Chula Vista Star-News from Chula Vista, California on June 10, 1984 · Page 24
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Chula Vista Star-News from Chula Vista, California · Page 24

Chula Vista, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 10, 1984
Page 24
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I- G-6 .The Star-News. Sunday. Juno 10. 1984 Movie views Crossword Edited by EUGENE T. MALESKA ACROSS 1 Aid a felon 5 Escape 10 River In W Europe 14 Washington Square lass 15 Aegean gulf 16 Quechuan 17 Knicks' rivals 18 Frozen rain 19 Type of cloth 20 Trilogy by Aeschylus 22 List of things to be done 24 Centuries and centuries 25 Arabian gulf 26 Peasant 29"Alcestis" dramatist 34 McDonald or Colman 36 Resident of Viborg , 37- Miss 38 Eleven, in Ecuador 39 Exalt 41 Phoenician seaport 42 Religious org. 43 Ma Kettle portrayer 44 President called Old Buena Vista 46 "Antigone" dramatist 49 Lady Jane and Joel , 50 Plato "Symposium" topic r-SlMitchelt' mansion 53 Conquered 56 Athenian comedist 60 Wheeling's river 61" the Body Electric": Bradbury 63ElBahr 64 Pious jargon 65 Zeal 66 Bearish group of stars . 67 Nigerian group 68 Clamant 69 Straw beehive DOWN 1 Memorable cartoonist 2 Dutch South African 3 Borgia in-law 4 Musts for mosaics 5 To eat, in Emden 6 Traveling bag 7 Space 8 Female rabbit 9 Bistro; cafe 10 Satyrs' kin i T3 4 s 7 e " "io" vTj" 12 17" w . 1 - 20 " 21 " 22 23 I L mm "P" 26 2" 28" "" W 30 T 31 32 33 34 35 """ H ' 37 42 T ""43" ' " JT SS" """"""""""" 48 47 " """" "" " " 48 " - ST 5?r """" "" 51"" ST S3 tSTsST " S" " " sTTaTTsir io "" sT" "" "53 M " ST" " M Garden tips By Caroline McVey .Although mornings are over-...... cast, it's time to start a regular watering program if garden plants can be counted on to continue to thrive ..throughout the warmest part of the summer ahead. Regular watering programs are especially important for any shrubs and trees planted in the past six months. These'plants are still feeling the trauma of moving. Somehow, all plants adapt to the watering programs they are offered if you are consistent. If the spring-flowering bulbs are finally through blooming, don't be hasty in cutting down spent foliage. Just as long as any green is left in leaves the process of transferring energy fr,om leaf to bulb goes on. Without it there will be no blooms next year. If foliage gets unsightly, wind the long leaves into a small mass and secure with a rubber band or plant tie, then tuck the mass out -of sight as much as possible. Not until the yellowed foliage yields from a slight tug of the hands is it ready to be discarded. " v June, during overcast mornings, is probably the best time of the year to plant out the sub-tropicals such as citrus Uees. Dig planting holes deep. At the i?ot-. torn place a generous three-inch layer of drainage material,, then, top this with sand. Water well so sand fills all of the air holes between rocks, gravel or crockery being used for the drainage layer. Top this with good top soil, bringing the layer up to where planting begins. As you work, pack soil around and under the rootball so that the tree is planted about an inch, higher than surrounding soil. Settling in will take care of the slight elevation" and before long your new'y planted tree will be planted exactly as deep as it was can planted. Keep well watered but never, never soggy. Make a basin around the newly planted tree, out at the drip line of its branches. Build up several , gets you noticed with a Replica Perm N''US and-your profession.)! h.)ir stylist will jji-t you noticed with bouncy, shiny, lorrg-lastjnn' curls that look so natural only you know d'sa Kl-plica Free Permanent Wave Hoifie, Maintenance Po$ram 1 with every Replica" Perm. huluiliv: loz Boltinml SIhiiuihhi, loz.l iiltnm Viyz Lifiurv and Vnoititma Irr. Oi l KR1.XPIR ..... 