The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1934
Page 4
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rua rout BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COUBIBB NEWS TUESDAY, MAHCli 1931 TUB BtYTHBVILLE COURIER NEWS ' THE COURIER NEWS CO,, injBUSIlffiS . 0. R, BABOOC3K, Editor. .. . K. .W. IIA1HES, AdVertUirijt Manager ^7- : ,$aie Kullonal AdvcrtiMtie "„ "• Artanns Dallies, Inp., New York, — ' Detrvit, 6t. touls, Dallas, Ka-saj Memphis. ' FublidiEd Every Afternoon Kxci;;t Sunday. Entcicrt us second cltss matter nl , the r-ost- "ttice al H:yllicvlllc, Arkansas, unck'r act of Congress, Oc- tolx-r 0, I9l7. Served uy (lie Untied Tress HATES By carrier in trie City of Bivll'.cvlllc, I5a iwr week or $6.60 per year In advance, Uy mall within a radius of 50 miles, 53.00 per year $! M tor six months, »5c fcr tl.vcc months: by mall In posutl zones two io six, '"c'" 5 '™' JC.50 per year, In zones BOTCH am' eight, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. The Bonus Vole «. This country is cnuai-'al nl m natioiiiil eltoi'l to tioiuiiiiT tin; most *"" severe'economic depression in iU his- j_ . tory. Hope ol' success res Is lately .V: ; in the leadership ol' one man, Presi- ..1,~ (lent Hoosevell, who :i]f>iic |io.ssc-:sts *;"*' the measure of public coniiilunct; ncci'.-i- •~-^~ sttry to an intc-grnlud and ell'cdive •• - • program. "•"•" 'I here is luday in tins country no . - oilier Iciuluvshiyi worthy »>!' I lie. name. ,,. Business men, labor avul farm le-wl- • crs, find politiciaiu have shown no unity """" of purpose except as Ihcy have joined .„.',/ ' with tlie president: in his program. „.:. Our choice is not )>clween Hit; |>vesi- •» h i. dent's leadership and soim; oilier Iwid- •-"• • ership, bill lif-bram liis lemlersliip ami a <li;astroiis luck of lesidei'sliip. It is for (his reason dial such action as thai taken liy Ilie house ol' • re.m'cseiiUiUves yesterday in passim; ^'u'thc $2,'lOO,OuO,GQO I'ltliimu soldW.s bonus iind currency inlltilioii hill is --'•':. " regrettable and (lanj!crovis. The I'al- —" : 7^maii"bill was baiVwimn it was ;ul- • "vnnceci (hiring "liui Hoover admininlra- tion at a lime when we had no national program for combaUiitjc Die depression. It is doubly bad now when Us enactment into law might scrioysly interfere with I lie recovery proKram in which lies the hope of all of us, veterans as well as mere cilinens and taxpayers. It is nonsense to say, as ., £ke f jvnUijiikint{ do, that wjlh the .ad- >rj jftin'Mfrfilton sjhwHiiJl; hn£$? sukls* to >v 1 speed recovery a Tew billions more or less will make no tlilVurence. The Tatman proposal involves a sum suiVicient to make a tremendous dilVereme in any calculations, bill most dangerous of all is Us currency inflalion provision, which might easily throw out of balance the entire currency revaluation and stabilization feature of I In: recovery program, to which a large part, of Uie gains already realized arc attributed. Many of the congressmen who voted for the bill, il is said, did so with ihe '. idea thai they were making votus for themselves while at the same time risking nothing in view of the president's promise to veto the measure. JMore shameful action on the paii of a public official can scarcely be imagined. Of those who voted for il in i the sincere belief that it is a just measure and tor the public good il can only Uc snid llml tlii'.v wonlil liavc ilisplnyuii iji'wiliT wisdom if, in viuvv of llic iiiitioiiiil I'MiiM'tfc'iicy, they liiul liw-n coiiluiit ID stiliui'ilimilc their own cuiiviclions for I ho limu being to the nocc.