The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 18, 1930
Page 5
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Chrysler "G2" Scilun 5375 1028 Model Wlilnnel Coach $255 1326 Model Chevrolet Coupe S SI ]92(i Model Ford Coupe !> (>5 132C Model Star Coupe 583 192« Model Ilodgo 3-1 Truck S 35 See these cars today uml nKtkc your selecelioii. Weekly 1'1-in, Monthly 1' or Fall Terms. Your Car taken as part payment. Used Car Dept. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers I'llONE 811 TODAY FOR SALE—Good violin mid bow. Purchased from fine Memphis teacher. Write Mrs- K. O. Sharp, Caruthcrsvillc, Mo. 14pkM. 1 19Z!) Ford FOR SALE—Comiilctc house furnishings for four rooms. Clicap for quick sale. Good as new Call Tuesday at 31Q North Fifth street. ISpklO. Used Car Bargains; $295.00! $285.00 $395.00 $400.00 $550.00 $275.00 j $350.00! 1 1923 Forrt Roailsfr .......... ] 1929 Forrt Tudor ............ 1 1929 Chevrolet 4 Door Sedan ...... 1 1SJG rc.lltiac 4 Door Sedan ..... 1 1927 routine 4 Doer Sedan ' ..... 1 1929. Roadster ......... si 1 ! iilnriK tilth lliu fctilillu nitiii- nRrr nl Cmnlm-iunl I'lcnirr* pn,l d'fir* nil lilw runtrtict nn ht'cnurEo nrlli-r :iinl nhli* la Ijr ftml, Itul tit Isn't. Dnn h:ix ln'rmm- kn-iil)- mirrrafril In ANSI: WI.VTUll, n yuilliir uli-l frmii 'i'LjUn, (Iklci.. \Om U uiirEiln^ :IN jiu r\lrn. She Ims hull Mn^i? I'XiuTlfMec. ami slip killing fnniIKh td Ivfirrjttlt :i Krri'cn tv*l nl fJrnnd I'nlleJ Kindle, ». Dim lltn ullh PAUL COM. lltll, "hu i\rIu-H It ilnlly inuvli. I'lklilum fur n Klrliifc r>f nrUMiniu-rx. Anlir JU[,«i \vtlEi MIIXA M(IJU11SI>.\ nnd KVA IIAUI.i:v, livn I'xlrn i;lrl». CAIlllV SI.OA.V, fan ...... linllr- ^V[)iul illri-rhir, Ims hlnm u I.IIIILC liilorpst In Anni' \\'lnti-T-. l):in ilurn nut fiirr nnu'li fur Sluntn It? N nit mlmtriT, Iiovtcvt-r. of MAIt- 'IIA CIII.I.INS. furjurrl; c.r C,,i,- 1in<-m:tl r ndtv \tllli AiinilKiiniiilri). I ,,]lln, iTitllcn I.I til ti> :i huust- ^^irDilii^ nl hEM hiiinr. nnu he lirln K « Anne nlnnir. 'I licrc Dan nifcl* n rlinrtnlns viniMK :iL<lrpK\ rinilli'il MAIIIS PAUKni.I., ttlui inkv.i n Ilkliife- In Mm. nncl Anni- ntrrl.s anil U nn- niin-J liy I.'HI'A.\li MATHY. n i-unerltod rhlirjilrr uf the xrriTn. .VOW «{) OX WITH Till: STOIIV CIIAI'TEI! XVIII ! rrllR pool luy In Ilio miclillc ot tlic A liiwii iii (lio rear, frinsccl li.v inl! lialnis. And it \vas hero lliat Aiiue and Collins found Dan liorimcr. Ho tad drawn off to lilmscK from Hie noisy group (lint was lanKiiiK li:e grouuds, anil ho was standing willi one hanil tlirnst deep into n trousers pocket, while JIQ smoked a clgard and Razcil at the sky. Collins anpro.iclieil noisclfssly, Fait!. "What do tl:o stars foretell?" In a deep liass, and Horimor swung aroinnl half guiltily. "Tills young lady," Collins said, laking'u arm, "lias hccn looking all over for you. Slio asked me." he added, unhcctlfnl ot An laughing protest, "if I wouldn't lake her by the haiul antl find you. . . . Where's Marls?" "Over there." Dan nodded Ills ):enil toward (ho little stucco hnilil- ins; that housed tiic tlrcssins; rooms. "She's nicking out a hatliiny suit Kiiil slio wanted to get a green one." Collins grunted. ".Alaris," lie fait!. "Koul'l lie particular about tlic color. Tliink I'll go over and speak to her." He wandered off, singing, leaving Anne and Itoriiner alone. Uan said, "Well, how do you like Ilic parly? Having a good time?" Ami Anne nodded, ".lust perfect. 