The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 19, 1930
Page 3
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TUJSDAY.jUJGUST 19, 1030 BLYTHI'lViLLM, (AUK.) COUTUKIt NK\VS Id'ASSIFJED ADS TWO «:i« a word lor Orst In- wrtlon and C na cent a word for caci eubMKiutnt Insertion. No irtvertlsement taken for less than 60o. Count the words and send the twb. Phong 306 FOB?8ALE COPYRIGHT. 1930 by NF-ASE^VICE,//2c; OUR BOARDING HOUSE PAGE SEVEN By Aherw TOR SALE—Baby Chicks.:'Custom ha Ichlng each we>k from how on. Marilyn Hatchery. 26cV-tl Used Car Specials! For This Week During tills; week we are otTcr- i«E the following: I'SUl) CAKB at. Sl'Kt'lAL PRICKS, subject to our i regular 30 Day Guarantee: I 1930 Ford Roadster •.-'. -S3C5 j 1028 Mod. Ford Business Coupe S!il5 ; 11128 Model Ford I'ick-Un Truck $265 : 1329 Moil.-l'ord'-Sport lload;lcr CT5 I 1020 Model iVd ..1'lucloii ... S265 '. 1929 Mcdel Ford, Sid. Coupe $335 l'J28 Mod. Ciii-ysier "«" Sedan Sli75 1928 Model Whippet Coach $'}95 1920 Mcdcl Chevrolet Coupe S 91 1S2G Model I-'ord Coupe s (is I 1920 Mndcl Slar Coupe $85: f Wili Model Wcdjp 3-1 Truck 5 9J j Sec these cars today and make' your sclccellon. Weekly I'Lin, Monthly Plan or Fall Terms. Your Car taken as part payment. Used Car Dept. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers PHONE 3IL TODAY m;m: \> ILOIinii:it. iriiiiicrniHfninl UK'mil" 'if Jlullywrtuil, wMi'i fijiipji 111 tit |lit- aimlKi nuiii- r at L'imlhu-mnl I'/uintos :iml n'Y.Vnd* lo lie llri-U. Dut fr it'll' II mi IHLK hero mi' Lor til)' •r^ttrf in A\XJ: WINTI'.H. n .rrirbFnj£ :ix nn rxirn. Site li:i* slag i" r.viirrlvtuv, ii nil >>1ir kninvft '•i'linu^li in ir:irr:int n nvrci-ii lr*t ut *ir;iuJ Luttcd rliidl,,,. D:iu lirc-t ulih I'.VUf. COM.IKIt. Mm urlfvs a dally nujvlr column ii'-- :i ilrltiR of iLC>\\s|in|it'rs. Anne tifih .MO\.\ :.imimso,\ mui . . , ,,, V.VA ll.llll.nv. l«o i-\lrn chin. \%' l'.\n t» rriiliiT lilllvr. ffj (i.tllUV SI.OAV. fnniniM llnllv- ^/ ' ' lilul i.,1 illrrrlor, >Tniivii FOR SALE—Good violin and bow, Purchased from fine Memphis ] teacher. Write Mrs R. O. Sharp, I Cariuliersvillc, Mo. lipk'22.1 1 1323 l-'crd Touring 1 1325 Ford Used Car Bargains $295.00 j $285.00 j $395.00! $400.00 $550.00 $275.00 $350.00 I 1023 Ford Tudor 1 l!)2[» ChrvroU-t 4 Duor Sciliin 1 ID") I'cJiLiuu i IJoor Sedan 1 1927 PontKic 4 Doer Sedan 1 1929 DcSoto Itoadslcr J,EE MOTOR COMl'ANY j IUO East Main Slrccl j BI.YTHEVlLLr:, AK11ANSAS itorx mil I'nrr nitiMi for Sloiuij lii> I* :n. iHlinlri-r. himrvrr, nf Jl Ml- •1'IX Cfll.MX'S. tunuvrjr .it C..H- tini-iiiiiT, nun <U|], Amill-Jim:,irj. <' n« Imllis him In u lums,.- ^;miiiii|: ut Ills hiiinc, HIlJ 111! 'I'liiTC Il:iu inri'ls n I'lirirmini: inline ni-lrvfts iiaiiii-il .MAll IS l-'AUIIj:i,l,. uu-rl.1 -in,! I. iiiliinrrU Jir I'HA.VK HAL IIV, n .Maiirj- Tiuil.r-i 1,1ms, If iilnmilinij t<» Mnrli ami Anur. nnil U fulU lo llaii'i lul in rru-nr llicm fr.uii Ms* liliurlcfiiiic- :illrjittni!