The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on March 9, 1919 · Page 36
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 36

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 9, 1919
Page 36
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8-E THE PES MOINES W-XI1.STER: SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 0, 1919. rNTiMT.n rn)M page thkkk. Perkins, Pora Sooner and Grace Yerdecs. Twenty-five active uicm-toers of tho club will also participate. Mr. and Mrs. FranTdin A. Spon-gr issued cards this week announc-iiiK the marriage of tlieir daughter, DUary Morse, to Clarence Marshall Yonng, Wednesday, March 5. MAKC'.AUET Fl I.1.KB lin Ol'FJiT DAY. The Marparet Fuller club hold Kg pnnual guest day yesterday afternoon at the home of Miss flail Seev-(ers, 692 Scventeonffi street. A 'program wan given consisting of vocal solos by Mrs. Harvey Ray, roadlnps bv Miss Carol Cnnklin and violin solos dvjuss amurru Carson accompanied" by her sis-tor, Miss Lola Carson. Nosegays ;of violets were presented as fav- Pi 9 SPRINGTIME KODAKING Von want to be miy tor Spring Kodak PkfnrM. Tby en new tatrreatlnar and wlU bo 1010 rrrorda. Too have no doubt enr1c4 your trimi aiii-a mamtm a wonderful fkrwfTin orchard! beautiful wim vrhilit notolnc in the rova-trr. Maybe To nr tired of mow and wlU welcome the gram Irera, leave an bndn. $7.50 to $98.50 KODAKS take these plctmra fatth-fully. Be the flrat to get SprlnRllme irtcturea wltfc rrar KODAK. Out Une 1 complete now a ad oar flnUhbift' depnrtmeBt U la rxprrt hand ready for your work. Proper eerrlee meana prompt delivery. HOPKINS BROS. CO. 618-21 Locust DES MOINES ors. The party was in charge of a committee bended by Mrs. Lawrence Lane. Thirty guests from the students nnd faculty of Drake university were entertained, among them being Mrs. Mary Carpenter Craig, dean of women, who wag one of the first members of Margaret Fuller club. The date of the Fifth and Sixth Grade Teachers' club banquet has been changed to Friday evening, March 21 and will be bold at the Younkers Hros'. tearoom at 6:30 o'clock. All teachers planning to attend are asked to call either Miss Clara Kdenburu of Whittier school, Mrs. McNerney of Wallace school or Miss Marcella Mills of Nash school. Mrs. Gus Amend will entertain at a luncheon Thursday at Younk-er'a tearoom as a courtesy to Miss Klsio Rtradley, whose marriage to Mrs. Arthur Amend will take place March 19. Covers will be laid for Mesdames Will Kruger, Roger I'elton, r ranees Peibert, Norman Cassidy, Jack Mooney, Hans I'fiind Francis Hicks, George Amend Herman Green, Gus Amend and Misses Kmma Amend and I-lsie Stradley. , Mr. C. R. Conley who has returned from Little Rock, Ark., having been discharged from the service at Camp Pike, will be the honored guest this afternoon at a theater party at the Orpheum and buffet supper at the home of bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. h. Conley, 849 Sixteenth street. On Tuesday evening at the Odd V. 1 1 Tnrontv-flfth RtTeet rcuu" b iib", ... ------ - and University avenue, the Morn-ingstar camp of Royal Neighbors will entertain at a waffle social. All members and friends are cordially Invited to participate, tv...- v,.,niriit invitations have been Issued by the members of the - Tr..i1n. olrrtn nf Central Church of Christ for a St. Patrick s silver tea party to le given iuu day. March 17, at the home of Mrs. .Tnhn .Tamieson. 600 Country club boulevard. , The committee in cnarg n afternoon Includes Mrs. W. 13. Shaffer. Mrs. George W. Selck and Mrs. Walter Kirk.. The program tor ui vrlil be symbolical or bt. 1'"-" mill he under the dl- rection of Mrs. Harold Holmes. MFKTIN'na OF TT1K I.ITEBABT ci-ctw r "r-" The Women'B Commercial emu will meet jnuuuj ,,v," o'clock at 312 Shops building. , i9t Third Mr. K. fj. P L I tl . II uk . -. .trSMll be hostess to the Auro- Han club on 'lnurBuaj " &tal sewing will be done. Ttift secona uraae nmwj -will meet Wednesday ternoon at H-clock at the c'inirfalFranHn Alice Eaton, principal of Franklin I "Cheyenne Harry" Here in Person Where You Can See Carey Monday. jtoval 2:30 and 0:00 Family 3:S0 and 0:30 , Grand :0 Myntio 7:15 lileul 7:30 Rex 7:45 Tuesday. Royal .12:00, 4:30 and 8:00 Famllv 2 : :50 and 8:30 Heirol'd 3:00 I'alace 4:1)0 Ozone 7:30 U. & I .. ..7:45 Monday If 11 I MS The Chance of a Lifetime iU appear in person on the above days and in connecUon w?JrTretiirning hi" newest Western Photoplay "HOPED " Watch papers for further particulars as to his time of appearance. .i.AJf Jr FOR STODAT 0!fLT Edith Roberts In IJvely Comedy Drama A Taste of Life No Advance in Prices 10csra10c xilOc A New Mutt and Jeff Comedy Every Sunday rius WAR T.VX HARRY GAREY 7 IptillTSrt!'' Star in Universal Special Attractions Appear IN PERSON at the Following Des Moines Theaters FAMILY GRAND Monday, 3:30, 9:30 p. m. Mond3yeT,at JJDpe n Tuesday, 2 :30,8:30 p.m.. Tuesday at 9:00 p. m. IIEItROLD . U.