The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1934
Page 6
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BLYTHEVlLLE, (ABK.) COtJftlfelt TUESDAY, MARCH IS, 1934 Spring Is Here-Training Camp Scene Largest Crowd to Attend Shows Sees Favorite Suffer Neck Injury Freddie Knichel of Birmingham and Memphis sustained ft neck In- Jury that 1W eut snort hls wrrst- ling career when he was kicked off the outer ledge of the armory ring by Jolmny Stole lost night. Stote was disqualified ns a result, the match going to Knichel. The largest house to witnc.w wrestling card here since the revival of tlie sport last summer, about 700 fans, snt In on last night's cord. Jlminle Morris of Memphis defeated Tiger Moore in a two nut or three fall preliminnry that afforded considerable comedy wllli Emll Pirpo in the role of referee contributing to the entertainment. • Knkhel had won the first foil from Stote with an airplane spin climaxing a scries of head locks In about 30 minutes. The pair had wrestled a short time on (he second Jail when Kniehel tumbled out of tlie ring. As he was In' the act or climbing Unck Stole eluded the referee and raced to the ropes kicking Knichel whose head snapped bock ns lie fell heavily to the ringside floor. Knlchcl was carried to Ills dressing room In an unconscious condition. An ambulance was called bul when he regained consciousness about 20 minutes later he refused lo ride In the ambulance, He was carried to the Blyihevllle hospital later in n private car. An x-ray examination revealed injuries to nccfc vertebrae that inuy prevent his return to active mat competition or nt least keep him out of the ring for some lime. Knichel returned to Memphis about midnight after being advised to report to Campbell's clinic for an examination. TO.KEEP FOR FIVE TEIIB, Oh, for the life of n ball player—for while llu> north is .shivering in the (limes of (he coldest winter In years, major league squads nri 1 training In .sunny climes for the coming pDnnnnt races. Here are a few shots of Lou Fonscca's \VhUe Sox unloosening the kinks at p.isadonn. Calif. Above, lour of the rookies arc getting iieldlnc pincilcc; lower Irii. Mule linns, outfielder, is wailing his turn at bat; Inwer rignt. WynU. Huns and B&cck avi 1 getting in sonic teg and back work. Denies He's 'Washed Up, Says Clean Living Keeps Him Fit ISy STO/4HT CAMERON United Press Sports KdHor NEW YORK. lUPi — Jusl *hy Trjmniy I/onghraii iloesn't quit boxing for gcod and nil Is so;»c- ihlng that noljody but Thomas I';Urirk i'.hnself can explain. He h:i.s j:ou'evcr. plenty of friend'; who v.jsl: he'd net out of the game made his mime known ilie 'AiirM over. Tommy Is through ai:d uiwr are smart boxing nren w Jio •*;11 insist he's lx:cn through for ll'ii Tommy has no idea of quit- I'm,;. "I'm going on for at least in'. 1 years more,' 1 he say.s. "I'm not like :i lot of other boxers you kno I cion'i booHr—have never taken a tlrink. 1 don't smoke—have never uiitid tobacco. I don't chase Tommy why he Insists on K«:iiK on and hu'll icll you in Ills plc.i.ini Irish voiec that he feels di-si:ued" to win the world's heavy- ) •*.':K|U championship. He felt this ' n;iy before he met Prime Camera, nni! after thai set-back was scor- nl. he talked more along ihe same I cun't explain just what It is," j Tommy said. "But inside me somewhere 1 have, and for some lime lave had an almost overwhelming feeling that I am supposed to be i-hampion. "The short life ol many boxers is due to the way they abuse their bodies. You hear about 'punch drunks.' Why, they're not that They're washed up ahead of Hooks tmd Slides Going Wm. Tell One Better By NEA Srrvice NEW OHLEANS t*j Bill Braucher at the Bat Casey Stengel, who has poppet back into the news 'again at Brooklyn, was Hearing tlie end of his baseball days when lie got into that 1923 world series playing with the Giants. He was getting along in years 34. He had siiUereil a severe sione bruise on his l>eel before the series started. Not much was expectec of him. He was a .285 batter am was erratic. But a record crow< of 55,000 fans left Yankee Stadiun after two games of that series wltl Casey their hero. • * * The Score