The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on November 3, 1907 · 11
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · 11

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 3, 1907
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fjfW IpniMfcr am leader! This section contains the Social and Club Events, Sports News, Market Pseports and Classified Ads. SECOND SECTION JOHNSON BETTER UI1QUE CONTEST THAI JACK FLU GOES TO GR1NNELL "7 DES MOINES. IOWA. NOVEMBER 3. 1907. : Z I Wisconsin Wins trom Iowa J THE-SCORE 13 13 TO LOSING. PUTS SC0RE CAME IN FIRST HALF BAIR RACES EIGHTY-FIVE YARDS y FOR TOUCHDOWN. &J.JM I '. --; - . - - - - - - 1 ""' WISCONSIN SQl'AD. . A 7 -" - ; ' i - . (.:. . ...tit i 1 1 1 1 a I t ' " . I I II IUUUIIUH1 1IIHU r HIM TO SLEEP IN ELEVENTH ROUND. THE VICTORY CAME ' VERY EASY COLORED MAN OUTWEIGHS HIS OPPONENT. Bleamaster Kicki Goal From Place ment, Cinching the Game for Crinnell. Grinnell lfl, PraK-e o. In nnp ot Ilic mt'ft mii'i'ip I not mil I sanies evpr phi el tn ilio iraki Sijultum Crinni'll team prcivcit iimt tt if still invlm-ibto "S tar "k J :: In iHinrwrmit Dv winning the Contest Ijy Hit si'oro of iu to V. , Alt Or In" F onnK v- uuiu' in ui'- ni;v alf Whn thi I.Rll wim nil Hif linu-Hflein yard lino lxrmy nf Drakr hi-'-w a forwani iim i.i'"oily Into mo ritis of J-efi Halfem-it furl MhIi of h -rinnpii ol.'vrn. wno rHi't'il th1 entire Hiifih f"f Hif' fl"W tor a miii'liilon'ti, Nul .11.- of the lirakf plyvr had the nliK'tiwt i hani'" to tacklu mm. baler in tite ame alf BlPmatiKr put th bail over th- tmr mm placpiticnt from the twenty-live yard me. This I'nilod the si-ovine of th" gnmc 'I'hf ronflU't !U unique tfr many rea-.'!!i. Orlnni'U i.coreil ii'n jiolnlfi without uiaklfs tii'ft down once n the flirt half iMake gained It! yards in the tlrst halt nd I'lanted the hall on the ten yard line of Grinnell, where tun.' was vailed, 'liimi.-ll played better football in the eec-"iid half than In the firm, but wan unable 10 score. An far as op"n foot hull was . onecmed, the ante! s " absolute ifolure. Forward pmsv. yuarterbaek uioks and end run were uscicsh. I.otli. i:iuis ishowed great trngtti in def. nse. nut were pour on offers-. Drake making i.rt down six times In the enilie (ruiw, ; .,ui- In the. first half, while Grinnell made lust down twice, both fn Hie a. eond half. i'l-ese are some of the thlnsu which show me pevullar vharaeier ot the ganie. Why Grinnell Won. It would he pertinent to inquire why won the fiame. The acariet and i.lack won the game because it lined hcl-er head work, because Marshall out-.,ickcd the opviwin ptintern so much thai nere was no comparison, because punts vere run back in betler fdiape, and because Hlcamaster was able to repeat his , rick of lam year and put the hall over bar f,.r lour points. I ue.f.- lour ponns .vould liave won the game without the niifhriown, which was in n way iuckv. The luck of tiie contest made Ihake 1 ght HgitinKt th" wind at U-P'-t live-sixth i the lime. Amrn:it-ni onnin'ii i'"lr" .ith niarvelous skill. hU boots averaging ..rlv varda. Grinnell played hearty hall. rakms no chances, the team played lor Iuckv kcui. and it came. Ill tno secouu alf. with the wind at their backf, the ien fought to keep the ball in th oopesi-:on territory, and th. v were micccpalut. nd run uftet run was tried ii) hope ot pttin another score by Grinnrll, as the nowledec was early driven into the head I Marshall that line bucking would not i. Hevcral lime th" feet b-ickp narly it away Hum th Drake end?, but the uvliduwii ilh) nut eo.r.6 lit that w. Drake Doe Poorly, c Durtna harts ot the fl.vf T.alf Jrake Jslayed good football, but taking the. game s a -wrioie tlv fitowinst wim- poor. The i-aiii r"iuid to fovEet. "e-ei ih1ng widen I'ell had taught tm-m. The attack w? i ot varied, the plays bring f FUc-es?ion .