The Republic from Columbus, Indiana on January 21, 1903 · Page 8
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The Republic from Columbus, Indiana · Page 8

Columbus, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1903
Page 8
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i 8 T30SL EVXifIN RBPTTBLJCAJN, COXiTLBnJBTJS WEDNESDAY. JAITCTAKY 21, 1903. .1 1 . ' EVERY .11 In the house . goes at -i I; They're in Ox- - v fords and Ker-1' seys ani are" f ,"' made in the j - very- . ! Latest Fashions ROSENBUSH & CO. B ef o re and Afte r The picture tells the story:' A swollen, pain-distorted face made comfortable and smiling by .oar dental skill. Suffering is unnecessaryfoolish in fact. Don't 'tell your trouble to the police," but bring it to us and we'll relieve it. J Prall & Denison that are them. . ' f !' ' V ' I li PNTjW4 - p fJSJVniT.t ft SPEGIA MJOiAtlSiSTIRNaaX J. L. CYS1E, Prop. AN IMPORTANT MEETING HELD OFFICERS OF GREENWOOD LINE ELECTED TUESDAY AT FRANK ROAD'S NAME IS CHANGED Official Personnel Remains the Same as During the Year Just Ended Several New Car Ordered Delivered Soon. Tuesday afternoon; at Greenwood, was held the annual meeting of 'the stockholders of the Indianapolis, Greenwood & Franklin road. The election of officers resulted in the in stallation of those who served during the year just ended. They are as follows: President Jos. I. Iwrin. . Vice president and General Manager W. G. Irwin. Secretary and treasurer Hugh Th. Miller. Directors Jos. I. Irwin, W. G. Irwin, Hugh Th. Miller, Z. T. Sweeney and Linnie Sweeney. , The name of the present road and the proposed extension will hereafter be known as the Indianapolis, Colum bus & Southern Traction Company. The capital stock of the company in creased 1135,000 and a bond issue of $1,000,000 was authoiized, $300,000 of which is to be delivered on February 1, together with the $135,000 stock, to Jos. I. Irwin and William G. Irwin in final payment for the construction by them of the Indianapolis, Greenwood & Franklin road. The remaining $700,000 of the bonds are to remain in the treasury of the road, to be used in paying for extensions and improvements of the road hereafter to be made. The general office was changed from Greenwood to this city, and the operating office will be moved here upon the completion ' of the road to Columbus. The company has ordered a number of new cars, to be delivered on May 1. They will be fifty-four feet long. Each will be fitted with a 450 horse power motor and will be capable of making 50 miles an hour. They will be larger and handsomer than the cars of any of.the roads how entering Indianapolis. - It looks no ififohn Gysie were going out o ess. Look at his shoe ad. Pric no object its customers he Call at Ulrich's Fourth street. grocery, 436 .The man who.carries his din- J ner is a good judge of bread. X A few slices in a' lunch box at i mid-day is a better est than a T fresh cut loaf at breakfast. Bread made from CERESOTA I flour retains its moisture. The proof s is in the flout bake it and decide for yourself. FOB SALE BY ALL GROCERS. SchnulC Co, Distributers. r VA il as ar&re wanes. jr - e This year we offer you more extraordinary bargains in men's and boys' clothing than even we have ever bef ore shown the choicest Suits ii and Overcoats made in the United States, at our special low prices. We do this in order that we may clear off the entire - balance of our winter stock and it is an event that must be of great interest to; you. If you call at once you will have no difficulty in finding what you want and the money you will save will start a good savings bank account for your boy. - uits Overcoats worth 25 to 50 per cent. more. See CLOTHING CO. I 2 awfliiffl THE HOPPER. j ., ; . . ;-, I Mrs. Sarah Blades and John j Al bright, two pioneer residents j of Hope, are among the sick, j ! Miss Mabel McSweeney is confined to her room, suffering from a sore arm, resultant irom vaccination. During the year 1903 there were 6,37? cases of -smallpox in IndianaV The bulk of these were in Indian apolis. Judge Friedly, of Madison, passed through the city this morning on , his way to Scottsburg, where he will hold court. George Owens and sister-in-law, Mrs. Elizabeth Owens, went to Franklin this morning to attend the funeral of their sister-in-law, Mrs. J. B. Owens. The Ladies Aid Society of the Christian church will meet with Mrs. Marshall Reetes to-morrow afternoon at 2 o clock. .members are urged to he present. Jack Bush has received a letter from Kid McCoy, stating that he had posted $25,000 to meet Jack Monroe, the ; miner-pugilist from Butte. McCoy and and Marvin Hart, of Louisville, have arranged for a bout McCoy will train ior this hght on Muldoon's farm, near Indianapolis. Mrs. John Reichle, of Seymour, came here last evening with her j son Walter, who is placed under the care of Dr. A. P. Roope. Three years ago, while enjoying a straw ride, : the young man sustained an injury to his eye. which necessitates another operation. They are stopping at : the home of Mrs. Beichle's sister, Mrs John