tiip anniiinrpn'.eti: '.v.v: made last niaht after ti m>v:mn of railroad L-xeruli;'?;?. growers a;icl civic leaders and representatives of the stale public srvice commission. RAILS TO PUEBLO t Colo, Colorndo Fvtel and Iron Company. The shipment wos consigned to the Mate railways ot Chile. From San Francisco the rails will be shipped lo South America by water. A SWEET JOB MONTROSE, Colo. (UP)-Fire men had a sweet time when they WEATHER called to the honey extraction [ ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy wiKi plant of Charles Kcndlc. They ex- I local thimdershow^rs in the west thiizul.ihed the blaze with a lass of land central portions tonight p.nd 41.000. I Thursday.

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