The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 21, 1938
Page 7
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. MARCIS 21, 1933 ULYTHEVILLE <ARK.) COUIUBR NKWS CLASSIFIED ! ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale per line for cousccu- ivc insecllons: One time per lin? lOc Two times per line per day ...OBc Three limes per line per day ..OUc Six times iJcr line per day ....05c Month rate ptr lino COc Cards of Thanks GOc & I5c Minimum cliiu'gc 50c Ads ordered for Uiroe or six Yimes and slopped before explin- will be charged for the nuni- of times llic nM appeared anil adjustment of bill made. All classified Advertising copy JtUbtnlltcd by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rales may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered (or Irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will bD taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified nd. Baby Chicks I'UULIC HATCHING. Marilyn Hutclievy. lilythovillt, Ark., JI.W. 01 North, Phone 713. If you need a Tailor, sec Cleorec Mulr, "Blylhcvlllc'.s Only Tailor." Business Directory HARRY' BAILEY'S CURVE IN CAFE Good Food ;it Good Prices All Kinds flea Food Fresh Crappie Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY liAlLEY'S Holland, Mo. Phones S-F-1 & 878 Hatchery For Rent Modern -l-room house, with mirage.. 621'So. Lake. St. 2l-i>k'-IM Newly (ircoralcd :i loom (mulshed Tailors -1708. apartment. 313 N. gccowl, phone For Sale KJIIM- II/MOH-II. B rooms :nvl batli. •1 room servant:: house on ri-nr of lot, Esisy tetiiB. Write Box "A" Com'itT NC\VK. ai-ck-4-21 Fiuniture and ;;ome iinliiiuVs. 1017 Chickasawba. jilioiio 087. Dl-ck-23 SCO buslicls of leclcanccl new la- redo beans. Delta Implements, Inc., phono COS. 19-ck-lf 13-d;.23 HvTi Hiislncsx or nllicc location, by JO feel, Next door lo Ilcauty Slm|). 520 month. Tom \V. Jackson. lS-L'k-25 Coiufot't'iWc Ix'droont Pliouo 277-J. Cull at G25 W. Main. lick 4-17 apartment. 900 H-pk-21 3 room furnished W, Walnut 2 room furnished apartment, aiti W. Ash. Phone 3GV-W. 8-ck-U To Si'ltli- An lislali' Two nice lionsos. now iviitlnu for $22.SO per mo.'ilh. $. r ;00.00 dinvn, r.nlnnrr like' lent. 11. c. CamiilSrll, Adiuiiiisti-iitur, 11G Bo. Kruiililin. Modern 3 room a))avlinent. Newly Iceorateci. Unfurnished. Corner \laiu and 2ml. Also business bulkl- ns next to Kroger Slore. p. iimon, phone 7G'l. 3-ck-tt 1011 Wul- 19-ek-ll Comfortable bedroom, nut. Call 102. Used Jolm Uccre tractor with slightly used four row planters nml cultivatovs. All for $7!:0. Half rash, half t!n:> fall. Inve.itigntc al DiK-c If inlercstcd. Oscrola imple-" nenl, Co., Osccohi, Ark. 18-ck-25 Black Ic.itlHT key holder contali.- 1»B one bey. Owner can hava ..... „...,.... mp by paying coil of tills nd. 191; Dartmouth, 178; Courier News. " ' Hill Oak & Hickory lumber, wagon tongues ami axles, sho)>, nidge and dimension lumber of all sizes. Delivered al nllracli'/e : >riccs. See or write J. W. Bnn'on, Blylhcville, Ark., Phone 303. 