The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1930
Page 7
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THURSDAY, CLASSIFIED AilS Two cents a word for first ii'sortlon and one cent a word for each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement liken for less than OOc. Count the words and Bend the cash. .-. i . Phorie 306 PAGE SEVEN FQfcSALE FOE SALE—House car. 208 West Davis. :" ' ' 8P-KH FOR SALE-— Modern nine-room home. on West Main street. Furnace heat, garage. . -A1J : modern conveniences. This' place' was ' jSrSc'- tli-ally rebuilt in. January, i927,-;ari'd repiessnte' an investment In- excess of $15,000.-' -Will be s'old v al-.a bargain, either for cash. or; on 'easy terras to responsible pertly is cnr, of lhe ; .ihpsl desirably -pi in Blytheville^hrd a hanBsotne:,~-.urlce conditions because of '' IH-:«I.\ iu:iti-: TO •'. .11 AV.'I'A KKI.Ill !> lit l>rii]-jl-. : .'Hi-;il:i)l:i R ; .' ".il mill al location'.^-' Address ''J3d°'jin.''Ja.' Harris,' West -.Point, Min.,r6r.' ; tJe " ' . Kick Thomas. •Inuliifti I.'J.OIM 51ll,i:S, lu'.VilnVi i-iini-t rr::cinii: n null 1 *fntMi> MEU IVllkll hl!|..illhi;:K la Itum Jicr lull. lin::t:t I'Ol.llV 111:11. 1; mill .Cl.ivit' : I!M:'III\I). l.iut-EEirr in tip (Olrir- tui:t! <n:\vi:u sruAf.n:. «in. Hi riili-.- ihV IMIU- lo Mln iti4d.- »\Jiu i'.-.|:]i''j/l 'U'ltuilKun nl lu-r g\vh'iiim'- ' .. - .vHifnr^ji-tiVcr. i\:ii n.u-d "'fur ihe.J . Miiifitfr'.ri'ml n!ti,.:tl*» l.n*Tnr".\ha 'ii \>JT"'i'.iirl.t Jdll.N illiAKr:. Ih- li-rrjt'c-d'lii' Mini l,\ IJ1A, cji,e mnld. iibn >:iVii."Kti* UM nut' I.OIS niM.M'. t,, ihc UliitiiR rttvill "llh •rsiAci-ivsVj !:,!:>;, ,]«-.; fpr. iirn ' ' ANNE AUSTIN auJJiois of Ti IE GUCK PIGEON* ME AVENGING PAPPOT' "MURDER BACKSTAIRS' lieliovo I'd forsUcu IIIT ns suuu as i Sew York on 1 my hutids and kuec-a ci-al lamps Hint Dundee hnd imn 5hc;done H-. Tell IMP!" for N'lln Leigh!" 0,1 |,i s Hr.-it survey of tho roMu "Yes," Otiudce awed, ills eyes I Uimiloo studied - - - ' '" 3 tier keenly. "Siiu J.'iil you I ""red 1 OUR BOARDJiNG HOUSE By Ahern t • - *' • ^ 3" • i .' . il, lnvrs*EE • •it'iiil *i^? Hubbard's Used Furiiiture- Specials '•• 'f •:;: ••-• o-pic-ce •:-. .wfirdom suites,. aij>':'flnlsh a -piece '.-^llnl'rfg rorai' suites, -v;^ ••- • Odd Dining'" • d>J"ri'r TaWc-s . JJd.yj Used Beds i and. springs,., less than half price. Used chairs from 25c to $1 each Used heating stoves, any size, any price. : i . Used dressers, good *>y 'pn condition ' . tj) I .OU Used portable talking machines, any make, any size, d> j QT good condition <?"r«jD Wo also have kitchen cabinets, rcli'iseialors, oil stoves and everything you could think of. Jnst come in and make us a price. We are overloaded and must sell. nURBARDFURNlTtJRE CO. ' : p;lHrii - (lie -'liGt;!iin i yJ^.; ! .Mjj (r^itl IiYr cFlVi'UE nu~'rviil lii. Jtiil litnaliiril: Hull .Sliu:u;> -Kliu-i- mi. . l:,-:i:U oT \t..]iU'li Urnk : (Jinl. ll:i- :uili;:int [jul ;,iii:;li: .>mi ii:ni n'me^savc—of ;i KC.II. . . . Hut I can't 'give H to you i:i:t!l you have told me all alwi'.t tl.j -ucclitaiit In wlilcli you Vt'crt: inn i'cd " - "I'll tell." l.yilla pniai -cd c:i : ;*r- secfolifauess with which s;ie !:ail mot Ills earlier iino^tionliitt. . . "Yon sec, sir, 1 ljiv:l M's:! MM • 1 CKllCIl her Nil::, if yen'i in inn sir. I loved In-i 1 like; :,;n' I;H own ctilld. And fliu «-:n fund i.f mo, too. fonder of me tl:an of -ipy body In tlic world, FJC i:so<| to tell nio, when i-'oiut! iiKin \\r.i\ (nir: t:,-; b:id. .... And '.lirrc .IIWL:;:; tome man or ^'.!ic-r, she V.T:.