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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 29
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 29

Des Moines, Iowa
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itllifiiiiL Sat, Feb. 1 1, 1984 THE PES MOINES REGISTER 3T GancerSociefy report offers nutrition, denlSSi guidelines She's looking for other driver ANN SAYS: What a delightful story. a food supplement without medical supervision. The report says new diet sweeteners on the market have not been studied yet but it reiterates earlier findings about saccharin, saying, "There is no clear evidence that its moderate use causes cancer in humans." The report also says that evidence that drinking a lot of coffee increases cancer risk is inconclusive and that there is no indication that caffeine alone adds to risk. OFTICIAL PUBLICATION R-119)-OFFfCIAL PUBLIC NOTICE 70CFR452 4 WAGNER-PE YSE ACT, 29 U.S.C, 49 et seg. STATE OF IOWA The Mowing it me resource distribution an- 1 nouncemenl tor Program Year 194 ES Wegner-Peyter fundt in fnwa. Thit subsiafe distribution notice Includes the process and ichedule under wnich funds win be issued, punned, and commilied. This nolifica-tion describes procedures for public review and a process by which Job Service ot Iowa will resolve Inquiry. Services and activities to be provided the general public include the basic labor exchange functions 1 Identified in 20 CFR, Part 6S2, Sections mi and 652 3. These include assisting iob seekers in finding employ- i men1 and assisting employers in lilting jobs. The following formula was applied to a planning estimate ot 117,135 00. Any unused Fiscal Year resources alter June 1914, wm be distributed using the following formula. 1. Program Year 'S4 fixed non personal services 1 (premise rent, untitles, local telephone services. Ianilor services, etc.) were projected by SOA and deducled from the planning estimate. 1 The remaining funds were attocaled to SDAS using the formulas described in A and below. A. two-thirds of such sums shall be eNotled on the basis of the relative number of individuals In the civilian labor force in each Service Dctiy- ery Area (SOA) as compared to the lolal number of such Individuals in all SO As: and t. one-lhird of such sums shall be aHolted on the basis of the relative number of unemployed Individuals In each SOA at compared lo the lolal number of such individuals in all SDAs. For purposes of this paragraph, the number of Individuals In the civilian labor force and the number ot unemployed individuals shad be based on dale tor January 19(3 through November I9M. A 95 percent hold harmless adjustment was then applied to the totals from I and 1 above. The resource distribution by Service Delivery Area (SDA) is as follows: SDA I J1I1.201 SOA IX SOA II S3I6.770 SDA S7.99 SOA III (316,213 SOA XI $1,213,010 SDA IV $371,432 SDA XII $140,477 SDA $270,072 SDA XIII $554,527 Ida vi $194,050 soaxiv sim.427 SDA VII SSM.145 SDA XV WOO 97 SDA VIII SjifeVI SDA XVI A Technical Assistance Guide (TAG) will be Is- sued to provide Instructions. The time schedule under which these resources are to be planned is as follows: February 1, 194 through April 12, 1914 Private Industry Council, Local Elected Officials and local Employment Service Manae- 1 ers prepare the Service Delivery Area Job Service Plan. February 1 29, 1M Job Service of Iowa provides technical assistance in preparing the local Job Service Plan. April 30. 19(4 Submit SDAJob Service plan to the Stale Job Training Coordinating Council. May 31, 1914 Private Industry Councils receive noiice of certification or council's recomrnendalions tor modifying the SDA plan. July 1. 