15pk22 Coal My Coal Is Black But I Treat You WliKc. LOCAL HAVl.lKG Jolm ISuclianau Blyllicville, Ark. Vhone 107 Batteries BATTERY S15KVICE J. Ben Clune Phone 8 at Tom Jnckson's Radio Service Expert Itacliu Service PARTS, TUBES, BATTERIES Mardaway Appliance C'w. i. Hem -yj Werner lain^ 5Hi i; •>• •»• -Phone' 23») 40 or 80 acres of land. D. R-. Gar,- ncr, Armorel. l2-pk-4-12 MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Genuine Soiitliem l,oredo Soybeans. Threshed early. Redeemed. S. 0. Dobbs Annoiel, Ark. Box 4 U-nk-l-ll l''OR SALE—12 good young mules cash or Icrtns, C. H. whistle, t miles south of Rosclaml. 8-pk-4-( Ha y—Soybeans—oa I s Seed Coj-n-Miloli Cows And Tractor Work. Sec W. L. Tate, Armorel, Ark. Fouuid Leatlier /older wllli a keys, Own cr can have same by payinu eost of (lils nd. Male HeJ]> Wanted ABLE MAN to distribute samples, handle ColTei- Roiile. U]i to $15 first week. Automobile (jlvvu us hcnus. Write Allwit Mills, 4495 Momnoitth, Clnctiuiatl, O. dot I on Seed Metal key ring with 13 keys. Found Owner cari cost of tills "ear High School, ifive same by paylnj; id. Room and Board Steam heated room with board 803 W. Ash, phone 151. 12ck4-12 D. P. L.No. 11 COTTON SEED Cniniiialliin Trsl SK iior fill) lYr Ton al reran I'niiil, Ark. JOHN I,'. V'/,'/.Kl.l. Harvard Alumni Lead 1» Biographical Listings PHILADELPHIA (UP)-Hnivard University tops tlic list of st'liools I'c'Divscnted by tliclr alumni lu the Dictionary of American niogrn- pliy, with 823 (jnidimU's prominent dinned for inclusion In the 20 volumes comprising the work. Ynlc. with (Ml; Princeton, '295; reimsylvanlii, M7;, follow Harv;inl. Oilier.*: high in ranklni; and the number uf thi-lr grndnutps included in (he blocraphy niv Columbia. 191; Dnrlmoiilli. 178; Brown, 1B7; Union, 1«; Amlierst, 133; Williams. I'.'Sj; Virginia, 108; William and Mary, 108; llowdoln. 03; Michigan. 00; Washington and Jefferson, 81; Soulh Carolina, TJ; North Carolina, 11; New York University, 71,; Hamilton, 09: GcoiKlti, CG; Dickinson, G4; Wcsleynn, 59; Cornell. 56: Obcrlln, M anil John Hopkins, 53. Anil \vlml's inert', me ituctor •u.vs hi- must eat as mnny of Ihem a day us lie can. The passugi' of the IKI.V'K slomuch Is closed 1>Y lye Ijtinis nnd 11 Is iicctsunry to keep the i'so|)ha(jnj> moist, mid t« Complete l.lnc Of ELECTRICAL I''i.\ltiro.s- X- Appliiincvs Nicely furnished rooinn. lioanl if desired. Phono 002. 112 K. Cherry. 2C-ck-3-28 Wanted To Rent Four or five- room furnished house. S. M. Hood, call 535. 18~ck-23 Lollypops Mandatory On Injured Boy's Diet , Allatjcra (Uf) — Horace Warden. 