( line buckH- whleh were generally piled up. fiorii,. nttetnpts at. fornard pits wre fsikK" iclicd in. whh'li t.emiieu n'lved In a startling manner. Nearly ' very time lloftuiHn poised hlniwelf for a iirotv lo the forward he was duelled lo he. ground by a hoi!- do2en scarlet and .lack player. Drcke gave hhn miserable croteeijou. N"hen the aeor. sto-id ten to ithinc agaitin them the Divike playcis ierc flow In piny. Liking valuable niin-neR in lining up. Thai place kick lv i;leaaiii-f wemeil to take al! of the gln-,:er out of the attack. ripple, with the rxeepthjit of Ziegleiv I were able to take, prtrt m tite game, and 1 i-ome of them played great- ftHitoui h lair : ma .n;:r!inaii played excepiioiuiiiy well Hair played like a demon all the. way inrmigh. He was the i.iUy man on t.he irinnell team 'who was really a on5ifi-. ent yatner. Severs! times lie van hack junts lev t'i.nty-ti e or thirty yards cautifuily Marshall for a ulwtiiut, pur up a elevef exlilhitloh. 1-llf, pauting was he W ft si en on the pfidlunt this year. I he kicks went po far that not. i ron the am Hannagan wa? ab!.- to get down lo no m;m lecelvlns the punt. Bleamaster Is Strong. Bleamaster played the usual first class e'ame. He could not gain much aro'iml ne end, however. His pHee kirk was at hi angle and a beauty. The Grtunell line leld well. Garner and Melirath doing well tackle.-, and fampbell espucially star ling at gtiurd. Turner, at fiilibick. lilt the me with great speed and ability but the Orake, 'line was practicable lhipretniihle. r'or, Captain Holfman did even ( helter than usual, which i; raying much i for the big taukie U was rot hi fauit. ! lhat the forward passed failed. Wllnin at. half was 'on? of the fr of the gnnie. .-rharrburs fought till he was all In. The whole line hld well. Hassnrd. during the time he was In the game, contributed a brilliant dafli with lhe hall, scoopmg it up from a difficult position and advancing it well. In tho main, in the second hall, Drake flayed a spiritless game, a gums uf a bcu.ten team, s ' The Game in Detail. Drake won the toss, and ISalr kicked oft to Scharnburg. the ball rolling out--ide. where the hig fellow fell on II Scharnburg vva given the ball and made 'omr yard. (Hoffman tried a. forward i r. but the hall landed In OrlnneH's .'rms. . But It w funiblcd and l'rke i recovered It. Hoffman tried a forward I pa on the! net play, Denny catching it for a eain of fifteen yards. Hoffman made six on a tackle around tackle smasti. Drake was offside sickle' took livn yards. Ml"klo was offside. Wood- row punted,- but JlcCoy regained the hunt. .. Drake was rnpioly neartng the 'irinnell line, and Hie blue, and white partisans, were wild with '.excitement." Sic.kla made four. Wood row smashed j'o,-ihree. HetTman added three. te.nny. on an attempted forward pap.s was thrown ck for a Ave yard loss. Sickle sained hve. l.ienny patted tlie ground down in preparation' for a drop kick. The kick vent Into the line and Wilson dropped on "t. lisrr made two yards. Drnk had tone the whole length of !he Held and wa. now within ten yards of. the coveted ohI hot. , . . 4 Denny tossed the ball to Hair on a forward pass, and the fleet halfback danced jio tho other end of the glrdiron to the ( heera of the wcarlet. and block suriport-i and he. ,iig danced by Coach Hamil-ifton. That play was tins turning pnlnt in "the game, rp to that, time Grinnell had Jbeen the, under dos, with defeat stnrlnR fi in the face, but from then on Drake. Sought the uphill tight, and lost, l.llea- toaster kicked the goal, 1 Scharnburg Kicks. 