The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, APRIL 4, 1949 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION p«i oonwcuiiT* in- Dftllj sertion: ... Minimum onus* ........ . ..... f" c 1 time per Un« ....... • ......... **c 2 time* p«t iloe p*r day ......... ij*c a time* per linn p« d«y ........ )jc < time* per Une pet aay ....... .• TC 12 lime* p« Une per day ....... *c Uontb per line ...... ......... *° c Count «ve average words to the Un« Ad ortlerea lor three or BU lime* »QO •topped oeiore expiration will be cliurg «d (or ice Durnbe* oi uaies tbe »<J ap- pearea »Dd *dju&iment oi oil) mude A1J OlAMUiea Advertising cops «ub- miu«a oj persons residing out-side oi the cut mutt o» accompanied by c*m aate* ay t>« easily computed irom tne HDOYB wOle. Advertising oraei 101 irreyuiai iHB«r- lions ifcfce* tne one time rate. No responsibility will De taken foi more man one mcorrecs insertion ol any classified *d, AU ad» Ale restricted to their piopei cja&smcaium. fii:/l« «*<* ^XP e ra * Courier resenref ine right W edil 01 rejeci any ad. ' Money to Loan ix> you ne*a a loan 10 repair oc «• mod'jl/ No down payment, uo Mort- 6bg,« no red cape. FHA APPKOVKLJ JtATS t% ASK FOIi DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor rnone 2U34 . Lyiicb Bull din* Blytn vNlt. Arfc. MaJce your fiome pretty for spring expert Kug Oleaulag Servlo la youif " PEKHLESS CLEANERS Vri<me 2WS. IJlytUerlUe 1,22-CE-ll Services 24 noui «ervlce Notice Koaai i-inisniOR USfttbNU STUU1O - — I OUOrlcss pumping o( Bcpllo T»nkB, ! Urease Traps and Konllury Toilets All I worK guaranteed J~'o job too targe oi i loo small tSUirtBO moved nway wtth lanK l ruck «ml premises leJt clonn Uanitary work J M Ciunn. tsitrLdKC ilcr Camp Hiway 61. I'tiono 21 BC or 3U51 3.?2-pk-4l5 The Enoch Chapel a M. E. Church ot BJylhevUle. ArU. Pasiorcd by Hev. J, T. Bowen. tlld a gronl work on Sunday April 3rd. 1949 and we want to thank our white Irleiids who K ready gave Llielr supixirl to help 10 hum Hit- mortgage and puy the iticlcUtncss ol tne church. Mrs. 1* Samoii Rt the employment olMce. wht-n 1 walked In, she said that she did not know that 1 was Christian man Uut atie would Sire the church 51.00. Mr. Doyte Hen- deraon $500. Mr. Lloyd \Vnrd 51000. Mr. Jodie L. Kabors tS.iW. "Hy H'c Co. $6,OU, Lincoln J. Khooi'-s 52.00. Ctatton Orocery Co. $200. Mr. Ous Kberdl $5.00, Mr. Tom A. Little Sr. S5.00, Mr. K R Jackson J5.OO, Sir. Tom LHile Jr, 5^00. \Ve are sorry that space will not allow •us to give the names of every our who gave. John D. Johnson nust-d $6000. John TAte ThlRpeii $5600 Total nmouut SI 16.00. We extended lliu mortgBge Irom April 3 lo nth. If any one desires to fiend us a donation make checks to the Enoch Chapd Church. Srnd to address John Tlitmien 517 S. 16th St., BlythevlUc. Arh, Apurtment for Rent PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 20^0, niythcvillc or 205, Osccola a-l/l-ck-4-M 1 will service R limllcd number of clocks fll my home. Clocks of alt types will he flcceinptt Iiidu.slrkil. uoveStlC'S. nnuCLiies, petpctv]!!!, cn!ni;(1ar, etc Ctiurirs