-; sn sweet ant] £0 pretiy. . . . U'cli. 1 found lier In the liiUiironm day, just ready to d:in!t [-.oi-:on kill her 'iiour little stir—" slir .f In ilcr i ie licr horribly made moro liorrlblo uy wlml looked like t'enulue arlcf. "I.ydh, who was tbo mail over wlinui your mistress wanted to com- nilt sulcldo?" ; 'i'lia slsislc. It-ar-ri'ddcncd eye ( n!aied at iittn auspiciously, then be- .came wary. "I don't know." | "Was It Dexter Bprayue. Lydla?" I "Xpracuu?" Slio spat the mime- I nut rciMcmntiioiisly, "No! Slio jdid!]'! Know lilni then, except to j6|ii.->!t to ut tlie moving picture j "When did he become her—lovor, i.ydnV" Dauilce aslicd casually. • Ti: 1 : uoiiiriii stiffened, lircamo i iiiin::i-hi^ly hostile. "Who :;ay8 lie 'was licr lover? Yo'i cau't (rick me, -.Mi,' Detective: I'd cut out my jtouituj' iKfuro I'd let you mflko mo '.•:ie wotd ncnliibt my poor Dun . n .;-BiMa ! «'.-ri.i. : i in- |inEi) ioi![:i ; l" r ni.u iiiiiii. IIIT i - ' W7MUN «aa tlial. dec intcriu;"-tcd. "It W113 . .. (lie ninth of I-Vbruary," I,;dla Wont j"^ 1 " 51 . 0 ;; 0 ' tlio hvjrest nnd Kaiiillcst ut ilii< collci-ibn-a IIIIBC bowl o( IlllKt.'nl brcmzo, £ct wltli Innumerable stones, aa titrtic JIB ninrblcB, or lai'ui'r. Unl, yellow ami t;rcen stones lhal must bavo fust a slratmc raillanco uvo>- Hie prct 1 .}- bead (bat Imd been wjiu to lie Just licurtuh It, on tlio ]it-ii|>i<ii lnc» rlllons of thu cbalao lonuuv, Duiuieo reflected. As If I,ydla !;atl read ins tlioiiRlili, s!ie Jerked at (Iso llttlD cbnin ivliteli liiing fiom H 10 iMlimu of tin; lilt; bion-io IKIW! nijaliiut Iliu lu'uvy inetnl Blamliinl. "1 navo licr this— saved n\i for It out of my own money!" sho was assuring him v.-llli bavage trltini|.!i In piovine l.'.'r IHI!IH. "Ami she loved it so shu lifoiiKhl U wltli us wbui wo caino from Now York-It wun't llglitl It wus nnrlttni; nil rlsht last iilKlit, iH-i-anie my V"ur llltle Kh-l ivtia.iyln:; til-re. Inulilnj; BO i.:-eity audur Iliu ruiorcil itemized. . I"jL'NUI-:i: Elirucgcd. Ho knew n in Keiiruary—HiiiiJiiy. \ Ktrac wall when ho ran up nn o-(, " ,oli,v ; o t I a u'.oii'uilful - • n aRalu, ,aflei "I have proof u>- 'tV.ii. vijj i'i. ii«i,jj)«ii- ifyrr U5r kirr^'iji-jii'i .loll in. ; ilu stuff out'of the Iioltlc. iir Yo " ^f^ she' war, oli'eaily t "I df hy'ntc-riu. or slioM " : lrieil to kill lie;-KClt. In a flt never havt> . It was CHAi'TFJH XX. ' f YDIA CAKU. still clotliod In the '•' lil:sclt coitnn dress .i;id wlilie i ulid to :i Kiltiii;; ;i". itinn 'on the'' 3t|^i. L ol lier li^^cinetit rooisi 1 bed. "No. no! Tlint's a'liel It was an accldciit. 1 tell you —my own fault! . . . Wlio'darrd to^say N'lta — :>!i?s »VI!:i—(lid It?" "ilctler lie- (If-.vii, I.vilin." Dundee iiisMtftcd tjcnlly. "I don't ivani you faliulns. Yo'j'rt .liad . a hard day ivllh the abscessej tooth, tho liope tlic dentist ^2 n:y ov.-n fault trying to take the 1 ijlass away from her, llko 1 did—" . "Sho litiiiR the acid Into yjur n'acu?" Dundee aslted, sliudderln^. "F>!ic didn't know what site v,-a3 iioinj;[" tlie woniLtn cried, g'arin^ at liisn. "X;::rly went out of licr mind, they I..M me at the hospital, fj.ivo her; Jury filio did you." Hla llngorn toucliwl the letter In his pocket— that inn-edible "Last Will and jTr-slaiutul" wliiuh Nilci liad wrlUen ' llic day before sho was murdered. "And that's another lie!" tho woman orleil. shaking with anger. Slie struj;?!cd to her feet, stood, swaylnu dizzily n moment. "Come ii]i.