The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, June 3, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COUEIEE NEWS VOL. XXXIII—NO. 67 THE DOMINANT NKWSPAl'EU 01' NOUTnEAST AUKANBAS AND BOOTHEASY MISSOURI ~ B]ythevl)l« Courier Blythevlll* D»llj New* Bl>theHll« Hcrtld MIMU.IPPJ Valley L*»d«r ' Hl,YTllKVll,l,rO, ARKANSAS, WIODNKSDAY. JUNK ;t SINGI.R COPIES FIVfi CftNTS TEL!; OF BLACK LEGION DEATH SENTENCE Overton Flood Control Bi'l Goes to Roosevelt WASHINGTON, June 3. till'] —Consrcssiuuiil iictlon was voni- pieicct on (he Wilsoii-Overtun flood control bill with sennit 1 a|>- liruval of the conference. a:(rt-e- mcnt |li| s uflcrtioun and the measure iivus senl to I'rcsiili'iil Koosevcll fur his signature. Senate Committee Ap-l proves Graduated Scale Under Conservation Acl WASHINGTON, June 3. (UP)—, President Roosevelt's suggestions' for graduated benefit, payments un- j tier Ihe soil conservation act were i adopted loday by Ihe senate agri-' culture committee, which reported favorably an amendment carryin" out the plan. The amendment was attached to a bill by Senator Carl Hatc'h (Dem. 1 N. M.), extending the soil conser- I vatioa program to the public domain. - | Under the proposal benefit pay-; menu would be reduced one per cent on payments between $2,OOC and $3,000. One per cent additional would be taken off on each ad-' ditional $1.000 tip to $51,000. Beyond $51,000 payments would be cul 50 per cent. The sharp revision In benefit payment methods was suggested after vigorous criticism of payments under the old AAA whirii in some instances ran Into six figures. Agriculture committee members would not predict whether action on its proposal could be taken by botli houses before congress adjourns. Zioncheck Tunes Up for Another ''Big Pusl STRIKE SETTLED Planters Agree to 10 Cents, an Hour Wage, Union Head Reports MEMPHIS. June 3 <UP)— H. L. , Mitchell, secretary of , the Soulli- 1 cm Tenant Pnrmers Union, today said an amicable settlement of a strike of sharecroppers, tenants and day laborers in St. Francis county. Ark., had been readied. Mitchell hastened _ to add that the agreement affected only St. Francis comity and that the gcn- eial strike in other parts of East- I ern Arkansas would continue. ' "Planters at Forrest City agreed ! lo $1 a day or 10 cents an hour for day laborers — a concession on our part as we had demanded $1.50," Mitchell said. "They agreed to meet the union demand for S2.5Q n day for tractor drivers and replacement of evicted tenants." Seven Negro Families Homeless After Fire CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.— A fire whic'h for a time threatened the east side residential section, destroyed seven houses, occupied by negroes, here Monday afternoon ....Bonfire trucks and the entire fire .squad, regulars and extra -. men were, called jnlo use.... _, -'"The-fire broke 'out about 4-I'D" p.m. at EasJ 12lh and Vest ave- nnt, a negro tofiement section II was three 'hours before it wa<= •brought completely under control" The high wind, blou-In" directly from the fire toward town, for a time threatened an even greater loss. Seven negro families were! made homeless by the fire, wiiich! did about $1,000 damage. An exploding oil stove was the orioin of the fire, Chief Victor Malloure said Investigator Coming WASHINGTON. June 3 (UP)— Sam Whitaker, special assistant to the attorney general, today was ordered to Arkansas to investigate charges of alleged violations of federal laws in connection with the strike of sharecroppers in that slate. ' . Ally. Gen. Homer S. Cummlngs said/he ordered Whi taker to Ark- arisoji "to make an .Investigation °L .complaints- pollening. _ alleged violations of federal"criminal law's in connection with the dispute between plantation owners and sharecrippers. _ r , r .. Thc complaints 'were lodged'by Arkansas sha'rcfroppers and Gardiner Jackson, chairman of the National Committee for Rural Social Planning. Colton and O.lier Crops in Seven Dixie Stales Hard Mil ATLANTA, Ga.. June ;i, 1UP> — Household bmlgi'ls are bcnlunhii! lo fed (he clfecl.s of Uu< Boutlfs iwu monlhs drouth, which has prompted many Dixie farmers to parllrl-' j pule In lh« uomumcn'l's will conservation program. I 1 Generous rains wU'iiin the nexl two weeks would still be able l<: transform parched Ilelds Into f«lr- ly good crops In the drouth uivi of tile Carollnas, Virginia, Grarjjto, nnd sections of Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi, agriculture leader 1 ; 511 Id. There was litlle prospect, however, of immediate rains. With Ihe loss to farmers already , counted "In the millions," ngrlcul'- I lure leaders estimated f,ie damage Is mounllnjj at the rate of $1511,. 