The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1948
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MARCH 11,1918 BLVTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THKEJ5 1948 Nash on Display in Blytheville Six Jews Killed In Palestine Blast Explosion Blamed On Arabs; Stolen Car Used to Carry Bombs JERUSALEM. Mnr. 11. clIPl — At leasl six Jews wci-p killed and 12 \vounrJed today wlirn a bomb-' laden automobile exploded In Die courtyard of the U-shaped .Jewish Agency, Building, wrecking the V.iad Leinnt wine. Among (lie de;ul was L'.'ib Yulfc. o( the Palp..tine Fomxtiitirm ivhich had its offices in the lldlnp. Many oilier victims were employes of Die fund The blast was attributed to Arabs. It was believed they broiK-ht the bombs In a stolen ear. either an American rrmsulitr car or nn American iirc.v; car. to escape, detection by Jewish Guards. One nearby building also was wrecked and structure* for more Minn a half mile around were, sha- [convertible ha.s laxuricus interior styling usually available only in custom built models. Tltr. Nash upholstery of seat, floors and side panels combines plastic, leather and fabric. Tile new cars arc availnblp. In five exterior colors with lour interior harmonizing color treatoients. Teac/iers' Terror Turns Ki//er And Again Faces Term in Prison Tlic 1948 Nash nmvcrliblr, nulomntlcnlly rontrollrd lop, Is now on rtjsplny In nlyt]\cvLllr at the ShcUou Motor Co.. It wa.s annoiuicpri loclny. The now 121-inch wheel lw,*(» inntlrl IK powrrfct wilh valvp-iii-hrari 1 12-hor.sfixiwcr, .six-cyLlntlpv ciiRinr. rubber intninlrtl al four points tn deliver top-Might, performance. It lias Ihe ni'w, larger, lowcr-prossiirc ltrr.%. on bioacl rims fru 1 ninxhnuin riding coinforl. Tim Nas» ken by the blast. Hire which followed the explosion wns brought under control. Casualties mlRht have been higher except, tliat Hie building has I--.MI n.irtiaiiy deserted recently, i f) f\ «o In cfn ir-tc Leachville Man Files The atrncy'.s'hislivEt officials 'have « \JfJC fllOlf UW.LO Appeal From $25 Fine moved lo Tei Aviv as part of the -^ II" I Catholics to Vote for 'Good' recently - rslablLsheri provisional Jo-vlsh eovernment of Palestine, First rrrxirts sniri HIP hta?t ivnx as rlr.sti'iirfivr as tVir Feb. '±1 Hm Yehurtn strppt bnmbinc. In which ttinrp than 40 persons wore killnd. The wlncr was the <me* housing Ihf Vnad Leumi. the Jewish Agency National Council. Kirn Spreads An enormous cloud of black smoke nnd flames rose from Uic ruins. The lire .spread from the wrecked building to nearby structures. Sirens sounded immediately, forc- inc all traffic hi Jerusalem's streets to ,1 halt. Tho Jewish Agency Building ts ri largo, modern -tnicturc barely n quarter mile from the scene of Ihr? Ben Yehuda street blast. Jerusalem headquarters of the Jc u-i sh f ijrhtin s force Ha pa nn h Is t thc Northern \vinp of the bm'ld- t. M embers of 11 aga nah a nd f I re work. The Rach'in Building, rive yard. 1 ; from flir Jewish Agency Builtiinp;, was reduced to nibble by the blast. More ih a n 100 resc u c wor k ers Immediately plunged into the rie- bris_ One of I he first two bodies found wa.s a watchman who had. been hurled 20 feet by the blast. The watchman was hurled against the upper floor of a building opposite, leaving ^ red stain on the white masonry. Among the injured was n British Jew, Edwin Samuel, son of 1 Lord Samuel, who was conferring with Walter Kitam. a Jewish Agency liaison officer, when'the bla.sL shattered the building One report said the car that carried the explosives flew American