*. MnHs K rltrl',1]* :ilimif Anni-. Slip AITIH-I Mio Ii n lull-titular Irli-iid of ll:in'». X«W IIO <)\ WITH Tim STO11V CHAPTER XIX "nORlMKIt said. "Why, I hope so," anil lie wondered Ihcn if Anne possibly regarded Mm as something more tlian a friend and a companion lo play around with, Anne was hard to figure that way; you never knew Just where you stooil. True,, she seemed (o.enjoy herself whenever he was with her. hut that illicit mean much and it might jneau nothing; Anno had never given him rca?on lo think that it iiad any especial significance, lie griiincil inwardly, rcmeniherins the night that ho had Itissed her and fiho had told him calmly that she hoped he would nnt do it again. That was'Anne for you; always' cairn, always composed; knowing! just v.-hat she was doing ami where 1 , she was eoins;. ; He rciucnilierdil now Hint he had last seen her in the ratio, talking with a little gray-hairerl man. He hopcil she was Mill tlierc, felt hor., on; t« inatlcr. .ikhcii imr from the corner e. saw her yawn. Anno <iuli-kly hia way, caupht , ami smiled. "Sleo|iy." and D;in nodded. "Just ui niiiuiics now." minutes later they were at nothlni; ccmcd He u.i if his i lliiiu-cd ila lo.»!, ho tLiii!, i collide i\ fe tcr dui-r. Tlio sky was much iKhttr now, and Anno observed ihat It «,i3 nolhlni; less (lian a in bo rctiirnhiK fiom a liaVty at Fiicli an hour. Iliu I a wonderful time, It was Klorlous." "Ymi'll lie ilio Prst one home. Most of the others will swim until O f ham and c^s. i |, : ,t t .il (o leavu tho ir. di.Sn't you?" . . liund ni^lit, n.m." Collici tlio <'!•.< at Hom '"Wl denial. Conjcoiis loo/fiug, /Imie u,'«s, in n MCIC/J IxiJ/uVig suit and ii'/iifc mb- insulted ami lie wasn't coming i:i. li'.'nd up in.tlic sliallnw water, and Do yon think we our.i'.t lo dri'.y him j Anne si-oldcd him mil'lly (or not oilt'aud tlirow him in?" Hut Mar-1 cxertlni; himself lo win. Culliii:; (niiiitly said it would be 1 "Well." Dan said meekly, "can ul l>an sjmo Inmr:; lau-i'. u;n I'nokln^ hieakfasi — inorniim brcalitast helir; ii' they rulliilDiivly :i!u —and (NilllL-r \va:i maklrr; ( I M-^ with fry In;; pan-. 's (he till; liliM?" lloi liner •1 from Ills lied, ami I'.ml appealcd In the dnorwny. a ili-c.-s- Inn B«w!i lliruivii over liis iiajainas. "ll'n U nV]iu-l;, my l>uy. (Joiu^ I-i sleep all ilayV \Vhai lime did yuu icl lir; 11 "Noi:c of your l>iisiiiess." Dan (old liiai. "I'll have my oran^o jiilco in heil." "Oh. ycidi?" C<illlor camo Inln the, vor,::i :ind ^rahhcd llorlruer hy (he fi"l and lievan In haul him mil ol lied. "Come on now, get out of there." "Have a hoarl!" Dan cried, out Collier was heartless. "Tlio toasl H Imrniii^; 1 smell It," he