-sily of prcsenliiiK a united front (o (lie I'limiwin LriU'itiy. If I'i'i-.siilont Itiwisi-vi'lt is siicrn.sst'u! in lus t'wnvrry l>nij!r;im Ihosi- wltu woiilil liinielil iliiecl- ]y hy tin- liur.iis wimW l)« ln'ttuv i>ll' without il lliiin llit-y \votilil l)i> willi il if liis program fails. I'tii'dniiiU'ly, tluspiU' the adion of the liuiist-, fiiiiclmt'iil of the I'atniiin 1'ill sei>ms unlikely. It may not cv«n ]>as.-i tho Hi'itatr, anil its passage \>y both lionsis over Ihtr prumisi'i! pri'sidt'iitial void a|)|it'iirs Good Out of Eoil One uf tin- slranju-st lilllc ilevdup- menls of tlie year serin- to lie the way in which our old bogey-man, the Demon limn, has appeal-id in I be unfamiliar guise of friend and protector Of till! (HXJl'. This is happening in (lie; Virgin Islands. The ctilnuial i-diincit thtre has drawn up plans t'ur making Hie nun industry a |.ui>lif mnimf/.ily to rc- lialiilitale the ecoiuimic lifo of tlie islands. A public corporation is lo lie formed—if lliis plan is adopted—to limidle tin; mainifacluri' nf a potential maximum of from :(,<n)ll,0l)() lo '1,000,1)1)0 gallon:', of ruin annually. I'rnlils will go In social and pnlilic welfare work. As parl of ihe prugiHin. some Ilinusands ut natives will be eslablish- ed on live and d-n-acre luuueslcail li'iitl- In priiiliii-i- Ihe. sujtar cane fnwi whivb Uie rum is made. Tliis plan is expected lo do milch to restore the vanished jirosperity of the islands. lint Ihe sperlacle of the Demon Hum acting as a restorer of pro.-pcnly is apl lo slrilsi- most of us fi.s (oleriibly strange. SIDE GLANCES By men !irc committing suicide In urjj- '•int' (lic^niposslbiliiy of heller lionrs nnii u'ngcs. —EiUvnrd A. l-'ilein', lloston nifrcliaiit. * * * Tli; .-ppcinl yiiiii'd--. pui o n m (lie jail to prevent OiUin^er's C£eai>e cost. S151) u <by nnil liity Iv.'.vrn'i Ixi-n r.'.ini yoi. —Win, .1. Scluoi'ilpr, Ill-evident l..ik': vouiuy umncll. Giown I'olnt, lllli. * * t The whole k-Kiii-nry (if n (ilcl.Uujship is lo M|i;i><w out the cuiniH'tciu anil imloix-ndem niiiii tinrl L'U'iile a hierarchy iierusUimed to t^i-ynr^. — iSUink'V iinJilu'in. loril j)iTsiitent o! the fiiitish coiini'il, * * * "it'iT iifvi'i- tlilficnlt to yet iicfiuaintert ivilli, a person who owns :i rti>g. --Somcrscl Mivughmn, Brilisli Author. I wr-nt in lor LI ^i olinmoK, aitiisuS iTil nntl I » nuinlvr in »-,Toaays /Umairac: MnmTi&F CHURCH EXCUSES By Gco. W. THIS CURIOUS WORLD " ^ THE F/WOUS IrtlTJCSln] G^D^l, ON THE ISLAND OF ' IS NOT fORMfD OF P/rCW.' IT IS A VAST DEPOSIT OF ASPHALT/ GREAT QUANTITIES ARH SHIPPED TO THE U.S. POR. PAViNG CITX STREETS/ "Thai's line, boss, hdk'i'." The boys will be glad to hear you're Thirty Days That Rocked the Nation * • • the Crash—One Year*Afler Jim— thal's ' my liusbaml— say that \vlillc lie