The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1939
Page 2
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&SHvM V^<* ^ v VM- , <V ^V >AGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER .NEWS United States Will Launch "Safest Ship On Seas" Sea Of New Liner \^ , Sparked By Morro Cas : , tie Bla^ej; - „ s ne,r,y fireproof and scaproof a, '*!, can be. ye* H.« Am«ic a , ever buUt. «** touted SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON A Man Who Marie a Foolish Choice BY WH-L1AM fc. GILKOY, D. D. Kdltor of Advance Israel, \vluch has given to the world the best of Its lelMon, Is the source nls> of this best of its poll- cs It Is Interesting to see the xent to which democracy, which o might icgaid as a modern hing, roots back into the Old •ostament and Into the life of the _^ ar ^ CATTON CoirJer Ifein Washington •Correspondent * WASHINGTON, July 13—1 five years have passed since the passenger steamship Morro Castle caught fire and burned off the const of New Jersey, Wiling more than* ISO of her passengers and crew In oo* of the worst marine disasters of modem times "Th»t tragedy shocked the American public—disclosing, as it did that a ship could comply in every detail with (he country's la»s governing construction and inspection and still be » floating firetrap Today the expenshe 1 lesson taught by the tragedy Is about to Bear, fruit. • >On Aue 31, at Newport News, Va, Hill be launched the new liner America, which members ot the U S Maritime Commission de- clam flatly will be the safest ship ever constructed anywhere. HARD,TASK t, FOR* FLAMES • The America U being built ac cording to safety standards whic) grew ^directly out of the Mou Castle tragedy. She Is as nearl 100 per cent fireproof as a shi can be Only part of her furnitm _and ttimgs like bedding, draper* ' and so on can burn • -• The wood planking of her decl is~I»id over steel Statcioom bulk heads are built of a non-mflam •' m»ble asbestos compound Much of. the furniture is of steel or nhun- Rehoboim took counsel of tvv Inum oven the upholstery has been groups of advisors When he con -" treated so as to be practically fire- suKid the older and more inaliir Droof men, whose Judgment was base .-ssrjaaa'drjix.'M.'a:. morning at 5 A. M. weighing nearly eight pounds. • Misses Frieda Rose Crafton and Patricia Ralue left Wednesday for a vacation In a. girls camp at Arcadia, Mrs. W. T. Leinonds left Saturday for a three weeks in'; New Deputy Governor to succeed Deputy Byron Masterson of this city Bead Courier News want ads Prices For I'rida> and Saturday Lowest Cash & Carry Prices in Town Prices .H'or Friday and ' day for a three weens in ; New vhlps," he said, "I will chastise i york clly and to attend the New ou with scorpions ' York Worlds Fair It is the lole that many a foolish Mr!) j B Light was In Caruth- leader has followed In the course C rsvllle Sunday visiting her mother, of liisUi!' 'Ihe iristructoi of Geoige Mrs Bctty Lynn III of England always admonished I Jom , MorhstatU j css e Miles, him, 'George, bo king" Geoige III Mnslerson. LcRoy Whltner, probably did not need the ndmon-1 / ._,.._ ,„_.