The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1966 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1966
Page 11
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Hythevffle (Ark.) Courier Kewt - Thursdsy, April», 19M - Page Eley«l By Lines You (EDITOR'S NOTE. This column is tor use by the readers Material submitted will not be ^turned AU material should be typed and double-spaced and is "/blect to editing. Writers should sign their names and, in the cases of students, <*ouid give their age. CU1U, 111 II1C v»ovt> «• «-— > Names will be withheld on request.) MANILA NEWS wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiuiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiuijiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii •MM. W. M. DAVIDSON Poverty 1 pray my letter reaches all American newspapers. Here's (lie honest truth from an American lady who sees law and lives a poverty life. My heritage was English and Irish - Indian also. I love my country, as my other friends and neighbors around our 50 states do also. There are people who take from you and with a written or typed note. It is written: Thank you, after the poor have paid their donations to all charities when asked to. For we are kind. God said: "Ye, shall always have the poor with you..Love them." It's the poor.folks who most donate their lives to help man, with God's help heal these folk of all sickenss and disease. Now, the poverty program sounds heavenly sent. But do you Americans know of a family receiving-this help? If so, isn'i it just a small basket containing sugar, flour, meal, lard, butter and coffee? A family of four could use the amount in four days. This supply is to do a family a week. Now, God promised things. He fulfilled. But our manmade promises are a failure. The top ranking staff of any group receives more cash than the man and his wife and his children. I've seen this in America, folks. So have you, who are not among this group. The .medi- care program is wonderful. But who will receive H? The earth. Mechanical? Ask — Told — Torture started. Not to ask [rom a person. Just told. Let a man tell his true story. We can understand a child. So can we like God, understand a man or boy or girl or woman. (We can not push our laws.) We the American people want peace upon our land. I believe if we took — starting today - a poll with every American family on what do they think of the war in Vietnam, the person, whether young or old, would say this: I love my country, but I love my son, my neighbor's son. I also love other countries. We have our customs and religions. We believe they should have their own freedom, personal to them. They are in their own boundaries ,God said. Let the dead bury the dead In other words, if they so mind to be at war among themselves why interfere? It isn't any o' our business. As I stated at first, our people are hungry Let's feed our own folks first Then, if there's any left, divide The Bible said there would be vars and rumors of wars. Bu did man ever stop to think he could have meant the differ ences among one's own nation? And we are to settle our own iroblems, not get our men mas saquered by otl'er countries o a land of people, that would and will but never take ou way of .living. We don't wan their ways of disbelieving. Manila Jaycettes met April 14 at the Girl Scout Hut with seven members present. The meeting was opened with the Jaycee creed led by Mrs. Doris Berry. Mrs. Robilyn Henry read the letters of communications. The group voted to visit the nursing home and take homemade cookies to the patients. A committee was appointed to ct on this project with Mrs. lobilyn Henry and Gertha Hamton as chairmen. Mrs. Norma Hamilton was ppointed chairman of the li- jrary project. The following officers were elected to serve the coming year: President, Shirley Brown; vice • president, Norma Hamil- on; recording secretary, Becky rfisner; corresponding secre- ary; Doris Berry, and treasurer, Marie Miller. The president, Shirley Brown, appointed the following commit- ee chairmen; Telephone and publicity, Sue Dudley; display and yearbroos, 'eggy Tucker; parliamentar- an, Doris Berry; Historians, Robilyn Henry and Jertha Hamilton, and hostess 1st, Becky Misner and Norma Hamilton. After the meeting adjourned the hostess, Mrs. Doris Berry ser ed refreshments. most appointed men and women with college diplomas, who don't even know what's it's like to be poor. (No money for med- icare is enough money to pay the rest of any insurance bill in America.) Our