lias liis plan alincst coni|jlclcd ii-;iic!i will enable all ill-' cluirchcs lo increase attendant? ana revenue, tic says Uiis plan will astound and make most everybody church-minced. But he says [here is «o chance of getting l:.c public's attention on a matter of this nature until the country's prc3ent )0|)-.siclcd condition is righted. Jim ' smarter man than he niincars to be ami '.:e says ttiat tlie only thing the mallei- with the country to.lny Is tnat there is entirely too- much of everything including 'lin-cmplay- menl. He says that, if they can rind some way to cut down cvery- tniiig, heglnniug «ith un-emp!oy- mcnt. it will only be a short «-ln!c until things and people will right themselves; tlien there win be no easou wily everyone sliould not at- ci:d church. He lin^ never ln!d ic his plan but. . 8ITB (FOR Pt/OPQSES) The hark of n giant .Sequoia is not hard uncl tough as might expected. H is .so .-:ofi as lo bi- yuiti; s|xmgy yet, Tux 1 sei iinab:e to iirnetralc il. while insects clinlike it as much as jxiwdi'r. The tree's gr:MtCot enemy Ls innn. M'.XT; What vouch luv il iKini! a:. n?ar prrlt-ci. Trailr Fish Kgns as lie can make it nn:l it it teiii'i. i HELENA, Mont, iUP)—Tlie .\1on- work. il wil! no; bo hi* fault. j tana fish and game commission iC'opyrightcd.t -has traded SOil.Ofifl trout mid yray- _ ,_— i|i 1!s e g 6s (o Michigan for 5.000.003 The firs', jco iiorkpy Ic.nn «a.s or-;wall-eyKl pika eggs. Tin- pike will _ Jim— jeaiiizcd in Montreal, at .McGill'bc planted in tlie Yellowstone and hat's my husband—as I do, \ can University. • Missouri rivers. cm i.n n. a k.-i HUM* ,<t iMllluiiii< ilin,]»l ai «t[|k[, 1'uMUu know* Kirriit*—a IllJrJ tit -.IP* i ion At Hume It-year. I tji« t>nliiil:i t JUl r' lu>e \\ilh Uv olklnp 01 hi chU* ht rn< Joseph W. Hurrimun ot New Vo niif or Hie Jirsl Imnkcr^ arrc.stcii. ill ^l home. Here he is shown on a strclclicr. rk's Hamman National Bank was The wirrant was &ervtd is he Uy" being carried io arraignment later 28tli Day, Marcli 13 nl- BV WII.I.IS TIIOltXTON , \\HlKlrasval3. I'aiiic was XKA Service SlafT Corrtspojulent | laycd. Uanks throughout the country to- 1 « « • gan to open, and the cloi.ds which j President RouseveH sent his beer i>i il, — Tom '1'cxa.T luml i inn-mi \» i-iit -r i«>litics 111 my native suite os !uon ;i.s 1 r.tve up my .screen earner. Fur- Difiinorf. I inleiid lu be Hie inuiiiin B"v- cinnr n( A!:ih:irna. — tiail Patrick, ir.ovir aclress. OUT OUR WAY KINDER. SQUISHY- DONT IT? OH, THETG PINE ! PLAY, HOME ON TH' RANGE'.' I KNOW TH' FASTEST FRIENDS ARE MADE ALONG OL' HARDSHIP TRAILS, FOR I'LL AL\MAVS LOV£ A HOUTH HARP TILL THEV TUCK WE had hung over the country for weeks seemed to lid a litllc us each of ihe 12 Federal Reserve cilics avranged for some hanks lo o)«u muter license. . With income tax day only Iwo days away, people were perturbed about paying, becntise of a Treasury announcement tlia Uuc'.e y,i(n would expect his money, closed banks or no closed banks. Several cities, watching the growing distribution of the ncu federal Reserve bank notes, announcer! that- Ihcy were burning the scn;> trey liastiiy had printed. fti many cases, <lciiOiits ::i reopening banks ncUially exceeded ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Nc*s has been nu- orizcrt to announcb tlie (oliowlng candidates for picbllc office, fub- tct to the DeMoeralic primary xt August - n\%nt truu A.XUKLA. !