The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 18, 1935 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, February 18, 1935
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AM rrHT7 A TTV STATE Mry Volume 23 Number 87. Clinton, Indiana, Monday, February 18, J 95 Telephone hi and iI7 Price litre CeoU. NEW Around The Town Sidelight n Clinton EvroU v Othered by the Staff end Written fr'ue ltopartmenra T'vat WoM in .out that a bigger au'i belter floor show than lust year I' in ptore for patrons of the dinto' Volunteer fire Department's annua rtunne, to be given at the Coliseuw Thursday evening of this week. And that in saying a lot, M wine admitted y those who say th entertainment produced a year g by the puplla and friends of NiU: Leonard Cooper. Mrs. Cooper again will direct the entertainment till-year, it is announced. Tickets and rossrved tabloa for i lie affair-whlch we are informei: are Belling fast may be secured from any member ot the department, Farm Mop Gather Many persons of Clinton and vicinity Shave 'this, week received invitations to attend the twenty-third annual convention of the Indiana motherhood of Threshermen and iarm power machinery users at the Hotal Spencer,. Indianapolis, Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 20 and ' 21, Among those to receive invita-. tione are 'William Voikel of Perrys-ville, George H. RobertB of Newport, Ira Richards of Hillsdale and i Cash Parker and ,L. B. Houchin, ; both of .Dana. Custom threshermen and users of (arm power machinery from every section of the tate wiU discuss pro-- QtuMtuimtfm Page 6; " Misunclerfctandinsr in Contract Cut Profit Of Lgion Production Due to expanses which had not lioen anticipated and a contractual misunderstanding with the producing company, net proceeds of the American Legion's recent .musical t-xtiavaganza, "Craay Polities," were smaller than sponsors of the show had poped for, it was announced today.- Legion officers, however, ox-pressed satisfaction with the general success of the venture. Cho ue Organized m County Under FEE Organization of choruses in Newport and Cayuga is being sponsored by Miss Lucille Curtis, FEB dramatics teacher, who last year was music supeFViaor at Wiley High School. Miss Curtis waB graduated from Indiana State Teachers College and has had six years teaching experience. A mined chorus is to be organised noon In Clinton under her direction and she also is planning to conduct a baud and orchestra here. Anyone intereBted In these projects are to get in touch with Miss Tamil Lahti, county FEB school director. Parke County Fair Official Are Named ROCKVILLE Parke County Fair Association officers were elected last week at the annual meeting at the Odd Fellows Hall. Everett Met'lain of Greene Township named pregidet, succeeding Fred UelleB, also of Greene Township. Lawrence McAllster of Florida Township .was elected vice president and Walter Wtinmer of Adams Township, secretary -treasurer. Departnieut superintendents who will serve with the .officers as the board of directors were named a? follows: Beef cattle, Still man Gof(, Adams Township; dairy cattle, My-ron Pickett, peuu Township: horses, .Kverett 1cW.ul)on, Washington Township; swine, Charles Burnett, Adams Township; sheep, Virgil LSmlley, Greene Township; poultry. Ulersbel Bain, Union Township; ;rm produce, Russell Mendenhali, Lnberty Township; domestic art, Mrs". . Guy Harmless. Rockvllle, and fioy and Girls Clubs, J. O. Mc- Jiarifuo, county agent. LIQUOR LAWS Supreme Court EXT El A mmmf TO 4 DECISION ' FOR JjEW DEAL Give Outright O, K. to Legislation Eliminat ing Gold Payment Clauses; Other Case Thrown Out WASHINGTON - (U.PJ m il'lie I'nitd States Supreme (ouri hauded .down Its momentous derision on tlte gold cunt, approving and protecting Hie Kew IMm inoiiiuirv policies by a 5 to 4 vote of tlic Jiuttloub. SPlie .coiut gave outright approv-Hi to legislation which olimiimled gold payment clause from nil private boitdt. It threw out other build wluoli