The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1944
Page 8
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CAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVHXE (ARK.)_COUKJER NEWS Lawson Defeats Wild Bill Canny ^; Ann Laverne Trims » Elvira Snodgrass t In Other Match ! •• ^ Ann * Laverne and "Bruising Biick'i ,'lawam finished on top of PiTpmotcr Mike Meroney's weekly wrestling ' program last night at the Atnerican Legion arena before one of ihe largest crowds ever lo witness a show, here. Laverne celebrated her de tut In Blythevllle v l>y winning from the highly favored Elvira Snod- Etajs-tn straight falls, while Law- Jiad to come from behind turn back "Wild Bill" Canny the deciding fall of a rough, bruising battle. , Outweighled at least, 25 pounds, snd ^possibly more, Miss Laverne Mechanic From Manila Spent Year In India MANILA, Ark., Nov. 1-After 12 mouths In India with the Army Air Forces, Corp. Rlley Franklin Powell of Manila recently returned lo this country and now Is ita- lloned at Hot Springs, Corporal Powell, who is 31, wears an Asiatic Campaign decoration and one star which represents service in a battle zone. He enlisted June Cth, 1042 in' Little Rook. Was sent to Jefferson Barracks, Mo. for basic train- Ing and from there to the Univer-' sity of Chicago for advanced train ing was shipped to Ford School in Detroit for specialized study in R. 2800 Engines and after completing studies there transferred lo Kcarns, Utah for overseas training, lie flew lo India by way of South America, Brazil, nnd Africa. Corpora! Powell, who left India, Sept. 2 lold some Interesting stories c °ws , iparried the fight to her larger foe about the customs of the natives and not only oulwr&stlcd but out-'° r In<lln - Cows ' 1le snld . we really roughed her supposedly superior something sncred to those natives. in a match that kept the en- f co " le i' lst wnlk nrolmd ti fhusiastic fans in an uproar; in ^.S ra .'.. B . cl , lo . lhelr 1 . lomo ?' wild ecstacy because Elvira was petting the stuffin' whammed out of ; her and' there was little she could do about It. f Pulls Neat Stunt . Ann pulled a neat stunt lo lake , said, and he never heard of one being hurt or killed, The "men- folks" always carry parasols. It's an essential part of their dress, but the women who do most of the work don't use them. The caste sys. tern, according to Powell, Is ve,ry did before with oxen natives don't believe in Powell says, and will not', under which the first .fall during which there was everything from hair pulling and r face slapping to keen, fast scientific grappling. Elvira started her usual roughing early but soon Uiscovered two could play Hie game and this Laverne girl was no novice, as attested by the cauliflower f&^ which she kept under cover. Trie, titJan-halred meauie took ihree trips out of the ring before slie started the highly dangerous trick of rushing her opponent against the ropes and clipping her under the chin as she came off. Three times she did this and just When'lt appealed curtains for MLss Laverne the worm turned. Ann came oft faster than usual on the fourth try, caught Elvira In the midriff- and. knocked her out. It »as no trick at all to fall on her for the fall. The time was 14 minutes. '"Enraged over the loss, blaming Referee Meroney for falsely declaring the win, Elvira went on a tear .during the second fall and led to her disqualification. She Insisted on shoving Miss Lnverne ny's arm around the ropes as :he pgainst the ropes with her foot !>id been subjected In the first, ynlrenched under lier chin to cut | The time was 14 minutes, off the air. Mike fought her fori Then the boys really opened up Seven minutes before raising Ann's vitli their heavy guns lii the 'pfrn as the victor on fowl. Miss finale which bordered on the bru- strict with the male child of a family invariably following the type work -his father him. The natives plow and use primitive plows with lea and rice principal farm produce. The force, tell a falsehood If they arc a particular klnj of tree they regard as sacred. Polygamy' is practiced a lot In India with; some peculiar ideas and customs' followed to the letter, and the cpr-j poral said, "Reports of hundreds dying over there in India, of. starvation arc not exaggerated." ,. .' Corp. Powell also has a | brother, In Ihc Army, Pvt. Freddie Powell at present serving with an Infantry Division in Hawaii. They; entered the service together but were separated soon after and It has been more than n year since they met., i Juniors Prepare For Whirlwinds Powerful Jonesboro Juniors To Invade Tomorrow Night Devising ways and menus of checking the mule-dazzling attack of the Joncsboro Junior Whirlwinds, and al the same time brush up on his own scoring plays occupy the lop of Conch Sylvester (Pop) Moslem's "must" Itsl on eve of the all-Important contest for Ills Blytlievlllc Junior Papooses 'here.tomorrow nlghl. Coach Charlie Parker, who v a member of tlic Chlckasnw "squad under Conch Joe IDllrty, has devised n clever open-styled offense for the Cralghcad Juniors, lie Ims tutored them to throw, that bull around as If were n basketball, Instead of a pigskin, and IL has been highly successful. The Whirlwinds have been checked only once this season, by the Little; Rock South Side Juniors, 12-0. They have won four, a pair from lloxle, 26-0 and 26-25, Marked Trc* reserves, 13-0, and tile Papooses, 10-C. Stick To Theory ."Pop" believes he has the answer, if only his youngsters have enough power and defensive strength to curry out his plans. He liopcs lo control the ball enough to dominate the game nnd make :he offense serve a double purpose. The Papooses showed definite signs 3f potential scoring power In Hie lastMwo games, especially ngntnst the. strong Kelscr YellowjackcU, nnd may turn the trick. They