The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on November 11, 1917 · Page 25
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 25

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 11, 1917
Page 25
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T THK 11ES MOIXKft TtEfUSTEH: SUXDAVlMOHMSC. XOVIOMIIKli H. 1017. VISIONAL ELEVEN MORMNGSIDE IN NEBRASKA EASILY CRACK TOLEDO TEAM ENTERED MIDWEST MEET Elntries to Midwest Bowling Tourney PLAY IN ST. LOUIS I Play Southern College tars Coached by Dick Ruth ' ford on Dec, IS. fbe divisional footbBll team at up Do.'se. which will hold a 'He practice at the parade unda near Herrold this after-n, will piny a team of southern ege lootbail stars, to be galh-1 and coached by Dick Ruther-1, the date of the coutest hav-been set for Dec. IB. tutherford agreed to get a real in, while here yesterday with Washington university eleven, the DurDose of helnina John L. fflth secure funds with which build a Kymnasluin at Camn dge. St. Louis was chosen as place for the game as It will 1 be warm enoueh there for foot- I in the middle of December. The divisional team's schedule s been changed so that no games e now carded for this month, al-Pugh John L. Griffith is dickers' for some. The contest with the amp Funston team set for next .turday in Omaha has been post-iied until Dec. 1 in the same city. Will Play Here Ihx. 8. The Saturday following that te the Camn Dodge stars will ay the all state college football p nere, ir plans now in me max- materialize Thi. Rnnrtlne edl- I of the local players wilt pick team from state college elevens. ffith has already written all the ools in an effort to secure the emission of the faculty members or their players to participate nouiu any oi tnem be chosen. following the all-star game here he team will play Rutherford's Ueven in St. Louis. The uroceeds y all the games will go toward the Will Practice Todiiy. The divisional team will practice iin we engineers and an eleven rom the Three Hundred and Fif tieth Infantry at 2:30 o'clock this rteruoon. Grifiith s squad Is made ot star players trora this section the country. Among those who ave made the beet showing to date rc tne following: flayer, Minnesota, tarkle; Htn.ham. '.nv.r university and All-llackv Mountain onferenc. tackle; Mahana, Denver unl-erelty. Ruarii: W'ltmer. Kast Llad Alotnea vigu, center; Allannon, t:orneii, tacKie ler. a guard on the enr neerB' teain ent. MornlnKHlde, end; Cart,erry, Aniea, u;, ena on enKllieTa team; 'artle. Minnesota, halfback; Mo.a, Amea, nrterbaek: Movald, Nurth IMiknta Aa- ea, quarterback: itobertaon. Dartmouth KBhroan, fullback ; Harff, Drake, hair- k; Bh.Her. Cornell, halfback; Knun-a. Minnesota Maroons. halfback; Hlmk. St. Paul aemiDro. end: and Mr- lahon. Illinois Normal achool, halfback iti uuarteroaca. INOR LEAGUE EASE- BALL MAP MAY BE CHANGED THIS WEEK COXTtNtlKD FROM PAOB ONE. msslbly two. They favor releasing it players ana starting anew at uie lose of the war on a less expen-ive operating basis. Continuation f present salaries of minor league layers, they contend, is out of the luestion. The unsettled conditions n the minors, however, are not en- irely due to the war in the league n the opinion of Harry W. Btahl- eter, president ot tne central ague. He believes the small, in- xpensive motor car nas seriously ut down the attendance in the mailer cities. hree-I league, will lead a move- iient at tha national nRKnclAtlnn "meeting (or a reclassification of all lulnor leagues and a reduction in he membership of the national loard of arbitration. Tearney wants 1 . . 1. I. : .i... v. j Iit9 iiieinum ii ill ui iuo uuau lashed from its present number of leven to tnree. 