5. who Is ixwultini; hK 28lh opciation. has somothtiiK Ijc thankful for. anyway, lie WALPOLE'S '"I'liu Coiii|iU<te Nil. produce .si-.llvtt (m 1 this inirpoao lie Is Blvcn from 8 lo II lollypops uach ilny. SAN JOSE. Cal, (Ul'»—J'nul Cll- Dr., Wcrt & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Orer Joe Itanca 1 gter* "WE MAKB 'EM Sir< Phoue MO FARM LOANS •* f5«* u4 V* ArkjuuH «lid MlMOBrt Ah* «U PON H. KA8SERMAN Tlioiius Land Co. Ofl(ce P. O. Box t70, Plione U1. FOWLER. DRVG CO ' YOUR PKKSCRIPTION DRUGGIST Mali) Meats and Groceries At A Savings Shop and Save Here We |ia.v Ilight'sl Prices i>» I'onHry at all Times. GAINES MKT. H8 IV. St. Vhoiic J. C. EVANS BOX 1)04 Bl.vtlicvlUc, Ark, Uhtrk't ni^HHer HAMILTON 'IKV'ST BIWIBOW! jsy llainlllon DqKwUois Coip. SKKDH Field HwUs, All OatH, Soybeans. Alfalfa, Any Quantity. \Vholeslilii W. <). Bo. U.K. St. • Blytlwville, Avk, Phone 555&G6fl Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & GUAKANTKlfil) Safe, lure and itlth ICM dkcoiufort. AU dlwases and conttltloiu at ncrvoua nrlKln. foot allnimU ami skin c«nccr« trciUrd and cured Hi our clinic. DRS, NIES & NIES Oslcopalhlo rhystcUni SI4 Main Phone 88 BlyibcTUIe, Ark. ALLKY OOP PAY $2 Anil Knmlt Down I KNJOY A (iKNUINK Auto Radio & Oil Ecrvlce HlKliu'iiy 1)1 Plume IT Holland, M I'ldlUus G •M llonr ONLY CUEVUCH.KT oltera you gunrnnlecd Selwl-O-Mallc '1'iiu^ liifj. PiiiU a button and there's your station. Come (n Today! Sec und Hear Hits Bi'iisallonal new radio. You too will want one o« your car. Auto & Household Radios Repaired TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Waluut Plionc (KCI Now I.walcd at 101 North Sccnnd ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU I>ON EUWAUK8, Froprltt* O'alcolators—Kcpaltlng—Varls—Itlhbnna AU Btk( 9 ol lUbulU TypcwHU'rs, Adding Maclilnw »n{ Caltulalors—Ucpalrluit—l'arls—K PACE , utmost li'Jelil.Y, Is of nils city IIILS hwoulcd anolcK w Phono, cnpublo of .registering Uul WELDING AT BEST £11101?) PKOfcUT 6EWCE Barksdale Mfg. Co, COTTON SEED I). !'. I,. No. 11 Mrst Vi-av From Hrfcilrr t:us(iiiu (Jlrinnl BRAXTON GILL Drll, Aih. Crescent, Cale Every Nile DINK fe DANCK Hoi I'll Usukccuc & KJcdrle Coital Similes All IjCiidliiK liraudr, of Hirer, WhlskryK, Wlni-.s & Complete )0 volume sec of Standard Reference Books with loose v-icaf binder. Call 239 or 792. 15-fa-fa Sporliiig Goods Complete Slock Goldsmitli-T" Baseball Goods Just Arrived! SIIOUSK-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Notice jM'ceman Brothers. Painters anil Taiicrhangcrs. Phone 321. 21-ck-1-21 The Zcllncr Slipper Shop :;ells Paris Fashion Shoes, by \\'al)l Shoe Co. Personal Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers Relieves biltonRnrxii, conallpM'.OD »«J hi'*diicli€«. Active Mver 1-illa gpt nt thp il causa ol jour sliiKgt'hncfla ftnn ,!jfl you feel liko a new porsoD. Ilid ~- of miriilnii iiaiioni willi "old Vi , Slore«. gentle. Scrum EE:-;V SELF-STYLED DICTATOR I Of V.OQ, 'A/AS SEARCHING. THE: JUMoLES POROOOLA-ANP] MAP THE MISFORTUWE TO ~"- HER--AMD PINNY. /WHY, YOU-YOU —BY , . (VOL) WAI'fLL I 6IT \W HANCS . OM YOU, VOU LITTLE HOOTS AND HER HUD0IKS BY V. T. HAMUN Position Wanted WE'LL SHOW THEY CAN'T MONKEY WITH Tdking 1 (he Hlanie All around blacksmith and woodworker wants work. J. Reverie. Tenn. Inventor,, [HORIZONTAL 'iPictured .. *'A inventor. \ . 