siid. ileimsillns! itan tin ll:o floor. And he ran hack to tho kilchcn, \vaiulni; to know If llnvl- mcr rained his eggs euiiuy slilo lip. "Si.T;-.m!:k ; ii," said Dan, niimiir^ onl of hi-- pajamas anil rhislilni; 11:1- der ll'i shower. Colii.r uiatle Knme sarcasiie PQW KWotJ BUf Vo' siteAi,3XSo*i, \MlF A AH tres' FROWS MV LIME OU'(' -ftT GALLEV A J)&M PULLS' T &M IM { ME, :vv Kin /V).] CURIOSI-fVJ — CAME UP BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES W\% ISN'T IT THE TRUTH? By Martin n;)ieuer it they lei Maury alune. j[ Bnuore i' if I try real hard this | co " ::!; --' ul lll; '' l)r111 ™uhl mil hr,ir " "" " : " "' "'" " " little uneasy, hc-canbo Fra:il; Maury j \vhcn Anno Winter emerged lime'i" and Anno assented. Iiad iiasFcil (hat way, and Maury ! f rom the littlo buildiu, 1 ;, lioriinci', So lliey iclraeeil Iheii 1 convsc. nnd j was in a mood to !« unpleasant.! drippiny with water, was siltius (hi:; liim- 1 1 FOU RKNT lie heard Martin Collins' voice call-j on tlic edge of the pool, watcliins | length. IRK from the huiifc, ai:d Marls Kar-1 ror her with easer eyes. Gnrgcons | saijviic. reil. heside him. rlnlched Ills arm., inuliii:!;, Anne was. in :; lilicl; Ijatlv "Jiurtin says everyone's going j ; ]5 g 5 nit and while VINJ'JCT helmet, swimming," she said. "Are you? 1 ". jj e waved to her and shu came over! Maris 1 head liarely reached above | am | Slo3u heside him and as'.ced his shoulder. lie looked down al ;i,[, n ii OV ,- n ;c v ,-atcr was. j her and smiled anil nodded cm- phaliciiliy. - '. : ,\l)|ol^lcly ; How won by more Ihan n hailirc .1:1. lit said he hoped she wn "Veil made mo work every inch of the v.'ay." ho;fflcil. about too". Sliaue Auartin.ern !or rent. Pliou 441-Or 'lisT""''" ' lV "" '' J»fk2 FOR -RENT^S-Room "house }32l\ f T^^<^T^ ."rccoliccfc'd "somcthlani jan'd-jM her to-'ttie'spvinginE btei"^ Holly ,St. Call 987-W. 15|)k20 j " DM V° 11 find liiat srccn liatliins ( "you firs!. Anne, ana 1'i! race !—! 1 wiit. !>>' ll'-c •.'"•:••?" tic a-sl.-cd. "lie-: you i-j the other emi. OhayV "Fine." he sr.iil. "Coins In '»'• deep end?" Anne smiled and nodded, and he got up anil look her l>y tile ha:i-.l FOR RENT—Furnished apartment; 108 Kentucky, Phone 683. 13pk211 FOK RENT—Sept. 1st, sloro build-I ing now occupied by The Boo;-; cry .Mis. J. G. Sudbury, Hhoi'.e 1.. 16pk23 | cause if yon didn't, Eo:;icho{iy'G ^oing to have lo explain to Fiank aiaury." r t^Illv sky was lui'iiini; pnle gray -*- In the cast as they drove hac:k lo Dnn lolrt her of what -Marls rairell ha-1 said. "Com- In? from her. I'd call it a real tribute'." he K\id. -, And lie tr.lkod a wind iloal of .Maris, huuiug that Anr.u would say "innethi;;^ t!iat won!