The Republic from Columbus, Indiana on July 3, 1923 · Page 4
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The Republic from Columbus, Indiana · Page 4

Columbus, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1923
Page 4
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h - THE cranna EatmuCAn.'CDtoHBtw, mniiHA,' Tuesday; mrs.iwsa.- THE EVEH1HG REPUBLIC1H afcllafcaal IWT kr law T. BMiii 1 a Iwr iftuMM, luiq: rMIb4 In the Republican Build 'lif. North aairt earner of Ftftk aa4:i Waahlng-ton Bta. i ' i v i i i : , i'.t- Batcred aa Matter at ;hr Poatoftice In Colurobua, Indiana.?- TERMS 4r SUBSCRIPTION if if rr Week, delivered by carrier BT MAIU STRICTLY IN ADVAMCfcf WITHIN THH STATE: IV One year ,.16.00 Three Months fix Mr Montha 2.(0 One Month .--..4 OataMe of India Ostalde of India na, per montl .na. per year. n. .cue MeBenny jxoteu5ooK '.Lee -i MUCH MATERIAL! HERETO UENDi TRACTION TRACK Postage Prepaid by Publisher; iff K. 8. Brown, PublUht, vnd Proprlfcart Tn Aaaoc "a Prens Is excluat'ShL nuued to use for republlcatioi-f o not Othrrla. rrxllla In ttila 3S,- nnd a'j the local new published h? -At In, TBIiErBOH M OR SI. m !" a Last nlte after sllnrjir ron was he- ginning to look as if he was starting w teei coincrtable, . and ma ed, I ixpect M- and Mrs. Hews tonite.' Thfe dooce. either one of them'n hart miff, and both together they defy dis- cription, pop sed. Have you eny more, bad news? he Bed.' i p And he started to lite a cigar and ma . Bed, O, by the way, that reminds Bie, Willyum I had another good Ideer for a way for you to brake your self of smoking. Its very simple, thats tne tewty or it, she sed. Cant you. ixplain it some other time. the thawt .that the Hews are coming is oppressive enuff- as it is pop sed, and ma sed. Now dont he sillv. wait till you heer it, its certeny simple 15 Carloads of Brick, Cement, Ties and Trackage Go, On ! Washington Street.! S ADDITIONAL HOPPERS. ! Mrs. Lyman ; Overshiner, who! is at the Robert Long hospital in Indianapolis, where she was taken a few days ago for treatments, is reported as be ing slightly improved: A bond issue of $4,400 for the! Hoff man: road in Ohio township, was sold today to the .Fletcher American ITrust Company of Indianapolis at a premium of 16. The-bonds are for five per cent, and there were three other bids.' 2 MONTHS FOR REPAIRS NEW 50-TON LOCOMOTIVE OF ELECTRIC TYPE TO BE PUT IN SERVICE LATTER PART OF THIS MONTH. The currin; 'fireworks" that have been oc- alone Washington street " be- WHAT JULY 4 MEANS'. On the eve of the anniversary of'W Binning of the Declaration of Indepjt t& nce, it might b wen to stop and iwi- slder for a mbment what the Fourtffcf, amy reaiiy stanas torj. r o'Pj To many It means a day's vacat yt wuu r wunout pay as tne case Ry be.. It mean picnics, a feast, pi J works, various kinds of : sporHg events and the like. , i: To others it means an oDDortuiTty to attend a patriotic jpelebration, htjr a Rood addresg, greet the" veteran fllers and get a touch of that spHt. which makes the blood in eVijcy American's veins run Just a little',! W faster; that spirit, which makes fejra square his shoulders and proudly ly to himself "I am an American." -jli iTonaniy tne majority of the c,: rens in Bartholomew county belong io neither of t'nese classes absolutely rh j to ftoth of them. In part at least, ftf-gardless, however, one! living in Art eti lea cannot but feel the, "deepest gijTjsi. tude to those perBons, who by tgr ' courage brought about the great d& ment, which meant that AmerlcaJs to be a ', fro nation. i V We ure proud of those, citizens ot 176. This Is shown by the fact m ejtch year Wej)ay special homage-d them in many and divers ways wjt Jhey planned and executed 147 ye&rs ago is kept alive today