Uploti ]^i \V. Mo, I'Ji 4'2'J2. se call afirr 5 p m. 4,4 FK 4,18 3-room furnished r\pt. Electric stov and refrh-prator. automatic hot \viUcr heater. Main street. Couple only. Mr: EdeHr P. Bonun. Ph. 3123, 4.4 CK 4,6 - ^ 3 lurnlshed rooms and bath. 417 Broadway. M CK ELECTRICAL ANM") REFRIGERATION SERVICE STABBS BROS. Now Location- 410 E. Mnin Phone Day &51 NlglU 2559 USED CARS At Very Special Prices 11118 Ford Super IM.uxe -1-tloor, l»Kiitiful blue, clean inside and out, low mileage, lius had excellent cure, vi|iii|i])cd with radio and healer . . . $151)5. 1017 Fnnl Club (.'wipe, city driven, first class Ihrough- oul, dark blue color, good henler . . 51445, l!)i« Ford Super Del, u xe 2-door .. ?!)'J5. HIM Ford 2-door . . . only $7i)5. !!)!! l-'ord 2-door . . . special price . . . ?5i)n. 11110 Mercury Town Sedan, new painl . . :<);!7 I'lyuinulh 4-door . . . 51!). r >. worV: 3UB1. Imur or PK. 4.18 insurance Modern cabins unit Hoy Courts. Ph 951. apart me nts Ixwt 3 24 -pV: -412-1 2-room furnlsnefl apt. and hftlh Ph, 4336. 322 K. 6lh. St. ' 4 1 l-I"!'-4i5 1 small 2 room fmnlshe '. 901 North 6th street. uparltiicnt 4;l-pk-4;» 1 5-room lurnlshccl apixrlnir-iH, 1 2- Toom furnished apiutnient. Phone :1S7C. 4.1-!>k-4.S Apt. 401 K- Ash. Small 1 urn is bed (Street. Call 2528. 212& Hpuley 4;l-pk-4;S For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W, J. Polland Agency Planned Protection ULENCOE 124 HUTEL BDILUINO W ASH BT Typewriter 2-roo'm lumlshed apt. Close In. 393 Or 4256. 4jl-p Business Service Directory TYPEWRITERS L Cortina and Kcailne- EDWARDS Typewriter Kovaj. Smii mn fnrmme DON rtie yecnnd at fhmit Jjaa 9,16-ct-ll For Sale. Misc. Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. We CUD mi all your needs (Jet genuine part-= from om ram- pifiie line ELLIS PObLE, UWNER A UPERA'1'OIl South Hlghwa. 61 at Sleele Mo Phone Steele 49 ll|12-Ck-U CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION blaln & Division Phone ^>Q3 Don't endanger your lamlly with iBiilty tlra-=—BOf t&S TIRES FR UTILIZER We hnve several tons of 3-0-18 tlml PUANTBHS COOI'EIIATIVE U1N HIGHWAY 61 SOUTH I'llONE 720 3 29-ck-4 nrl used. Also phnnb- L, C. llolUson, Phone Phimblug new iK woiX done One SiiSMirras lio^t new. Cheap. one Cony size saddle horse 3 years old lirokt* to rlrte. L C, RollLson Phone 6315. 3.30-pk-tiG John-Uecre miatlletiusler iuc etc tie Phunc J02 A Hale 3:5-ck-li Now that little junior Is crawltnR Keep the nips clean with odnrle-s.-; Pin. h'oam IJcal'A PolnL Store 3;3-ck-4| Loans AUTO LOANS FURNITURE LOANS (julcK PersnnRlized Service Ueneral Contract Purchapp Corp 106 So firth Phnne 2SI28 8;7-c)r-ir Harrcuvs for Ki\lo Let us slmrpen you plo\vs now Avoid the rush Henry West brook's Shop 225 N 1st L)ny Phone 4161 Night Phone 413 Read Courier News Want Ails. • For This Week Only • 1939Dodge *625 4-door Sedan, unusually good condition, has Ml) license. All set to go for only 11111 Ford ii-door ... a real value 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS la mi«rMi«a LD ouylnt or MI lint •«• Moble Gill Agency lecil Earls *-— F. B. Joyner