The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1934
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MAUCK 13, 1934 BLYTHEVHU5, CQUW*1 NBWi CiAssifIED SECTION- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Uaily rate per iir.c ror consecu- UVQ insertions: , . . t • or Trade; city property tut farm LAND, Mrs. Ed Uattw. Ucktt 08c (Five average woros to a Me> One lime per Itnu Tv.o ti:«es per line l :cr day Three limes per lin" per day Six limes per line per day Month rate per lli» Minimum entree »0c Ads ordered »- uiroc or six times and stopped before expira- t'ou will be clv.UB'-.c for tlic uum- Ur of times tlio ud apiwared ana adjustment of bill made. AH clais'.iied Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside o! the city u ust be accompanied by cash. Rates may be cuflly computed from above table. NO responsibility «HI DC taken 101 more than one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Advertising onieied lor iricgu- iar insertions tike the one lime late. DEPENDABLE USED CARS ..8195 'SO DESOTO COACH . . '30 GRAHAM i'AlGCi COUPE ... -a iit'icK COl'l'E '38 FOKD FOKDOn S95 •28 CHEVllOLET Nc\v Kubber. Clean COACH. TKUCK SPECIALS '29 CllUVUOLtT IJii TON 'I'KUCK ... '30 FOHU CLOSE1> Q 1 7^ CAB I'ICK-Ul' .V- 1 lt W.OSKD §365 •Many Others Tu CHuose Frum. Phillips Motor Co. \'^~ jJJyu tas! Main Street f_ **" Blj'thevilie, Arkansas •) Phone Sl(}' : - 811 ' .1JUS1NES3 DIUECTORY now WH;LE i acre farm a'jd home, near Blythevllle, all in culUv»tlon. eland Green tic arms (DC salt. 20% 4«wa, hiUncc like rent. Klh*| B, XhompMu, C»- utnerbvilk. Mo, 8j>k3-8 SEEDS & MAim KED Potatoes, toy beaiis, ilelo peiu and a!fal/s seed. Oet rices. Earl Hutcher. Call O'Jj-J. 1'OULTKY & EGGS resli e«s daily. K. I, Red Mttini eggs. Piekard Store. 1014 ChUk»- v,bi. 8p Vlll pay IOC [or heavy HENS I'ucsday, Wednesday, Thursday E. Fisher, opi»sitc Nazarene Oluirch. FOR SA-LK OR TKADE ^ Thro chair BARBER SHOP Iri good location at, Stecle, Mo. WU ill cheap, will t«kc ear as trade n. n. L. Williams. r ' ' FOR RENT room house with bath, garage and garden. Harry Atkins, 1306 V. Ash. 13-ci-lb 2 story modem house on Division, jiisi north of Catholic church. Reid, Evrard & Henderson, phone 882. J3c-tf For Kent—Four room unfurnished house, bath and garage. Call 290 or D16 Holly. 3- BEDROOM for 1 or 2 gentlemen, 801 \V. Walnut St. Call 451. - ., • : 6-ck-tf FURNISHED bedroom', ion W. Walnut. Mrs. Ed Hardta a«cr 6 . M. i •-'• (i Ic ktl FURNISHED 2 or' 3 room spart- fiient, lights, water, etc., free Private bath. Reasonable. 610 W Main. 23c KU ROOM & BOARD ROOMS or room and board or meals. Good meal, clean rooms. rates low. Close In. Mrs. Lotlin 421 S. Second. B-cfc-4-8 WANTED WANTED, TWO SMALL HOUSES MOVED AT ONCE. l)r. C. SI. HARWELL, ; OSCEOLA, Ark. L. G. MOSS, Undertaker Amouiance ^>ervit>3 PAIOUG viu WEAR-EVER aluminum is bctlCT and coils no more. Sola exclusively a i Hutjtard Hardwurc Co. S-ck-l-o Repair rurnicure Now You can save mor.ey by having iurniiuic upholsteted now as materials are cheaper. We make the old new again. Free cstiniules. Complete Hue samples. Work guaranteed. JenkliK & Son, 713 CMckasaivba \Ve specinlizc in Flo»r Sweep. Spcwt kinds fur special tloors llubbard If/irtlware Co. 12c k4-12 Free figure diagnosis in your home. Jlrs. J. i. Davis, Fhor.