The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on January 19, 1919 · Page 35
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 35

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 19, 1919
Page 35
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J XL TTTN II u o TTt . TO Mem ster owa ranee v newsletter tor 1 nous in r our HOME MARKET FOR IOWA HOG RAISERS Chicago Firm Will Operate Waterloo Plant, for Two Years Idle. MARSHALLTOWN After having stood idle for more than two years, because the Knlish owners did not care to operate it, the Brittain & Co. pork packing house of thia city will begin operations within a month under new ownership. Negotiations just closed in Chicago have resulted in the sale of the packing plant to Roberts & Oake, Inc., a well known independent packing compauy of Chicago and rated in liradstreet's and Dun's as being worth from $500,000 to $1,000,000. The sale of the property to owners who will operate it will mean a big thing for central Iowa farmers, who, under the present restrictions placed on shipping, have no market for their hogs that can be relied upon. When finished and ready for the market, hogs are beld so mayn times until shipments can be made that shrinkage means a severe loss in profits. A home market, therefore, will benefit the farmers greatly, and especially from the fact that many have gone into hog raising more extensively at the request ofy the government, during the war. It will cost the new owners between $40,000 and $50,000 per day to operate the plant and buy hogs. AEEESTED AS A HOLDUP O'Hare Held in Connection With. Wiggcrs Murder. BURLINGTON Howard O'Hare, alia Walter Moore, a much sought for auto bandit, was arrested here by Tom Cox, spe-elal agent from Rock Island, and R. E. Goodman, Burlington chief of police. O'Hare is thought to be one of a trio of holdup men whose depredations terrorized the citizens of Rock Island and surrounding country last fall and in the early winter. Finally they added murder to their long list of robberies by killing Sheriff Jake Wiggers of Rock Island, who with his deputies had surprised the bandits in the act of holding up the driver of an automobile on the Coal towu road. RUN DOWN BY TEAIN William McCracken, Well known Farmer, Is Killed. MISSOURI VALLEY County Coroner Charles Smith is at Mon-damin investigating the death of William McCracken, run down and killed by a train running backward towards Mondamiu last night. Mr. McCracken was killed north of town about a quarter of a mile. He is well known at Mondamin and has lived northwest of town for many years!. He. was 55 years old, and is survived by his widow and ten children. NEW PAVED E0AD-MAYEE Impends on FfLssiige of Law Rcg-tilat.lnff Traffic. CLINTON Clinton county may construct eighteen miles of paved road this year. All depends upon whether or not the legislature enacts a law regulating traffic, restricting the weight lo which motor trucks may be loaded. In the event the paving project should be abandoned, a road across the county, thirty-two miles in length, will be paved and 'gravelled. FARMERS WILL BUYMILL Han to Katwnmejer Elevator. IOWA CITV Plans are being made by the Farmers union of this county to purchase the mill and elevator property of the Katzenmeyer brothers of this city at a cost of about $25, Out). At a meeting held Saturday it was decided to take the matter up and a committee was appointed to look over the properly and make report back to a meeting to be held next Saturday. Insurance Company Klct. LOGAN At the meeting of the Farmers Insurance company of Harrison county. Wilson Doty, Sidney Pitt and Ellis Jones were re-elected directors. Tom Chat-burn was elected president; Sidney Pitt, vice president; C. W., secretary, and C. L. Isbell, treasurer. Viwcinatei Students Free. IOWA CITV Students of the ' university are being given free inoculation against pneumonia by Dr. Steelsmtth. The vaccine used has been procured from the United States army and only one shot is required to produce immunity, It is stated. Passes Safely Through Shot and Shell Only to Be Injured by Horse NEVADA To pass through the hail of shot, shell, shrapnel and gas on the western battle front, and then to be injured by a horse upon which he was riding, while accompanying the army of occupation over in the Hun country, was the unfortunate experience of Warren Canady, former Slorv county ooy. He is in a hospital with a fractured ankle and thinks that he will be sent home soon, according to word received by friends In this country from him. Soukup Death Mystery Solved by Telegram CEDAR RAPIDS Tele-grams have cleared up the mystery regarding the death of Anthony Soukup on the cruiser