W«s Tied The opener was nip and luck all the way, and as the ninth Inning arrived, the score was 4 to 4. Waite Hoyt had fcten knocked from the mound by a Giant rally in the third inning, but his successor, nut- let Joe Bush, had held the Giants In the hollow of his hand. Ross Young and Emil I^reuscl went out in order in the ninth. Then mighty Casey strode to Uie plate. Ball one, strike one, ball two. strike two, balj three. Three and two, and two out in the ninth! Bullet Joe should have taken warning. Stengel had Been hitting Jar over his head all season, and he was a great money player. But to Joe, old Casey was just another clown up there to be moved down so tie hauled back and let go wit hi sfast one right down the alley, There She CMS! Bang! Th? ball sailed over Shortstop Deacon Scott's head and as II sailed it started rising. Whltcy Witt dashed after it, legs twinkling, but it rolled clear to the fence as Casty galloped with all his might around the bases. Witt whizzed the bill in to Bob Meusc] who made a great throw lo the plate. But Casey toe* itls slide, and how he took It! He was only halt •way between hlid and home it seemed, when he hit the dirt." As Schang emerged from the dust, the catcher looked quickly at Umpire Billy Evans. Crouched with palms flattened, Evans gave the unmis- Ukable sign, "Safe!" It was perfect. Dear old Casey Slengri, the only man who ever had hit a home run with two out in the ninth to win a world series ball gtmel There he lay, unable to rise. His mates rushed out and carried Him in triumph to the clubhouse What a man! Bul wait— • .* » WIuU! Affiat Tte Yankees, hitting hard behind Pennock, won the second game and the teams went back to the Yankee stadium for the third game, Sad Sam Jones pitched for the Yanks, Art Nehf for the Giants. Inning after inning passed without a tcore. In the seventh wi-.en Stengel came to bat, Jones, In an effort to drive him away from the plate, cut loose with two hl£h hard ones, and. Casey had to fall to avoid being WU But Sad S»m couldn't put the fear in good old Case; Sten- Villiam Ti'll ilhtn'i liav iliin? on I.eriy o'Uunt when tlilsly iivvnw siiIH Uial :i nn liis son's liranl. l.i-fry scoured .irmiml in 111' 1 (Mauls' Iniiuinj; tump nl Miami Ili-ai-li, l'1-.i.. and finally found PIIO or lik ns enough to try this cliiriiiK stum. Ho is l'i«l KUzsiimmms. wlio oul. a!iv\vnv heel and all, with the only run of the game. He hud won two ball iiames all Casey got up, set his Jaw and prepared to take hold if the next one was good. It came, shoulder high. fast, right by himself for the GinnUs and those down the middle. reached Schaug. For Casey was set Giants scored over the Yanks. But such is baseball, and such \v;is Hie trade mark. The ball went soaring decision of Manager McGnuv. that into the right field bleachers, and Braves tJ'.c following year. ROOKIES' REVIEW me by .come of excesses of many sorts which bring them vi'fis sorry to Gatehouse signed up by the Cleveland Indians at the close of the 1933 season — for the big rookie was the outstanding star of the Pelicans when they won the Southern Association championship ami defeated San I Antonio, title holder of the I Dixie League, i Gnlchotise, once J a pitcher [or Johnstown. Pa., in the Middle Atlantic League, won 17 games witii his right hand delivery nt New Orleans last season. Tie 23, Mauds six feet one inch, E weighs 187 pounds. The Doylestowu, 0., hoy acknowledged, one of the brightest rookie hurling prospects [ha :ms hit the Indians' camp in years — nml that includes We Forrell. Oral Hi'debrand, Monte Pearson. n.rms they'll never shake off. Not ;-o Tommy Loughran. I've lived clean and I want to show the world Uiat that sort of living can give a man with the proytr j/ity&lque as many years in the ring as he cares io have." Tommy may be right in all his views but few will give him as much as an outside chance to win the title, especially since Camera seems certain to be champion for years to come. Tommy was In his best possible condition when he faced Camera at Miami, and only by a near miracle did he miss illing before the Italian giant. All redil is due Tommy for staling /I Camera, who had