&I. camp ixrx;K sorm df. MorvR Tuesday at 3:00 p. m. Tuesday at 8:00 p. m. IDEAL REX E. 86TH WAUSiTT FAIR GROUNDS Mondy at 7:30 p. m. Monday at 7:43 p. m. MYSTIC PALACE B. 1TH A GRAHD " now TOWN Monoay at 7:15 p. m. Tuesday at 3:30 p. m. IT'S GOING to be very thrilling to see Harry Carey, or "Cheyenne Harry," as we know him best, in ral life here Monday and Tuesday, don't you think? Now that we are going to see him, honestly und truly, let's look into Ins dark past. "Cheyenne Harry" was born in New York. Until his graduation from high school he was Just a regular little city chap, went to school, played marbles to show folks Is was spring time, played hookey and everything. Hut on his graduation from high school his father, Judge Henry Carey of New York, took the rollicking, mischievous-eyed boy in hand. He wanted him to prepare himself to take his place at tho bar but when "Cheyenne" took up his course at the New York university he put the wrong meaning on his father's wishes and the wrong kind of a bar held his closest attention. To avoid the deluge he struck out for the west. In the years that followed Carey enjoyed a diversified career. Cowboy, street railway superintendent (you'll all agree that's a regular Job), author, actor, miner, expert swimmer and engineer were a few of his titles, but the stage called and he wrtite, produced and managed two plays. In which he also starred. They were "Montana" and "The Heart of Alaska." Tho IMovraph Iturglar. Back in tho days of the old Bl-ograph studio, when Mary Pickford and King Baggott were starting their film careers, "Cheyenne" de-i elded the films had a future. Griffith took him under his wing and called him the Biogranh Burglar. Old reissues often give us a glimpse of Carey tough as the very dickens. However, when the studios began to drift toward California Carey drifted with them and, landing at Universal City about the time when western characters were coming Into vogne again about five vears ago, he was cast in a Bluebird, "Just Jim." And say he scored 100 per cent perfect. The" Universal people were wise and a T U v ! V . 1 HARRY CAREY. string of western comedy dramas followed pictures that caught and held attention and made exhibitors good money. Now we have "Cheyenne Harry," who ia one of Bill Hart's best rivals. "Cheyenne Harry" never acts not one of his company ever acts they are just natural. Jack Ford is their director and the pictures they turn out are some of the best on the market today. Carey is married. Back In the days of the Biograph the lovebug bit him and he married Fern Foster. He is six feet tall, weighs 180 pounds nod has blue eyes and light brown hair. MRS. M. m. uniiniAEi. UK A UN I'KIM I1.I.A 1MB. At a recent meeting of the Prls-cllla club, Mrs. M. M. McMichael was elected president for the coming ar, additional officers including Mis. E. C. Gibson, vice president; Mrs. H, L. Saylor, secretary; Mrs. W. R. Atkinson, treasurer, and Mrs. II. K. Scott, assistant treasurer. The next meeting of the club will be a Red Cross sewing Friday at the home of the president in the Butler apartments, 510 Fifteenth Btreet. The Fern Leaf R. N. A. Rowing society will meet Friday ufternooti with Mrs. Reibert and Mrs. Hackett at the home of the former, 915 Filmore street. Members are asked to bring their thimbles. The F. O. F. .club will meet Friday afternoon with Mrs. Will Brownbridge, 801 Pleasant View drive. Ye Auld Tyme club will meet Thursday with Mrs. Mae Caulkin, 720 Bro-d avenue. The East Sixteenth street Kensington club will meetj Thursday with Mrs. C. L. Pultz at her home, 1236 East Twelfth street. The L. A. C. club will meet Wednesday with Mrs. Logan Merritt, 669 Nineteenth street, for a luncheon at 1 o'clock. Mrs. Merritt