South Carolina. Two hoys of the same name, one in the navy and one in the army, and both of -this city were known to be on the uoat, so when a message was received telling of the death of one of the men, there , was considerable doubt as to which was dead. The dead man is Ensign Anthony Soukup, a graduate of the college of engineering at. Iowa state college. IS GE0UND TO DEATH Frank Van Vleet of Dubuque Killed Under Train. DUBUQUE The horribly mangled body of a man, later identified as Frank Van Vleet, was Picked up on the tracks of the Chicago Great Western railway at an early hour Tuesday morning. U is thought he was trying to liop a train and fell beneath the wheels. The body had been dragged over half a block, as pieces of his clothing were picked up that distance from where the remains were found. TEAMSTEES ASK MORE Claim Jti2l Per Week Is Too Small a Wage. SIOUX CITY L'nion teamsters of Sioux City have served notice on their employers that they must have more money for their work. H is said more than .S00 of the 1,000 teamsters of the city belong to the union. The agreement under which the men are working was made' in May last year and terminates In May this year. They are receiving $21 a week fo'r their work, MEEK EiSeTcAPTAIN Indianola High Makes Star Guard UU lMler. INDIANOLA Joe Meek, star guard of the Indianola High school football team, was elected captain of the 1919 eleven at a banquet given in honor of the football players Friday night. Seven monogram men will return to school next fall and a winning team is expected. HOLD RECORD PIQ SALE .Ninety Uuioc Jerseys Bring Owner $U9,OO0. ALGONA The world's record was broken today in the J. A. Vi-pond & Sous' 6ale of Duroc Jersey bred sows and gilts, the total sales amounting to $29,000 for ninety head. They were bred to the Vipond famous sjre, Great Wonder I Am. .Mistook the Tune. At Lansing, the band was playing "Marching Through Georgia." Harvey Feuhrheim of May's Prairie did not take off his hat. Robert Lowe thought the band was play- ing "The Star Sia..Eied Banner" Lowe struck Feurheim a terrific blow on the jaw for keeping his hat on his head. The judge fined Lowe $7.85. The friends of Robert paid the fine. Unless one has a musical ear, it is best to 'go a little slow with extreme measures. McGregor Times. To Build New Church. OTTUM V A The First Lutheran Church of Ottumwa is laying the plans for the building of a new church building, to be completed within two years in order that a jubilee celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the church may be held in the new building two years from now, Business Man Pies. CEDAR RAPIDS Joseph Hruska, long a leading business man in this city, i dead at his home in San Diego, Cal., a telegram to friends in this city relates. He retired from business several years ago and went to California for his health. The immediate cause of death was not given. The body will be brought to this city for interment. Howard Merry Decorated. IOWA CITY Prof. Glenn N. Merry has received word from his brother, Howard, who is a member of the university ambulance corps, saying that he had been made the recipient of the French croix do guerre for harvery in rescuing wounded men under fire. No less than five members of the company have been decorated. Soldier Fleeted Treasurer. GLE.YWOOD Sergt. Harry Widows of Company I, One Hundred Sixty-eighth infantry, now at Fort Des Moines recovering from a wound, has been chosen as deputy county treasurer and will take up his duties as soon as released from army service. Wire Tapper Held. WATERLOO Alfred Clark, a farmer near LaPorte City, was bound over to the grand jury yesterday on a charge of wire tapping. He admitted he made a connection with the wire, but did it Dec. 26 only as an experiment to determine whether or not he could hear any of the messages. imp I MSRf -iSuL u k x I . j-i f , 4 4 i . tA "liM V' A &; 1 vm-f' ' J WiMm "Nj'iw mii -it-iiii in mm -CTrrTK -tt iri-Liii T'f p-.jiiv-.-h miimi.nuii i.n t n mr :Vn,M mniiii mmwiMimimr tutu iiiiiiiiiiiitilli'iiii'Miw hmhhii i.i iiiifcr "Seems mighty' good to be home again," is the unanimous sentiment of the men in the Three Hundred Thirty-eighth infantry, the One Hundred Twenty-sixth field artillery and the One Hundred Ninth ammunition train, the first Iowa and Des Moines units to return from France. ' They were taken out to Camp Dodge for demobilization, and soon will be on their way to their holnes over the state. The above picture shows a group of officers who are just as glad as the men to say "Howdy" to old Iowa again. NOTED IOWA PASTOR DIES The Rev. L. N. Call Succumbs at Age of 86. WEBSTER CITY The Rev. L. N. Call, one of the