by thatAmi can spirit of patrioUsm, that sp (-ft which sent thousands of thousandiffef iiiuciitun uoys to aeatn on tne Dacf.H fields of France ypars later. ' Tq keep that spiri alive is es tial -to the bestj interests of Amer-pH tor any country which lacks it cart -Kit long endure. Oue day out of . ev V year should be set aside for special j j& servances which would' tend to teftlt the younger generation that spiritJ4af patriotism, and to keep aliver in adults that same spirit. jTMS Whether that day should be';. -ervea on May 30 or July 4 wouttt taw matter materially, but one such; dky prize fights, the speedway races, .a3 the athletic contests of various kiifes be barred. Let this one day be e-' voted to fanning into the white hea $tt ' devotion that spirit I which cauid those brave men and women to su untold sacrifice t.hat we might live ijiH ; der the- SUrs and Stripes Instead -pi I shouldend be serprized pod sed. tmo.n oii r.rt tho rnif nf plee- and ma sed, The hole thing is, every t.trical discharge, of the Interstate Pub-time you feel like smoking; go into a H Qovjir n-anlr will chnrHv rpnsfi ; movie show, and of corse they dont when the new track that has just been allow smoking in there, and nobody received in this city by the company would wunt to smoke in the dark eny- i3 put fa. New equipment will be laid way, and in a few minnits you'll get th nntrmta north tn Four- intristed in the pickture and forget all ton iK,.f ..- -.-J x .I. .... ,"," - uu wu"i? 10. iuuuw, un- will become, for . the time being, a -mi Kituuiiiy uy wgrees you wont single track, that the work may prog Peu wuu- to smoKc in ine ierBtjress, With rapidity and at the same place to begin with. ; - ? time not delay the service between In Thats a'marvellis ideer and Im go- dianapolis and Louisville. ing to try it immeedltly, pop sed. Im Eleven carloads of bricks two cars going rite erround tothe Little Grand of cement and two carloads of special land throw this cigar away outside, ties and trackage have been received land dash rite in, and 111 tell you all over the Pennsylvania for use in the iabqut my sensations Wen I come back. ilocal rebuilding of the Interstate lines. ie sed. And he jumped up and ma sed, It is, "estimated by- Interstate officials jijut Willyum, not now, the Hews are thatnhe work will require sixty days oming. lor longer ior completion. ' tWhn a red h ua. ti'hiv .hmiM ' 1 General Reconditioning ie llowl to Ktand In th naih nf .The tracks that are being rebuilt in progress? pop sed. And he quick went tnis cit are but.a small part of the uown and put on his hat and went ,B,B"erai worK wnicn is ueing uone oh out, ma saying, Now wat do you,the company's lines. Reconditioning think of that man, he jest delibritly ,al1 over the system is under way. and took Idvantage of my ideer so he'the interstate is soon to have one of could get out of seeing the Hews. , the Anest traction road beds In the liWich he uroberlv did. the Hew!centraV states, according to officials of being 2 peenle that do all the tawklne,lne company. t. between Co- The baseball! game lumbus and North Vernon which was to? be played in North Vernon Sunday, July 8, will -be played The grounds ai North been torn up, making possible tlbere. ' ! i - 5 The July meeting of Grange will be on Fifth street, will be a short in Columbus. Vernon have playing . im- the Columbus held tomorrow even ing at S o'clock in the Grange hall there at which time business session fol- FIREWORKS BAN IS OFF AT HOPE Town Council, Imbued With Fourth Spirit, Repeals j ; Ordinance.1 3 BIKE THIEVES i -t . - r PLEAD GUILTY h . - r Judgment Withheld By Donaker Until Word Comes From Relatives. flowed witih a special program by the Juvenile grange. Francis Gilbert, of Globe, Arizl, and : Tomorrow will be a red letter day for the boys and girls of Hope. Last night the town council at that place, apparently-imbued 'with : the spirit of the coming Fourth, repealed the ordinance which, since 1917, has prohibited the sale and use of fireworks, within the corporate limits of the town. -: " I ' i Tomorrow and tomorrow night the young people, and some of those who are young In spirit; and "like to shoot the rockets and bombs, will celebrate the independence, which the repeal of the law has given them, i; i , During the meeting last night the matter of purchasing a, motor driven- chemical fire engine was discussed but Charles Black. 15. John Wall. 14. and withheld judgment, pending- word from their relatives. ' 1 The sister of Charles Black came here fromi Indianapolis today and discussed th4 case with Judge Donaker. She promised to take the boy home with her and vouche for hi good 'behavior In the future if the Judge would let the boy go. The judge gave his consent, and the sister is t to make monthly reports on the boy's conduct." The other1 two boys are still in Jail, but a message was received this afternoon by Chief of Police Essex from E. A. Wall, father of the: Wall boy. stating that he would come here after . formerly of this; city, has one of the no definite action was taken. The best orchestras between New Orleans and Los Angeles!, according to a letter received .here from Albert Stevens, who recently went to Inspiration, lAriz., as a mining engineer. to take up! work thft staff 0 the Herbert Allison has been added tp Indiana Oil Refining Company as agent for Premium, pro ducts in Bartholomew counties. -The rilant is and Jackson now working steadily with the one completed! still, making its 450-barrel run each! day. Seven tank cars of crude oil were re ceived yesterday and two today, all contained nearlv 2,000 barrels, fed none of the lissening. CARNIVAL OPENS I WITH BIG CROWD During the last three years that the Interstate company has stressed its freight business the need for more and heavier trackage and equipment ' has manifested itself. Tnk rapid passenger and freight service demands and justifies the reconditioning of the lines, state officials. from tried Judge Two divorce cases venued nerel the Decatur circuit court were in circuit court, today before Donaker. ;In the first case, that of Iva i Moore i against Eugene Moore, she was granted a decree of divorce, and the other case is that of Jennie Nieff against Anthony Nieff, which was before the judge' late this after noon, n u town at the present time has a $ hem leal engine of the trailer type. Last night was the time scheduled for the sale of! bonds amounting to JlO.tWO with which the town planned t; purchase stock to the amount, of $10;- 000 m the new! Hope Light & Power Company. , i ; ; ; .-m) . ,-.t ;i 5 SPECIAL CARS : TO KLAN MEETING KM: -VP. i"'iK Mr--,--; ; i Charles Negley, 15. three boys from " sou uo l.Ke.nlm OH1f " Indianapolis, who were arrested on lo QO, so- Keiy me ooy wui charges of .bicycle taking and who. " w yicnw . have been ia the county jail here, 1 i " ' - were berore Judge John W. Donaker Lonis Sphneiderv who has teen at fn circuit court today and all j three the county! hospital for some time, was plead guilty to the charges. The judge taken to Ms home yesterday. WILLIAM 6. IRWIN. President No. MJ I HUGH TIL JOHN W. SUVERKRUP. Cashier. W. B. n REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF MILLER. Vice-President. TREAD WAY. AaaL Caahler. IRWIN'S B A PRIVATE BANK, mm s ' '5 At Coiumbut, In the State of Indiana, at the close of business June 30, 1923. RESOURCES. i PLoans and !dlsoounts" . .. .51,003,156.55 Capital . Overdrafta !. ' . .... .. i ......... . None Surplus U. S. and other bonds : 150,430.91 Undivided" proms- Vaults, furniture and fixtures 600.00 . Deposits Due from Banks and Trust 1 Companies 303.58Q.68 Cash on piand 81,779.28 Total $1,539,447.75 Total LJABIUTIES. I - ......4100.000.00 100,000.00 ,...1,325,674.62 -net $139.447.75 STATE OP INDIANA, BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY. SS I toUlom fl Irwin nrcsldpnt inierSiaie Will i UOnVey Large that the ubove statement is true. of Irwin's Local Delegation to Ko- komd Conclave. Bank, do solemnly swear WM.i G. IRWIN. eubscrlbed and sworn to before me this 3rd day of July, 4923. My commission expires April 1L 1926. KATHRYN HARRELL, SMITH, (Seal) II f " i I ' -i . 1 "iT ruuiin "Kokomo, ; Indiana, 4wlll hittT the biggest Fourth jot July, celebration in the history ; of the I United States to morrow when an estimated crowd of three hundred ! thousand Klansmen Miss Anna Cole, daughter of Charles P. Cole, and formerly of this city, un ,1 , . ; 1 i nnnwn.An , . I. 1 Methodist hoepitil in Indianapolis ye8- 'i; ,0,15"a terday for goitr. Reports from there 22' " ffS,, today were to $e effect that ! MissiemreaeLfte ri, o J 0. men prominent In the Columbus affairs uIyrK. SK.o'tte Kn Klux klan, and when it ere- from , this City-' Miss Cole has often .. :fn, i i ty visited here and has many friends Inaed urPnsf inl the, mind f the inter-r-hiimK ii ' "r . I I viewer, the local man went on to say ..106V. , 1 CHARTER ffO. Federal Reserve District, No. 7. REPORT OF THE CONDITION - l of the : w- n'' tie,y hold. The Dodson brothers started out with one or two dogs and a Waif dozen snakes, and have succeeded that at least fiye hundred from Bar- New Locomotive Soon. The fifty ton model efectric engine that the Interstate company ordered t i. Tjr.ji, . j rA . t (I L iii irn .iiiciiii ir ( .iniiiiitri v ill i Judging from the traffic jam and Cember. is now beine tested bv that MKb-. ai mcuDuu.eiuiiicio niant nd will hp Hp vprprf hv tho midrf ia cuy coun jLius morning ueiore may- -L, ' : 1 carnival, at Tenth and Reed streets 4le ot tne mont This ,ocomotive 'or E.. A. Tucker, on charge of assault lX1t ?l!i.i?e.!f"! 11 be larger than anything that has and battery on kenry .Gibson. was tto to iSZStalSSSiS KuiuKa uo a.been rn on tne interstate lines. The , louna not iguniy oi tnecparge. me. . f, f . Nervation of cars p- was verified by officials of the Inter state comnanv. .' k ! ton model. The new jwnicn occurrea several aays ago. uio- i - , ' ,- t ii .sn ....ii 4. i j.j snii raw a na n Hb-o! fhnr-P filprt 1 iuc wuiuobb oujuiwi 11 i i j iuu iiiuut i win Li li n . ii ti iwiueu , : " First National Bank lit . ' ' : ;..!,; i , - . ! ; Shermani Handley, colored who was jMay- i . . t?. . v , juii j la iii, iiiLiri i?i.a.i.n 1111 c. .1. ii , i . ,gpoa-Dusiness wnne m uoiumDus tnis;eneine now used hv the rnmnnnv to affidavit against Handley as the re- ui ialf t t- . .. .... ' ' U a: i a a x. a i iVr-u t . . iV , t Haul its freight cars Is known as a.UI Ul a "sai weiweeu ms iwg mu I lhe interesting thing about the con-, thirtv-apven ton' modpl Thn npwl which occurred several days ago. Gib- Kiess vi biiuws is tne local interest At Columbus, in the State of Indiana, at the close of business June 30, 1923 I RESOURCES. $862,540.49 447,04 charge filed freight cars over any part of the road. , against mm Jm city court 'a; lew Some months aeo the Interstate after the fighU Hon. ton, D. rnmnnnv flnnnnnroH thaf it wnnlrl nfFoi. in rounding together a formidable parlor car serivce to its natrons, and bunch Of "tWO thrOWS for a nickle,".tnnt thPSP ran PYr.,H tr. ho in LlZLlTnm .llM. ot the:smmer:severai dlyk i visiting Jihl.: brother, iney are now unuer construction, dui George Pence,, and family,! has depart- Lafayette Peaceii of , Washing- C., who