The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUP nnTUTM A VT* MTMI^OOA Dfn -•.»-, i.nn..........™ „_ ... * . w^^ i • VOLUME xxxvi—NO. 97. Blythevllle Courier Blythevlllo Ifemld It: DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Or NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Mississippi 1 Volley lender Blylhevlllo Dally News' Great Britain's War Plans Continue At Full Speed Ahead -Ltt, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, JULY IS, 1939 By United Press Gieat Biitam poured more money and men today into Corrigan Reported Missing the" rightlnyTforcaF'on "the 'south DEL RI °' Tex ' Jll| y 13 '<WP)— coast of Fngland August fl v,hen ^"S'as Corrigan, "wrong way" -,,, .„....*..., ij'umv.i.t iiivv, invii*-^ Him men \.\)\ piepaiation foi empiie defense from Gibialtai China Sea. Mosti spectacular preparation was<f^ — announced , in tlie House of Com- mpns ; by . p^lme Minister Neville Chamberlain who disclosed Hint Ihe royal air force and naval ai- madas^lncluding officers, men and ships |hpw in leserve—\\ould be held In i European wnlcis during August, and September About ^2,000 retired officers ind men will be called up to participate and King George wlll review fIliR fieHMiij£ forCGS* Oil i 1 *" BAi^Ji* ..-—. — -ngland August a n .. tl , diplomatic advices .have indicated • that tension in European affans may ba roost .seveie Tlie .government called for 32.000 Additional men for Iho reborn rojal air force as it pressed a piogiam expected lo provide a fiBhllr.e force of a million men be- foie the end of the ieai Another- $866,450,000 , was asked by tile government for defense "'»"j H»**<« boosting the year's total close to * el ' e flcoded $4,000,000,000. Corrigan hat Still more significant in the re- r —• — .. vival • of British fighting power munlcation lines was a reliable rcpoit that tlie "• government had decided to conscript all able-bodied British subjects In Hong Kong off the coast of China foi defense services. Such a move, If carried through, could mean only (hat Gieat Bii- taln was preparing the line on V.hlch she will fight in the Far East as she already has tried to do In Europe Meanwhile (lie suige of anti- British propaganda In Japan continued, in preparation for the opening Saturday of' negotiations at Tokyo for settlement of.the Japanese-British conflict at Tientsin .where"the' British .concession has beerr ' under blockade. to tho Book Binder on Job 44 Years CLEVELAND, O. (UP) —Prank Blehl, in 44 years of .continuous emplojment v>jth a book bindery bound a half-million here, has books. New }york jCotton NEW YORK, July 13 Cotton closed steady open high low (UPI- Jiily Oct Dec Jan. Mar. May 9G1 893 874 863 851 840 955 895 871 804 853 842 close 957 %0 887 890 869 659 846 835 871 359 846 833 Spots closed;nominal at 985'oft4. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, July 13 (UP)— Cotton future;, closed steady today, off 4 lo 5 points open July Oct. Dec Jan. 973 902 ?«far. May 874 860 848 high 975 905 887 874 8G2 852 low --close 867 897 879 769 856 845 969 895 862 889 858 845 Spats closed miiet at ,950, off 5. Stock Prices NEW YORK, July 13. (UP)— Profit taking halted a vigorous advance In stocks late toda yafter prices "iiad shot ahead to the best levels since June 12. AT&T 165'/ Anaconda Copper 25?', Associated D. G. 7^, Beth. Steel 5515 Boeing Air jj'A Chrysler 15 Coca Cola ...125V4 General Elect 355; General Motors 45 Int. Harvester .' 57.% Mont Wmd . ' .51^ N. Y. Central, 141,4 Packard Phillips .. . Radio Schenlev Simmons Socony Vacuum Standard of N. J. Texas Corp U. S. Smelt . U. S. Steel .. 