Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 18, 1937 · Page 25
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 25

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 18, 1937
Page 25
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as fflfl'V-.; vffHprtKWpsTj .... " ,? .... KIR-' . ' , "" . ' i ' 1 v DEVELOPMENT (Mian ribune " building VOL. CXXVI 8-B OAKLAND, CALIF., SUNDAY, APRIL 18, 1937 TRACT DRAWS m BUYERS NO. 108 PANORAMA OF LAKEWOOD ESTATES mBB$$ ; nnuiu What the public think of Lake-wood Estates, "new residential community Just East of Walnut Creek, is evidenced by the fact thai last S a t u r d ay land Sunday ! more than 1400 automo bile parties st6pjed to inspect this property, ac cording to Clyde O. Sweet, exclusive sales agent. "These are visitors who parked In the spaces we pro vided," said Sweet, "and lundoubt- edly there were many others who merely drove through wproperty. "This is definite evidence that people are interested in such advantages that Lakewood Estates has to offer-ccessibUity, rolling home-sites, Jots of trees, the lake, the opportunities for hiking, riding, tennis and other outdoor sports, tne generous, size Of the homesites, be fact that roads, streets, water and electricity are already in, so that building may be commenced at once, "Sales are proceeding at a highly satisfactory rate. We made so many last week, in fact, that the sales staff was ahead of the engineering department. People are selecting property that is above the average, too, but whether this is because they m mm m 0,000 in s BOUGHT RADIO FEATURE Many prospective home builders have boucht in Lakewood Estates. beautiful Walnut Creek subdivision of Clyde O. Sweet, shown in the aerial view above, scenic development. The beautiful lake is a striking feature of this CLYDE O. SWEET SUNSHINE OF oninoM umirn 1 1 srf I III 1 1 II n II 1 1 nil II ill II II n im II ii IN THE VALLEY OF SUNSHINE where they want to bufld the home they have dreamed about, and so go a little higher than they had planned, or whether they are plac ing savings into real estate, I cannot say. "Virtually everyone who buys in forms us that he intends to build at an early date, and we have had two or three homesites purchased by people who 1 believe, intended to hold them as investments, but there are. certainly very few in this class." "Over the hills to sunshine Orinda!" This, says Kenneth Allen of Mitchell and Austin, realtors and subdivide!, is today's slogan. He added: "Many a resident of Metropolitan Oakland his found In this rolling valley a pleasant retreat. Improvement in highways has brought Orinda nearer to the downtown centers of Oakland. More and more is it recognized as the ideal location for a "dream home" by those engaged in business or profession in Oakland or San Francisco. ' "There are some 300 building sites still available Art Orinda," declared Allen, "They range from comparatively modest investments to coun try estates. Any home-seeker can find a selection in keeping with find in Ijaifcwo Estates the speWhis income- in the offerings on our Floor Jobber Appointed by Paraffine Co. BKW floor covering iobber. Bord Floor Covering Company., samara the California market headquarters in the Furniture Exchange Building, San Francisco, it is announced. The firm is headed by 3. T. "Jerry" McCord, for fifteen years identified with Pacific Coast business, fflba appointment of the McCord Flopr Covering Company as exclu-alvf Bay Area Jobbers of Pabco Floor Covering products, was announced today by Richard Hllliard, vice-president in charge of sain of Tha Paraffine Companies, Inc. DINING SPACE It planning the dining room, the first essential is adequate serving space around the table, and the second Is adequate wall spaea for furniture. lists "It is a surprise to many residents of Oakland to discover that the western boundary of Orinda is only 1800 feet distant from the city limits of Oakland. With the approaching completion of the low-level tunnel, an automobile ride of only 29 minutes will be required for the trip from the business center of Oakland. "Orinda properties offer homes that involve an Investment of as little as $3800, and estates that rep resent as much as $280,000.. , "Orinda possesses many unique advantages. Not only is it close to Metropolitan Oakland and San Francisco, but it offers low taxes, large building sites, improved roads, school, churches, fire protection and other features make It an ideal suburban, locatipn." In a show of modern decoration recently held in New York, there was presented a bedroom in char- fetreuse tones. The carpet was a light chartreuse, while the ceiling was finished in the same shade. The walls were a light gray. Draperies were a greenish lemon chnille. Off-white leather was .used on the frames of the beds, combined with limed oak. f BaaaM SSSSSSSSSSSSSlSSSSSStMSeSSSSXaSSSSSSSSSBSSBM-v':v';v;-;'X . 