The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURFER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 11, 194S Mental Hospital Is Gutted by Fire 9 Women Patients Killed, Three Injured In Midnight Blaze ASHEVTLLB, K. C., Mar. 11.- On>>—A holocaust of fire gutted one of the main hullcilngs of the Highland Hospital for Nervous 1)1- •eises today and Dr. B. T Bennett. medical director, tald nine women pmtfenU were killed. Three others were Injured, two critically. Bennett said 29 women patients, •11 mental cases, were in the thrce- itory building when (ire broke out In the diet kitchen about mldiilght. PlucM rapidly enveloped the build- In*, trapping tlx of those lulled on the toj) floor. Only three bodies had be«u recovered. Townspeople of this mountain vacation playground swarmed to the •cene and could hear the screnins of the victims. They helped round up « number of the mentally-Ill women who •trayed off the hospital grounds »nd wandered Into nearby woods. Kremen were hampered in rescue operation* because the heavy win- dors of the hospital were shackled with strong chains to keep ihcm from being opened (TO far. It was a precaution to prevent prt- | tleuts irom escaping. Fire-fi^hl-1 ers had to chop the steel links WASHINGTON (UP) — In before they could get some of the . caslefll cUy nn ckier |y man Death Struck Suddenly J Death and destruction strike suddenly hi the stricken land of Palestine. A Jewish youth was seriously Injured when this armored Jev.'lsh intra-clty bus rumbled across a land mine in Jerusalem, Arabs fired on the occupants of the bus as they fled Jewish sources said. (NBA Telephoto by David Boycr, Staff Photographer.) Businessman Turns Pioncr; Heads for Alaska TOLEDO, O. (UP)—A JOth century pioneer threw aside his profitable business and comfortable living here and set out to establish what he calls a new and better Ufe in Al&altt. Two month* and 4,000 mile* away, Lawrence H. Lancashire, Jr., who already has crammed a life-time of excitement into 29 yean, will stake down his tent some 60 miles south of Anchorage on the Kenal Ptnln- jmla. There he'll »et up a aawmlll he Is taking alone and itirt cutting lumber as a business. . "•. Lancashire Is making the . entire till) by jeep—with a trailer loaded with four tons of equipment. The K-year-old former air force pilot, who wu "hot down during the famous ploeiti oil field raid In Romania, also plant to develop a year-round resort for vacationing hunters and fishermen. HI* wile, Lorraine, and three children will fly to Alaska ne*t than Wednesday', tverxe; U»ht- er weights H to lie lower; aowi Me to »1 lower. Bulk good and choice 180 to 240 Ibs 22.50-23; top 23; 340 to 270 Ibs 21.25-22,75; 270 to 300 Ibs 20.25-21.50; 300 to 340 Ifc 19-20.60; ISO to 170 It* U-32.50; 130 to ISO Ibi l»-2!.7»; few V, 108 to 12* It* 14.M-17.7S. Com 460 lt» down 17.73-lt.29; few 18.5018.75; over MO lb« 17.25-17.15. Stags 13.50-16. Cattle 2,200, salable 1,500; calves 700, all salable. Market generally active and strong. Several consignments of medium to low good kids sold it 24.25-2535; some good •teen held above 26; medium to iop4 heifer* and mixed yearlings »• 25.50; odd head (food cows 21; common and medium beef cowa 17.50-20; c»nners and cutters relatively icaree, quotable from 13.5*- summer to ]oln him. How To Meet Living Cost Stumps Sam's Budget Reid Courier News Want Ada. pntlenta out. The building was one of four units of the mental hospital which IT operated as a psychiatric unit of the Duke University Hospital at Durham, N. C. It was reduced to a hollow shell of stone and twisted, blackened steel before firemen could bring It under control. Bennett said the cause was unknown. Patients Were Asleep Most of the patients were sleeping at the time, A few nurses and other hospital personnel were making their regular rounds. The first alarm sounded Just before mldnlsht. Patients who escaped the building were clad in flimsy night Bar- i and wrote to the government people in Washington. "I am retired and have a Income of $60 a month," he wrote. "Is there any place In this country where my wife and I can city a mo- live on that?" From a midwestern ther of two children wrote In to complain that her husband was fighting with her all the lime. "He doesn't understand why I caii't make ends meet now on $50 a week," she said. "What can I do? How do other people do it?" The two letters are typical of several received by the (;ovcriiment every week. Most of them are from and the circumstances. Nut Su Simple "Milking a budget is really ;i process