best known Baptist ministers of Iowa, died at his home here after a brief illness. He was 8(i years old. The funeral was held Tuesday. The Call family has been one of the most prominent families in this state. Miss Leona held the chair of Greek at the University of Iowa for many years. A second daughter is Mrs. F. E. Whitley, chairman of the women's council of national defense in Iowa and formerly president of the State Federation of Women's Clubs. A third daughter, Miss Myra, is professor of mathematics of the State Teachers college at Cedar Falls. DEEMS BOOM STAETED ltoost FVxhI Administrator for Governor of Iowa in 1930. OTTUMWA A movement 'to nominate and elct J. F.. Deems of Burlington governor of Iowa in 1920 was launched at the Bal-Jingall hotel, where a meeting of local republicans was held. A 'Deems for Governor in 1920" club was organized with C. S. Harper, president, and C. A. Well-man, secretary. ' DEVINES GO TO IOWA Knter Drake IMrnt But Change Their Minds. DES MOINES Glen and Aubrey Devine, former West Des Moines High 'school athletes, after enrolling at Drake university Monday, changed their minds regarding the school at which they Intend to complete their education and boarded a train bound for Iowa City, where they entered the State University of Iowa. The loss of the two men Is a severe blow to the local school, which had expected to make immediate use of the athletes on its. teams. Bank Klwts Officers. IOWA CITY The Commercial bank of this city elected officers as follows, all of whom are to succeed themselves in office for the year: President. Henry Negus; vice president, p'red L. Stevens; cashicrr'George W. I)vos(ky; assistant cashier, Elmer Anderson. Made. Commander. BOONE Lieut. O. L. Driscoll, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Driscoll of this city, has been made commanding officer of Company K, Thirteenth railway engineers in France, according to orders issued on Dec. 9, a copy of which has been received In this city. Was on the Tiimmiii. OTTUMWA Drew Ryan is yisiting friends in Ottumwa after receiving an honorable discharge from the aviation service. He was assigned to one of the aero squadrons that were aboard the transport Tusrania which was torpedoed off the Irish coast Feb. R. 1918. Relay Invitations Co Out This Week Invitations to the Drake relay meet this year were sent out this week by M. B. Banks, Drake athletic director. The annual classic will he held this year on April 19, the date corresponding to the one always chosen, it being the third Saturday in April and one week before the Penn relays. J)KS MOINES, IOWA. SUNDAY First Iowa Units Home Again THREE FAMILY MURDERS IN ONE WEEK STARTLE IOWANS Six Die at Onawa, Five at Oxford Junction and Three at Prescott. Three murders within a week in which families have ben partially or wholly wiped out have startled the state. In two cases the murderer took his own life. The third slayer is in custody. On Saturday, Jan. 4, Bill Barnes shot and killed the five members of the Wilbur Johnson family at Onawa and then blew off the top of his head. The following Friday, the bodies of the five members of the Frank Bllzek family, near Oxford Junction, were found in the ashes of their home. While the details of the murder remain a mystery, it is believed that the father, in a fit of insanity brought on by the flu, decapitated his wife and four children, set the house on fire and killed himself in some manner. The fact that no weapon was found in the house, however, has led to the theory that the murders may have been committed by WILL HOLD STATE MEET Ames to SUige Big Basketball Tourney in March. AMES Clyde Williams, athletic director of Iowa stale college, has made definite decision to hold a state high school basketball tournament here March 14 and 15. Although the meet will be held no plans have been made as to its nature yet. Gobbler Smashe $50 Window. NORTH WOOD Monday morning a big turkey gobbler escaped from confinement at the F. W. Schmidt, meat market and grocery and eluded all efforts to capture him. Finally he rose in the air on his wings and sailed straight through the plate glass window. He must have been going some, the boys think, to break a thick window glass. The size of the glass figures up to about $50, but there probably will be some salvage by making little glasses out. of the big one. Will Get His Spad. CLINTON -- Lieut. Artemus Gates of Clinton, naval aviator, is anticipating the1 arrival of his wrecked Spad airplane, in which he fell while battling with an overwhelming force of the enemy over the batile line in northern Belgium in October, his fall resulting in his capture by the Germans, who released him following