Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 27, 1937 · Page 30
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 30

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 27, 1937
Page 30
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SUNDAY, JUNE 27, 1937 ' ASTBAY DEVELOPMENT AND READ ESTATE NEWS ES ITTIT Villador, Fremont House and Coronation House ' are attracting crowds to Le Mon Park In Fied-mont Tines, according to Everett Bennett, sales manager for Mitchell & Austin. Bennett said "All three are In the fine home bracket, and are located in vantage spots among the pines. A broad expanse of mountain, canyon and sea, the great bridges and the Golden 3nte, make up a panorama of scenic beauty. "Villador, the House of Gold, Is designed just for such a setting as it finds In Le Man Tark. Architecturally alluring, the inside of the house is livable, carefully planned for a real home. "Fremont House, named for the early California leader, is a spacious dwelling, a fine home with every comfort and convenience that modem building construction knows. It has a vifew of the bay IN LE MON PARK 1 :r ?; - - - y . i rr.. tj urn 'I i r ' c i NEW HOMES IN SIS AREA, 'SUNSHINE HOMES' Villador, "The House of Gold" in ffie scenic Le' Mon Park section of Piedmont Pines, is today open to iew. Mitchell and Austin are agents for the properly. 1 IB and the cities about i the bay. ; "Coronation Housel furnished by . Breuner's, reveals how attractive the interiors of these fine homes can be made with tasteful arrangement of furnishings. Thousands of people have passed through this at-, tractive home which has just been put on the market by Mitchell Si Austin. "Piedmont Tines, although at an elevation of more than 1200 feet, is easily accessible to the center of the downtown district, end is reached by driving to the junction of Pork and Mountain Boulevards and following the arrows." PAINTFOB LIGHT " In the living room, dining room, hall and study, color and style of decoration are important. In order to bring out the full beauty of the furnishings a relatively high level of general illumination is essential. Both natural daylight and artificial light are diffused throughout the room better when light-colored celling tints are employed. When this is done, one is free to employ deeper, richer wall colorings as de sired. OFFICE' SUITE NEW OFFICES Than k Your Lucky Stars . .that the Broadway Tunnel leading to R1 ni' jii U Liil . , . is not yet completed. For once the tunnel it open there will be a rush to buy . . and higher prices in Orinda. SO IT'S WISE TO BUY BEFORE THE TUNNEL IS COMPLETED. 320 34100 acre of high ground on secluded Los Arboles. Level building site, with plenty of trees. Adjoins a fine 6-acre estate. AH City Advantages ; , . . in the country . . . an ' eight-grad school, shopping center, churches, Berkeley phones, city water, electric- . ity, improved roads, all an amazingly low tax rate. ' $123 3 75x250 feet adjacent to one of the finest estates In Contra Costa County. Gradual slope. Many superb oaks. With Country Quiet So far from the city's tur. ,: moil, Orinda folks have their cars tuned to the swish of gentle breezes and the songs of many birds. It's quiet in Orinda. f S3D Almost an acre In extent, this site is ideal for the summer cabin or "escape" cot-taee. Buns down to creek. Covered with oaks. P. Delaware Smith, manager of the Insurance Building, announces the completion of a de luxe suite of offices in the building for Steph enson, Leydeckcx- & Co., Oakland investment firm? In the equipping of the suite, several new features in structural detail are stressed as of particular Importance. "We have used an entirely different window installation," states Smith, "the first of its kind In any office building. Safety features have been improved, and the ven tilation control to eliminate draft has reached a new stage of efficiency. All telephone wires are concealed in the baseboards, and the telephone boxes and instruments are enclosed in mahogany cabinels similar to those which conceal the steam radiators and other mechanical or electrical de vices. The illumination system is said to be an outstanding example of the modern indirect method, and utility engineers are using it as a demonstration of the possibilities to be obtained by this method. "The Stephenson Leydeckor Company have expended a large amount in furnishing the new suite, and have negotiated a long term lease for the offices. They have been tenants of the Insurance Building for the past 10 years." "if The Stepfvnson Leydcckcr Company, pioneer Oakland investment firm, now occupy this modern suite in the Insurance Building. Savings Gains Are Predicted Substantial gains in savings in vestments placed wllh First Federal Savings and Loan Association this July were predicted by William A. Davis, president of the Institution lo cated at 438 17th Street. He said: "Savings volume of the First Fed eral has already doubled in the past year and is Increasing rapidly. Advance inquiries show that many are planning to invest here July 1-10 when transfers of funds can be effected without loss of Interest, "This movement of funds is easily explained. "Some months ago many believed that Insured safety of their savings was the only protection offered to Investors by the govern ment. They were unaware of addi tional safeguards today available through chartered Federnl Savings and Loan institutions. As more investors learn the facts, they take advantage of the additional protection."