The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1936 EE^-^^-a'r ^8 *& m I^Rrf ol M r i 1 "TP \ W A--^-4=S 1 iVliiiiiiuini House fo Need for Higher Standards of Design for Small 1 IOKCS Is Recognized. .WASHINGTON, D. C.—A slynl- ficani dcvcloiuiient Is now under way that « r lll create favorable impetus to the .small-home marliel, according lo R, H. Shrove, or New York, chairman of the rom- initlce on Housing of Hie Amcrl scan Institute of Architects. The ins'.iliite has recognized the necessity of tlie architect entcrim the low-pvlcecl-honuf field and, in ;>'.'der to make their services rivall- •hble for i:ie ttnall-hotne builder .bureaus have been established , in •various cities under ils auspices. -Where or«iinl"C<l, these bureaus, comprising Institute members, will furnish working drawings anil tpicificatioiis, together with sup- ciiMon. at n very nominal sum \vell within Ihe means of the : prospective home owner. This does not mean that liome styles nml designs lire to be regimented, but higher staudimls ol design \vlll result from this arrangement .through the service ot experienced , architects whose memberships In Ihe institute lire Indicative of their 'Qualifications. 11 if Market "Manufacturers are keenly alive." ,hi> continued, "to the possibilities :open to them In the .small-home field, and they' are pointing To • production of materials for small Jiomes and nre concentrating -on tlie .importance of design in materials They have realized that ll.cie Lsi a greater market, today for materials that arc architecturally acceptable, runl In (his movement the manufacturers arc turning to architects so that proper design may be developed as a selling point. Here again Ihe f.ichilecl is exerting a marked Influence." Discussing the influence Unit tlie architect is exerting on Rmiill- homc construction from (lie slaiul- ponit of Ihc home buyer, Mr. .Shrevo said: Architects Alii The value nf Ihe architect's knowledge of the esthetic qualities of 'design are valuable to the home purchaser, as this knowledge definitely increases Ihc intrinsic ^ahie of any structure, larj>e 01 s:iiiilt. .Use of the services ot an architect creates a condition also in which Ihc owner has a desire lo inaintain and keep his property ft'hich auloiniUically enhances Its value as a inortganc risk or from Ihe resale standpoint. It is only natural that the owner is proud ol a beauliful home and is casually indifferent lo an URly one. It cannot be too strongly stressed that it costs no more to build a home of charm and beauty than it does to build an unsightly dwelling. In fact, the more at- Iractivc house frequently costs Icii Proportions and massing of areas, a problem best solved by the qualified architect, will create the economic result ami esthetic qualities that arc lost in poorly planned house, and costs no more. "It is my opinion that o«o ol tlie greatest contributions that the Federal 'Housing Administration's program has made to the general recovery of the country has been its efforts to demonstrate the value of the architect to the general public; We have for years been educated to the necessity of medical aid when 111. It is only now thnt we are fully waking to the ecmal necessity of the housing doctor. And, as a result, thou- sr.nds cf home buyers :ind builders are realizing tint a few hundred dollars Invested in architectural brains and ability is the soundest type of investment." _^^:....-^*>y>v,• j'vsj-' ( -f rectangular plan, vli'n hummed!