« HI Spcnttr CorscUcro TypcBTittr and Adding .Machine Kcimirinf. U. S. Blank- cushi|>, 116 K. Uoie. Call W5-J. U(ic k3-22 1'OU 3 CORN' FOR SALK ii A. Pepixr, Hutlman, Ark. Fox Terrier pups, two months old. U. W. Multins, Phone 552-J. I0]i-kl5 1 Oliver row crop (ractor, otic •! row planter, one 4 row cultivator one 16 by 20 disc liairon', one 3 row bu&trr with marker. All In first class condition. Gay and Billings, Inc. Gc M-C TWO gotd mules, priced reason ab'c. H. A. Smitli, 510 W. Main. 2c 1:11 AUTOMOTIVE Sfibcrling Tires & Tubes, Replacement parts ar.d accessories ot a " kinds fo- nil) ninke cf car. Automotive Ucjil, Hubbard Hdw. Auto Ohs.s All Kinds inslnllnl Tlic Ark-Mo Lumber Co. ICc k4 BATTKH1ES New Ford Batteries Kcntal - KecliarjinfT - Repairing r T7 TIRE & BATTERY STATION $alc: 111 I-^sl Davis, an r.v n'sile home; nolhing- prettier in Lhcville. ^Yill sell on terms at Call our onlce Cor appointment. T "OJtAS I'AXD COMPANY, sole cn-ti if WANTt.l> T U KENT Wanted —TWO HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS, everything - furnished wiih sarugc. Charles Kelly, 11 RaiJrwad. 13-uk>16 UfiPURNISHEU Three-room apartment, with bath. Close in ;oli 3U6. WANTED TO BUY We Pay 5'/j Cer-ts foe No. 1 Beef Hides Matthews Store, COS N. 6th St. 1C; U-U We Pay $2 per ton for Scrap Iron. Also buy hides, brass, copper lead, etc. Wolf Arian, Phone 176 120 15. Main. 26-ck-3-26 Want to buy all kinds Used House ))oM Goods, Stoves. Cash prices. Leighton's Hand Store. J20 E. Main. 10pk4-10 OI'I'ORTUNITIES "BLYTHEVILLF. MAN WANTS" PARTNER With very small capilal to help finance and promote sale ot an invention lo manufacturers. ]n- \0iitment made sate. A small investment in this invention will pay big profits in short time. Several manufacturers have asked demonstrations with a. view of buying Invention. Wrile "BM" Courier News for interview. LOST Missing—SV/dtes helonBiug to Harold Nathan Roseiuhal. reward for return to New York Store or 601 Chickaiawba. No asked. 13cU6 WHITE evening dress on Osceola high w a y n e a r Blythevillc REWARD for return Beauty shop. Auto Speed Champion Receives Diamond Medal W A S H I N G TON "crown" is liestowtd chntnplon automobile racer, according to the American Automobile Association. The "championship crown," tlic aMOCialioti explained, is a mytlit- cal symbol of "King of Speed," adopted by sports writers to designate tlic supremacy of the outstanding driver. However. It wns revealed, a dia- mor.d;Studded gold ' medal Is awarded the national champion by tho contcit board ot the association. The award is made on Memorial Day at the Indianapolis Speedway, prior to the stait of the classic 50o mile race. Similar medals, less valuable are presented drivers ranking second and third on the championship list. PAGE 8BV8N taly Plus Necropolis For Her War Dead cemelory at Redlpugllv, Frewo S«e)w to Save Cowty'» Rnt Courthouw eiutcd rtcsno nichllccls to d«!or- where 