- Over one and a half million investors have already placed funds in Federal Savings and Loan Associations throughout the country according to Davis, who remarked: "Those planning to Invest this July are always pleased to learn that safety of their funds is insured by the Federal Savings and Loan In surance Corporation. They arc still more pleased when they learn that this insurance Is required by our Federal charter and must be per manently, provided by the institu tion. "Every investor wanls to be sure that his friend will be readily available in time of need. Reserve requirements of pur charter as welj. as membership in the Federal Home Loan Bank System increases liquidity and enables withdrawals at any time. With three homes nearlng completion, and three others planned to be started right away, Derry Brothers new San Leandro subdivision,' New Broadmoor, is now fairly launched, and is attracting the attention of home-seekers from all parts of the Bay region. The street work will be finished this month, and sidewalks are now being laid. All other Improvements are being rushed to completion, as it is the intention of the owners to have New Broadmoor a community of beautiful homes by the early Fall. "The outlook in our new venture Is most encouraging," said Earl Derry. "We, have been surprised at the number' of visitors that have gone inrougn the tract, and especially to find so many of them from San Francisco. Several sales of lots have been made, and we have orders to build homes from some of the purchasers. "There has been much talk lately about the high cost of building ma terials and labor, but we are ac tually in a much belter position to day than in previous 'normal' times. Our records show that we can still build homes very reasonably, compared with prices that ruled be-, fore the depression, and certainly! the cost of lots is below former days. We are offering choice sites m i DIOR ill TRACT "You should call them 'Sunshine' homes, for even on dark days, the sun shines here." Because of that remark by visitors to our tract, we have styled them, "Sunshine Homes." So states an official of the Holman-Winsor Company, exclusive representatives for the 35 attractive residences to be built in the Hopkins and High Street district near Mills Seminary. Several of these homes have been completed, some containing five :rooms, and others six, and they are now ready for inspection. 'An announcement reads: "This project calls for 35 holies within a price range of from $4(350 to $6150, all of similar guality, but varying in size and individual features. They are located in a "warm belt," a region particularly free from burnmer fogs, wltn a comparatively dry climate, and an abundance of sunshine. "The builder is a noted construction expert and appraiser, one who was fitted to plan carefully and to eliminate even the smaller, exasperating defects that usually appear at a later date after the homes are completed. "Among features unusual in this class of residential construction, the following are noteworthy: plank floors, studio ceilings, colored tile baths and fixtures, tiled sinks, "Marbletex" walls in kitchens and bathrooms, copper hot water pipes, extra heavy foundations, basement laundries, warm' air heating systems, and wrought-iron grille work on the porches. All of these are details that are considered 'extras' In a five or six thousand dollar home, and add considerably to the builder's costs." "The district is advantageously located, convenient to schools and shopping center, and with both local and San Francisco transportation within five minutes walk. The homes are reached by way of Hopkins Street to High Street, turning north to Steele, and then to the right for two blocks. Full information will be given at the tract, or at the Holman-Winsor offices at 3816 Park Boulevard. fes 1 ' , -y -":' j HAM SALES IDE J UNIT These homes are part of a group of 35 now being built, or completed, in the Steele and High Street area above Hopkins Street. Several are open for inspection. The Holman-Winsor Company are the tract representatives. NEW HOME OPEN w4 '' T In New Broadmoor at moderate cost, and we believe we are right in stating that these prices are lower today than they will be for many years to come. It' is our firm belief that the present is a most advantageous time to buy or build a home, especially when one con-sidcrsvthe fact that financing a