of weighing values," said Miss Orshawnsky. "Suppose a family with $50 a week income to the undersigned lor allowance IN TUB PKOBATH COURT ¥OK before the end of six months from THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT llle date of tlle " rit Publication'. OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARK. of this notice, which U March 4th, In Hie Matter of the Estate of A. D. 1948. H not so .presented A. V.'Moody, Deceased within such time, they will, be for- IC. M. Holt. Kxrcuior ' No. 1842 ever barred. The address of the NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION undersigned Is E. M. Holt, Box 448, Notice Is hereby given that letterg Blythcvllle,, Arkansas • testamentary were granted to the Dated this 3rd day of March, undersigned upon the estate of A, A. D. 1048. Y. Moody, deceased, on the 23rd E. M, HOL.T \» Itll *JU II Vi Ct-K lllCiJlllt: 13 •" • •••-"v.j , vi-_^-h,iw,u, uitviii..*,u»u r, *r* rr I- running into debt at a rate or 55 day of February. A. D. 1948, by H. G. Part low, ^GjS. K«ck a week. They've got. nn nutoinotntc. That's simple you say. Give up the nutomobllel But, maybe they need Ine car for transportation — or maybe they'd rather have the car than new clothing. , . We don't tell people what to give up. We just show them how other people are spending their money and how to prepare a budget. the Probate Court for the Chick- ; Attorneys nsawba District of Mississippi' County, Arkansas. All persons having claims or demands against salrt estate must present them, duly authenticated, for Administrator. 3|4-ll-18-25 Livestock — - I ST. I.OUIS NATIONAL 8TOCK- thc coastline snnk, some of the ele- | YARDS, Mar. 11. (UP)—Livestock: ] phants \vere stranded on Sama i Hogs 8.500, salable. 8,000; com! Rosix and became dwarfed from in- ' pared with similar amount yester- Whal nbont the elderly retired ' breeding and poor living conditions, day. Weights ISO Ibs 50 to 75c tower ments It was a chilly night with city the mercury hovering 12 to 15 dc- who had no trouble getting along frees above freezing. I There were 142 such letters last "" " ' on tHelr Income a few years ago. Two of the dead were Identified ts Mrs. Bmce Kennedy, about 30. and Mrs. Allen T. Hipps, cldciOy widow of a late prominent Asheville doctor. Dr. p. R. Terry. Duncombe County coroner, snld they died of asphyxiation. They wore •live when removed from the blazing structure bnt died while art) ficlal respiration measures were being applied. Bennett withheld the nnines of the others until relatives can be notified. All fire ' equipment in Ashevllle was rushed to the burning .structure as well as pumping trucks from nearby BIHmore and Encn, More than 40 [irctnen continued to pour water on the smoldering niins nil night. Terry said the ruins were too hot to allow firemen to search for the bodies of the missing women. He man? He was sent the lowcost meal fo'.ks. Many are from people I planning and budget pamphlets. Bnt where can he live on SGO a month?" "I don't know," said Miss Holmes sadly. "1 don't think you can, anywhere." year, only 78 in In 1046. Always Same Question AH ask the .same question: Isn't there .some way of budgeting my income so 1 can bent the Inflation squeeze? i If there is, the government experts who answer the letters don't know about it. | Most of the letters come address- | eti to the Departments of Labor i and Commerce and to the Library of Congress, Some are addressed to the Bureaus of the Budget. Prc- Mtivmbly the writers figure thai experts who handle billion-dollar budget problepis surely ought to know how to work out a famuy- sized one. All the lelt' erV eveiv .tually end up Anthropoligists Assemble Bones OIF Tiny Elephant SANTA BARUAHA, Cal. (UP) — After many months of bane-limiting on tiny Santa Rosa Island near here, scientists are assembling the skeleton of a fossil pigmy elephant thnt livrd a million years a^o. Phil Orr, curator o* anthropology and paleontology at Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, on the desks of Rust Holmes MoIHe Orshnnsky of' the agricul? .aid he doubted th^ the hunt for , ^W^W-S^ i 'No Real Answer other bodies would begin for another 24 or 36 hours. Some of the patients, all mental and second floors of the blazing building by firemen, and walked out calmly. All were In nightdress and several had escaped Into a wooded srea near the hospital before they were headed off and brought back by townspeople who gathered watch the roaring Intel no. Nurses Rusliert to Scene Nurses from Norburn Hospital ahrt other Asheville hospitals were brought to Highland to care for the rescued patients. *One patient, her blonde hair "But there really isn't any answer sometimes," Miss Holmes said "We send them phamphlets about O lh crs | keeping a budget and about planning knv-cosl L\iHl moderate cobt meals. We point out that careful budgeting can reduce the money that dribbles Into 'non-essentials'.' "But." said Miss Orshansky, to ' "they really want to know how to [continue the same style of living who is directing the project, said remains of the animal ,»re -found nowhere else In the Afld, an4 ht!nf» it is known' as the EBmtS Ro»>. dwarf mammoth of'pigmy' elephant?