000 a day. This damage will be Increased greatly If mln do;s not break the 55-day drouth. Congress Gives Up Hope of Adjournment Saturday WASHINGTON, June 3 (UP) — I Contre.vilonal leaders sukl loilny they hail abandoned hope lor ud- 1 jmnmucnt by Siiliirday. i They |>;)sst>(l this word nlimi; nlliii 1 a conference between lloiist; Hull's Coimnlllee Chairman John J. O'Connor and Si.'imlc Majority l.i'adi'i- Joseph T. itoulmon. The leaders said adjournment by Sumlny "Is Impossible." The iciuiillvc plan now Is for | Ihrce-duy recesses during ihe Hc- I publican national convenllon flMinlng up this week l( )«xsslble every .single bill of c-unswiiii-nce except possibly the lax bill and Ihi' relief measure. In this rare photograph of Representative Marion Zioncheck on Ihe defensive, the playboy congress Seeing their crops"burni',w im or man from Seattle is pictured In bed at Qnlllnger hospilal in Washington, U. C., afU'r physicians said railing togrow UirouKhpoor germ- he was "siillering from overwork," and prescribed rest. His enforced stay at the liosnital where he llmtlo »' Dixie fanners are hope- ---*-- " ' a*"". <-*• \J*< lilt..! {Jllj.Ml.lll J1S bllll] suffering from overwork," and prescribed rest. His enforced stay at Ihe liospilal where he was held for observation, punctuated live monlhs of antics. He was jailed live times, iiuirrled look a riotous honeymoon, allegedly ejected his landlady from his capilal apartinciil. tried lo enlist the aid of President Roosevelt In Iccatlng his missing bride, and soDjlu :the anesl of Vice-president Garner on charges of "conspiracy" lo detain her. -Memphis P6lice,.lYlake rests at Junior C. of C; Meeti :ting State Man Inspects Blytheville Dairies D. Webster Jones, director of nvlk control of file state board of health was here yesterday to inspsct local dairies operating under the Unifd States public health standard nillk ordmance. lie was assisted by Dr A. M. Washbuni, local health unit director, and George Shamlin county sanitarian. ' May Send Cruiser PANAMA, June 3 <UP) - Tlie cruiser Memphis, flag ship of the special service squadron of the American fleet, may return from a Caribbean cruise and proceed from Cristobal to Niraraaua if tension continues there, it was rumored today. New York Cotton NEW YORK. June 3. (UP)—Cotton closed slcady. open htgli July . Oct. .. Dec. . Jan. . 1164 11G5 1082 1089 1079 1037 1070 1087 1081 'l$85 1083 1084 Spots closed steady a changed. Mar. May tow close 1163 11C5 1073 .1079 1067 1074 1065 1077 10G7 1076 1072 1077 t 1180, nil- Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, Jnne 3. (UP) —Hogs: 5.000. Top 10.25. 170-230 Ibs., 10.00 10.05. 140-1CO Ibs., 9.00 10.10. Bulk sows 8.65 9.00. Caltle 2300. Steers 7.00 8.50. Slaughter stocrs 6.00 8.75. Mixed yearlings and heifers 0.75 800 Slaughter heifers 6.00 8.50. Beef cows 4.75 5.50. Cutlers and low cutters 3.25 425 Chicago Wheat open high low close July 84 3-4 85 1-8 84 1-4 84 1-2 Sep. 84 7-8 85 1-4 85 1-4 84 5-8 Chicago Corn open high low close July 59 3-4 00 1-4 59 1-2 60 Sep. 57 3-8 57 3-4 57 3-8 57 5- Dies of Colitis In Hospital at Memphis Pattic Joe Wnitley, 20-months- old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J N. Whitley, lale of Newport, died ate yesterday, at a Memphis hospital of colitis. Funeral services were held this morning at the liomc of the baby's irandmother, Mrs. Hawlcy. at 1613 West Main street. Interment was made at Maple Grove cemclcry. The Cobb Funeral Home was in ihargc of funeral .arrangements. Surviving are Ihe parents and one staler, Vannic Catherine, seven MEMPHIS, June 3 (UP) —Six well dressed young men, described by Police Inspector Will Griffin as professional gamblers, were under arrest today after they had registered as delegates to the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce convention from Tulsa Okln. ' ' The men were arrested in the lobby of a hotel last night. Inspector Griffin said they came here lo trim delegates lo the convention in dice and card i games. Suspicion of chamber officials was aroused lirst when the men registered al convention headquarters as delegates Irom Tulsa and paid cash for (heir rcgislra-1 tion fees. A check previously had' been mailed covering fees of the Tulsa delegation. Griffin said the men also had Trouble in Palestine Worries Pope Pius VATICAN CITY, June 3 (UP) —Pope Piui is anxious over tile situation 'precipitated in Palestine | by Arab disorders, Vatican officials disclosed today. , ' ; He -was'said to feel 'that It was most Important that a satisfactory settlement be reached regarding the future of a country which lie regards as the patrimony of all Christians! Bill Congressional Action Coin-' . pletecl on $300,000,000 Measure Human Catliolic church -officials , WAblll said that events In Palestine con- , , ho " S .,,.. finned fears which had been felt. nct '°" on the W° 0 ."2,30o om WASHINGTON, June 3 (UP)— congresslon- for many years. nibus flood bill today by accepting Ihe conference report, already approved by the senate. Action came after tlic house had accepted the conference report on the $270,000,000 Wilson-Overtoil Hood bill which must also be approved by the senate. The omnibus bill authorities funds for hundreds of flood control projects in 40 slates. It provides for Hood control Removo TliniKinrli com l' acls between slalcs, a Hood i\utio\c i iioiisaiuib control inmiiry b ytno war (1( .. rrom Compress Rescr-' pill ' tincnl " nml c:|rr Js s » iwvision Ifl-MV I n P~..l. C _ .... ' voir to So on Thousands of fish, mostly igcr- llnij catfish and perch, are to tc Britons Cheer Selassie on Arrival in England SOUTHAMPTON. Eng.. June 3 (UP)—Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia arrived today on his way lo London lo seek aid against Italian annexation of his country. Passengers on the ship a n d crowds ashore cheered Ihc cm- neror as he debarked, wearing a flowing black cloak over a long while robe, fastened at the neck. Police look precautions to guard Iwn and the customs shed was closed to the public until he had passed through. He left for London in a special coach attached to the boat train. The lirlnce and the emperor's daughters were in the retinue. Closing Stock Prices NEW" YORK, June 3. (up)—me stock market today went through one of the dullest sessions in recent months with prices holding narrowly irregular for the most part. A. T. and T 105 3-4 Anaconda Copper 333-8 Beth. Steel 513-4 Chrysler 04 3-4 Cities Service 41-4 Coca Cola 99 3-4 Gen. Am. Tank 48 1-4 Gen. Electric 37 7-8 Gen. Motors Gl 1-2 Int. Harvester 85 McKesson-Robuins 85-8 Montgomery Ward 42 7-8 N. Y. Central 34 1-8 Packard 103-8 Phillips Pet 40 Radio 12 SI. L--S. P. 21-8 Simmons Beds 281-2 Standard of N. J 59 3-4 Texas Co 32 1-4 U. S. Smelting 88 3-4 U. S. Steel CO 1-2 Warner Bras 10 Zonite 63-8 ,;, Oklallomn City an<l , taken from a water reservoir at court tomorrow on vagrancy. ' charges Death Fight Pictured In Dawn of History °f lake at Ulylheville's municipal park, which is now gradually b: 1 - ing filled with waler from Ihe park's artesian well. 'Ihc fish In ti )e compress resur- voir have multiplied fo years i-ntil are now many - • — • | .»•*•»•" i-jim mine me now many LOS ANGELES (UP>— Zoologi- ! Uiousnnd O f ihcm In Llic bl? tnnk il TirnfV> 5c/M-c rtf tim TI». r-.n-.^t*., ^r iX"}il/*]i l^ie c-n^.,^j __ _ i_ _ * _. . cal professors of the University of has served as a hatchery. Californla have reconstructed the c - "• Hall, compress manager, has probably tragic end of a prehis-1 watched the number grow from loric bison lhat once roamed Beverly Hills 100,000 years ago. Their only clue to work from was a bone, found while workmen were excavating for n sewer crown j pine. The bone was easily Iclcn- twoiliticd as that of the front leg of * prehistoric bison. The next problem lo be solved was that of the animal's dealh and the fact that the bone was isolated from any other parts of Ihc skeleton The conclusion was lhat the bison must have become entangled in the La Brc.i tar pits nbout three or tour miles from where the bone was found. Some antagonist, it is believed, lore the bison's leg from the body and carried it lo the spot where it was found. a few small fish, caught occasionally in a minnow Irap, lo Ihn thousands now In Ihe lank and has taken an active Interest in their propagation as a sort of hobby. At the park activity is increasing with the turn of the monlli and entrance on Ihe final 30-day period before Ihe official ceremonies opening the park, scheduled for early July with a mammoth three-day celebration. used for power projects. The bill carries a declaration of congressional ]>olic}' that "Hood control Is a proper activity of the federal government in coo]X.'ratlon with the states." All of the projects have the ap- provnl of war depaiimcnl engineers. The $10,000,000 appropriation for control of the St. Francis river in Northeast Arkansas nnd Southeast Missouri was eliminated from him. the omnibus bill In conference. It •••~ *• ...... u.... w ... ,,, L.i/,,11;, tiicv, jv *i ii.vit ", iuiy move 10 mah.c is contained, however, in the con- changes in I'nc department I know ------ ' ' ....... , , ference report on the Wilson Overton bill, which Is expected lo senate. fully Joining the government's soil conservation program In an effort lo obtain bonus payments for diverting land from soil depleting crops, siidi as cotton, lobacco corn anil peanuts, to soil building crops. Southern congressmen wore scheduled lo confer In Washington today (o urge Hint the government "How n larger number of acres lo be retired so'lhat farmers could be assured of some casYi. , Acquires Cottonseed Crushing Plant From Osceola Cotlon Oil Co. OSOKOLA, AiTTI- The nalstou Pin-Inn Co., or at, Louis, one of I lie country's largo manufacturers of stock and poultry feeds and oilier cereal product*, has pur- cottonseed crushing Welfarc Commissioner and Refunding Board Secretary Make Statements LliTLE nocic, June 3 (UP) — Rumors lhat changes would be made soon In ll,e personnel of the slate refunding board nml the welfare commission were denied today by those reportedly I Involved. I James OolT. fccrelary of the re-' funding board, nnd cinirley Andrews, welfare commissioner, who are abort lo be replaced according to Ihe rumors, said they knew of no dissension in their departments or with Ihc governing board. "I've done a .jood Job here nnd if someone wants lo net me oul of Ihc way I know nothing of It." Golf said. Andrews denied there was any friction in the welfare department and said Miss Evhel Hart, assistant commissioner, had not resigned last week following a dispute with plant of llic Osceola Coflon"'oil Co., Just north of town. The new owners took possession «f Hie plant Monday, I?.- v. Madden, who has been plant .superintendent for the Osceola company for a number of years. 1ms been named innmiger, The plant will crush both col- lousccd and soybeans, Mr. Madden said loday. Repairs are now being made but they will be completed hi lime for (ho opening 0 [ Ihc coltrm season. ,. The Osccola mill was the nrst In Arkansas to crush soybeans on n targe scale and Mr, Madden Is looking forward Ib expansion of Uils side of-the.- biishi''i'TIie U nut will be prepared to -handle all .the yellow soybeans produced by farmers In this section, he said No charges are contemplated In Ihc mill's office and plant personnel except lhat the Dalston Purina people plan lo send a man from St. fxniis lo succeed Leo Schrclck as cashier and bookkeeper. The Osceolu' Cotton Oil Co was organized in liiflii. The principal stockholder arc H. J. Hale, president, J. L. Williams, Mrs. Ida Tucker and is. fj. Driver of Osceola. and Ike Miller, of Uiylhe- vllle. Actual Slayer Says "Ex- cculion" Wns Oulciccl by Vigilaulc Group UETJIOIT, Mich,, June 3 (UP)-Heath by hanging or .gunnic uai decreed for Charles A. Paolo, 32, by "Colonel" Harvey Davis and <ilher illiick. Legionnaires an hour before the assassinated WPA \\oik- vr was kUluaued by tho vlgllanlcs, Ihelr "dinner mini" testified today In common plc-ns court. Dayton Dean, stocky, ci'rh- halied slayer of Poole. testlfjln.; vclunlarlly !