1 Ml) .l.WJilJIMUMllMMWWaWM 1 r4' & ) Lh 'vvjvi 1 , " t' 11 ' IS,.' ' " I - I ! f-f ; -i i i i i i i FIERCE STRUGGLE Maroons Hold Strong Notre Dame Team to 13 to 0 Score in Hard Fought Battle. STANDING (LEFT TO RIGHT) WILLIAM DISALVO, FORMER DE S MOINES BOWLER; WALTER DISEL. SEATED FRANK SEIB ERT, LARRY GAZZOLA, GROVE BEIBERT. The Champion Spark Plugs, representing: the Champion Spark Plug company of Toledo, will invade Des Moines Nov. 25 and 26 to compete in the big mid-western bowling tournament. This aggregation which is made up of bowlers who have competed in both local and national tournaments for several years, is now leading the All-Star league, Toledo's major organization. William Disalvo, a member of the Spark Plug five, Is a former Des Moines bowler. The Toledo team in addition to being entered in the mid-western tournament, will compete in the A. b. C, Ohio state and several other lesser tournaments during the 1917-18 season. SIOUX CITY, la., Nov. 10. -Special: An intercepted Morningside forward pass in the second quarter and a aeries of aerial attacks uncorked by the Catholics In the third quarter enabled Notre Dame to defeat Morningside college here this afternoon by a score of 13 tu 0, ftup lha Mornnnl hH. hoM Iha I U4Una , .... .. , anAPalaB. in tha first quarter. The showing of the Methodist team was a surprise even to Its most sanguine followers. Notre Dame was crippled by the loss of three men during the game. Uipp, right half, sustained a broken ankle when he plunged into the fence after a thirty-five yard run in the first quarter, and Phllbin. right tackle, and De Gree, left guard, were put out in the second quarter because of injuries. Catholics' Outer (Jets Ixmvlulovt n. Rydiewski, the giant Notre Dame center, intercepted a Morningside pass in the second quarter and raced forty yards down the field for a touchdown. In the third quarter a series of forward passes enabled the Catholics to score again. Neither sld5 was able to score in the first quarter. Notre Dame kicked off and Dubel received the bail. He tore down the field for thirty-five yards before he was dropped. The Maroons tried a forward pass, which failed, and Johnson kicked a lnug punt. Oipp, the Notre Dame hall back, went around the end for a thirty-five yard gain and sustained a broken ankle when he darted oul of bounds and plunged into a poet. He was curried olf the field. Visitors Iiitcrrept l'as. In the second quarter Phllbin, the Catholics' right tackle, was knocked out and carried from the Held. Afterward tt forward pass netted Notre Dame twenty yards and the easterners punted. Goodrich received the ball on Morningside's 40-yard line. A pass attempted by Johnson was Intercepted by Kydzewskl, the tall center, who ran forty yards for a touchdown. Kydzewskl kicked goal. In the third quarter the Catholics uncorked, a series of forward passes which advanced them to Morning-side's 10-yard line. Branney then went across the goal line. Notre Dame failed on the kick. The lineup: ALL-STABS PLAY MAROONS Local Teams Clash at Western League Park Today. Today's Came Will Be Fourth One Between Rivals. ager Brophy will play at guard instead of fullback. Glen Devine, former West High player, will be used in the backfield in Brophy's place. Ed Beck will be stationed at one of the ends and Stone may get a chance in the backfield. The lineups of the two teams are as follows: The Des Moines All-Stars will clash with the Maroons, local Negro independent team, at the western league Dark this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The two teams are ancient rivals and a close, hard-fought game should be staged. The Maroons and the All-Stars have been practicing hard this week for the contest Sunday and the two maniuters reDort that the players are in good shape. Today's contest will be the fourth one between tne two rivals. The All-Stars will have somewnat of a changed lineup today. Man tiow Long Will a Battery Last? That depends to a tremendous extent on the quality of the insulation between the plates.. It is the insulation that protects