Mmglit Ao lut this legislation as applied to government bonds. assenting justices were it liiof Justice Oliarles Ji. Mugiu. Louk Brandies, Harlan stone, Owen RoboitK and Benjamin Cardoso. Those dissenting wore Jus-lioea Sutherland, Van llovunlflr, Jlutltv awl McK uolds. Mrf, Catherine Carli, 6L Pies at JBicjknelJ Irs. Catherine Carli, 61, wite of Joe Carl! of Bicknell, formerly of Clinton, died Friday night following a short illness of pneumonia. Mrs. Carli died while being taken to tho Bicknell hospital, it was reported. She moved away from here about ,16 years ago. Airs. Cjirll's husband in a brother of the late Sante Carli, husband of Mrs. Christina Carli of Clinton. Surviving besides her husband are four daughters, Mrs. Flora Ave of Bicknell, Mrs. Dora Walch and Miss Eleanor Carli of New York City and Mrs. Evelina Freddo of Columbus, O., and several nieces and nephews in Clinton. Funeral services will be held at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning at the residence In Bicknell. Several Clinton persons wtll attend. THE WEATHER. INDIANA: Kostly cloudy tonight and Tuesday, probably light rain or snow .central and north portions tonight; slightly warmer south por tion tonight; somewhat colder Tues- j day. Mrs. Mary Howard is Honored by Dinner on NinetyFirst Birthday Honored with a dinner yesterday In honor of her 91st birthday anniversary, Mrs. Mary Howard, 13111 South Fourth street, today rTtaflcd seieivil Instances of Civil War days. The most outstanding event she remembers is the famous Morgan raid near Corydon, where she then lived, at which time the residents were terrllled, many seeking shelter, Mrs. Howard's shelter being under a ed, she confesses. While Mrs. Howard is active for a person of her age, she cannot remember events which have happennd recently as well as she can recall incidents in her childhood days. She was born near Corydon in 1843, the daughter of Iawson and Sarah Ann Cooper. On September 22, fS61, her marriage to D. S. Howard took place at New Albany. After the Civil War they moved to Rockvllle. where Mr. Howard was agent for th Singer Sewing Machine Company f a number of years. He died three years ago at the age of 90. Mrs. Howard, with her aon, Frank, ha lived In Clinton the past live years. She is the oldeBt of Parke County Civil War widows. J las 6 Children Mis. Howard has five children, , JS . ..... ,.. .. ' V, S. BOWLING ALLEYS OPEKEO !!i CITY Recreation Long Absent from Clinton Now Established in Bogart Building Another .pvtri. of darknene od Main Street became enlivened today when the Clinton Duek-PUi Bowling Alley entaljUnhed Uh HeuduuarterB in the Bogai't building, formerly oc-t.'iiuied by the Northui Indiana Light . Power (puipany, j Three alleys have been iiwtauou by A. R. HaiiiiHon, former reldeni of i-UilHboro, 111., who now lives in Clinton. Hamilton and his partners, E; E. iMattlngley iud W. Packard, opeiute ft string of 24 sets of alley is in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. The new recreational center will have its opening tonight when local women keglen will have opportunity to try their hand ul one of America's favorite indoor sports free of charge. In the future the alley will be open to 'th public from 10 o'clock p. hi., until Jl o'clock p. m., A fee of 10 centH a line will be charged. E03 RJULBOAO FREIGHT PEP01 Two robberies, in which loot wae obtained in hut one, today were reported to Clinton police. Approximately $30 worth of merchandise was stolen from the freight depot of the C. & E. I. railroad here. No loot was obtained by thieves who broke into the offices of the River Hide Mills last night. i , ' Charles Howard of New Loudon, O., Mrs. Carrie Leonard of St. Louis, .Mo., Miss Mae Howard of San Francisco, Miss Nellie Howard of Evans- I tint, uu rii-kiin, at ijuuur, fiiauu' children and 25 great-grandchildren. The dinner yesterday, as a surprise to Mrs. Howard, was given at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs. George Jardine of Soulh Third Street. Songs were broadcast over WBOW yesterday morning from the Methodist Temple, dedicated lo the honor guest. In the afternoon Mrs. Howard lilockman and 4-year-old daughter. no 4-year-oia aaugmer. n. of Tern, Haute, sau, ,d Kd Sluer of Terr- Margaret An solo?, as did Haute and Sl' Jardinf. Other guests at the dinner wert-Mrs. Ed cooper of San Diego. Cal.: .Mrs. Mabel W illiams of Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Edar (.'ooperi Mr. and Mrs. Ed Slusser. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Dlockman and daughter, Mrs. Ann Cooper and sons. Frank and Frederick, Miss Liela McKee. Fred Kine-man and daughter, Miss Murjorh-ot Tel re Haute, Mrs. L. M- Boughtou and Frank Howard of Clinton. Mrs. Howard received a number of gifts and flowers. i I y v.. i, v f , ! i ' ' , . . ' .r r - f .! m. . . .. . ..). -i,. ' ' AWAITS GOLD DECISION W 4 ft The Sew jeul moi.ouiy r;p,inni was ui Make 'today a the lupUil i.jitt bitNUie9 uroiiouilj 4iiiJ an rvin'ot'jtl jul'jig tvy the I nitod SuiU'ii Si:j'i-uie tiiu-i, h1h. ji -a bote In the fifl nhotot'.rnph tnke-n H the tod in m sii'JH, on vlifthei' ojire itiul toniivli Uunnl authority tW u'huvtm H p((Utiut'h to pa) H toid. Ai!-.etbwih I tiu roiul, Ut U) 'iuitf, are Jits-Lilies KobeMfc, iJu'lor, lit-nadeis. an Jicvtttiie-j', i iiii Jun'.u-t' JHuti'U. Sytlit-rlahd, Hone nnd , at doii- COIL IKDOT POKB Capitol It S;ene of Important Conf" D-. for K'.uiriinoiis Fields Week Miners and mine operators in the Clinton field, with others throughout the nation, this week will keep anxious eyes on Washington whore two major problems of the industry are up for consideration. They are negotiations for new wage contracts for 650,000 miners and a congressional bill to regulate the industry as a public utility. Tomorrow operators and spokesmen for the United Mine Workers j of America sit down to bargain the new wage scale to come after the existing agreements expire at midnight on March 31. Regulation JProposed Tuesday n Senate subcommittee takes up In hearings the bill by Senator Guffey (D), Pennsylvania, designed to permit regulation of the bituminous coal industiy as a public utility and described as the most drastic measure ever proposed for the Industry. When the wage conference gets under way tomorrow afternoon, only the Appalachian region will be represented despite the faet that for the first time in history, all thi union's contract with hltuminou: operators expire simultaneously. However, coal men explain the Appalachian conlerence, rtpresenting about 70 per cent of the nation's soft coal tonnage, will "set the pace" for the rest of the Industry. Hours and wage standards fixed by this group will form the basis for contracts with operators in the Alabama, Illinois, Indiana and western fieds. Informed sources said there was , substantial prospect the union would move for elimination of wage I differentials between the North and i South, by extension of the 5 daily basic wage throughout the industry, j nnMODrPC TflflfiY yyyriLwO I UUfl I HKSATK Meets at noon to receive Piesi dein's NBA uifebaatje. Continues public work. relief bill. Munitions committee quiry into nlwpbuildin,-' conttiMies m-eonli acts. Meet. at noon to reccr dent's MHA mebsae. Debates Con nail y "hot with pabisage indicated PP roves Gold PolicyfSS Ttty' Si--;i : NAZIS BEHEAD WOMEN SPIES Society fJeatKy, friend, j .Executed by Axe A Traitors to Germany EK R LI X .-(U.R) - --BaionoKK Beiiha J Von Berg,: jii aoeieiy beauty pt' sui- pus.