1 Scharnburg kicked to Garner, who t imbled the ball momentarily and was I treed to drop on it without gain. Neither i ulr nor Hhamastev could gain on end Inns, and the ball was punted lo Wood-row, who returned the ball five yards. Iviison now marie five. Woodrow three and Hoffman three. Thla placed the hall n Grlnnell's forty yard line. Wilson tilled to gain. McCoy umaahed through for three, Denny kicked to Turner. Turner Riade five on a smash. Bleamaster had 111 tuecess on unbend run. Marshall sent a ng pfral try Denny, who w aa downed in his tracks, (fickle made, three and Hoff-i B an twenty' But: Smith: her had a teni- notary hfoln storm aim called the ball hack. H chjuigefi: hi idind. thoughs- and if1 the. ball go t l'rwfie on Gnnneira ';vnTTnUedon paobs, column 3. The Conventional Right To the Jaw Puts Flynn To the Land of Dreams. FOOTBALL RESULTS At Des Moines Grinnell 10, make 0. At leiva Citv Wisconsin ". Iowa j. At i.itienln Nebraeka l'i. Ames. ?. At Topkn- Washburn i:. Kansas At Chanipaign Illinois 21. Purdue 4. At Indianapolis- Indiana 0, Notre Dume 0. At St. lyouis St. Louis university .8, Washington university 0. Al Minneapolis Minnesota U", University of Chicago IS. At Ithaea Cornell IS, Western University of l'eiinsy'.vanla 5. At Camtirldi.'" Harvard fi. Brown 5. At Philadelphia Pennsylvania j;, La-fnyrtte 0. At Vew YorkPrinceton I. Carlisle 0, At MarlfUa Marietta 11. Bethany Col lege of West Virginia 0. Al New Haven Yale il, Washington and Jefferson 0. At West Point-Army . Cnlgale P. At Nashville- MichiBan $. Vanderbilt 0. At Swart hmore-Swarthmorn l Villa- nova 10. At Lani-aster Franklin and Marshall C! Delaware college 0. At Havei-ford -Hcverford IL". t.e'nigh 4, At W'llliamsport Pennsylvania .Ptate college iu. Dickinson college e. At Norfolk -Swane 'lrginia fi. At Columbus Ohio State university 1: Renvoi '-oolleeo O. At Ida Gi-ovftlda Grove 1?.. Kast High of 1 ) Moines o - At X.os Angeles St. Vincent's college tl, University of Utah S. At Columhiu.. Mo, University of Missouri o, i:niverslty of Texas 4. I At Holla, Mo. State Fchool of Mines 11, Battery A of SM. tends (j. At Decatur- MIMikeu university 34, Pana . WELLER'S KICKS DEFEAT AGGIES CORNHUSKERS WIN WITHOUT A TOUCHDOWN, ' Wisconsin's Captain ' . MANY GOALS FROM THE FIELD NEBRASKA GETS TWO AND AMES ONE. CHICAGO IHOONS WESTERN CHAMPS DEFEAT THE GOPHERS BY SCORE OF 18 TO 12. CAPRON IS A WHOLE TEAM HE MAKES TWELVE POINTS FOR ' MINNESOTA. Steffen and De Tray Are the Stars for Stagg's Championship Eleven. MINNEAPOLIS, Minn, Nov. 2 Minnesota, was defeated at Northrup Field this afternoon by Chicago by a score of IS to 12. It was a battle of eleven men against Capmn. the mighty kicker of the Minnesota eleven. The -Minnesota team lacked snap and ste,am and failed to accomplish anything against the fast play and walllike defense of the Chicago team. Time and aaln the Minnewtnns tried their utmost to pierce the Chicago line, play after plav was tried, but in each case the result was defeat and a failure to negotiate the necessary distance. Pteffen and DrTray plaved a! slur game for Chicago, while Capron and Iris good right foot was the whole thing for Minnesota. All of M. line-sola's scores were made by Capron'a drop kicks, the locals never crossing Chicago's goal line. In the first half Minnesota scored first with Capron'a kick whtla a forward pass to Stcffens who made a beautiful run. negotiated Chicago's initial mark, ending' the first half, Minnesota , Chirago ti. - In the second hair Minnesota tncu ugain and again to redeem itself, but the fates ere against them. Lambert, McElhinney and Stouffer Are the Great Stars for the Aggies. LINCOLN. Neb., Nov. :.-Fpecia): Ne braska university triumphed over tho Iowa Agricultural college of Ames today in the fiercest and most thrilling football battle ever waged upon the Nebraska, field. A sirigle point spells the roarsln ot Nebraska's victory, tor the score was lfl to 9 It was a clash of giant with giant, with the tide running strongly in favor of the Atrri-. iii.-,. i ..inhusitei s snrintinK al the 'nnish and flnailv erctspine the laurels in 1 he elnsinc momellls of Ille Ptl'Mglfh-. Captain Wellei's goa.1 kicking literally booted his teammates to vi.