30,000 licnd lire burled, has which will be u mausoleum tot tlio nil|ic j>robnt>!c cost ol inovSnx'Uio been accomplished, awl the new Sonic proponents : i>'f tJio project lh« Duke ol Anstn. iv triimliUng HdoUo liuild- necropolis Is lo occupy lilt; cullrf «rcro|X)lLs will b« life ilmil Sunt Elln liill, wliU'li will look like no mid re.slorc It on county'prop- oncenlrlc fairways beneath wlilcli Crly near the present. county court KOI1SU. one slnmiy, lll be chambers tor ihr voltina In vuch slep ot Hie gvcai uUlr- or the Civil Work f 120,000 of Italy's war (tern! will j case be )>laceil Iwo coffin*, o.'io or tlio Sun Joa- Jonqiiln River, near J-VlmK. 'Ccu- vast necropolis wliich is 'and tho names of (lie de»d will te Valley's oldest hlslorlcal Innd- There has been n decrease .faring completion in Die vicinity ensraved on Die face of encli step. nmrlu w*s soujlit diamond rings nniy 1» unit ot Ciulfornla's aivnl centra 8.000,000 In Hie numbtr of horses the olwllslc at present topping tho County Historical society. The trausfurjjmtlon uf Die |)i'fs 'Hie ioclcly BRrecd (o nst usso-' nwrgo the hislorlo bulldlnt;, ere 1)111 will be ivplured )>)• an under nicul.i das. tcoit addfd. OUR BOARDING HOUSE f-WHO'S THE BOZO, TAUKIM' TO THE MAJOR? AT FIRST GLANCE, i THOUGHT IT WAS SHERLOCK HOLMES HIMSELF--BUT IT CAN'T "BE. HETOLP OL' WmD-BAG HE WALKED ALL OVE'RTOVJN "BEFORE HE FOUND TWS TLACE. OH, HE JUST HERE I MA - M-9NE IN 1H' X)NOLE,ViaH ONLY «V A^e~ VJHERE t STARTED - C>NLV WORSE OFF THAN -'CAUSE NOW OL' KING GUZ-ZLE is «V HIOE.AN' AI.L A\V FRIENDS ARE H6 PRISONERS- ^> NOTICE TUB IS- ALL BUT DINNV. ' DINOSAUR, -* VOMDER vnitue \ UMBRELLA ME TROM LONDON. VROtfLV GOT LOST IKI THE FOS. I HEARP HIM SAY HE MET Hoopue BACK IN '29! I VOU'P THl^K HET> MET MARTHA,, TOO" I A STORM TO BREAK ANV MtMUTE 2 v/M3\W»W$.^^ WAT'5 IT.'THEv'vc COMH TO GRIEF, SOMEWHERE I QETCHA, W I'U. NEVER AGAIN— VJHY DON'T i EVER GET P, BREAK p/ POOR DINNV/ POOOooR. I'LL NEVER SEE 'EM AGAIN.' I JUST KNOW TMEV'Ef) GONE OOH.' THIS IS WOHDER. COUCDA SOOTHBV HAS "EM (&UESSIM6. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HIDE AND SEEK; OA ,1 CMiT ft*TO WM '. ftfTER KV.\., . VXK WWfe M^, WYkXVJs ? WASH TUBES \L1- DRESSED UP! COME Q1T VORE OUTFITS, 80VS. V*(?U6RO COSTUMES Til THE) CHOPS TO TH6 COVIBfWS, 'M' SlK-GuNS^ ALL AROyN'. } LISSBM HEAH, you BtlNKIM' HOOT OWLS-IF I SliF. ANVBOtV i! ys.B- *u.s WTEB THEM gftsTERw QUESTS 6trHEf»i. HE'S SALESMAN SAM -.. MOT DM a. Receip'fe MftRT ouy — BIJT; ' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ARE NT YOU THE BOY WHO WAS STARTLE- THE WI7W AN INVEMTbkJ CALLED'.THE HI5Tp-D6- TECTOR?. AHO IT FAIL AN& LOSE MONEY FOR YOU'?, 1 VJELL.iF YOURE •ALV/^fS'.CONNECTeD WfW UHSOWD BUSINESS VENTURES, HOW t>0 MX)'EXPECT 'ANVONF. TO HAVE CONFIDENCE EMOlXSH'tO LOAN '•VOll MONEV ? ' ' ' HAN, BU BETTER F0RGS7 TKB CET- IDEA OP YOUR5! START SAVIWG YOUR MONEY •. A DOLLAR A WEEK... AMP YoUtL BE SURPRISED HOW MUCH f yu YOU'LL HAV£ |M TWEMrV- >}~\ ' M - THATS A HEC< o;-- A LO.VS :M£ TO To BE SURPRISED OUT OFTHE ON PLACE, EH? WON'T SOMEOWE aive HIM A

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