people are promised lots, but do they honestly receive it? 1 look around me. I see rouged faces. People are pale from lack of meals — sugar and wheat and other needed foods! We have a nice president. True. But he's only a man appointed by votes. I too love him. But he promotes things too fast for people to act upon. One day it's a new law. The next day or week it's another category to study and look upon. Man isn't a robot. He is only an instrument used by the wil of God, to act according to God's rules. Think twice, said He, before you act. Then be sure: If not withdraw. Be si Jent: Our enforced laws »re mechanical. What do I mean? You guessed it. Look, study, give, pray, seek Thou shall find peace upon the the weekend In Memphis with her parents, Mr. and MM. Earnest Sutherland. Gene Benson and Dennie Farmer who have completed basic training in San Diego, Calif., arrived home this week for • two- week visit with their parents, Mr. and Mr». Neal Benson and Mr. and Mrs. George Fanner. They will report May W to the Millington Naval Station at Millington. Mrs. Fern Can- of St. Louis visited this weekend with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Byrd. Mrs. Alii* T. McNorton ef Gary, Ind., spent levtral days last week visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Griffin, and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Wagner and daughter of Osceola and Dr. and Mrs. Fred Wagner and their parents, Mr .and Mrs. 0. . Wagner, during the weekend. Mr. and Mrt. Kelley Glover and children of Chicago are guests this week of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McCullough. Clyde Miffigan spent Monday in Kennett. Mr. and Mrs, 0. B. Wagner visited Mrs. Donnie Wagner at the Baptist Hospital in Memphis Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Reed Threlkeld of Piggott were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Barney Threl- E. Ballard. Mrs. Elvini Bellinger spent last weekend in St. Louis visiting her aunt, Mri. Agnes Brightfield. Carl Garner of St. Louis spent the weekend with his mother, Mn. Chloe Garner, and his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Scott. Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Wagner announce the birth of their first child, a daughter born April 24 at Baptist Hospital in Memphis. The baby has been named Amy Don. Her grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. 0. B. Wagner and Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Rice. Mr. and Mrs. Mackie McCullough of Memphis were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McCullough. Mrs. John Countess and son David of Memphis spent last weekend with her parents, Mr and Mrs. Jesse Gordon. Mrs. J. H. Griffin and Mrs. Richard Gates accompanied other members of the County Council of Extension Homemak- m Club to Holly Spring, Miss., il?ennett. • . Friday to view the historic Mrs. Raymowl Scott spent J keld One could not take me or you out here and teach us about < God their way. Sometimes i works. But is it right to get ou men killed for another country' poverty when our own people are in need of food, medicine, and clothing and a decent place to sleep? I believe I'm speaking for every one who thinks straight and believes in our Creator. We have a beautiful country and our forefathers fought here on our land to gi e to us. Let's pray we keep our land. We are a people proud and hard-working. But some or many cannot work and draw paychecks. Let's hope America — the men and women and laws — get busy and fulfil! their promises. Then, we can't provide for all. Then let's pray for our neighboring countries. I'm sure they are for us. But if we tend to meddle and run their affairs, then we must pay. But it's the man's family who suffers. I think everyone agrees with my truthful thinking. Let's pay and give what Uncle Sam has promised the sick, our schools, our Miss Sandra Downing of Mem phis spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. Rose Downing. Spc; 6- and Mrs. Jesse Tilghman and son spent the weekend with his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. LaVerne Saden, at Okolona, Miss. Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Baker and Mrs. Lee Baker and son, Kerry,' visited Southern Baptist College at Walnut Ridge, Friday. Mrs. Alleta Babb and daughter Beverly were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hamm and Miss Diann Hamm in Memphis. Mrs. Jay Ashabranner spent last weekend in St. Louis visit ing Mr. and Mrs. Billy Don Vance. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Spears and children of Memphis were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mn. W. A. Thieme and other relatives. Mrs. Glenn Holmes, Mrs. Pleasant Mobley, Mrs. Vaughn L. Shownes, Mrs. W. A; Thieme and Mrs. W. M. Davidson attended the district meeting of the Woman's Society of Christian Service at the First Methodist Church in Blytheville, Thursday. . Mr. and Mrs. Basil Hall of Memphis were Sunday guests of her sister, Mrs. Pleasant Mobley. omse and gardens. Guests of Mrs. Flora Johnston uring the weekend were Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Johnston and on of Luxora and Mr .and Mrs. larvey Hill and children of Holy Grove. j >., c -,),, c^^i the Chickasawba Hospital. Dependab es Sunday School d Mrs L D Yankee class of First Baptist Church , ., havp d j- om met at the home of Mrs. E. .W. lobertson Monday evening with six members attending. Mrs. L. G. Gammitt, Jr., gave he devotional. Mrs. Robert .awrence, class president, pre- ing. The dismissal prayer was given by Mrs. L. B, Gunn, after rtiich the hostess served re- reshments. poverty people all over our 50 stales. Then I say, let's help other people, after we've been helped. This isn't a selfish act on your fellow man. It's only right we help our aged, our charities, and still I. say, as I was told, God said: Ye shall always have the poor with you. Love them. The poor are Christians. They have truth, and suffer greatly of the things. They will never have, nor see, or feel America. Let's pray as we've never prayed before, man shall stop these wars and begin feeding their countries on love and understanding among themselves. Be truthful! Helen Mahan Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Milligan and Mrs. Herman Alston visited Friday with Mr. and Mr*. John Estes in Hornersville. Mrs. J. H. Griffin and granddaughter, Carls Adkins, were guests of Mrs. Letha Smith in Hornersville Wednesday after- oon. Mrs. Harvey Durham who recently underwent surgery al Baptist Hospital in Memphis ii convalescing at her home. Mrs. Leonard Sandusky was transferred to Shaneyfelt Hospital in Manila Monday from the Baptist Hospital in M e m p h 1 s where she underwent surgery last Thursday. Woman's Society of Christiai Service will serve its annual May breakfast at the Methodist Church dining room Wed nesday morning, May 4, beginning at 5 a.m. and serving unti 9 a.m. Mr. and Mrs. Carey Tate visited Sunday afternoon with Mr and Mrs. F. E. Howell in BIy thevUle. Mr. and Mrs, Joe Dean Pierce and tons of Farmington, Mo. were weekend guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dea: Pierce and Mr. and Mn. W IN AND AROUND BLYTHEVILLE *••••••• A Isyette shower was given Sunday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Don Barnes at the home of Mrs. Eddie Ray Riggs, Co-hostesses were Mrs. Max Riggt, Mrs. R. C. Rlggs, Mrs. Leroy Richardson and Mrs. Eddie Riggs. Thirty • two guests attended. Refreshments were served after the honoree opened gifts which were displayed under a large stork. Out of town guests attending were from Dell, Memphis and Keiser. The home of ivirs. Joe Dildine of Half Moon was the setting Tuesday night for a layette shower honoring Mrs. Barnes. Hostesses were Mrs. Dildine, Mrs. Tommy Carney and Mrs. Jolly Leggett. Cake and cold drinks were served to the 20 guests present. Mrs. Glin Ora Richardson of San Diego will return Monday after visiting two /eeks with Mr. and Mrs. Cloud Duncan and other relatives. But Cathey is a patient in the Chickasawba Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Miller are visiting in Chicago this week jwith her son, Mr. and Mrs. Max James. Cathy Skelton of Half Moon was dismissed Wednesday from the Chickasawba Hospital. and family have moved from Lone Oak to 17th St. in Blytheville. SAILING TOGS —Cotton gingham checks out in (hip- shape order for sea-going enthusiasts this lummer. These match-mate outfits feature hooded Sou'wester jacket! that are lightweight for comfort and coated to be completely waterproof •gainst sea spray or sudden squalls. They're teamed with tailored jamaieas which have side pockets and stretch webbing belts. By Jantzen. Harold Eugene Ray celebrated his ninth birthday at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Ray, with a rirthday dinner, April 14 Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Deason of Gosnell are parents of a son born at the Chickasawba hospital April 15. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Allen Cox of GosnelL Mrs. Deason is the former Sue Cox. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Pulley of Blytheville spent the weekend at Perryville, Ark., with his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jenkins. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Price and Mrs. Ethel Brittain spent the weekend at Mountain View, Ark., arid attended the Dogwood Festival. Sgt. Paul Arnold arrived last week on furlough to visit his wife and children. They left Tuesday to attend the wedding of Sgt. Arnold's brother in Kansas City. Mrs. Joseph Byzak of New York and Mr. and Mrs. Ninweh Hughes of Chicago are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hoskins, at Half Moon. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Riggs and son Neeley of Half Moon spent Sunday at Jackson, Tenn., with her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. James Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Waymock and sons have returned from Japan where they have been stationed three years to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Brackin. Mn. W. M. Morrow returned home Sunday afternoon from a weeks visit with her brother-in- law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Chartrau at New Madrid, Mo. She also visited her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Coyan at Sikeston and Mrs. Bertie Lawson at New Madrid. Mrs. Odis Seratt and Mrs. Hugh Gee of Dogwood were in West Memphis Friday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Seratt's cousin, Freemori Hurst, who died Wednesday at John Gaston Hospital. Joe Chapin of Egypt, Ark., arrived Wednesday for a visit with his daughter and son-in- law, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Riggs, Jn, and family at Lone Oak. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Craine and children of Deer Park, Tex. visited last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Higgins, and family at Sandy Ridge. Dinner guests Saturday of Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Higgins were Mr. and Mrs. Billy Higgins and children and Mr. and Mrs. David Prince and children of Blytheville, Mr..and Mrs. .Tommy Craine and children of St. Louis and Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. Rice. Bub LaShot of Blytheville is a patient in the Doctor's Hospital. Mrs. Jean Dailey, a daughter from Washington, is with him. Mrs. Vera Davis is a patient in the Chickasawba Hospital. ' Mrs. G. H. Hannaford is a patient in Doctor's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Leland Klessen and sons of Monence, 111., spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Robertson of Lone Oak. Sgt. and Mrs. Cecil Bazar and daughters of Blytheville left Wednesday for Temple, Tex., where they were called due to the death of Mrs. Bazar's father, Clarence Vickery. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Langley and son of Blytheville visited last week in Chicago with her sister, Mrs. Arthur Shea and brothers, Bo Hughes and family and Louis Hughes and family; They also visited Mr. and Mrs! Bobby Vickery and family a Des Plaines, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Webb and baby of Columbus, Miss., spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. Erma Hood at Clear Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Charles CoQeld and baby are moving this week from Dell to Blytheville. Mrs. Zettie Harris, M a x i e Forshee and Mrs. Brenda Wells and daughters of Blytheville visited Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Poff of Gosnell. GUESS AGAIN—Not an extra-droopy Viking mustache but an extra-long golden lock decorates Lotte's lip. Full name Lotte Tarp, She's 21, Danish and an actress appearing in the new film "Morianna." ' ";.' 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Armorel, Arkansas Wheeler Hardware Uachville, Arkansas McKinnon's Manila, Arkansas YOU'RE INVITED i« TO VISIT THE NEW BLUE CROSS-BLUE SHIELD SERVICE OFFICE IN BLYTHEVILLE In the never-ending quest to provide better service to present and prospective members of Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, a subscriber service office has been established in Blytheville. MR. CECIL LOWE, well-known resident of the city, has been appointed Blytheville Service Representative. H« will welcome the opportunity of serving you by telephone or he will visit with you personally in the office. Call or see him today! ARKANSAS BLUE GROSS & BLUE SHIELD Blytheville Service Office: 532 No. 6th St. - Ph. PO3-4597

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