The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 19, 1930
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Served by the United Press \'()I.. XXVII—No. 1.-J2 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER 1NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AN13 SOUTHKAST MISSOURI BlythevUle Courier, Blythevllle Herald, Blytheville Dally 7 News, Mississippi Valley Leader. BLYTlll'lVIUX AHKANSAS. TUKSDAY. AUCUST 19, HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS NEGRO TAKEN FROM JAIL AND LYNCHED Board Will Charpe Fees to Make Up Deficit: Flan lo Keep Standard High. The public schools of niyihcville Patients Hurt In Accident SMTKTO Plan Relief For Drouth Regions Governor Panic!! Sluclies j Situation; Indicate Aid to Start in Near Future OSCKOLA. Ark.--Tlie car of a! Stuatli. Mo., physician cnroute to j a Memphis hospital turned over on Highway 01 north of (his city lo- I I day, injuring two jiatlems and! 'four oilier occupants of the ma-' LITTLE liOCK, Aug. 19. IUPI chine. i Paced by one of tlie most scrinus The automobile served off lhe i crisis of (he .slnlc's history. Hate highway and into a ditch when the ' and county officials tcxlay launch will be opemlod this year for a full nine monlhs term if plans mudc at a meeting of the school bnard afternoon arc carried out. '20 year old daughter of Dr. S. W. Steidel. who was driving Hie machine failed lo make a curve successfully and her father grubbed •d a drouth relief program inteuck'd to briiiR aid lo hundred:, cf ^if Eercr.s in Arkansas. Governor Harvey Parnell today Following the announcement school will open Monday. S"o her 8. changes were made in lli matriculation fce.s which will 1: the steering wheel. One. patient , intimated he would call a .slate tlrn | who was being taken lo n Memphis | wide relief conference, lhe an hospital fnr an appendicitis opera- : nouneemenl following on the licels l[n:i sustained cuts on one knee and nbont the legs while Ur. Steldel's substantially lower than last tenr blither, another patient, also MIS- and which, it is believed, can be mined slight injuries, paid bv all ciiwpns of (he citv. i Passing motorists brought tile Despite a $20,000 shortage. Hint group to lliis city where they rc- sr.hool board hopes to have the ccivcd first aid treatment and con- i fall yesterday were: Kcnselt same modern school, as in the. rrasi | tinned their trip to Memphis. ; liac. Searcy. Ceorsrc town. by Slaving all .students share ii Uic small fees. Punlls in the first six grades will nay SI per term, or SG yearly: iun- ior high .students will pav £7.50 n»v term or S15 annually, and senior hich iiimils $15 for each of lhe two semesters. These rates are for thi-- residing in the district. Stndtnls living out of the district will nnv S10 monthly as has been the rule In caw of students within the (lis'.rir.l one-half of Ihe matriciila- f lion fee is to be paid the dav schm! | nnens or one-fourth on that diue i nnd one-fourth on or bpf^rp 0-- j lohpr (1: the other hnlf will be uay- | nf reports of county aeent.s that lains during the past 12 hour.s hid Riven only temporary relief. Tl < relief, officials said, would do little to lessen the .suffering. Points reporting abundant rain- ' M Hoi I MEMPHIS. All?. 19 iTJPt—The ab'e the first dav of the spconrl s<v i silded door of the Pang Pang Inn. mestev or onn-fourth on that dav I downtown cabaret, was locked to- i>nd one-fourth on 111" first date if I day following a midnight raid in lhe followhr; school mcntli. m I which three waiters, two guesis and case of students without the dis- j [ be proprietor