The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1939
Page 3
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JULY 13, 1939 BLYTHEVILLB, '(ARK.y COURIER 7 *,..- .. 'ffAGE'THREB/,, PID1I 'IBM TOURS MSM5 Missouii Goveinor's Jaunt Ceitainly Isin't For His Health By NEA Service JEFFERSON QITY, Mo, July 12 ^Gov: Lloyd Crow Stark of .Missouri, already the Mlstei X o! Democratic politics, has added much to his status as a 1810 m>stcry man" by his present torn of the west He has denied any political Implications, but he Is nevertheless believed contacting "fiuorlte son politicians In seveial western states »nd his position as a rip-snorting boss busting, leform-roustng gov emor make him a man whos political futnie Is blight thougl undefined Talk orstatk. as a 1940 piesi- dentlal possibility rose to a peak when 'he. sent to prison "Boss" Tom Pendergast of Kansas City/ It has subsided ' soinewhat. But Missouri 1 political sharks cant believe he has- gone west just to sec the scenery. Stark, who admits he "would feel It a duty" to run foi the Senate If there was a demand for him, might make good vice piesldcntlal material, arid-the sudden death of Navy Secretarj Swxnson reopens Political Puzzle Man and HisFamily 1 The "resent Mrs Staik, the goNenio, s second wife, pictured at home with her husband and chiMren Mome, c, and Kntheiine, 5, Is an acme suppmtcr of her husbands anti-vice crusade. Armorel Postoffice Changes Are Effected Kcsldcnls living between Aimoiel and Bui-Held, east ot Blylhovlllo, are to liuve mall delivered to their boxes for the first lime following iv number of changes mtulo'by tho posloillce. They formerly culliM '"" Iheh mull tit Aimoicl The postonice at AIIIIOIL!, ... inllex cusl of Blylhovlllo, which was ronncil) birvcd by tho Stai iculc from Tomato'six times weekly, Will now be served three'times'weekly from Kllllman's, store via Uixorn, aUhoiigli the Tomato iiostoiflcc will be continued. The section surrounding Armorel wlli now be served by Roulo Onn of Blythcvllle and the route has been reversed so as to serve Armorel natrons first ench dny The original route, which begun nt Oosnell, then to lllehwr.y 1)1 nt Ihc country club, then north to Yurbi'o, cast to Number Nino mid GrcenbrlLT Rldgc, south to Armorel nml then west to Blythcvllle,^ has been reversed and the route-wIV ccnllnuc fiom Aimoicl to BnifloU 1 nnd then to Giceiibrler lUdge nml .through the remainder of the I'biilo There Is also a route being con- 'lemplalcd to Hlckman nml HulV- ninn from Blythcvllle, which wouh give persons residing al nml be Iwceii those Iwa postofllcc paints dully mall delivery from the Blylhe .vlllc irasioincc instead of having t go to Hlckmnii or Ifuffmnil fo their mail. The iioalolflccs would two! he continued. T—r*" 1 x • >{ \ '«.> r J/ -"<. : •OWNIW AND OVUIA'IU) HY '1IIK KROOKR CROOHIV f. HAK1NC1 COMPANV I'-nncy Sliced Ib. l»c Rimlless Ib. 25e In the Piece, 3 I!) Av Ib. SELECT BRMNS M IQlSPBIHB CHICKENS ... 37 L ftj^Bnm!i^lPBOCEssBUTTER jig WHITING"" '""V""!" T 25' IFRESH SHRIMP ....25' HADDOCK 75 1RIVER CftTFISH the chance of his being for that post He has ' drafted ' said he ouiei ofTicia, in decent politl- 'bit of boodle to settle an —e * lie,, as no othei official in receiu ponu- mi/ LH i,uuu«,- .v „.!..>. ' r j j^, j " mrL ,u (jehlnTI hei husband in his | been uioKen by inc. mairmgu slonnl conventions meet next|government launched its piosccu- vice-bus ng en ,, omen to co-lltfcAvoy of \yllllnmsbuig In a ce: ^ring, there are those _who-will on of Pendergast ^ a ure o appeal « « M^^^^^ | lnony > t Ule brW(rt , w ,^ ^ Town Loses To CJuplil 1'EHU, Mnss. (Ul')--ThlB town's l\c \cai no wedding' iccord has by the mnirlnicc of i cere- Butlei, Nation, ^pesn't want It, but he is an Annapolis graduate and served four years In the iu\y, and would be a "natural" Whichever road to his political future opens up to Goveinor Stark, it looks like a bright one For he has descended on Kansas City and on Missouri as a sort of combination of Smedlev T3 ""'" Lincoln Steffens Cairie and a Kansas tornado HE'S RUNNING K C POLICE Strengthened bj a sm-cession of important political victories, Stalk has taken control of the Kansas City police department and sa\s he will drne out open •vke and corruption which have nourished unmolested foi more than a decade. . , 'Stark was empowered to enter the Kansas City aiena only after he smashed the state legislatuie forces of •• Pendergast, and drove through a bill giving the state control of the cltys police depart- A. 1 crussxlertal heart, St-vrk is a mild-mannered, small-town nurs eryman r who >was placed In