Fahy. ! The Messrs. Cox and Baker S, Ruddick are still at work trying to close up the deal whereby the former take possession of the ice plant. A consummation of the deal is expected soon. The Messrs. Cox are excellent young men and have the hearty wish of many friends that they succeed in their new venture. j mBM j Dr. J. S. Arwme leaves Thursday for Washington, where he will visit at the home of bis daughter, Mrs. James A. Arnold. From there he goes to Annapolis to attend exercises at which his son, John Arwine, will graduate as a cadet. Dr. Arwine does not know whether his military son will return home or go to j sea immediately after .bis graduation, which occurs on Feb. 2. Mrs: John Brown, who recently went to .Mariana, Fla., to spend jthe winter for her health, arrived here this morning hurriedly, on (account of .the illness of . her daughter, Ruth Brown, who is attening Blak-ers' kindergarten training school-Miss Brown is now in Indianapolis and is being attended by her sister, Amy Brown. Mrs. Brown goes to In dianapolis this evening. Word has been received here of the promotion of Capt. - Charles S. Tarleton, formerly of this city, pow stationed at Tacloben, island of Ley te, in the Philippines, to the position of chief engineering officer of the Sixth brigade staff. ' Capt. Tarlton jwas formeily captain of company H, One Hundred and Fifty-eighth regiment, and later went to the regular army, as a lieutenant. His friends in Indiana will be glad to learn of his good j fortune. Sen tineL Capt. Tarleton is a relative of Mrs. J. F. Cox, Mrs. Francis Crump, jr., and Mrs. H. W. Harland, of this city. Funeral of Aged Sisters. Mrs. Walter Johnson and daughter, Mi6s Cora, went, to Moo res Hill Sunday, having been called there by j. the illness and death of Mrs. Johnson's mother, Mrs. Adkins, and aunt, Mrs. Dorman,' Of which the Sentinel says : The funerals of Mrs. Mary, Adkins, aged eighty-one years, and her sister, Mrs. 'Jane Dorman, aged eighty-six, were held in the Methodist, Episcopal church' this afternoon. The mature age and sudden death of the sisters is remarkable, as only a few hours elapsed between their deaths on Saturday : lasc Both were pioneers of this county and lifelong members of the Methodist Episcopal church. Five children survive Mrs. Adk ins, four Mrs. Dorman, among whom is Frank Dorman, ex-county auditor politician. Drs. J. H. Martin and and John Dash 1 el I 'conducted the funeral services. BmU BMKUdSam Ache ' Never endure' - this trouble. - (Use at once the remedy that stopped it for Mrs. N. & Webster, of Winnie,-... jVa. She wirtea: "Dr. King's .New Lilt Pills wholly cured me of sick head aches JZ bad suffered from for Wc years. Cure headache, constipatior, biliousse 25catT. E Otto's drc THE BLONDELLS AMONG FRIENDS FORMER COLUMBUS BOY'S CAREER BEHIND THE FOOTLIGHTS. HE IS NOW A WEALTHY MAN Married Eight Years Ago to the Beautiful Woman Who Contributes Greatly to His Success A Brief Sketch, ; Edward and Libbie Blondell, in private life Mr. and Mrs. Levi Blue- stein, arrived here this afternoon by way of the Big Four and were at once taken to the home of L. Silverman, where a dinner was given in their honor. The Blondells appear this evening at Crump's in Through the Center of the Earth, a play written and piloted by Blondell. Columbus people feel a keen interest inithe visit of the two well known stage favorites, because of the fact that Mr. Bluestein was a former resident of Columbus. Blondell is now thirty-six years old. Prior to eighteen years ago he lived here, and together with other boys, gave shows in each other's barns. About 1880 he left here for Orange, Tex., to take a position in a store conducted by his brother. The enthusiastic young man grew tired of this uneventful and sedentary life and after living in Orange about six months he engaged as a clorfn and acrobat in Shields' circus. From that time'on his life has been a public one and he has traveled through Mexico, England," France, Germany, and other countries with mavelcus success. FIRST EXPERIENCE. His first experience on the theatrical stage was when he secured a prominent place with a novelty company. He afterwad entered vaudeville, playing with immense' success on the Keith, Procter and Orpheus circuits. Later, a few years ago, he wrote A Jay on Broadway, in which he starred for some time. Then came the Cheer, f ul Idiot, , Katzen jammer KidB. and at present Through the Center of the Earth. The Katzenjammer Kids is still on the road, netting him comfortable profits. Next year he will put out another of his effusions, The Fatal Letter, and two years hence he will launch Three Generations. The two latter, are dramas. All of his visitors have brought him considerable money and he is now considered wealthy. His present address is Harlem, New York. Blondell's beautiful wife, whom he married eight years ago, is deserving of a goodly portion of praise for his success. They have .starred together for a number of years, and are said to be a most congenial couple, something rare in the theatrical profession. Both have