The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MARCH 13, BLYTHEVILUK, (AHK.)'.COUKIER NEWS New York Throng Indicts Hilleriein ft! SfflE LI James Terry To Compete On Even Terms With Missouri Gas Pealcrs CirotiiKl was broken today for election ol a service station on the Alkalies stde of the Arkansas- Missouri state line, several miles "°H 'will be- the first station to compete with Missouri stations on an cnual basis under a recent act if the elate legislature pyovMlng tl-at the same tax rale shall prevail wlthi" a 300-foCt strip on the Arkansas side of Ihe line as In Missouri. In (he past there has been a difference in favor of Missouri service stations ol lour and n hall veins in the lax charged gas consumers, causing many Arkansas mc- torisls to go to .YT-*:Mir! for gas and tourists to "till up" at tr.e state line. This situation still exists as far as local stations now op?ratini; arc concerned and the station no* under construction will be 1113 lirst to take advantage of the act. It will b? operated by James Terry, .son cf Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Terry of this city. Terry has leased a strip of land in (he elbow of the state line curve from the George W. Dil- lar.uuty estate. This include practically all of the Arkansas territory along Highway 61 within Hit 301) fo:l strip. New Musical Instrument Is Played in Concert BRUSSELS i UP)—The first public concert of the "Croix Somore." ihe new ether instrument which Is played without, being touched, has been hell! here. The instrument is the Invention ol Nicolas Oboiihow, Ihe Russian composer, who WHS assisted by Marie Antioncttc Broglic, the pi- anisc. and Michael Billaudot, an authority oil radio-eh-ctric vibra lions. The concert, held at the salle <lu Conservatoire, featured the new music of Obouhow. based 0:1 the union of the orient scale of five tones with llio western scale of seven tones, thus dealing fi new scale ol twelve tones. ObouhoM, has thus employed a new musics] notation which has .simplified (he reading and writing of music by the abandoning of sharps and flats. Marie Anlionettc Broglie, accompanied on the piano by Obouhow, played the instrument, her left hand on liie controller regulating lire volume and intensity of Ihe sounds while her right hand moved back and forth in front of the instrument without touching it. The sounds varied from the deepest tones of an organ to iho mcst delicate tone of n violin or the human voice, giving a curious but charmintj cffecl. York's Madison Square Garden Nominated for 1933 Adolf Hltlor and the Nazi eovernment Jury of 20.000 citizens returned a verdict oi guilty :£sc*5 for (lie prosecution were Alfred .K. Smith (upper right) pictured here as they made th?(r pleas, left) anil Below Is Pake Bid and Four Deuces Together Yield Grand Slam o KITCHEN HV S1STKK MAKY SKA Smite Sl»« Writer As long us the Irish iwluto Is at :.s biVit. the lyplcul American i-e- Biirds it as u dinner necessity. Slut when pululocs become, si'iirco uncl o( |KH>r qmillly, Ihero are iniiny vcitetnblos and cereals (hut are Its Just competitors. Different vurle- llcs of dried beans, pens ai'ul Ion- lib, hominy, macaroni mid spa- Blienl, noodles nnd rice may be svvvcrt in palatable dishes lhat will liml special favor un polatolcss IIU'llllS. When you plun n meal In which ike, nincnroul or some other po- ,alo MibMltuto Is lo be used. It's well lo keep In mind fciUIn 1m- IXM'tiiiil ix>liils. 1'otaloes do much more thun furnish hturch to the diet. Rice and potntocii are both food sources of starch, but potatoes add minerals which tend lo bill ance the. ncUtlly of the dinner nu'iit while rice, which yields mi i acid ash. IncrcnFcs UK; ucld con- oi the meal. Consequently, when rice, macaroni or uny of tha i..i4..