3 34% 6 12 H 23 ',4 11% 43',1 36 H 51'.'j 47% Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. III., July 13 (UP0—Hogs S300. Top 725 170-230 Ibs 715-725. 140-160 Ibs 650-715. Bulk sows 400-560. Cattle • 3000. Steers 800-950. SI. Steers 650-1025. Slaughter heifers 650-1000. Beef cows 550-650. Cutters & low cutters 400-525, . r, "was missing today on a flight through storm ridden country bets ecu Dijden and San Antonio Corrigan, who was 't forced down at Dryden last night when he flew into a storm while on his.way from El Paso to San Antonio, took off at 7:30 a.m., today. There were < storms throughout this section Telegraph lines in nany places were down, highways vere flooded and It was possible Corrigan had.landed at some airport which did not have open com. Corrigan was on his way to San Antonio to be married next Monday Habeas Cojpus Hearing Foi Bond Purposes Is Anticipated Bicoks Gray, 67-j ear-old farmer >f the Victoria community, waived preliminary hearing before Magistrate W P Hale at Osceola jester- day on a charge of first degree murder in, the fatal shooting : of his son-in-law, John Doster, who 'led Monday at the Blytheville ospital Eflfirts were being.made today to seture a hearing on llie matter of allowing bond in the case, which is ordinarily unbondable because of the charge of first degree mllr- der. Tlie hearing may be-secured on Breath Of Lifc-A Second Time I tm BflHlfCTQ CTfff:\v^mjafaJL- ..aammmmm^^s LLHIiI IILUULUlU SINGLE COPIES Had Been Arrested Eight Yeais Ago FBI Ofiice Reports BATON HOUOE, la,, July, 13.' (UP)—'i lie New Orleans bi ok em ho advised former President James Monroe Smilh of Louisiana Stale. University, was fingerprinted by. Pittsburgh, Pa, police eight jeari' ago on a mjslcilous charge of 'sp',, the sheriff's office'announced today. Sheriff N H Debrctlon said Hint the, federal bureau of investigation In Washington had advised thai the fingerpilnt;, of J M Brown, Ihe brokei, \\cre idenlicnl vvllli I lliose of James A Murphy, arrested on Apill 8, 1331 nt Pittsburgh 1'he charge against Murphy is described on Fin records only us Brown was indicted by Die East Eaton Rouge parish grand jury on chaiget, ot aiding Sinllh In eni- bemJlng $100,000 of university: funds Brown himself hiid bought 1,500,000 bushels of wheat at the tlin'e that Smith had purchased 2,000000 bushels. Jury Getting Hough BATON ROUGE, La, July 13 (UP)—A hurried conference between WPA investigators who. had poked their noses Into places where politicians allegedly had .their fingers and U. S. Commissioner Clive Kernan today wns taken as n preliide to further federal .arrests In the Louisiana scandals. The Works , Progress Artmlnlstr- Doris Bucholzz old son, Gary, much alive and Imppy Infant, Mrs ( 3filsrcd breath of lif lo 10-months In bilhliib of Chicago home Mis —, ~«.,,, ^...,..,». M^vpjMtwt^ii uunuio uj unicago nome Btichols- gmbbed baby' 'i'toffi water breathed into his mouth ' *&' tlon agents, directed "by Chief In- _ ' , *- \estlgutoi Roger Bounds, called UOVeinment Loses FifSr KRlllrttt tft ll^Al^ lla nr lr.,, n ~**,.... '« p. . iJVJJ^-0 1 II Ol Round In Milk Monopoly Keinan to Ihelr headquarters In the poalolike last night Aftei s time,.they left, but n6.arrests.were' made. There had been previous conferences George Caldwell, hefty former construction supenlsor at Louisiana Slate University; Eugene Barksdale, who brief!) succeeded him, and James ararshali, WPA foreman /or Caldnell, were brought before the ' ' before the commlsslcner.