*' enable him to leel tiiat she was ;ealous: but for llh 1 liaise (if Ihcr Bliower, and lil'.ally emerytd ffom tlio looking prcsiMilnlHc once :i:i-:e anil with has y=t|i>:iiEo sharp^r'.i .1 by the templing aioma of fr>i:i^ S!.KM[I and ei^gb, I'aul ile- mamkii so:r.'j gossip. "How was the parly, anyway? Anyij::«ly ^-ot nocked?" l)n:i \vuIEeil his orange Juice and cliti;'kii.-ii. "In a mihl way." no said. "Vour irieml I'rank ^ial;ry wan U,e:c. by the way. lie had a Hue cdsc. 1 had a lilllo run In \vith huu." Ami he icooiinleil ii to Culiicr. "W!:ero'. : M::'.:ry fr-im7" he asUcrl, aad Taill a:i 3 <uvi-d that Jlaurv had It was, AIIRC replterl gaily. anrl ; , iim; , vns noll . lin ,. in | icr comment Jiu-cn an exlia. "lio lnn K around he watched he; wr.lli conlideully; to i 1H -,i(. n t c n, B t slic resented one', fur several years before he got a ., . •,„,„ i ,. a ° (lic cutl of "' e " ra ' rolso to ;iblt the attention Jlarla had dc-! break, ami when he illil It went ilans that .Maury protab,y ;:l mmnmi a:;d (hc ,,. B slinl a!1: i ii] . i ., ik[| o[ hii!] _ | ;:|ra ^ (o ^ ^ ^ _ _ T|]al . a wouldn't remember a \vord tlu-.l : involy ji'iurc, cleave the air \vhh l:ad i;cen sai'l. "Anyway. I found bcwiichi'iis grace anil disappear li> /Iraigbt to ki* iioad. fie would have known a savage I [u eliy good, laliins iwo girls awi:y -jud ! from Maury in nue evening. He'll WANTED WANTED — Family Washings, j Washed and ironed by comne-, tent white woman. Mrs. Brown,; 704 S. Lake St. 17ck-:f | WANTED—A settled woman, work- j iny housekeeper, apply to Mrs. i A Driver. O:;cmla Inn, Osceoia. i Ark. 16pk20! with private ; npartincnt. Box j 10pk20 , WANTED— Room baih or tniall X. Courier News. a crowd eniorged from the house. I J0 " "' il ' at - Vl ' 1JU - [shield which she hid emr.-.ami Icil by Collins, who had a girl on 1 Annr ° E:li<1 ' " Yollr i ~'-' { " is lon . lions .".s strong and as tiirmoilcU either arm. Am! one of them. Ilor-; tickle." ; n s liis own: but it was a barrier imer saw. was Anne, so ho made' "-Meanlp.; j!i.;l viliat?' he urged.; | ID ],,,,] bc ,, n ,,, :a \,] c to nemiirale. for tl-,e reen's clrcssin-,- room and' swlnlm: "» bi-.-ide !:or. Somcthiiis \ Sonu-linics v.'liru she talked about was ameiig l!:e lirst to gel iiilo a , in "'O cn:l::css ot licr speech Ifil |i, c , vol .j, ^, e t - M \ chosen lo do. sal iluwn. "1 For Rent Two stores (in Si'coud streot, also cotton office up stitirs with nofth skylight. Gi-nud T.eadct- building. Apply on>. 5. ROSENTHAL yon'<l pimcbed him lu (lie nose. 1 know a lot of penile MJIO would havo enjoyed il." And ho aJitc-- 1 .: "U'e'rc bavins npcn house lliis afteiuooii, by tho icre a IncaUikss iiartin;; ot: wiiy, just in cave you fnrt;tt. I ran jsibly he thinking of Mavis I-'airell. ii cr i|p s an ,j a dreamy light in her | into Loiiiso Wa!kins last night, H 1C beard poracor.o sny In the! Hut Anne refused lo elaborate.' wide dark eyes and a rush of color [ just for a minute. Khe said