«.«» ulii uruue \t» nkn»7 curir *Mi« Itrn. -^Ince Ibru «r kil» li ^itk NOUHI>» MUYbA. miBlrrt uulii-c rur a Murder Trur* iK- 'n:i> ji:L'Kitn:9, n eticct »i j-'lrld kulutr. «cc» .Nuyi'Ji ant] r uZHlltn him. NOJCP tlce» to **»:IT,II» M ht re k« uverhciir» :i n nntl «lrl Dimming in rtiL Ihe l-' htnnf tlurlnu n n*n»qntrndr n rlic rt>nmvhip oi=;h(. I'nMilo ul Anje« timnes lo co in lliiT • ntl pnmil&r* Co mvct klni M ot a mile group ne saw a man wiih Duu-ny sti lips anu a cinid wild ULU ciiet-K ^i^•:llC-(l. I'liuri: wurt luitr? oti IH.K clR'cii anil ou Illy OIIJLT, IUU. L'alitno su;in>eil. Willi a rn^li lie saw Anguia UNI.I- ju.ii^ linn in,, jLirkntcs yi C;IL- LIUI. i-uai .uic pain ^rii.ptju and ^avt; a o uuu ^ir IIJaliiK'l Ihe j null a fi Ulul 1 III- ILI-^II IIJL I 1 urut;i loll alui niru I OOc U.iL-J O^VJV', l»VVH.U|jit tt'e'H talk as we move. A an tl sou warn to try aoy funny tricka on me, just try 'em—" t'tie gin luterruiiLea, "Aw, lake ttiai gnii ofla him. li nlL i so easy to talli. Mean, iviui n Run traiuen on you. Ueslries Hi- alo'l arinert." She lookc-n ai Pabltio as slic Ttlc vli|!j cfl -ij a JO'A The ui; 1 u in'. IK-: .un: iiiijii. 3C10SE IIJC l|..-;.<! AU!i u ^IILK i tr>rrnilur. "titofl!" J':iHi;[:j uit;eieiJ i ike »in>T lm .iniir in mix Jy. ilneilly, Tlie IIKIII il ugnui. Now t^o o.\ WITH THE STOin j Tbcrc was a n:ii!i ui uiuiiu UllAPTEn Xi I'dblitu siirang lorwuia. A |~V.V£ ot Uie 8crvfl.nt3, scul lo' ni '-'il lalcr ut- luokell uov:ii ;u m- '-' look for Estelle, founn uerj'eci MHO eyes Him were wiceij ic. I open and Ela«jr in ibe rnaoiiligbi. mnsnit There love BC •vitb Q lull youny man in ihe cos-' ' rur Member CLINTON L. For Sheriff CLARENCE or Re-election 3f Cnnjrcv: CAliDWEUi and Collector H. WILSON for Second Term message lo Congress, sUort, pithy, and to the point, asking amendment of t::e Volstead act to permit beer-making under an adctiuale tax system. A conservator was appointed lor New York's ifniriinan National Ba.nk and Trust Company (first ot many) and its president. Joseph W. Harriman, was arrested on a federal warrant charging falsificlion oi bookj. He resigned from the bank, and later uas indicted. The dollar actually gained in the foreign exchange markets abroad. \vhlle it later uas to be depressed as a deliberate policy, at thi> time, it fell good to know that trerc was confidence abroad in the lulure o! money \ve had been temple;! to doubt ourselves for tlie first time ia our lives. NKXT: House pasws l>ccr bill. Stole ifcul Checks HAKRISrwjRG. I 1 -,,, illl'i—The loot of robbers who broke into the office of Barney Goldberg, junk dealer, consisted oi two checks dated 1928 which trail been relum- ed by Ihe bank marked "insufficient funds." For Courtly Treasurer JOE S. DILLAHimv ROLAMD GREEN' For Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG ADDISON SMITH For County Court Clerk TRED FLEEMAN For Re-Elecllon for 2nd Tc:ni For A5stuor R. L. (BlUA'i GAIN'ES D. C. (IKE) HUDSON" For Constalilr. nr Chirkawwca Tn«mhin JACK ROBERTSON iio aioopefl, lam Ins nnuil ou a srcase-sntieued sliirt and ovci a heart Ilia! is-as still, lie siooii ercri again, gasping, and lool;e.1 boih ways. Tbe child licstl scain- yered away. "Where'u you t>ul your loot 1 .'" the i»3n demanded ol I'atitiio. "Wljnl do you mcanV" ins! "Say. none of thai!" The voice 1 boc.iine rougher. The eyes uo'r- .,,. I rov.