the signing of the armistice. The Spad has been presented to The Spad has beeu presented to him by the French government. Will Observe Farm Day. ALLISON Through the efforts of the Bulter county agent, Victor Flint, farm and home service day will be observed rlt Allison, Jan. 16. Specialists will be here from Ames and other places and will have charge of the program. MORNINC, JANUARY tramps who hoped to find money in the house. On Jbe next day occurred the third murder, when John Hos-kins, living near Prescott, killed his wile and two stepchildren with a club, then attempted to take his own life by slashing his throat and wrists. He was unsuccessful and is in jail at Corning. The only known motive for the crime was a slight altercation over a trip to Greenfield contemplated by Mrs. Hoskins, and the children, to which Hoskins was opposed. Stepping to the back porch, he seized a knotted hickory club and smashed the skulls of the children, Gladys Campbell, 18 years old, and Roy Campbell, 15 years old. He then attacked his wife, who had previously left the house. His own daughter, Irene, pleaded with him to spare the two remaining children, and he struck her, knocking her unconscious. She came to and brought help, but the victims were already dead. Hoskins, although perfectly conscious, refuses to discuss the crime. Not All the Fighting in France, They Say CEDAR RAPIDS Two restaurants of Newport News were wrecked when Iowa boys discovered two sets of menus, one for civilians and another, higher priced, for soldiers, according to letters from local boys. A fight occurred between overseas soldiers and those who had to remain in training camps at Newport News, also, the boys say, and following the pitched battle a number of men on both sides were taken to hospitals to recover from wounds. I mprove.nienls PI a n tied . TRAER The town of Lincoln with only about 150 inhabitants is making preparation for extensive public improvements. The citizens will get together in a mass meeting to discuss the matter of installing a complete water system iftid arrajige for holding an election to vote upon bonding the town sufficiently to defray the expense of same. It is thought it will meet the approval of practically all the taxpayers. Pool Hall Owners Fined. MARSHALLTOWN W. E. Wintrlnger, A. Bowman and John Stone, owners of local pool halls, were fined $10 each in justice court yesterday following their arrest on the charge of allowing minors to occupy their places of business. Overseas Men Roll in Money All Paidup Fort lies Moines wounded Yank heroes are "flush" with money. Many of the wounded men at the fort received their first pay since they entered the army. Many of them received from six to nine months' back pay. Fort Des Moines street cars were crowded to the guards with the boys who went to town, many of them for the first time with any "spending money." ID, 1)1!. TRAVELING MEN PROSPERED Did Big Business Last Year in Spite of War. MARSHALLTOWN That the Hawkeye Commercial Men's association, a traveling men's accident Insurance company, with headquarters in this city, did a flourishing business in 1918, despite war conditions, was shown in the reports of officers presented before the annual meeting of the association. In addition to making a gain in membership, the association showed 2 per cent less of withdrawals than any similar association. During the year the association paid claims amounting to $56,402.49, or $6,000 more than was paid In 1917. Captain Shaw to Cue. CEDAR RAPIDS Capt. Robert J. Shaw, formerly assigned to the Fortieth United States infantry, but now attached to the war department as a professor of military science and tactics, has been assigned to take charge of the reserve officers training corps at Coe college, and has reported at that institution for duty. Captures 81(1 Pints. SIOUX CITY Thirty-four rases of whisky, containing 1,fi:!2 half pints were captured by the sheriff of Plymouth county at Le-Mars Friday when he nrrested two Sioux City men en route here from Minnesota in a large automobile. This is one of the largest consignments of liquor that has been intercepted in transit lo Sioux City. Irfxhfc Gives Service Flag. GLENWOOD- --Glenwood lodge No. 43, K. of P., has presented to Mills county a service flag ten by fourteen feet. The flag contains 722 stars, lti of which are geld. 4 Red Crosses and 1 Y. M. C. A. triangle. Each star will ho Inscribed wit li the name of a soldier or. a sailor Vho hus been in the service. SupiKirt 1'reiKli Children. CLARINDA Pupils of the Garfield school of this city are supporting two French orphans, a little girl and boy. They recently received a second letter from the little