were arrested, trie!, the fees must be unid nt the : The raid folhwed a warning beginning of each month in ad- f roln l»llce headquarters that un- 1 Swings. Clarksville, El Dorado and I ; Bcebe. ' i ; The slate's program was exnecl • cd to be bnill around that of H. ' ; T. Harrison. Governor Parnell' ' ijerscnal representative al UK 'drouth relief conference in Wash j inglon. D. C. It was expected Uvit Harrison's report would br> siibmit- ted to the governor sliorlly. « Inn fln^rl Afl i Statc "Sencies which cmnloy | {J lllll UOSm nil- I | a , Be mlm l;ers of men are expected • er Raid to Halt Serving' lo °' rc1 ' rlcm|1 ? r ;°', v relicf , an " , n -• prni;rnm of road buildins and .state construction is being planned. Or. C. W. Harrison, state health officer, told the governor that health conditions are serious in many counties and he asked that doctors and physicians workinp nmon« drouth sufferers be paid for their ministrations. He saifl Pang er of Set Ups. Noted F.vaii"elisl Suffers Nervous Breakd o w n; 'A Alleged Attacker Is Victim I.OR ANGELES, Aug. 1(1 (UP)Almee Seinplc McPhtrson. noted woman evangelist and head of tit" Anitelus lemnle here. Is reported critically III nt Ihe home of 11 friend lodav nfler suffering 1 n nervou< bri'iikdun-n iwo weeks imo. Tile evangelist's condition Is MI serious the rectors of the temple jadmitted that concern Is. felt for lu-r recovery. Her hundreds of follow - eis, appri/ed of their lender's ill- 'J'AIIBHO. N. C., Aug. 10. ' UP)- | moli of 'JCO masked men shorlh took ! ui'Ki'i). ly J'lH Sherlir | Unllpcl I Ii O. Wutson (old (In 1 I'ri'Mi this moinlnir. | "1 w.i.s aroused ufler midnight anil ; wi nl to |lie jail. The mob via. • m tsktd urul di.or doun Rarhani. Advances Plan to Aid mail and Roads. lliey lieal the Jull ' io "' t ' A l llan (l) partly relieve condi- anil ai the by (lit: same record drouth lime piit the iui; finrn n limb Just over the Wll'.1:11 county line with 50 or (JO bullet liol"s !n hi.s lx>;ly." Wiilson siiid. . . 'I'lv lynchlni; occurred exactly a ness bennn offering dally prayei.s. m . liul) .„„, u ( , ftr , cr lhp „ The nlglit walclimun al the tnn- • |, lli; ,. l ,,,,| ,„ hlivp nmickNl ,.;.„,,, We found him 11111%- i ™ uls ° r lh e county In goexl shape I Kan, a farmer of this county. many physicians are in 'want bs- Reports of disease nnd food scarcity in drought-stricken areas o: the country were brought to President Hoover bv John Barton pie reported early loday Mrs. | f.\ urs ' m 7 unA Luclle McPherson had no cloclor. "The' ,,]. 1V1 . () ' nra , mt „ lo 'bacco Lord will lake core of her," he said. ! owm ,,] ij y („,,],. f nl \ m - E F Mrs. McPherson, who scveial .years ago figured In n senf.alioiuil j kidnapping case, returned a few weeks ngo from u trip lo the holy land. II is understood she has been In failing henllli over since. Temple officials wired Mrs. .Me- Phcrson's two children. ItolttMn. the daughter, and Robert, who is j jnow mi nn evangelistic lour of tlie middle west, to return home at once. Her associates withheld details of the illness. A secretary denied rumors tint Mrs. McPhcrson was undergoing trailmenl ns the result of a fnce Illfthi'j Deration she had perform!ed in Uudapcst. ,, , hcv b ., rn ' Govcrnrir Parnell Will Ask I Legislature to Make Im- 1 ])artial Study. i LITTLE ROCK, All". 