The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1944
Page 3
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER Othman Visits Roosevelt Hotel Dewey Headquarters Claim Interest Of . , United Press Man «LYTBBVIU.K (AUK.) .COUItlKIt NKWS YORK, 'NOV. 9 .(UP) — FrcilUie Othman of the Unllert rress went down to the bewey .ictidquarters in the Roosevelt Hotel yesterday. .;•. '. i ,'. .. The svyecper-outers were .'moving 'n to go to work oil a shambles of nirty dishes, cigarette bulls, busted elephants, empty whisky .bottles, rented typewriters and ' cnimpletl orchids, •••-.. % t And, he says, if yqu. want (o b.u/ a couple of huiulred gross of 'en< yelop^s with pcwey's campaign s lo-' Ban printed on them, I know the men lo see. Qr maybe you need a Vflse or two pf pcwey lapel biiltons or a yfllow brpom wHh the legend: Clean {jouse With'Dewey. I've got (he ijisn's name. < . . "Watln mess," grumbled a janitor as l\e shoved his'o\vn.'iion-uo-' iitical brconi down the purple ear- pels of the 10th floqr of the Roosevelt Hotel. He thresv hfgli the window in every room to get rid of an odor compounded of stale clgnr smoke, cjusts of chicken sandwiches, dregs of high-balls —! undoubtedly consumed for medicinal purposes' only—and pots of coffee long since cold. "What is our country coming to now?" wondered a sod-looking lady who turned out lo be Mj's. w. j. Donald, wife of lh e office nif' 1 .' ; >- fjer, walling for her husband to finish .his business with the furniture movers. . ' 'ponald came in a little later and tolil QUmra'u he hoped he'd treat the Republicans gently. He said they'd done (he best they could. He said he wasn't worried about those eiH .vclopes. He said envelopes are .scarcer than cigarettes, even', and are good for mailing letters, no in.nUer \yhose name is printed on •them. He said he did not know exactly why Dewey chose tlie n'oosevelt Ho_ tel for his headtjuarlcrs. Ho said he" supposed becnuse it was a first class hotel. "But the name of the place?" Olhman insisted. The name is all right, Donald said. The Roosevelt Hotel is an unfortunate abbreviation. It is the Theodore Roosevelt Hotel In the black marble fireplace of the suite reserved for Dcwey Othman found two withered orchids which apparently ha<i been dropped and stepped on. The plaster elephant, «>Hii its trim): broken off was in the office of press secretary William M. Tyler. The reporter then located n pile of phonograph records of Dctt'ey's speeches but no phonograph: a handsome walnut desk that somebody had ruined with a \ V et water glass; a ceihng-liigh stack of campaign-literature which should help the waste paper drive, and a red-eyed red" head. ' - ' '-.<-• • * She lurned out-to'be the^DStvey 'telephone .operator, still operating after- a sleepless night. She said she was ail talked out. She said please, would I get tile heck out? . 'You gotta make allowances" said the Janitor pushing into the hall a cartload of silver canape trays still littered with half-eaten sardine doodads. "These people are nil knorked out. I don't even speak '—•' - : • • Ulil III] SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON W1I.UAM E. GILROY, I). Peacemakers are slill blessed. and the Christian Church still .stands for jieace. It, Is tri|e though we have been engaged i» n world waiv and the church through 1 Us lenders, Us Ami} 1 and Navy c'hnn- mlus, and Its niaiiy liiembers both Inside and outside of the armed forces, have supported oilr comilry nnd tho Allied cause. A fow intii- vlduals here and there hnve mnln- IflWcd an attitude of alonfness still preacliing nllra^paolfism; but for most pail they