41 "Oedipus ," by 46 Across 43"MondoCane" theme song 45 Taj Mahal's city 47 Slaves of Spartans 48 Members of a certain pool 52 "Twelve Men" 53 Primary points 54 Whaler of fiction 55 Kind of type or cut 56 Noon, in Neuilly " 57 Actor Bogarde 58 Other 1 59 Harvest 62 B'way 12 Astringent 13 Bombay bigwig 21 User's fee 23 Stare in surprise 25 Anglo-Saxon currency 26 Charles , pop singer 27 John Wayne film: 1953 28 Open a bottle 30 Commune in i NE Italy 31 Author of "The White Company" 32Hirsthof football fame 33 Calchas and Mopsus, e.g. 35 Severe 40 Is infirm message inches of soil that will hold in water and mulch. Never water a newly planted tree (or even an established one) near. the trunk. The feeder roots extend toward the drip line and that's where the sensitive roots eat and drink. If water appears to puddle even briefly near the tree's trunk, slant soil bed slightly away from trunk. Use an inch or two of mulch for any shrubs or trees that may suffer from summer heat. 'The mulch helps conserve moisture and ensures a cooler root run. , Don't overlook houseplants if you are going off on a vacation this summer for more than a week. Here's a dandy method for keeping those plants well watered. Soak burlap sacks and tie at least one around each pot, then stand the pots in the sink or tub. Place stopper in place and add an inch of water to basin or tub. The burlap, if. properly moistened before you tie it around the pot, will drink up the standing water at just the right measure and plants can survive beautifully for a month. Unfortunately this won't work with plastic pots that are not porous. Should you be growing such surface rooters as azaleas, begonias, camellias, ferns, fuchsias arid hydrangeas, arrange for a friend or neighbor to water properly once a week. Offer to exchange the service. , for a carefree vacation. ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE A T 0 Mlfc R A M ST E R NO !kep l e r j ANAjroUTT I EM I TjOP A T 1 11 a r 1 ii 1 . 1 1 v u ii.i IMU"IM lH 1 CIV I EN QAywlLlBElsfulRlElTl0l IWlOlRlDUDlElLiEr IsItIaTrI I I I li Soon w07... , ' -V"' r y 1 - S 24 84 I - ly ,irc "STREETS OF FIRE" Director Walter Hill .uses a cowboy Western motif for his violent "rqck-and-roll fable" about a streetwise loner(Michael M Wayne Gire Movi( reviews Pare) who rescues his old flame (Diane Lane), a famous rock singer, from a punkish biker (Willem. Dafoe) whose visage would make Frankenstein's monster think he was looking in a mirror. The film's epitaphic setting, "in another time, another place," is suggestive of where1 it should be laid to rest. (PG) (Pacific Sweetwater, South Bay) "MOSCOW ON THE HUB-SON" - Robin Williams may surprise some with his funny and sensitive portrayal of a Russian circus musician who defects to the. U.S. after the troupe concludes a New York City grandstand. Although the film smacks -of John Wayne patriotism at times, there; is a Candide this-is-the-best-of-all-possible-worlds edge that balances the flag waving, (R) (Pacific Sweetwater) "SLEEPAWAY CAMP" - A tasteless picture about mysterious murders at a summer youth camp jh.atobscenely blends beheadings7stabbings, pubescent impulses, homosexuality, 1 j a n s v es t i sm and h e r -maphroditism with a cast of junior high school actors. (R) (UA Chula Vista) "STAR TREK III THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK" Kirk and crew return to Genesis to look for .Spock,. and Trekkies won't be disappointed with what they find. Shatner and company play to their fans like the old friends they have become. (PG) (Pacific Sweetwater) "INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM" - A thrilling encore Of the perilous adventures of Professor Jones, who this time is trying to recover a sacred stone and the children stolen by a wicked high priest from an unfortunate Indian village. So that the squeamish be warned, sneaky snakes and creepy critters abound, but it's all in fun. And Harrison Ford, with his new leading lady, Kate Cap-shaw, and his small-fry sidekick, Ke Huy Quan, play it for all it's worth. (PG) (Mann Plaza Bonita, South Bay) "THE BOUNTY" - Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins play Fletcher Christian and William Bligh in his new interpretation of thej famous mutiny. Contains a more detailed analysis of the two men's relationship, with a hint of latent homosexual longing on the part of the closet-Captain actually Lieutenant Bligh for the youthful, somewhat unstable Christian.