home Is made' possible through the long, easy terms offered by banks and the F. H. A.. "We invile all interested to come out to New Broadmoor, and see its many advantages of location, cli mate, surroundings and the general character of the neighborhood. We will be pleased to demonstrate how reasonably n home may be con structed, and our method of assist ing in all details of financing the nome. Level sites that permit the use of every inch of space in gardens and recreational areas, as well as ease In plotting the site for a new home, hillside lots with gentle slopes that offer natural landscaping facilities to beautify the building site, lots with picturesque oaks and wild-flowers. Such is the picture presented by 'Kenneth A"en, sales director of Orinda Estates for Mitchell & Austin. "To make it easy for the home-seeker, we have installed the 'Home of Ideas' at Orinda," Allen said. "Just by punching a button which bears tho monthly payment price a buyer is willing to pay, a machine lights up the completed home. Thousands of visitors have enjoyed working the device, and it provides an inspiration to anyone interested in a new home. "There are also more than fifly "Modcltown" designs on display, with complete floor plans and photographs of the completed buildings that run the gamut of cost from a modest little four-room affair to s three-bedroom, two-story structure. The 'Home of Ideas' is -'V regular' museum and well worth a visit by anyone who contemplates buying a new home or seeks information on what he can do in purchasing a house with the rent money. "With the tunnel rapidly nearing completion, more and more attention is being focused on the sunlit valley just beyond the Oakland city limits." Housing Act Aids New Home Standards (Continued from Preceding Page) in building, remodeling and re pairing or nomes, " I- i ft '' This Monterey-Colonial home, at 112 Glcnwood Glade in the Fernwood district is open for inspection today with the Montclair Realty Company as exclusive agents. Jess Wiggins is the builder. BLUE BEDROOM The prevailing color scheme in a modern bedroom designed by Don ald Deskcy is blue and white. The wall and flpor Is finished in blue and there are flecks of blue In the upholstery. Everything else in the room, including the draperies, the rugs, the white marble mantel and the waxed curly maple furniture is white. Over 60 per cent of the first uni of Lakcwood Estates, new close-in residential subdivision just east of Walnut Creek, has been sold, Clyde O. Swest, exclusive agent, reports. "At the moderate prices asked for nomesites in tnis high-class community even a family in moderate circumstances can afford to own here the home they have dreamed about," said Sweet. "This property has many unique features. Not coly are the views of the hills Swautmii. but there is also the lake and the lake is there to be used. Property-owners will have the privilege of swimming and canoeing on it. Other recreation features are available in profusion trails for hiking and horseback riding courts for tennis, beautiful slopes to tramp ever, trees and flowers to make every vista one of beauty ' '?.' "One feature of Lakewood Estates that cannot be over-emphasized is its trees. There are trees on practically every lot, for in addition to the native timber there were set out som time ago more than 6000 oaks, deodars, catalpas, firs and other trees. "Yet all this is clote in, easy to reach." When the new low level tunnel and the roads leading to it are completed early in September, Lake-wood Estates will be only a short distance from Oakland or Berkeley. In addition, Walnut Creek is right, at hand with modern stores and other facilities." Sweet invites the public to enjoy themselves at Lakewood Estates this week-end. "Come out and spend ths day amid some of the most beautiful surroundings anywhere in this part of California," said he. DINING ROOM All the furniture in the dining room of George Burns and Mrs. George Burns (Gracie Allen) is mahogany, 18th Century English. Ths colors in the room are lacquer red. Chinese green and Ming yellow. Tht walls are finished in lime green. The Chinese rug is yellow and the-curtains of gold brocade have red cord trimming. REFORESTATION Some one million trees grown each year at the U. S. Forest Service Nursery in Lassen County are to be planted in fire-swept areas. Forestry students enrolled in the local junior college will be given the opportunity to earn extra money while gaining practical, experience in forestry work in the transplanting of these trees. that It has been extended -throughout the months of June and July. The second phase of the campaign starts today with the opening of the all-olectric home, featured by the Alameda Bureau of Electricity, to public inspection, This home is to be followed throughout the month by the showing of va rious newly-constructed homes, including the model FHA home lo-caled at 3120 Gibbons Drive. The Alameda Breakfast