The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1949
Page 11
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MONDAY, APRIL 4, 1949 (AKK.) COURIER NKWS PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople ESAD,8OYS?SNW>OKliy HOW'S THIS!*}) 5. GOT A, BETTER ONE; THE LIGHTS Ifi TV\& ^1 'FED UP \S'lTH \ 'HARK TO fH6 CALL. OF THE FAR,PRIMITIVE IOS& VOUR6EI.F/ PLA.CE&/COME10M1NH IN 60 WIL.D TH& \ RACCOOMS HM£ I, UONT VMDRRY-- GO RIGHT AHEAD.' I CAM MAKE IT THROUGH WITHOUT GITT1N' MV FEET EVEN NEAR TH' GET DOWN ON \ FEET.' I \ PREFER *>OUR FEET TO SOUR / KA.NOS WHEN 1 VDLJ'RB WORKING > ON OLD BICYCLES. 1 J DIM, RECESSES OP V; MINDS, SlOSAKi TO \!ACA,TIOSS PROJECT l"\ VOU'UU AT MINK JO(JCTIONi.'/V; ( ClND YOUR. BACK! Read Conner News Want Ads Elizabeth R. Roberts Suhjecl [o Municipa KHKCKl.KS & HIS KK1KNOS My MHKKILL 13LOS8EK l.inv Dosvnbi'Hl * • . Announcements Auril 5 Fa DOYLE HENDEKSON E. II JAOKSON l |V ur Aldcrmao F'irsi Ward RALEIGH SYLVESTER JIMMIE SANDERS Second Ward WALTER C GATES J. W ADAMS Third Ward JENNINGS BAILEY LOUIS G NASH Fourth Wurd (Two to be Elected) J SVILSON HENRY LESLIE MOORE LODGER COPYRIGHT BY GREENBERG: PUBLISHER DISTRIBUTED BY KEA SERVICE, INC. Jim. All " forgiven Return home at once. You will never again be late for an «ppointment and lose your job. We promise to buy an accurate new Butova at DREIFUS Jewelers 31 R We-sf Main St. Blytlieville "Me«t Dreifus — Wear Diamonds" Crappie or Calfish 24 HOURS DAILY Special Sunday Dinner 75c Simpson Cafe Ark-Mo Slate Line SCOTT ALLE\ SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Better Signs • lietlcr Service 808 North Franklin PUone 32(13 Have js renew youi [outwear with our line Invisible n»Lf »ole». The hermetically sealed sole joint will ke '-p out moisture, foreign matter There will 6e no shank strain to distort the shoe and cause discomfort No nails or stitches. The shoes arc truly renewed for long satisfactory wear here Hfl LTCRS QU(T_ITY SHOE SHOP 121 W M fl I N 5 T RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2-Day Service un Any Make or Model Reliable Workmanship Phone 2642 We Call For and Deliver Fred Caiiihan Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Sales Service 10G So 1st. St. |kr .Navy, »l«u kuvr n huuftr (Nrger lh:in Ihry nrrtf. ,\l- thunKh Ihr Kohvrt* 4+ Mat w*»t lo tnkr l« \*tlK*rM. Mr>. «»hert» vn- »KllHrlT rcMitrk* !• v«bM« ihRl « •t»KiC MMH WOBlrfK'l fc* MHI'b hu|b«r. A» * rrvoll yo«m* <4rr- KCJiitl rhllllli* com** I* ihrlr d«or la acntcfe •( « ksM«. • • • T.TE greeted me heartily and, 1 must say, made me feel very welcome. I have had a bad habil ol humming when I'm nervous or worried; I caught myself breakin into snatches of The Sheik oj Araby. Rob, having hung up the army coat and cap. led us toward the garden room; made signs to me lo open the bar and officiate, A couple of highballs later, the subjecl a the room raised its head. "What! exclaimed the champion of Roberts' house for Roberts'. - "You mean you're having to choose be tween y cot in an ice arena, or ; hotel room at your own expense Not enough barracks on the Field What kind of an army is this? don't see how a soldier can afton to put himself up in town. 1 ' "He can't/' the sergeant said- "A least, I can't." With my own two ears 1 hear Rob sny. "Dear, I think you ough to offer Phillips either Bill's roo: or the guest room," Nol only did 1 offer him eithe Bill's room or the guest room, bu also, feeling like an ingratiatin puppy who oilers his master a no very good bone and then run around in circles trying to mak up for it, I told him that our maid : apartment in the basement empty. In another skirmish aroun the circle, 1 added that I thougl twenty-five dollars • month wou' be sufficient rent (or it. I had sug gecled thirty dollars as the prl uf either Bjl) r s room or the guest room with connecting hath. On the tour of inspection the sergeant noted the tub in the maid's bathroom, said the shower upstairs would be waited on him .since he preferred to soak. "There's a tub, too," 1 said, thinking he might have overlooked it and being unable to imagine so air?