^TheyiWere Hie .; Indictments nied by 43 lii'- charged with misuse of WPA labor tfivlduals and 14 coiporalions \k Tinrl '-nlnterlole ^ ^ . ^Tha fTnltn/1 Rfnfnr. ...plln^ J*f and '-materials. Meantime, the East Baton -<>il,uitL4111c., tut; AUCtC. LJUWII ttUUge f«. WIH...I.J nun tluso UlVlftlOIl 1180. parish grand Jmy, Khlcli had obtained indictments charging cor- alarmed politicians by Its suddenly ""—"-•" "--- • • lilgli-handed methods, had called another list of witnesses, Inclua petition for a writ of habeas > ing former Goi Richard w I^eche, •orpus, which will be presented to associate stale supreme court Justice Circuit Judge G E Keck of Blythe-1 John B Tjurnel the entire L s villa Graj ha;, been in the county jjil at Osceola, since (he shooting Sunday night, where he will remain until the ne\t grand jury meets unless bond is allowed The shooting, «lnch took place at.the Doster farm house five miles west of Osceola, is slid lo have :ccurrea after Doster, 42, fired twice at his falher-iii-law.'Both shots, which went wild, were returned by one discharge from a shotgun ivlilcli Bred approximately 75 shots into D:ster's' chest and huig." An argument over alleged sexual mistiealinent of Dealer's «ife by her husbind was climaxed with he shooting, officers were told. Missionary Union To Meet At Dell Church The Mississippi County Woman's U boird of super\tsors and othei important political figures. •An East flaten-Range parish deputy sheriff served Leche with his summons last night hihls.-ccm- fortnblj'-fiirnlshed Covlngton Gold Coast home where he'had retired ffom public life to 'recover from arthritis attacks: Tlie jury's sudden;decision to conduct its probe without professional assistance came yesterday! Takes Slice Out Of Roosevelt Lending Fund WASHINGTON, July 13 (UP)— The house banking and cuncncy committee" today sidetracked and probably killed for this session an $800,000.000 chunk of •' President Roosevelt's hune lending program The bill is the senate approved . Missionary Union association of the • measure to Increase the- bond au< ' „ ni aaaVKJiaHUll Ol lllU ' "icoanit nj; me- uuiiu. mi- Baptist church will meet tomorrow j thorlzatlons of the United" Stales the Uell Biptist church, Mrs Housing authority from 800000,000 Theodore Logan, chairman, an- )P1 *' Rnniwi nounced today. 'Crossing Boundary Lines" will be Ihe Iheme of Ihe all day meeting which will bepn at 10 o'clock. Huge Sturgeon CALDWELL, Ida. Landed (UP)—William Haskins and Trahk Coon of Caldwcll caught a 400-pound sturgeon in the Snake river after a six-hour battle. to $1,600,000. Australian Cnbincl To Fly CANBERRA, Australia (UP) — Australia soon will have Ihe^only flying government In the > world. The Federal government has ordered a six-seated airplane with which the six members of the cabinet can be flown to and from the capital here.on the occasion of cabinet meetings. Burden On His Shoulders Chicago Wheat open high low close July 65 1-8 05 5-8 64 7-8 65 3 8 Sept. fifi 1-8 66 5-8 65 5-8 66 3 8 Chicago Corn July Sepl. 46 open 44 7-8 high 54 1-4 46 1-2 lo'w 43 7-8 45 close 44 1-2 45 5 8 Prosecution CHICAGO, July 13 (UP)i-JHi 1 - eral Judge Chniles WoodwaVd today threw out Ihe (,'ovcmt anti-monopoly case against Midwest milk Induslrj He sustained deinuireis ngalii the.; indictments nied by 43 A. F. of L. Unions Uige Old WPA Skilled Laboi Rates v\\u«n uuru turn ±iajii. v«nero con- era> iwi^ ri>n,i xu „, ^i _ WASHI NQroN, July 13 (UP)- neotlont will be nrndo wllii Hie main ri«J u£™ f 'n 5 WoodwaW *fr PKsWent William Green of tho line rrlsco passenger Iraln aerv|c fl , »n« m ,« i Government Ameilcan Federation of Laboi an- this step, it was slated was be ng antl-monouolv c«. w „*„,„,, us. tiowiccd today that lie .will