-inry. 1 he Corr.huskrrs assumed the lead in the first httlf when Wcller p.ace kicked for four points. The Aggie rallied m the second hall, tying the score on kambort s place kick. ml- assunitntlte lead on Lambert's run for a touchdown. v illei s safety increased Nebraska's score two points and when W. Her asain shot the ball over the Ames goal for four points the die was cast in the. Cornhuskcrs 1 OrT'straight football the Cornhuskcrs distinctly outclassed 'heir frjonents, and Pi !v in the first half Indicated triumph tor Nebraska, In the linal half Ames rallied, however, and was fairly sensatkmal In us virility. . Uinrilng Nebraska' defense too stifl to advance the oval on straight, football, tho Aggies suddenly varied their atta. K by resorting to the forward pass. McElhinnev and Htouner. me Ames iw, were chief agent in the Aggies onward march, the backs flipping the ball to this pair for a series of sensational gams. Mnes whs within the shadow of Nebraska's goal posts al least seven times, and tried as manv place kicks, only one, bv limberl. cleat in the cross bar. Fortune favored the Aggies a few tno- D u,di .-hen one of Y oiler's tries for a place kick was blocked, tho ball tolling two-ttnras me ie(i" UL w V ' V ... i .mh hv Ams. Two line charges retted no gains, and Lambert dropped K.,,,1.. frt-.. a o'ace ki'-'k. The pass was poor and the charging Cnrnhuskers had the kick apparenily u.,a n.h..n Lambert soil rmed ttwa V cleared Nebraska's left wing and raced thirty yards for" a toucnuown. uinroen missed "the goal. Willett s safety, a blunder which cost smcu the game, followed on the next i;!ck off. and Weller scon followed with hio e,-ond and winning place kick.. The Cornhuskers twice rushed the ball n-iihin five yards of the Ames goal. but could not. buck it over in the heavy Reppcrt, the Ames fullback, was ruled iX It - p, Vv- -i Mvm V. J :j ." ,!?rft FROM OLD GOLD FUMBLED PUNT LOSES THE CONTEST. FINAL SCORE IS SIX TO FIVE IOWA LEADS IN SCORING A LONG ' TIME. Iowa Shows Remarkable Form On the Forward Pass, Netting 137 Yards On It. SPORTSMAN SEES IT MESSMKR. Left tackle. out of tho game on a decision by the officials that he had roughed Weller while the latter was pun'ing. Weller was badiy hurt, but continued to play. Tho lineup: NEBRASKA. t AMES- Johneon-rat- IOWA CITY, la., Nov. :,-Speeial: Five minutes before today's game ended. Head Linesman Madden of Michigan turned to Mnre fnllln. Saving. "Yotli" OV.e" down will bent them." Just them Messmer of Wisconsin punted high, the ball dropping in a crowd of plavers. Rogers eo..ped 11 lip. ran torti vurds for a touchdown. Messm'T kicked goal, and the. game ended, Wisconsin b, Jew a 6. , Iowa showed slight superiority tlueugii-out, but luck, good and bad. was the feature of the game. Wisconsin's hard luck came In Iowa's ail in a bunch Alter a fumble to Wisconsin at the ftwv formation, an aitempt at placement gave i.,.v. .h hull on her own two yaid line. I,! mints and baekficld gains "nt the hall i Wisconsin's live yard Dums, blocked kicks ton Matters .... Kwing Collins Frum-Hart Chaloupka Harvey .... Cooke 'ciler (c) Minor Kroger .L. K. L. . . . . L. T. L. ...L. c L. c. c. ,.R. G. R. ....It. T. R. .. R. K. R. Q- U. ,...L. II. I.. ...R. H. R. ,...F. I". 1". I -Touchdown V. ,touffer T La w G Nebon Hut ledge G Thayer T Brugger K.McKlhlnneyiei Ilubliard li ... Graham H Lambert H Rcppert- .... Willetts Lambert: goals line. Rut ind forward passes brought the hall to Iowa s en y.u o ... Iowa lilock.,1 a place kick and boot. the he'l down the held. Wisconsin blocked a drop kick, arherry recovering the ball for a gain. White dragged Hi' k "n varrtV Hazard added live and Gross went ov. White failed at the goal kick. cr,,.,,nrt nn t VVlSCOUS'll oA l." In made shimmsrv from placemen!. Weller umiwn safetv, Willetts. Referee. Dr fhitland, ivnn'svlvania. Umpire. N. W. Jones, Iowa. Field judge. F. D Cornell. Indiana. Had linesman, G. M. Pinneo, Noriliwestern. Title of halves, thirty, rive minutes. WASHBURN DEFEATS KANSAS Backfield of Topeka Team Too Much for Jayhawkers. ' TOPEKA. Kas , Nov. J. 