1 adore Mr. aud .Mrs. Collins, ciou't you?" She IMS small and lovely, and IK Ifiougnl her cjjcs surprisi/ig/y da, for 5uc/i light hair. held frank Manry calkins toward them with anotltcr man and a. girl. Slio could hear Maury's voice; it was loud and slightly thick. So slie asked Dan to take her In- siile and dance, and Dan complied and started off with her. But Maiiry had seen them. He iMaelied nim?r-lf from his companions and headed tlicm off, and Jan saw that he stood erect with sonic They haft one \vliole danco t gcllicr, anil part of another; In (lien soHcuiic cut in agaiu. Hi Ttorimcr didn't mind now; tl crowd was congenial; ouly Maur irritateil him. Ho lost Anno for a while- tlie anil presently, finding liinise without a partner, lie wandered i lo tlic ratio, where he found Am listening lo tho earnest, confers ,lluu of a Email, gray-haired ma LEE .MOTOR COMPANY 120 East .Main Street BLYTHEV1LLK, AKRANSAS difficulty. He grinned and shook his head, Maury said, "Il'lo, Anne; where | whose name he could uot remeni anil lolu her that ho was saving his I have yon been? I've been loo'nin''fcer. adoration for somebody else, "um! everywhere. Let's you and I dance', FOR RENT FOR KENT—5-Room liouse. 1321 1, Jloily, pt, Call 087-W. 15pk20 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment 108 Kentucky, rhonc G83. 13pk21 FOR RENT—Sept. 1st, store hulld- ing now occupied by The Boot- cry. Mrs. J. G. Sndbury, Phone 1. J6nk23 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, M-l S. Lake St. nck-tf WANTED—A settled woman, working housekeeper, apply to Mrs. A. Driver, Osceola Inn, Osceola, Ark. I(ipk20 I like them fine. They're great guys--ho(h of Ihom. . . . What do you (eel like tlolng. Anne? Wnnt to walk around a hit. or sit duwn and wish at the moon, or shall we dance? Gt-e, 1 haven't hat) a liaucc : with yon yet," he reminded her "Whose fault is that?" Anne asked, moving toward the brink of Hie pool. "Xot mine," Dan said, ranging beside her again and holding her arm. "Uon't fall in. , 10 w; you'll spoil your dress." And ho wanted 1o know how she could expect him to get a word in, with .Maury forever at her heels. "I thought that guy never would let you go." Anne sighed. "I thought so my. self." she said. ".Martin Collins tavcd me; 1 think he read the distress signals in my eyes. . . . Hut you," she added, "didn't ECCIII lo be perishing on tlie vine exactly." I -"Oh, you mean Maris Farrcll?" this dance." He ignored Roriraer. Anne said she was sorry. "I've T.TE waved carelessly and stroll iL away. Outside he almost rani f ' For Rent Two stores on Second street, also cotton office up stairs wilh north sky- Grand Lender Apply on premises. I. ROSENTHAL ANN'E WINTER nodded, and •"• nan laughed and started to say something about .Maris Farrell, but Anne interrupted him. Hue had glanced towar.