ask made lo speed up passenger Ireln President liooscvelt tomoirow to w-hedules between Memphis,and 8t rcsloie pievalllng wage rules for Louis Caruthoiavlllo heietoforc has skll ed lellef norkeis hart only two pussengor trains each 4»nndonment i of the prevailing day, one northbound In the morn- «ag* scliedule .and,_atetlon. = D( U Ing and'one southbound In the af- securlly wage policy, In paying te, -Urnoom" with 4 ''nwosea" bringing ™ T ,^ C!1V " cd i" wlc! , d ' '" a " * nA tx t>™<x from Hayll cnrly W"}.. s 'ko-. among _ WPA, work- („ (he mornln R and lale at nlRhl r Unlled Stales justice igc- parlmenl's 'anil Irusf, division had porallons, cooperotlifs, : dnh^men . .„ ---.. »...^.. B ,,.„„„, and Cook coi!;ity police with con-j fers i involving upward of 77,000 splracy to violate tlie Slieriirohj Of this number appiotlmately ae ie ieriiro s numer appiotmaey act by fixing milk prices in Ilia 14,000 have been dismissed for fall- C; 1K I Chicago arei Ing to lepoit lo work Mr Roose- rm< " Chicago arei Leo P Tierney, sjieclal U S ns- sistant attorney general,,«ho fc, In , Ing to lepoit lo work Mr Roose vclt ! 'as indlcnted tlrat the na\\' WPA P n 'i°y. written Into law byj State Legislature Will Meet Friday ^n Special S&ssibh Reminds AUoriiey Geueial l j l ™M noCK, July 13. (UP)-Gov.'Bailey today is-i MinPK Vnfprin, I • Cd ft ? rQelnm .« Uon tlllli "B for Iho troneral assembly to mineis voted Un Ureme convene In Knoi><ni annai™ n t H.Q/I „ t," •&..-..,„... * • Of Roosevek , , mlncn. horn n ' politically disappointed and nngiy govcrnoi." Lewis, who also Is picsldent of Hie 0. f O's United Mine Woikcrn union wrote Attorney Qwiornl Piwik Muiph), chuielng that Gov A B (Happy) Clmndlci "puisnes and \\ounds the Illinois with the Efliiio fcioclty and lack of icstralnt that charncteri/O' |he habits of a IX>niliilcnn <llclator." One mluei v>ai killed ycstcnlay and one. • giiarclsmaii ami six miners wounded In a gun folUo bcUcen gimrdsmen and United Mine Workeis picket? In Hiirlnn county. Lewis reminded Murphy thnl the miners union supported Senate Majority Leader Altai W. Batkley against Chandlci In his iaco for tUe senate seal In 19J6 "with imnm- Hy and enthusiasm at tho request - izing his proposed refunding of. l!ie slate's $140,000.000 i highway bonded Indebtedness ;' , Tlia goyernor asjjedJthfe legtelat-- ors to ^nact leglslijtion providing roi refunding of the Indebtedness !o appiaprlate funds necessary to ———• *w ui^jiu|jiit\ve luii^a necessary 10 Robeil Pn'vpll Anrl !U- f!" riy ont . SU(!l > '^funding leglsla.- I\UULM J JlVPll rtllCI Mel- (Ion and to appiopriato funds to, man Foi d Win Reversals In Migli Coin I of Franklin D Kooucvelt ' 'They B'IC now elict, liai- , - rlcd and Incaiccraled by 'Happy 1 Chandloi," Le^li \srolo "KentuckV and Hiirlan count), after all, are still In tho United Stales" Frisco To Speed Up Memphis-St. Louis Run CABU rirERSVfLL.rj, Mo, July 13 — rrlsco officials hero yesterday announced a projiosed discontinuation of passenger {rain senlo-o to this city, substituting bus service between here and Haiti, v.hero con- Arc Hearci In Jfffpra Cane* llc<lru ln • >c ""» \.m*» chaige of the pioseciVtlon, an- W'Sress In Hie next lellef net, htid noiinccd Immediately that he will 1)ll> £u PP° r ' carry the cnse to the U S supreme i D-mlel j Tracy, president of,the ' ' Electrical Workers Union of the co "rt rca orers non o Tlerney said the decision indl A r of L, Indicated today aftei cates that all agrlcultuia) com- a White House confeience that Mi modities are outside the Jurlsdlc- Roosevelt might make a statement linn. »r. Dm Him™™,, «x. ) inte this Keek an the WPA s(nke tlon of the Sherman act Farm Bureau Picnic situation. Green head a committee which will call on the president _^_ ^ iinivii will Lull Ull IIIU |JlU*ilUCIH Plans Beinn Made II Kn>i appointed al an emeigency * conference of all A r of L union The Mississippi County Farm Bureau will have Us annual picnic for members and their families during tlie week of Aug. 14 at the Walker Park of Blythcvllliv It has been announced by Charles B.