- a gentleman content in a basement. "All in all," he said, "this apartment suits me. I like having a .silting room." With a bow to us, he went on, "I'm a homebody, yet ! couldn't think of inflicting myself on your gracious hospitality. Yes. a sitting room, bedroom, and bath of my own will make me very comfortable indeed and 1 shall fee! that I have not invaded your privacy as 1 might, were 1 to move into your tipstmrs." "Don't Jet that hold you back," Robbie urged. "In a Colonial house with center halls, it's easy lo shinny on your own side. Lee and I have our suite on the we^i side. It wouldn't bother us a bit lo have you on ihe east side." "Thank you," the sergeant said "I still think I shall refuse to permit myself to risk becoming nui?ance. . . ." "As yc\u wish." "Roger." • • • r r\VENTY minutes later, in a borrowed car, the sergeant moved In—foot locker, valpac, and mu- sette bag. Robbie and I were at a loss to know what, if any, our nexl move should be. Remembering thosi tray breakfasts in. New Orleans first off I apologized for having no cook. "Think nothing ol it," th sergeant said. "I lake only black coffee and orange , juice in thi mornings, anyway." "Oh, I could manage that. I'l fix you a tray to keep in you room. Could you work a silex!" "Roger." "With an orange squee?.cr an< a glass and a cup and uue*c and knife and spoon—oh, and a strain er—you can get your breakfas any time you want it." I « added Ihe oranges and code* Ihe-sctup. The sergeant singed at me indulgpnUy. "We arrn'L iiseil to doubling UP," lie &aid. "If you could Hud me a house like this I'd «1Ue for that." It was a Saturday afternoon and ftve-thirty. Rob said, "The poor devil must feet pretty strange moving in on in like this. He's such a modest feilow. Call down, dear, and ask him up for a drink." "We're going out to dinner—" f 'Sure, But we've ^ol Lo break le ice." j "Whoo-hoo, Scrge.inlf** I duti- "ully called. Respectfully, too. 1 vas no\v a room ing-house keeper nd I knew my place. A split second Inter it'.s a short iglit of stairs fro/n tlie basement o the side entry, which also leads o the garden room—stretched out n comfortable chairs, we began to acquainted- "You're married," lobbie said, though it was more of . question. "Yes," with a sigh. We were tm- >ressed by the weight of his re- ;ponsibJlities. "I have two children. Twins." "Where is your family?" I asked, ying to show proper interest yet not sound nosy, as I had heard rooming-house keepers reputed o he. "Baltimore." "Of), BaHimore'F your home?" "No, Trenton is our home." He smiled n wry smile. "Our furni- .ure's stored there." There was a sause while he reflected on that. Then he added, "Mary's visiting friends." mj ^elf I exclaimed And with two little TN spite of X "Visiting! children!" The sergeant shrugged his shoulders. "C'est la guerre." lie said. "If I should hear o( a little house or apartment—" 1 began. "Nol loo little," he interrupted "Remember, there are four of us. 1 "Couldn't you double up ant manage? A place of your own where you could all be Logethe seems so much more desirable t< me," I went on, bound to be help ful, "I might hear o( somethini like that." The sergeant smiled at me in dulgcntly. "We aren't used doubling up," he said. "If could find me a houfc like Ihi one, I'd settle for ihat." The absurdity of rm army s*r g«ant who was unable Lo affor even a room in a hotel announc ing that he would settle for a nous like o*i« must have penetrate Phillips' consciousness, loo, for h quickly dropped his high-fiu phrases and, with embarrassing! uninhibited candor, told us some thing of his background. Uc'd a Fur Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Call 4601 NICHOLS DRUG Seed Soybeans Our Specialty SPRING PLANTING OATS Also Alfalfa, l.espedcza, Swccl Sudan, Sudan, Pasture Mixtures, Lawn Mixtures and oilier field seeds. Call Us for Your Kci|Uirenienls BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION Blyrheville, Ark. 856 Phones 857 J> BUT WtlEW Ar WST ARO sw<3s ins fjew DITIY 'MAMAHA me SCHOOL xy, 4 rt'QUERIDO, CET CCS SAO 6 '•OB To S FOB To SAY NO, "My father's ;m iiiuleilakor, but thai won't make any difference to mo—I'll work just as hard being a doctor!" \L VKHMKER •AILED " TODAY,' COULDM'l RL'CVTE TMr ALPHABET WHY, l.AVjl NIG1U VWO HOUP5 TEACHING \T TO v>ne COULD 5AV vv FKONTWARDS AND BACKWARDS! THAT'S JUST THE iROUBLE.' \'\ BACKWARDS/ Humps for liiiscnin MICHAKL O'AIALLKY and UAL BASCOM'5 DREADFULLY p EARNEST ABOUT KI5 7 JUDO, VIC, /- STYLET'5 FRY II i ASCOMM AOAIN...WHAI? LOVER.,.