-'. the house aud hc- promised this one. Mr. Maury." Manry was dssjwsed lo ar:;ue. He now looked at Dan for the lirst ul lime, and he said. "Well, why don't | a you be big-hearted and give it to "You've no idea." Dan said, smiling, "how stony-hearted 1 am. You couldn't even Luy it." -Maury regarded him rather stupidly for a moment and then he Ihrust a hand into the inside pocket of his dinner jacket, and Dan suspected ho was about to pull out his billfold. So he said to .Vaury: "I think Martin Collins wants you. He's over at Ihe dreeing room, passing oat ladling soils, and he's ?ot a nice pink one picked out for you." Anil then ho too!; Anne away. Antie said/ "Von'vc made an cu- cmy for life now, ami all on uiy account. I think that was simply j Manry awfnl, what you told liim." sho laughed at recollection of it. "Tiiat suits lap fine,"- liorimer saiil. • - - into Maris Knrrcll and Prank) Maury, standing on the lawn. He murmured an aiiology and started on. Ijnt Marls caid (something In low voice that licld him, and lie stood still, feeling suiidcnly fooliiih that he should lio In (!)o position of having to rescue Iwo girls from Maiiry in less than an liour. Aud yet he thought (here was something amusing, too, in the way the arrogantly handsome movie actor's charms were EO lightly regarded by Anne, and now by Maris. Maury looked at him with some hostility, but ho said, nothing; and Rorimer took no r.olice of him at all, but spoko to Maris. "Didn't you say Eonielliliis, Miss Farrcll. alraat wanting to find a preen bathing suit? I understand Mrs. Collins found one for you." "Oil, 1 must ECO it!" j.laris said at once, and she started off; but '" and Bhook It as K lio were; >'im; Kocidby; nnd as Maury bon l« fume and struggle, lio light- Ilio pressure of lila trip, BU at Manry \vlnced. Marls nald, "You'll excuse me tor. minute?. 1 know, I'renk." Dan Eald, "J!o big-hearted, r. Manry." 'In- Kirl moved oft toward Ilio l: -iiiK room, anil aa Dur. started follow. Maury guvo him n vlo- ut tui; dial swung lilui nrouml nl lunuKht a sudden blnzo into >rli:n.'r's eyes. "Vnu'ro urclly Iresh, aien't on?" Iho actor cald, his (aco I'islinn In fury. D-ii! jerked his linnd'froni Ilio •h'T's grip, and for n moment ho oixl thero and vnllod lo Bee \vlmt to'ny iiiliilit do. )lnt hla aimer uU-kly passed; tho man waa niiik and ho felt It would, bo illJisli lo mmrrcl with him. So ho said, "I'm eorry." and lio urnoil away abruiitly and left Mm. \Vlim lie cniiBlil up with Mitrls "arrcil tho girl gave him n grate- Jl smile, and look his arm nnd liey continued toward the dressing ooni. il ho get nasty?" she uantcil 0 know, and Dan shook his t.t-«). 1 don't think ho's very cra"z'y .bout me, though," lie latichcd, and ie (uld her of his earlier, run-la vlth (lio aclor. .Marls faiil, "Poor Frank!" They •aiae to the edge of tho ixiol, nnd ; he stopiicd and looked nt tho \va- er, and then at the moon II re- lecled, and observed lliil|->)t>iiw<v>, in nlBlit lo Iw iudooru. ' I' 1 r »HK coulinued to dial plcaEaully, ai:d D;\n fouml occasion to luOy her. Slio was email nnd lovdy, and-ho thought lier eyes . . dark for sucli light iislr. And her eyebrows were Jluck. or nearly BO. Flic inquired after Paul Collier, told him that Paul had written oi;o or two things about her that she :i])|irccia(ed greatly. "Bvery thing licl[is, you know," sho said, with a frank Eiiiile. Ami presently she asked him a question about Anno Winter. Korimer suspected that sho had been leading up to this. Marls, ho felt, was a little, curious