- Coleman of Osceola, president of the largest group of lls kind In Arkan- Charlcs, Rose of Roselaml, Mr. Coleinnn, H C Knnpponberger of Bl>lhevllle, Ira Crawford of Bl> thevlllc,' Jnmes Sinotlibrmaii of Armorel and J. p. Tompklns of Bur- detle were named n special commlt- lee to mnke .arrangements for (lie all day affair which Is expected to be attended by 2500. Exnct date of the affair will lie announced . later. Fin Point Pl.iiit Found BERKE14EY, Cal. (UP)—Ending a search conducted by botanists for Ihe 'past TO years, Herbert L. Mason, curator of the University of ' California herbarium has discovered flowering specimens of Ihe Wolfieiia, a small, aquatic plant, in the marshes.of the San Joaqnin valley. The flower Is aboiit the slzs of a pin point, • Big, broad shoulders of Mr. Mussolini, mighty man of llaly Bin ' yes—and Ihcy have to be. They bear a goodly share of the weight ' of the Rome-Berlin axis, cast a Fascist shadow in Africa span the Adriatic to Albania, and sustain the burden of imperial aspirations in Ihe Mediterranean, ',/ From Riches To Pennies SYDNEY,' Australia (UP)—Victor Pollak, vintner who at one time controlled a. quarter of Austria's wine production and who built Ihe famous Kdlach Sanatorium in the Hux Mountains of Austria, arrived here with his wife, almost penniless,. as an Austrian refugee. president here; yesterday. WPA Supervisors' Meeting Is Delayed LITTLE ROCK, July 13 (UP)— H C Biikei, WPA ndmlnlstratlie asslslnnt, announced today that the scheduled meeting of the WPA area supervisors In Arkansas here Friday had been postponed Indefinitely, Baker, said that Slale Administrator Floyd Sharp called Jrom Chicago and ordered the meeting postponed until the procedure of the new program is worked out,. *!f. a . Etj . E8 ' IUI Hnnl arguments werc^undemay today In the trial of 'ihc Hei. Joe Jotters and his wife 911 chaigcs of immoral. conduct. The case probably wlll go to the 3, Mo, July 13 -Two cases of Interest in this lo- cnllly imve beon icvciscd by the Mtssouil Supiomo Oouu, and remanded foi now dial hoio, on the Siowid!, llmt Ihc stnld limited evidence In behalf of llic defendants mid llms damaged Iheii piospeots ucfoic Iho Juries had lictucl Iho cases, One \vab limt of Robert Pilvotl, ehaigcd with Iho killing of Ntillwn 'IVtioy nt Skinners night club \\est «f this city on Highway 81 In May, 1038 Thu slate sought to piovo that Teroy was clubbed lo death by Pilvell, but evidence wns nUo liilioduced lo show that Tcioy had been struck Ihc snino night on the highway by on automobile driven by n llnyll laxl driver, Tlie stale Insisted llmt Ihis occurred after leioy hurt been clubbed dining a fight nt Ihc tavern,' and lhat the clubbing wounds weio' tho falnl Mo\vs PilAclt was (.cnlcnccd to life imprisonment, niul has been sewing on his lerm foi several months 'Iho high court reversed Iho decision on the ground ihnt Iho Irlal court heie c<cludccl evidence- which bore, "dlrcolly qu Iho closo lisUe' of whelhci the car nc- cMent or tho beating wns nchmlly tho cause of Toroj's death, Tho other case U that of Herman Uord, frnmor marshal nt Rbco Ihe trial com.lnj to this county on change of venlfe Fold