„._' ev\ish people The first ' king, Saul,-: was ap- pr- vcd of llic people mid future tings had/ also to have this ap )rovnl 'Ihcic are miny Indications n the Old icstament stoiy that he people were jealous of Iheh rights and libeities Solomon had i gl.riou-s iclijn, but much of the ;lory had been based in heavy ourdcns upon the people of taxation and enforced labor Now, when Solomon was S nc mid ills son Rehobcnm, was about to ascend the tin one, the uiucst and dlscon- teu of the people lirvkc out, in demands that tliclr burdens should be lessened and that nehoboim should rule with greater ccnsldcia- tton for the welfare of hli people but his stubborn and arbi trary comse lest the American colonies to Britain The ilgld hand of discipline may seem to succeed toi fl time, but where discipline depends upon abrltrary authority it ultimately bleaks down, and we ny be suie that this will be as rue in our modern woild of dlc- whaf would happen Some ,ot the supposedlv. proof walls burned like j Cfthers didn't burn, but p ^such excellent conductors of Herman Tieman and Fred Glasscock were in Cape Glra'rde'Kii Thursday to attend a district meeting of Lions International of Southeast Missouri, the purpose of which was to elect a District Foi extra-tender (JRAPEFRUIT 1UICK llic Corn Pride nf Illinois No. 2 Can. LIBBY'S " OTTC " •.*!£. LiBBY'S KBftUT LIBBY'S PEARS ««„ as it was In the ancient ay in Israel ' Rclioboam's fcolish decision vva: 11 Hie more arruuing In view ot ho fact that down In Egypt there as a icfngce who had escaped rom Isiael because ot his rebellion, nd who was ready tosel/e the op- 101 Umity to icturn and lead a fresh evfilt Jeroboam arrived, t But we lisall find that the his- orj of the divided kingdom is veiv much along the line of the libtoiy that made the division— nd judgment, lnck\ of icgnrrt foi Justice, lietrayal of the lights nnd llbei lies of the people, bringing down upon both kings nnd people the Inevitable consequences of wiong e urses and misdeeds It Is not lonft until we shall see the noilhein kingdom swept away Rite Price Gloceries & Markets IN BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. I IBBV'C CORNED BEBF 1ft' LiuUI 0 HASH, No. 1 Ciiu IV APPLK RU'ITKR 0 m. Jar Start' No. 111 E. i'hone 234 Home Owned *, planted—We Dc- livir—Where You Get t lie Most of the B«t for Lcbs F\erj I>«. Store No. 2 3ZO W. Main Phone 167 EXTRA SPECIALS Friday and Sithinlay, Julj 11 & 15 SHOW TICKETS FREE or Cash Discount A&k For Details BACON Hunter's ttehl, Sliced or Piece 17-'- c l>onnil "2 n rc . tent to suy that he would foil tinder out the policies of his, fathci, Solo, n "«" ^-^^ with the tribes dispersed, to bo known afterwards < in history as ' the lest 10 tribes '—with all manner of speculations concerning them, the most remarkable of which is that which has sought to identify them with the An^lo-Siixon'! The southern kingdom, too, wo shall find later in exile, carried off to ami ms.BalHlon In tragic experiences that e exact-1 bought to light much of the spir- >™ ^ ^ gto , y c that he or Neck Rones, II). \WE I NEKS or FRANKS, lb. BACON SKINS Fine lo Season, II). CHITWULINGS 1(1 Ih. Pftils . 5 65 C DCCC Stamped Wilson's 01 Swift'«. Premium, \\l\\ DCCl not try the beat for less. Pot Roabt Ib'.-I5c 23 Thick Rib lb. lOc, Steak 1 hal's really lemlci .11). a'lter matting n great many on N . ^ • these'tests did the commission hit In the bridge games priieb went,having' been t here iw su a?* 1 * hldl Tlfis 10 t< Ir naf f- SKS*™ & t^'wii «i/* *wiG»r on the'Ameilcarlub mcmucvs nnd high guest mires, engaged. In a.reylvi «U. a passenger, u . upnl To'Mrs f J M Miles and the Baptist church drabs off to sleep In his berth with weni, «> ""» •• *„... .,„„,„„ »!