\\ PROTECT HERE'S vic J\YOURSELF.' BUGS EJATSOH: COME \H BUSS. OT A JOB FOR YOU. LET'S HOLD OFF AWHILE ON TRYING 70 BUY BAS* POND'S HOU&E. ROS5UM. CAIL FLINT. INVITE HIM TO THE PARTY OT MY FARM THIS*^ KWEFK-END. r ».•,>>>— BAfCO.U/NOT AGAIN, PLEASE.' EVERY TIME YOU HIT IHE PLOOR, THE PLASTER FALIS OIF THE CEILING DOWNSTAIRS; NOTHING LEGITIMATE-, I HOPE. WHOSE CRIB YOU WAM1 CRACKED? LEKUE TURNER WASH TUBHS t AGKEE....6UT NEGOr A TOUGH BREAK FEW Of THE OIHt-P-S DID. HE HAPPENED (0 BEIOMG TO THM 5% OF DRWKER.S WHO ftCE MCOUOLICS ! MJO HE Olpkl'T NIL I! W<VS 10O LMEi JXMDW... Euf IMM'3 NO GKCuSt fOK IMER COlllS 10 'Ilir [XMs! MOOI 0' HIE OTHERS OlONTl I 1HIWK WILTV'S OWE OF THOSE THOiC BOV I5.RW1C MJO WIl-TV. LIKE THE M1£>TAV:e OF ICMIMC. IO CEIIEUD If p. i i HEMTI THUT CWAE HOWE APPAREMTLV PrOM ENGLANPi WITHOUT A SCCMCIl! ^ BCM ...MCJ&TOF 'EM TOUGH...W:P MMBE DUHUO JUST WHAT Ml UlCOKOtlC I 1'OC 13 MOEE IN II By FURD HARM AN HUGS BUNNY BUT WHi.T'3 THEM ) GIMMICKS /ON HIM ? j-^ IT'S HIS - —. i [ IN-INVENTlON.' S-SURE/ \ IT'S ONLV I /^ PORXV / oo you see I SEE? THE MMIRRORS ARE FWEO SO HE CHEW Buaaue GUM NSD S-STILL SEE WHERE HE'S (jiiiu's Uu- Ciown ZEE A,\P /V.LEV OCf ALHE/^DX TA-<£N POSSESSION £ PALACE WJIS f N'CE 15 NOT ( >OU h=LP<N' TA'r<«NG V N'-E GST MV SON'S V BE SL' AU.A1 HI5 PETUEN.' CUT CF LEM A.\D POT HIMSELF ON THE THRONE. HE SET JV Off TO MAKE .f- .'3 HiS - OUEEN. ways wanted to live in an altrac- tive house, he told us, bul lie never had. His father had been an unsuccessful promoter; his mother proud and ambitious. Periodically they had searched for a place to live that would be both cheap and yet a good neighborhood. If they ivnid such a house, il meant needed paint, or that the basc- ent leaked, or that the furnace as inadequate. Vet they would iove in, laughingly explaining to icir fricixis th;it at «ny stu-rifico icy had lo have a house where sun shone in Ihe children's ooms, or one which was located in nch and such a school district, or, \ Ihe house happened, to be a ingy bungalow, that ihr docloi" 'anted his mother to avoid stairs or a while. They offered their ex- uses for la^iiig such an obviously un-down place, and then moved n their worn and shabby furnishings, explaining again that there as no use lo buy new until they ound the really ideal hou^c. * * • THEY usually remained in n house, no matte]- how poor il vas. until the landlord de.spairw: collecling his overdue rent and ordered them out. "Hell nod poverty," he said, ' t h a t's what 1 R re w up in. A no .here's nothing tougher to eorrj ofT Father hung around his prosperous friends, always on Ihe lookout for a lead that would earn him com mission. He belonged to a club, a good ctub, and sponged every di ink he drank and every mc;il he ate there. As a kid 1 liatud l« £o swimming in the club pool willi the gany because was always posted for delinquent dues and lliey ra/./.cd me about it." He got up and studied the hooks 11 the shelves Ihnt Lined the room, "Think of owning Ibis many books!" he said. "Why, we didn't even subscribe In magazines." He flipped the pages of Fortune, lying on Ihe table. "If we wonted to read, we borrowed from our friends or Ihe public library." Ho sank down again in his chair. "And we didn't dare get sick, either, I'll lell you. Mother couldn'l bear lo beat a doclor out of n fee because most of their wives knew her, but father said it was un import an I whether we paid them or not since they had lo keep in practice and il might as well be on us ;t.s anyone/' (To lie Continued)

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