- limns tnke the place of potatoes, it is necessary 10 serve otlier Irxxts knmui lo be rich In mineral constituents, Tn Serve With 1'aslc Food) Such vegetables as beets, ear- lots, celery, radishes and lettuce should be used in abundance wllh lice and the paste-foods. Combination dishes of rlco and lonm- loos or macaroni and tomatoes [supply quite completely the food •merits found in potatoes. Meals In which dried beans and are \iMd must be considered from a different angle. These foods arc good sources of mineral constituent* and lend lo produce alkalinity when digested and as- similnled by Ihe My. served In Mayor Ftorcllo H. UiCiiardla (upper!combinations with other foods (hey a general view of the "Irial."' :"' a >' nl ™ n « mc ns Ul0 " mln c!lsl1 I When (eatured as the main dish ! (hey should be ani;:ly supplement cd by milk. Varieties ol titans There are many articles of drlcc i I sup I ele -•' M Cukor tloyii Ci{*» These actors, directors ind other film producers have botn nominated to tils Academy'. o(< I'lcturc Arts nnd Sciences lor Its awards us the omatnndlng participants In the KiUhavlne Hepburn is named for her acting In "Moi-ilng Glory"; Charles Uiughton in 'The Private Life of Henry V1U"', May RobMn for "Lady for a Day 1 '; Ql»n» -Cuvalcade"-, Lulle Howard for "Berkeley Hqunro"; ind Paul Muni-for "I Am a Chain Clang." Of the directors, Ocorgc Oukor U jiotnlnaMd for hU direction -0(,".'UUie:?Vp^if Frank Uoyd for "C»v»lcade," and milk Capra 'or "L»(ly for a Dny." For gulbpr/s "owl, ''(ft. ci's Marlon Is named for her "1'rtw Fighter anil Hie Lady"; and for pictography., J Oharjis, Jj suuBcstcd us chief cnmurnmtn OD "A Farewell io Arms." Thrte nooiiiwtlgw ire • mide;'fqr 1 '^ Today's Contract Problem Sotllll v! ;i ys the roiUrar.t at three; no (rump. West opens tlic seven ol liciirUi. How 'slinnlil declarer ylay Ilie liand? , 7 4 2 CLEVELAND (UPi—Air express oul of Cleveland increased 147 per cent- in February of this year as compared with the same month o[ 1933. figures just now revealed I £|]OW. I • (Blind) . (Dliud) A AQ 10-D f A S 3 . • A I * A (J 5 2 Solution in next issue. both East and West. West ro'.ikl not release the queen of diamonds, so h; dropped a hsarl. The jack ™? / <'; 1 T-'fl? 'f<MW» /#?. I na '.WjfUJaf^i I chief cnmurniu'n OD "A Farewell io Arms." award, which. will be announced March 16. voted than the "navy" bcnTi usual- Spring "greens" nrc p»rtloi|l»rly )y called to inind when bcaiui ttrc mentioned. Dried llm« bcaiv>, mar- rowfuts, red kidney bcuiu, dollcho, yellow eye, craiiucrry and black excellent varieties, eacli ha\ - « dlttingul»hing flavor. lw»rty nourishing 'and well balanced ineal for spring days. Too many homc-mukcra iiu»|je mistake uf thlBkiJ)(!;.'thJf food which, bj avs'Wfi °. Aura* rifirch can take- the-place .of -jji (MI in tb« iHt'Vtlh'-thc\f«!M : sutt. Tlw'calprjc vgjue ^y, the in me by t (he mineral bt)( will be Ur'Jrwn immediately Ictl ths. s?coii'.l deuce :— the deuce of ipatlcs—!icm rtimuny ' ;nd played ihe queen, which held. i >.:e club suit w:u started', ihe jace and king picking up i.'.e oiit- Islanding clubs, West discarding 1 the six of diamonds. I Four more rounds ot c)'.ib- were I taken. West let gD tnrrc spgdc; land a diamond. Two hearts and'a- [diamond \verc discarded frc:r. dum- niy. East, dropped three diamonds ,ar.ii a' spade, ih; ace ot spatlM uas ca-jhcd next, and West was. forced to let go '.he nine of diamonds. The declarer now led the deuce o[ diamonds was discarded. from dummy and no\v East was squt'tv?J. He could not let go a spade. 50 he was'forced to drop a heart. ] De:larsr raw was down lo ace. (our. and deuc: cf haarls. Dummy holrt pack of jpacles and kins and MX nf hearts. OJ . course, billi hi^t and West had' been forced to hear-down to two hearts, so all tlm declarer had to do was-to lead Ihe four of hearts, win in." dummy with.the king, return a- small heart trvwin wilri the ace, and iha deilco of hearts won the. 13th Irick. bcnns that arc more delicately fla- NSWERS SStJWV I'/ - ;: ' Wl TUKE ;o( clubs, wlrlch put the tqueez'! on'en to ice drifts. I'HOVIDENCE. B. I. (OP) —, C\mst Guards have repdrtcd miUiy'. •."i"'-legsKl sea gdlte in this seclion ' lesultant- from ther gnawing off the member when it became froz- AOiiilnii Hyrd'rf preat'iu Antarctic I'y.podltlou Is cxuerl<"l to hist two yc;irs. A falluini l.s SIX FEET. Jll.ACK IIKJX- \Vt)0» Is tlirr licatlesl -ftuml trow* 'in ttio Halted Staler NOTICE OF MAKSHAIAS SALt Lr.ilcd Stales of America) (ss: Kastcrn District ol Ptibl'.ce notice is hereby given.! '..Ml by virtue of a writ of Fieri rac:a.s (Or execution), elated Fcb •i. 1334. issvred out of the District Crurl of the tJnilec! Slates for the hasten: District o! Arkansa.s on a .k.ticment rendered in said Court, on the. 6th day of December, A. D. 1332, in favor of R. L. liradley. rtuciver of First National Bank, Blvtlicvills. Ark., and against Mrs. C H. Bean. I have, on this 2nd day of February. A. D. 1034, levied upon the following,' dercribcd real i-tate. situated in the County ol Mirsissippi and Slate ol Arkansas, South Hall IS 1 .