11 1 1 mihii mm MBjmm.- i IBSBBSll ' III In a large deal between the Stromberg-Carlson Company and four of the Pacific Coast's largest radio dealers, a special, purchase in volving almost a quarter of a mil lion dollars worth of radios was re cently consummated, according to executives of Breuner's of Oakland, one of the stores making the purchase. Meier St Frank's of Portland, the May Company of Los Angeles and the Emporium of San Francisco joined the five Bruener stores in a negotiation that enabled them to purchase Stromberg-Carlson's entire factory atock of 1937 long and short-wave models, it is stated. INCENTIVE TOM L. B. Quimby, radio buyer for the Breuner stores, said: . w Joining this merger, we,de- partea irom our usual policy, out felt It was a worthwhile incentive when we could buy such nationally famous radios, as Stromberg-Carl-sons at such amazing price concessions, because of the enormous quantity purchased, some IS to 20 carloads being involved in the transaction. "Stromberg-Carlson radios repre sent an outstanding achievement of radio engineers. They are noted as quality radios seldom found at sale prices. ' "There have been many reasons for Stromberg-Carlson's excellence, including the care with which each set is built and designed, and the most exclusive features developed. BOOM REMOVED Stromberg-Carlson's acoustical labyrinth takes the boom out . of radio music; "giving-a new fidelity and naturalness in reproduction. A special Carpinchoe leather imported from South America for use in Stromberg-Carlson absorbs vibration at the edge of the speaker cone to eliminate blurring of tone. m 4 EMM 1 H . 3 - JwH mMSmmmmS The radio department at Breuner's is featuring Stromberg-Carlson fadios, in connection with a fifteeif carload purchase by four larga ' Pacific Coast stores. The model pictured is a de luxe radio-phono- 1 graph combination, remarkable for its tonal qualities and its beauty as a furniture piece. ' -Stjr 1 z 7 ' Lake Cascade, in the sheltered vale of Orinda, reflects the beauty of the green-clad hills. Now Spring has decked its borders in the gold of the poppy and the yellow of (he buttercup. Wild-flower season is just beginning in Orinda and thousands of Metropolitan Oakland motorists are finding the trip one of the most attractive routes on their touring schedule. There are some 300 building sites still available, rang-ing from parcels for those of modest income, to investments for country estates. Mitchell & Austin, realtors, have charge of the property. DISTRIBUTORS ARE NAMED The dining room in an Illinois home has walls which are coated in egg-ahell white enamel. Hangings are glazed chintz in acid green and deep brown over green striped window shades. The same oolors are in the rug. Italian Empire chairs in walnut burl with green leather seats accompany a Biedermeier table and sideboard. Announcement Is made that the firm of Smart and Mitchell, 2108 San Pablo, has been appointed distributors for the products of the Yates and Smart Paint Company. David Smart Jr., former technical aavisor on paint problems lor a major oil company, and Joe Mitchell, cperienccd paint specialist, are partners. The Yates and Smart Paint Com pany specializa on industrial problems, and all products of the concern are under direct laboratory control. The firm has developed a Mfijcican-blue trim color for early California homes. The shade is derived from Mexico, and is traced back to early Aztec-Indian history. The product is stated to be non-fading dnd is made exclusively by Smart annd Yates. This particular color, it is painted out, was used by the Aztecs who were sun-worshipers, and who believed that by painting the entrance to their homes in this shade "evil spirits" would believe that the Sun God abided there, and consequently would not enter. The blue represents the sky, legendary home of the. Sun God. To this day the blue is popular in Mexico, being known as the "good luck color." Two Bathrooms Not Twice as Expensive In building a new home the prospective owner is reminded