„, Eiin» inma ilres, 11 and •nriq off to sleep in ms oerm wuu i n"'» «< •—- - "„.'""; ,' "I Slr5ed%tearet in his fingers, Lnmai Ihompson Ihe, hos ess and TseW ftrVto his bedding, he -eneel a delightful salad nml des- may have <• an 'awfully uncomfort- ert couise able 'time of it himself—but no matter how hot the fire in his own T B Craft of Wnrdell was here -voateroom It can't spread to nhy Tucsdaj attending to business other part o£ the ship and the jnan I Misses Lucille Johnson and Mar) In the stateroom next door won't Blanche Greenvvell William even know it's warm I Khourte of this clly. nnd Fred F1OATS WHEN PARTLT FtOOOtD ' Irf addition to being unburname, „„_ , the America will be as nearly un- intending school at Klrksville ar- smkable as a ship can be Her | -ived hero Siinday lo spend the compartmentation has been de vised so that even it, three of her ..major compartments are fully flooded she will remain afloat of that if anything does Mis While here he was imaged In a.revivi\l meeting at . = ». •.. . !-•,_. "-~ CO ] R i Holland visiting PORK CHOPS or Steak . tb 19 FRYERS, fresh Ucadv to cook Pound . dressct 33 LURCH MEATS Satoim 25c; Liver Cheese 2 Boilcd.Ham 39c; Spec. Loaf 1!) CANTALOUPES L T a ,h Size 4c )range$pl5c BELL PEPPER ,.,,„„ 12 I Hamra spent the day Sunday at 1 ^eelfoot Lake Miss Marlon Scott, who has been emalnder of the summer with her i ather W C Scott Cnrl Sigler was in Steelc Sun- Holland was Jay visiting friends J O nankin of mj torj OI liml 11 aiijruiinB uv..- , i, \s ,«........ ~. happen "and the ship has to be ieie Tuesday visiting Carl Sigler abandoned there will oe a seat in John Dee Fields has accepted a a- lifeboat lor every individual of hosltion vvttH Bucklcj's Store id the 1200 passengers and 630 crew ja rner, who has been working for th° America can carry Most of the Buckley's for several jears has lifeboats Hill be motor-propelled accepted a position with a diag andT'equlpped'' with radio line firm It took, the Morro Castle disaster Mr and Mrs to shock the "government into a realization of the defects in the old rules governing ship design - The Mono Castle's stairway underpinnings were made of Oregon pine *"A long airspace had been left between stateroom ceilings and 1 bulkheads and the deck above, nnd when'the flre started this simply became'a deadly flue which spread the flames all o\er the ship Wooden deckfr. were not protected bj steel plating'The ship was practically begging for a fire All that will be changed in the America When this 31,OGO-lon ship goes down the ways she wil not only be the biggest passenge steamer' ever built in America— ' but the safest ever built anywhere Topper and u, Gene, have returned 1 from a onth's vacation on the coast Gmil S yaCSUyil Ull till: Luaot. ,, nailgtlltlt,, Cillimmt; UUIA n\**-*ii- « Miss Rosella Hahn spent llic da>>nilton, Ky, were here Tuesdaj unday with hei parents, Mr and Kitting Mrs Hamra s nephew, Al Irs Clarence Hahn of Portage- bcdt Iltimra lie Mrs Edna Fllzgciald and Miss Miss Naoma Alrcc has returned Alberta. Shaw spent last Thursday o Memphis after n three weeks nn( t Friday in Memphis, mt here with Mrs Jennie Howe I Harrj Tldwell of Wcldon, Tc<<, J. C. Farley, Misses Cecilia and U-[ioI has .been here visiling his SargarH Haecnian, drove lo Blv- ter, Mis Cie's Dockers 'eft lor —,_.. _ .j points In