194 through June 30, 1915 Program Year lor plan imptemenlation. Formal complaint The Iowa Department of Job Service has a complaint procedure which is lo be uti-liied in regard lo this subslale distribution of resources. Persons wishing lo file a complaint may do so by writing to Richard G. Freeman, Acting Director. Iowa Department of Job Service, 1000 Fast Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50319. Such tellers should address the reasons for the complaint, suggested remedies to alleviate the situation being addressed and the name, address or telephone number of the perton(t) making the complaint. If you need assistance In preparing the formal complaint letter, contact the nearest Job Service Office. Clarification andor inquiry regarding this announcement should be forwarded to Mr. Gary Douglas. Iowa Department of Job Service, 1000 East Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50319, or telephone (515) 281-1191 between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. DEAR ANN: I know from reading your column that you get some really odd letters, but this one is bound to rate in the top 10 on your list I hope it's not too off-the-wall to print because I really need some advice. I'm a truck driver, female. Although most of my work is done locally, I've driven many freeway miles. I've been cut off, rear-ended, whistled at, stared at, have witnessed many obscene gestures and have been followed to my destination. For some reason I take it all in stride. It's just another working day to me. I pass and get passed by several hundred people weekly. But then for the first time in my life I saw a man I want to meet. He was on the 1-10 freeway going toward Los Angeles. It was 10:30 at night He exited the freeway in West Covina after staring at me for miles. I shot him a few looks, too, but traffic got heavier and I paid more attention to the road. He was in an older model Chevy pickup 1869-73 or so dull silver paint set up for a service of some kind with a flat rack. Ann, that was two nights ago. I've made that trip twice since, and I can't stop thinking about the guy. I don't know a thing about him except what I've told you. That, and the exciting vi brations I got as we drove down the These math are easy for My husband, Jack the Clipper, is forever ripping articles out of the pa per, drawing arrows to the part I should read, and then stuffing them in my typewriter. It is usually something we have ar gued about and the article completely agrees with his point of view. His latest "finding" points out that researchers who have spent several years studying gifted children in mathematics found out they are twice as likely to be left-handed, six times as likely to have allergies, and five times as likely to be nearsighted and male! As coincidence would have it, my husband is left-handed, has allergies, is nearsighted and Frankly, I am sick to death of men claiming mathematical supremacy over women. Any country that is run by men and has a national deficit of 200 billion dollars doesn't have any reason for throwing hats in the air. Add to that the fact that men have not had a balanced budget in this country since Alexander Hamilton and you've got a lot of right-handed men in the wrong places. If men want a mathematical chal lenge, women could give them a couple. Can they multiply a pound of ham burger, divide it by six people and end up with a balanced meal? NEW YORK, N.Y. (AP) To boost your chances of avoiding cancer, don't get fat or eat too much fat, the American Cancer Society says. A report adopted by the society's board of directors Friday also recommends that you eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and foods high in fiber and vitamins A and avoid heavy drinking and go easy on meat and fish that is smoked, pickled or salt-or nitrite-cured. The report, "Nutrition and Cancer Cause and Prevention," contains no surprises. The guidelines are general and do not recommend specific amounts of various foods for a cancer-preventing diet The report's admonition against obesity includes a warning that cancer risk is particularly high when a person is 40 percent or more above normal weight "No concrete dietary advice can be given that will guarantee prevention of any specific human cancer," the report says, adding that its suggestions are based on the best information now available and could change. The report also comments on a number of recent cancer-diet findings about which it says "there is insufficient evidence to make specific recommendations" now. It says there are no solid findings that vitamin or selenium are cancer preventers and cautions that selenium is poisonous and should not be taken as South-side resident raped A 57-year-old woman was raped in her south-side apartment about 1:30 a.m. Friday, police said. The woman told police a man awak ened her and told her to lie still