that, contrary to common opinion, two bathrooms do not cost twice as much as one. A certain amount of necessary piping is required whether there is one bathroom or two. In most cases this piping is adequate to serve two or more bathrooms, This fact may be borne in mind when building a home financed -under the insured mortgage system. Mortgages are insured for up to 80 per cent of the appraised value of the property. KITCHEN FLOOR If you are considering a change in the. kitchen floor -color, one especially practical finish that does not show footmarks is accomplished by giving the floor a "marbleized" ef fect with' enamel. After the ground-coat has dried thoroughly, apply a light tint. Before 4his is dry, take an elongated wad of wrapping paper, place it firmly on the floor and roll it over and over. In this way some of the wet coat is removed, allowing the ground coat to show through. Finish the Job with a coat of wax. ; FLOORS Just because they are underfoot, floors all too frequently are witf mirid. Niee floors, well kept, add greatly to the beauty of a home. Frequent waxing prevents the scratching of smooth surfaces and protects the floor coating. With marred varnish floors, the best results will be obtained by removing the wax, touching up the marred areas with varnish and then re-varnishing- the entire floor. At Breuner's. HHii : SHI LAKEWOOD ESTATES AT WALNUT CREEK Sw S I Clock Extra (1 ROOM!... for 300 More Enjoyable Homes in ORINDA Orinda will never be crowded I Even in the not too dis-taut future, when every building site is occupied by a charming home, there will be room. ..room to enjoy the ample green of grass and trees, . .room to bask in the warm sunshine, to breathe in the restfully invigorating air of gentle breezes. Because hpmesiteS are measured in acreage, rather than in feet, Orinda will never be crowded!- Today there are about 300 homesites yet to be chosen. Today there is room for 300 more families to join those who have already discovered that life in Orinda brings EVERY eity convenience... plus freedom from Cramped quartern, eonfuaion, and distractions. See Orinda today. See tho many sites that invite home-building. There are many whieh will suit YOU in every respect Min Offici: CLencourt 4874 Tract Office! THnrnw.H urn? Here are three of the 300 homesites. A level, visw oornr. overlooking tho foli COur. 31100 tent. Suitable for a 14000 home. Pi ire 16(0. A.oloss.ln, lsvst sits of 17100 cr. Walking diitanc from pro-pore4 bus line, nchool, and ehoppln- district Suitable for I7S00 hom-e. Price I1S15, A level corner with mammoth oak; almoat an 4re...room for ten-Hp court and wim-mln pool. Faelnr Lake Cascade. Suitable for llO.MO house. Priced attMOO. Do yon realize that you can .enjoy every advantage of a private country estate for as little as $850? Ifs true! Beautiful Lakewood Estates, at Walnut Creek, offers just that! Magnificent tree-studded homesites overlooking a lovely lake that's I ours to USE! Swimming, canoeing, fishing in your own front yard! liking, riding, picnicking, in the surrounding hills! Tennis on Lakewood courts! A perfect climate away from fog and dampness. Surpassingly beautiful views. These are the things that have turned the eyes of the Bay Region toward Lakewood Estates! See this unique property NOW! It's selling fast and the homesite ou want will soon be gone! Water, electricity and telephone serv- ce are on the property and paid for, so you can begin building at once. Drive out Broadway or College and Claremont Avenues past the Claremont Hotel oyer Fish Ranch Road to Walnut Creek. Then follow the arrows. I ft! W it asV a A li sW H sih aim I Sf m m wmM fmmimtM Broadway and College Ave. HU mboldf 0512 Branch office at Lakewood Estates Open Every Day. The Finest of the Westinghouse 1937 Electric Ranges See It in All the National Magazines With Corox Units... rasy to clean, efficient indestructible. Sealed in electrically welded, stainless steel absolutely troublefree. Separate Economy Cooker. . .enables you to prepare a complete meal and cook it without any attention from you, at a cost of just about one penny. Included without extra charge. Twin Ovens one extra large, for fowl and big roasts ... the other in standard size for ordinary baking of cakes, pies, casserole dishes. Acid-Resisting Cooking Surface ... of extra-hard white porcelain enamel to resist food acids, chipping and scoring. See Westinghouse! $316.50 Buy on B. H. A. Terms Weitinghonse Electric Water Heaters also available to complete your kitchen BREUNER'S HI gate 4343 -Oakland Broadwav at 21st VTHornwall 4343 Berkeley 2132 Canter St, (I OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SUNDAY, APRIL 18, 1937 t-9 NEW MODELTOWN, LOW-COST HOME IN RICHMOND rm I m ro cut ; FI TO AREA With preparations for paving the eastern approach to the new Low-Level Tunnel being made, interest In Moraga Estates, new close-in subdivision being developed by Fred T. Wood, Inc., is increasing, according to Fred T. Wood. Wood reports that approximately half the homesites in Moraga Estates have already been sold. Ha, a added: "Many of the visitors to Fthe tract are commenting on the visible stir and activity In the road contractor's park of equipment. It Is certainly going to be great when this road is finished and greater when the tunnel Is donel People have been driving out tp Moraga Estates over a gravel road all Winter, sometimes when it was wet and in just a little while now they will be able to drive out over a broad, surfaced highway with easy grand and long, sweeping curves, a road in which safety has been given extra eetuMewtienl it wltf'lBllra the few miles to Moraga Estates seem like nothing. "In my opinion, all interested in a country home would do well to Investigate Moraga Estates immediately, while there are still plenty of choice homesites from which to make a selection. Values are rising, though we have not raised prices." e thousands See Display Home lnsMohtclair MORAGA ESTATES VISTA A - ' ' j3eMsiaMiBsfiilc NEW LOW-COST HOME IS SHOWN A lovelv vista from Homesite No. 95 at Morao a F.staten. r n.in ilevelnnment nf VveA T XC.,1 JujEm ji gKlM.IMW Stataly-telre nd gentlyrolKng slopes make this pfbpffy 'One" of the "most popu-!ar subdivisions in the Eastbay region. N MONTCLAIR HIGHLANDS HOME Over 25,000 persons have visited the Narragansett House, The Trib-une-H. C. Capwell's rhodel home, located in scenic Montclair Highlands, it is announced. "Most of these visitors came to study this home, rather than from Simple curiosity," according to James H. Swearingen, director of H. C. Capwell's Home Decorating Bervice. "Many of them are planning to Buna their own homes, while others ire seeking new ideas they can use tn re-decoratmg their present homes "They often find treatments to he Narragansett House which they ean adopt or modify td make their own homes more liveable, "The master bedroom in the Narragansett House solves effectively the problem of balancing a large room with two dormer windows. This room-appears smaller through the use of green toile wallpaper. The effect of the dormer windows ts reached through the use of crisscross organdy drapes Colorful hook rugs thrown on the broadloom carpet before the windows'help distract the eye, ' "This bedroom is furnished in attractive French Provincial style, with mirrors finished in genuine goldleaf. The set is comparatively Bringing to the Eastbay modern methods in the merchandising of building materials, the Builder's Emporium, located at 1770 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito, is today presenting, for public inspection, a low-cost model home at Forty-tnird and Nevin Streets, in Richmond. Thejiome, which follows the Dlan of one of the Model-Town Exhibit homes recently shown at Breuner's in Oakland, is built according- to the "Klicka" system, which is said to be almost revolutionary, due to its economy of construction, and flexibility in design. According to Merle Bishoe, manager of the Builder's Emporium, homes built in conformance with "Klicka" speci-ficationaj, satisfy the requirements of the ITI. A and are Qualified for long-term, easy payment loans,. "There is an insistent demand for low-cost housing facilities." atatea rBtshop, "a demand that can be ade quately met by the "Klicka" method of construction. The Builder's Emporium is the exclusive representative for "Klicka" in Alameda and Contra Costa Countffes, as1 well as being engaged in the merchandising of building materials in general. We will be glad to cooperate with prospective home buyers and builders at ail times." MODELTOWN BUNGALOW OPENS The master bedroom of Narragansett House, furnished, by the H. C. Capwell Company, is one of the many decorative features of this popular Capwell-Tribune display home. Emge and Stockman are in charge of both tract and exhibition home. : Hospitality Is Keynote of New Richmond Hom "Hospitality is the keynote of "Modeltown Home," the model home furnished