and Mrs. Van Trump will assist. The Star club will meet Wednesday with Mrs. Harty and MrB. Fred-ergall at the Y. W. C. A. Arrangements for the banquet will be made at this time. The O. T. club will meet for an all dav sewing Thursday at the home of Mrs. Phil U. Booth, 1245 Thirtieth street. Mrs. Guy Mer-shon will assist In serving at a 1 o'clock luncheon. Mr. and Mrs. M. Votruba of 1022 Third street will entertain the 1919 club Thursday evening at their home. Mrs. C. M. lams will be hostess to the Hiawatha club, at her home, Tenth and Herald avenue. The San Soucl club will meet for a 1 o'clock luncheon Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Fred Greever, 1348 East Ninth street, Mrs. Esther Carpenter will be the assisting hostess. Election of officers will take place following the luncheon. Mrs., Harry G. Wallace will eni tertain the Watakushl club mi ' o'clock luncheon Thursday at her home, 3419 Cottage Grove avenue. The Ladles' Auxiliary to the Order of Railway Conductors will meet all day Wednesday with Mrs. Will Brown at her home in Valley Junction. Each member is asked to bring one article for luncheon. Mrs. Thomas Brown and Mrs. Anna Beers will be joint hostesses to the Julia Grant Needle club Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Brown, 4814 University avenue. Abigail Adams, D. A. R., will hold Its regular meeting Monday at 2:30 o'clock at Hoyt Sherman place. Col. R R. Bennett will speak and Mrs. Edgar Mav will sing, accompanied by Mrs. Stewart Witmer. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brown will entertain the "500" club Friday evening. The members of the K. C. B. club will meet Thursday for a 1 o'clock luncheon at the home of Mrs. A. P. Lundgren in the Kims.- The P. E. O. Juniors will be entertained Tuesday evening at the home of Misses Jessie and Mar-giyfet Shannon, 1126 Nineteenth street v The Past Matron's association will be entertained Friday at a 6:30 dinner by Mrs. Julia Walker and Mrs. A. J. Small, at the home of the former. i The Phi Gamma club will meet Monday evening at the home of Miss Nan Dick In the Pilmer apartments. Hawkeye Sewing No. 358, O. E. 8., will entertain Friday afternoon at the Masonic temple, 603 East Locust street. The hostesses will be Mesdames W. J. Gruener, G. H. Geisler, E. F. Whitney, W. M. Har-ley and G. H. Huttonlocker. Rer Cross sewing will be done during the afternoon. The Wortb While club will meet Thursday with Mrs. E. B. Rathburn, 1433 Sixth avenue. . Mr. and Mrs. W. Gibson will entertain the R. L. "500" club and their husbands Saturday evening at their horrm, 142t Twenty-fifth street. The evenlnl will be spent with cards and dancing. , Rose Anna Birthday club will be entertained Thursday by Mrs. W. D. Fuson at her home on East Fourteenth street. The Good Will club will meet Tuesday will Mrs. Earl Maion, 1523 Bluff street. The Bon Amln club will meet Tuesday for a 1 o'clock luncheon at the home of Mrs. B. C. Mather, 1100 Sixth avenue. Mrs. C. D. Cass will entertain the R. L. "500" club Thursday afternoon at her home, 3950 Kingman boulevard. The Semper FIdells club will meet Tuesday for a 1 o'clock luncheon at the home of Mrs. W. A. Sherman, 3120 Third street. The Mereedl club will meet Wednesday at 2:30 o'clock at Younker's tearoom. Mrs. J. J. Ulch will be hostess. -7- 4- "T- The Lewis Miller circle will meet Wednesday with Mrs. H. J. Rowe. 2928 Rutland avenue. The le will be clKipter I in "Es'av. ? Modern Novelists," with Mrs u? H. ltasmussen as leader, ' NEWS OF THE MOVIES, CONTINUED FROM PACE H,x son plays the part of a gliTnlw The story is taken from the sit urday Evening Post, but the nan, of the author is not announce! Ben Wilson, that Iowa screen st ir who was born In Corning, or'w. it Corydon, will play the male lead Fay Tlncher has been engaged to star In Christy comedies. The JD. pearance of a comedy of this brand at the Palace last week gives n, room to hope that we may see I Fa soon. 1 Shirley Mason will play oppoalu Bryant Washburn In a light com-edy drama of a wholesome nature in which the star has the role ol a good natured hick with blir tn,, ambitions. The title has not beeJ seieciea. f - Mrs. K. B. Shantz has returned from New York where she attended the Spring Opening exhibits of fcowns, wraps and other apparel; and, announces readiness to accept orders for