-iing charm, and Frau Kenate Von j Naimer, were executed today tor i espionage in heiialf ot! a foreign i wLaie, it wan announced on moat re-j Uuble authority, i It wan believed the women died beneath the headimm'fe axe ip the eourt of Ploetzeiitie Prison, doomed1 ior complicity in the Sosnowski ea-! plonage case which has been matter j tor widespread dWHisttion tor ft year ' an one of the most fantastic ever un-j covered. i It had been known they were wait-j iiiK tor deuth after their tormi bfciiceme ti.atiuday in the dreaded i People's Courl; thttt they were -to he ! beheaded in the manner reserved tor i traitors. j InfoniiMion Withheld During the weekend political police took extraordinary precaution afiainat leaks from the prison. AH possible informants were threatened with severe punishment if they -divulged information. But found Berlin, iu society circled where the beautiful blonde earonesfl moved; fil the homes of relatives (tnd 'friends there .circulated word that they would go out from their cells at dawn today to -mount the see ff old. hear the state's attorney say: "Executioner, do your duty!" And in their final moment of conscientiousness. visualize the broad-bladed battleaxe above neckft that had flashed jeweh but now were shaved for the block. This morning primmer authorities admitted there hud been executions. They refused to .say how many or even to reveal the sex of the subjects. Then came to the United Pros Irom a most reliable source the statement, that both the baroness and J-'rau Von Natzmer had been x-ecuied. It wo said also that Adolf -Hitler, leaving the women to their doom a traitors to the third Reich, had lIt Berlin for Bavaria, probably during i he weekend. ARREST 2 1'EII FOB ASSAULT Two ca-ie.s of assault were pend-irif; in f'ity Court here today, fol-hiwintr tiling of diaries agaiisl Albert Wilson and Robert MontKom-ry. both of wbom wre held in jail. VVilBun is nlkfed to have assaulted bis mo! her. Montgomery his wl(e. liotli were reported te have been in-loxicatt-tl. Tvo other nitn received flneH &u& sentences lor intoxication la City Court Saturday. Adam Maer was sentenced tu lt days in the county jail and fined ,1 and cortts, whil1 Nelson Vice received a suspended sentence of !0 days and was 'fined $5 and tosti OPQ5ED .Elevator Strike Threatens Tie-Up Of N. Y. nusitiM Of N, Y, Business 'EW YOHK ( CP) Impatient i bcilditig service employes today j opiu-d 'he first phase of a atrike I clsir u' d to Mit off ell elevator j !iv:ispona'loti ip New York Ctty't; i ftimoun i.kywrapers. j One Hu.kout at the 24-story I'rickeu building In Kroadway 'K amhori.ed by the union as a iea I of strength and a demonstration rf j what would happen to this city of skyscraper oftice buildings and j aparl ment houses If Its million' j were forced to walk up from six toj almost 100 flights of Rtaiis to get 4.0 ' f ff'i'.ea or homes. The city administration of Mayor F. H. IaUuardia, Booking with the j aid of the federal government :t! end the threat of a complete stop- page, .called full police strength to t stand by and ordered firemen tp be ready to supplement the police. May tie JJinastrou Officials feared that the atrike, if . effective, might be the most disas trous In the city's history. At the Brickop building "test," the. lobby was fltitekly Jammed o overflowing by rowds of office workers who debated and divided on the puestio.n of whether to wlk up -or go home. .In the street, traffic was snarled Ip the congested garment district. Several hundred plekeia and & many employes of firms An the I DUlluiug umicu vy. .wje o.o.tw4. j Some en pleyos went homei th-! ers. grunihling loudly, started climb-lng up the atairs. Some carried their punches. At every .landing little groups stood matching hlr breaths and .discussing the chances of getting elevators back n operation ;lp time for lunch. HOliT 18 COHViCTS L'l PRISON BREAK Officers Search Two State in Attempt ito Caotuie Eacaped prisoners , GRANITE, Okla-dP) Peace I omcers, auginontea oy myuuuvuw-1 and a radio equipped airplane, searched highways, by-roada and farmland in southwestern Oklahoma and Texas today for &8 convicts who shot .their way out of the state reformatory yeaterduy. There were in the ang -that ! overpowered a guard, a urged -to the main gate and shot and killed Poter ' Jonee. 60, a tower guardsman. Three were caught. A touith returned voluntarily, saying he bad been forced to take part in tb,; break. 