-cu and ihe lips set ID .= !,.., i iwifica fcucor. "Look uerc, sirnn- | £er," ilic luEin \vuui on, leamijg IU11 . j (uru-iia, "you a:ia me- and wi utn- '' lllc P^rd acre all Know you • wllen off a cold Kiliur tonight. I ean scnii you up It I wnnia. i can make you turn llila Coal mo . -, urountl nnd iieail for Key . WCEI ui.iiind then I can turn you over lo the police." "Uo aheail." "Watcha mean? Gcltin' tunny, ain't yon?" "I meant lo give myself up." "Like bell yon did! Kay. UioKa here—whatja i?.y him out for au >• way?" Some one ivts conn'im, A sliorl, • • stocky mtin woariiis ihe cosiumei DARI-ITO cxplaiueil with fair of a toreador. This newcomcri *• sieailincjs as nis MIIE srev; nausod and lila .-liadow :elt across! dry and nls nostiils (lincttcrt on the rca.l tn the tilvcr of tbe moon- ligliL "\\')iat'a U;i?" ho ajser]. "1 KUCSS I've—killcJ htm—" Tablitu answered. "Try some waier on him before you decide." t'nc toreador advised, "la there any water arounrt here?" I'ablito plitn^erl Ihrongh tlie I fringe o! lir trcee and the ni:ui followed. "Lcwk here—" he bc- j yan loudly. I'ablito half turned, lie knew nil before he lie hoc'aanr aware nf lifo n ho looked up ralher ilaxdlly ;'.l n sky livlnblliil; \ IrillhMis ot srnrs. Then lie lie-i swcr 3 li.ime aware of the rocking of a Suddenly tho other roan laughed ! boat. -harshly. "Say, Lottie." ne eatd. ! "ain't this tbe gabilamndcstt j Beggin' a cti/ to save hie o<ra A E lrl '-"- 1 l>e«'lins over lilm. n """-- c " " l " sll = s;l1 ta ^>-- FOR CITV ornci:s Election Tuesday, April 3 For Cily Clerk S. C. CRAIG R. L. MCKNIGHT ROSS BEAVERS For City Attorney SAM MAKATT' ' HO*/ LONG CX3EV 1 ADMIQAl SVRD Clea - st>n I ™ ! < 1 »C <">*:' ' "« 5 cmnl " K lo - Cca "'" »alrt. 31 lilm. lll « Sir' tlie acrid seem of Uie salt water. The man lisicned lo I'aullto's tate and n.f:n laughed suntieaty, "You're a queer bozo," ne cam- mcnted snccrlns'y "Kill a roan who'd oughla been killed before - ho was horn and then you'Co jwillin' lo tlo time for It! 13 ilia: svhnl yoi! r-ant? I'm sofl nhndt -nine of a toreador. Mr. Field.: ihe servaiu reported, tiao been; nunilns for big daughter and! ^idhctJ lo see her. t>Telle answered that she would :omt immediately anil the ser- •anl timed to go, "Wl!t I see you again?" she iskeu I'aliluo, riBing. "I'll bavc to go before tliey un- urnsk." tie told her. dbe giive blm a small [;o)d •icart -she had founil in a hollow irange lliat had Occn tossed to ncr earlier that evening by a inag:claD guarding a particularly iniit;'il irce. you say. such nice ttiiugs io everyone 113 yon nave said lo rue?" but- aaked. fallcrlusly. "I'te oaver eald them before and I won't again—until [ can say llieni io you." "1 wain you to come back." ] ho liad been "You dou't know-how iniicli I. consciousness waul ioI" . I He wondered why