REALTORS llehcoe Bldg. Phone 3131 lt»J-ct-tl Fat Sale, Misc. S I' 10 C I A L Nrw piirrt'l delivery ^ ( '1'on t'oriE with crmnii hody. A tmlnral for milk, .end, or inundry delivery. Doulers URL ti5&--Onr pnce f2H5, Call Cnrulhrrs- 3I«^. Mo. I'iionp M2 or ';7^J. 4;2-ck-6 SnmH Electric waslilriR mnchlnc, bnby tssineLic. Will sell chcnp. Ph. 2856 'hrce. Nice. Hoinea on Davis, Two o Kentucky. Hi^licsl streets tn To wiiere some or best people live. Tin incs can tic seen by nppolutnienl. Br Owner, Duplex nt i45 S. Dtvlaton it. Modern South Side rented. N. Side flcant and not in rent celling $3500 "rite O. I». JFIyiu 146 Laurel Ave. W. Atlanta. Oa. For Rent, Houses 2-room ixirnlshcd coltage. 1708 West am. Phone 2046. 4;i-pk-4|:> 3-room lurnlnried arhro 1'h. 717. house with hath 4.2-pl£-4[9 Notic* For lease have a very de.slrable lo- at ion in nice residential district for llrst class meal mnrkct In biiUd •Hh my grocery, i a lione 865. 4[l-ck-5 Used fenders lor sale Also best In ody and lender repair Red's Bod] hop. Ill Lilly. Phone 4916. 3[29-pk-4L He/p Wonted, Met/* WANTED: A man experienced IB I limbing materials and bard war* A ood proposition will be offered the ight nun with chance for advance- nent. Address Manager, *oi 100 Blythevllle. Ark. 4 l-ck-tf For Rent Small 3-rootn est IJavla, Ph. furnished 2004. houM. 112 4|4 PK 4 ; 7 Employed girl wants to share her 5- ooin home with n. couple or ecvcruJ ii)>loyed girls. Call Del] 2392—aftei ii> p.m. 4il-pk-4ja Per so no I rnirty minute plmuwsiatic service U'tiTUUN'U BTUU1O lL6-ck-U Business Opportunity Grocery and Market Specials. East End-61 higuway. and West End Living rooms with sonic. Blyiheville Really Ph. 2394 330-pfc-4;G RECONDITIONED MONEY MAKERS 1917 Chevrolet 1^-Ton Truck, 12 foot body, has 1919 license. 19 1C Chevrolet license. 1^-Ton Loujf • Wheclbase, has 1949 ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled inimals picked up free of charge in slurilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blythe- ille, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 2-14-ck-4-14 We repair watches. Try us for fast semces Uoore'5, 306-308 East Main Street. 3|l2-pH-4|12 For Sale or Trade I ircsh 6 year old Jersey cow Several trcsn ana springe: hellers Montnly plan lor Ul J. W- Blackwell. Steele MO i'iione 1UF3 3[22-pk-4|22 Private Rooms YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO OWN YOUR OWN STORK - You can become'one of 2100 Dealers now owning Western Auto Associate Stores—successful retailers ot auto supplies, bicycles, radios, sporting goods, electrical ajuillBncefc, etc. Good locations aviulnDIe In Missouri and Illinois. No experience required—we train you. Minimum cash investment of $6.- 5UU necessary. See, phone or write us for further Information. WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesale Division 4116 N. Union St, Louis, Mo, Phone Good fellow 0100 or K. S HugHes. Phone 277 Bus 608. Maiden, Mo. 42-cX-4;& UKIVE-1N Theatre equipment. New. 5*J,174. Drive-In eorisi ruction and operation Instructions furnished. THEAT- I1E SUPPLIERS. Henderson. Kentucky. 