about Anne, and ho was somehow Elati Hist this wns so. So lie informed her ajxmt tho forthcoming picture at (jraml United ami the screen test that •Anne liad had; and Marls showed interest nnd questioned lilui ither. "Was she a ihnccr on tho stage?' sho wanted to know, and when Da enlightened her sho said: "That's very interesting. They, mnst be more tliau ordinarily interested in Ml=3 Winter lo Jo that." And site explained tliat Iho selection of a dancing chorus for a revue usually was a routine lllut was left to tho dance dlrcclor. "There arc hundreds of applicants for each picture—chorus girls from the stage, and oxlraa that SH? have picked up dancing at schools • rg^ —p.ud they're generally just siity- j^ dollar-a-wcck jobs at best. So thc*i must havo soa-.clhing unusual In mind for Miss Winter, to go to nil that trouble, and especially to givo her a screen tcsL" Dnn said bo hadn't given that angle much thought. "You'ro very, encouraging." he told her. "I'll bo suro to tell her what you said." And Maria, smiting at him, asked If Anno IVinter was an especial evyeRV -TIME Voa VcxJR SHAPE LOOK \\SRB I -COME { LIKE 7~\ TROOF TAMK OFF VfS SUPPORTS ( \\£ Like? HElS OF " MIKS AMGELO SEE U!AF11iVi<3 ACROSS POME BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By:Martin fi ALL -AT SEA Uft\X 6^ BWRX UVS. V60 WHtRE THEY GOING TO (SET THfsT OTHER. „ THOUSAND rAORt;.V60 IM-Ofl Will | "Reliable laciy to take orders lor i woll known Watkias Products in ! Blytheville; customers established; excellent, pay. Write C. H. Wor- Icy. 10-30 YV. Ion a Avc., Memphis, Tenn. NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 DUr dental offices will be closed ;ach Thursday afternoon, Dr. L- II. Moore. Dr. H. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis- V. H. WASHAJT—Transfer Daily trips lo Memphis. Will pick up and deliver frcljlit and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phone. 851 Memphis Phone 3-0315 WERT lie Makes 'Em Set; Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phono 51 '. Ingram Bldg. BIytiievillc, Ark protested. "Now, look he began, and ho seized Maria hy the nrm. Hut liorimer smilingly removed thc'actor's hand aud t (To 116 Coy limed) ND HIS FRIENDS DOWN SAKE!! HUNOte,OSCAR.... L6'S S££ \f- 1 STILL UAM6 THAT Piece OF TUAT VNERS THAT F£VA.ovJ £ PAVP-O'-L US YEP. 1 1 SOT IT.' Of TUS. Toon A. S40T US AND SAS TANX. l 60~l B£FO2e T. LOST IT 01BT/ fOG'.! TUEM VOU OiOMT TUE CUL.PRIT CTOLS . MJ6U.... X VJCOLOMT WANTED—Roo:n hath or Email X. Courier News. wilh private apartment. Box !Gpk20 New York Cotton irvn 1114 1005 1131 nor. lias 1140 1160 BE VJMSVS,Oa. ELSE PILOT, TO BE COMIMcT Uk£ THAT. 1 . 1 closed at 1100, off CO. New Orleans Cotton NE WORLEANS. Aug. 18. UIPl — Open High f,ow Close . 1110 1120 icnri ioso . 1135 1139 1WD 1100 . 1144 IH7 1100 1109 . 1153 1165 112! 1125 . 1183 1183 IHO 1141 1103 HOG 1154 1155 Dec Jan Mar May July •BUT, MOW DVD Wt IF OVCW OVl THE S\t)C TUIVT VJHY DON'T WE SLIDE OFF ? BUT DON'T \_WC ON THE TOP SITJC OF THE WORLD? Cioshift Stock 208 2-R 55-3 23 27 1731-8 395-8 435-8 133-4 43 SIS-I A. T. ai-.d T Aviation Chtyslcr Citie? Service Coca Cola Fox General Ebctlic ... General Motors ... Giiisby Gmnovv .. T. f. and T Mcntsnmcry Watd Packard Radio Simmon.- United Gas U. S. