The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1944
Page 2
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jL ow Colcfe To'Poor i - B > ~ -- • Vliniteil Press Staff C'lTtsponaem S/JPFPFRSON CITY Mo (UP) | Poor mails' la» goes on the Mis- fourl statute boosts ne\t New years £ Its a nej, simplified sfieamlln Sd code to govern procedure In the tstates cisiJ courts nnd maj set a jfpMterh'for other states to follow, f Ilie product of more than three hear studv bj*"a group of Jawjer? Jappointed by* tlie state supreme trourt~ the nevv code combines tlte fbest ptactices In other states %vuth,the experiences and opinions for Missouri lawvers j ? U was vntten with in ejc to glviti" the poor man ft better break/In civil courts," by ellmlnat- jing- numerous-legal technicalities in |thc present 95 year old code which jlcndjo hamstring litigation anj by ihitroducingjiew steps In court pro- ".ccdure. designed /to save time and icduce the costs of cMI suits Code Studied Since 1943 set of poor , i 'mans statutes \\as ^opted bj the 19-13 Legislature which expresslj 'provided' that it become effective on ^in ,1 19-15—nearly a scir and a .hill after its a do p ion—to give 'lawyers a chance to become tho- IroughU familiar with its provisions JAii'l {he Javv>ers have Jjeen doing tthat for sevoial months In soli sludv and In round-table dls ,^_Jt^ legislative, sponsor, Senatoi jjpiancis Snuth, St Joseph, Mo I Democrat and h'niself a hvvjer Is f'thc author of the statement (hat '"the new code w6uld 'gUe thejroor ! fmat\ better break In civil courts ft rhcie are several reasons he {•said vln tli^nexv code — uluch Qias no bearing on the stiles ciim- j^nal "'latiilds—earl properlv bear the (?!abel poor mans law And some '-of the reasons he cites are the^e \l 1 Court terms will be abolished r i provision Intended to speed up Wises bv giving litigants oppoftu- •*mty lo file suits nnj time the> get gtliein ipidy and pel raits the court jjto set cases foi trial quickly without K« siting for a ne\v term w 1 Opponents m a lav, suit will jjbe given a chtince to meet in Joint ^ronference^vitl^thc Judge prior to •fthe tuaj to a8i"ec upon Jacts and glow to mm oases down lo fundn ^mental issues and thus fldnlnatc atime coi^fimlng court loom artu Ument , '* Set Time for Demurrers S 3 Alt motions—such as demur- SJrers and motions for directed vcr XdicU.^luch Kwjers frequendl jwhi(> out"iof their packets at pp ^poitiinc moments«during a trnl .Tior (Pi sole purpose of prolonging ythe case— must be disposed of at j*a specific time and not nt counsels '^convenience S i'A^defentJunt, outside the courts ^jurisdiction, maj be served uj ret iistered mul, eliminating the costly ?time wasting reouire-ronf of the £pie«ent code thai scrvlc r^ i be |lnd onlj by pnblicntion 01 Ices ipn^ths rtofenilant n specific num |bor_of times in a newspaper which Sgeneralh, turns out to be an ob j-'sure le^al paper The publlcition gmethcd is not outlawed however ** a Appeals from adverse decisions |of the lower courts will be great!), ^simplified anfl muoh less expemne SThe losers in lawsuits will be re -allured irterelj to serve notice of Bappesr' on th« opVosfng lltlgint g an( l. i .'ile,a hpejinlterOcrord of glne lower court proceeding with f the appelhte court Now the ip |pellan( must bear heCTy printnis ^costs because he n compelled 16 file | printed ibsfracts records "ancfb'ricfs jvmh the higher tribum! | 6 The form of legal processes •writs and subpoenas will be stand it /^V \/i BLYTHEV1LLE (AUK.) COUIUBU'NEWS IOOKIM AfftAl L M«Oiei 1 UNION**tt**fyfUbft HISTORY Most or Hie things tlmt rcnlly matter In join life and nilne arc events that took place bcfoi-e we were born Whether we are rugged or frail, rich or poor, hnppy or mis. arable result In large part from de- ctoionS and, struggles that somebody made long ago. The old saying 'Lite is what you.make It,' 1 Is Parth true Life Is what you make it.