helped each other and have! won a name to be envied. LONGED FOR FREINDS. Blondell said this ' afternoon that ever since he left here, about twenty-years ago he has longed to see some of his friends. Every time he would run across anyone from Indiana, he would always enquire about Columbus blondell, when he lived here, was not unlike may other youngsters he had the circus fever, and had it bad. Let's see there was Levi Bluestein, Bink Schnur, Jack Rush, Bill Kitz-inger, Bill Burreli, Ed Bond,' Louie Silverman and Sanford O 8 born. These boys were inseparable. While not into mischief, or in swimming, they amused themselves by giving shows. Bluestein was always a star then, too. Bink Schnur tells that one time on Jackson street between First and Second, they gave a show one time and the grand finale of it was a fierce fight between a bulldog and a billy goat. ' Bluestein held the dog and Bink held the goat and at the appointed moment they were turned loose, and the result was a great scattering among -the members of the audience. State of Ohio, CItt o Toledo, i Lucas Cocsit. j 88 Frask 3. Chkkst makes oath, that he Is senior partner of the firm of F. J. Chiht & Ox. doing business In the city of Toledo, county and state aforesaid, asd that said Ann win pay the sua or ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every ease of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use of Hill's Caxa.bkh Curk. - fbaxkj.chenbV. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence, this 6th day of December. A. D. 1888. I " . A. W. G LEA SON',- . bma.i f Notary Public . ' r ..... " ., . t - . m Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, and i of the system. Send for testljoonlala. free. I Address. F. J. CHENEY A CO,Toledo, O EOT n lutl A Few Good Ones: 2 Rider's Best Sugar Corn, a can 7'2c 7lc 10 c 7lc Fancy Read Rtce, rsgulir 70s kind FancyTabe Peaches, psa'edfi can Large Street Pick' fes, a e'ez-n California Evaporates Peaches, a ib Bar let Peats, finp, regu!ar15c kind Table Apric , is, very 81sc 10c 10c I good, a can Rryce's Bread Daily r We Want Your Boy or Girl TO visit our store and see our many indoor games for Christmas presents. We have all the popular in door sports known and would call especial attention to the OWL , TABLE On which you can play 75 different and amusing games. These tables are only $3.75 each while they last. SCHAEFER'S Washington Street And all F-760 Oash Store I I 8. I We GAS FIXTURES AND SUPPLIES il f) A complete line, such as Chandeliers, Stand Lamps, Incandescent t Burners, Mantels, Globes, Shades, Chimneys, Rubber Tubing, Aro j if ! Gas Lights for store rooms or street wiU be found at ( 1 i SEWARD'S, Also a completeline of Bicycle stock of Tires in the city. Will CITIZENS ls.SKa3fctabSfCfcj(lC5 THE OSTEOPATHIC SAUITARIUF 1227 Washington St, CQLUUBUS. 1HD Osteopathic Treatment arid Baths. ' Board E. S. fJORROLy -in Charge. , ' CTZERS' 'PRONE 608. - ; Willi be at Edinburg 0 Hies fJonday, Wednesday end Friday Co We will invoice during January. Before doingso we .want to turn all our Winter Goods into money. Here are the prices that will make them go: Ladies Ribbed Undervests, 19c, worth 25a Fine Ribbed Undervests, worth 50c, only 29c Ladies all wool, worth tL25, only 89c Men's Heavr Underwear, worth 85c, only 19c The 50c quality only S9c Blankets, worth 75o the pair, only 48c The UO-4 large siv worth 90c only 59c Com forts at 69c r 89c and 9Sc, worth easy '50a more. Flat, nellettes, good colors, worth 6gC only 4Jc Canton Flannel, worth 6,c only 4c 4-4 Brown Muslin, worth 6c only 4c Indigo Blue Calico, worth 6c,ipnly 4c Cloaks at really our ' own price. Cost does not figure. If we have what you want we will sell you ; a garment cheaper than you ever bought one. The $10 00 Cloaks go at $6.00. The $15.00 Cloaks go at $3.00, ft to. 5 ft ana so on. Remember it pays to buy at LEHMAN'S. 8 PononononoDooi O nne : r O a m m mm wm ! 11 o O! n oi AVB you been to see us; yet in our new store? Don't fail tr rom f in Qti1 L3 MIV AAA UAAU ' look through our com- O j plete line of high-grade d, n GROCERIES S o and o: o PROVISIONS c q We invite you to our 5: store on the 25, 26 and g O 27 to see on exhibition -y n and to sample one of O the best lines of can- f-v o n O o nea gooas in me city. - pi Don't Forget. Oi Bros oonnonoDonono! vy. c iviCL-civju.! Dental Surgeon, I 4221-2 FIFTH STREET, IRWIN BLOCK. 1 PteM-HarriMfl 37: Ball 130. i Watches, C1ockst Jewelry, Diamonds, Silverware, Cut Glass, Spectacles, Novelties. srsods usually kept in a first-class lewelrv g Lehman's i Lehman's o 1-3 Wetz SeU store, at lowest possible prices, quality considered, i BesttReparing and Engraring at j Reasonable Prices, Citizens Phone Mo, 40. ' .- i .... .... . i BE. XjJK 326 4TH ST Sundries, including the largest be sold at very low prices. PHONE 500 t) ( I C 3 f sflflsf sll sffllJSfe "s fc S S v.. and Rooms in Sanitarium, d C) ( V ( ) ( ) z 316, 318. 320-Washington St Jowsu vj wiunig(Bu tag, . .... Hair Family PIUareitheIbest. store.

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