-' \V-illhrmrrlc Tan Un Puf ate partitions so placed as to „!. , " UllOOardS Can 13C nit .s;;imlnKi lefiRih.s of lumber to ] be uv-d v.iiii a minimum of extra ui- II f P P n I [1 r n i (ra " >m s i«luce» \\asl? to u mlni- I! r 11 HI n r i! ' mim ' ULuUHlUi ii A varil ' lv of ''"terior treatments To Variety of Uses on these rooms consc-rvos the heat and increases (lie privacy. /Vir-quale Sleeping Accom- odations Arc: Held First Requirement. WASHINGTON, D. C.—Tn Ihr F.dmil Housing Administration'? Dulletin No. 4, on Principles of planning Small Homes House A represents about the minimum In accommodations eoiBiM- cm with decent living. In p:i!-hi':t Ihe house down lo u inimimsm, the relative importance ol file various functions of llvlnj Wei-,- carefully welshed ami llsteil in ihi 1 order of Ihc'ir importance. II w:i.> decided that the mast essential \\vro tint privacy and aile- of sleeping accommodations are pofsible by llie use ol dilfei'.'nt materials and liy changing the dl- i off;, rectlon "I the rktge of tint roof. 1 wliii'ii miiy run either from side to .vide or from front to rear. It is staled that durable and! fire-rcslslant wallboards arc be-! coming more popular for use In public buildings, industrial plants. Local Homes Receive Paint, Improvements CGJU> of white {mint and other Ijni.rcvements have greatly enhanced th" appearance of a niim- b'-r uf l'!yt!teviile residences Hie j'asi \vrck. buildings, machine shops, ^araye.s, and private residences. Although in their natural they are used for ceilings, walls, window casings, and baseboards, they can be painted or grained' lor rchltoctural effects. Realty Transfers Warranty Deeds Highfill (0 Otis Goza, Lots in block 8-A, RADIO REPAIRING, A •" l)oi»rs Give Privacy 111 .small bouses it is well to iinvc doors at alt openinas, even be- i twcen Ihc hail and ilie livliig room i and between tlie hall and'dining! loom. To be nb!e to close the door' A Complete f.lne u Tubes ond Tarts HUBBARD TIltE & BATCKKY 1>(IONE Tliis is Ihc $1,200 In $1,500 house designed by the Federal Housing Administration. lu this JJHIT.I! Itvliic; acaim- mcdatlons arc cut to the barest minimum consistent decent living. The comWiutiun living ri»!n-;liiiini! room- kildioii lias its comnrmcnl part.'; well sviiaratcd ED that no one Interferes wllh imolher. The bedrooms ure of si/c anil have pied floret spueo. The veiilcntiy localcd for private access from IU:> hiitlronm.: The simple clapboard or shingle elevation with tho plain pitched roof is Inexpensive, ntsd at the same limu )!•; honest simplicity ..tH'cs II an altmc:II<m thai Is It should In- ic[ii<uluml ut a cost ranging from to $1,500. Mr. :',:i'l Mrs. ft. .Joseph arc hav hii; tlicir duplex apartment, at lG(i W. Main St.. redecorated in- I side and outside. The Harry Kirby | n Idt'niT. ;it 812 Chickiisnivba' Avc., is getting 'a new slecpin;; E:i'ich :n:d the side porch and en- I Therefore, the bedroom's were sjiv-i, trunt-e steps changed. Numerous' Ihit consideration. They were de-! olher improvement an: also be-1 nrd [or i ( !ie needs of their oucu-j >'•'"• made. The work of improving ' nls for cross-ventilation and i liu ' Ilociigen apartments, at 900 do-el room. The bathroom was .so located I hat access to it from the bedrooms wa's through the small lieilrcom hall without passing fiiru anv other room. It was decided that tlie functions of tile living room, dining room, and kitchen could be combined into one space without vio- \V, Walnut fit,, has been completed. The Milton tjternberg resl- <ic:nce, at 131^ W. Main, has