In Richmond by Breuner's. This atmosphere is realized the mo ment you step over the threshold into the smart llvina room" m Breuner executives today in dis cussing the furnishing of the home ror the living room, a practical out, Deautitnl floor covering ot ineze Droaaioom in one of the newest rich deep green tones, has been cnosen as an effective backeronnd in harmony with natural finish of ine Knotty pine walls and the walnut nnisnea oak floors. "Departing from the usual matched' set idea a single Lawson style sofa , with linen covering in eggshell and terra cotta tones, is contrasted with a comfortable high-backed wing chair in green and gold tapestry, and a smaller pull-up chair with cqvering in gold tapestry." "Especially interestine is tho flat top kneehole desk in old ivory and walnut with chair to match. Suitable small tables and lamps complete the comfort of the delightful room." inexpensive, considering its design and finish. "Many persons have been inter ested in the draw casement cloths (twvritlkl (bnq 7lcrw afJLS'v. ' m j jS9SSBS4ttilVjl fine in the living rooms and dining room," Swearingen said. We used thorn to give these rooms a soft effect and diffused light. Besides, this type of window treatment is traditional with New England rooms. "The unusual' color and design in the living room has received much favorable comment from visitors. Instead of plain floor coverings, large semi-antique Oriental rugs are used. Cobalt, blue and copper, the dominant colors, are supported by tones of gold, deep rust and ,b,rown. "The strong design in these rugs is carried into the drapes where it is harmoniously balanced. "Narragansett House is open daily from 10 a. m. to 7:30 p. m. It is reached by driving out Boulevard to Snake Road and thence to 5548 Balboa Road. Signs mark the way. Small Windows May Be Mirrored Small windows were a great favorite for houses built during an earlier period. They were frequently placed at either side of a fireplace, over bookcases. Many of these houses are1 of sound construction and have large, airy rooms. They may be purchased and financed under the Insured Mort gage System of the Federal Hous- Mountain ing Administration. New Index of Rents Being P r ep are Due to the widespread interest in the Modeltown exhibit recently held at Breuner's, in Oakland, a standard-size home harfe&.a completed, built in accordance with one of the most popular models displayed. This home has been built under the "Klicka" method, a low-cost system for which the Builders Emporium of El Cerrito is the exclusive representative. The honte, located at 43rd and Nevin Streets in Richmond, has been furnished by Breuner's as a display home, and opens for inspection today. R. F. Johnson and Son are the builders, and Ruby Brya nt is the exclusive agent for the property. NEWEST RANGE POT IN HOME DINING ROOM In a home recently decorated, the dining room has been finished and furnished in variations of blue. Walls are silver, glazed, with perl- midnight blue taffeta and draw curtains, the color of canterbury bells. The rug is plum- and the accessories crystal and silver. The furniture is mahogany and the chair seats are winkle blue. Outside curtains are upholstered in blue. H. C. CAPWELLS 8ROADWAY,-:20TH, TELEGRAPH-TEMPLEBAR 1-1-1-1 Visit NARRAGANSETT H O U S E model home completely f urftished by H. C. Capwell's Home Decorating Studio. sMfe Beautiful Pear Orchards at Moraga Estates Acttrar-safcs figures how theiuying trend is away from city congestion. Already more than one-third of Moraga Eitatet has been sold. Homes are nearing completion. New homes are now being built. Buyers have placed their stamp of approval on this nature-favored beauty spot! Visit Moraga Estates NOW before the homesite you want has been sold! There are still many lovely pieces with marvelous views, stately oaks, rippling brooks ... but they're selling fast! ACT NOW and establish yourself in i the East Bay's most convenient suburban community! DRIVE OVER FISH RANCH ROAD to the junction of MORAGA AND ORINDA HIGHWAYS Homesites from Vi to 5 acres, priced from $750 to $1500; F. H. A- approved. Streets will be accepted by Contra Costa County. City electricity, water and telephone service are on y the property -- - OlOMGft STATES IS ALSO A REAL INVESTMENT FAfDT.W00D.inC --w? eam - ' - JMBLI - - ffjaH Sm SM' WttSKid " B at VuLy. jjBgLJ sHtasMsaaatstolJ 27 Franklin Street TH ornwall 2727 H Branch Office at Moraga Estate! I Actual photograph of