baa been in the city from Bagdad," in symphonies. mi. urn i ' s- - i i " iwoc V01UU1UU8, their delivery will be delayed until e-d for his bme in Denver. Colo. i Mr, w ...... apuuBuieuiiw carmvai, mat i.,fall, because certain" material has not Pence is an ex-cohgressmaii from Colo- m V roa!i7o fnnrla frvt- rriantor nnr. r . - - , - . , i wv. v-vfi0iv.uuuit is Vm ,arnvea ior tneir completion .iwa J Raspberry Specials Now, P. w 7;'Z n iTrr ""lL3aPry specials" have supplant the Union Jack of England. Tom ft'- Siiii! a Never get along nicely, while i ywir wife is visiting her mother. It you 3q It makeB her mad. I rt Buss sleeping with you in the WoCds wouldn't- be so bad if they didn't fet hungry at night. .. i 'I j By the. time a straw hat begli.s 10 feel good it begins to look bad. i When you see a man making faces at, another man it may be the coal mvi mad; at the Ice man.' .1 - j ., i Half our cuss words were thougat up by people while trying to keep cotjl w July. .!. l f t The proper place for a vacation ;is off where people argue about what year it is. 0UNTY SCHOOLS WILL j iiai.iiuu iluc ucmccu lliviidliapviia ttliu Louisville and each night several fffeight cars carrying raspberries pass flPFN SFPTFMRFR 5Rn through this, city over the Interstate ,j, t; j The "raspberry specials' are n hnor nf M..nt tmct'o mnpt. equipped with extra heavy motors and ting yesterday afternoon in the office ke, the run from the south of the nf iha ,nnDrin.nHort rri,H 1" to us norinern terminal m iour for the opening of school in the fall. County schools, according to the trustees' decision, will open on September 10 with exception of those in Columbus township, i where the opening has been set as September 3. .The. remainder of the meeting was given over to discussion and to the approval of vouchers. ; rado, !and has spent much! of his (time during' thei recent years in Washing-si ton! where i he , is not only known for d the "strawberry specials" on the bis record as a congressman, but) as a days tholomew county would drive to at- Loans and discounts .... iA i.. j lOverdrafts. Unsecured .". iciiu siuc wuirc, a.iiviu.M. u, S.. government securities deposited to secure -circula- 1 tion (par lvalue) 100.000.00 All. other U". ; 9. government securities.; owned Z& Other bonds,! stocks, securi ties, etc ; .-. i.-. , Value or banking bouse (if un- ' incumbered) -: Furniture and fixtures - Lawful Reserve with Federal Reserve Bank ..... .... 1 Cash in vault and net amount due from National banks.. 'Amount 4us' from bankar: bankers and trust com The women's auxiliary of the Klaa will hot be officially represented at the Kokomo meetting.i but many of the Klansmen will take their wives and children, it was stated. It is said by local i Klansmen that the program for 6t,414l72 20,000.00 500.08 S3.002.97 : Tt a the day will consist of addresses bT. I cfieeka . on ;other .oaVii'tn'the. 85,828.58 : ! 2,190.88 Take this paper for all the new. hours. ing the day and! and! has caused SAILORS BURNED SERIOUSLY ! (By Associated Press.) Philadelphia, July 3. Three of the nine sailors burned in the explosion or the scout cruiser Richmond last I able comment. Saturday are in a serious condition today The names of the three are withheld, i The other six are reported doing well. most able la ttorney and promoter. He was born and; reared in this city and has many friends here. Thomas SaccoJ leader j of the carni val band, which is to giv a program at the show grounds tomorrow after noon, is a composer of some note. !"The Mooseheart March." which !he willj play tomorrow might, was written especially for i the carnival here. ; 1 "The Elks March" is anothet- special number; writ- play dur- at the supper rauite the national leaders of the Ku Klux Klan