The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1934
Page 3
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TUESDAY, .MARCH 13, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Seek Divorce to "Save Friendship'* "Kid" Wrighl Appeals to Nimi'ods lo Join War on Blackbirds "Pour nnd tweniy blackbirds" mny have made the king a dainty disli once upon, n time, but they ainoiiiii to a plagi.e when were aiv thousands and liionsiuuls of th?m. according lo KM Wright, constnl)!? of Big Lake township. 1 Tlie "Kid" i» •< statement tad.iy i urged nlylhevllle siwrlsmcn lo c:c;s I Big Luke inio the Manila set-linn j and l:cl|) ibe natives kill ull llic | pests. ; "There are so many cf Vm thi-y keep the skie.s black and we're '. afraid the sunlight won't E n 10 j our crops even if they ;-hoit!cl overlook .something on the )>ro:nid. Trey roost nut In i!ie willows an the government I-MLTVS where you \ can't shooi n (.un nnd {>ive us the devil. "I killed a flock of Vjn with ;i paddle when they (!?•*• too low over my uoat llie other nix-U. My deputy got 17 with onff.liot and a him- : drcd failed to return home when we trapped them In a hollow slump. Another fellow pins a mousu trap i Fiowns out In his yard and catches b' ' ^. V . L ,.,. as fast ns* he can bait II. ! ° ••There are all kinds here—niaok \ xu ones, blacker ones, speckled and I 1 ' 11 '"' " even a \\hlte'one once in awhilc-- niore than we've ever had before. They're nice nnd fat i! you like j Soap and Hot Water Help Win Battle Against Disease Germs have wijvd away these in film star, and Weldon [iflvfss annc'.mce.'i from London. iiTlsige in 1U32. they're gel tins » divorce lo iriemlship." says Ihi; winsome- Grrni. loving smiles nnd Greta Nlsscn " c >' Ullr " *••• '« <»voiwcl in Mcx- Repumicd .six niomhs after that kind of a diet." 4-H Club Organized Senior and Sophomore . Girls to Play for Title U D 'I f ir ! HAYTT, Mo.—The semi-finals of Dy rupHS at liOSnell the high school class tourney were played Monday afternoon. Tn the A 4-ii club \vas crgani'/ed ?.t alrnst game the junior yuls \vcrc recent meeting (it ihe Gosnell eliminnted by llic senior yitts with school HICK licvill as prcsi- ';; score oi 17-13. The kcmv WSIK dent. Anita Bryeans as vicc-preji- Ucd 13-13. and an cxtrn three, dent. Thelma Cook us secretary., niiimt<: Efssion was held. The j conipllment to cirranjremtni of the and Tvaii ucvil] as rciJorter. o. K. I Senior girls scored twice and the | scll °ol jjrogmin. literary aii:l vnca- Vocational Leaders Visit Armorel School Dr. H. o. Sargi-nl. member of the federal board of vocational ng- rlciillurc. nnd Mr. Smith, asslslnnl state director 01 vocational education, from Little Rock, vlslled the ItY 1>K. MOKK1K K1SHBK1N Kdllur, Journal uf Hie Aim-rH'an Mfdli'jl Assoclallon, anU of Ily- Kfll, tlir llrallh >U(iailnr Do you reixllxe how iinicli you do- wntl on ordinary sanitary precautions for your health'? In mom large cities, Hie boards of henllh demand tliat illslies ii-scil iu public eating places shall be rinsed or sprayed iJioroughly. or immersed In clean boiling wat?r for one miniile before being useii again. H Hie tcmiierature of the rinsing Mater is as low ns 180 degrees, Fahrenheit, whieii Is under' the boiling iwliu '212 degrees), llic dishes miisl lx> kept In tlie water for not less than two minutes. In New Jersey, there is a law that all utensils shall be I rented wlt.i boiling wuler, or steam under pressure, for at least three minutes after service. Whr-ni'ver dishes nre washed by use of machines, ihe sately is more certain, the machine usually requires boiling walcr and Ihe of t'.)lek soap buhlllons. In most hospitals Die precautions about dish wi^lilni; arc very rigorous. Afler dtehps are used, they are cleaned firsi nnd then boiled. The dK'.es are