} fiom vUiat joii had lo begin with Of course men ami women tire free moral agents and crin'do a great deal nl(h lliclr own lives If they wlll^ but the past, 'Influences every generation It- affects everybody more or less and has more lo do with some people's lives thnn they do themselves. In order lo tske from Die past what helps us arid avoid nlmt hinders, men have (Signal Corps photo from U Off-) Cosby of Sclrm, Alj , gets clipped by b gil, but It's all right, because shes 11)0 biiber, in the photo nbo\e Jl was fnkcn] at San Benedetto, Italy, uhdire 1 Jjcytenant Co^by is serving wift the IGBIh Infantry, Allied fifth |it' _ > Army BAAF Instructor Is Transferred To Da lias, Tex. Cnpt. George D. Curry, navlga 1 tlon Instructor, in the Bly'licvillc Army Air Field ground school sltico Aug". i; hits been .transferred l to )ieadqtiniiers of the Eighth Service Command. Dallas. Texas. Captain ami Mrs Cunj left Dh, thovillc jesterdav morning foi Dnl las. A lisillyc a! Lynn, Mass,, Caplain curry volunteered (or service in the Aimj All Coips in Pel) MUU-V, 1Q43 p,| or to coini,,,; to Bly thevlllc he was stationed at Sfutt 8 irt and at MnldeM Mo field's A short time ago he was sent lo Boca Hilton FH where he completed n special course In radai In civilian life, Canliin Currv was an instructoi at Classical Illtli School In Ljini vvheic Afrs Curry also was connected with the school as sccrctars He icceued his MnslCj Degree from Columbia Univeisitj New York Clh -iftci graduating from Hoh Cross College Worces ter Manila News Admitted lo Robinsons Clinic Mrs Helen Huskj Manila Mrs James 'Hollen, Leiichvlltc; Mrs. Cora Oalton, Manila; Jnnies Richardson. Leach\ille Charles Brown Leich- villc Mrs Jim Houston Manila Mrs. Joe Rice; Manila. Admitted to Fox Clinic Mrs Dee Heelcj Leichville Mrs Ed wil hams Manila, Miss Opal McDole Manila ard zed—another moncj sn\cr The new cede itself gtus the stitc court the right to polish up in\ rough spots thit ma\ apjwnr ns the law gc(s Us test of lime and usage MILK CHICK Si IlitiRNATIOHflL ; MJK h, i u, a i efrt5 are a * a t* yT ?t lk fl !, W ' ^ prod ^ cliori ^ *"<* body main' hS • t A a , dvanf ?3o of INTERNATIONAL Dairy £ /°- f fhe y^ av * been 'eientifieaHy tested in f..1 BUY ! SNTERNATIONAL DAIRY n IDS ' to study history and learri Its good •)fbm Its b'.ad. ...: A Fairlutlc Duty American history, and I don't menu » sketchy catalog of wars and elections, should be a required study In every American school. How can the youth of tlie United Slates foe proud o[ tills country's success and prosperity without some knowledge ol . their background? Decisions and struggles out of which our institutions li'avo Rrovvn will tell the Important "why 1 * of America's power In Uic world, ifariy ' encouraging stories have come back to America from the European llieatcr of war recently. Net one of theih has shed more Hopeful light on America's future, however, than a feature article In the New York Times relating that American soldiers' In many foreign lands are calling for books on American history. They want to know what makes them different from people they See, over there. Wliat Do We Have? The article quoted a Pennsylvania buck private as saying, "Something In our history makes us different, Why Aren't we taught about It nl schools H is my sincere hope and belief tlmt this soldier's children will l>c taught more about 'It at school. At least l Ifopc" we doii't iinvL 1 to wage a foreign war every quarter of a century so our sons c;ui go sec how cojjjpiifaflrely poor Qtlicr people are. Our figlilci's have begun to real- l/c- !lint solncthing (>6es on In Anieilca wlilch encourages and prb- mou-s better living than people In foretell countries can enjoy. Farmers sons in the Invasion can't help but st'c that France, for example, hiu. fertile soil, favorable seasons, ami abundant crops but poor p'eo- plf. There's a reason. It's a long story but an interesting one. An Educators Job Undoubtedly Uncle Sam has some tall, ijlomle fighting men who used to say, proudly, "My. grandfather cninc from Prussia." But when they gel back they Will be ready to aud, "/,<•.'