with other, special features, but that the main idea of the gigantie meeting is to hold a social get-together for the Hoosler Klansmen and jtheirfamilies, and to celebrate a saff bth4rYssTur! anu sane r uuriu. i r e The Klan organization of Kokomd owns, a large held and. nas rentea an the other available fields nearby to pro vide for the parking of the automobiles which will be driven, to that city tomor row, - :..;...,( -ii .; j --.j ; H : ten by him. ! The band has been ing: special concerts down itown ADDITIONAL SOCIETY. ! THE REFEREE. (By Albert Apple) DANGER being worked out by big companies, on New England pioneers, in the midst a basis that will protect employers as of warring IndlanB. were in less dan- well as employes. .1 .i. - i .uui ...Man Another new an els Is a clause. Thplne r.. nWMlnn' Kln . - ,,V 8" Wau le iaw-nuilllllB l.ruCou..u v. ,. , JIisi l wu. m - """?i.,,n M..r n( Indav aa va t lip assistant iii.M.uru iu nuiuc mcinmtrco, nmvu iu- champ boxer is you have to light to !d;strp. -ttnrnpv of Rostoh. He nlaces validates the policy if the fire starts keep your job. J i Lnit n, iYia MamA fnr tmfflo accidents from operating an illicit "moonbhine" 'IUVUV a, i,iiv u m.s. ... a! bit of hour favoif- iiiTrUkappa, Mrs. Ben L Perry will entertain the same citv or f own as report- ' ing- bank i other than. Item 12 k. Miscellaneous cash items ; . s - Kedemptioni fund with y. S. Treasurer, and due from U. 8. Treasurer 8.722.43 : 61.62 6.000.00 189.71 4' i '-!- Tri-Kappa jSorority Friday 1 afternoon J at her home north of the city. ; -1 ; : Picnic Party.' : In honor i of Charlesi Jackson. is here from Pittsburgh! tisiting friends and! relatives, MrL and Ben I. Perry and! Dr. and .Mrs. A, Roope are giving a picnic- party evening inBrowii county. Electric amplifiera : have been pro vided to enable all present to hear the addresses, it was said. j If the plans go through, as there is every evidence that they will, the assembly of Klansmen will be the largest thing of its ! kind ever held in the United States, and the plans will go through. ; we know, said another. Klansmen, when' interviewed. ' FIVE GENERATIONS. Under thei heading !"A11 Afound the Town," yesterday's Indianapolis News carried an article and a photograph of Mrs.4 Amanda Murphy, 89, of Hope. her son, her grand-daughter, her great- I ! i i -Total resources $1,212,208.43 J LIABILITIES. fonltal .trark niM In ' 1.1100.000.00 s..r';"l V.r j T ia onn no oiiiinun tuuu ;,; ., Undivided iorofiU ........... 9.241.22 Circulatlns notes outstandine ... . Amounts Aue Na tional banks Amounts i due ' to banks. 'bank- era and trust Co's in .tj. 8. & i foreign j countries , i(other than -Included . - ! . in items., 21 or v. : ! 83 ..... I 1 Certified checks outstanding: Uemana ioepuni : auect A to , re ' ;i serve?' ' I , Individual,1 " denoslts V, sublect to check bi ( Certiflcatea of deposit : due in less tnan ; , 30 day . other., ; '. than fo money ' borrowedf . .. 21.563.83 Time depoalts subject to reserve: Certificates of deposit .. ! (other tnan ior - j monev borrowed 145.T89.i9s Postal Savings de- ' j- ' - nosttn J 6.06&.3! Savings accounts 87,200.17 ; x trial urpuoi lo U. S. Deposits other' than Pos tal Savings, including war loan deposit account and deposits pf U. S. disbursing officers i ; Notes and bills rediscounted ' 98.250.00 404.96 1.883.96 4.775.50 . 878,258.69 2.094.10 47.300.60 r - - . - i- ' . Total liabilities 11,312,808.43 V." STATE OFINDIANA. BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY.1 SS. . , I, C. DEHMBR, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to thebest of my knowledge and belief. i " C. T. DEHMER.. Caahter- jsuDscripea ana iwgrn 10 oeiore roe tnis ora nay Ot July, 1923. (Seal) My commission expires Nov. 1. 