trained only alf-hcartedly and who came into he ring slowed to>a walk by fully en pounds of excess weight. .There are those who think the MAUREEM OK UJOMEAJ'S GOLF UKE WtCS, rlER IS Ott THE RECCPi-/, T& cou-cer AT THE AGE OP HE MWlOWAU OR BRITISH INNIN6 THE WAM1- B1LTMORE, SHE BEAT HELEN HICKS, ASAIN PROVING HERSELF HELEN'S MWREEN WON THE MEtROPOWTAW POOR -TIMES STRAIGHT SHE. WAS 22.... ALSO THE THREE TlMES IN A fW, AM> TrlE CANADIAN TWICE has been wiped out by unfortunate I fere an opponent returning Aggie Tourney At 10 the ring from the outside. Loss purse will be the penalty The wrijer has talked for hours likeable men the boxing lect tho one big reason for Tom- when he was kicked off the edge my's insistence on going on it would of the ring by Johnny Stote last be Loughran's love of the limelight. night. Roy Welch pulled No man loday gets a greater kick out o{ being recognized in a crowd than docs Loughran. He's had this public acclaim for years >:ow and although last night's injury he hates to give it up. :eed 61 gold drives Tommy onward. He won't admit that although it's generally believed the small tor- Read Courier News Want Adi Kniebel's Injury Causes Revision Of Loral Rules Cooler To Be Held Thursday, Friday for agriculture class basketball teams of this sec- will be held at Cooter, Mo, March 16 and 17. Blythevil'.c, East Prairie, Canith- ersville and Cooter will have en- ed more serious l ™s in the tourney. Stote's action did not result in K»a!s of the tourney will be held loss of his purse last nignt. Such Friday n. B ht only sludenU of Lhe action was not speclflcallv pro- a « r >™!^e classes in the schools hibited in inslructiom given the ^. Ii:lpatmg are oll = lb ' e for !he wrestlers and in the present fight- ' as-fighKcan game anything goes that is not definitely barred, pro- SPRINGDALE, Mont. (UP) — moters say. Disqualification of i When Edward Bonebright, farmer. Stote, as of Welch several weeks broke his leg lie Improvised One result of the injury of Freddie Knichel in a wrestling match, at Ihe armory last night will be the drafting of more stringent rules for matmen vjho performed here, according to Jeff Roland, local boxing and wrestling commissioner. One of the rules will specifically prohibit a wrestler from kickinj ago, automatically gave :he decision. Knichel '.(crutch from a shovel and hobbled three miles for medical aid. Bulk Garden and Field Seed Also Genuine Alndden Lamp Parts - - 30c BURKE HARDWARE CO. une Tommy once had tucked away or attempting to kick, or inter- Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance Phone NOTICE To Depositors of I he FIRST NATIONAL BANK UM'THEVIIXK, ARK. Checks for Dividends of li>' ; the Bank for Distribution. art; Now Available, at Please Read Carefully Instructions Below. When calling tor checks be sure to bring receiver's certificates as checks can only be delivered upon presentation of these certificates. Office Open Only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Each Week. 8:30 A. M. to a I'. .M. on Thursdays and Fridays "and 8:30 A. M. to 3 P. M. on Saturdays. .re YOU as expert as SHE? THINK for a minute—what if you had the house to run, meals to plan and children to care for? Do you think you could do the job as well as your wife does?. On the same amount of money? Be honest. The housewives of the nation study and know their jobs. They read the advertisements regularly. They keep themselves informed of the best offerings of the stores. They are expert purchasing agents. These purchasing agents, from necessity or individual desire, aim to make every dollar spent return a full one hundred cents' worth in value. They know their needs. They know through the advertisements just where these needs can be best supplied at the least cost. Such intelligent buying saves time and effort and money. It results in a management of the home that is truly efficient. Here's some good advice for all of us. Read the advertisements. Read them every day. Through them we can know exactly what we,want before we go to buy. This is the surest way of securing full value for every dollar you spend.

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