The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on December 9, 1917 · Page 6
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 6

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 9, 1917
Page 6
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v- tit If 'd: iii t il z ;. if" K trill Ci ' O , I'll. 'Si ' K,, P ti ' Y , P ' n": m : t! i f . tr. ;! S, :t? ii. til aiv 'ist Otv HI th , at. t" s -a !- .Ill Mn : ! At 'hn' (bit! ;a ft ' ve-f mn-i. lint; ' be f Hri :ctt eri; :?! i ,Th' cai; 'wH'f ,Dcf cow Jhf gav i I thf S ly 4 Filf un S eel coi at p- foe un by dlw ! pes ' nej ,ta!,' ; i ;eer res Car, no. bee no H igi . bajr box of -'mat-; Sii- dril, A. ' R IfK Ollli : i whe' brio" ji rj'i : In! in THIS Di:S MOINES REGISTER: SUNDAY MOHXINCi. DECEMHEH !. 1 1)1 7. MORSE CASE IS OP AGAIN IN GOTHAM Bill Filed in Court May Reveal How Pardon Was Granted. NEW YORK. Dec. 8. The nature of a suit for Bi'rvire begin lost May against Charles V. M rse, the former banker ami ateanmhlp man, who was pardoned bv President Taf while serving r.4'nlenre In the federal prin!"AtIantn, was rvenled today v.-'te'i a' Dill of nar-t'eulars was filed m tile fedral Distort eourt here. 1 "ine lij now head of the (."nited Stales s eam.-hip company. whit li recently was rwnrrtd a co'itrnft bv ihe government for Ihe building of thirty steamers. The bill of particulars alleges that an oral contract 'is entered Into between Mnrne and W'a't'r K-Ileid, a steamship tmtn of Water-villa. Me., while they ) traveling on a train in 19D!i whereby Heicl was made Morse'i .nii and representative In his flnanetnl affairs and in the case of the I'nited f ates against Morse g'-ow intt out trf the ttank of North America frauds. It is also stated that Keid continued to ait as Mere's aeent during the two years the banker was In nrison. A reference in the bill of particulars to lteld's execution of "di-rections concerning steps designed to procure a par'on or commutation of fentence of defendant," indicates the no'sib'lity of the details being revealed of how Morse obtained the presidential pardon. The particulars not be'ng regarded a '"'1 enough bv Morse's counsel. re Matin T. Manton directed Field's attornev to supplement them bv providing namea. dates and places and to do-ribe "unwise enterprises" Field alleges he prevented Morso and his wife frorn engaging in. Morse, on being convicted of violating the national banking liws, entered the Atlanta penitentiary on Jin. 1, 1910. to erve a tentenee of fifteen vear. When lie was believed- to be dvinip President Taft pat0"d him on Feb. 1. 1912. ; Another suit against Morse for : compensation for aliened services was brought in the Supreme court in 1914 bv Max ('. Baitm. a real estate dealer here. He asked for 100 000 and claimed that it was Inrr-lv through Ills efforts that Pres'dent Taft wa Induced to pardon Morse. TYPES OF CARNEGIE LIBRARIES IN IOWA ill latni 111 (.III r i'lm.zz& 'C 1 ' icr-h " - mj ; . ' V J ' . : jWW'I ' lis ,t.(V 'I'Tt' 1S I CLAIM MANY MILES OF FILMS FILCHED Olsen Golden WedcLng Celebrated Tomorrow AHOVK I.KFT. FAIKFIKLP OLD CAHNEOIIO I.I H HA It Y : AIIOVK. SIDI.KY II It A It Y ; LOWER I.KKT. I Hl' 'JT K, I.AHf! EST CAIt.VIidlE Mill! All Y ; SMALLEST C'AHXEUIK LI Kit A ft V, NEWEST CAKNEUIE Ll-I.OWER RIGHT. LAl'KENS. Andrew Carnegie's first fuc public library was et ulilished in Liw.i tweuty-fiur years iitto at Fairfield. It was likewise the flint Cam. k - library to be located west of Aile :hen.v, Pa Today Iowa has ninety to Carnegie libraries and Is surpassed in nuniiieis liy only a few states. The most recent one to he dedicated in the state was at Siblev. the dediea tion ceremonies being held yester-da The Carnegie gifts to the municipalities and colleges of Iowa represent more than a total of $1,271!,-fiU. The library located ut Fairfield was one of the few gifts which the former