hnve bcpn like ii ineffectively nnd pnlhotioally talking • abput good' -' health - while others fought ftn 'cpld.ewlo of <jls- 1 ' 'The analogy | s not |, lei)( o . does not believe less in go<x- health because he fights an epidemic, of .1 sense .but he knows that- whon ail epidemic does . strike, regardless of is causes nnd the contribiillii E negligent O f its victims, thcovlc! Ideals, and even preventive ben n ?,! onger s " ff(ce ' ll «> ' s be fought vyl.tli resources and measures adequate for Its conquest Tlio same thla e is true of waiv ' . ^urely we have discovered Hint it j s useless ( 0 say that we \vlll eli and practice" peace that we never under any circumstance take, up arms, ns lliousnmls of our young men were saying a fcwvenrs iwhilc we allow oilier? to build |ip r'r 1 ? , a " (i «™!?'*eni "-with h to destroy ,, s . instead of ov- ercommB evil with gorid we -were Blowing evil to become so slronc am powerful that it could' not only destroy vast numbers of good men Rid women, but threaten th c ' de- striiction of all ideals and ngcnoles or good. We had .forgotten that it is as much the ChrlstainVpart to light and ,-fstrai.n evi|, ^s'll is to overcome it w/tir'fro«l' We have. been, learning, hi a cruel an:| terribie way', lessons lhat both the Bible and history nilgai w^?|l h,av c tauehl us. The" plble is a book of wars, as' wel) 'as a book of peace. Its great heroes 'were uncompromising foes of. evil. - and often that meant warfare', physical as well as spiritual.' • -. • : But every true Christian is a ra, eiflst In the ends and . goals tfial he seeks. ]f we are fiuhUiig this war because we believe in war, we are as bad ns our enemies. If the aim and purpose of our fighting is not lo stop ruth.'essness n;id nggressioh, and lo establish peace, we arc sinning against God and man. But there are testing days ahead. Will we use the victory for peace, or for selfish purposes of gain? will it be our purpose lo biiid up the wounds, pouring in oil and wine m thc spirit of the Goori Samaritan, or shall we let -hate ah^ revenge conquer? We shall help to pave the way for another war if we deal lightly with criminal per- pclrators of the present honors, but we shall not build peace unless we win those of all nations who are peaceably Inclined, nnd help them to. boiler living In (1 bolter world. I wo plnfn (asks nre before us, and they are Christian tasks ns well «s tasks of government; to Punish past wnrninkers, nnd curb l-'olcnllal waimnkers, wilh no lulilo rcniliromlsc wilh evil; and nt the same lime to encourage every art (Mid. act of puaco. mid to win to b ,i C!V " SC L° f I1Cilcc CTO '>' I lcl ' s o» ii at can be won, reenrdlws of Whether he ivns 'our alley . or pur Major Lay ton Is .Commander Of Sectipn B Charles E. Layton, nssfslniu to • tie deputy for iulmlulslraiion and services til tho'HAAP. has been ns- sJsncfl cojiunniHliiig officer of .Sec- lion B. lie succeeds IJeut. M. j Angel), who has been given <™n- niKl pf Sub-Section B-13 .Major My ton w«s one of the first officers to report nt HAAF. comins •ere^ from -Maxwell Field. Ala., Julv I 19«. A -vetemn officer and soldier | ID W as rccnllcd lo nctlvc duty in December, IQJO. ' Major ' Layton entered the Army »s n prjvnt? In Worl,| War i and had-worked his way up to the rank of seigca.m by tlie time lie returned from overseas duly. He was tomiulssjoncd January i, 1023 In Civilian lite Major Laytoii ou«« od 1,1s piu.nibing, |,ca ing n °n, contracting business hrR-ankfort 1",'; wl>I ° l ; E I'C was active in hiim- eious elv»c > , organlitations, holding Blkf i^ R ^ SOn - lc LctlBC ' ll « Hks and Knvniils Clubs, the