The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1930
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Served by the United J*rcss BLITHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT .NEWSPAPER OF NOIITHEAST AiJIf JIVOJQ .v.n aftTiTiii...,, "*" ^ " » **-^ IT .NEWSPAPEK OF NO11THEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—NO. 230 Ulyihcville Courier, Biyihcvllle Daily News, _M'YTHKV1U,K, ARKANSAS, I'MUDAY, DECKMHKK 12, 1930 SINGLE COPIESTIVE CENTS < Attorneys Refusal Pending Protest Police; to Accept Bonds Appeal. Habeas corpus proceedings we"e threatened this alternuon lo secure the release of five taxi drivers Pitied in police court this morning for violation of Ordinance 372 and held in the city jail. A sixth. U. K. operators from using the street! corners and curb parking spaces as j business stands, wns passed at the ! Tuesday nignr, council session aft°r [ '•>••' operalors had won the Initial Kills Himseif With Shooting Gallery Gun LONG BEACH. Cul., D:c. 1:: (UP)—Asked by the operator oi an amusement p.irk shouting •iiillory if he wouldn't like u "lake a shot." O.icnr E. May. 52, shot, once at the target;, then reversed the position of the gun ami killed himself. . • T * T- • ,, „ Action is A rnrmdlv One, Brought by Memphis Insurance Company. :\fEJJPHTS. Dec. 12. i OP)—A TOI- jcral creditors bill was filed and ac- !ceptcd here today nlaehii; (be Mcm- "jphis Commercial Appeal, Inc., pun- T P'll cT Tl | Ushers of the morning and eve• J- I U10W Ohof 1 Ill'OUgh : niiif Appeal newspapers in the Lu..g by Will Singletary;"^,^,^^. K eichum »„at Latter's Home. i I', 0 "" 0 ' 1 . PA11 !. Olllard. prominent How Daughter of Minister In i Diocese of [Bishop Manning Became "Companionate" Wife wns sir--. Ihrrnrm e na . - , -. rrnr elnsh with police over the practice lho vl " ht ll "'B by Will Singletarv ; dlll ' of using street corners as business stands a month ago. At that time police, at the suggestion of t!:e council, ordered the taxi operators to remove (heir business staiuls from street corners to buildings or vacant lots. The taxi drivers left their old stands for a day hut returned antl the city attorney discovered police had no authority to dlll ' in E a brawl at hou:*? jr. the Snudy munity, soulhenst o[ i '7"""'| Mcmpms coltcn man. and Enoch '^T^ 0 "; 1 ° f ** A ' V nan 5 and advertising man( _ ' • ager of (lie papers, „... •-com 5 ' The receim ' sh| l> was sought bv this' city. U .'_ A - Fislu?r ' T " c .v. M«rnphls insiir'- whei-e a dance" in'"|Tro<'ress'' llllcc c ° ! »pany. The two receivers, "-. named after a short heaving in l»slcd $100,000 last night. .. Pillow wns bronchi to the : ch! ""*>'y court, 10 ho..pital wlrtre his wound : bond dressed but he was removed c ™ ne A PP"I papers (ire princi- i> home in the Sandy Ridee j P all - v owned by Col. Luke L?a tr.. m ihiL- mornin!!. Siiiglolary i antl . Rogers Caldwell, Nashville fln- back up'the onler. •nie'ordiiianc'- ! -i 15 arlcstrri b >' Charley Barker.; anc-ers. The suit was a friendly passed bv the council Ti:esdav ni<W i , c conslab!e - on a charge; °»c as thc newspaper's attorney O. with an emcrgcncv clause woiuln- ? f "'"i 1 "" witl1 lntl ' nt to kiil - «^ T ' F "z>»'e'>. "led, a bill of answer .to effect when 'it was'published ^ "' }>' cn llis "™ '•ecOKniz-j admitting allegations of 11- corn- Wednesday. | "„"" P™_ nB lhc outc-me of Pil- i Plaint and pulling in ;i prayer for ponce con,,Tirts^: : !HE^{S'?\? ! iE! iMr-rs K'SiM i ^ ™ t ^<f x^?. i IK had violated the ordinance. The undertook to stop the 'brnV'it' is I care against Jos Scruggs was con- i stated, and was kn-ckcd tloi-ii "lie tinned after Scruggs advanced th-j v/hinped out n pistol and shot Pi!defense that he had solil his la::' ! low, officer.: say. (o his former driver. Ed James. j SinsMnr" has refused io discuss O,J p wn i c , *. „ James, Dorsie Cannon and Bur-! th? shc-oti.