was chniged with killing a man he wns allempt- Ing to'nrrcst. Iho hljh court ruled lhat Ihe, IrlaJ'courlhcre , erred In limiting'Ford'^ defensu ^"ordinary self-defense 1 Fwil was'scntencei" lo ten jenm In prison,'but'ha been out on bond pending his np peal. ' Tho ense of'lsoin Baxter of this ocunty, given tivi years for accessory In a inurdci nt Deerlng some time ago, was afflimed ami Baxtci, who Is being held In jnll hero, will . ^iv=u « jjiuuiiiinuuon ciiiiing ior U)o general as Ul '8 m g convene In apceinl session nt 31:30 a.m. Friday.; • ~—* 'the governor's proclaniatfpn instructed the- legislators < that they SVASinNClTON, July ,3. •( U p)_ ||K II J- K^i H M H I HI SS.!. c . X !^ tctJ <? l*» . blll <i. «WI President John u hewls of Iho Cmigicss of Indiislilal Orennlm- tlons lodnj nikod Unit tho federal government, Intervene in "bloody" Hailim count), Kentuiky, to protect , the claims of the Rev Jeffcri) mid hli \vlfo that the/ were drugged and "framed." Elephants Pull Plow, U1H1JWUUU.HF, O (UP)—Arthur " v -"" ul -JULUIUUJ uigim mi Stray ha? never teen to India bill alls l> lc <:s of the Half Moon ne lias a picture of elcptinnl'! pull- dlsl Missionary society. The photo was snapped just out- Ihelr master qf ceremonies side Cincinnati, where tlie elo liny expenses of the special session , The governor's proclamation was .signed at the close pf a. conlerehce (hla morning with 30 legislators • dining which he. explained the.,re-< • Funding program In derail. He outlined tho business of the legislators na follows; I. To provide for tho .private <or publlo sale of $140,000,000 of non , callable bonds. "' ^ 2 Pledglnu ,6^ cents of-' trie ilfllo's BK cenU a gallon gasoline 7 :ax In addition lo not more thari $7,500,000 a yeai from tag sale icvcnue for annual debt service on ;he new bonds. < >i •_ r « 3 Appropriation Of tlie "remain-* ng % cent tax for farm to miri- Kct roads , t ' ^ 4 Approprlnllon of the next $3,^ 000,000 animal icvcnue 1 for highway maintenance. , 5 Appioprlatton of the next $2,600,000 for highway construc- "on *!,'^' 0. Cnrmnlklng of tlie next $3,000,000 of highway revenue lor llscrellonaiy use of tho legislature. * t* „ 1. Dividing any CNCCSS ot highway revenue over $16,000,000 and under $20,000,000 bctwen the bond- buying sinking fund and the free' ise of the legislature, To nrosdcut Speech U'lTLE ROOK, July 113. (UP)- Qo\ ernor Bailey's message' to the general assembly nwettng^Jomof- row In , bpecUil session"f ^1U~ be broadcast over seven'state radio stations. The address wlll fit art ' al 12 o'clock' noon and will ~St canled oVer stations a y Hot Springs, Texarkana," El ;Dor»do, Fort Snilth,'8ilo»m'"Springii, Jones- tion Mrs. R. A. Medcalf Is Rural Muiic Supervisor OARUTHERSVnjLE, Hfc, , .„ —Twelve rural senools of- thU — ,, ~.... 0 t ..v.« ... j,,,. „,.!„, „,„ county have sccuredjMrs *R A probably be transferred lo (lie pen- Mcdcalf of this city as music super- " Hentlaiy soon, It was Indicated to- visor of the schools Mrs. Medcalt day. . entering uixm her duties^ this weefc ""lo ?dioola pooled mone,V, \yhlcli added to a county fund, to Ihe ca e probaWy wlll go lo the rt *" 5 not k » OT1 > l«1«jr wlrctho. ™° **«*> P«««ecl nym*. which jurv" lomorro™ Demav Prose cut 01 aiesfl two r <"»<m<M cases would be « ft3 « <1 ' lc , <l '° " ™ UIlt y fu «d, to pay W O mS opening ^nrgu trlctl dml "K »>» July lerm of clr- ™™ Metal Vi salary For the pres- ' menu S^ hoTrv lo dLsrcranl cullcoui I. which l« S lns liere July n c ' lt ' * e «"1 * CI * 'our days a muiii, asiccH inc ;ury 10 uisregnni ° J . week, spending about one-fourth of, the cln nis nf tlin