kep'. in cupboards which nre dry, well vcntUaied, anil constantly watched to make certain they are free from dust or insects. Moreover, the employee who handle the dlsfics are required to wash li:elr hands thoroughly ant frequently. Use of soap In dish washing 1. especially Important, because I'm soap lends to kill germs, acting by Its change in the physical condi- iiiovni of dml from naors and fininj ""' ^ir in looms, as \u>!l us fiom luriisiiiiv. n.i- modern vnniuiu cN'mu'r is. f"r t.iai ri-iison, n grol n ;,!,; |,, |,, v . VVII'.ID,. Inlectloii. it picks up "'sis U'hlrfi mny lif contimiliiaiai tli lutiiiiui fxi-rcilotis. and \\-IiMi >' not picked up by ordinary Kslilng «)• UK- use of n brown. Von .should siv thin your chll- i'H iwitlcitlarly be tnnisln haWls >l |X'r.<ona| clcanllm-ss e.irly In life. I'"'' dcsirablUly uf mulling a,,, iiissds iliorniichly bcfori- meiils. and i'«ays aftor the laviuory, ruluiut *• liniiivssrd njion ihe child loo rnillcnlly. Use of an individual lowel and IrsirutiilHy nl liavliu; olher IKM-- '"lat nilicli's, sucli AS handkcr- l! ''l« and nnpklns. are olher !co"1 s which you should l; iv[> \'i vuur rhlldivn curly In life. Those mea.siia'.s nre fninorlniil no: only from tlic eMhctlc; jxilnt ol ^'•w. bill also un\,> Ihey nii'iin * Miuch to the fuliiH' health of the chi'.il. PAGE It's a Racket, Mayor Tells New Yorkers Couiuy Traiiilii!! School Armorel. Dr. Sargent paid Lcdbctlcr wns clecicd sponsor for (.juniors failed to wore. The sen- ll:e boys and Mr5. J. W. Crawford j jors had pi'cvionsly defeated tlie for Ihe girls. There are 30 SDDIII- freshmen aiid will meet the Sophomore yirls. Iwlievcd the strongest bcrs enrolled. The next meeting (he school building April 'i. will he. held at .team in the school, Tuesday after- u', 2:30 p.m.: noon for the championship. Mrs. Opal Fisher Dies a! Home of Her Parents Baby Dies of Pneumonia J. C. While, eight-day-oid son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe White, died Saturday at 11 o'clock at the family home at Reeves, Mo. His death was atlributed to pneumonia. Funeral services \vere,he!d Sunday nt Coitonplant cemetery with the Rev. T. C. Henry officiating. The I.. G. Moss Undertnkmi; com- i pany was in charge of funeral ar- Mrs. Opal IJledsoe Fisher, 27. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Bledsoe, died ul 3 o'clock .Sunday morning at the liotne of her parents, in the Sandy Ridge comniun- ily. Funeral services were iield Sunday afternoon ,at Sandy nidge .'''angements. cemetery Mitli the Hcv. W. J. Le- 1 Roy, pastor of the Lake Street' Methodist church, officiating. j The deceased is survived by her ! Blstere 3 ' IW ° brm!H ' rs> anci lwo ! T Ingitdients of Vicks B 'Tl"' Cobb Undertaking company j Vflp ° Rub in Convenient Candy Form w^ni charge of funera, ^™ - ( V|CKS COUGH DROP tional. grounds. The Department I h e liullding and oi Agriculture has for organized classes: All-day, pan (line, ercniu:; class oy adult', and clay-unit under ihc direction of Prof. L. W. Hnraiay. tions surrounding the germs, rather Ihan by any siwclal anll- scptlc etTccl. (his renson, .modern laundries which waj:i white clothes thoroughly in soap and water solutions lend lo produce almost bac- teriologlcally clean conditions of the clothing, If the clothing is exposed to sunlight for drying, and tl:en 10 the heal that Is necessary for suitable pressing, additional safeguards against bacteria are involved. * 3 » Iii addition to ihe cleaning of clothing, bed linen, and dishes, the Tankersley Baby Dies Mnry Ell7jiui>ili Tankcr.slcy, monlli okl diuiglucr o[ Mr. nnv Mrs. Kush Tniikcrsk-y. died lit! 2:20 o'clock Simdny ultcmowi nl' tin- fnmlly liome. 