19 (UP)— nocks of Iho slate highway vance. No student will be rccsive-l <•• permitted to remnin in school un- Irss he pays the fee or. in case of pfi'rtents from without. Ihe district. liiHion ths- dav is due: and PIUS? patients are unable lo pay ! ! Payne, chairman of the American Methods of extending relief to drought-afflicted regions of the country v.ill be discu-'sed nt n :ss waiters stopped serving setups j them. . ' Kcu uross ' wno ls snown aoove as conference ill Washington between of ginger ale and ice the club ' D. H. Blackwood, chairman of the, • he. left the White House in Wash- President Hoover and ihe two Red Cross, who is shown above , will not be marln, it is slated : setups, polici would be raided. The proprietor of the cabaret en- . board would consider an courat;ed liquoi ~ " ' l ""'~' the ^club by , , state highway commission, said the i ington. Kentucky, Tennessee and farm leaders pictured here—S. H. ! Virginia were named as the stales deoidin" upon the uor to be brought t» . road building program al Its An- j " • " ,i the American Farm BurE : having waiters serve ! gust 29 meeting. The purpose of th? ! whcre sufle""! was most wide- erat ion. and Louis J. Ta •e said. '. r°od building program is to em-Upread in the wake of the unprece- !cwi, master of the ' president of Bureau Fed- Tabcr *be- Natlonal •r,c Arrive. AI,,, 10 niPi ' mc ' u wl " i-OS ANGELES. Aug. 19. (Ul i- - „,,, , U((]lt of lh( , m Almee Scmple McPhcrson Iws lost : scml)1 u her eyeMglit, it was reported at t « . [)f Cannm '„ '™ he ' y - e The governor .said he would ask to nn Impar- j noted evaiigelLsfs aflllclion follow- • , ne ]" CB i S | aturc " lo „. ed a nervous breakdown two weeks , r , chcn ,, vc an(J lm(1[l irdcr ' , ,, ,,., , , Whother the condition Is me e y. """>• ' 10 lm(1[lrtl[ll nudu . „, I the department's books bv comne- nt time, according to Miss Enunii Schcelfcr. secretary to Mrs. Mc- Pberson. '"•'nlan for aiding in financing the • the time of Ihe raid after mid schnol. other menus of raisin" 1 night, were not detained, luniiev were discussed. It wns .s!a'"d at yesterday's meeting that thr nlan for on evtrn (PII mills voluntary tax for the schools fell tlin- after two or three months work Iv- 1 - r.nuse so manv prnnerty owners, f-iilcd lo sign the pledge. Anotlie 1 nlan to nut an extra one cent "tnv'j Qf , . , , u , nn a 1 gasoline sod m the district ] - - ; for the belief!', of lhe school ha- | not- annenrfd feasible: !iieml>ers of Ihe board declared. The Ixiarf 1 Twenty-five guests in the club nt- : l>'°y more men and aid sufferers, dented dry spell. - 'he said. Grange. WASHINGTON. Aug. ID. iUP>- President Hoover appointed today uirl. 14, Will marry : a [p ( i cra i committee to coonerate Paris Tenn Mavov 63 with slate committees in mouth i relief wi'Ji Secretary ' up '~ I ture Hvde as chairman. Tennessee j Tn ' imillg ille PARIS, Tenn.. Aug. 19. ' i Guests to Paris, rural . : town, will soon find the first lady Secretary of Agricul- ; rnanimouslv decided in fa>'or o r the matriculation fees for both the while nnd colored schools. Tlic fees for those out of Ihedis- 'rict was not reduced hecius 0 board members did not feel jusi.i- fied in reducing tuition for students not living bere ns the c.>iara« is no more than the actual cost nnd because th" in wavers of lliis district shook! not be reouit-ed i^ r»i»- anvthing for p-iiicnlinc thos« livin- r,s tside tile .district, according the statement issued. Because neither UK? hoard liers nnr ot'ner ciriv.eiis hnv^ fo n nracticn] plan fo>- onerahnqr schcxili. this course was taken. lhcu?h the board does nnt usu endorse such a procedure, lhe state ment conlinucs. Tile ne^ro schonls will have ulnn if each student m rach senipstnr fnr those in Ihe trict. nnd S4 'X'r semester for not in (he district. nayor wlio is G3 ye: The wedding of Mayor Frank C. i ^"j 'rM^ill n hifliplnr «inH \VAiHhi- I npi>OLiHitig Uic coiiunit tee President Hoover cnrricfi nut the federal pliase of lhe program for- ulated at Ihe recent conference j Formal Opeilino The organb.alicM) of Liie relief j is maviu? rapidly forward. ; President Hoover said, with stnte ; property owner, to Miss Paulino! j Clark, daughter of Mrs. James Bi- • .shop, will take place tomorrow! CO[nmUtecs n i reaclv orea ni ? .ed ... . I evenmg from lhe onde s home here, j Vh .. Jini ., ancl ,, Un - ois Th . se com . I • mlitees are composed of men of strong leadershiu and are already ! organizing county committees. AftCVIlOOn: New BfiQUty Shop Also Invites Public iiations announced. He'll Fly OVLT Magnetic Polo Bullets of Sunday Night Ride LEACHVILLK. A r k. Poolc of (his ritv hnd the mis fortune Sunday ni»hl of gpltiti' the windshield of his car badly shnttered by bullets. He said that he was drivini: . slow and wns on hi> side of Ihe ] road when he met n car. When : the car was close upon him s- 1 ! one reached out aiv.l tonk about j four shots at him all hit tin? (he windshield near his head. He raid lliat he did not have HIP least idea who il could have been i F^ Women Prenare for Air Derby Starting Friday | ; WASHINGTON. Aite. in. (UPl — Half a do?en women fivers were preparing their planes for (lie- s:art Friday of thc second woman's •>" deibv in connection with the national air races in Chicago. The contestants "111 'i^ l-ead?'? : 'v Mrs. Phoebe Omlte of Mem veteran aviatris and winner of las' year's clnrs M rare from Las An- eeles to Cleveland. Mrs. Omlie wil fly a nionocoupe. a small mono- SHERIFF'S FOflCE BIG Ice cream, drinks and favors for all visitors will feature the formal opening of Borum's. one i of the most attractive and modern ] drug store; in northeast Arkansas. i tomorrow afternoon from two until | four o'clock. | The store building was recently ; remodeled ami new fixtures in' stalled at a t'otnl expenditure of approximately SG.OOO nnd the slock v-'as moved in- from the former lo- catim. two doers west, several i wnel:s I i Raid Nets 250 Gallons of ! Ed,,,,,. Bomm , hc proprietor. Ha I l.iquov; H. F. Spic.ov' rpsi , <i< ; d h P ro for th6 ' CTSl M ^ oars I ' ' -in ' • ~* n p »- a "«' '« 'be drug Channel With I OSSPSSlOn ; business mcst nf his life. • He was • j in parlnerahln wilh W. T. Darnell Two hundred and forty-five gal-'-' 111 ' 1 Joh " Wcslev TJlvlhe in 1918 Ions of corn limior. stored in char- ! ntul *'nfe 192-1 has been in busl- reri kegs, was iMiired into the p:t- : 1 " lss '" bis i-wn name, ier nt tlie county courthouse fol- j The slore Iwndlcv a comnlele j lowing a week-end raid by mem- nine rf drill's. Whitman's and Mrs. • bers of Ihe sheriff's force on a Stover's candies. Elizabeth Arrtcn plnce west of this cily near hijli-! nnd Helena i^nbensteiii rnem n iics. Prefers Death to nnd disinterested Such nn audit has been demanded by various agencies charging graft and irregularities. -^ _, 7 • ."I liave always (favored*'>sucn (^ plan but have wilhheld such a statement until this time ns T did lins been advanced by Judge Oeo. W. Barhani of Ihe county court In . a letter lo Governor Harvey Parnell .suggesting "relief loans" lo counties of the state. According to Judge Barham' re-- ceil! news dispatches .state that the: fedora! government In Its drouth"' relief program plans to apportion funds among the stricken states with Arkansas to coinc in for a share of the funds. The Mississippi county judge in his open Jetter lo the governor suggests that a special session of the legislature be I called to work out, a plan to loan I each county money to