^:'.ir3 witli mo to hei 1 room, and I'il show you some proof that 1 for- liccauFc she'd hurt me.' . . . <\ pii- vate room in the best hospital In New York s!ie gut for iiiu. tralnitl nur.-'es night nnd day, i::id sit mar.y doctors fussing around nje 1 wu'.i'.cd to lire- the wliole outfit tint! yave siinic of my poor girl's nionty— Conic along, 1 tell FOR SALE—Dodge Sedan, excellent condition, 5 practically'new tires, 1930 license, way below value, S1T5.- Phone 52, Mrs. Rosa Mills. •' | UCK-TFi 'which I don't know bow she got >' 01 .'- nnrl -jhold ot-rlll thlc dav—"-• other things.- I don't v.-onder l!:nt j yon lc:^t our licaii;'went a little ' crazy; pcrhajis--" • .1 (Ion =6:n: yon! . . . Trying to make ma say 1 killed my Poor girl, srhcn I'd hr.vo died for her— Come oUi 1 tell jou! -l And Dmiilct, wonderlnK. beginning to doubt his own conviction n litile—that conviction which had sprung lull-grown out of Nita'a informal will, and which' FOR RENT FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, E'arage. 305 Dougan: ' 5p-kl3 FOR RENT—80 acres, fine land. In Flat .L.ake,-. fyr ^ '; ^ cottmi; or- money - rent.- -' Ad'drcss-" iifsX-G e 8.- Uunilce let her sol) and rod: har had seemed lo explain evcrythliis— arms, for a wlilJo unmolested. In | followeil I.ydla Carr from her lisse-- r— I 1 '' 0 '" iuar >~ • vi '-' 1 Seliiu liad iiai! lo i ment roum lo the bEdrcom In v.'hicl'. ,, , . , .-. "'P' 10 "'I borrow m!<aty to pay doctor and \ita had bcca S S ^r^ l! ^1?5|S^i g ^ ^ tbiir and L yd,a Car, scaireil ,ace. . - | jl|6 , U|1 ,.,,.,., ric|l ^^^ , 0 ,. av( "I as!:cii you—" s!.<. Kn^p Cilli ttr.r;.50000 to Invest! d^il ,S C Ni!-;'l-unir!' ,'"'"' " W! '°! "'• } '' ;hl - y °" nOV ° r fors:lve Nli£ "'•n' ','-.-'•,,' vlL'"t'.!,'!!' «"'',.i ..... ! St;lil n f^r :«iai;-.5 your life us wfi: snatched up the. powder boi from the dressing tabic. Her long, bony !i:iser3 busied thqinselvcs wltli • raaSic liable-, !br filiei'.cc cC anil suddenly l;Uo tlio room came- the :"Just a few inimitc2 ngo." •••"Holy.MnlherJ" the maid ijasped. ; Let her think tlie;doad votnau had appeared to liim in "You're a liar!" die cried passionately. "J know what 1 felt! It's ;»!/ fncc and mij life, ain't it? I tell I didn't even Tucker, Pa»e, Miss. 9P-K12 : FOR RENT -Six room modern residence, furnished or unfurnished. Will rent cheap to permanent patty. Also five rcom frame build- in;;. Dr. Saliba. Phone 410. 10C-K11 er— / The mnid began to rock her £aunt Ijoily, her arnu cropped over her flat chest. ".My poor little yirl! Even In death llic thinks of me, she's sorry—. She sent me a mcs- for what Pi: day of her to ii-.alio it done— till very death! Always trying ii|t to me— paying rie loo niucb money for the handful of work I had to do. what with !:er out nearly, all tlic lii::c and FOR RKN'T—T\vo rooms and batii. furnished or unfurnished, close in. 700 West Ash St. 10C-TT saKO, didn't. sb'e? Tell rue! She i tin-owing away stockings tho mln- was alM-aya trying -to comfort me. jute they gnt a run in 'cm— Forgive sir! The Lcor'Ul-.ln tiiiuir couldn't i her? I'll havn crawled from hero to tinkle cf music. "1 bought her this —for a present, out of my own moiiey. soon ns I got out of the hospital!" the maid's volco shrilled, over the slow, sweet, tlnkly notes. "It's -.playing her n.iine song— -'/ I W)|''5; " K:IS Playing that wiien she died. 1 stood tllcro In the dnorv.