sbo dressing ro'jin that Maury was even after ho hftd repeated liis;lo her cheeks, and IJan knew n 1 wanted lo talk to you about some- "slceiiing it off," Knil another voice ' nuesiion, and he let her beat him j feeling that wan akin to jealousy.! thing. Bhc's coming o?er." said. "Yes. Fiank saiil ho had been lo tho end of the pool, where llity ' Aiino was driven by ambition; it 1 ("-'•: il* Continued,) batliing suit. i him to Ihink iliat she might pos HfsMt EMOO&H TO A COU?\.t Of WANTED—FurnUhcd rconi by bupine^ couple. Mnbt he vvitliin • walking distance East Main. A. j JJ. S. Courier News. IBpkLIO ; i "WANTBD AT ON T CE A good cap- , ! ab!e person to succeed J. E.' ' llur.ter in the cily r.l Blytl-.cviUc j • Tu sell K?bc:ling's houschoki sup-: I plies, toilet ariicics. .soaps, spices.: I extract?, cic. IOC useful lioiiw-! j held product.-. We (innis'i i^oods • ! at lo 1 ^ \siiclesalc prices. Write to-: I <J«v for hill partiiiilais- G. C. ' ' KRECKI-KS AND IHS FRIENDS (' "ITl. 141-Dll T^.'T SO'/.EVJU£Ze,SC'AEO>:6 j ff PA'S f- UOFE VJ'T,! s. p 6C= 82o«'i I (ft, C/JT o? ~v.z. B-toe . ^ v;£ M, CCU.D f NOTICB From May 1 to Seplember I 5ii r dental oflices will be closed •ach Thursday afternoon. Dr. I> II. Moore. Dr.,H. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis V. R. VfASIIAJI— Transfer pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rales on carload lots. Local. Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 TT ' ' WERT ; IIIc Makes 'Em Sec. Royal C. Mills' Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Buokkceping ijystcms Fhone W toEi'din Uidf. Blylnevillc, Av's Ijlcoiniiiiftcn. III. lack'Jl WAK'fF.D-Tlr.iisckeepp r at Frisco roominr; licnisc (ippo-site Frisco Station. 19pk23 LOST AND I-'Ol'NI) TAKEN UP— Black lioilllll (ioi;. Owner c.ill a: J. M. }iiicl'.iinan's 0:1 tiic Yarljro read. in|)k20 New York Cotton NBW YORK. A«s. IP (UPl— Cot'.on clex^rel -s;rafiy. Oc; 'uhi' ins ii [> 7 inw iia'i Or! ir.cii'J IMS lltll 106!) 1005 U-c ifllrii 1130 11« 1111 1131 Urn ir.ew> 1110 1123 10RO 1113 Ijan iol<li 1UG H5S 1123 1H7 !,Jan ir.ctt'i ll-l H'<1 11^9 "2"' iMar ll?fi 1HK HIM 113;) M;iv UST HCT 1132 113S Jnl 11T.7 1180 11.115 117! bpcts closed steady al 112o. up New Orleans Cotton i NEW OHI.KAXS. Atie- 1!1 >UP)Collun cioieii slcatiy. Open lii^h l:inv Ci- s 1 ' Oil 1053 HOfi 1070 1U1I4 |nci- ma ir^ iosn nut ' jj.lli 1127 IIM 1G!):> ll'Jl M.u- LU5 i!Jl 111.) 1137 Mm iiiii :v..) in:. 1111 llfw 11BI 1I;VJ ll~-b Spols fiuiet ut 1070, yji^i'";.*. ' • •/ . . • AH4..-ue LIED OSCAC2... UC A U.MIPE l\t 60T To TmMw OP VKAY To 6cr L00'< W IT I 1 'J r 'L' ! V /^>p Fl^.-. T-^l P£ iK®'^ 11 ii&;> m}M'. v;v •M jjh" gfi ^""^-- - MOM'N" I'Ol (Jl/DKK THK STOXK. THIO MOUKMOSS" By Cowai \:;.;-,, 'Y ^ ^ C. ~~7 / ^ V VN (- „ } f

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