scored two touchdowns and shoul^ have racked up at least two more. Penalties were contributing factors In the;25-13 defeat, The Pnpoosc mentor believes the addition of Billy Wayne McFarlaml TUESDAY, NOVEMHKR7, In the brickfield will bolster the of-1 he has come through beautifully fcnsc considerably, Hilly Wayne (lie Is small but stubborn, an ex- some right back on from his head; Buck won tiie fall much the same way as he lost the Ilrs.1, •• via arm stomps, preceded by draping Cnri- SnodgrasSr promptly tore into the official and mussed him up before he could breai away But the decision stood- despite the fact that Mike.also got a whipping. £' • Giants Stage Slugfesl ^"Tri_e~La«son-Canny grudge light —and it was Ilttlejshort of tlmtr- started out as a scientific duel between the two giants. But as the tans got settled for the skilled duel the storm broke. And, naturally, It was "Wild Bill" who generated it. Bui before it was all over he was sorry. For Buck gave- him thorough going over, so thorough In fact that It affected-him most peculiarly. He came over to the comer where Lawson was seated trying to recover .from the terrific battle strain and instead of letting g- vicious kick fly as everyone expected Canny,stuck out his hand knd* congratulated him for being s? .tough.; The fans were stunned. Nothing like that ever happened here' before; not from Canny. '->Canny opened the match with an assault in Buck's powerful arms and the strategy paid off in seven minutes with a stomp. •• In the dressing room Buck solved that problem. He painted his left arm with olive oil, and dabb6d a bib In his hair for additional pur- t poses Naturally, Canny was unable to hold him as the second fall got under way. Referee Me- xoney ordered the stuff wiped of at "Canny s insistance but Buck put Hi. It evolved into a slugging bee", .lined nt and.over .'the heart that vould have' 1 kayocd- the average nan. Buch was able to dish out ind take the most and was the vinner In 11 'more minutes. turned In a great game ngnlnsl Kelser, gaining on the'ground on power thrusts that helped Hie Initial score. Later he was on the receiving end of a touchdown pass from Jack Elliott, a bright prospect. He snagged another for another and went over but the play was called back because of a penalty. He supported young Dickie Grcenwell to add ma'tcrial strength and give the local Juniors a two way attack, Instead ot p. single punch, While McFnrland was riding the bench with injuries Dickie carried much of the burden on his slim shoulders nnd did a good job. He should do even better with some help.. i Makes Tiro Changes Co.uli Moslcy may be'forced to mrikc at least two chaiiges.ln the starting lineup. Mose Simon, who has played well at. the blocking right half spot all season, was banged on the head during the Kei- scr battle iin ( ] has been out of action since. It isn't likely he will be able to' return, So, to plug the gap "Pop" plane to withdraw the much-moved Harold (Red) Trayloi from right guard where lie relieved Billy Bob Elliott only last week and send him to right halfback. Billy Bob will go back to his post. Traylor, n mite of a chap with sniuly hair nnd a fiery, fighting spirit, has proven a valuable addition all year. Despite the fact Unit he hasn't worked nt one spot loi enough to get familiar with the Job, due lo pressing emergencies, ccllent team member nnd Ideal for wginners. He takes Instruction without question and then dots lis best to execute them to the letter, lie Is typical of the current crop of Juniors and one of the several reasons why "Pop" is doing such n great building Job. Shoe production during 194:1 to- alcd •)(i9,044,000 pairs, nccoidlii" to the Office of Price Administration. Kl'i:ci.U,IST'S (.'HOICK! U«o formula MIII in Ijy 'llioraloii i Sllnor Clink. Iidi««» ivllo l<'J\n, llcfilni;. 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A SHIPMENT OF 20 DUO-THERM Automatic Fuel Oil WATER HEATERS That Give You 3 TIMES AS MUCH HOTWATERFORH 7 -Get Yours To'day HARDAWAY PROTECT YOUR HORSEPOWER Winterproof A complete lubrication, prc-wintcr check-up and servicing of vital parts to get smoother performance, conserve gasoline and prolong the life of your aging car. ENGINE—Worn out summer motor oil is drained —replaced with the right grade of fresh, tough winter Mobiloil to insure quick cold-weather starts —more gas mileage—safe, sure prelection of vital engine parts. RADIATOR—The cooling system is drained— cleaned thoroughly of rust, dirt and scale with Mobil Radiator Flush; then protected againsl freezing wilh the right amount of Mobil Freeione—the safe, dependable anti-freeze. GEARS—Gear oils used in summer are drained —gear cases carefully flushed—refilled wilh the proper grade of Mobiloil winter gear oil for easier winter gear shifting and protection of hard-lo- reploce gears. CHASSIS—All chassis poinls are properly lubricated with winter Mobilgreosc—Ihe correct grades properly applied in Ihe right places. The entire car should be carefully inspected to uncover any serious needs for repair, replacement or service. Tire Switch and Inspection—Mobil Wheel Pack Service—Mobil Air Filter Service—Mobil Uppcrlubc Tonic Treatment- Hydraulic Crake Service—Shock Absorber Service—Mobil Polish and Wax Service! TO RAYMOND GRAM SWING, irougK IhundoynisMi CHICKASAW West Main Near tltt 81. •tot (tarts 12:45; Ran. ntiri. !:<. , Night shows 5:45 Kicepl Monday, open* 6:45 Continuous shown Bat. mid Bun Tuesday RUDDY NITR Z Tlrkets For the I'riri! of I "BOSTON BLACK!E GOES HOLLYWOOD" with Chester Mums Also Ccuncily Wednesday & Thursday Dwihle feature 'YOU'.RE IN THE ARMY NOW" with Jimmy Dannie "ARE HUSBANDS NECESSARY?" with Itay Millantl & Kelly Field New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 I'. M. 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