Spring and Easter dressmaking. Dressmaking Parlors; Fifth Floor. and Lincoln schools, and Miss Jean-ette Mills, principal of Cooper school, will give talks on "Princi pal g Point of View." The Seventeenth Street Conver sational club will meet on Monday with Mrs. W. M. Myers, 1000 Twen tieth street. Mrs. A. M. Haggard will be hos tess on Monday to the Aloha club. Mra. S. C. Slayton will give a talk on '-The Monolog". and Mrs. Zoe Seevers will reviewV'Andrea Del Sarto." The Review club will meet on Wednesday with Mrs. E. D. Samson, 926 Eighteenth street Mrs. Emer son DePuy will give a review of the "Life and Letters of Edward Everett Hale." The Worthy clnb wm meet on Thursday with Mra. A. R. Eastwood at the Harris-Emery club-rooms. The members of Chapter V, P. E. O., will be entertained Saturday evening at 7:30 o'colck at Hoyt Sherman place by the B. I. Lb. The Utile Dtilce ciub will meet Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. A. D. Castle, 1459 Twentieth street The Phi Beta Phi chapter of the Delphian society will meet Monday evening at 7 o'clock In the office of Dr. Helen RIdgeway, 512 Clapp building. The Browning chrb will meet Wednesday with Mrs. Harry O. Stevens, 1427 Fifth street, for an all-day Red Cross sewing. The Sigma Delphian chapter will meet Monday afternoon with Mrs. P. B. Sheriff, 1351 Twelfth street. "The Renaissance" will be the topic for the lesson. The T. V. club will meet Monday at the home nf Mrs. J. H. Wilson, 1412 East Walnut street. The lesson will be Act 4, Scene 3, of "The Taming of the Shrew," and will be led by Mrs. George Gray-eon. The Nota Bene club will be entertained at a 1:30 o'clock luncheon Monday at the home of Mrs. Avery McCune, 1530 Ninth street. Election of officers will be held. Mrs. Kathryn Padden will entertain with a group, of readings. The Theta chapter of the Delphian society will meet for a 1 o'clock luncheon at Younker's tearoom, preceding the study class, which convenes In the rose parlor of the Chamberlain hotel Tuesday, March 11. Those planning to attend are asked to call Mrs. F. P. Fries, Drake 212. The Women's Rotary club will meet Monday at 12:30 o'clock for a luncheon at Younker's tearoom. Ir. D. J. Glomset will address the club. Reservations should be made with Mrs. Leon Brown, Drake 582S. The Kappa Tau Delphian chapter will meet Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock at 312 Hliops building. The topic will he "The Middle Ages." Dr. Jennie Still will bo in charge of the program. rnArTAro.UA Vkacuh' OPENS MEETING. The March meeting of the Chautauqua league will be held Saturday at the Home for the Aged, tke residents of the home being the guests of honor. A program at 2:30 o'clock will he presided over by Mrs. Charles E. Uisser, president, and will include a piano solo bv Miss Ramsay; readings, Mrs. B. F. Carroll: vocal solo, Mrs. Taylor Grimes. Mr'. Frank Travers, president of the City Federation of Women's clubs, will give an address on "The New Woman," following which Mr. Tacitus Hus-sey will give a group of readings. A play, "In Need of a Servant." will be presented by the Hall in the Grove. Rets chapter, nf which Mrs. E. D. Shearer is president, with the following cast nf characters: Mesdames C. W. Walters. J. C. Bern-bard, Alice Anderson, Frank Mc-Kee, I. N. Carothers and Isabel Metcalfe. An invitation is extended to the public to attend. We'll Give Ydu 20c In Aluminum Mold values, for every end label you send us this week from a package of Jiffy-Jell. The end label must be the one which mentions the flavor. See picture. The flavor must be either Loganberry, Pineapple, Lime or Mint. Labels on our other flavors count for 10 cents each, but the four flavors mentioned count for 20 cents each. Think of that Each Jiffy-Jell package costs IZY2 cents. Yet the end label is worth 20 cents this week toward these molds. Address Jiffy-Jell, Waukesha, Wis. JiSlii Jost peel eff that end label which mention the flavor, end mail it to uithieweck. Send all the labels yon wish. See oar mold offers below. We 'Pay Women Who Will Try Our Finest Jiffy-Jell Flavors Loganberry Oar finest berry flavor There are four flavors In Jiffy-Jell which are particularly delightful Two are dessert flavors Loganberry and Pineapple. One is Lime-Fruit flavor, for salads. One is Mint, for garnish jell. ' This remarkable offer