Tennessee Wednesday, 01 n *lslt Mrs.. Wolf Khourlc and daugh- -' ; Hayti Society —• Pcisonal ho Bap'tlsl church nt Pascola ,Mrs Elton Inman 'of "-" spent the weekend here ici slslei, Mrs Cnrl McDinlels nnd Mi McDnniels Sunclnv Ihej diovej to Buigg Clt> and vlsitc<l Mr and Mrs. Glen Turner. Mrs. Clcve Duke Is in Cape Giiavdeau visiting her .mother, Mrs: A. B. Comer, who Is 111. Mr and Mrs M Hamra and daughter, Elizabeth nnd Eon, John, of Henrietta, Okla., .and- Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Hamra of Cnrdwell, were here Monday visiting the Khourie family Mrs. L. McPherson nnd children of Flint, Mich.; were here Sunday visiting Mrs McPherson's brother, Job Brooks, and family! Mr. :ancl Mrs. Lacey Bush and daughtei, Cnry Lorene, of Black Island, were here &atur.daj visiting friends. Miss .Bush, who is ,n graduate of the Haytl high school attended school at Joricsboro this summer and will teach in the Black Island school. Mr and Mrs K Haiurn and daughters, Limiline and Adelle o :VUlve (test, second'to wn**iv»*w . — —— " alid* 1 at such Sii\.-., ( . Then, too, the bags ATC useful, for manj thingb, beautiful fast colors, they don't f.itle\ We're giving free ?l.i cash to persons makins the best sirtu-les enteicd 111 contest 1st Sat. in Sept.. Begin now, plenty of time to gel that c,tsh. ' ' fi Ihs. 25c 2<i Ibs. 68c V, Bbl <& R5 • 12 lb&. 39c .18 Ibs. $1.35 Bbl. S5.25 SHIRLEY'S BEST FLOUR Same Prices Above Crystal White, Guaranteed Flour, 12 Ibs. 35c; 24 Ibs i'Je Sunshine Flour, PI. or S. R. 12 Ibs. 29c; 24 Ibs. 49c Lemons ;15c .Pound Pound • 2 15 Ji« Pint 21 3 lb. Can 51 Pork Shoiililei Whole U>. Ribb lb. 12 "A lb 12'/ •4 FEES1USMES 8 C c; SAN HORN Coffee 11). -I ox. Can 5 C Thick Rihb 11). 17!/-c- Shoulder Clod lb. 22c Steaks i lb.'25c Shorts, Best, . SI. 10 Bran . sk. $1.20 All Grain Con'tioner §1.75 Egg Mash, Winner, g2.25 OXYQOL 2 for IVORY SOAP 2 for 15c • medin* 2V Macaroni or Tomato Paste Matihcs, True , bus .2'/2 : Smacks. Bitller Criickcrs, fresh , hculle Sunday nnd \veie nccom anied home by Mrs Tiirlcj, who nas been.'In Uio Blythcviile lior,- jital convalescing liom a major 1 tors, Kdna nnd Anna, and son, Ed- peration. ' ward, were In Carutlicisville Sun- Mi and Mrs Jlmiuj Randolph I daj visiting Mr and Mrs Sain of Memphis, drove Mrs Johnny Hamra and unking the ncquain- Randolph home Mrs Randolph I t a n c c of their new son Samuel 9 Process Creamery Butter lb 22 JELLO I'rwl. All Flavors, P Ue Mi\, C.iii .'Jc Mte«d' Birthday Party *\ * Sunday beins the birthday of \ Mr. and Mrs > O. B Davis of Car- uthersville,-Uielr daufcl\ters, Mrs ias been iii the Methodist hos- Franklin silal convalescing from an ap jcndectomy. Mrs. Tiaman Kohii and children eft Sunday foi Douglas. Mich , to .p"nd a month s vacation Mr and Mrs Joe Kohn and children and Miss Margie Stcarnes are already in Douglas having left last we'k Mrs. Frank Lovvrey and son of Parma ate here visiting her par- ints, Mr. and Mrs. John Alsup. ^and Mrs. C. Chincy have re" ~ . - . —-.- vvlio arrived Saturday KIDNEYS Irritate Bladder urned from Colorado Springs, Colo where the^ spent fvo weeks . Nolgrass o! this city nnd i ' jhirs Will Skelly of Carulhersvllle P-S surprised them with -a hlrlliday •* dlnnef j party at the home of the i ^ latter, Sunday, at' Canithersvllle. •" The guest 'list included Mr and ;• Mrs. M E' Notgrass and sons James,' Morris and 'Don, o! this * city," Mr and "Mrs O Slaughter ', and children and Miss Era Slaugh- V- Ur at. Chaflee, JMr , and Mrs Wil '-Ske!ly~»nd son »nd ,the honorees .v^' The 1 ladles rfad prepared a !ovcl> 11 tlrthday cake for ,lhe JJaris'. I'jI'Ktieilttrts Knt?r(aln- J ' Tewn ? itnd Country Crab - K ?Th{ riome OT,Mr v aiirf Mrs. n O. J'Kneibert i^as r-*wheru Oo to jour dnigji'it todiv and "!, hiirmle.