- Interesting but not-satisfying. (PG) (UA Chula Vista, Studio 3) - -BREAKIN'" - This spring's first dancing attempt to duplicate the of last year's "Flashdance." Some very talented break and pop dancers PENGUIN RADIATOR A COMPLETE . RADIATOR STORE 916 3RD AVE., C.V. 3RD&'L'ST. 426-2404 Consult the experts at 519 TELEGRAPH CANYON ROAD, CV. 421-5000 .mis' i" h.iir Aylinj; sTftTTts. y - ' " ' - I . "I Vi h - : 'Hi -J William Shatner commands the Starship Enterprise again in 'Star Trek III: The Search for Spock' : - are on exhibit, with Michael "Shrimp" Chambers emerging as the crowd pleaser with his android-like movements and his off-the-cuff witicisms, but the plot and acting fall short of the likeable silliness- of "Flashdance." Plaza Bonita) (PG) (Mann "SIXTEEN CANDLES" -Molly Ringwald's family forgets her 16th birthday, and Michael Schoeffling, the senior hunk on whom she has a crush, doesn't know she exists. Anthony Michael Hall is the perfect embodiment of a freshman "geek." A funny movie. (PG) (UA Chula Vista, Studio 3) V"ICEMAN" A humane anthropologist (Timothy Hutton) disagrees with the intentions of the" insensitive, scalpel-happy scientists when a frozen Neanderthal man f John . Lone) is defrosted and brought back to life. Hutton and Lone work well together like long-lost cousins, and counteract the cold, clinical .atmosphere of the confining laboratory setting. (PG) (Vogue) "SWING SHIFT" - Goldie Hawn and Christine Lahti become airplane assembly-line workers and close friends during the industrial manpower shortage of World War II, and 4-F Kurt Russell becomes lonely. Goldie'S "T wsssr Li. chula usta meTXcal Family Care Center A 40 Year Tradition in South Bay INDUSTRIAL INJURY SERVICE For Employees of Business and Industry 24-hour Call Prompt and Les5 Costly Treatment of Employee Injuries and Illnesses Workers Compensation Cases " Laboratory, Radiology, Physical No Fee Insurances Processing. CHAMPUS Welcome 24-Hour Call No. 422-9215 Physician Referral & Appointments 422-0134 . , ; :. - ; - - chuLauteta . meDfcaL cLfofc, inc. 240.Landis, Chula Vista - daring for Employees of Business and industry in the South Bay Since 1945 U ft love while husband Ed Harris is overseas.. A corhedic, heartwarming study in friendship and fideli ty wrought by turbulent times. (PG) (Fiesta Twin) "TERMS OF ENDEAR- MENT" Funny bones and tear ducts are well lubricated as a widowed, headstrong mother (Shirley MacLaine) and her unpretentious daughter face the girth of life's joys and sorrows. In a film full of excellent characterizations, Jack Nicholson is the icing on the cake as an over-the-hill, beer-bellied ex-astronaut who is neighbor and potential mate to MacLaine. (PG) (Fiesta Twin) "GREYSTOKE: THE LEGEND OF TARZAN, LORD -- COUPON OFFER"" BANANA SPLITS i-iv8' JRfW 4 OFF L -V ? With This Ad X lw m ,A X 7 Limit 1 IVr Person FLAVORS Hot Fudge Banana Vanilla Peach HOURS: Mon,Fri. 11 a.m.-10 Therapy rm .-FREEZE OF THE APES" - The lengtlvy-. title is as pompous as the picture. Decent direction, adequate acting, and scenic photography cannot save a sinking script of t his st r a rig e 1 u n f am 1 1 i a r " definitive version. (PG) (Studio 3, Vogue) "ROMANCING THE STONE" Kathleen Turner as -a - wallflower romance novelist and Michael Douglas as an exotic bird thief are an unlikely but cinematic twosome searching for treasure in Colombia, with Danny De. Vito and other larger obstacles also or. the trail. (PG) (UA Chula Vista) POOR ' FAIR GOOD VERY GOOD . EXCELLENT -PAID ADVERTISING- With recent advances in Cosmetic Dentistry, you don't have to be a movie star to have a beautiful smile. With Dental Bonding we are able to repair broken or chipped teeth, change the color and shape of teeth, whiten teeth, make crooked teeth -look straight, and create a whole new beautiful smile. Dental Bonding usually re-.quires no anesthetic, can be done in one vlsTtTand is inexpensive compared to caps. During the bonding procedure, the tooth is cleaned with a mild etching solution, dried, and coated with resin bonding material. The bonding material is then hardened with a special light, shaped , and polished. ' Call or write my office for more information and a brochure. 420-2604 V.R. Mockus, DDS Family Practice & Dental Cosmetics 330 Oxford St., Suite 212 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (Corntr ol 3rd Av. t Oxford St.) Pineapple Carmel Mocha Boytenberty Chocolate strawberry Cherry Chocolate Chip Butterscotch 1183 13th St. Imperial Beach 424-6363 Sat. & Sun. 11 a.m.-9 pm p.m. J clnc, nc. Dental Bonding . 1- . 1 sg! , ' c 2 E ST. , clinics 2 g r O g 2 it.;

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