-.?. according to Clcnr ' veci Lloss "'ill OCCK to Coford Martin, who iulmiiMrt ti*=u nm,-iW v . T-T^ . „ . _ ELIEFK ford Martin, who admitted they were operators of taxis as well as drivers, were fined -550 each by Judge Gravette for conducting bin- ;tnf-.t stands within Ih'i* fire' zone in violation of the new ordinance.! Carles Metthcny and Herbert Car- j ter were jineO 525 each for ilrlvlnj I taxis !u vio'ntion of the ordinance. '• The taxi drivers offered no de- j fense to the charges except- to i Lake officers. PMilTET! LEE 5. OVEfil , v ci-fjinaje Efforts of Other i. ; Agencies. t j Plans for the ccordin.C-Aji,'*,,! lo-' . cr,l -relief acllvif,:s lliroiieii tli» . Iccai Ecd Cross were given the ap- | pr-val of director., cf the Chic!<3- irawbn district chapter at a mcet- | i"?lnst night. Tt was agreed that the situation | Mystery of Disappearances' ; Solved by .Confession: ! ! Seek 6th Victim's Body.j j WATFOUD CITY, N, U., Dec. 12. i (UP)—A series of wholesale inur: ders was revenlcd toiluy with the I nndlnj of nve bodies of the A. E i Haven family." Police were led to the flvc corpses by Claries liannon, who rc- vealeil the burliil placer, of the missing family when police questioned him because he was .supposed (o have taken property from tlic Haven faun. The disappearance ol (he family had been a mystery ilntll Bannon quite suddenly revealed lie hail helped bury the members of the family as police officers questioned him about the theft of property from fhe farm. Parrot Says "I Object" as Police Seize Master CLEVELAND. O,. Dec. 12 101')—Lewis Sllvcrman, an organ Krlmli'r, was iirnUgnod on a cliiu'Ei- of Intoxication today wlllium Hie numil supiwit of lib' l>cl parrot, "Olga." "Oljju," who screamed -I o'b- Icct." when her master wns n rested yesterday and iiyaln when he wns led away (u n coll, wtis ordered left l:ome because slit might interfere with court procedure. STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Dec. 12. ., ...... tin- num. (UP)—Sinclnlr Lewis formally ac- Dannon blamed Mrs. Hnven for ccplcd (he 1930 Nooel prlzn for llt- ernturc loday ami at the .name tlmo :tlic deaths and snlrt he only helped her bury the bodies of her husband nml four children. Mrs. Haven was .said to be menially demised. ; The bodies were those of A. E. I Haven, the husband. Daniel. 10. Lc! land, 1G, a thrce-ycar-ulil child. iand a llnoe months oM baby. The I baby's body was found when an- i Iharllles dug into a rcfuss heap the bam. farm at million's direction while | others were discovered In a I Officers today searched the \ for the body of Mrs. Hfiven, i blood-stained sweater wns dlscov- ! ercii yesterday. Bnnnon was accused of murdering her. rs. Clieslcr /.ueker, 22-year-old daughter of the Ktv. Dr. Eliot .is pictured above with tho ycuns husband whciu she arquir-d through a coinii.inionale. agreement and an Episcopal Church ceremony two months ago. Hc-r father, who invited cx-JudtL- Ben B Lindsey to deliver the address thai resulted in thc court tsuU with liishop William T. Manning is raid to favor birth control as a marriage reform. The ycnnjf couple are shown Utlow at a "companionate" breakfast in their home at Rcscllc, N. J. •J j Arkansas Member-s Strongly in Favor of Cashing Bonus Certificates. LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 12. (UP) — A canvass o'f American Legion posts in Arkansas by State Commander Orcn J. Vnughan on the question of payment of service certificates, revealed the majority of legion- BapHsts Asked to Give BapMsls throughout Mississippi • ; • ••"j •' tm. *j, t-mipi-cj. jiiti i When Wco:!roiv Wilson was bur-, for -.varm clothing: The chap-er jcen;d with some of the greatest • recently ncc'.imula'.Hl a con::dera- .... .. I proolems ever :-i confront a prcst- ble supply c f clothes of all sorts tcr of a minister in the Bisi-op's ianao-J ^' U ° ! lhc U " Uetl R! ' ltf ' s ' ono o! t: " thc h ™vy. ricmands of the past ldlldK2 Ihe men he called into his councils few weeks have depleted this to was Lee S'atr-r Overman, veteran' tho point where Mrs. Elhel Wilson, reform. For the bride is the daugh- senator from North Carolina. county are being asked to contrib- Senator Overman was i re(]iiE:l-= that'come lo her. * ' 1P> ute clothing and food for the slat: of the scnato crnimittee to invesli-; .