A mcr- ComnX 0 ' 1 ' an " " 10 ahaintar of , He Is man-led to the former Miss MciWet P.anlcy of Prnnkfort, ind., M»ii •""" lhcjl ' """«'"«-, Jtilli ^ine Layton, are making their home •Sf'ni 1 '?! ™, JOr i * t ^ Enst.Davis St., Blyihevlllc. Marriage Licenses Kiriy-hvo mnriltige licenses Iwvo been sold iiirotigh Hie locnl offlcu ol Hie coualy court. cto-fe during Mie past seven days'. Licenses Issued Include (he • following: glycte (jiirley Jr., of Dj-witail'S, v 'IVnn., nnd Miss L'.ivclln uiiU'lier of Sun Fcniimllno, Cnllf,: WjUaVd Hnn-J- son of Ciubomlnle, ll|.,,uml Miss Oln- Win Ira or Heirln. Ill,: A. C. Jarrcrt and MKs JJi'tly Edith firnii- KOII, bom of DyoviiVin'B, 'Venn. Willis liiiljb nnd Mrs. Conv Williams, bath of Hnytl, ,MO.; J.'W. Anderson nnd Miss Audrey Hill, bold of Dyprsburg, Tenn.': Horace linitf nnd Mlss Mary Cinini'i', both of Union City, TCIUI,; oarl I,, imi- nwit and Mjss Untile tiecs. both of Memphis, Tenii.: Cliarloy Hcntli nnd Miss Etlllli PUK-cll/both 'of'.plyIliCVlUe: GMbm Webb of McCUirp, HI-, and Miss Mary . Lllll.iw '• Wcbl) of Illmo, MO.L Jolin O, WeiUhcrs ,'im° f Ow'Stona, Ala., nnd Miss illlo Jean Smith of niylhbvllle. Unyltl Warden nnd Mrs. Ednn 1-aiTls Warden, both Of Hevculun- cum, Mo.: cliarlcs L. linrkcr of Akron, Olilo, nnd Miss••• Helen Watklns of Manila, Ark,: Walter Aiibticliou ami Miss Charlotte Frnz- icr, both of Cryslul City. Mo.- George Uttle and MlRs-'Allle Lei- Glass, both of Flnley, Tcnn.: Jessie Charles Young nnd'Miss Alma Ixnilsc Pace, both of -tonncd, Mo.- Clyde D.,Hng !<:« the United Stalc-s £iii|;toymoin Service placed 1941^9 hnndicnppoil workers, nccoi'dinc to' the Wnr Mnnpower Conimls- » a.—it's true! You can now RWC t.-«- yquiacll n marvtbug (xrmiueiit p™/' •rave, cnol-ly. cornforlnbly. at I tiujric.-cnsy af. iiultins yarn Icir up in cuilcre. The a onlalra evcryiliinu you nccil. Acn:i>: no su!>- oUlulcs. but iiuisl on tht'scruiiiic'C/uirni'-Kiirl Cflmrt-lo. only 5'J coi.Is.-iwy 1,0 nuiru. 0«, "• en'"-- »>|rf K:.fc f - CVITW Ivrc nf Irilr. ,Vl at Kirby Bros: Drug Store and nil drug stores, 'V...5"'.« f '--if Buy Your Winter Supply of and KINDLING While It Is Available. _ PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Bly^heville, Ark ; Phone 2911 "You'll Find It At The House Slippers A Large Selection for Men, Women and Children! Leather, Rayon, Fell antl Fuzzics . . . Hard Leather and Padded Leather Soles. MEN'S 1.95 to 4.50 WOMEN'S 1.25 to 2.95 Children's 98ctol.50 RUBBER FOOTWEAR --The largest and most complete stock in Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri. t.66 1.67 CHILDREN'S GALOSHES <)!/2 to'12's .'.. MISSUS GALOSHES 12'.s lo S's WOMEN'S GALOSHKS 3's to 10's High, Medium, [,o w or Kkt Heels i> HOYS' STORM KUHKERS Zy,'s to 6's MEN'S STORM RUHHBRS Light weight MEN'S STORM RUHBERS Service Weigh I. MEN'S OVERSHOES , . '1-Iiiickle LiRht Weight .. MEN'S OVERSHOES •J-!Iuckle, Service Weight HOYS' & YOUTHS OVERSHOES 3 Buckle 1.45 1.59 1.95 3.45 3.35 2.95 ITEMS IH THIS ADVERTISEMENT RAHOK-f REE The Family Shoe Store ., Ijolh of St. Louis: Alvln H. Walker of Flnley,. TO,,,,., and Mlss Jaiiot Hoover of Port 'Wayne, Incl. Winer Zcno Dcnncs 1 of Kenned, o,,.nml MIs^ Iinofene TcimyKon of Secle,,Mo.: Diilo D. .Clyinorc of Vienna, n\., ftm , - M |i,-. Mam , j. Miller or Reiislmw. ill/: Edmund J. Smtlli of Louisville, Ky,, tm'd Mls,s ami.