Pittsburgh steed magnate gave without the stipulated clause that the munleipailtv receiving the Hedfurd. costing $10.uo; Mount Ayr, costing JS.uOO; licinbeck. .listing Ji'.U"", and .Sibley, cost ins 10. Oiiii Carnegie libraries nt Clear Lake iml liriti. both costing $10,IHI0. are Hearing completion aud will be ledicatcd alter the first of the year. The ttdlowing Iowa cities have promises of Carnegie g:fts: Hamburg. Fremont rounty: Corydon. Wayne county; Harlan, Shelby county, and Montezuma, Poweshiek county. The smallest Carneele library to he erected In Iowa is located at, Laurens. It was erected at a cost of $3.8110 In 1910. The population of Laurens is given as MS. This library was for a time the smallest In the I'nited States and also the JOIN AVIATTON, COEPS gift was to raise otie tenth ot amount given. Ihe building was erected at a cost of $10,000. The next Carnegie libraries were erected In Iowa in 1902 in the cities of Newton and Ottuiuwa. During 1903 there were twelve buildings erected. In 1 904 theie were sixteen and in 190") there were fifteen buildings erected. During the present year there have been four Carnegie libraries dedicated. They are located at t be i smallest public library in Iowa. .now mere nre two smaller libraries, at Forest City and West Branch. The smallest town in Iowa to contain a Carnegie library Is Alden. having a population of 800. The library cost $9.00(1. being erected In 1913. Dubuque received the largest Carnegie gift, the public library In that city being erected in 190- at a cost of $100,000. The only Carnegie branch library Is locaied at Leeds, being a branch of the library at Sioux City. Waterloo is the only Iowa city wliiii has two Carnegie libraries, one being located on either side of the Cedar river. Harrison county lias the largest number of libraries In the state, nil three being Carnegie libraries. They are located at Duulup. Woodbine, and Missouri Valley. Des Moines is the only city in Iowa having n library paid for entirely by taxation. It is likewise the largest library in the slate, having hen constructed at a cost of $300.-000. Iowa has only twenty-two libraries which were not Caruegie gifts. A Carnegie library is located in Des Moines at Drake university. Fairfield has two Carnegie libraries, one being located at Parsons college. The largest college Carnegio library is located at Cornell college. Mount Vernon. The other college Carnegie libraries are the following: Iowa college, Urlnnell college, Grinnell; Simpson college. Indlanola; Lean-tier Clark college, Toledo; T'pper Iowa university, Fayette. New Way to Get Rich Quick Uncovered; Studio Employe and Dealer Under Arrest. LOS AXCELES. Cal.. D-c. S i The allesed theft or a little mote than fifty-seven I'liVi of motion n:c-: ure films from the Fox Film co'n-i pany was revealed through the nr. j i est of A. K. Davies. un employe of the company, aud Arthur II ' . " denier lit motion picture supplies. Ptey were liken into custody bv uttacbes or t lie.shei ii f 's office a'n! JMlfd by lleiMltv llist' .cl "0."!ie Powell. Wade 'UilVn. c:une-; 1 i. ti. n of the Fo company, was n- j rested also by ri i tl'l ves of the I'e- . retiv" agency thut had been w irk 1 nil; on Hie case lor si me dnvs, : said thai "iiiditioiial arrest, nmv lie made. TUe intimation is that n ! plot tor v further wholesale ihe." of films has been al oited. Davies. it is said, whs in riiarge i f tiie stockroom of the Fox Film company. The company began miss in" films. Their value finally totalled about $15,000. A private detective agency was employed to discover the leak. A trap was set and Davies, It is said, was the first one to fall Into it. For three weeks another employe of the company was placed under surveillance. In the interim thousands of feet of films were recovered. The second man was Horsley. It is during September Horsley received 