the plates from contact with one another from short circuiting a n d perhaps mining the battery. In perfecting Threaded Rubber Insulation, Willard has developed the sturdiest, most durable battery insulation made one which greatly reduces the chances of "broken down" insulation. And this important factor in long battery life is backed up by Willard Service, which will test and fill your battery, regularly, gi"e you good advice in battery care, and offers expert work when you need repairs or recharging. Is Willard Service working for you? OES MOINES STORAGE BATTERY CO. 0715TBST. PHONE WAL 960 t.U. ItlttL,MbK. MAROONS. B. Heaven Mennick Jonnji A dams Wttt.nnott .... Davis WUey B Reeves .... W hit f laid .... i-ewl Johnson T, K. 1,T, L.O. . C KM R.T, R, K Went 'Union RKfrr)?atlon hpre ttil nfter-.ton ii v,v the more uf 104 tu 0. Wfnt I'nlon inttfle firMt down but imcu timing the entire game. The wlnner K a limit groom I throunh the o.jporirtB line uitd aruund i he mi. Kurwanl patwn nlnn iiettpt! the lor a m much Krouml. Murl niHpn, Kill ami Smith surret! fur Alaru lu-Mer, wh:l Art'hir and Tompkins did the best Mork for the loaera. WKT L1BKUTY 34 MOI'NT VERNON 0. AL-Iv-STARH. WKST LIHKRTY, la., N-v. 10 Snorlal: fc.R Rfok I Th Went liberty Hieli nchonl foothall L.T Barrlntfer i tram delf-ated .Mount Vernon Wku here Ij U Brophv 'his afternoon hy the 'neon- of 4 tr O. (," Hariy The Una! nlnyerw mitrlaiiped their heavy lt d Klynn I opponents In every Blae of the name, R.T Locker R K Iaxarus Q.B.iW.R Martin 1,.HUH Aihby R.H. U. If. Oldham-htone K B ( V.B Devtne F0ET SHEEIDAN TO f LAY MetUii Great IikeK Naviil Team on Turkey laj'. CHICAGO, Nov. 10. Arrangements were cbmpleted hers today for a football game at Htagg field Thanksgiving day between elevens representing the officers' reserve training camp at Fort Sheridan and the Great Lakes naval training station. The proceeds will go to the recreation funds of the two services. MACK LOSES ANOTHER Ralph Sherman Kn lints in Ohio Field Artillery. CINCINNATI, O., Nov. 10. Ralph Sherman, one of Connie Mack's young outfielders, has enlisted in Battery F, Third Ohio field artillery, stationed at Camp Sheridan, Montgomery, Ala. After a week's training at Fort Thomas, Ky,( Sherman will be sent south. High School Football KEWTOX 7S FURRY 6. NRWTON, I-, Nov. 10 Special: The Newton Htirh school football t-arn ai-loped the Perry afKrpRa tion hre this afternoon by the one aided Hrore nf 72 to 6. Perry's only touchdown wju" made on a forward pas. Th ftrnng Nw ton backfield gained at will through the nppostnfr lino and time a.ftfr time t he local ends would fo for big gains around the Perry ends. frrrART it hitdterskt 7. STUART. Ja.. Nov. 1U. Special: Stuart Hiirh school defeated tlie Wtnternet arifre-ffatlon han Friday afternoii in a same of football hy the scorn of "a to 7, The losern out wished Stuart but were unable to sain a round. MARMMM.TOW V sTl-OSKAIiOOA 7. MARSHA I.XTOVV, la.. Nov 10 Spe-Ots.1; The Ma-rshalltown Hiph school foot-hall team continued 1n the runninir for the state c ham plon ship this sfternoon when it defeated the Onkatooaa- agKrcga-tion here by the acorn of 1't to T Oaka-looea scored In the last half of the game when lien ley Interrupted a triple pass and ran fhlrty-ftve yards for a touchdown. Marnhalitown scored fourteen points in the first period on straight football. I)ixon, Whitehlll and Smith ere the stars for the winners, while Packer played a food game for Oekaloos. NORWAf-K WV KARI.HAM 7. NORWAF.K, le-, Nov. 10 Special: The local high school football team defeated Karl ham High here Kriday n.f ternoon hy the score of AO to 7. JThe visitors scored their touchdown at thP start but the )o-cals game bark strongly and outclassed their rivals during the remainder vt the game. (HKKOKKK 7 IDA t.UOYK 0. CHKltOKKK. la. Nov. 10. Kpertal: The Therokce High tchool football team won Its seventh straight victory of the ena eon tills afternouii wh.