Hags- An American' consulate car had bwn .stolen several days flpn by Arabs near Barclay's Bank VATICAN CITY, March 11. (UP) —Pope Pius directed the Catholics of Itnly yesterday tti vote In the April 18 parliamentary elections tor candidates who offered £tm ran tecs for the "protection nf the rights <jf God anil soul." The papal pronouncement applied specifically to the forthcoming national elections, in which the dominant issue is Communism against non-Communism. , Roy Chihlrcw of Leachville today I hart appealed to Circuit Court horn f a fine nf $25 and costs Imposed inn him in Mayor's Court in Ix*ftch- \ vi!(p earlier this moiHh after a ui it of iuntnl:\mus was issued re- nuirmK Mayor Jolin P. Hannl to try him on a charge of public The writ of mandamus was obtained by Chtklir.'u last month after he cinimed Mayor Hannl refused lo hcnr liis case. In an answer to the cmnplalnt, Mayor Hanni said ChUdress hart failed to appear for a scheduled trial and that a bond forfeiture was declared. After ihp writ was issued, Need for Flood Control Action Soon Is Cited WASHINGTON, Mar. II. (UP» — The Chief of Army Engineers fti- slsted yesterday that certain Missouri and Mississippi River fluml rontrn! projects cannot be delayed until prices are lower. The projects cunlcmolaled HIT for the next fiscal year beginning July 1. U. 1'ild Gcti. Raymond R Wheeler senate appropriations sub- lllc j committee that the ptoject.s nul- Thc Pope addressed 300 parish ! trial" was"hr!d 'March' 1* in" Leach- '• linccl ftrc ncortc:3 <° prevent "devns- priRAts representing (he Cathnlic.i i vil io Thp appeal transcript show-! lating Ioss of m ° nn(l property." of Rome. But he made it plain that j fd lhat childrrss asked tor a jury ' "" °" t "'* ' " ic was speaking as the leader of • tl - ia l but that his request was declined. 350.CWO.OflO Catholics throughout world. Riur cardinals had issued pro- itOLincemcnLs similar to lhat of ttie Pope. The citm\]hitive effect was lo give the electoral campaign a flavor of Communism against, Catholicism in predominantly Catholic Italy. The Pope told the priests Former Coach Speaks At Ki warns Luncheon Bill Godwin, former High School coach now a member of the Boston Yankees professional the present circumstance;; made, it L football team, spoke on pro foot- stri:Lly obligatory oij nil tfualifiert l]a11 before the Kiwanis Club nt voters to casl their ballots. Ofcscrv- j ^^ weekly mcetinc yesterday noon ing that "everyone has to vote ac- I m tht! Holel Noble, cordins to the dictates of his own conscience," he added: , "Now it if, evident that the voice I ' L _ of conscience imposes o]) every siu- Guests ivnre A. c~i. Brickcy of Osceola. atid R. M, Strut?, of Boone- He asked the subcommittee to i put back Into (he Army Depart- I ment's civl! Functions Appivrln- S lions Bill $3.000,000 for rivers and ; hnrbors work and $19,224.000 for I flood coniroi projects in the MIs- i 5omi River profiram. 'Itiesp s-jins ; UTIT knocked mil. by (he House' Srr.. Clyde E. Reed, R., Mo., re- Blvthrvillr nin] ' kc d thnt "at times when price.