45.000 feet of the missing films from the Fox company I storeroom. In one day it is said lie purchased lO.ono feet of ad-1 dltlonal film from .Mullen. Suspicion was directed towards Mullen because he was frequently i seen going to a locker in the ware'- house of the Hollywood Fireproof Stori-e company. The officers say Vr i.nd .Mrs. (. K Olsen. for twenty-two veurs re. idents of this city, on Monday will celebrate j I heir golden w edding anniversary. The Zlon Norwfg an Lutheran church In which both Mr. and Mrs. Olsen are active workers will tender theni a reception Monday evening a 6 o'clock at the church. Ninth and Des Moines streets. Doth Mr. and Mrs. Olsen were born in Norwav. the f.iruier Jan. 14, 1S3H. and the latter Sept. 11, 111. They were married In Freedom. 111., an I came to Dei Moines in 1 s 9 . locating at 1011 Lyon street where hev still reside. Mr Olsen is a member of Kinsman post, hi'vlng served in thi civil war. Tomorrow evening In the church auditorium a program will be presented In honor of the venerable couple as follows: Soup --"I Ji-u Nsi-n ' r'lnilr.'Kut '"H 1-ii.v-r - ftfv P.-.1 -r Hu"!;in.l S C. 'TI., Fifty Yi-.ii. Ai... .Mis r , It rt.i-', A.ltlirs tin Nr.r . -Kiu tt" 1 . II I I'r-if i 'nrin H h 'Jr fclskrr "our Cuuihc-- --Sliver Thn i 1'ri.l l 'Mrs! "Mi 'Oht hulks nt I. Rif. Aiatinu ' Our Cliurrli" K. Bui. (In Norwegian), j 7 V ". 1 ml 4 If 7 : Vt vV? I," m," au'ltAnci. MR. AND MRS. 0. K. OLBEN. that Davies placed the stolen films in this locker, and that Mullen and others suspected In the plot to steal the films visited the same, got to be arrested ' the films and took them to Hors-asserted that , ley's establishment, and Oclobei 1 Accnrdlne to an alleeed partial confession made by Davies Horsley paid 2J cents a foot for the positive films and 21 cents a foot for the negative ones. The films are reputed to be worth 4j cents a foot. ho r In LONDON. (ireott Demand. Dec. 8. Fur is keen demand Just at present and a marked increase In price resulted at the October sales. Chiuese, Australian nnd Russian supplies were very scarce, while American furs were not half sufficient to meet Hie demand. Prices ranged from la per cent to 100 per cent advance on previous sales. Nutria, black musiiuasli and black kid-skins reflected the advance most. With Food u two Soaring ,-nuM 111 kly ' ;i y tliy i-mili! TELLS OF MOVIE SECflET Photographer, in Suit for Salary, Describes Fake Octopus. -v NEW YORK, Dec. 8. The suit or J. Ernest Wiljiamson, the aub-lnarino photographer, against th' Universal Film Manufacturing corc- panv -for salary which he allege is due him for taking undersea pictures of fake octopudu nnd genuin i Flunks, was resumed before Judg i Manton of the feder 1 Dist. ict ecur ' 'ihe pictures werj used 111 the film play of Jules Verne's story, "Twenty 'Thousand Leagues Under thf Sea " The production, It was aald, cost about $200,000. Mr. Williamson told in the witness chair of how art was ubti-tuted for reality. He has a tube with an end of glass big enough tmL accommodate several men. In this. tube the photographer and his assistants sit, and then It is lowered into tile water at a depth some-. ' times of fifty feet or more. It is?' usuvMy attached to a barge whlcii Amoved, in 'his rase. In the clear i waters' of the Bahamas, near Naa-uJ i sail. The submarine of Captain Nemo, the hero of the story, was thirty feet long and was made ol". painted canvas. ' Asked In describe the octopus, which in the pictures wages a ins. I fight with n brave diver and Is even ttiallv killed amid the shudders vt Ihe audience, the witness said it was thirty two feet long with ;t body, big enough to conceal men Inside of it. whose duty it was to operate the rubber arms that eri fastened to the body by etec springs. There were only six nt these rubber arms, whereas natus ralists Insist upon giving all octo-poda eight. I