-n it defeated" the Ida t.mve team by lh score of 7 t'i 0 Tlie local eleven won the ymne un line plunges and forward passes. AU.WH 10 M A.SSKNV 1. ADA lit, la., Nov. 1 it Special : Adnir defeated Masscna .n Muhwii in a fust gam by a scoro V) to 7. A drop kick liy McKvery in tti two minute. -f play decided thu cunlcst. i';i)tnlii Maynrd, riKht halfback of tlie Adnir (cum. will bo out of the grime fur Dim n-st -f t ho season due to a. brokvti arm imelved In the contest. KOONK m-UKIOTKR ( I TV 0. HOONK, la . Nov. Jii Special: The local high school tier eat d We hater City High her Una i.fternonn hy th score of 1 0 to O. The. hx alH were lucky but lby outplayed the visitors during niofrt of the gjime. N'exl wet-k tho locals play Mar-fltialilown, I.BON JSOM.'KOK 0. liKOV. Ia., Nov. 10. Hper-lHl : The loft, high school team, which defeated Osceola at UeeOla this afternoon by the score of 13 to 0, wains a game for Saturday, Nov. 17. To afrangt game write athletic director, Iecii High uiliool. IXXiAV t5 CAKKOIX 7. ! IjOCSAN, , Nov. It). Special: Iogan ; defeated Carroll h-re this afternoon by a score of !." to 7. Jjogan's scure bh made : by a safety and a touchdown by Carson in the sei-ond quarter and a touchdown by I Stearns In the third quarter, Carrol! scored in th fourth quarter, Galloway taking the 1 ball over. STORM JAKK tl MII.KI1U 0. HTOHM l.AKK, la., Nov J n. Special : Storm Iake High took an easy game from Mliford today, 7 to u. At no time were the viHltors dangemuH, and lifter the firat half eve i y su lel itute on t he. Storm t.uke nquad ns Riven n chance. Ciptnln Holier ts. Webb, Hertenhaugh. i'arash and Kuote started for the local. NOTKK HA UK It i M uHINtlSI UVtT tt " Ij. E.J f. K Menefee L. 1 ( I. (1 Heck Rxlaew.kt (O. .-,(',!.- Swart? Madigan .. ,.R, il. H. o jj0ry Millbln R. T I It. T . w.i,f Kn R. K.j K. K . . . Nortlirup )c Allison H y. H ")ubel V Goodrich ' randy H. H j ft, H 'ohnson filler . . . .. . . . .K H K. H Hinckley Subsiituttons tirnith for fiipp. Andrews for He ;ree The suinijiary Touchdowns, flrdiewaki. Smith. Time of ounrters Kifteen minute official wuimley of 8t. Marya, referee: Graham of Mirhigan, umpire, Oarherry of Iowa, head linesman. B0YD"S DROP KICK WINS CLOSE GAME TOR AMES 10 TO 7 ONTIrKDlTU).H I'AGE ONK. Vanderloo was forced to punt, how-pver, and booted the ball to lie 10-ymd line. Vulla.o (i.'U Tiuirliiliimi. Clarks attempted to punt at once, but someone on the loft Bide ot the Cyclone line it looked like Darker broke 'through and blocked the kick, the ball bounding back of Ihe goal line where Wallace fell on it for a touchdown. Aldrich kicked an easy goal. It was said to be the first punt the Aggies have had blocked this Reason. The Kansana started on their way to tie the score in the last part of the same period. A fumbled punt by Aldrich started the trouble, although he succeeded in recovering it after it had rolled for a sixty yard kick. Vanderloo punted and the visitors ran theball back to their 45-yard line. Two bucks put the ball on Ames' 33-yard line when the period ended. The first play In the second quarter was a forward pass which netted twenty yards. It then required four bucks to make the touchdown. Sullivan carrying the oval over on the final plunge. The kickout was negotiated safely and Itandels kicked goal, tying the count. IViyd Makes l,nn Run. The remainder of the period was played nn even terms, Ames having ft. When Your Motor Misaea Try 9 AfflNfW t r STABIC PLUQt AfflnUr Sprt FfeMi will mr motor run h aJJ othan lU. will maaa eatflar rardng. gw mm pwr vi Urn as. tin anrar tbnaftkj. ac4 (Uakar alca na than anr atkar foart ftlag. baretof ore kauwm.Tay wOl tua baaauaa Lhry art bolit on alartrkal princtplawrT applied tnspark pint. iawf save rou muca, rwti soiawra flta Try Mt and km, mtt, mm A 8pKrll Tyxs twm