Rnv .TnfTor*. nnd _ .,'.. ...... ° _i. , . , ,. .. ^ v Tn PrMcnt Muoirnl 10 rresem musical a day «lth each school If other schools join the group, her work will be extended to the full flve- At Half Moon School <'«y **°°i week Ihe Ecliocla In the group are Cotconwood Point, Carleton, Can- James Hall and his Missouri ft • A • • «. jamOS 'iimi miu ' -ma k>LL~>buiLl"l , ~. , p., i' __. And Scene's Not India Traveler, will picscnt a musical «ft fc j,« '^"KlnS iffl» cnlcrtalnmcnt nt Ihe Halt Moon f^hcr rrlendslilp Klnfolks Ridge, school Saturday ntal.t, nnd«r n,n McCurtUy, Mound, Netherlands and «*«,! Saturday night under the Tliese famous 'radio stars and played over major have tasuit: uiiicinnaii, wnere me cic- piuy^u ovur niajur uroiKicisimgsia- plinill, .said lo bo 75 years old,' arid Hons of : Iho country, T, L. Lewis, anollier, nllracled considerable at- broking agent, claimed Icday In tciillon when they were used to "inking the announcement i^iiiiuii \\iiutl t.iiuj'. .MC1U uovu U. „ plow o field next to n liighWny 'llie string band will be presented The animals are owned by John in dialogue, comedy and muslcnl G Robinson IV a former ciicus acts The alfnir will begin at nine man I o'clock. College Men Conquer Co-Ed Rivals at Bridge MINNEAPOLIS, Minn (UP) — Men, It seems, are Ueltei plajers x Hum women according to a Unl- ^oS^cdT^s^ r^rrS^aS l Thfl tlffnlr >vlll licBln nl. nlno ' _ y ' .. W .' 10r ? men , P '? ye F. S carrlea Hot Seat-BuL Pilot Fooled Flames Australia Invites Londos MELBOURNE, Australia (UP)— Jim Londos, champion heavyweight wrcsllcr, has been Invited to contest his tllle will-, the Australian champion at the carnival In October. > Life Eventual In Papua QUATTO, Papua (UP)--A medical missionary's life is full of surprise, according to , Dr. B. D. Vaughan, stalloned here In thit capacity. "I am 'In turn doctor,. and bottle ! i jmjr, ^iiviv; iiivii piujrcia %.nii*cu ofl all top honors at dupllcale contract v Co-eds attributed their complete, rout at the hands of the male plajers lo "too much talking at sorority bridge parties, which spoils our game' The men students said Ihey played 1 less frequently but. made more a science'Of It. Lucky Ohioan Survives , Fourth Lightning Bolt KENTON, O. (UP) — Charles Brown, onion Jobber, has been struck by lightning four times— and can $1111 talk about it Most recently, he was knocked unconscious and his right side ^vas- partly paralyzed by a bolt It all started nine years ago nhen hfe looked out a bam door and was hit by a bolt Pour years later, he was struck while stand-, Ing among a group of men Last September, the third bolt hit him as he was driving. • • .-•. ln lines at San Diego, calif, plane burns lo framework as firemen butttt flames, I may do a- ~ .» - '" "it"'" 1 "*"'" """ «"• o»« ""•«". oaui, piane ourns 10 irameworK ns firemen battle flames, inaTor'ope'rat'ion or'mend an e!ec-j sfarled ^ s P arks from llve wires - pilot °- D ' Thomasson, .sailor, who had rented the ship, escaped •-•>; bell." ' I Inferno bv Iraveline hand-over-hand nn n'lrc* shlnnuin^ rfnnm ^nio Inferno by traveling hand-over-hand on wires, shlnnylng down pole. Tax Reformer Enthusiastic ^ QOSHEN, N. Y. (UP)^-George O. Mason, of Tuxedo park, Is claimant to the title cf wcrld's most enthusiastic lax reformer. At . a reorganization meeting • of the Orange Comity Taxpayers Federation; Mason paid his membership dues for 20 years In advance. - 'WEATHER ; V; Arkansas-^Falf Tonight' and ^rl- dSy. ' .. '• • , * •>. . . Memphis-snd,. vicinity—Pair tonight, generally fajr.and continued warm

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