1 Leader of the break wan danger- i ous Maloy Kuykendall, red-haired desperado who at 21 has fought two gun battles with officers and broken jail before. j Officers believed the criminal! were well scattered, and theii , uirrh hb.'lb corresnondlngly wide spread. At dawn Sheriff Stanle, Kogers of Oklahoma City resumed , observation from tue air, aeuuiui. reports to ground parties by radio. Woman Kirocus iiearch . Mrs. Ueorge A. Waters, onl I woman prison warden in the United KUtes. remained at her offices di recting the search. Her adminlstra tion already is under investigation, and her removal has been demanded. Yesterday's break was expectec to precipitate another inquiry. Chief Deputy M. R. Galllon, prob-pbly prevented escape of the entire prison population of f50. With the siren blasting out warning, and the group led by Kuykendall fighting past Jones, who wai shot off lite watch tower, Galllon ran to the gate with a shotgun. Behind the first WUve oi prisoners came another, then another. H" halted them, forced them to return to cells. THK TKMi'KKATI-'BK by The Oliutonian thermometer: 8 u. in , 32; noon, 47 PRESEIIT SETUP jMealure WouW Repeai ! Control Act, Legalize Sale by Drink; Remove Importer System, Ban Roadhoute, Night Club INWANAi-'OUe Mfi -The d-uiliiistiation's liquor Wll, drafted afljor mouths of atuily and drastlcal-4y revising the present syatew, was announced today by Goveruor Paui . V. McNutt. It Is jtpect,ed to tie introduced to the Houa today, briefly, the meaBure would: J.T-Jiepeal the present control act. t. --Provide tor strict regulation. .Abolish the improper evsieni. .-.-Remove the jnoocpo.Ilatic wholesale system. 5. legalize sale of Ii9uor y drink. .-sProvide titate-wide .closing hours according to population. Abolish roadhouses ud rural pight clubs. 8. -Create a .full term bi-partisan commission of three with 4roa lowers to issue and revoke license and promulgate rules. .-yest an .excise f.orc.e wi uU police powers. X)iituuiod ua Page ALTER KUMBERS OF SEVEIJ STATE ROADS IKWAN'APCHJS - U - geveu changes in state highway numbers to avoid conflict with .federail ;oad numbers wore .announced today by the State JUighwa lommisslon. iTUe .new diiarklntia liuclpded lea-iguatiou .of two new ,1'. . highways, extensions .of two others and -renuui-tx.ring of state 4oads. 'J'liey 4oclu(t-ed: US-35 A now route entering "Indiana east of Hichmond and extending through Jtlchipond, Mpncie, ilonuesboro, Kokopio and urling-tou to fyOgansport over former atato roads 1 and ?2, and tfrom togana-port to Michigan ORy over State Road $8, l'S-85 extends troni Cliarloum; W. Va-, to Michigan 3It. State jRoad US-Formerly state Road 86. CS-152 A new iTellof ropte Irom ilndlanapolis to Chicago, follows US-0? from ilndlanapolis to Mono-morenai and rforniar State ftoad fi? through jKemlngton, Hohroo iand Orown Point to Join US-41 at St. John. US-SS--Extepded jfrom former terminus t junction -With L'S-41 aud US-24 into Illinois. US-150 Exteudod trom former terminus at Shoals to Vlnconnes over l'S50 north to Terre Haute over US-41 and into Illinois over former State Road 46. State Road 852 Formerly resig-nated as State Road ,1G2. l'S-31 New route from Sellers-hurg to Louisville through New Albany. If rtTII I ftT HpSprf T J J Ui AVulUUM ;T0 BE EOH'ED IIEEE The body of Howard Riso, If, former resident of .Clinton, was brought to Frtf Funeral Home here today from Pittsburgh -here the youth aud a 'Companion were killed Feb. In an automobil.-wreck. Young Rlso's body a Identified in Pittsburgh Saturday and returned here by hie father, Joe Kiso formerly of Clinton and how living in Chicago. "u j.p ' The young oian is aurvlved by the parents, one brother and lour ais-ters, all of Chicago, and a nuuibtr of relatives living In Ullntoa. Private funeral ei vices will bo held here at the borne of an uncle, Agatluo Rlso, 821 Siouth Twelfth Street, at ji o'clock toaionow afternoon with the Rev. H. H. Wagner officiating Burial will be in Walnut Urove (JeintLory.

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