4:4 PK 4'5 19 1G Chevrolet I'/i-Ton Truck. Cab-Over-Engine, has 2-speed axle, Short v\Vheelbase, 720x20 front tires, 825x20 rear. 1911 Chevrolet Long Wheelbase Truck, has 700x20 lircs in t'ronf, 825x20 tires in rear. 1912 Ford Long Wheelbase Truck with 700x20 tires in front, 825x20 in rear. 1911 Chevrolet cense. Long Wheelbase Truck, has 19-19 li- 2 sleeping Phone nU5. looms. 117 West Vine Nice tront bedroom. Private buth Men only. 603 West Main til. Phone b-room nonsc. nice corner lot: g c^ry on nnck o[ lot doing more bu&L- | MAIII. ness Ulan any little stor» In town Room close to bath. Ph. 2235. 619 W. 4-rooms, Qalh, ii&rdsvootl floors, near High iictiool Price. 54,300. 2-scls of I II. O. push type busters n. 12 irlp [ret Our IHC 9I1A <ll5C . 11. Ulxotl. Ulylhevlllc. Rt 4 a-Hootns. two^lockfi S7.SUU. SI.500 C«sb. Sionuville 2B t;ottoiif.reiL second yew •om breeder $85 00 per ton Clmrlcs lemncK, '.* mile east ol fl R crowing 3.25-nk-4]8 Clear LaXe Hd Kloctric [lefrlgorator. Good contll- UOH. Sixty dollars. Ci\!l 241G. -i;i-;ik-5 Kitchen cabinet. t'lorcnco cook stove, Rood condition H yd ran RPR and Hibiscus plants Phone 3319. 3;29Mric-4[5 One wool ml chair. rue unrl mat. poker table ne 3257 after 6 p. in 3,29-ck4i5 HLftCk Cocker puils Plione 2406 SOYBEANS, A Wlil.ille K inilrt. OKdcn «ncl slnte. Phone Arksoy. 2652. Jl 4.-1 PK C tioi c e u sinews lorth ol Main Missouri. J5.100 18 K iJedrooni. convenient to bath. 611 W Main. Phone 332S 3,31-pk-ii30 For Cors & Trucks NEED A CAR? Private bath. Phone 3557. 3,30-pk-416 tic n 1 1 Rl lots Hwy . lot on Mwy. 61- Ncw rtxiplex on Hearn. 4-rooms. hall. baih each side. Very nice home and ncome. ' Mrs. J. L, Lewla, 111 E. Davis. Phone Bcdroojn adjoining bath Ph 233S 3U9-pk-4|19 Ued-room *nd Kitchen prlvllegeB U oesircd Phone 3653 305 ' ake 19 1G Chevrolet 3 /-I -Ton Stake Truck, low mileage. 1911 Chevrolet '/j-Ton Truck, "attic body . . . $595. 1910 Kord '/2-Ton Pickup Truck . . . only $195. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company bedroom BlythcTllle Hotel Phone 315-pk-«|5 3^0 acres ot rlun cypress farm land highly improved Ideal place for home On Eoori filway, Hns land will produce irom 1'j tn 2 bale.s of cotton per aer« Ua.i access to electricity and tele- school Hrlce $200 |jcr acre with small tlown payment Balnnce like rent If you are mterrstM In Rood farm land* Forrest Jones, benath. Mo Ph. 110 For Sale, Real Estate Larce comlortable bedroom, close In Men only. 310 W Walnut. 3j26-pK-4[26 Sewing BELTS, BUCKLES, covered buttons Dutton Holes Mae Miller. Alma Bass Elma Urowdcr Phone 35*J9 II no RII^^. 46^2 606 N 5th St 3]15-pk-*|15 Wanted to Buy V« buy used turnttutB Phone 2660 Other Real Values 193fi Fnid (2 cavs), liolh in very jfood cniulilion, each has '!!> license, spei-ial price nn each car . . .JS;{95. 193fi Buick Coupe, has gond tires and j.; 01 "! motor, equipped with both radio and healer . . . only §525 1939 Chrysler Royal Tudor Sedan—motor, tires and body in good condition, has 1919 license . . . $(195 1940 Chevrolet, Special DeLuxe Tudor Sedan, has new paint job, body, motor, and tires in excellent condition . . . $825. .1939-Ford Tudor Sedan, lias liractically new motor and tires, equipped with radio & healer . . . §595. 