-' Anthropologists say the animal,' standing only six feet high, wn.s a descendant of the 13-foot gia mammoth which Inhabited this area • while Ibc Channel Islands we\-e part, of the mainland. When portions of MOTORISTS NOTICE! Have Your Body and Paint Work Done at T.I. SEAT MOTOR CO. JUNIOR CLIFTON IS NOW IN CHARGE OF OUR PAINT AND BODY REPAIR DEPT. Get Our Estimate On All Work T. I. SEAY MOTOR COMPANY 121 East Main Phone 2122 with the sftino income when the cost of living has none up. "You can't do it, Sonicihing hns to give way." For example, said Miss Holmes, there was the man who wrote lor Bringing around her soot-covcrcd budget advice. He said he was sup- face, was carried from the burn- poriing a family of four adults and six children with nn incoinc o[ $65 a week. "We sent him the low-cost meal planing pamphlet; but lho.« meals would cost more than J40 a week alone for his family of 10" All of those who write in are told there isn't any magic budgeting formula that will fit all needs. | You cant' "arbitrarily" apportion 25 per cent of income to rent or 30 per cent to food, they are Informed. Ii depends on the family ing structure and Inid on the bare concrete floor of the nearby liospl- Ul administration building. Other patients able to wttlk out of the building under their own power were herded Into the administration building nnd sat- around calmly, wrapped In blankets, chatting about tnc lire•.Flames were confined to the building In which the blaze started, although fiery embers flying through the air landed close to the adjoining administration bulldrnp. "The fire swept swiftly throneh the Interior of rapidly reduced the structure and the inside of the under the care of hospital -fflcials. The hospital was originally the Carroll Sanitarium, founded by Dr, building to ruins. Floors and ceil- i RolJ P rt s - Carroll He Inter donated the Ings fell through from the roof to the vasement. and one of the four outside walls toppled. Only a three-wall shell of concrete and twisted steel was Irft standing, and the building appeared a total loss, There was no immediate estimate of the damage In dollars. Apparently all the patients who escaped from the blazing hospital had been rounded up and were Next Victim? of Ashville. . . ._ entire plant to Duke University, uhlch operated it as part of the therapeutic unit of the chr\!r ol psychiatry at the uuivetsitv. J. Fiugcrald. aicoiding to sources, may bo the next .CIO, official purged for Wallace- •tor»Pres!d«nt leanings. Fitzger- •)<t U president of the United rtalitnl Workers, and a vice t>rpMm> at the CIO. He's the •jHt tncniMBt CIO offlce-holder » ~ - bvcUnc tht third party. EXACTLY AS ADVERTISED IN CHARM... ?• "•- .IS—•••-••' -x/:.x^ saves LO-HEELERS Off you go i« « whirl "f rolor with » uorlil of tpringtlBe » jomr fcctl Nu wondtr yo» feel g«]r .. • whco llio« MB look ikii way ... tmalifal •apple leather* ii Mlids t ~or bright •nlti-eotof*. $6.98 202 W. MAIN Blytheuille, flrkonsas AT KIRBY'S THIS WEEK EXACT SCIEHKJ . Compounding a prcKripliOA • jn exJCt science There cm be no imiakes, no errors Our phirmicist issumes this responsibility ai pjrt of hit rob Fo« absolute ISSUNIKC of eorreei compounding likf J'om nt« pre«rip<io« KJUJ rOU CAN ALWAYC HCLY ON u« ron CAM AND ACCUIUke* It 1 ! linolized to impart ustre <o your hair tnd keep it u-ith little effort Kitchen Clocks — 8 Day — $3.50 Jiwelit* Hair Brushes, Nylon Bristles and Companion Items. New and Complete Shipment Combs, Cloth Brushes, Sets. ICE CREAM PINT Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry 25c 30c Butcher Linens CAROUSEL Young, spirited, sottly feminine . . . these ar» the words that so beautifully tell you of our new collection of drew fashions for the Junior. Btylei that are really adorable by acadi of nationally famous manufacturers. See these fint dresses next time you're in! 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