office as window dressing for Pender- gasts powerful political machine, only to jump the traces and lead a fight which landed the Boss' ip federal prison HERE'S HOW HF ADDS UP, Political apprais«is point to these factors in his favor , 1 Lloyd Stark' is a business man who has a. reputation foi honesty in e\ery hamlet in which he ever soH an apple tree, -which is a lot of hamlets , 1 He is an Annapolis gradu ite, served four >eais In the navy, wns an artillery majoi in France duimg the Woild Wai, has , the Start familj tree , 3 His \iews on national political ISSUPS are not well known and like the >oung Republican Galahad, Tom Devvey, he is keeping them U> himself He thus could be drafted by eithei Democratic wing or be called in as a compromise nominee. 4 Stark Is a stickler for economy, an issue which is destined to be aired from the stump frequently during ' the campaign. 5 The "boss killer' fought Pendergast armed only with a moral issue -r CORRUPTION — and • when T.: J. was • haul ed off to Leavenw'orth for income tax evasion,' Slark grabbed the credit, thus establishing himself as the champion of the people. ;Miss6uri's senior senator, Bennett Champ Clark, was considered ' the state's favorite son candidate up until a year ago. He and the governor are.. warm personal friends.,They both were Born and reared in northeast Missouri's Pike county. .And Missouri can't .have two: favorite sons: But Stark has captured Missouri KILLS D-8 gels 'em at orice. D-S is quick—positive— pleasant, stainless. Harmless to humans and pets, A little go<s a Jong way. Big6ot.can only 10c. s, bet that something will happen to send a Stark-instructed delegation «ozslQc PINTS. QUARTS Cjalltn Fresh Shoulders H 15 COTTftGE CHEESE ,„.«* Pendeigast all ovci to the .national convention At 52, twice-married Llo^d Slark i lean, trim has a firm hand shake. His hair is thinning and giajing His Icatuics aie stions One political icpoitei the governoi every day savs that he has "the guts of nh army mule ind the tenacity of n hungry wolf TWSamuels jut'iiot regular enough to be Hand He considers himself .on some His deep biown eyes and hi' noulh me gl\en to quick flashe: of humor. naval, mlhtaiy, anj business training Imbued him with punctual lly and gave, him the hnblt of clearing the decks of every day's work bpfoic the day was done iilsslon to reform ; lhe state, martinet In his -office and cries for econom IN AT ' THE KILL While It n tine that he stalled ',lie attack on Pendergast, he re KENTUCKV STRAIGHT BDURBDN lint practice at fiist \\ns Iriltntlng hat was really tlie due of Maurice lo this somewhat sleepy slate capi- distilct attorney H Ion befoie it was made public tha Pendergasl had copied ft $44000 Attiacthc, brunet Mre Stark is the mother of two of the govei- TOR MEN!i ; .'..fORiBOYS - ' '' ' CLEARANCE! Save 3Ic o Pair.' Women's Sandals Regular !>Sc best-sellers! Hopsacking and sailclotVi, \with nail- studded platforms I Slripesl Prints! Savel SALE! Women's 1.^19 Sandals Rj'nbow colors. Scores .of styles! CLEARANCE? Save 2Ic a Pair I Children's Shoes ReguUrly 98c. Cool, white and comfortable, with solid leather soles I Straps, tics, sandals. A rare value! SALE! Children's 1.39 Shoes f|^ White—and cool! Newest styles! Alirrcr CnLtot I'hilitdclplilu lUuml LUNCHEON •••••••• Armour's star ORANGES I.OUVCH AH Kind, Hi. 27 D. S. MEAT Pound LARD I'ouwl PURE PORK BAUSA ri:L 15' HOME BAKED HAH ,60 TlilcU Uib Roast II). fLJ\ , i 4 Ol A /yc """**"• 1^2^ LIMES Juicy 10" LETTUCE j(Mun Ileails Cc Kach v POTATOES B-Unule 10 I, EGGPLANT lldmc Gro\\» Ench CANTALOUPES IB<I Home Grown Vine Ripened Ea. Grapefruit RICE ^ IQc Cellophane H«K I! His. WHEAT or U1C13 Cello. 'Pit t?. 5' APPLE JUICE S 10 LIGHT GLOBES ,IO-fi« WiilL 1ft' Rneh « w CAMERA FILMS G'toed Iloll Lemons / FUmkist Juicy, Do MILK C. Clult Sm. FLY SPRAY Turnip, TISSUE Clirtnu Unlls FACIAL TISSUE VINEGAR Gallon FRUIT JAR """"" Grapefruit Juice 10 n/. Can Jnmbii Ri/c, I'ch. Salad Dressing m^^^^mi^mi^m-mf^mm ('. Club (H. 2i)c Quail Apricots Asparagus . Tomatoes US %&&* —-»• 406 \Y. Main St. SALT 2 Boxes MATCHES 2 Boxes Mac. or Spaghetti 2 pkgs. TOMATO PASTE 2 for .., Cornflakes C. Club 8 oz. Tomato Juice C. C. Sm. en SPOTLIGHT CRYSTAL BftLL BEVERAGE JUG -I" Free 1 1'almolhc Soap nitli purchase of pkg. conccntrlacil Super Sudsj all for 9c 10c 20c PEANUT Pint BUTTER Quart GINGER ALE C. Club 4 bottles TOMATO JUICE Jumbo can EATMOREOLEO 2 Ibs. Ice Cream Pwd. Twinkle 3 pkgs. 13c FRUIT £Gal ' JARS Quarts 69c; Pints 19c 25c Coffee 3 Ib. Bag 43c Wilh PurchnsB of .Wcsco Tea. 1/2 Hi. I*-

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