been repainted white. The same color has IXTII usvd to^rn;Iec:orate Mi's. \Vyat! Ileiilc-y's residence, at 1315 W. Mnln St. ....!. .I]'....,- »LI.II,JILU YIU- y- T Ft ' 1 P tin? essentials of decent liv- i {.'Cn'/Cr Is DHgllt bpot 'nerefore, one comparatively I Mini In;,'. large room was designed for Hies:; purposes. It is not the intention of tlis Federal Housing Ailmlnls- t'.iUUm to advocate this combina- lion as desirable, but in seeking tlie On Home Building Map Denver i.s llie brightest spot on ' the home-building map of llie cost iiii-sible. United States, according to A. D. it is considered per- j Theobald, o! Chicago, a director ; ol tlie United Slates Building and Open shelves In'papers in rooms with plain walls Small cle- be used for ixmm for Ihcm. (Me kiu-heii or laundry or utility i !iro parlicularlv good, ooiii will bs more convniient for; ,;,„,,,, 0[ collfsi ; sh k , tlielr slorngc th»n a room in , Uv • skives cullnr. .shelves muv be Iniilt in!' , with funds obtained muiur the Mod-' . Hou " 15 m!l - v m ^l"!'"™' 1 »"<1«' ernl/mlon credit }'!;m of the Fed-1 '",' , tl '!' I ! ls ,? f ! bc 1 " c<ltiral n °™>"" eral Ilnusin.,' Adminislrailon ] Admlnlstralious Modernization Fresh Paint or Gay Helps Closets 1 Low Cost Homes Will Not Lower Standards WASHINGTON, D. C—The construction of low-priced homes under Ihe insured mortgage program of file 1'edcriil Housing Administration will not interfere with existing property standards, or affect in any way the "prepared markets" for more, expensive homes, according lo W. D. Flanders, Deputy Federal Housing Administrator, Closets antl.ihelve.smny be. fresh- Pcrpetunlltm of proprrly nnd < euctl up wit'i the use :if wu!li>np>T neighobrhootl values Ls of definite jot paint. Contraslinj; colors"'liiat Interest to llie Housing Adminis- will emphasise His' d'ccorntio-is of 1 tratlon, Mr. Flanders declared. " pointing out that one of the first requirements of a home upon w'iiich morls'ige Insurance Is desired, is that it. shall be located in a protected neighborhood. A house must conform in size and typs with those adjacent lo it II it Is lo obtain hlg'ii rating for Government insurance. Further, the Deputy Administrator said, land costs alone will protect a home built at greater cost from encroachment by more motlest type of dwellings, because a man who cannot atford more than $1,200 to $1,500 for a home is not going to build on a lot costing very much more lYuin $100 or $500. Tiie plan is so laid out that, If] loan League, nccovdinu to the desired, n partition could h; built j Denver Post. He says that such ciitting this space in. two, with f,ie I places as New .York, Washington, living room on Ihe right ami tlie some. Florida cities, and Denver combined kitchen and dining area! are experiencing a mild boom in »> the left. I home building. Mr. Theobald also Having decided upon Ihe accotn-1 rcj.oitetl (hat building and loan ; Credit Plan. I'iie room may ijs eil'cclcd. Plain papers in < lost-is ol roriui.", with figured destijns and flowered •u ELECTRIC * ACKTVLENU 1'KOMPT SERVICE ItEASONAIH.K TRICKS Barksdale Mfg. Co, ions necessary, economies wore studied. .structural | a'scriations are 50 per cent ahead The plain I of last year's business. Now Is tlie Time to Build Your lome - - Easy Monthly Payments This company will jjlailly help you \vilh your loan Through arrangements perfected by llie American Asphalt Hoof Corporation, wu have connections will) the Planters Bank, antl Trust Company, Forrest City, Arkansas, whereby