Club will devote its program tomorrow, June 28, to "Housing," with an illustrated address by Raynor Anderson, man ager of the Research and Statistical Department of the Oakland Cham bcr of Commerce. O 6 IS Alameda 1037 building permits to date include 41 new homes and 248 for -additions and alterations, in volving a total amount of $329,104.50. Newcomer families for the first five months of the year 1937, have already reached - the total of 484. There were 1105 new families added to Alameda's record of consumers of electricity in the year 1936. A housing survey of March 1, shows for the city of Alameda, a total number of 8576 single-family homes with an occupancy of 8421, or 98.575 per cent. This is in comparison with an occupancy average over the entire Eastbay of 98.17 P'r cent, and a -normal status of 90 per cent. Included in these figures is a dual occupancy of y360 units, which would more thanab-sorb the 155 vacancies. In the multi-family units, 2628 out of 2915 are occupied, a percentage of 93.25 as compared, with 93.9 per. cent aver-. age throughout the Eastbay, and a normal occupancy of 85 per cent. ... " n A n n -f In A - -li- F. H. A. Loans , .are available for building Orinda liomefeln the "Home of Ideas" press SsiR button of the Home Selector, iiiid see what a beautiful home you ran build for the amount you ran pay monthly. f2343 62100 acre, overlooking fairway of golf course. , Quito level building site, covered with oaks. Near a $.30,000 borne, rvfve out Claremont (Fish Ranch) I -'l from the Hotel Claremont, to Orinda Junction, and turn left a mi mile, and yon are at R I N DA F Announcing: Piedmont Hills Homes Open Today 12 to 6 o'clock 3 Here Is One of 35 Sunshine Homes New Monterey Colonial Near Fernwood 112 Clcnwood Clade Six fine ijooms. social hall, f-razier air-conditioning furnace. Large lot with creek. Extra value at $8950. 1731 Mountain Blvd. Nw-6-Room Colonial Built by Cliff Leekins, large lot. Ne ar school, trains, and bus. Bargain at $6750. Pine Cables Mountain Boulevard at Park Boulevard Unique Englisk 6-rnom' home j' large wootled grounds. Designed by Slocombe. Sell or lease. 2551 Montcra Ave. New Colonial Latest colored walls newest features. Fine corner lot in woodsy setting. Leekins built. $7500. MM - 1 MM ht: ft ! ' s lis special features are planked floors, sludio ceilinji, Marble-tex walls in kitchen and bathroom, knotty pine breakfast nook, colored tile bath, colored IVeo-angle tub. colored tile sink. All spacious rooms. Warm air beating system, all copper hot, water lines, laundry in base, ment. -J FIVE NEW HOMES UNDER CONSTRUCTION See photos ancf pines in our office.. New map sent on request. "Pioneers. the Piedmont II ills' ! ' .ft Office: CLencourt 4S74 Trrrt Office: THornwall 1802 -JWiujnufefSfssociatc, 6466 MORACA AVENUE HUmbo!dt 4400 (5350 Price -'-'-'v Easv Terms Our courteotis alr?men are on the premises to assist you in getting full e. tails. Co out ITnpkin to ITigh Street, turn north to Steelf, turn right to 4126 Steele. HOLMAN-WINSOR CO. 3816 Park Boulevard MErritt 4100 4r 1 1 t-fjViv MORE FOR LESS! Here.it is! The opportunity of a lifetime to own a spacious country estate for as little as $595 . . . Easy Terms 1 Nowhere else in the entire Bay Region can you buy homesites that offer you the advantage of beautiful Lakewood EstatesI A perfect, healthful climate where you can enjoy tennis, "" hiking, riding, and hours of glorious relaxation swimming, fishing or canoeing in the lovely lake! Thousands of stately, trees, great beds of shrubs and flowers, gentle slopes in a picturesque valley . . . these are the things that have attracted home-builders to this unique property. Come out TODAY! Visit Lakewood Estates NOW! Select your homesite before the choicest estates are gone! Already 60 of , the first unit has been sold and prices will never again be so low! Plan to spend the day at Lakewood and enjoy its wonderful environment! TO GET THERE Drive out Broadway or College and Claremont Avenues past the Claremont Hotel over Fish Ranch Road to Walnut Creek, then follow the arrows. A courteous representative will be glad to give you complete information without obligation. .YOU'RE CLOSE TO RIKIKIFCf Tne npw Broadway Low Level Tunnel lu DUJIiSt and Hiphway will bring Lakewood Es-- tates wl.) only a short distance of Oakland or Berkeley. Then wafH prices Fky-focket! Modern shops, theaters, churches, schools and regularly scheduled transportation are only a few minutes distant in thriving Walnut Creek. YOU CAN BUILD NOW! Lakewood Estates is approved for loans. Water, electricity, macadamized roads and telephone service are on the property and paid for! 0 r DON'T WAIT! NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY EITHER FOR A HOME OR INVESTMENT IN Beautiful MKElDDB KIMS c- "ANOTHER SWEET DEVELOPMENT" ' Broadway and College Avenue HUmboIdt 0512 Branch Offices at Lakewood Estates and Walnut Creek

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