start a road and brldso building campaign. Because road work In most of the counties has almost reached n standstill due to lack of finances Hie loan would enable roads arid bridges to be put hi first class .shape and at the same time give employment to idle men. The loan would be repaid by setting aside, a cerlain amount, of the county road fund each year until full Daymeut was completed, according to Judge Barnaul's plan. i The unemployment condition in the county . -has assumed serious proportions with the cutting off of garden supplies by the drouth and. the inroads on the prospective money crops this fall, Judge Bar- litim declares. The letter lo Governor Parnell from the Mississippi county judge follows; • . ' Honorable. Harvey Governor. LIHle Rock, Arkansas. mission lo become involved In political controversy. "No one can truthfully charge I am now playing politics on question." the The governor said he made lhe LITTLE HOCK. Ark., Aug. 10 j M I ...i' iui 13-,-!,=,- ti.^iii stipnil lii= lire's l\v-\V I^OLdllOll. 1 ~ \Vfll i *"t gut^inui .-MiJkL ML [Jltlllu MIL SllOC MOI'C Will ; statement now to allow "serious 11 , i r - i r-\ • . ^consideration and cooperation of all Hold rOniVU Upeiling at | persons, especially (he legislature.' tUP)—Rather than spend his life's i in the mailer. savings for a Irinl he thought cer- . I T vl .-f,. CL. nn f- Mo/rrn tain would result in a penitentiarv The Boolery. local shoe store op- 1 fUSty ShOOtS Negro term. Biirrel Whitfarsh. 55. look crated by .Ifff fiu.and ami Floyd. Slaver at State Farm poison late vesterday. His body Whi.e. will have its formal one,,- CUMM i N g s^ATE PRISOV was found at his home by neigh- ins at, il s new Iccallon next to| £"MMINS STATE PRISON, bors. j Borum's drug store, (omorrow eve-, *^ *«• » ' ^ ,* ^«™.^. Officers had hecn searchini Whitmarfh on charges nf assault | u-illf the intention of killing: three', for for ;ning. Preparations are bcinR ccmplPt^, . all visitors to the | C °™ S "? handsome new s'.oro and a jpecial. feature of the opnilne.wlll Ix 1 a musical program by the Alabnmn (UP'—A Spanish gardener, ;em- | Crimson, cclleeiatp orcheslrn. ccm- ploycd at tl;c hotne of Mrs. Mary Parr, ran atnuck today nnd murdered liis employer, her sister nnd her sister's son. menciiiK at 7:00 o' Other attractions arc scheilulrd lo be presented. Tlv store is HUP of the most After committing Hie trinlc miir- | mot j Prn ' nn(] allrarlive of ils kind c!er the Spaniard. John Le Gore, ,„ lh!s fn ^ on ,\ m otlerni=tic shot hiiu^lf. Citv He is in an Allnmic ,„ , front v . lt , v I where he is in a crit- ; pu.,,,,,,,,,,,1 nv a r , r ppiion m - : of inlaid lite effect. A is sup- ' i-nlrnncc •ant lliis matter of such great j Dear Governor Parnell: Importance to the state and com- j Conditions here are getting more serious every day. There nre many, ninny men who'nre able nnd willing to work, who have no work to do. If yon could call a special session of the Legislature and work out some plan to toan each county a certain amount of money and let Iho county put on n road and bridge building campaign, it would give hundreds of people work, and would put the roidr, nnd bridges up in Rood condition. It seems to me (hat this money could be paid back by the connly, so much each year out of the road fund, and-in that way put us over the period of depression. Tills is only an i'dea that I have and I am passing it on to you for whatever it is worth. This county. T supnosc like all tlie other counties in Northeast Arkansas, has on account of finances, reached the end of road work.for this year. I want, to