1939 Ford 1-Ton Truck with IfllS Mercury motor, body and bed in first-class condition, has new 700x16 S-ply lircs . . . $R95. 1947 Buick Super Tudor Sedan with radio, heater, and seal covers . . . very low mileage Guaranteed to be in excellent condition, and offered at a very good price. 1942 Dodge '/ 2 -Ton Pickup, mud grip tires, excellent condition . . . $795. OTHO STAXFlEI.I) \V. J. "BILL" WUNDERUCH "When Belter Cars Are Built, Buick Will Build Them." Langston-Wroten Co. lUoiltrn suburbilil borne lo- catcd i'liist of town. E(|iiippetl vvilli modern bath and kitchen. A sturdily built house that can' be financed with a 100% G. I. Loan. For further information see or cnll Max Logan, Lynch Bldg. Phone 2034. Modorn home located in restricted residential area. Large yard com|>lctely land- scapcd Ultra modern streamlined kitchen. This home is equipped with attic fan, automatic «as heat and is well insulated. Large closets and a full sized dining room. See or call Max Logan, Lynch Bldg. Phone 2034. 3-30-ek-4-G i Lake Street opposite Sndbury School n Rood i-room Home. bnlh. Rnrage. on • paved street and bus line, for quick SMC 53BUU. terms. i We.-it Davis—2 blorks from Court House—KOod 4 'loom hou*e only *2000 HLYTIlKVILl-E RKALTY PHONE 2304 Lots For Sale 3 choice suburban lots on Highway 61 North, lot size 85x200 and 100x200. East fronts, large-pecan trees. In new Country Club Drive Addition, just north of Camp Moultrie. See or call— JOHNNY MARK REALTOR Phone 4111 Res Ph. 2596 Here's a Real Special! 1946 FORD $995 1 dtior Sudan Has '49 license I'ou'lf lind many other honest-tO' odnefis values tn. Used Cars at 61 Motor Co Uo yourself a lavoi and &ee us Geiore you decide. 61 MOTOR CO. Norm Ulgnway «1 i-none 21« Read '"our'fr News Want Ads UNIFORM Headquarters » Baseball • Softball Gel Our Prices TAX! and TRUCK DRIVERS UNIFORMS All Colors - Gabardine $12.95 HUDSON Cleaner-Clothier-Tailor Salesman Wanted QUIT LOOKING FOR WORK Establish yourself In a profitable Rnwlelgh Business In cities of Blythe- vllle and Osceola or East Cralghead mcy. Be your own boss. No exper- ence or capital necessary. Write Immediately. KAWLEIGH'S. DEl'T. AKD- 2Jfi. Memphis Tennessee. -V4 PK 4> 4,7 PK 4[8 BARGAIN. CITY PROPF.RTT Nice 3-bed room homo oil En si Kon- tuctey Corner lot. I'rlcecl to sell- This projiprly will carry good loan (Jood Vroom house with bath 'on ieth street. l*o^;e<*lon with deed Extra IRIRC lot Price SLlSOO. good It-rmi!. •Vhrr* room house near BlvthevUic Oil Mill Pi Ice U150 Good trrnis BERT KOS3 REALTOR ?nD' = W Mnin Thone "2-Mb or 3816 3 30-ck-46 A nice 5-room Bxingfilow. with bath Moor Furnace, atuc Ian, Hard wood 110075, just completed, never occupied Worth central part ol cltv, near UPW proposed tileh srnool Price S7500 Oil SI WO cash will handle Ihe deal, move in with ctelircry or Deed. W. M. RURNS REALTOR PIIONF 3361 E T Bubbard. Ph 329-pk-AS Walnut at Broadway Dial 555 for Servict BARGAIN 