Tow Mcaar Qm SSSW .ikikMMk. HICAI, I.ABOHA '"OHIKJI f OMI'AN V Distributors tor I'olk to. UU-tllR Loenat t. COI.FAX e HKXTER 1. COI,FAX. la.. Nov. 10 Special: Colfax eicily defeated the Dexter football eleven hers Friday afternoon by the score of 26 to T. Captain Hauener played the bet game for the winners. Dexter got Its only tnarhdown on i fumal", Colfax has the nxt two weeks open and would like to arrange gam-a lth any first rliai high srhrml atrifregi Hon in ths tMe. Write or wire fv-rlntndent 8. A. Potts, Colfax, la. III BI'QL'K fil OKI.U K1N 8. DimUQlfK. la.. Nor. 10 Hpeelah A!-ihourh nutwelrh'-d ten nounda to ihe man. the Dubuque team pur-reded in defeating the Oelwein aggregation. 51 V . hre ; this afternoon. Wolirs anl Kad'Kki , were the best ground gainers for the win - 1 nera Welters made a touchdown from j ihe kirkoff, running nineiy-fiva yard for j the score. Dubuque attempted nineteen forward passes snd fifteen of them were good. FAIHFIF.I1 TKNTF.HVIM.K . FATItKIKLD, Ja.. Nov. tO Hperlal : In a hard fought game here this afternoon the Fairfield High srhool football team defaied the ("entervllle aggregation by the score of 7 to 0, The winners used gtrsight frwjthalf to make their touchdown. White of Fairfield was the tar of tha contest. AUTOMOBILE LAUNDRY The Clean Car la the Prosperous Car LARGEST WASH RACK CAPACITY AND EQUIPMENT IN IOWA VOIR CAR PROPERLY CLEANED $1.00 THE BROWN GARAGE a . 4th and Chestnut Sts., 0pp. Brown Hotel Walnut 1090 Ed. 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Sioua (7it Han fords, Iawkej- Tmeka Ho Kent a. Waterloo White Sides. Uanahl Broth ers Winner. S I). Ttead's Winners. ltartletsvllt. Okla Hex. lJubuque VicL lolsr & TUHI. Aberdeen, S. P. Jtadlson. Milwaukee Marlon ltandly, Uun-Werners. Lincoln. Neb, Lincoln Claartiera & Dyers Boone. la. Hide -a-Wee Fori Iodge tj -p urn City. Freruont. Neb lie m s aik-ys, Fremont Candv Kuchvn. Clntnnatl tiarry Herrmanns. Manning, la. Manning, 1. Cedar I'.aplds, la. Note Tha fotlowtng liava wlreJ that their entrien are In tha matt: laogan, Iowa. team. Atchison, Kan., team. St Joseph, Mo. -Huffs, le. IHghUna, 111. H.ghisii.l. Marshall town Mayflower. Thrt local teami follow St rota Hla-a, Ames Slara, Kltseman Stars, Ite- tor 1,uti' h, Mornwn Tail company. Alexandria Amue- inent fompany. King A mukviiie nt COfiipn, irUious!1, t he I t lea, Chann-er ot " ii)nr- Vniiilcr imrners. ! Moines waier lompany, Welch l'rinling ooinpAr.y. Amend Jlrothi. Toggery HUop. 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Ft on Batrv Uogcrs H-l-i. Irani Hotel, I'uily "apUal I C. Taft Company Dealers. V. M. C A., Commercial Savings Hank. I,. N Ham ma us. the ball on Ita own 20-yard line when time was railed. I'll' AgKiog had slightly the butter of tho punting dviel that took place early in the third quarter, but later Amea uncorked a stronger offensive, nnd asBiBted by a thirty-six yard return of a punt by Hoyd. Clarke's fumble of a punt which Harker recovered and a Bhort forward p;ms, were threatening when time was called. It was early In the next period that Hoyd had Ilia first chance for a field goal. The playing of two linemen, Wallace at center and barker ut guard, was the outstanding feature of tho entire contest. Hoth wore in nearly every play on the defensive and they were ably supported by Shoemaker. Aldrich was the best of the Ame backfield men. The work of the two Aggies' ends, and especially of Captain Itandels, featured the visitors' play, but Clarke and Sullivan also played well. 5,000 I'erwonN He Gajtie. A crowd estimated at 5,000 person saw the game, which was the first ever played between the two agricultural colleges. The Iowa .Slate bend and the famed Ames quartet were on the Job to entertain the spectators: The lineup and summary: All 106 10. Hre.dan Hararr WallRCK .. Hho.tnakpr S.h.ik ... Jaar .... IloyJ Johnaoii Alrirlih . V.niltTlrtO , .1. K.l I.. K. .1. T.IU T. . . L,. (i.l I ti., KANSAS- 7. Hah (Via B. J'l.k ... tiala Ayu KmU . WhtMlnn .... Key. .. Chirk,' . ... Mlinla ftulllvan I,. I'tarrk . n. ii I n. u. . .11. T.'K. T.. . It. K.l II. 1C. . .J. II.! W. H. . .1.. H.K H. . K. II. I II H. F. B ir. II. KulHlltutUina llaraou.) for I I'lac-k, Kairinan fur llurwoo1. for .lohn-on, I'aul for Nnal, M'Farlani1 for ri.i,l. Hummary Touhilowria Wallaia. Sullivan; Kuala ajler loin lidowa, Huyd. hail Ifla; drop ki'-k. lloyil. ilffli-lala Kefrra, TAehran of Kanna. rny AllllMIc flub: umplrw. IJrtffilh ot Ili-loll; tieadlineMiuan, llrdgi ot Dan-mouth. QUAKERS BEAT DARTMOUTH Penn Outplays Opponents at Every Turn. HOSTON, Nov. 10. The University of Pennsylvania football eleven defeated Dartmouth 7 to 0 today on Braves field. Rtrauss, the Pennsylvania halfback, was pushed over the Dartmouth goal line In the final period, following a march down the field by the Ited and blue backs. Berry kicked goal. Dartmouth was outplayed during every period. Pennsylvania held the ball during most of the play and the Dartmouth goal line was constantly in danger. Herry missed three easy chances to score field goals, one attempt from the 2S-vard line failing bv inches when a brisk wind blew tho ball aguuibt a goal post. armyWwithIarlisle Oliphant and Knight Star in 28 to 0 Victory. WKST POINT, N. Y Nov. 10. The Army had an easy time with the Carlisle Indians today, winning by 2S to 0 in u panic, whilh was marked by long runs by Hight End Oliphant and Center Walker and Left Hulf Herman. Oliphant played only the first period for tho Army and during that time scored both touchdowns and kicked tho goals. The Indians got to the Army's 26-yard lino In tho second period, but tho quarter ended before they could do any damage. Fullback Iroy tried a fleia goal irom uu Cornhuskers Gain Ground Al most at Will and Grab Game by Score of 52 to 0. LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. 10. The Cniversity of Nebraska football team today won Its first game in the Missouri Valley conference 1917 race hy defeating the University of Missouri team bz to u. The game was Nebraska's from the first and- the Missourians were at no time dangerous. Schellen-berp Dobson and Mi Mahou for Nebraska quickly solved the Missouri defense and gained consistently on almost evory play they were called upon to carry the ball. Toward the e'nd of the first half Nebraska began calling in substitutes and at the finish the local team was almost entirely second string men. A seveuty-fl' " ' 1 on a returned punt IK,;' ; ' ; -suiting In a touchdown for -ika and an end run of fifty-twMtf.Ords by Schel-lenberg, followed by a sixteen yard dash by MrMahnn for another touchdown were features of the first period. On the touchdown by Mc.Mahnn. Dobson kicked out from the coiner of the field and Nebraska forfeited its chance for a Kick goal. Munn kicked goal on the second touchdown. On the third play of the second period, with the ball on Missouri's 14-yard line, Schellenberg skirted tho end for the third touchdown and Munn kicked the goul. KcliellenlxTg tSlars. After a few plays following th kickoff In which Schellenberg and Dobson hit t lie .Missouri line for substantial gains almost at will. Dobson swung around Missouri's right end for sixteen yards and a touchdown. The kick out was wild and Nebraska forfeited the chance to kick goal. - Schellenberg refloated for a 45-yard gain shortly after, and a minute later went through for 3 yards and nnother touchdown. Dobson failed at goal. Schellenberg got an- 42-ysrd line In the third period, but j other touchdown on a line plunge ana uobsoU' kicked goal. Huh Continue Scoring. In tho third period, with a team made up largely of second string men Nebraska continued scoring uimfist at will. Schellenberg returned to the game and started with a 60-yard run and followed with a touchdown. Kellogg failed to kick goal. McMahon scored another touchdown and Kellogg kicked goal. The fourth period showed the closest contest of the game, and the ball seesawed between the 25-yard line through a large part of the quarter. Nebraska was playing easy and was using many subs, content to hold the Missouriuns scoreless. This period was the only one lu which Nebraska did not score. The lineup and summary: NKHKAKKA 12 I M1KSOUh74 Rho.lva Ij. B.IU K Klubh.r . . . 