girl, thanking them for their Interest in her and telling them that she was ciniio well. One letter has been received from the little bov. Bank OiMi ier IUigns. CHAI'IN P. W. frawfoid has resigned his position as cashier in the Chapin Savin;:s Hank and will move to Cohiell, In., Feb. 1. He has areepn-rt the position of cafhier in the haul; there. Falner Home From Xuv.v. CASCADE Chief Yeoman Urban Fuller of the Chicieo White Sox is home, having received an honorable dischaige from the navy. Boy of Ten Years Steals Salvation Army Boxes With Christmas Funds DUBUQUE Russell Sinilh, If) years old, was arrested by local detectives who investigated a story told by officers of the local unit of the Salvation Army. The officers declared that twenty-four Christmas boxes placed in various biisinc-s houses about the city and used to collect funds for the organization, were missing. Smith admitted to the police after his arrest thai he had taken some of the boxes and rsl i-mated that his buoly amounted to about $18. He will be held to the Juvenile court. Raid on Skunks' Nest Nets Scents and Cent3 MARSH ALLTO W N Eclipsing the fondest hopes of war munitions workers in earning fancy salaries for their labor, a farmer living south of this city has showed that he was capable of earning at the rate of $704 a day of eight hours. Knowing where there was a nest of skunks, this farmer, in half an hour, had enough dead skunks to bring him $44 for their skins from a local hide buyer. MISSOURI TAKES SECOND Makes It Two Straight Victories Over Ames Five. COLUMBIA The Missouri basketball team made It two straight victories over Iowa state college bv defeating the Cyclones here, 35 to 22. Ames acquired an early lead and the first half ended with the visitors on the long end of a 16 to 15 count. The Tigers rallied and outplayed their opponents in the final half. Ames' many fouls spoiled its play. White" was put out of the game for a personal foul on Ruby. Sheppard's long shots and the Tigers' teamwork featured. belTto coach deake North IliK'i Trainer Will Have Charge of Track Team. DKS MOINES Harry Bell, former North High school football and track coach, has been made assistant athletic director at Drake university and will help M. B. Banks with Drake athletics during the remainder of the Bchool year. Hell, who resigned his position at NortU High to enlist in the navy, has been discharged and is now in the city. He will take up his duties at Drake at once. EAILK0AD PIONEER DEAD Yel Dlsi'rens Dies at Owlar Rapids Home, CEDAR RAPIDS' Fred Dlser-ens, who built many of the trunk line railroads from Iowa across the continent, is dead at his home in this city, at the age of 65 years. He was noted as a civil engineer and at one time was In the employ of the Northwestern and the Northern Pacific. ELLIS CLAIMED BY FLU President of llnrt-l'nrr Company Itles at Clinrles City. CHARLES CITY A. E. Ellis, president of the Security Trust and Savings bank and president of the Hart Parr company, died this evening from influenza. A Panther In the North "Woods. DECORAII There is a rumor there there is a panther strolling about in the woods north of town, one that probably wandered down from Minnesota or escaped from a circus. Anyway he is a rumored panther, and whether any more than that we cannot say if "seeing .1 J J J: is believing." Some of our brave hunters from Decorah went up to those woods for the purpose of shooting him, ami the story goes that the panther growled and waved his tail, aand the men well, it might, be rather embarrassing to tell what the men did, but anyhow they didn't wait to get I he panther. Start Hospital Fund. DES MOINES A fund of $;.(),-(IU0 for a new building for the Iowa Congregational hospital was started ut the annual meeting of the Iowa Congregational Hospital association by Dr. C. J. Loieaux, who set the ball rolling with a subscription uf $1.0lin. Several other members pledged a similar amount, ami the project, will be pushed io the limit. Form Law Piirtiier-bip. I LA II 1 N! i A II. K. Davidson, who represents Page county in the. general assembly, has formed a law partnership with William F. Stipe, who at one time represented tliis county. .Mr. Davidson recently returned from Camp Pike, where he secured u commission as second lieutenant In the, officers' training ramp. Ho Is now in lies Moines uttendlng the legislature. Shot Self Instead of Rabbit. YOHKTOWN - James Manifold of Coin shot his hand Instead of the rabbit he was after. He was getting fodder mid leached for his gun to shoot the rabbit. Ther gun went off and so did the rabbit for Manifold shot his hand first Just above tha thu mb. Ilu.vs County Iloiuis. GLENWOOD The Bankers. Mortgage company of Des Molne purchased J30,i00 of Mills corn-ly road and bridge bonds mis week at $S5u above par. 