* Mup i,jiwson of •Dlyiuov'lllc: Mni-vlu W. Olioftte unii Ml S5 apldlc Orcjghlon. both 'of Mayflelcl, Ky LeHoy Fifcr of Cdibonclnle, III anil Aftss DCK-OJ. I'nUorsan ,of.Ma- ''DII. PL; ohai-lic P. vied and Mrs niilc B. Phillips., both of cm-nth- CHRlsTMATcARDS^ niul GIFT WRAPPINGS have just bccti rcceivea Choose Kifls now wh|le slotks arc new ijml cojnjilcle. The Giff Shop Modem & AnJiqne Gifta MOSS BRYAN DANCE Thursday -^Friday — And Saturday Nigihii 9:30 to 1 (rClocJ*, In the Beautifm ; Blue Room of the HOTEL NOBLE Ad mission - 60c Incl. - Tax. •w^"<!wnwMWf'B^a»ft!ii;f>.'pf.>- cm 312 W. Main > . , • fe^^^-.r-r^J,.-^.:-';. Phone 2342 Etery D»y Box Office Opens 1:46 yhow Star'a 2:08 LI8TEN TO KLON ? ML \j-M yon. 4:11 » Thursday and Friday raramounl News' and Selected Short Subject ROXT M»*h««r Bit. * Sao. opt, QP*M each night 1:45; lUrij Ercry Nifbt Ii«« r M JfMtnj »' Thursday and Friday ci'svillc, Mo. Ccyco Jolinspn IIIK) MI S ., <j mm ,,,i 'ilson, Dolti or Dell, Ark.: Wllhiii ',n ',' "",'! Mlss ' J o>' UnUBlinmn, tolli of Dall. Ark.: onto Torenco 1 wtoii of •llinonvlllo, Tfiin., niul «l« Hoslp M-B Wntson of DivsJcii, 'cnii.: AiiKiist, K Mi\|(lu. ws O r n ( ., ''"I'll HI, inul MLss Mury Pninccs ,,f Dyi'i'sUnis, -iviHi.; jm- ri "'!" M|5S ' Cllll 'l<'''» Stubr 'tlold, both of Slkosloii Mu JIIIIH-.S I'mil l'n«vll of Miiiorn, ii! n "V, 1 , 1 Mlss 1 ' :u ' lj< " lirowi > °f lyl wvllo: J. c. Honors nml u\4 lliwte Doii|;lus, both of Bust Pra' "'<•. Mo.: liHKcy I., llnlilvldgo n m M /VV tl!' 1> N °" I ' llml »'-'. !>"!)) of »l.yllic»'lllf: Jay l,,vo 1'nilll of nitliioly. 'ivnn., V nd Mks .\inr v Alice l-orlix-r of TliJloiivDli., Tc i,,,;; »,,,. 1 "' ai ' ls|llll » «l Slkcslon, Mo,, Miss MIII-V Frciioli ol JMrlagi-. I' 1 "'' . A , ! °V Wllla "! J - Colbert or New Mm Hid, MO., liml Mlss 0) , linlli Jo|ly O f Ultxmni, MO.- A. Morn-c of Hlvos, Mo., uml Ms B •i-iinccs p« f « of Sniulh, Mo- Dill I'lUiKStOH uml Miss Mnry May A). Ion. both of [.racliviiic, Ark. ' Curiosity All Wrung Frorn Little jqhnny MANILA, A'k., Nov. o-'tlio mc- cliiinlcnl ti'wleiicles or scvi'ii-ycn'i old Joluiiiy Wllllums stemwl to huv^ snrfercd n .sei'lous eclbuck tw lilui Monday. ' ' Al'Wi'dlns Ip his mother, M )S , j.;]. nior Wllllnins, yoiiriif Johnny wns alwuys InvfHllgntliii,' h(!) [iilher's ll'lll.-IO/.'i, ffldll tOOjs, (;tC'. MOIUlllJ- ll() wns loft fii hcii'd iioina nhiie his falh'or'|!* n1 W.M'fr tf*»ta)«Ht.fwmed-w I'd 90;n. ivlrs, Williams was > H. 11 r|jl'| Pvt.he will «Gy w/»y the \\iscliiy wath and l^ft jf 0 '" iiiaphlne'ry f%a, ley/ days | l»«e; lUnnlng while she went T ^^g^'£l'i-'.-i,"' •* ~^i. liie wrliijet lUnnlng while she v,ent la hunt', out, n blanket. Johnny, In BOIIIU iiHinncr, tot Mt left, hand cnnghl In the «r!nijci niul before is motlici conjd 4 (o|) the motor ins arm <*m. djnsMi llnough the Wllngct (p hh .shoulder. ')hc Wllllnim live one mile ensl of Mjuillii. ph thp Biv Husband farm. Fall o'Vitamins Full o'Flavor PRICES EFFECTIVE MONDAY,Ton " ^ ' ""' • -' i-" 1 --- •' ' •' * ^V^f Tennessee Molasses GAL. GRAY WHEAT 100 LI,. TClflTO JUICE •.«, 29 SCOT TfSSUE H,,,, II 8 15' 195 247 Scouring |' a ,| s I'ncka^c RAISINS Sun Mafcl .'Seediest!. J>k(f.' 15 HORN •r nek "Si>mtt t ::crcum 'ic ywnn sw?, y<>, z c t n 10 GROUND 100 Lb. ; Sack GOLD DOLLAR BARREL TOMATO SOUP DRIED PEACKES 35 POTATOES S 5i 2.50 Camp-' bell's BEEF ROAST BEEF STEAK SAUSAGE Best Grade Chuck, Lb, Best Grade Short C«<<, Lb, 1W* Pure Pound Fresh Daily Pound Lb. Box *jr . Lj(L 4 .35 \ QUO ALL svvwr Best Brisket Lb. Lb. 8 PURE1ARD FRESH EGGS FRESH BALTIMORE OYSTERS isr U.S. No. 1 TEXXAS JUICY Pkg. RADISHES ACORN SQUASH — TOMATOES fancy, Hand \ Picked, Lb. PECANS RUTABAGAS CABBAGE ORANGES fancy Papershell Florida * juicy Lb. yr Plenty of Parking Space In Lot Back Of Store Y SUPER MARKET J. K. Sanders, Mgr. 1Q9-111 West Main \ J.p.Unsford,

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