assure you that If there' is any way in which I can help, please call on me. Yours truly, ..' Oeo. \V. Bariiam. County and Probate; " Judge. Mississippi county. day when the negro convict, the of Claude Harper, boss, attempted to escape. w . as j, n[n by lwo nt , BroPS wav 18. I Brunswick radios, cigars nnd mai;- | Five gallons of the linuor Is be- Inzihes. One of (lie most popular I inrr held as evidence against H. P | features of the new store is the | Spicer in whose garn»e officers : ^iuhvich lunch nnri scda founiain. clnim to havr found ihe liquor ( AM evtensivn liii* of .supply. Snirei is charged with il- i r^wspapers is legal possession of linuor iu the court nf Justice R. U McKni^ht. and also handled. he establishment broadcasts rnch tlav from 10 till 11 a. m. nnd from i 4 lill r> n. m. bv remote control IOVPJ- KLCN with request propr.nns . nf plrnoarAph records. 1 (v.iis Crop Through Co-ops j flr "W is Hie announcer nt llifse ^J, I Plan tn Market Rire "Kniicks Down" and "Foir" Mix on This 0!ours< entrance floor wi:li marl) 1 .? tile : ad(1.~ lo the e>::er:or nnpnariince. The interior Ik or will IIP cnv- | ered with a dark brown ami green ' ru". the wondwrk- finished In Am- . pricrm \\talnut and lopprd by walls and cniliii" of ivory. Six! full length mirror.-; will ndd to II 1 .? heautv of I'n 1 r.:ore. In the. disDlay windows a na'ivi* pum ! finish forms the wivdwoik back- j ground. The personnel of the e-tnb!1sh-: •"PHI consists of Jell Roland, who has been connected wilh the Boot-; ; erv for the n-is: five years. Flovd j , .. . Wlilte. who has resided here for P "UternriFing vonnosters nn ! ,,.„ __ 5| *-h street. TV Albin. 14. : ' n The Elois Beauty Shoajri?. located the balccnv cf Borum's DIIIIJ STUTTGART. Ark.. Aug. 10 (UP1 <, i —Plans for marketing the ID30 i'" ; rice crop through cooperative mar- | Store, is f> be formally opened Iketing agencies were discussed to- tomorrow afternoon, according to day at a meeting of Arkansas rice j Mrs. Lrls Saphin. owner, growers al which Carl Williams. | Souvenirs are to be given all cotton representative of the fed- visitcrs nnd the opening will Iv In eral farm board, was the principal : connection with the formal open- )C! >fc er ' i ins of Borum's dru? store which The price crop, although injured . win take place at the same time. . The derby course is about 1800 miles in length ond extends from More linn W planters ittended I 10 ™ 110 " 1 wnv '- g lvm b >' lhc llew K«£? f V^K£^'<*$» f f'/W' thc tet nam H : ce -""- ccl :; : I Stevens, federal farm ' bojrrt rep-i"«, Ado nh M "' e " wc » .*" m H ee weeks .prize. R free shampoo and McMirVrav. ! r ' nUB]l ' e ' a - UMm KO " Ee - |scl. for her suggestion. "Thc Dive Proves Fatal Pilo; W. E. GIlEerr. a'jove. faces one of the most difficult flight?, ii aviation history—a three :xpedl!i-n frr.m the Alberta, seaplane base to the North Magnetic Pole and return with Major L. T. Bunva^h. famous northern explorer employed by the _ Canadian °overnmenl, for whom', -Fred Plant. 21. died last nlghl jaml Kolicn equipment. from in juries received when he j An excellent manicure service is tiivcd into shallow water iu Red [also available for men and \vo- river. m-?n. ugge jdc r Puff Shoppe." The shop Is CM of the most modern in this section with the TEXARKANA. Ark.. Aug. 10 iUP) j Eiisene permanent waving machine A new no'e hns been strnfk '" M>n mnijT" 1 -" "^i r r-rare which h^s "rirn^rl Blylhc-ville In recent montlis. "H 1 " In'esl d"'-"''-'M>ient in th" livlustrv i- a miniature miiiint'ier . course, buili. 'ivned and r.neratecl bvlbrcp "nternriring vounoslers nn ; , hp ^ { |pn ,.