This rubber octopus thrashei about in the water naturiJlv enough, and assumed positions which made It easy for Mr. Will iamsmi to take good pictures of it? in horrible attitudes and contortions. Asked about the sharks which tought the divers and th j yacht that was blown up, Mr. Williamson declared that both sharks and explosion were genuine. Tha case will hn continued Monday. J Two IIarl h Workers Honored by Kellow implores. G. W. Chandler and Orville t ramer. employes of the Harbacu comruny, enlisted In the army avl-! atlon corps yesterday and will j leave at once tor the airplane training school. Yesterday .afternoon their Immediate associates in the Harbach force made a oanvans among fellow employes and raised a fund with which they purchased' a handsome wrist watch for each. Len Harbach and P. L. Richards made brief presentation addresses in which they voiced appreciation of the service of thi men and pride In the patriotic step they had taken. FALKLANDS OUT OF WORLD Is Ram Overrun Isles and Itounly Offered for Them. POUT STANLEY, Falkland Islands, Dec. 8. The war has completely Isolated the Falkland islands from the rest of Ihe world, as far as commercial Intercourse Is concerned, in spite of the fact that the Islands are the naval base of the British fleet for the South Atlantic and South Pacific. SlDre March 10 of last year not a single Bhlp has stopped at the Falklands on its journey to Eng land, aud correspondence for Hue-nos AJrea and Montevideo has been sent by way of Puntu Arenas, while passengers for Iluenos Aires or Montevideo have had to go around to Valparaiso, on the Pacific liners, and tl'-m cross the Amies by train, to get to their destinations. The British government has bought up all the wool of Ihe Falklands, giving the owners B5 per rent above pre-war prices. Soinn of this wool sold as high as 2 shillings 6 pence a pound. Flour has risen to fill shillings a sack anil bread Is selling at a shilling a loaf, weighing less than 4 pounds. Sugar Is selling at S pence a pound. The Islands have become so overrun with rata that the government has offered an English penny a head for all those killed. CITY IN BRIEF Very I iiusoal. "A rath'r rrmarkatiie roupl. I houM p) " "Thy'v r,n marrlail tn year, imi h Mill l!tnN vnh ilfrn- tirn ti rpnn an uplnnin.' Hlrminn)ia ui Ar.'-"rH E. Sparks from a nearby chimney caused a fire which did damage to Ihe extent of $2,000 to the boarding house run by Mrs. II. llabish nt 721 Sixth avenue. Tho roof and upper story of Ihe building wern destroyed, and the first floor suffered damage from water. The I'nited States civil service commission will hold an examination in Des Moines on Jan. 9 for the position of postmaster at St. Charles, la. The position carries a salary of $1,000 per year. The examination will be open to nil who receive mall from the postoffice. Mrs. Charles Loath, 1049 West iweiun Bireet, was Bruised aoour. i the hips when she was struck by , an automobile driven by Dr. L. M. ' Scruby. 1447 Kighth street. Mrs. I Loach refused assistance. A social afternoon to be enjoyed by mothers, sweethearts, wives nnd feminine relatives of members of the One Hundred Sixty-eighth ma- ' cuine gun company will be held Wednesday afternoon at o'clock at the home of Mrs Heur. 1420 Dean avenue. No further invitalion will be extended lo those who wish to participate In Ihe gathering. Police were asked to look for W. R. Fish, 4 7 years old, Twontv-fourth street aud Park avenue, last night. The request came from .1. 11. Itedfleld, Twenty-fourth street and Park avenue, when Fish failed to return home from Camp Dortg where he had been working. 1'p to an early hour this morning police have been unable to locate him. They fear foul play. AN(H M KMKVI'H. MrnitwlAl uprvtri'H Ht Hawkry o K. H . No, S.'iN, MuielHy at a ,. l:at Sixth ami I.iicukI Htreem. HlKhlanil Park loilaa No. 111 F. Mill hujit to, annua home Monday pviMilnK, Her. 10, in their onmr of Si' ,n,.l HM nri an. I Knoll. 