is made, for one week only, to induce every home to try them. We are making each 12j4-cent package worth 20 cents on our pure aluminum molds. Fruit Essences Sealed in Glass Jiffy-Jell fruit flavors are made from the fruit itself. They are essences condensed from fruit juices. They come sealed in glass vials a bottle in each package so they keep their fresh-fruit taste. The flavors are rich and abundant' We use half a pineapple to make the flavor for one Jiffy-Jell dessert We use 65 big Loganberries to flavor another. So Jiffy-Jell desserts are real-fruit dainties. They have all the delights, all the healthfulness of fruits. That is where Jiffy-Jell differs so vastly from the old-style gelatine dainties. 1 You Can Buy These Molds This Week With Labels See Our Offen at Side of Coupon No. 2 No. 5 No, 6 Individual Dessert Molds Si Will Serve a Fall Packagm 12V2c Per Dinner Pineapple A favorite fruit flavor Jiffy-Jell comes ready-sweetened, in proper color and acidulated. You simply add boiling water, then the .flavor from the vial, and let cool. One package serves six people in mold form, or 12 if you whip the jell all for 12 cents. Think of that for a rich, fruity dessert less than a fruitless pudding costs. And the ten flavors give you variety. Also Salads Lime-fruit flavor makes tart, green salad jell. Serve with your salads or mix the salads in before cooling. Or mix in meat scraps and make a delicious meat loaf. Mint flavor makes a garnish jell, rich in fresh-mint flavor. Serve with roast lamb or cold meats. Vegetable Salad Mold Style-D Servet a Pint Jiffy-Jell Salad Lime Fruit Makes a tart, green salad jell mm You Need Them You need these real-fruit dainties at this season. Everybody needs fruit daily. Here you get it in the finest form at very little cost. Learn what it means to you. Accept the offers we make below. It will introduce our finest flavors to you. After that, vou will serve Jiffy-Jell in some form at least three times weekly. And you will know a new delight Mint For garnish jell For Desserts and Salads The new-type gelatine dainty 10 Flavors in Glass Vials A Bottle in Each Packagm Loganberry Pineapple Mint Lime Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Orange Lemon Alio Coffee Flavor 2 Packages for 25 Cents Fruit Salad Mold Style E Serot$ a Pint Deuert or Salad 1 Also Pint Dessert Mold Style B Heart Shaped Like Style 5 Above Also Pint Dessert Mold-StyleC Plated Like Style 6 Above This Week's Mold Offers The end labels shown at top are accepted at 20c each on these molds, if they bear the name Loganberry, Pineapple, Lime or Mint. Labels from other flavors count for 10c each.. All molds are pare aluminum. Individual Dessert Molds as pictured are valued at 10c each. They come in assorted styles. Six of them will serve a full package of Jiffy-Jell. Send labels for as many as yon want Vegetable Salad Mold Style D is valued at 50c. It holds a six-portion salad one pint made with Lime Jiffy-Jell and vegetables mixed in. .The fix indentations mark our six individual servings. Fruit Salad Mold Style E holds a one-pint dessert made with one package of Jiffy-Jell. The value is SOc. , Pint Dessert Mold Style B is heart shaped, V ,T,le ?, V top- U serves ful1 package of Jiffy-Jell. Value 50c. Pint Dessert Mold Style C is fluted, like Style 6 at top. It serves a full package. Value, 50c State invthe coupon the molds you want Send labels as per our offer to cover the value as stated. For instance, three labels worth 20c each on this offer will bring six Individual Dessert Molds. But it takes six labels worth 10c each. You can send labels to pay for all the molds yon want If your grocer is out of the flavors you want, you can send the labels next week. If you prefer not to send labels, send grater's sales slip, showing amount of your Jiffy-Jell purchase and the flavors. (411 MAIL THIQ Jiffy-JeH, Waukesha, Wis. -J1?e ,V lab8 from Wanberry, Pineapple, Lime or Mint, to apply at 20c each on molds. Als0 kbds from other flavors to apply at 10c each. I want the following molds: ....Individual Dessert Molds, assorted, value 10c each. ... Vegetable Salad Mold, Style D value 50c -..Fruit Salad Mold, Style E value 50c Pint Dessert Mold, Style B value 50c ....Pint Dessert Mold, Style C value 50c Name Address lUlilllll 21

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