^ Ir .- Walton asks that residents own diocese, and the marriage, according to the principals, is-a cu.ii- pnnlonate one. "Judge marriage indicated overwhelmingly that the M* S ' re llnmtlialc cash Pnyment from . . . thc government on (lie adjusted Llndseys ideas about certincalcs at face vnti'es have bcsn widely mis- It ako was learned (hrouah thc (o Frc- I nvc s- ao was earned (hrouah thc understood. Ours really comes nn- Legion headquarters that circuhrs (ler his classification of n compan- J had been sent each member of the lonate union, it is directly opposed j legislature, asking them to visit a to free love and Is intended ?.j a! display of state products sponsored life.ime partnership We were mar- | by the Arkansas Legion, which" will ••n , , *, ceremony, j be placed on exhibit January 5 ai rluL II if hprrmipc rir^-ieo<i*-if +« • n in« n i i._i_i m*- . ,, , ... When Shirley Wliitj, 22, and Chested G. A. Zucker, her nance, went, to the Rev. D. Eliot White ;D discuss plans for their wedding in October, (hey found somewhat to their surprise liiat he ap-rovc-d their ideas of birth control ami "But if it becomes necessary t3 ! a teal hotel. The rf!<phy will con- easier divorce dissolve such a union, we bsllcve i lain many of the products exlZ Why, he told them, "my own: as my father do;s. and as Judg= | Ited at the national convention o' marriage in 1004 was in some : LfiHsey advocates, (hat divorce?! Ihe I-eglon held at B3«tcn last Oc' ways companionatc. only the term'-^^uld be grunted by a commis-1 Icbcr by Arkansas dcle'it'^ lur n-Vii^li II v^ ^... ;_ i - .' tr'rt»\ vnfn.ul.u -_ i_«- .. • J «*i»ij.m j vn. ••- a .llL ?. President Puts Cuba Under Military »vuic, became an issue his Ions expenence "" f»r;;-.r:ul in placing a few .. " ! o the senate military affairs com- men. Thc number r( job seekers I'h" c b 3 '' Dcc - I2 'UP'-- 1 mittee ma^.: him a valued adviser is running far ahead of thc mim- by which it now is knov.-n teen invented then." Invited I.indsey lo Spcal: .i i : major committees, anfl was rank-' KP ' wcs?. -" ^..L^« i..^,. -...^ 1 in? member for many years ot Hie T'r: nev>- American Legion cm- Invited I.indsey lo Spcal: ' ! c-:miiitlceG on api.-rcpriaiions, jr.d-! ploymcnt exchange in -the court- So Dr. White perform-d thc r"- i TflVI • iciary. rule; ami niililsry nffnlrs.' hn«-.; C3:«lnueil t- receive many oniony, and il was not until Lind- I U? j Whcr. Ihe r,iies- ion of proparednfss KpiiSication: for work today, and sey, fiery champion ot marria 'ere- IliiL . sion ressmblinj n nublic welfare : I bureau." Hill. n\& II s I IllkUl i IMIU Wl Ul America No Place for An Artist Declares Author of "Main Street" delivered a pungent condemnation of the slate oi civilisation In the United Stales. In his acceptance speech before a distinguished gathering of Scandinavian scholars the brilliant American writer derided "American commercialism," which he said assigned "nn Inferior role" to t!:c arts and lilernture. Ironically enough, Lewis' attack on United States commercialism was delivered In the Stockholm stock exchange building where the ceremony was held. The lanky red haired author, who drew his characters for "Miln Street" and "Babbitt" from the ranks of typical Americans. OH his hearers "the artist does not count in a country producing elfilily story buildings, millions of automobiles-and billions,, rij .JmsUels of wiient." Characterizing himself as "indiscreet and a little Impolite," L=yis extended his sweeping attack over broad fields, declaring "business lords rule the United States," which he described as "the world's most contradictory, stirring and depressing land." Th" i-iinin ,„,- ™t« j j KI---I I !* ratorceri order in He auoin'.ci cUairm.'n of t!ic b^r cf jobs offered, however rirht y constitutional; sub-rommittet- cf the jitrticir.ry Legion officers renewed Ilieiv ap- !- ; 'niuT P ,"- ; '" :n:ic ' 11 throughout tte j committee who-e invpE!Unt!o:i wrs pcsl torfp.y lor residents of th:' £'<i rh, J of reciln ' eilt said ti have routed the loboyis-s in city to cocporale in relieving the ^ifii'^- f eS ', pcnslcn of con " • Washington. . unempioyment situation by having < n n,,'?