-: ai> high and materials and labor short, certain federal works can be put aside until conditions chnnuL'. Wheeler InslMccl Ihrtt floo<l control is "cerlalnly sornefhinR thnt, cant be delayed. The good Lord doesn't cooperate and floods do cere Catholic the obligation, lo give in downtown Jerusalem. It was believed this car might havp. been used to plant the ex- Read Courier News Want Ads. h ' s «»;« vole lo tllose candidates or UiaL llst ol ""riidatcs which offer.", lrul * s«»icienl gimrantce.s (or the .e plosives. It U the tfnly "kind of | Protection of the rights of God and ' vehicle that would be granted frcr i movement by Haganah gunrds In I the JewisJi section of Jerusalem, ' so111 - for th ^ ^'^ good of Individ- nals ' fam]!ips anrt society accorri- '»» **> ^e law of God and Chri.s- ti«in moral doctrine." conic. I believe these projects should br completed In order to gel the protection \hry n fl ord. " Hy lUviil C. \>'lilliirv ^ Ifnlted 1'crss Stuff Cm i c.sponili'nt NKW YOHK. March 11. UJPl -- Vhrn HiiKh CoiJKtin was u little bt>y LC likotl tn pull little girts* Imlr nmt >et (ire to the toils ot dOR*. At .even lie .siabbeil H .school mnte with in it'i'pick, Today Coii^hlin. 22. \v».s holiL in u ospjtal prison win {i rhnrROd wii h iiluiK (Hie nollfeman and critically \vouiulint; another in a «utv but- lle Tucsdny. Ho was sevitmsly ounded by one of llio ]>oHc(*. A police probation report itetiuli'd llio' lii.story ol Cou^lilin Jiom the time In* \\ti.s four years old until he 1) ecu me » rop kihn. II went buck lo 1030 \\-lieri he w;\s bi'oiiRht In tliis country from Hublln by his purrni.s. The rriHU't sntd he was n leriMi 1 lo hi.s ti-ac'lii'i's. Ho was in tumble rnnMiitUly, Netting fire to aiumnU 1 tails, pulling lltde ulrl's hnlr, bmn- inp. ttirlr hinchboxes. Ho wn.s n limint at six nnd at seven he .stabbed the schoolinnte. "On ntie otTfi.sloti," MIC rcuoi (liiolcil his tnlohor. "he par (In II, severed a dub wuHer ripe In ni aparlmont buiUlinp, rausin^ It t lall niut kill a woikmau in the base tnr-nt. "Oji [mother oci'ii-siou hi 1 iis.srtulit'i u cilppled man on mitches. hltthn 1 lie man on the hoat! willi u box r rpigs. Once he attacked his sl.stci with a JmiK bread knife." In Uir ih]b Will lor inc-Lilnil. nu 1 honti(\s [titiint that the rope wa badly frayed, and ruled (hr donLl an accuient, At 1'J, Cou^hh'n wns arrrMed as i juvcnilr delijinueiu for n mall lx> [hri't. lie was platied on )>robalLoi Hut his father, wlm hart rxeirlsei j ivh:ii little nuthority ttici-e was nvo ' him, died, that yeui. Scvrral moiiths Inter he u'a.-; HI irsletl [fii 1 .stL'filLLin candy aiul fill! and was sent to the New York Hoys TralnLnR Kcluinl nt Warwick, N, Y Hi* was released. Rut at H lift was n'avrcstcd tor .steahuy a Rim. Couplilln was. 1C by the tlnir h^ linishrd his term in Ihr tialnUi^ school. Then he beRim a scries ol attempted attacks on women. Hr wns caught ^enlrncert Tor tlrsl de pree rape nnd scut to veformalni'v nt KlmUa, N, Y. He served five years. Last Octobei he wns rclrnscrt. For a fr\v inonlhi he -stnyed away from the, puller, lie worked as a bus boy in a rr&iaiir- anl, bui u»s iirod early this year, Last Tuesilfty he was plannlnp tn rob a delicatessen stove when Patrolman Julius Mlrc.ll, 27, l>CL'ftinc suspicious of hi.s nctlon.s ruui Incd lo arrest him. CoURhlln said he killed Mtrrll because he wns afraid of brine sent bnck to pKson. He wounded nnolh- 1 ei policeman aUempUnp to escape. World at War oc/ay, Official Of Mexico Says lllRMIKCmAM. Alu., Mnr. II.- l>I>>-~WlKtlier or not n sinele , mnlj e\rr explodes, the woilil i i«li! now h rntiDKrd in one of uinklnd's worst \vni^, llio [oriuri wig ii nilnlsltr of Mexico Mill eie yr-Mi'Klny. Dr. !*ec,iilel Padllln. en route In iwnlc nl HIP university n| Al.i- ramii, wild "Ilioiich tlir United itMe s and Ihe other deinwniclr.s IIP ul pence with tin' -Soviet, ih« Soviet is nt war N'lth them," iissinn RRHvp.vliin In Knrupp .s an open wnrfnrc nfnilnsL nil thi> ice people of Ihe world," lie suld. Tcrhnps lllr Mnrsluill IHun Is .he only \vi'H|xui nmilnst II." Dr. Pudllln snltl Hie fnlhirp nf Ihr Marshall [>lnn would lie the i tiTnlrsl dlxn.sler In hlMinv mill U It succeeds, the "cUiu-nlnll o[ trip Kreiiilln." Dr. Pndllln v,'lls nlso :ni :i;ior- m\v (jenrnil. sccrcinry nr wrlrul- luie. secretniy nf rrliiriillou mill amljnssndor to Italy (or Ills <<i>untrv Winter foacl-v/eallicr flying will lw siller this In commercial Uumpi>rt3 now bring equipped with rndnr Kilometers. Tills electronic Instrument Indicate* to a pilot his height nbovc Uic ground, or Hie. dLstnnce. to mountain otj- Marlc.s iiluMtl. — Man, You're Crazy W'W!h%!S«,SK,ST8:^!VK . uBtowii lr.lloi Hut K.ltlr to txXj'i £tVKi hkh trurjy men infl wnmta ritl "<*!." TIT wn Im.y riM*n for prp. jtKiuttf Mile •& r Il»l, New "Itl IC'JUAlntM" «M Mfe IM. Now at Owens' You Can Get Those SIZZLING STEAKS Ot IntereM In sporlsmrii l.s new fish lure that, looks lik<> lish. mnke.s bubbles like om- i( evrii produces a Mimul (Lint Hi find. It. Is estimated lhal pnlyplic- mm caterpillar must swing IU head back and forth 2SO.OOO time 1 , in xpinnliTg it.^ roconn. A yoiins kid. |j known West. Texas, 1« In East Texas. The United States eontnhi.s np- proxlinnlcly 41,600 post oflicM. T at HUDSON'S Martin Robertson Special Represenlalivc of (he KAHN TAILORING CO. Of Indianapolis Will Be In Our Store Friday & Saturday, March 12-13 Showing a Complete New Line of SPRING WOOLENS In Made-to-Measure Suits for Men and Women Mr. Robertson Will Be in Our Srore at Steele Monday March 15 HUDSON ration wi[limit iliunnlnn. 2 l',S( handl. ^",«!;%T""^,o^CiT ^ 0 Choose a fine STROMBERG- CARLSON for any room in your home! CLEANER Blytheville, Ark. TAILOR CLOTHIER Stccle, Mo. PIONEER. Smitr. H.Minctr.r. FM-AM uMr /nl.n. r'o»cr1nl Alnift \' .pcakfr. KM ?7!i.Z.> \Vc lure jlisl tlic r.itlio yrni need for every listening spol in the hr>me. And al the (jrcatcsl dollar for dollar value Stromhcrg-Carl- snn ha.% ever offered. >'on can't afford rr> buy any radio 'til you STOP-- LOOK--LISTEN I Ask for mir new informative, '2-MINUTR OliMONSTRA- TION. Il brings out the facts point by point . . . helps you iudce radio values for yourself. Doy Record txcitung* Aero** from "fil" Implement Cn. Highway fil North I'lutnc 1170 Yi's, Ihi'rcs n iu'w (real licrc f<»r I hose who-like those Ki7,7,linit, (piiilrr, juicy slcnks . . . uml licllcr still, they'll h* served K VICKY DAY nt Owens Lunch Counter. Conic in mid tv.v (iiiu . . . You'll .say it's t,"'<M'U Owens Drug Store fXir^^y^ *$> && s&f 4* 1$? cMf-i ^>,*c\; a Talk About *luck of The trWW/~ ST. PATRICK'S DAf f ASY TERMS o/ no extra cost! DIAMOND SOLITAIRE i w.-*k $39.95 An «ngarment ring «4 far* h*ovTy. Iritlionl rfiomond, \t* y*llew gold ring. •ULOVA WATCH t K \vo-k 137*° TS« ffifl of a litaim*. TK« iworfly ityl.d, accvrol., I3'j«wtl "" A.S.R. LIGHTIR $750 Trim, fcwiMik*, fully wjtorrolie. * pFalinum-bm* RhcMflum. CHA»M KONJON llGHTEt t>«p*rvdebl* ent-finow octlon, ^A®^ 3-DIAMOND RING wlng iid« tfiamondi tS* larg* bki«-vhif* ILGIN WATCH OFIH kNACCOUHT $OQ?5 Moinip>in«. Cold filtid bronM. WATCH IANDS 50c ri Week 53 95 Th» fi nil Sing touch to yowr Rn« v-o'th. Grarvd itylM F»r m«n and S-NMMW WDOWG UND i.» » ».- $59.50 Fo« f>*fy diamond* arranged Fn a motth!*»t, rich 14k yvftow yeld Mttfng. ALARM CLOCK OtfN AM ACWKXfT T"'^* Gliaming, modern rftilgnf occuiof* tltctric alarm clo . KUWARDS SILYF.Rri.ATK 11.11 AWIK $68.50 -pi*c* itmic* lor I. four >«ly petttfm To DHEIFUS iVIeet llriiilus . . . Wear Diamonds 3IE\\ESTMAI\ ST. STOKES IN MEMPHIS, •LYTHEVILLE AND DTEITMUHC

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