1 a 'iranU M.-ne.-r Ai,'.milsr will lia nt ah o-i.i rfiinHK. loM.i'', ana lamlit.-H ana rnnnila are InyltM. Tha monthly alt lav holinaaa nifwl-Intr will n.- hsl l at I.oi;iOI llosp-l lalu-r-nii'-lf. i-ormT lai-fii' lil um-iiui? ,i 1 1 , 1 Mi-Kin-liy atrii-t. Tui-mliir. Iiec. 11. Thro.- seiv-ii-.'. lit no a in, 1' '.in anil 7 an p m Alpha Ciiuni-ii KnyHl anil Selart Mailt ri, will hn..l lli-nr animal flt'rllon t-f ot-fliftH Moinla-.. 10s- In. Till, lift t-ssarilv lht moat important huaim-aN mto'ttnB of lha jphi. anil a larpa it t tcnilani-n Is d-Hlrft'l. a many Important raporta will lit mailt, anil luiKh loeunt'aa Iranaartptl. .The Itfl t'roaa aot-laty tif lha CottaKO liiovi rrr-t'tiylTian t hliri h will mtft with Mrs T. K .l.tna. otltl '1' v. anty -fourth atrai't 'I'hurmlay nf'fnnmn ill Lt of lock 1 h m-.'tlria- will lit' All pctaona lntf-ret,'tl In H' 1 t roas work an- urnt'tl to attantt anil OrlriK th.'lr Kntttiiia. Tha South si, If Nflehi rlia titar. ii. sharp. omln oa j lha itiftl 1th Mrs 1 ,1 at r clocli 'I'll The Best in Music Better than piano, better than organ, better than violin, better than any band or orchestra because it is all of them. Better for home entertainment, better for child education, better for dancing it is tho supreme musical instrument the ideal Christmas gift. This Wonderful Victrola and Record Cabinet w'fi wv(Wi.! V',)tA I iiiiiiiiiiii! i aMMMM ''i t " va . We have made it possible for nearly any home to have this wonderful musical instrument. We have made it so easy to purchase that you should no longer deprive yourself and your family of the pleasure it brings. You can have it in your home on Christmas morning if you wish. Over Fifteen Hundred Sold in Des Moines and Iowa We sell these Victrola outfits faster than any musiral Instrument have ever bc"n .-old lu Iowa. We have placed it In over fifteen hundred liciuta In the past year and a half. a REMEMBER- thjs .tbe genuine Victrola. with handsome record cabinet as s in"in picture the Ideal outfit for hundreds of homes. Order Now for Christmas There will not be enough of these speclat Viutrola outfits to supply the holiday demand. We advise you to rnsar yours at once to avoid possible disappointment. Out-of-town people use this coupon. 3 ft jV.J i -,,,. ' ' 1 s ' ' ' 4 j it i V f " f 1 I IK rl 'M' v 4 if Hrt; 11 l Order Isy Send this II ll Mail. We Coupon II Pav t fM Express Free Trial M II Charges. Offer I I Trt Ki iitrna 1 A M til' uvn n .litn s at Nlhth nu t hklt Mi.n.tny nlk'lit. U'1'--. t'(. brltiK j our f rtfltnti. t.iffl Vournr. Sr . will p art 4xht!t!i venitiK I t.t community i li-ufter- !iti-r hlrct.H l.ifti'H frte. thi- f ui at iiitin auv. Airs. Christine Mtili n. Mrs. rhristine Hulen. si old, died her son services ernoon. a is vesrtlav at the home of Fred K. H uten. Euneral will be hold Tuesday aft- j JOWA'S VICTROLA HEAbUVARTtRS (iltNK A US T, Vlelrtila llrad. iiuatiara, lira llnra, Is.i J S,-ntI mn Free Trial 'iflt r uiul Special A Cltristir.HS tarms on Vti'tii'oi. liutflt CI. T , N'.iire 4 To" ti J a SI it et nr IUiU la . . . uitiiMiiifiiiMMiiMiii. .iirii. nil a ii. nit1 mi un ii ii i ii Mm iii ii.iiini,- ,i .TTrTTTTTT'""" . ." -' ! Jtlin I.. While. John I,. While. :'. 