'Ws.shbiirn college defeated the Kansas university bv a score of 12 to 5 today' by playing the better all around football. The groat work of Washburn's backtteld was large-lv responsible for the result. j oa K.,,-1 j.ed tnouc i iowa lot a punts, ptewart misjudged his punts which went over his head, sometimes ruling over the ceal line. lowli's gains made another touchdown seem certain when Mcssnior kicked the bill It rolling eighty-live yards. owa brought the ball back on straight fombal!. Kirk ,mted and Messmer made cunt whicn r-soiu'o in , Wilce made Wisconsin s gain?. The line-up: . visi;ur.Pi. E.IL. K. T.!L. T. G. L. G. C.'C L. G. R. H. T. R. T. E. R. K. Q. Q. ... H. R. H. H L. H. B. F. V. .,L. .K. ,.F. IOWA. White R- rlvoss " Elliott Pv llastinpr Seidell ... Jewell - Carberry Stewart . Knowlton Kirk Hazard -. Substitutes Stutsman, Murphy. Connor. Touchdowns-Gross. Rogers. Forward passes Iowa made six, failed five- Wisconsin made three, failed four. Straight football Iowa gained nlnely-nlne yards; Wisconsin 104. Forward pass-Iowa gained 134 yards, Wisconsin forty-seven. Referee McCorniark. Umpire-Burkland. Linesman Hadden. Brains! Yen, brains, more brains, and nothing but brains, win the football games of today. Where are the smashing, tearing, grinding, foaming of the mouth heroes of football? Gone. Gone where the relics of the days ot barbarism and paganism are gathering cobwebs. The new game has arrived- Enough baggage has been brought to insure a long stay, and the visitor is welcomed with open arms, and a front seal. Adherents of the old stylo football are shaking their heads and mutter ing, "I ilon't understand it. The poor rt team wins almost every tinu' Football is going to the dogs." Tho old game wan like two massive hulks movine imon each other, an awesomu but, dreary Bight. The pros cut game is the pitting of two livi mechanisms, backed by skilled brains against each other. To slip a eo means destruction. It is a great sight io watch, hoping that the favorite will noi slip the cog- The games fought, out. yesterday bear out this statement remarkably Drake slipped a cog and allowed Bair to make a touchdown. Iowa's machln es-v failed to work when it. came to g ia! kicking. It was a Uttlo slip, but, ore.-it in ronsenuences. Every game could be examined, and the same tes timony of brain backing skill bringln a victory would be given. The game, then, is American. It Is more worth while. Rah! Rah! Football. SAN FRANCISCO, Cal Nov. ;,-The attendance at the Johnson-Flynn tight today was the largest al tho duma. arena .since. Ihe, Murns-S'iutres battle several months :ii4o. About twenty-five women were scuts. -red about the building. Tb-ra wa.s considerable betting on the main event al the ringside, odds varying from lo to ,i, and 10 to t. with Johnson tho favorite. Johnson and Flynn entered the arena shortly before 1 o'clock and went to their respective rooms. Johnson gavo out his welgnt. ut J:i4 pounds, while Flynn announced his at lTti. Martin Bests Kennedy. Martin wa given the decision over Kennedy m the sixth round, Tho colored man completely outclassed hi while antagonist. During the wail for tha heavy weights to appear. Jack (Twin) Hul-llvaii issued a challenge lo Al Kaufman. Tho latter, who wna al the ringside, announced his acit-ptuncc. Johnnie Fra-luc. a local lightweight, challenged "Parky" McFatlaiid of Chicago lor tl,UUft a Sid At. ;':'r) o'clock Johnson and Flynn entered the ring. Timu was called at 5:03 o'clock, und they Immediately went to loso auarlers and clinched. Johnson upiH-rcut with right to the stomach and vnn I lien iirovo me. ooioreu man io no- ropes with right and left short arm jolls tho bodv. just fierore ine uist muim nded Johnson closed 1' lyiv a lift eye with a powerful left to that tneiiioci. Johnson had a big lead. Second Round- In the second round tin y mixed at close quarters. Johnson put in several miiiu arm right jobs to the body. Johnson ibbed iwice with left lo Ihe lace anu then sent a straight right lo the face. 