and he wouldn't hurt her. The white man, who was about 6 feet tall and had a deep, raspy voice, pried open the door of the apartment near the Des Moines Municipal Airport authorities said. The man ordered the woman not to look at him and not to look back until after he had left the apartment Police said nothing apparently was taken from the apartment Japan's oldest woman dies TOKYO, JAPAN (AP) Momu Okuma, Japan's oldest woman, died of a heart attack Friday at age 110, according to news reports from Hokkaido. pillow back sleeper covered in long wearing Herculon we will give you FREE LOVE SEAT This attractive sleeper is an outstanding value. Additional Two Piece fat Gnkcrinril 7 Savings: This tOTtemnorary Queen size sleep sola and malciung tovtseal features a hacdwood tram, btg wrtttess cttslxons, and a beatriilul oatmeal hemnQtone cow $599 Ttvo twee tyorp Many other styles 90 DAYS SAME AS CASH To Qualified Buyers tv 4347 MERLE HAY mm purchase of tins Queen Thanks for sharing. DEAR ANN: I want to comment on the letter from the woman who ob jects to being called "Honey," "Baby," "Doll" and so on by people who don't know her very welL I am 74 years old and my husband hasn't used a loving term when speak ing to me in nearly 40 years. He doesn't even call me by my name. So I just love it when someone else does. When we don't get what we long for at home, we treasure the little bits that are thrown at us by strangers outside. The bus driver said, "Happy New Year, Sweetheart" and I was thrilled to death. It made me smile all day. I will sign off by saying that I think you are terrific, Ann, honey really a doll. San Diego Fan ANN SAYS: Loved your letter, An gel. Write again anytime. t94 Field Enterprises Inc. By ALFRED SHEINWOLD When South showed one ace by bidding five diamonds in response to 4NT, North plunged into a grand slam, hoping that South had the king of spades. South took the king of clubs, drew two rounds of trumps, cashed the ace of clubs and ruffed a club. He then took the ace of hearts, ruffed a heart, ruffed another club and ruffed his last heart. This left him in dummy with three diamonds and a club. Since West still had a trump declarer couldn't lead the 13th club. South dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH AQI04 OA62 AKJ52 WEST 632 VQI0752 OK103 96 EAST 5 V963 OJ9875 Q1084 SOUTH KJ987 VAK84 OQ4 73 Soulh West North Easl 1 Pass 3 Pass 3V, Pass 4 NT Pass SO Pass 7 All Pass Opening lead- 9 Forgetting Albert Einstein's statement that time is the fourth dimension, South was in the right place at the wrong time. After drawing two trumps South should take the ace of hearts and ruff a heart, followed by the ace of clubs and a club ruff. He ruffs his last heart, then another club. South then draws the last trump and leads the king of hearts. Finally, South leads a diamond to dummy, landing in the right place at the right time to cash the last club as his 13th trick. Daily question: You hold: KJ987 OQ4 473 You open with one spade, your partner responds INT, you bid two hearts, and he then raises to three hearts. The opponents pass. What do you say? Answer Pass. Your partner will bid three hearts on almost any weak hand with four-card heart support. If his hand is weak enough, you won't make three hearts. If his hand could give you a decent play for game he would bid four hearts himself. 19M Los Angeles Times Syndicate rams road. It was incredible and weird, so unlike me. And, now, how in the name of heaven do I find him again? I feel like a fool and it's driving me crazy! Do I need counseling? The Nut From San Bernardino ANN SAYS: Actually, no. By the time you read this you will have regained your senses and will laugh about it. If I'm wrong, write again and we'll take it from there. DEAR ANN: You asked your readers in Vermont why the Good Samaritan law was passed in our state but never enforced. I think I know the an swer. It isn't needed. Let me give you an example. One afternoon I stopped on the roadside to watch the ever-enchanting spectacle of migrating geese. Three cars pulled off the road to ask if I needed help. That's Vermont! Come and visit us sometime. Burlington Reader problems women mm mm Do they dare put three kids in the back seat of a car with two windows and come out even? Can they pay