„,, M ,, 5 _ LmlKn rjirias.'sV : "~ -"—' '"- T:; of the linv counsp nt th rrmc of ston. • . 7alien for three ! Reroy. prnduaii Mr. and Xfrs. Deck John- IH--SP rovers nn area of ap- ilv fn bv 25 feet In the Johnston yard and Is plaved with marbles instead of the regular goif balls. Small wooden clubs arc used, or if the player chisos. the game can be played in regular vear--. ! Blvihrvil rint and a o high former marbl" style. In either school last sprint athletic star. Mr. Rolar.c! ca Memphis where h with Kanna nr.d venrs. Mr. White Via* be shop business for n number of vcnrs. brlh hnv nud i:i Little Rock. Tlv hcsierv dppnrtment Is be in charge of Mrs Stncke and the .i' 1'ere from MS connected sons for five n in the case the par "core"h'45 for the'lS ' Mr Sfco >' ts " Pale5man ln | 10 ies : shne decartmoni. Considerable ingenuity has been 1 A vario(l md complete _line of employed by the younesters In lay- ™ en ' f ltltllos ' nr(i rhi!rtr(lns sho « s IMK out the course. Discarded yiiue v '"' *" h;illt ' i{ ' (i - ™ mclls lme 'fittings, planks, cans nnd stakes'*' 11 Include Edwin Ciapp. Nnnn- tn Atlanta nnd I li c-n ihe trio is being made. They Memphis. -Si. t^uis. Iby 5000 miles, over the barren region nnd Klein. III., tn Ohi- | shown in ihn nwnmnnnyniB mny. driven in the ground furnish plrntv rf ha?«-irds and Ihere are sar.d traps nt certain strategical points. Tlie course is lighted and at night and a business-like sig: a nearby tree Invites the general oubilc to plav two cames for 5 cents i or five games for 10 cents. A hole in or.e entitles (he player to one '• free round, nnd the young owneisj say business Is good. i Holland's and Friedman's. Hosierv line.- inrlurie thc McCallum Gord-n;. Pied Pipper Lions Urge Federal Building for City The l.ions club in session at the Hotel Noble todny unnimmisly endorsed n resolution urging Arkansas' representatives in the federal con;re;s to i:se their power to secure an appropriation for a federal postoffice building for tins city at (he earliest time. The resolution wns similar to one passed by the city council last week colling attention of the Arkansas senators find Representative W. J. Driver to the need of a federal building in. ] this city Crawford Greene, president ot the club, presided at the sesson today. Mr. Greene recently returned from n vacation and summer study In Wisconsin. Max B. Reid made n 1 brief talk. Miss Jessalyn Payne entertained the Lions with several piano selrc-. ;ions. Unemployment Quarrel Results in Two Deaths DE QUEEN, Ark.. Aug. 19 (UP)— Two are dead and another Is ex- Ipected to die Uxlay ns the result of 'n family quarrel caused by unem- IptoymciU. Ernest Arncld .24. went 'to his estranged wife's home yes-I terday. when she refused Xto, re- ere we see one of radio's most turn to him because he could not I , ,41 Aitric 1st. ccc uiir UL Laumo uivjk tiiiii ku lulu ucvauav lit VUULU (twk opm ,nnd Mcrmms !ui:cl •urnctl sliocs, famous dance band leaders caught I get n Job he shot her. then fatally :ll on i will be av.rl.ib.p .cr cm.ciron.- I by the photographer as he was nt- wounded her grandfather,' John, WEATHER ! tending the races at Saratoga in j N'e.v York. It's none other tliar. Vincent Lopez, and from the smile ARKANSAS-lM!t:y cloudy to- nicht and Wpdr.rstbv. Smith. 15. Late yesterday a posse searching for the slayer c.ime upon Arnold's on his face it looks ns If his nu- j body in a ravine. He had shot merolcgy system has aided him in himself. Mrs. Arnold Is not ex- picking a winner, | peeled to live.

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