1924. Correct 'Attest C, LAUGHLIN. . ' Notary Public. F. 3. CRTTM5. - . " 'ELIZABETH WTCAa D. M. BOTTORFF. - Who with Mrs. P. this grand-daughter and her great-great- grandson. . The phetoi was . taken at a recent reunion held at Hope. June husband tells us he can't go to town w.t.h her. Has to' stay home to Blgn for packages. I ! I i Boys who don't cut their feet every Bummer never amount to much. f Snakes always read the paper to see where Fourth of July; picnics will be held. I 'Some day a safecracker is going to claim he learned his I trade j opening olives' and cardlnes. I When you see a man standing on the corner scratching ask him how he en-Joyed his vacation. I Summer is worse than winter; ou can't throw a" little ice on the grate ahd keep cool. I " ' ' A man is a person who wilts his stiff collar cussing about how few clothes the women wear. r ! Unofficial report says half the June husbands are washing dishes. . j' - It Is warm enough to pose-for underwear advertisements new. A flsb In the hand is worth two pn the nook. - !'!',. The early worm gets the peach. . w no says lai im-n can i iuui. saw one sitting on a hot front portch and he wa9 running. ' - i ;-These are the days you miss a nfan about two weeks, then you see Mm '. .sunburned and broke.-" 1 i .Among the evils ot returning froti a 4- ; WERE YOU RIGHT? j Here, are the names ! of the four sets of Itwins,! whose pic tures and stery are published on page 4 in order from left to Tight, r? I; -V I - j . 1 ) Josephine Brown, ii Margaret Fisk, Zella White, Zada Ritter, Martha Brown, Vada Ritter, ZeJma White Kathryne, Fisk.) Did you pair them correctly? dr i1,iinlran ilptva.II BLUi, ""-"""""V - ...... 1,1 .1 l-l-r. . The moreCcongested our civilization ' becomes, the more dangerous. We of Illness is not inevitable. If we get the cities go about our daily business a disease, we usually should . not be In almost as much peril as the average 5itled as victims, but rather con-Rnidipr who marrhpa off to war. If you demned as fools. So claims Dr. Leon- dodge the autos. a brick may fall off a rd Williams, distinguished English tall building. Soon airplanes will be 1,",",1u- - : , dropping wrenches and the like no lt is true that most illnesses are inriffpr qfp from ahovp preventable. But there are so many The safest place to be is in a dyna- f 1Iuf "ls m wan. ior us. in civ- mite mill, where they realize , their ihzation, that to dodge all of them danger and exercise the greatest safe- woud require 24 hours a day. Disease ty first device personal caution. f,lu mu!l Bes wyiuibo oy-prouuci, DDriUiDiTiAii auuuqi ii u uiacttsc nuiuug tuts joiviiiiua PRUHlDlTlUN ' t . FATING VlUr prUIUUiLIUll ; SUCKS XlUCO . An riA covins that nannlA Ai ' i tn r nr 11 . a viu wn; iug, vum uiauj jivwjic UAn 7UU tfl 'Z . , a ' their graves with their teeth. Major- ,u. W...V.U .V .ui.j u uiC..u Jt of ailments probably are due to market. Lamenting this Jules Alex- 4mproper diet. L1fe using low-grade ' """. " ' or watered gasoline in the auto. sa,sUur piouiuiiiou eeuia ujyuciis, , At Forsythe Dental school, Scientists lO ia rrenuu. ne appareuny iuis .Tlurmlr,t with mnnten Th een observing the great amouiit of thriTe best on Q e juice and green v-c. . " H ' leaves. One monkey, living on whole liy 1 . " 1 ' . PTflln rtoroma on41anti nA t "fito I However fewer than 200) of the an---fVZl rZIT S-rr 7r,..":Z. A- 1 . . . . " UUICI lULILUa KUl riltfUlliaLiU lUlULS dUU I ua MUlL aj-w. proximately 2.500 counties in the unit- ulcerated teeth from eating toe much Bonds .:.......L..... fV. flco "r milk, yeast and fats. .:..'! overarafts , .'i 4 . . .