*), of Southeast quarter (SE'il section Twcniy- rcven Cf!} Township sixteen ilG) North. Range Twelve il'i) East, i Eighty a>;rcsi North Half (N'.'_-) ot Kouihcast ([iiar- tcr (SE'i) of Scclion Tivcnly- .•yvcn <27) Township Sixteen «iG) Norlh. Hau^c Tvtrlvc *1'2) E'ast. i Highly acres' liasl Half (E'.-j) of the East Half tE'i) ,'iid Northu'esl Korlhcast Quarter INW NEM Scclion twenty-two <22i Ton-nslilp .Sixteen (Id Riinge twelve (12) Eiiot One hundred ^igitty ;icrcs. Northeast Quarter (NEH) ol Her lion twenty-seven c27i. Towiibhip sixteen (llii Hangc Twehc (12) Easl. Norlhw':st Quarter (MW.i. of Section Twenty-seven i?.li Towr.ship Sixteen (1C) North, Range Twelve '12) East. One I'unrtrcd lliirly-four acifs. i.icl that 1 will aaoidingly Dllrr :•'!<* real estate, for sale at public •'•wide to the highest and best h'ddcr on credit of three months purchaser to funmh approved t.oi'd for purchase price and interest; all the righl tille. Interest, and equity of Mrs. C. H. Bean, at ihe South ftoiit dc.or ot the Mls- fisslppi Counly coin-S house at lil.V- iheville. Arkansas on the 10th day ol April at 1:30 P. M. O. U MALLORY, U. S. Marshal EaMern Dlslilct of Arkansas. By L. P. WILLIAMS, Deputy. Solution to Previous Contract Problem UV WM. K. McKtXXEV Secretury, American Britlcc I.fag Tn my opinicn, duplicate fast replacing money bridge. Especially during the recent depr-2-.i.t)n rioople have ricsired a p!casant tnc- diutn for whihng away idle time anti bridge is jusl as eiijcyabl": a yame whether or not it is played for a slake. Attending the Niagara Frontier tournament at Buffalo recently. I was surprised at the gr^at interest shown in duplicate brldje in t.'at city, i congratulated H. A. Merrib and J. n. Conley on winning the open pair cr.ampicnship even", against a very good field. * AQ V A 1 2 A A K J 10 S G 3 D-iriHcalc hridgo—S'onc vul. Oliruln; lead-—» K. Srirnli \\'e?t Xorlli L'.ut 1 « Pass 3N.T. r > 4. Uoiililc S 4 7 * Double Pasq Pai UoublB yaurwire a cKance at ike iamily car She will appreciate having an auto- rnobile for shopping, for her various engagements! And you will save money by riding on a train. You'll nlso save yourself. On the train you can work—write orders and report?. And wlien you reach your destination, you'll be refreshed—and look refreshed as every business man wants to look! The next time travel by raill PATCH not palched.pants ARE SMART IN Conic-y gave me today's hand, which ho had played in C'.-.lcago. It was the lasl hand of Ihe cvc- — the crowd had gathered irmnirt his table, and he fell callr:) upon to dirnkh s'-.tve entertainment, which accounts for his original psychic bid of one dla.nond. It turned out Ihe deuces produced tr.e most thrills, as rjcnlcy and his partner held all of them Of course, the psychic diam"ii^ (oo'.ed no one but Mr. Conley's partner, in the North, as was deiii- j onstralcd by tre fact that V.c took [ Coniey cUibs. C A. Cunningham. Plaintiff's Ally. 16 six diamonds over sl'< The Play West's opening lead was the feing of diamonds, which was wan tn dummy with the ace—and deuce , No. 1 was taved. Conley now realized that, to malce his contract. 13-20-27! the spjd? SnsKe must work, >3 :~a Blyllievillc. lo St. I.^nuis Hound Trip Coach l-'arc !0ne Way Fare Otod in Pullman Cars S7.12 Round Trip Ocoti in Pullinaii Cars 10 Day Limit 11 Months Limit 'Seat or Berth Charge. Additional! One Way Coach Kare Now in Elltct Dally from Ca pc Oiwrdcau Crystal City Hoxic Jonosboio Kansas City Memphis Sikcslon 6piln?ficld Tuiwlo a I OTS of young m«m' arc kiiidly'to i li i>ockcts tliis ' " •''.'• .'- "'. Tliuy liki! tliu .not« of . iofoniiality.; ,' - . •./• , ". • .•• Hit winy linos. Tliey. Hk« tho -iww . coloi'H to'i^gi'oy.s, lirowns and ; bluos. N'uw • Spi-iiig suits, with or 'witjiout " ' pittclt |R)ckuts, arc liuru in the -now yoiiiijf men's stylos. st v%l vs BYRON HATS ?.'^';-"V ; /" r 'SSHl NEWMEAililili; •T^s E.:?.Blomeyer, Agent Frisco Lines BlythevHle, Arkansas , 'o:*--Mv. ;.:••'.:•.•:>."

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