charmingly tjurniihtd living room in Nor-Iragansett House, of which the view window it a ipectacular feature. Thousands of persons have acclaimed the decorating and furnishing of Narragansett House . . . have admired the "at home" feeling that one has immedir ately upon entering. Drive out today . . . see for yourself how attractive it is . . . know the thrill off tne "million dollar view" which takes in the bay, bridges, Eastbay pities, San Francisco, tamalpais, wooded hills. ( ". ' i' i . ". ' Opn Sunday and every day 10 a. m. fo 7:30 p. m, . ' s Drive out Park Blvd. to Mountain Blvd. . . . then follow the arrows to .4 MONTCLAIR HIGHLANDS Herbert Nelson. Seerataw nt National Realty Association, reports: A new index of rents is being prepared by the Bureau of Statistics of the United States Department of Labor. It is a revision of the bureau's present plan of reporting rent costs. The revised index is being worked out in close cooperation with real estate boards of representative cities, and will show onar. terly reports on 18 different classifications and dwellings. First sampling of 800 dwelling units "has just been completed in Chicaeo. Atlanta. Seattle and Philadelphia are among cities next in line to be covered. "We have had up to this time a good deal of confusion as to what is really taking place in rent costs It Is important that rent levels and rent changes be known, accurately, not only because they are an important-factor in the cost -of- living but also because they are a pressure gauge for real estate investment and for new construction. "The next index should prove to be a reliable and serviceable guid) for everybody's use. It is a timely aid. It should help balance, more Intelligently, the present movement toward more active real estate use." "Good cooks will be particularly interested in the Wedgewcod stove we have placed in the kitchen of "Modeltown Home," said S. L, Coe, manager of Breuners Richmond store. "This Wedgewood is one of the newest 10371 models in the table-top design that modern women are de mandingj but, most- interesting of all, it has the new built-in heater of gas-circulating type that operates on exactly the same principle as your separate heater of this kind, and it furnishes a clean, safe and econom ical manner of heating the kitchen and rear of the home. "This Wedgewood is also available with the new low-temperature oven that is attracting more and more attention this season because of the improved method of baking and roasting 'it affords. Based on the same principle as that of the home made tile livens of the Old World the low - temperature oven enables American housewives to cook at a slower, more even temperature than before, Snd to serve delicious meals that have a Continental flavor." Exclusive Representatives for iie "Klicka" Model Home Ruby Bryant Co. Property Management 4024 Macdonald Ave. Richmond Phone Richmond 396 pappH BapApWj iBHfef ISti-a fir ip' We You nvife Modeltown Home at 43rd and. Nevin Streets in Richmond Completely Furnished by Breuner's An exact replica of Modeltown home No. 26 ... . approved by the Federal Housing Administration. You'll be delighted with the simple California Colonial design and the appropriate furnishings. Visit the home for new ideas! You Can Buy for as Little as $ 23 month With an F.H.A. loan, the home can be pur chased for as little as $23, including principal and interest, mortgage insurance fee, taxes and assessments, Jire insurance premium aneT service ... charge., ...SSpii . ;.. i: ; 'The Home of Complete Building Service" where you can get ll information about ; "KLICKA HOMES" (PATENT PENDING) The New Sensational Method of Constructing QUALITY HOMES AT LOW COST APPROVED FOR F.H.A. LOANS 80 LoansMonthly payments from $23.00 to $35.00 per month See the "KLICKA" Model Town Studio Bungalow Furnished by Breunet aa. mm- it a "a. am a ...Ja 1 at 43rd St. and Nevin Ave., Kichmond THEN" $EE US r BUILDERS EMPORIUM 1770 San PaWe Ave. Phones: Krkeley 4611 Bfipite h ; , R I chtnond 1325 Drive Out San Pablo Avenue Turn left one block beyond the large "Richmond" sign atntersection of Macdonald and San Pablo Avenues. "Modeltown Home" is on the northeastern corner of 43rd and Nevin Sts. BREUNER S HI gate 4343 Oakland Broadway at 21st Richmond 1 59 Richmond 101 S Majdonald Ave. Builders of 'Klicka' Homes R. F. JOHNSON & SON jCENERAL contractors 530 36th Street Richmond Phones t as m M

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