10. r i Knst Rasy .street. Her dcutli was nttrlbiiml to piu'iiiuonln. F.miTiil services wore lielil Monday morning and Interment made at .North Sawha cemetery. Tin: licv. W. J. Lelioy, |i:uior of Ihe I-ake Street Melhodlsl cMncli. officiated nt Ihe services. Fimernl KiraiiKt'lneiil.s ,\vere. In clmrge of the Col)b Undfrtiiklm; company. Brooks Infant Dies Shirley Gene, Infiint dnusliter of.ilr. find Mrs. C. T. Brooks, died Sunday at eight o'clock in Ihe family home on Highway fil a .'hurl distance north of niyihrv vllle. , She Is survived by lier parenLs nnd two sisters. Timeral services were held .Monday in North Sawbn cemetery. 'I'lre L. G.,Moss Underlfiklin; com Leaves Estate u Tmt (orHkWid«w«MlSt4 All property of the liO« W.'l II. Williams, well known rttMent'of this city, was willed to, tnwt««, with his widow and son u bent- nclaries, It lias been revealed with ilng of the. will In probate court. Judge O. E, Keck, Jesse Taylor anil V. O. Holland were named tfteed and executors. 'Hie wRl provide* thai the Mlate shall be held In trust with Mrs. Williams as tlie principal behenciary during tier life time and hk.son, William M. Williams, as Wiwfleuuy after her death. The remainder l go to children o! the son,' bul In the event that the deceased has n'o grondchUUren the residue of. the estate, If any, will go lo the pint I'rc.sbyterlun church of this city. Mr. Williams in his will upceuVd Hint expense/; of his funeral and burial should not exceed a certain sum. Negro Children Win Visit to Ritz Theater Jiisl lo show New Yorker.-. ih;it llu-y eun't expect u "break 11 when they druji nickels In slo; nniehines. Muyor La Giuirdln himself ojiciiril an exhibit of Hie maehlui'.s nt Hockefelki- Center lo Illnsirnle thrtr u|x'i-all<m. II? ciillerl It •'inivliuiilcul larceny 11 . I'leliired nt rlijlil In Iwck uf ;i snmpli' is I'ollrr Commissioner John \> Ollynn. Hif/lilower h'ews i|iilll-s. TIHSV prescnl. were Mrs. Crouch, Mrs. II. Uerry, Mrs. L. Clips of | aillllf<lrl1 . Mrs. J. West, Mrs. C. liciv livst iCimnltiBlmm and Mrs. Humey. As u result of a contest between the fifth and sixth grades of- U», nejro school for havln j' their- par- enU visit the room during the month of February, the sixth grade class enjoyed a movie at the'RIIz theater. The sixth grade • class brought \9 parent s and friends, •*Wle tlw nfth grade class ' Doctors Give CrebMte ForCliert . Mr, and Mrs. Frank Peters ami Oleim Peters of near Mr. unit .Mrs. Erlic Ijtixora visited Irlciuls week end. Mr. mid Mrs. Eurl Jones , Mr, nnd Mrs. John llnrkey vl.sllnl 1 Kelfer vhltnl Mr. nnd Mrs. F. Mr. nnd Mrs. Fm-dull nl '''''"V ln x t. Monday. I-uxorii Sunday. j — — — W. Smith was called lo Temi- ' n , . _ CSSIT InsL wwk lo see Ills father, , Breaks Arm 3l PlaV who was .seriously in wilh |ineii- I monia. MANILA.—Cliiwtorly lime, mllre Mr. nnd MIS. (Jlcre CunnitiKluun • ;9.' »vliiB""ilw«.!"milre ' rouih" "ot vlslled Mr. mid Mrs, Fulrell Sun- Miinllii, broke his mm 'while pluy- ( ' a . J ',' , Ins; «ii 11 swim; in Ills front, yaril Mr. and Mr.s. lioy Homey vis- ulioiit .1:30 Monday iiflernoon He lied Mr. and Mrs. M. j. Foiulrpn was nislicd here wlicre the nrm problem 05 cleanliness involves re- rnugemcnts. lany was In clunge of funcn f / NEW BEAUTY for Your Kitchen and BETTER Cooked Foods for Your Table! WITH TH£ NEW 940 SERIES Sunday. A number of Indies inel Tuesday of last week at the home of nr-iMrs. Hoy liinm-y for un all dny ! nulltlng. 'I hey completed l\vn The Hennndn Islands wore named for Juan Hcrimidux, who discovered them In ihe Hiih century For many ysars our best doctors have proscribed, creosote In some form for coughs, colds and bron'- cMtls, knowing how dangerous It lo let Ihsrii hung on. Creoinuhion with creosote and six oihcr highly Important medicinal elements, quickly and ef- fecllvely stops ccx'ghs and.