1 years old. I died Dec. 2, 1917. He is survived 1 hv his wife and four little children. Walter Mueller, ll:u r Mowers. ; Zelek Dyer. Dick Turner. Walter j Shaw ami Charley riw at rotioei i actetl as pallbearers, three of whom ' were with him at t'ie time of his , death. Elder TVilliam Ostrander of i the Kevenih Dav Adventist church j preached the luneral sermon. I Sirs. S. C. Keller. Mrs. S. ('. Keller died Sunday Dec. 1917, at the Lutheran bos- nitnl nf fliahetes ! Marv (ictrude Fi niiincton was horn at Ceutei ville. l i . Mav 2S. i 1871. She was innrr-ed in lsftn to j R. Curtis Keller of Mount Am-. In. i Thev lived for n time in southern ! Iowa, then In North Dnkota. and ' for the past seven years have made i their home In tits Moines. I To this union were born seven ! sens, all of whom are livlnn They nre: Neil K'ler. Otn'ha. Neb : j IlurVe and Vance Keller, naval aervlce, (Jreat I.skes Training sta- ; tion: and Ivan, Dean. Harobl and i Maurice Keller, of this cllv. Ite-sltla her hiiabinil end sons, de- oe-i'e survived bv her step-reo'e-, Mrs. M. H. nniuRton of thi city; threo brothers aid oix siste's. The fit ' are: Mrs. p. ! H '---ilk. Ceitervllle, la.: Mrs. II. V. PlmlnR. Os-enln. Neb.: Mrs. J. F. Prltchsrd. I.orimor. Ia.: and Mr", .T J. Cahl'l. M--s I li Ch-se st'd M'"" Mam! Pennington of tb:s r'ty. The brothers are: A. M. PepnjnK'on and 1 M. Penninpton of this city, and M. H. Penninpton of Chicago. Mr. Martha I 1Iji1hI1i Ilnlej. Mrs. Msrfha Elizabeth Htley. "1 years old. wife of (ireenbury Ualey. d'ed Krid-'V evening at her bonie. 200 Dunham avenue. He-sides her husband she is survived by two sons and sin daughter. Funeral services will he held Tues- , "Practical Useful Gifts" for Men and Boys; Are ere In Ataeclaiice a It's been this store's sole purpose for years to supply men and boys with apparel they like best. Our knowledge of their requirements will be great advantage to you in making their selections. Gift Suggestions for Men 3! Sweaters $3.50 to $17.50 I nderwear $1 to $0.50 Fancy Vests . . .$3.50 to $ 1 0 Mufflers 50Mo$7.5O Initial Kelts $1 to $2 Cuff Links. . . 25 to $1.50 Suits $15 to $50 Overcoats $15 to $1-10 Raincoats $5 to $25 Mackinaws . . . .$0.50 to $1 8 Bath Robes.... $3.50 to .$10 House Coats ... $5.00 to $25 Scarf Pins 50c to $1 .00 (Jillette Safety Razors $5.00 (iem Safetv Razors $1.00 Collar Kaars $1.00 to $5.00 Leather Novelties 50r to $7.50 Cigarette Cases $1,001" $3.50 Pullman Slippers $1 00 to $1.50 Travelinn Hags $5.00 to $25.00 I mbrellas $1.00 to $7.50 Walking Sticks 50c4 to $2.00 Fur Caps ... .$3.50 to $15.00 Dress Uoves $1 .00 to $ 4.50 Drivins Cloves $1.50 to $1 5.00 Neckwear . . 50C to $5.00 Handkerchiefs 10Mo$2.00 Gili Suggestions for Boys fW ft. 111! nil i v, c ; p v r MA Ut .W .' ' JJ'rt- 1 Sweaters $1.50 to $0.95 Mackinaws $3.95 to $12.50 Overcoats S2.95 tn $15.00 Knicker Suits $1.95 to $18.00 Juvenile Suits $2.95 to $0.50 Covlr-v Suits $2.00 Indian Suits $1.25 Soldier Suits $2.50 to $7.95 Sailor Suits $2.50 Pajamas $1.00 to $1 .50 ISalh Rohcs SI .95 to $ 1.95 (i'oves and Mittens 50c to $2.50 Leather Kelts 25 v to 50c Combination Supporters 50c to 05c1 Silk Ties 25C to 50c 1 Knit Ties 25c to 50c A f t& 'Hi Sii . . Ui 1 1!. ii; tun mw 1 hit tittf Pf Jim Don't Forget the Boys in Uniform O. D. Wool Sweaters $2.75 to $10 Sheep Lined Coats $12.50 to $35 0. 1). Wool Suits $2S to $10 Regulation Overcoats.. .$30 to $80 Leather Vests $8.50 to $15 Wool Hose 35Mo$0c Military Gloves . . $1.00 to $ 1.50 Woo) Underwear. .$3.00 to $0.50 0. I). Wool Shirts $3.50 to $7.50 Leather Undershirts $0.50 Leather Drawers $7.50 Regulation Ties 25 to 50c Spiral Puttees . . $3.50 to $5.00 VTHE MOD CLOTHES STORE" Leather Puttees Money Kelts . . . First Aid Kits. . Surgical Kits . , Sanitax Sammy '111 i , 1 f i . . iiiiietre aieiy itazors (Jem or Ever-readv Razors $8.00 to $18 50 to $2.00 $1.00 to $1.50 $2.00 to $0.00 Kits .83.50 to 85 $5.00 $1.00 l ipe and lobacco Cases $1 50 Cigarette Cases . . . .50c1 to $3.50 (nvrsati-n Rooks 7rf Soldier's Diary Comfy Kits . . . Tent Tidy ... Leather Kags r5r S1.00to$5.00 -$3.00 $10 to $20 11 "I""!"""" I'll':-"-'.' . ';'::: :'' , , 1 1 1 1 i , : . : ! -: , I : !; ,: i.u ! ! , , l i n ,i' ! , ; i i;,, , i M I i ! u ! I ! M , , h i 1 1 , . S . ! u ! ; n ! , ; i, ! ,' 1 1 : : .: ! i ! ' : , ! ! i i i ! ; J i , ! ,i : ii ,li ! i il day afternoon at 3 o'clock. r

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