5 room residence. Two venial houses, chicken hovise barn, nice orchard, strawberry patch, one one acve o ground adjoining cily limils Priced $6500. H. C. Campbell Flione '1-J46 or 2930 •14 -ok -I Read Courier News Want Ads. DEPENDABLE Used Cars and Trucks 1947 Kaiser 4-door. radio and Heater S1195 1939 Plymouth 4-door 625 1940 Chevrolet 4-door 60S 1941 Plymouth 2-door 850 1D37 Plymouth 2-door 29b 1937 Oldsmoblie 4-door 295 Female Help Wanted EXPERIENCED TEACHERS P«rsonn«l Director or nutlonally Known corpor»tlon will Interview icachprs lor summer positions that are nlltereru. This worX appeals to strong high type teachers wlio would not be interested In ordinary selling. State chlng experience, other rniRltricn- tlons. address and phone number In letters asking for Interview. Write Box CDE Care Courier News. 4,4 pk <;! Truck Takes Flight DENVER (UP)—Earl T. Phil]lott. 30. was injured seriously when light truck struck a telephone pole 12 feet above the ground. The highway patrol reporter! Philpotfs truck bounced Into the air after skidding on a rain-covered road. 1848 Dodge li-Ton Pickup 1948 international li-Ton Pickup 1941 Dodge -\-Ton Pickup 1947 Dodge li-Ton Pickup S1395 1395 1050 1295 1947 ford Sedan Delivery .................................. 1295 1946 Chevrolet Vj-Ton Pickup ............................. 750 1940 Dodge '.i-ron Panel .................................. 545 1946 Chevrolet llj-Ton Long Wheelbase ..... .... ........... 995 1948 International 1',5-Ton Long Wheelbase Stake .......... 179b 1941 Chevrolet Hi -Ton Long Wheelbase Slake ............. 650 1940 Ford '.j -'Ion Pickup ................................... 27o EASY TERMS $•• Us Before You Buy Blytheville Motor Co. WHEN Art/NUTES COUNT me prompt and efficient service ol Owens Pharmacists solves the problem Every prescription Riled with meticulous care Free delivery service Phone 2024 OWENS DRUG STORE 301 West Walnut Broadway & Chicfcasnwha Phone 4122 Phone 578 HERE'S NEWS! WE ARE BUYING USED CARS and paying HIGHEST PRICES! 193!) lo 19-19 Models All Types and Makes No Waiting— Cash Is Here For You Drive By Today and Our Appraiser Will Buy Your Car At All Times We Have a Selected Stock of Used Cars & Trucks Small Down Payment — Easy Terms You Can SAVE MONEY When You Buy— You Can MAKE MONEY When You Sell LEE MOTOR SALES, me OLDSMOB1LE — CMC TRUCKS 311-317 East Main Blytheville, Ark USED CARS Are Our Business, Too! —SPECIAL THIS WEEK— 1037 Bviick lie sure lo see (Uis car tomorrow! $175 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores UI17 Ford Tudor equipped with radii), healer, while sidewall (ires, DcLuxe upholslcry . . . only . . . SI-195 in39 Ford Tudor, lias new paint . . . $595. 19 IS Mercury 5-Passengcr Coupe, maroon, fully equipped . . • SI595 1039 Chevrolet Panel . . . special S375. in!0 Ford CnuiK! . . . now only §325. lfl.19 Lincoln Cosmopolitan •! dour Sedan, Demonstrator, has new tar guaraiilec . now at a big discount! STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY Hirst at Wolnut Phone 4333

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