the rent, the utilities, pay $5 on the freezer, 8 on the snow tires, make the payment on the braces, buy lunches and gas and still have enough left over to have a virus before the 15th of the month without printing new money? It really ticks me off that mathema ticians have always been the anointed apostles of academia. It doesn't mat ter if you can dream dreams of which sonnets are made or that you can run faster around the track than a gazelle or even have an for every lai guage in the world, if you can talk "trig," you can write your own ticket Frankly, I wouldn't give you did dley-squat for a man whose nose runs, has to use left-handed scissors and can't see to drive a car, so there! My husband asked me what I thought of the article. I told him I thought it was amusing 1984 Field Enterprises mc 375-degree oven until just golden around the edges 12 to IS minutes. Place on a wire rack to cool Spread with the raspberry jam it will be a thin layer. Set aside. Prepare the walnut filling. Spread evenly over the raspberry jam layer, Bake in a preheated 375-degree oven until a light golden color 25 minutes; cool completely. Make up the coffee glaze and use it as a frosting for the top. Set aside at room temperature or refrigerate briefly until glaze sets. Cut into bars; with a small metal spatula, remove. Walnut filling: In a food processor or an electric blender, turning motor on and off and scraping sides as necessary, finely grind 2 ft cup walnuts. In a medium bowl, stir together the 2V4 cups ground walnuts with cup sugar, Vt teaspoon salt and Vi teaspoon vanilla. Add 2 whole large eggs, 1 large egg white and 1 teaspoon vanilla; stir together until combined. Coffee glaze: In a small bowl, dissolve 1 teaspoon instant coffee in 1 tablespoon boiling water. At once add 1 tablespoon butter (soft) and stir until butter melts. With a spoon, gradually beat in 1 cup sifted confectioners' sugar and Vi teaspoon vanilla, keeping smooth. Hoytomake safe holder for torch Not long ago, I passed along an easy way to mane a holder for your propane torch from a tall can and a wood block. This is so you can stop for a few moments and put your torch down without worrying about it being Knocxed over. Another reader sent me his idea for a holder, which I just made. You start with a 2-by-6 scrap, and you use the bottom of the propane cylinder to, draw its outline. It's slightly less than' 3 inches in diameter. Then use a hole cutter in a drill to cut the hole in the center of the scrap. Next I used a scrap of pegboard that I cut to a square about 4 inches larger than the THE SUPHT MlWmi By ALCARRELL first scrap. I glued and nailed this to the first scrap as a base. I use a hole in the pegboard to hang up. the holder when it not in use. It's less in the way than the can-on-a-block holder, which I still have, too. DEAR SUPER HANDYMAN: When using a furniture stripper, the sludge that you scrape up is a real mess. I have found a way to better control the mess when stripping a table or other large, flat surface: I use a dustpan to scrape the sludge into. I keep a garbage can nearby and dump the sludge when the dustpan is full. T.K. DEAR SUPER HANDYMAN: When you get a new car, you try to take bet ter care of it. I have been washing my new car every week and I soon found that the wire spoke wheel covers were a challenge. I have solved it with an old baby bottle scrub brush. It can get into the otherwise impossible places. I have also used it on a couple of areas on the grill that are hard to get to. S.M. DEAR SUPER HANDYMAN: A lot of the so-called table wines come in large jugs. I have found that because they have a ring-type handle made into the glass, they can be helpful in storing and pouring shop compounds. The jugs can be used for either dry or liquid compounds. I use a funnel to transfer the compounds into the jugs. Pouring from the jug gives you more control and less mess than many of the original containers. The glass contain ers also let you see at a glance how much of a particular compound is left and the screw-on caps give you an air tight seal. As with anything that's been transferred into a container where it doesn't belong, you must be sure to prominently label the container so there's never a doubt about the con tents. I get corrugated