12 Opposed to jfr odd. ! 113 Watered silk. I 14 Dregs, 16 Accomplished. 37 To outlive. 19 To consume. 20 You and rac. •'21 Call for help \ al sea. \ 22 Coffee poi. < .'24 Southeast. * . 25 Cockleshells. 28 Recoiled, Answer to Previous Puzzlo the r- of s the deaf. ^ 15 Shabby. ffl 17 Shoo bottom. | 18 Gaelic. ; 21 Pin for meat ' 23 Beak. .; 2G To applaud, >) 27 Sun. • 28 Eggs of fishes 2D Behold. 32 Ore launder, 35 Silly, .;' ^v^,^i_^ 3G Reproaches, 'f ISl'TlEIR) 38 Anything . steeped. ! i Place 31 Indian. i33 Black. 5 « ; 34 To melt. 35 Aviator. 37 Mexican : dollar. 30 Electric unit. "> divert. ^ 5 Neither, y*, 6 To plunge i| J into -vvater. ''j in(T flower. 7 Silkworm. '< sa TO manifcsL -. g Musical 60 lie invented • comedy S 1 t"0 (pl.)f burlcsfjiic.- 61 He was a g g|j ancestry. lonumanjan '42 Flood waves. 45 Devoured. " :.g 17 Puddle. i .•f -)3 Twirled. ,i 51 War flyer. ' Ki _ 53 Court. / :^ S4 Above. ~ AU ^VUIIJIULJULI fc? "'t> Ij^lSlS. 1 i 41 Violent J. .'VERTICAL. > coin _. ;^ 57North \ whirlwind. '".I Notification.- 11 To diminish:-*' Carolina. .43 Part of plant. 2 Guided. ' 12 He was ,58 Company. 15 Hail. 3 Half an cm.' interested in 50 And. ,1 OOMlsiO WOT T'OO'. -SHE ME ~- '"..•"• i BftCW. TO WWW Mt AV.V WASH TUIWS l cuo B IK) All JIARTIN _ V\tR m 'THE 6M&NKJ OF THE CEMTURV MISTER, A SWELL MIGHT CLUB ONLY 3 MILES F TOWN. PAV5 Av PEORT OF $ 2,000 A MONTH- BUT, BECAUSE I MEED THE CASH / I'LL LET YOU HAVE IT FOR. J/> OMtV $1,000 ^ WONTH. SOUMDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. I, ER.l'LLTHIWK iTOVEP.. - Slicnrinir live FKK(;Kt..TCS AN I) His FKIKNDS I BE6 VOUR PARD0W, SIR. DID I UNOER^TAMD TrWTHE TOPSVTORVV CAW Bt LEASED FOR OMLV tl.OOO A MONTH? THATS EIGHT MtSTEl? ' COPH. !93a BV HEA SEBVICE. INC. T. Ml C£f.. U. S. PAT. OFF., ilY libY~CKAN K , SURE, - - . -...i.i • iT«ii r •v^'ivu f k^tNv^u ,T HERE, J We.TUBBS DOESM'T ILLMM<EOUT^ /• — ^ CHECK. ^--^\ HEX! WHO .._. - ,1 60T TM' \\JERV WELL,/ WiCE WORK, : S/WS I'M \C^H W&HT)^R.TU86S./ CHARLIr. WTERE'STeB./WOTIMrRKiTEDi W MY /OUST SI6M HWM, HAW HW UOBODVAST /POCKET.tVjKI THE ^ VOU SURE " 'AT BOZO TO A Vv __^-l OOTTED ) \ POT THW .BUTTtM! X T-^ VLIVJE. / \OEAUOVER! J(JNi£ , WHr' DO I YOU KEEP PUTTING A FRECKLES OFF ? v\'HV J DON'T YOU SEE / TME 50Y? I CAMT, DADDY-— IT VVOULDNfT BE FAIR "R3 Honor >t>U MEAM YOU'RE MORE INTERESTED IN DUDLEY WANGLE ? LL W.OSSEU WO, irs MOT TMAT.' BUT I'tA OM THE K'MGSTOM DEBATIMO TFAM , AND WE'RE MEETIMO SKAOYSIDE'S Tfc'AM IM TWO WcEKS' ^-:J> R AND FRECKLES ^ ^ is ON THAT TFAM .' WE DOESM'T KNOW HE'LL HAVE TO DEBATE AGAINST ME! AND HE WAMTS ME TO HEAR HIS SPEECH AND TELL HIM HCM/ IT SOUNDS/ ''T'. IF i HEAR HIS SPEECH . 1 COULD PJLAM MY OWM ACCORDINGLY, AMD THAT WOULD BE TAKIMG AM LWFAIf? ADVANTAGE .' SO 1 DAREM'T SEE HIM.' 'J ^ ^ •TMArs . RIGHT / A LADY MOST ALWAYS BE . A GENTLEMAN.' @; ^*^ ^_A=LX rr^^^CQPR iQiaBV KE.IKC, f. M Rl^U.S- P*T

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