-ny aiiil beard It—" And she pointer] toward (lie door leading from Xlta's room Into tbe back ball. -She loveil it nnd used It all tlie time, because 1 gave H to lic-r. . . . And this!" Glie set tlic musical powder box onon th= dressing table and rushed acros» the roam to one of tlie scv- \V/1TII slrong twliis of hit MK hniids l.ydin liumn to unsc:i'w i:o rdliinvd bronze bi\vl As s!:r Ific-d H off sbu cxflaiEi',..-.! bl.iiilily: "Wliy, logk! The llaiu Inilbh— Dill Dundee- had nlrcmly rev'n — 10! ctilr the broken Unlit liulb Inn lie i'Nithuiation of tlic- ipn'or nnix- h:il riora .Mllrn |.;n! iLvi-:-!!,..! liyi-lcrlrally over and nvi-r, ;i» ".i K or a bump." Ti:o clntiso IOIIRUC- slocd belwccn the uvu win. dovvs that OJIEIIC:! upon t'nc And at (lie head of tiu cliaiso lon^ui: Ploud the 111^ l::::i]\ liiFl ri I3w ilirlie.i frnni tin- v.:::t niltl n:ily a fi'c-l from llio v,-[tiduw fi-.\iiii' ij|iun which Dr. I'rlcc h:nl vc-ncltul the point which Indicated tlm r>:'.cl of (he ImaijtDnry lino ahui;: wliich ilio oliot v.-Iilch hilled Xita;li Soilm hail tiavclcil. Tile ;"l:a!it; or inimp" wliirli i'|.,..i Mlias lir.d heard hnd been nude liy the knocking of iho lili; against (lie wall, And undoubtedly the one who Ind bumped into tlta lni;ip was Nlta's imirrleriT —or nsnr. (leress—In frantic l.atlu 10 inaku ait' cfcapa. And that m:sui tlial the iiitir- deipi-l:ad lied lov.'ltliTilic back hall, not through the .'window In of which he Imd stood, not U' 'he door lc^'Ji::r, <-.nto the poicl:. ... A HUle pi-jgrcso. ;-.t least: Dui I.yiiia war. not tliruugli piuv- Ing that she had forgiven lie: tress. Sho was snatching from Kiln's clothes clo?oi— 0)ki iPa-r YOU OUR SE^/EJi P. M. PROGRAM, TWE VctlR -Trie -THciLJSAKJPS TOR - BOOTS AND HUU BUDDIES . JUST IN CASE By Martin "Ken. 1 these, nnilcs their ostrich Icallic-rs? i B 'eai to tiiy Bl|'l! '. / .And this lied Jacket? I embroideredlllie flowers on If with 1 liiy own lir.lids—"''' ' * ' " ' •Thrpugji.her Hood of proof Dund^o heard tlie whirr <if n cnr's engine, then the loud hanging of a car's dcor. . Knntiiiig on tiie (Capstone i:.ilii. . . reached Ihe front door just ns the bell pealed shrilly. . . . (To lie Contlrued) FOR RENT—Modern 0-room home on West Main street. Furnace neat, garage. 1'osscssion January 1.. Address Edgar G. Harris. West 1 Point, Jliss., or see Nick Thomas. I 5C-K1S [ WANTED — Family Washed tent white 704 s. Lake . Washings. | Wheatlcy. inspector iid Parker said and ironed by compe- i today, and they will be prosecuted woman.- Mrs. Brown, Jin Aike.nsas. 17CK-TP i as Marcus LOST AND FOUND WANTED AT ONCE-SOUTH ATUF.RICA OR UNITED STATES. Permanent, positions; labor, clerical, median-j ical, salesmanship; experience nil- j necessary.' Salaries $25.-S100. week-1 ly, transportation furnished. BOX '. 1175, CHICAGO, Hi. I The n:c:]. ; Lcisdon. 33, and John Savage. 29, I arc brinj ::cld at Forrest City, Ark., fol'.ov.intr their capture earlier . tti'.