- i', ht5 was 'antamount; Born in Salisbury, N. C 1 .. Janu-''Jobs tlx-ir promises attend- iivr v"->, , I 1 , allhoilgh """»»': ary 3. 1351. Mr. Overman was «l to.' ' Pr ,:; r , lc ' rtcdarod - ! nn'terl from Trinitv College. North' Cll"::L.rnt fifi^rrtn ITnnl^irlA Vm.. _ .. . . ." ... . , __ form, was kickctt from the Cliurcli of St. John thc Divine into rj-:rt i on a charge of disturbing public j worship that- any public iii- of it wns made, llut Dr. Wi::U People's Bank and Trust Reorganized; Two Small Banks Suspend. LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 12 (UP) — Another Arkansas bank which sus- I>ended business during the general run last month resumed business today, ami one failed to open and has been placed in the hands ol the state banking departn-onl. The People's Bank and Trust company of ^fcrrllt'n, which suspended business Nov. 17. hns been rcciganizeti and opened its doors 'odey. Tlv! Bank of St. Paul. St. i Paul, Ark., was closed today by the SwedaK Ship Rescues . ] ^% t ^*^?™™££« k5iirV!VOVS 01 Schooneri bD:l!;lll Z department. It was cap[ ItallJCi! at S10.COO and had deposits NEW YORK. Dec. 13. <UP)_i' ot " ln 8 «0.500 Seven members of the crev: ol th? ' Tnc Wilniat Bank of'WIlmot in—' • - " 'formed (he state banking fepart- menl it had closed tinder the five day suspension law. it is believed the institution will reopen after re- rcanizatlon. THE mm. 'Big Stick" Methods Intensify Disagreement Over Relief Program. WASHINGTON, Dec. 12. (UP)— Feeling between President Hoover and the senate reached a point only short of nn open break today. Fleperls at the White House were Hint ['resident Hoover Is'Indignant ihat no Republican senate leaders have risen to defend him In the r«ec of the most bitter attacks tliat , !mve been showered on • a president In years. ; .'"-•':;• Republican leaders, on the Bother hand, complained that Mr. Hoover , lad declined to take them Into'-hls confidence and that without warn-, Inn he gave the press the' states uiiMit, accusing senators and con-- giessmen of "playing politics, at'tho expense of human misery." They feel that Mr. Hoover has made It difficult, to launch any effective defense. Another Attack Likely Some close frlcucis of the president said he might issue another attack on congress this afternoon, and thai the advisability of. doing this Is under consideration at-the White House. ' •• . . This situation has boiled up'as the result of the-change of ladies on the part of President Hoover. As forecast recently by the United Press the president has accepted advice of friends Uiat he strike Rocscveltlan fashion against congress. President Hoover's "Big Stick." methods yesterday failed to prevent the senate from scrapping his emergency relief r^rani and writing its own measures. Take .Power From President The open feud betjween Ihe White House and congress, was further acccntuatsd'. wiicri'-Uie 'senals.''•&-• fore passing the > $110,000,000..bill to relieve unemployment by speed- Ing public worlu,. amended It to strip the president of power to spend the fund as he saw flt. ' This vital, amendment, offered by Senator Robinson of Arkansas, Democratic leader, who yesterday broke with the chief executive over "one-way cooperation," was adopted without a record vote and without a single voice being raised against, it. Cotton Hits Lowest Price Level Since 1S15 PP. =,.- " the-l'X i Cciar , c:0 saV£r f°, co " !ln ™ t!ie siat. rcr mt.y days if ho sees fit. p , •«?£« for Divorce Filed . Carolina. In IS?.; Uu E ht scliaol for i lwo vears . Vlld , hcn ^mc , )ri vatc : ECCrcUry !ar alarm apparatus at ths F-irm- sicamer Slrassa, the l.ilior iulorm- as n trial marriage. Wo In'.cn-Jca II to be porir.nnent. and we think it will te permanent. But x« <ln --.. ~j ».i. W na rurtlf .' on hie today in stnvrinr prurt - — — Mrs. Mix chargedTthc act™Vth •' fnr "'". ?' ted Statc ' 1 " nato * ut , PARIS D e ~ 12 .UPi-Th'-lor- ™ ec s y fi Mts Irr: ™ "* ^--oSS &££$» * ^^^ over me past ^5'^ J 1 ^^"' 1KO and in 1011, prcsificntl?.! elector ^^"^Si^ 'ion cowboy was married ,^ s ^ecM t-. th^Unito;! Slat""'. this cvcni "3 <>• Sivc up thc tsj 1 .: •J orders recilral from Chan-1 K ' I!e<! ' Customers SKoti tfcntn" 0 ^^^^ 1 'oT ^ RUSSELL, KyT^c A bandit shot an.