'his makes a bonded indebtedness for the county of $116,000. . " M II! t -1 QUEER MATRIMONIAL MIXUP, Divorced, Remarried, Redi-vorced, Remarried to No. 1. SIOUX CITY-One of the worst mixed matrimonial tangles that has come to the attention of the courts here In many years Is that of Charles P. Christiansen and hi3 wives. Five years ago his first wife secured a divorce from him, along with considerable alimony. Soon thereafter he married another woman and after a few raontha she secured a divorce. Then ha was remarried to his first wife. During the past week ho was granted her second divorce from him, was allowed alimony and expenses during the several! months they have been separated. At the hearing of the case, which, was not contested, during the past week, it developed that since his third wife, who is also hia first wife, lert him, Christlanson has been living with his second, wife. PLAN BIG HOMECOMLTO Celebration for Soldiers Held After All Ik-turn. OTTUMWA Wapello connty will hold a soldiers homecoming1 celebration after all the soldiers have returned home from overseas. Attorney John W. Lewis of Ottumwa has been appointed chairman of the committee to formulate plans for the celebration. The following are the other members of the committee: C. T. Haw, president of the Ottumwa Commercial club; mayors of the towns of Eddyville, Eldon, Agency, lilakesbnrg, Farson, Kirkville, Chilllcotbe, Mayor Lee-ney of Ottumwa and J. F. Knox, member of the Wapello county board of supervisors. ONE DEAD. TWO INJURED ! Crinoline Tank Explosion In Garage Irovc8 FataL DUBUQUE John Hagenslck town assessor of North McGregor, la., is dead and two other men are seriously injured as the result of the explosion of a gasoline tank In a garage- there. Hagenslck died after suffering terribly from burns over almost his entire body. His right leg was also broken In two places. The accident occurred when he was repairing the tank, which he thought was empty. WIFE SUSPECTS MURDER Omaha Woman to Investigate) Peath of Husband. SIOUX CITY Mrs. H. 1. Welsh of Omaha Is here to make an investigation into the cause of the death of her husband, found dead In a rooming house hOTe on. New Year's day, death at the time being attributed to asphyxiation caused when Welsh accidentally allowed gas to escape through a light Jet. Mrs. Welsh is inclined to the belief that her husband was murdered and robbed. MEMORIAL FOR G. A. R. Clayton County Honors Boys of IHdt-K."! at Elkiulr. POSTVILLE E. II. Prior of this city is erecting In Elkader, Clayton comity's memorial to civil war soldiers and sailors. In September, 1917, the board of supervisors appropriated $5.-600 for the erection of a splendid monument. The structure is Barre granite, IS J feet long, 8 feet 3 inches wide and 15 feet high. CAPT. AIKEN IS HOME Commander of Famous Wln(erwt Company AitIvcn in New i'ork. W I N T ERSE T -- Mrs. Alk-ens, wife of Captain Alkens of Company A, One Hundred Sixty-eighth Infantry, has received a letter from her husband that he has landed in New York and will ' bo in Camp Dodge soon, to be discharged. He was permanently disabled at the time Lieutenant Green and seven others of his company were killed May 27 of last year. Fulls; Is Cured. . CLINTON An involuntary movement In an effort to guard himself against a fall when he slipped on an Icy sidewalk re- stored the use of his paralyze' arm to R. L. Selg. Ho had be deprived of the use of the an since June 14, 1918, when heAc-eciverl an electric shock that for a time It. was feared Would prove fatal, 220 volts rssing inrotign nis body. Man Prom I)eaL FORT DODGE- Join Swisher, branch manager of the International Harvester j company, dropped dead at hj dmk tins noon. Heart tronhU' is given as the cause. He was 55 ears old and leaves a wife.,' Will Celebrate Return. IOWA CITY -The Iowa Cny Commercial cl'ib and Loyally league are working en a plan for a mammoth celebration to pive fitting and proper welcome to f tie) returning men from the service. This Man Has Faper Ti'usf Upon Him YOHKTOWN---Ear! Starr has the iiew.-paper business thrust upon him by the do. ah of relatives. Mr. a;:d .'.Its. Muutendiun both di"'l or pneumonia, only a day ap.iit re titly, so the Elliott Graphic In to be run by Mr. Starr, wlii-e lf w is a sister of Mrs. Jliinlendani ;.iel was the only direct heir. Mr. S'arr has been connected wiu I'iv Hog and C'.it In Powder company of Shenandoah for more than a year and has had some experience in the. newspaper business. At 11 s ViV. , 7 r; i i f

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