> \vcek alter a running g:m spotted' battle ivith oiiiccrs. Tlie men BIRD DOGS LOST— T.sver and White Pointer Dog. Medium size, small questioned yesterday by two Mem- white spot on back of neck, heavy phis detectives sent to Forrest name-string collar. :City. Logsdon bad given hk name ALSO LOST— White female Setter ' as McMnnus nnd his residence Chi- with Lemon colored ears and '- c.ijo. E.ivnse had used the name spot in' Jorchead) Plain Icaf.ier cf S-.rl Smith of Birmingham when collar. REWARD. Call Cecil Dern , r.rrestcd. Eofii are believed rei;pc,n- at 8U or 77G. 1IP.K13 : for many robucfii-s and hold- ups here, Inspector Parker said. Savage is a cousin of Miss Veda Bnrdctte. Memphis, whose machine they u^ert Monday. She was questioned yesterday nt police hcfid- tiunrters but. stated the automobile \vas taken without, her knowledge. WANTED—To trade Oldsmobile Sedan for good radio. Roberts Garage, Broadway. 5C-K12 'POULTRY WANTED-Market .prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF PAVING TAX' Time to pay raving'T.i'scs'is tctlinj short. The penalty is ;uo hi^h for anyone to nc^lccl Wine before the books Close— 'Belter 1'ay Now— C. J. EVKAKD. Anyone knowing ? whereabouts of my male German 'palicc dog call 283'or 520 am! receive reword. J. A.' Waterman, A. S. Biirboro Co. Caiifornia Bigamist Reviews His Conquests • SAN QDENT1N PRISON', CAL, <UP)— Normnn A. L. l-'lcod, 40, rc- nects nowadays on his fatal attraction for women while serving a cnc to 10 year prison sentence for blsamy. -"I guess I've- set tt," Flood '\l can rcmcinber 20 wives and 405 i^weethcarls. and I've .some of them. • ; 'According to Flood the way to get women Is to make them believe "you want them for pals as well as sweethearts." Casscin ylup. nsrd in nearly all likely to he exposed to wcjth- cr Ijccanse of its walerproof quali- •'ties. lias as its main constituent the dried curd milk. TA MWTCR WiTtt Mt, WOrWR ?? W\« OV VXVtt TVSd OO..O>!«R 6V V.OO>i « BOOK. VT.T HER OO YOR IM Kx XWKX; WE \.\\& ME — •- -5WO VX.W9 --v? — !'.!••. nf ordinary caw's SL, FRECKLES^ AND HIS ...FRIENDS . " " ~ " SOMEBODY'S WATCHING By BlosSer Do not delay lo nay 1'AVING AM) SEWER TAXES "cc. 31st is' the last : Day":' t'ay today and avoid tlie rns'.i. G. G. CAUD1U., C'ollc'cior. Call ' WALPOLE !'"or Klccfric Work'-' I 1 hone 31 J' HAY one bBle or a train load. EAR CORN, shuck' on. BSc Ijn. Shuck oft. GCc per bit., in car lots. Cotton si.-iUs sales Co., inc. Blytlicvlllc. Ark. Plio:-e 174 o: LD ISO:.. Why Pay More Than Hulf [ Pi'icc For Aulo Purls? ' JACKSON A[!TO PAKTS 2020 Main ]>honc 6fi sons voo JUST or- -mis SECEET ; FRECKLES? rr isuT PAWT »i ALL ... ITS CHALK MO' IT ISN'T CHALK. H»tf . LET'S A LOS ftwo see New York'Colton NEW YORK. D& 1 . 11. (UP)—Co{ton closed-Inrely ste.idy. iSh LD-. or-3 Spots closed quiet at 935, off 10.'. Neir/ 'Orleans Cotton ,NE\V; O5.LEANS.-Drc. 11. (UP) -—Cotton clcs?d U.irGlj- s! ; !-=«• De'c. .'.'.. - '990 995 973 Jan. •:.-:', HOOD 1M2 93ii Mr.r. ...-. .-'025 .-1023 May , r ,. 1050 1053 U)70 Ki72 I'ooi irai Vr'ASH TL'KHS SKKIN'G IS UKI,IKVING stcndv at DC3, eft 13. TWt PRESIDENT) M 6^SPS WtTM SORT Or \MlREtESS-VT VS W5UROI IM?OSS!BLt\ ti\t w^oo SPIES, Memphis Police Will -Net Seek • Extradition o f Whcailey Bank Robbcivs. MEMPHIS. 1>C. 10 ' wil] not at!i.m:)t io ij;t ]:?"ors on f.vo n:n-.. bo-:-. pniicc cli.iiaotcrf; ch3:::rd bi!>g -(f!(V kice Grovrcrs

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