'Ivnn waded in al close quarters, uul ailed to land. Johnson clearly outboxett inl (ungraded Ills man. In the third round Johnson cut loose nd landed rigid and left swings on t lie head. Flynn rushed in as usual ana itA frt -,n,l 11,. til'.!, -I tne ooioreu man unintentionally anil quickly shook his d- rsary's hand, Johnson jarreo nis man Willi tWO Wicked rigl-l HOOK3 io no: J"" As Hie round iioarcil il ch :e. Flynn mint hrac and landed hot anil iiRiii on uo; face. Johnson, however, naa a nig icju. Fourth is Tame. The fourth round was very tame. John son was cool and si-emeu io w omnm his time to .land a vhal punch, Hynu fought desperately in lie) mm, Dill me round ended with Johnson slightly in the id. Neither man nan anv nppuiem - vantage in the Sixin. I'ljnun "tit . was closed bv a llgin swing m no nth. Johnson seui i,-iynn m mo nom bv tho whole weight or ms nooy in un i,-:,il, .nil u-a icer. d nv ill" crowu. Wiestlinu and elinHitna eharaeteriaed tne ninth round, i'lyun v. as almost out v-'iieu the bell rang. In roiiml ten Fl.vtm nisneu in nui jonn- son Sent him away w,:li a, succession or rlght and left tliui'l linn swings to the face Flvnn in a cinicii nui'o juuupu,, viciously 'with his Lead and was warned bv the r.-nree. JoIiic-mii fought carclully and cooliv and il was his round. "Come Right In." Come right In." yelled Johnson as they Ined the scratch for the cicvenin. r ivuo a left eye by this tune, was swollen io an times lis normal nz, lie wumcu close quail-is and liinl to reach John son' bodv nut tne Hirer noorca moi wlih a siraight right to the jaw. Johnson sent Flynn to the, floor with straight, right to the l.iw. Flynn went, to tho lint like a log and had to be carritd away by his eegondb. Rogers Dittman Huntley Steihrn Davidson .......Messmer Low m an . .Cunningham Casper Culver Wilce Bruggoman, PRINCETON WIPES CARLISLE OFF MAP THE TIGERS WIN BY A 16 TO 0. SCORE OF GrinnelFs Team of 1907 The line up; MINNESOTA. ' Radenmacher. ,R. K. H. R. U G l T. Case- lliindelin Kelland . Mohlslad Young ,., Chestnut! L, F.. Sehucktielcht R. H- Coughlin Q. P. Co pi on -K- H. tnmn .-F. II CHICAGO. R. H. ... Q. ....... H F. B. .. Page Falk Harris Anderson Handy ... Doseff ....Hewitt .... hidings ... Steffen .... TV-Tray . .Merrlam Illinois 21 Purdue 4. CHAMPAIGN. Ill . Nov- C Illinois uni versitv today outclassed Purduo at football defeating the Indianas 2! to 4. Purdue showed poor team work, and was penalized ofren for wrong attempts for forward passes. Forsythe scored for Purdue Willi a clever drop kick from the thirty vard line. Both team fumbled frequently on account of the mud. Illinois 'started off with a rush, carp ing the ball to Purdue's twenty yard line, where Pettigrew failed At a drop kick. Purdue kicked to Ihe middle of the Held. Illinois by forward passes and straight line bucks, carried the ball from the thirty viird Una for a touchdown, but failed at goal. Time was enlled for the first half with Illinois holding the ball on the forty vard line. In the second half Illinois started with the bell down the field, scoring (n ioio muiiii"', mm oi failed at goal. A punting match between Gardiner and Forsyth gave Illinois the ball on tho thirty yard line. Forsythe puntsd to Dadant, who returned the ball to the fTte vard line. Slnnnck scored on the next; play. Green kicked goal. After exchanging punts,. Forsythe made a drop kick. Baum then scored for Illinois with a fornard pass, but failed at goal, ' I s - , i . mm - - f k I '-' " ' " s 4f , ; . A : . ; -1 t Vi J1 .f ! I, V - , ': - ...vf,: ... :i. ; -k -..,i-t " Jr , . " ''.' 