she lingered, face raised, Aud because thv; ilfbi of that face was so lempiius lie SUM uulctiy. n little unsteadily, "1 suppose we shall uave to] so back now to your party Sbe agreed ecuially unstearlily. j 'Yes. 1 suppose we UIUS.L—" : Bui he did kiss her hands igaiu. oua ofter the other, aud tben left nor. Soop tbe gucats «'OuLd remove tueir biasks. . lie walcbed ber dlsanpcaiJ "Can ynit r';u .1 hoa;.?" Pabiit.o olutnslly. for one of U5ua:iv lieard a barsh. heavy voice ask- skillful bands, tie tied the small- ln b. ilo heard himself ocan In the corner of a banrjker-i "Vca." ^^ chief «nd thrust It In bis t;e:t. | "Well, gel busy cr go overboard." | wa « "wali'lns "tor" ai™ In Cuba. Doing this. Be discovered thai ins the tieavy voice said rto.u. "You I p ao ii to felt the smart of tear's In dagger was sone. ca " taie your choice. I meaning c ,. ca and a Browing cramp ID wh; '. t ' "i ->n1 l"'n armed-ami |,, a i,, roa r, also In toreador cootunio wtio 5 "lire nm. See?" bad tirnsbcd OEaltist blm ns lie Thers w;i s 3 glim of light ou kids myself, stranger. 1 Know how you tclL Bin you need a medal for wliai you did—uc-t slripcs. Don't you know they'd lost', send you up for liic—or maybe swing you? You're [irclty young for that. All your life, as Tin might say, aheada you." Pahlito looked down zi hU'*? I twlstinc hands but did o°t ti- life!" She nodded slowly. I'ablito Eblfied. Hi *** lua ' denly r-jriieuiborer! Noyca. Nojes needed Him, would Dtobablv .starve without blm. And -Noyes. answer,! h!( ] jng , roll) somc thlng or some! one an he, Pabllto, must now tiWe. revolver thai was his way through the. ihe short crowd bcride Estelle. I'erliopa th« tunicn on Him. I'.ibliio moved. Jostling bid dislodged the dagger sick and u[i=ic;idy from ihe ulow wlib the Keen blade. Pabllioibe stitl felt, toward ibe engine, llio'jghi II did not matter much j Suddenly lie knew the hoai was jlUiauga tie would bave liked loJKkld's (asieit motor boat, the nav« u and keep It, remembering' "Silver Dan." la which ne had that Eslelle nnd held It in her! uk The man was sneaking no'-» more carelessly. "You keep qnlct about our gcltin' off and we'll nau-Js. tiands lips. He would rather kiss those tban ao7 other woman's ken field nnd his daugiiter rid-|goln' to co:?iii nothitT about mcetio' you. "Yes." "Decided lo live after all, Have you?" "Ye?." "Yon can work willi us. We r= the big hov«V« • Cuba." engine' I'ahllto <llrt nut answer an " " >°" r "' : ' ing eo often. He linkcrol with the wlik-b ins captor liail clioked. At man went ou, "N'ul In • « • past, after a tew uncertainly' 1 huh?" aVft-t *lowiy through thejsvaccn chokes acn puffs, U came tbe side eu-llo life, ratiilio turned to find the tr.iiuc. tumlDf now and again. revolver still leveled on him. "lib o« nuiiEry aope ol une more "\Yc 501 SOUR lalkln' to do," s'l-'.iiJiir of cer.'Ihcu, uurewdrded,'. said IDF i-.tbtr oias. "Uead ter iie itlt Idds.a. Outside la the inldsi CubJ »La 6" ibeie > SeaiD', 6tt7 H F, lit ire* lowtrd "No." "All right, nut el" "; and we'll tend you uf ' or ') "I wou'l give you away. mo ptomUen. (lo li* t'onil uui ' lj ' '"'; l . Jy '' i'.ib-

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