( t i[, c examination of 13 l.eglotmalrbs charged with Ihc slaying, saiil lhat Poole s death —ellher by rope'or gun—was to bo Ihe end of a "oac-wny ilda' for the man : clrarecd wllh bcnt- ln:r his wlfo. . "We had taken a rope along In one of the cars hut II 'did mil gel there." Dean, speaking In a low monotone, explained "It was my understanding Hull in (hat case \ve were nil lo shoot." ' Dean's charge, delivered In'-on unemotional voice, -flatly conliti- dieted tho contention of othoi defendants , thai Poole's dcitli had not been ordered. "If Ihcre Is any move to make i- nothing of It," he said. ... o Two members of ihe refunding receive affirmative action in the board, who refused to allow liicir Canada Gets 71 Million From U. S. Tourists OTTAWA. Out. (UP) — United ,„ llcL . ly al , a lias alrol , lly Slates tourists sucnt $71.000.0001 partly filled Ihc northern part of more in Canada in 1935 lhan i:i "-- •-• A. J. Jolley, 72, Breaks Right Leg In Fall Today A. J. Jolley, 72, 1516 West Ash street, broke his right leg when he fell at Dan Stout's blacksmith shop on north First street this morning, about 10 o'clock. Mr. Jolley, who Is well known , „.„.„,.,„„!,. here, having made his home 'here The huge grandstand is bcint; f °r many years, fell while walking •"'-•' -"-- >'» some slcns at the blacksmith shop. He said a step broke, causing him to fall, -rnc leg was broken between th e v.iec and hip. He had gone to Ihe shop to have a pair of mules shod, preparatory to marketing a 10-acrc crop of beans he 'had started harvesting today. A Cobb ambulance removed Mr Jolley to his home where he was reported resting well. roofed rapidly. Ui c bath . beside the big swimming pool are being rushed lo completion, llu concrete floor in the Inrjc exhibit building is being pouri-d. erection of the fence around the race track has starled. work is underway on Ihe track, which h to he topped with gumbo, ami drillers are completing their work on Ihe artesian well which Is Hewing freely and has already 1S34. and will spend even more Ihis year, reports issued by the Dominion Bureau of Statistics and the Canadian Travel Bureau reveal. The statistical unreal 1 , officially places Canada's 1935 tourist Income at SMl.000,000. compared with 5130.000,000 in 1934. The travel bureau predicts the income will rise lo $250.000.000 this summer. I! bases its prediction on the grea'.ly Increased number of Inquiries pouring into Us offices. the lake. Unable to suppress their desire for a plunge until the swimming pool is ready a number ol youths have already taken their fust dip In Ihe lake. , names lo" be used, denied there war a move underway to replace CJoif but did say several of the oilice force would not be renewed after July I. because work of the department 'iiad almost been com- Cantrell Baby Dies Of Caruthcrsville Council Fills Appointive Jobs CAHUTIIEFISVILLE. Mo.—Ill a three-hour session Monday nlg'nt Ihe city council filled most of the remaining appointive offices and disposed of several oilier matters. Seven ollices were filled, all of thrni bflng re-appointments except 01H'. They included: John Gaddy. city waterworks engineer; Sam Hayes, assistant lo Gaddy: Charles W Shields, cily clerk; J. L. D.tntels proMcicnl of board of aldermen and mayor pro-tern; Bill Mccllln, pollcc- nun number one; A. Bohanan, policeman number two; and Morrcll Oclicign. city counsellor, succeeding r«i:>:. T. J »i> i , EVOTCU Reeves. LOlltlS lUCSday Night The council voled to disnenso Oil Boom nils Town NORTH BATTLEFORD. S.U*. (UP)—A syndicate has applied to the Saskatchewan. Government for permission to drill for oil in the center of a street here; It is believed there arc large deposits of oil under the city, , llie services of two officers, one a special officer employed dur- - -••n.nvi u, i«u. aim Mrs Eurell i»'4 the school term. This position j Cantrell, died at the family 'home, va* l"^ 1 ] >y Vernlc Nichols, and 1900 West Svcamore, at 8" o'clock] de.-pitc a pelilton bearing quite a last night. Her death W as attrib-1 number of names of t'ne Smith Bcttte Joe Cantrell, 22-months- old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Enroll uted to colitis. | Ward section, this office was dls- cilv. ...... LV tvn.10. ward ttiuon, uii.s oihcc was als- CUV, Funeral services were held this j ron; irmi'd by the council. When But, if you have a "smoke ui> morning snd interment was made Mayor D. P. Pinion brought i:p the at least io feet, hteh above I y sc ccmele ' """"! 1 » f Charles Robinson f - as rC y sc ccmele 'T- The ... ~..™, IV , usl; ut.ueiery. The Rev.""" 1 " "' ^"'"wa numiison lor re- engine, with a suitable spark at Mr. Dcnson officiated. The Cobb appointment as policeman number rcster and an nsli pan attache runcral Home \vas in riiniv™ r>r <„. three, the council voted npnlmt. n. in ,^.