'w. 1 'Yu A to - A ' -': -1 " IB V - 'V - - 4- ' ,v 1 , til" , N - 'S&imiimmMMiimi"isti '"' 'iri""" 'm' 1 ft. ''e. . - v " ... . . 4 j liliril nnf mne----"" THE INDIANS ARE POWERLESS PRINCETON IS SUPERIOR AT ALL POINTS. CALLS FOOTBALL PUGILISM Lawyer Would Enjoin Students from Playing "uegraaing uarne.' KANKAKEE, ill , Nov 2. Charging, thai foot nail is prl::e fighting. Altornev S H. Moore todav liled a bill in the cir cuit. court for an injunction restraintiig high school studcnls from playing tlw game! m Moore declares that F N. Tracy. sui'-ermtendui of imhllc school-, and L. W. Smith, high school principal, have aided and abetted prig hgi.tins among studcnls; that the game of football not only injures, but demoralizes the. sltidont bodv lhat the members of the team use prounity on ihe Held, and that the gamo io "degrading, una mcrciaii. unchristian, and uncivilized." The case, will probably be heaid next Tuesluy St, Joseph 25 Ellsworth College 0- DUBt'QVF,, la.. Nov. .-Special: St. Joseph's college of this ehy today defeated Ellsworth college ot Iowa Falls bv a score of ?li to 0. 'The vis. tor had no look in at anv stage of the game. Sheldon for Ellsworth punting out of danger several times. Ellsworth line was itnalilo to stand tho plunges of Campbell, McHenry and Bovle. Dougherty lor Hi. Joseph made-sensational gains around the ends, once running 110 vards for a. touchdown. SI. Joseph' used but one fake play and that scored a touchdown. The team ha showed remarkable improvement since Coach Chalmers look ch.i.rge. Yale Team Makes a Poor Showing, But Harvard Does Better Than Expected. Top row-Left to rirht: McCarthy. Mo llrathy. Rice, Pparks. Pierce, Ilartson, I laitagan. Middle row MeMuirv. Garner, hteato aster. Tumor, Uair, Well. ; , Bottom row Brunduge, Marshall. - NEW YORK. Nov. Princeton pricked the bubble of the Indians' fool-ball greatness on a wef field at the Polo grounds today und the score 11 to ii is a fair indication of tho merits of the two teams. Carlisle was powerless against tho Tigers. The Indians did not negotiate one successful forward pass. There was hut one pby with which they could gain any ground, a fake kick. At no time was the Tigers' goal 1n danger. Carlisle's line was weak, McCormick frequentlv plunging through for big gains. McCormick's line bucking and interference were potent factors in the vic-torv of bis team. 11 was be who scored the" first touchdown and It was his interference, largely, which made, the second one possible. The firsi score followed a fumbled punt which Princeton secured I on the Indians' twenty-yard line. Mie-! eesslve line nla.vs finally carried the ball over. Marian oooiea an es.v su.n. nvn. that time on. It was apparent to every one of the .o.ami spectators uiat urn: game was Princeton's. Harlan, a few momenta Inter, made this douhly sure hy sending over a pretty drop kick from the thirty-five yard line. In the second half. Dillon, whose generalship, dash and sure handling of punts showed brilliantly, was taken out In order to save him for tho Yalo game. Captain McCormick was also removed under strong protest on his part. Tihbott, whoso spectacular run of sixty-five yards through a broken field brought Princeton's final touchdown, nlso was senl to the side lines. Tibbott was the only feature of the last half. Princeton being apparently satisfied with a safe score. Michigan 8 Vanderbil 0. NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. !. University of Michigan 8, Vanderbilt university 0, CONTIrTtJEcToN PACE 2, COLUMN oT Men's Fashion Shop Classy Haberdashery Classy Hats Clever Clothes FOK MEN WHO KNOW Mens Fashion Shop 420 WALNUT ST. ;l 11.:: urn n

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