boxes from the package store with dividers for the; wine bottles and use these in my shop to hold the jugs. DEAR SUPER HANDYMAN: I've even seen professional painters who make a mess when pouring the paint from its can into a roller tray. It's a little slower, but I use a big metal soup ladle to dip out the paint and put it in the tray. I got this from a restaurant supply place that was going out of business, so it cost practically nothing. Since I never use anything but latex paint, I can rinse my stainless steel la dle clean after use. It makes no mess. Of course, I make enough mess as I ap ply the paint. W.J.T. SHOP TALK-Black Decker has a new vise called Quick Vise. It has up to a 12-inch capacity and will open in a snap. It can be used to grip either hori zontally or vertically. While the base can be permanently attached to your bench top, the vise can be completely removed when not in use so you have more room with less chance of banging into it. A SUPER HINT Because a shop vacuum cleaner is subjected to rough treatment and heavy grime, the wand and accessories can get stubborn' about fitting together. A good cleaning, plus a thin coating of petroleum jelly, will remove the problem and preclude its happening again. My wife, Jean, liked the idea so well that, she has used it inside with the built-in! vacuum attachments. (The Super Handyman's btofctot, "Fish tins Ml-dew Around Yeur House," li now avslabte. To or- dor this Hustrated booklet, tond $1 and lon, stamped, self-addressed onvolopo to SUPER HANDYMAN MILDEW, Del Moines Register, The Register end Tribune Syndicate, P.O. Box 4994, De Moines, la. 5030.) 19M The Register and Tribune Syndicate mc Compare Our Color Concept An analysis workshop FEB. 14th 7 PM Botanical Center Learn about eye patterning Personality Relationships Body Harmony Colors Color Compliments Recessive Fashions How really unique you are FREE Drtwlng for analysis module presented by Personal Distinction in Color Certified Color Analyist Cindy Fargo Sharon Okerberg Llcenwd Cosmotologist Dixie Anderson Fashion Display Compliments of Petersen Harned Von Maur MO. size It Try easy-to-make cookie bars i AjlAA a I X1UU T'' Groups S'V- mw4- S4 This cortefntvuary styleo iwo wee grout) Attn georI'(C ix'nt ol'ffS beautiful ood tnmrnni desert Its IWH HerctWr. cow tdXttS arm covers rvaf a rtdrdw.KKl frjtnti available not shown. HOURS: Mon thruFri. 10 toS Saturday 10 to 5:30, Sunday 12 to 5 RD. PH. 270-2200 $699 By CECILY BROWNSTONE Associated Preu Pood Editor Cookie bars, you may have noticed. are being set before guests for dessert at lunch or dinner or in the evening with tea or coffee by some superlative cooks. Considering the delights of the best of these cookie bars, they are comparatively easy to make. But one of the enjoyable Darts of entertaining is to serve a cookie bar that is new to guests. That is why we are offering you the following recipe for walnut bars. Their flavor and texture are exceptional. Walnut bars cup batter cup sugar 1 large egg ylk laoiespoon milk 1 cup unbleached all-purpose flour Vt teaspoon baking powder cup raspberry jam Walnut filling, see recipe Coffee glaze, see recipe In a medium bowl with an electric beater, cream the butter and sugar. Beat in the eea volk and milk until blended. At low speed eraduallv beat in the flour, then the baking powder, until blended. Firmly press the douch over the bottom of a buttered sauare cake pan (9x9x1 inches), making a smooth layer. Bake in a preheated The CHAMY PERSUEDER BLAZER by Doncaster This Sport Coat looks and feels like the Finest Suede in the world, but it's man made. Actually it's better than suede-because it holds its shape, won't fade or crack and dry cleans with ease! M-i Excellent Valentine's Gift! Reg. $340.00 mi NOW Colors Available: RED, Camel, Navy, Green, Maroon, Black, Raisen, Taupe, Grey, Brown, Rust, Wine, etc. Ntt all colors ia all tint. Reubln Askew, AUn Cranston, John Glenn, Gary Hart, Ernest Holllngs, Jesse Jackson, George, McGovem, and WJter MonrlaJe Sponsored by the Des Moines Register SATURDAY 8:00 P.M. zn miliums iuiiipm vfyxt; I 4 wm i full Iowa PublicTelevisionls Men's 2716 Beaver 274-3485 Women's 2709 Beaver 274-1553 Des Moines FunM byfrKftfedlCMnMkTcVvtwxC

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