!fluff that past-blighted cotin- lr>' was (he smartest thiiig he ever did. It gave him a chance and "ie loo," History shows how taxes and customs and castes keep many a noble race of people hungry most of their lives. I wish I might plead with every licm'.st teacher to help keep the United Stnte.s an oasis in this des- crt of human oppression'. Ail imp'er- IMBRICATION MUST STAND UP UNDER "SHOCK LOAD" PRESSURES UP TO SO TONS PERSQJN./ LUBRICATION IS WWII/HERE. LPT VOUR ESSO PEALER DRAIN OLD - 't/m,\ LUBRICANT NOW-PUT IN MtW tSSO LUBRICANT fRl FOR ypl/R CJW MOPCL/ Sty' COOLIES RE 616 CAUSES OF SERIOUS HWTIN6. HAvc YOUR FLUSHEP, CU/lNEO. FII.LEP VJITH NOW/ VITAL. lltTiE EXTRA T(/yi£ ON YOOR , ; CAR-(T Witt'H61P/ R)RlATEStNEWS TUNE E5SO REPORTER QflSOUA/E POWl RS TWf flTTACK-DONT (VdSre A DTOP/' r ^ STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA IET The Golden Brown Loaf Enriched with Vitamin (M and Energy For Victory. Your Grocer has it FRESH every day! RETAIL STORE Weekdays-Open 9:30; Close 6:15 Saturdays-Open 9:30; Close 9:30 CLOSED ALL DAY SUNDAY tonal, objective, attitude Is admlr- nl)l<S until It points toward slavery.- If, however, It.forbids telling students that representative, constitutional government Is better Uian dictatorship, or that a successful economic system like J'ri- vate enterprise Is better than communism, let's tell the truth even If we have to be unorthodox, Gift Scout News Sudbury Troop 1 of the Girl j__^ :v THURSDAY,. NQVJSMJ3ISK 9, 1044,, Seoul r met Tuesday, afl —.,,..,, . .!•%,* * HVOWUJN o'clock,, when members*'911 r discussed menus, vitamins', minerals and other facts pertaining to load. These girls are working on their homemaklng badge, with each "girl !o |))ari ,1 day's menu, am! to prepare one simple dish, Several members of Patrol 2 passed the requirements for a ten- derfcot scout. These are Barbara Cordoza, fiometn Hill, Babble Estos, Betty Wade, Byrdle Butler, Shirley Barksdale and Francis Lovell. Tlie. meeting clos.Qd and qirhScout ,i<m»s Twelve girls of Troop i "o'f ilange School had n bicycle lilte Saturday morning, accompanied by Mrs Norman Novefskc and Blllle Sue BiirkS. The girls met 'at lo ''o'clock and rode several miles out in the country, where they held a weinev roast and played games until 3 o'clock Leaders bWthls Troop arc Mrs 1, S. Beriish Sml Mrs. R. B. ; Vaii I "•" »*• 1^. ! YUll Hoosicr, assisted by Billie Sue Burks. Mother's Best 25 Lbs. Victor 25 Lbs. TALL CAN Sugar Pure Cane 5 IJba / 32c Coffee V Chase & Sanborn. I.b.- 30c Crackers Salerrio 2 Us.-- , sic"" 1 ONE TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU VICTOR COFFEE Is Better! Pound Package. . 3 Pounds 59c Tor Coffee Pleasure DRINK VICTOR String Beans No. 2 Can June Peas "No. 2 Can When Better Meats Are On The Market -You'll Find Them At Liberty Market PORK BRAINS BEEF STEAK BEEF ROAST BUTTER^" — Red, Glenn and Gerald Sweet Sixteen, Lb. Pure & Fiesh OLEO LARD Fresh Baltimore Oysters ALL KINDS Cheese & lunch Meats Golden Ripe Lb. LARGE STALKS SEALD SWEET Lb. 2 Lbs. Each CABBAGE GRAPEFRUIT POTATOES N»°, S U CARROTS LETTUCE Tt Bunch Head Head CAULIFLOWER YELUW/ ONIONS *3^ BELL PEPPERS * tdr GRAPES ACORN SQUASH Lb. ills Owned, Employing Blytheville People LIBERTY SUPER MKT

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