- colds that otherwise mlpht lead to serious trouble. CreoniuLslon Is powerful ffi trie treatment of colds end couchs, yet it is absolutely harmless nnd 7i pleasunl and easy to like. Your own druggist guarantees Creomnlsion by refunding . your money If you arc not relieved af- tM taking Creomu\3lon as directed. I'cwure the cousf. or cold that ','-n;\'i'.\ on. Always keep Cieomulslon on hand for Instant use. — Adv. A CQleman Instant-Gas Ranges Make and Burn Their Own Gas ... Light Instantly! In these .new. modern ranges you will find handsome de ngtis and finishes thai will MA new brightness and beauty to your kuchen! New improvement.; make it easy to have T belter cooked foods for your table! Thu New Colcman Instant Gw Ranges arc the finest stoves ever made! All range moid* have concealed fuel tanks made of patented Everdur metal . . . rust, acid and corrosion-proof And they provide modern gas service for cooking ... no matter where you live. Amazing New BAND-A-BLU Burner Cuts fuel costs one-fifth. Provides a wider range of cooking heal. Gives even )icat distribution; 20 per cent greater heating efficiency. A time, money and labor-saving improvement! Dial Type Safety Carburetor Valve „ vn at your * D - al Typc c "buretor Valve gives you linger tips, jiosiiivc. visible fuel control, h g , aS '''• 5t , antly from an y (NOd 6 raric of «n- -eated motor fuel Makes these Instant Gas Ranges easier to operate than ever before. , Se» These Remarkable Ranges at Ovf Store 1 HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. LUWtR PRICES announced Bu FORD V-8 Dealers Ford dealers also give you as regular deluxe equipment, at no extra cost, items which cost from thirty-eight to forty dollars extra in other cars. The new lower delivered prices on Ford V-8's ore now in effect on boBt Stondurd and Deluxe cars. In reducing prices Ford dealers wont it fully under- tfood that thtrs has been no reduction in the amount of equipment or in th. quality of the V-8 car... THE REDUCTION IN PRICE IS MADE POSSIBLE SOLELY THROUGH LOWER FREIGHT AND DELIVERY COSTS. In line with the traditional policy of Ford dealers, these savings are being passed on to thi customer. You get the deluxe items itemized below which cost $38 to $40 extra in other cars as regular Ford V-8 deluxe equipment ... Safety glass throughout... two matched-ton, deluxe horns... two deluxe tail lights end stop lights ... two deluxe cowl lights (parking lights) delux* finders painted to motch body ... two deluxe adjustable sun visors ... deluxe electric cigar lighter. FORD V-8 Make your oivn Comparisons :\V CO UK TUDOR or COACH . PRICE f. 0. 6. DETROIT 1* Vmmlpp; ijd •ppiaiirciitIf I \' a lo I-O B. pri,, (oiSl.r. S.l»i TIT. riFIGHT HANDLING Odd OELIVESr FEDERAL TAXES FORD SEDAN FULL TANK <iM AND OIL DELUXE | HANDARD | DELUXE I STANDAUD | ptmxi OTHEt :MAKES: 15 i S 575 ! S 585 ! $ 625 ^•^^ ) * 60 so ! S 9 ,.8(1 $ 9 ° S 60 i.RO S 20 15 e ™ d Total «'asli Dclivfrcd in '. b| llljllrevillr .50 i SOO-50 38 1 646 ? 687j s 667 S 709 i ? 718 1.15 S 38 5n 759 726 60 Regular Standard Ford V-8 equipment t?;Ealc4 tM roUawi^g: .'. . Bumjcti ftoat and rear . . . ifdre tire . . . tire kcV . . . metal tire carer . . . oil. loll tank of gai. and toctt , . . thefmottalic xatcr l ... oil bath ait cleaner. TTi. feolurn of thi Ford V-l Ixrfy in berk SlM4tr4 wrf &••-» modclt are: . . . One piece oil steel »f»ry txtr . . . c!<«r inJM tntitariM t1f,t» rindikicld tl»t openi . . . ko*4«tiiM f«l<«ri . . . h*| Wi FOR 1934 'Fastest Selling Car in America" KOKF) DBAI.BRS IN THF BLYTHEVIIJ.E TERRITORY "MSTKX IN"KOKD DKAI.KR RADIO PROGRAM... .Kvrry Sunday at 1'- W and every Thursday night al 3:30. Columbia Bruadeasllnj Now On Display at PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Aulhnri7pH Phone 8IO-8II Dealer Blytheville, Ark.

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