H will handle all new construction Federal Housing Administration title two approved loans in Hlyilieville and vicinity. Fast Arkansas Builders Supply Company Ed I!. Jones, Phone 20 the yet Shelves Handy for Storing Preserves Vegetables and Iruits lhat are put up lor Winter use, it properk prepared and hermetically sealed In jars or cans, may Iw stored in Ihe kitchen with perfect 'safety. It not necessary to provide' a cold Not only dogs suffer from rabies. Cases, of rabies have been feund aiuons cats, swine, cattle, and horses. WHY BUY AN ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR? Your Favorite Refrigerator From BROADWAY SALES. CO. Ill S. Hroachvjty FOR 15c PER DAY R1CED CAR! COMFORT There's no srnsoii of thu year when y o 11 cannot enjoy thu ell'cds of in- stdatinjj your homo with RKD TOP INSULATING WOOL ... it keeps tho bouse cool in warm weatlurr and warm in the cold weather Call '10 For THE ARRMO LUMBER Cfl ! , The National Housing Act 'niiitlo millions vo|iaii'i ;;n<l iitisincss property. money Imt KURK1) I!Y '1'IIK UNITK1) STA'n«;s. Hcpiiiul. lli>ili-i'on>to. Call and sec the now slui:!"s i enamels fur interior work. n;ir H)">U patteviK <i|' V Tiiiiu' in and look llioni .iv^ i. J, C, ROBINSON LUiHRIiR CO. Phone 10(1 "Clean Up-Paixit Up -Fj x Up" in the Beffer Hcus<»q Proqcam under A • °.i .* . ^X'^ «tie (Maiiosifii /ifyffffi Housinq Act- f-Vy'rirrri •^ ^rSl> \ - ; c .. r (,-'^> WITH PRICES SO NEARLY THE SAME... It will pay you,more than ever,to check the ExtraValue in this big Plymouth! STILL THE ONL Y ONE OF "ALL THREE" WITH A SAFETY-STEEL BODY AND HYDRAULIC BRAKES? Three" only Plymouth has them all. 1'tynioiitli is .still the only nnc ot "All Three" with l>oth a Safely-Steel body and Hydraulic brakes. On economy, owners report 18 lo-'-it miles per gallon...lowest oil consumption ami upkeep of any car! riymmilli h:is ahrays said, "I.ct Ihc rido andpcrforinana-divitle."Askany Chrysler, Dodge or Do ffoln dealer to arrange a test. PLVMOIIH DIVISION OF CHRYSLER CORPORATION G F'.T Tim MOST fur your money buying a iK'H-ciir! Clin-k "All Three" Io\v-])riccit cars. Compare prices... terms... features! Today they're pricnl about alike. 15ut see limv much extra value Plymouth gives you ... in rcdtiomy, safely, comfort, reliability. Look at ll.e li-L of fenlurw lu.-rc...of "All CHECKED COSTS OS 2J MlttlON MILES A.J. TOWAu.nclrolT.rrcR., Vfllin<-l)rlvi>-1l-Yoimclf Sj.^Icin, Inc., Kitjs, "Our CiXrr, covered nhou t 2 t million inllolii IS scars. Kironla ^!lo^v IMytllolllhs :ucr:i£e I 1 ) U> 21 mile* per • cath,» . . . ji'ivr.jr miles : unite t h;n i enrol tier c:trs I" EfiSYTO BUY—S25 n month buys n new Plymouth. Commercial Credit Co.oflcrsChryslcr, Dodge,Do Solo dealers Icrmstliat make Plymouth easy to buy. Ti'M: ix r.i) -.VVNX AND OUAHAM M.-NAJIKK TVKSOAV NIGHTS, w.iic, ; : so. e. s. r. Look at these Plus Features! Snfctj'-Slccl llmly Double-Action Uyttmullc Drakes Floating f Giver Knilnc Mountings Oillhrnlcd IJnlKon Full-Lctielh \V;UcrJnckdt!i DErcctlonnl Water Circulation IWanceJ Weight nni! Spring Action Greatest Total Length of Springs (i-njrl[ndcr"I.-II«ul"F.nftltic Simplicity Highest Cx)niprcsslun...HeiMilar<;^s! LlSht-WcIftht Atutiilnuin Alloy ['IMoni Four Piston Ktnrts(in*te:itJ nt three) 1'otir Main Hcnrln& Crankshaft Alr-Cootcil Clulcli F.nsiMt Stecrlnil llJ-[nch\Vlicelb:l!ol 510 6NDUP.USTHT FnClOHY.DETROll S PEC I (II [QUIP. MEKTk'XtRA CHRYSLER, DODGE AND DE50TO DEALERS BUILDS GREAT CARS

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