-s diuretic and for Gold Medil ftere the,r spent fvo weeks [Jaar i em O il CapEiflc. nnd itarl nt Mr. and Mrs IJoyd Hilt , ot L nce to „„ h ou t waste mitter-lr- Po-ahomas. Ark. were here Sun- , m 1(ls nnd ,^ ns t ,, rollg u day visiting he latter , . paiente. L, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Mitchell hldneys. I Thai's n ouick and effective wa; sam ... . . i _ I illdt^ )» (|mnx n,,v, cii^-vvi.c ""J Fred Hamra accompanied Sam to ,, c | p/ brln? about more healtliy H-imra and sons, Sam Jr. ancj kWney Rcllv ,ty and relie/e lint Jerry to points in Illinois and Rochester, Minn., for a week's Vacation. Mrs. Russell Holmes. Misses Hatlie Lois Randolph nnd Margaret Myilck drove to Memphis Sunday and visited Mr. Holmes, who Is a patient In the Henry Hill Clinic Mr. and MH Irvln Samples and daughter, Jane, and Mrs T r Gllius, drove lo Dvereburg, Tenn, and v hllcd a trlmcV ot tlir ladles, bladder Irrljiliou with its scanty passage with smarting and burning us well as restless nights. Kemeinbcr the kidneys often need as well .as the bowfls, ami scene of a » •'"entertained the . , some symptoms at. kidney weakness may be: gc.Ulmr up otUn during tlienisht— puffy eyes— Jiackiiche— shilling" pains. Don't be 'an EASY MAliK am! accept a subslitulc— Ask for GaU' Mcilnl Harirlcin Oil Capsules— rifh Miss Nellie Sherwood, who Is scH- rrinn Haarlem in ISollan.l. GET. ously 111 (GOU) M>D\r^-tlic on<inil—the Ecy. Wayne Huffman left tor genuine. Jxjok for the Gold Jlcda -when Uwrentertained the «ey. woyue numnan ^'^ '"• t tnui,, t . IA>I.K , U i » > 'Slid CBUitey Bridge Club, home at Lebanon, Saturday the bo*—35 cents. ' CRACKERS, fresh Soda, 2 Ihs. .. MEAL, Fresh Iream, 21 llib 'URE LARD, It's: fresh, too, 4 Ibs. ;^c, 8 Ibs. 65c, 39 50 Ibs. $).75 Vaml',1 Wafcis 1 .lb. HAU; SIJ.GAU,••fine 10- ; lhs. 7 .-:.i Lamp Chimneys N'o'. 2's, P..& G. or Crystal While, 3 bars. 14 47' 5' 11 CLEG.. lb, 12ic CHEESE lb. me in Piece Curtahv Puritan Half or Whole S'M JELL Package 3 for Loose Gallon PEACHES Fvaporaled Pound Sour or Dill 22 ox. 2 Boxes 5 2 Boxes SPACKETT! 2 Boxes Purity IS oz. Bc\ 12 C PMfTY 20 ex. Box or Caniatioii Can Small Can PIMIENTOS, Sunshine . . 4 oz. 5c HUSKIES, the new Cereal, 2 for .. .. 15 RED/SALMON full 1 tb Can . 22' OLEO Pure Vegetable, ,Bhie Seal ' Pound COFFEE, M. House «fic or Monarch; lb. . »V PLACE LOAF 7U lb. Cans t 12 PRIDE ILL. Corn full lb. Cans Graham Crackers A-l, lb. 9' Tomatoes J lb*. Ilk; r<. . .._~.. ..w— - -..— pcrs, Ucll, ;! for Tie; Otau- gcs, Seedless, doz. 15c; Potatoes U. S. Nn. 1, ID Ibs. t" Tea, New Iced, 4 oz. lflc;-8 oz. ... MILK, Pel or Car. 3 tall 01 B Stn. ... 20' SYRUP, Corn ami Cane, Gal .. NOODLES. Large Package VINEGAR Pure Bulk, not Waler Gallon STERLING Salad Dressing 19c Corn Beef m ROSEMARY PURE Pt.14c FLIT Fly Spray I BIG 4 FLOUR Tint Pint Qt. l <; "> Sack 2lc 112 !l >- Sai:k 30c I 21 I!).' Hack Me 18 Ib.-SacU Sl.33 IA <ift !2C l9C Mcd. Box Small 13«x , Large ' Ifl . Uox I* 1

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