-. . hiojuon went into enect. ine greatest tt fopiin- nt Rnra h.'rin tnpoH. Furniture and fixtures! I. t 1 .1 ln;t.n.l 1 - tlJ 1 . . ,nn :"7:ill S your diet Most Important of me from departments 7oc J , v" y""w"& aii,more so tnan wnat we eat, is not Advance to estates ui jra.a ua'c urcu, eating too much. Cash drinking, one can naroiy expect to get i annus r Due frrim hanks 4- SWIMMING POOL FUND, !The following contributions to the Kjwanis Club swimming hole fund have been made with in the past few days: ? : Previously acknowledged $30.00 W, F. Santnstepan i 1.00 Pete Ferry ; - '1; (. :. '-.' j ' .50 M. Lienberger t j ! 1.00 C B. Smiley t ; 1.00 Paul Reeves I i i 1.00 William F. BasseM !? ! 1.00 Jack O'Bryan (increased) .50 V ! . ''". " ') ii" "I I- X, ! r if 4 NO. 216 1 CONDENSED STATEMENT M. O. REEVES. UNION President.! U K. ONGj VicelPresident.) OF THE TRUST. CO. "- CM. SETSER, Cashier. W. H. SCOTT, Secretary Condensed. statement of the condition of the Union i Trust Company. at Columbus, la the State ot Indiana, at the close of business, June 30, 1923. .' i !! J 11 i ! ' ' I 1 : - . i - . i . i : , .. ' Resources Total vacaUon 1b finding the man. keptjpn ial1 ot.them on the wagon in less than; One of the original Jokes is that the Trust securities leaving your miiK. i r . e "Z :i 1 v.T. J English nave no sense of humor. Ewan I Keai estate Quickest way to learn to swim ifjto ,.".1,roTe luo 6refl i""lu'"u afni. s. Agnew. director of Punch celebrat- change seats in a canoe. . What the country needs Is ' ru heels for picnic ants, p v 'if ' People who go away for a rest d) n't always get one. i A'. - ' - ' x - . , : t i ; and child ?eh Hign price may aiso neip onng unnK- ed EngUsh comic magazine) retaliates rrs iu lueir seusrs, hv ndmlttlno- that AnSa.-t none- h.n o INSURANCE ' : good a sense of humor as the English Queer situations develop in the sci- but our humor is "broader and less entinc betting, system, insurance- At subtle than in Eneland." the University of Kansas recently. We strike Agnew as a nation of gilg-some students took jout policies that glers, who laugh tod easily. We laugh .jl.136,181.89 : 68.469.56 ..!..,.. None 24,458.70 615.99 71,952.94 17371.95 145,466.25 8660.27 ....L:..?L710,833.87 P. Liabilities Capital stock Surplus . Undivided profits-Dividends unpaid Trust investments Deposits .' . . . . . .;. . -Net- Feathers Must Come Before Es : Molting season is here. Your hens will easily lose their old leathers, ant can they grow; new; imes? i :.-.f . .'.'.- -4 p. i If you don't give your birds featherriaWing feed, they will drain their, bodies for j feather-making material. The molt will be prolonged, and the birds j will not lay next winUr. P ' J p v ; ! - f j Chowder makes leathers. Feed. twice as much? - Chowder as Hen Chow, and your hens will molt 1 s e i . 11 ' Tt. . quicKiy ana naiuraiiy. x iicy wiu dc reaay ior. early fall laying. Total ! 4. .5200,000.09 . , 60,000.03 . i 44,588.51 v- 102.00 .. 145,466.25 . ; 1,260,677.11 ?- Phone 577 Archie B. Spurgiia .t$l,710,833.8T Mm. Albert Perry. snent today in Shelbwlll where tieylpaid them-$250 apiece If they flunked easily however, because we're a young. attended tho wedding of Mrs. Forty's examinations. P r nation and have leas to worry us JV insurance asamsi unemployment ia uau iJJSiana, "'7r pelce, State of Indiana, ttotmty ot Bartholomew, ns: i I, C. M. Setser, Cashier of the union Trust Co., Columbus, Ind., do solemnly swear! that the above statement Is true. v r- n . . : l,M ' ,-' "! I" . . i -t - p "." i . u. M. SKTBKK, Cashier. : - . Subscribed ; and sworn to before me this 3rd day of July, 1923. - - . i ! : EDITH BOYLE, Notary PublleV My commission expires August 16, 1924, p (SEAL) ..p - :::: , -5V ' i , a "" . " - -! I ; Fourth and Franklin Sts. ."Tt-':".'p h - i j . Headquarters for iv j PURINE i ?-t"

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