-.,- n ,>i «i... ,,,«,T,. „_ -.,, ... „ »^, u , 1U£ ^.oul Funeral Home \vas in charge of funeral arrangements. three, the council voted against it lo 2 Officers Find Stills In Bottom Near Big Lake Two liquor stills were captured and destroyed yesterday by Arch Llndsey, deputy sheriff, and Leon- aril Mayo, deputy constable. The slllls were found in Ihe lily Lake bolloms nboul 12 miles northwest of lilytheville. One had n capacity of 800 gallons and the oilier 120 gallons. They were localcd about one mile Peasant Sells Tomb of Wife to Wed Again DELGRADE (UPi-By selling Ihe nisi wife's tombstone to raise funds for his second wedlock Achim Oavtilnvllrh, In Ihc town of Valycva. lost his new fiancee. Oavrllovltcb. n 50-year-old peasant, after the death of his first wife, fell in love with another woman, brl lacked the money for the marriage license. He, therefore, agreed with a stone mason lo sell him the tcinhstone of his lirst wife for S3. The Iwo men crept Into lh" churchyard al night and carted Ihe heavy stone away. The deal became known, and the fiancee was so shocked lhat she refused to marry Gavrilovilch. Musty Law Requires 'Smoke Pipe' on Autos TOLEDO (UP)-Workcrs on a PWA writers' project chuckled when they unearthed a 70-year- old ordinance. If it were enforced every motorist In Toledo woiild he subject to arrest and n ?50 "nc. The measure, enacted in 18o5, long before automobiles were dreamed of. makes it nilawful to start any portable engine, except a steam fire engine, nearer thnn 10 feet to any building In the fine. --T-- ..|- -".- ... I^IL.]U JU l!_Cl- 111X11 lIUUMJ 111 of Charles Robinson for re- engine, with a suitable spark ar lo prevent the sparks or coal escaping therefrom," it's all right. CCC Workers Battle West Virginia Fire WEBSTER SPRINGS, W V«, June! 3 (UP)—More than l.UOO CCO workers today were battling- the fiercest forest fire in this region since 1030 thnt aheady has swept over 2,000 acres of timber land in thp Williams rlvei ic[!ton Truck loads, of CCO boys \\cro rushed to' the scene';• and a 10- ml|o...nrc.. linu -was .cMt-'hi arr-rtr»~. tempt U stbirtlie Bfaze ttiat spread through spritcc and hem- leek slashings along three folks ol the river. Two CCC workers nearly lost their lives when they collapsed near the (lames. The yoiillis, whose identities were not established, were overcome by the smoke, on the lire line but were discovered before llic flames reached them. Strike Trouble Spreads In Northern France Paris. June 3 (UI>) — "Folded anus" strikes for higher wages, shorter hours and collective bargaining spread through France today, causing fear of a general strike which would paralyse the country on the eve of the assumption of power by the Socialist government of Leon Ilium. The epidemic grew In scope hourly, constantly affecting additional Industries. At least -250,000 workers were Involved 'and some estimates ran as high as 350.000. Workers occupied more' than 300 plants in the Paris region and northern France. The biggest walk out occurred In the American controlled Thomas Houston electrical en.uipnfent: plant at Lille, where 11,000 workers were Idle. 'Hie huge Lille locomotive works also was tied up. Sues to Compel Sale , of Ash Street Building; Max Parks has filed suit • In chancery court here against Wachovia Bank and Trust company and Mrs. Minnie L. Glenn, as cx- eciHnrs of the estate of W. E., Glenn, to compel the defendants to carry out a purported agreement to sell a brick building- at 430-132 West Ash street. Parks alleges that he made an Oder to purchase the property for S2.500 and 'that the oiler was subsequently accepted by the Glenn estate executors, actinj through a local real estate agent, bvt lhat they later refused to carry out their agreement. He also nsks that rents collected from a tenanl be applied on the purchase price in his favor. • F. C. Douglas Is attorney for Parks. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday with local thundershowers In south and east portions this afternoon or tonight. Cooler tonight and ir. soulheast portion Thursday. . Memphis and vicinity—Thundershowers this afternoon or tonight. Fair and cooler Thursday. The maximum teni|x?raturc hero yesterday was 93, minimum 68, clear, according to , Samuel .r. Norrfs, official weather observer.

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