-; lifornia B. and L. Manager Confesses Huge Embezzlement. 6 iftie ' keen ts v.- 1BM . He began hLs tliirtl term In Revolution. In 1878 he mirri-d M« „. ! 191 ''- when llc W:1S tllp nrrt United ry P. Merrimon. dau^htsr of Un'. 1 2.5. ; st!>tw fftatet to bc crc ., cd by ;l e * E(al( , s ^^ As s M ,,., nv n „ dlrect vn ^ of the F-?cn!e cf his He was for many yesn a .••—.<" """ 4 ' " " *" C itra.l of thvcush t::c frrci- Taylor's full asfc apmlnlment - cr.l methods. • ; a receiver for the A. D. Banks com-! Thb robber, who Favor Birth Control I l»ny, Lumber Underwriters com-'. Kneri -'onhson j.!ii ; "The really 'conipanlcnite' njri i r^'. 7 "^" M IIO '* cU Company «'cr« slow in rs:',»; ih"lr •ot our mfirmse is our n!au to o'-st- !?,!,? / " s ' Jlld 8 men t on a 'One of the warded «s pone hnvin? children until we "are : I ? )f I 'J!?' n75 ls 50UBht ln onc prepared for them n is nat n ' , ' "'1 $35 "' l(X) r " n contra( :t In question of religion and love bu" r,f- ' cf cwnom-cs." ' : of t?e 003.COO" were confessed "by Gilbert •c.i!>?d. fired , Deesemyer. secretary and genera! motor 'and ;u lachccl to .-, m l-;'er=Vl •iui>er;ai ^ % '- iei '-^^ ° c ^'"«- *••* ot «'hich invati, Major oames Stmti wao ioi:^,' ticns honored him with Ihe LL. D u -nh the American forces in th: decree. The ccuple first mst on a liner returning from Europ-o. whsre Zucker. a Hoy Scolit Iea,-»er ar.-l himself an earn;st yoimj church | worker, had gone to the Interim- company, n of the t] fought bv thn sir.t. which Ihe business of each. customers manager of the Guaranty Bu!ldln<! hsnds. ar.d Loan asscelatlon, it was an- exoected naunced today by Judge Harmon : Palmer, Hollywood banker, who was , called in as an adviser to directors , - „.., „„.,. 12. (UP) of the association. receiver;-The arrest and e-.;ecuil-n of ton. "Mr. Beesemyer has confessed to .communists for tlvlr r:i-.fe<s-tinlot speculations that will probably run ill WEATHER i lo dle : HANI <OW, Chini. l'rr^?nt Chtan?- Into S8.COO.OOO." Judge Valmer" said •- - was !k"i:.i-::i lociav to,"Just what he did with the nave exeriM a c-iTi.i::s efTect up-; amount we do not yet know A I on radical activity throughout I written confession Is now being • China. i prepared." NEW YORK, Dcc. 12. Cotton prices broke to the lowest levels since 1915 on the exchange today when bearish activities were resumed after an early rallying lendency. Tlie early seemed to encourage the bear forces to hammer the market heavily and no real opposition developed to the decline. Pr.ic.- es closed at the lowest for the- session, 11 to 20 points lower. Spots broke to 9.85, off 10 points, the lowest price recorded for spots since 1915, when the price broke' to 1 9.20. F. E. Fox in Hospital 1 After Auto Accident F E. Fox, 53, cf thc Blytheville Steam Laundry, Is reported resting j well at thc Oartncy-Ramsey hospital in Memphis, following an accident near West Xfempbis, Ark., Thursday afternoon in which he sustained n broken arm and severe bruises. The automobile accident In which Mr. Fox was Injured occurred on Highway 61 near Wesl Memphis. Moves Business to West Main Address A. G. Aitken has established his • plumbing business on West Main • street near Division, adjoining the I Rex Pharmacy. His family will also ;mnke their home at that address. Masons Meet Tonight The Masons <rill rae'st tontjht for i the usual meeting with work In the ! fellows craft. Vlslllng brolhsrs are welcome. i ARKANSAS—Clear tonl»ht arid I Saturday. Somewhat colder. According to the official weather I observer, Charles Phillips, the min! Imum temperature here ysst'rdav -'was 34 degrees and the maximum 64 degrees; clear. On ths same day a year ago the minimum temperature was 62 degrees and tho max- I Imum, 71 defreos.

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