1 T. 1 T . . . ..U 11:1.. O. . Hight Tackle Knight blocked the kick. Oliphant. aided by Knight In the Interference, ran fifty-five yards for the Army's first touchdown. Knight put out five would be tacklers on the journey to the goal line. It was the best piece of work seen on the Army's field this year. The pair broke loose again a moment later and ran forty yards before they were halted on Carlisle's 20-yard line. AllXl'fjli I CAlil jn'L"i-: n. Maroli I.. K Ht V. H)ll,ay IMrkHnii I & T. It. T Klm,huni Yrugor Uti.lR. II I. C.o.llri'y Pulelfor C U F. Walk.r Allama It. tl.ll,. II If. Uonfrcy K Mailt II. T.'U T loaea. lmmlnoy It- K Nor! Murrlll ij. H 'IJ. It , Mllea Malm Ij. II. H III. H. II Mloaau W'hka It. II. H I. M H Herman OMiihant V. I. If - H I, Toy sora by uerloilt,: Armr 14 0 T 7-I 0 0 0 0 for ultlhant. Summary Arniy aoorlnir. touilolowna, olipliant 2. WIi-hb V: aolH from touchdown, tlllphiint 2. liaril.H i. i ilfu-lala 11,-fori a. Murpdy of llrown ; vttni,ir', loinu'lly of Trinity; hpaut ilnea-iiiau, Aniirtiwa of Valp. Thno of H.rlmla 'rwtlve mlnuta each. Grltl Team Aftrr (tune. The Campus Cyclones want to arrange out of town games Willi a fast team averaging 135 to 140 pounds. Write Koy Hartley, 1S20 Mondamln avenue, or call Drake 4S0R. .tM .11. fi.lll. fl. . R. T H. T. .11. K ill. K. 1 II U. It. .11. II Ut. II . . .n r h.Ii.. h. . ii. p. b. Chilt.niien .... lrry Kolb Ktrapatrlck . . . . Kwlnff . . . Marahall . . , . . . I'ollln. . Kilwarda Klder M unit liittail . , . . Iiav Wil.ler . . .. K riwinny.r lloliku . . Hrli-llfnltarr ,l-Maltou liohaon . t'ouk .... Soro liy periods; Vi'liraaka Mlawuri ....-.. 0 0 tl 0 Htiinliift! y Nflirnak a .coring: Toofh-dowii... h.llrnbarir 4, lobiMn. McMahon 2. i.-.tok; Koala rroin louciiiiown, Munn t, Dobaon. Kolloair. f fleiulM ItrfiT... F. Il, Birch of Karl-ham; Hintilra. A. (1. Held of MlohiKan. Thno or ,.rloda--Klfttcn mlntitna .ach. DHD BBB 000 CDC 00 BBB DC10 DOB BOB BBB Sensible People Buy The QRANT SIX $875 f . o. b. Cleveland THE Grant Six is a car that sells to substantial folks; to people whose standing in the community is known and does not need to be bolstered by ostentation. The owners of Grant Sixes arc mainly those modest, quiet people who buy sensibly and avoid extravagance. They get a car that they know is creditable in appearance and satisfying in use. They go about in their Grant Sixes every day in the year. Their lulls for gasoline, oil. tires and garage service are extremely low and they get more real satisfaction than most owners of heavier and more expensive cars. The Grant Six with its 35 h. p. overhead- vaJve engine, its full-floating rear axle, its splendid electrical equipment, its cantilever rear spring, and other features of high-grade construction, is a car that is equivalent in every respect of cars costing $300 or 400 more. Irs sales record proves this. Wt arge you to compare tht GRANT Six carr fully with any other cart you have in mind. DES MOINES GRANT CO. Distributors 1118 West Locust St., Des Moines, Iowa nrw,priiMT 1 1 .I, I -jjjj-F"'! Hi'" imswii pi iii ' JJ1' -m&fa3S'1 i V- 10 MawI It :j .''' -. . .;i.. 4..U 'ifTn r t Auto Repair u flg(r fc 11 '-iiii.wmii.ii '.mm im. MANCHESTER to4 WIWT I'NIOV . MANf!HKflTEKlf la.. Nov. J .-, pecla I : LEArOMAMrLAlBORNECO Tbc lanchater I even overwhelmed the .jiMial ata. Uaa Malaaa la. f sawf- i ii i m

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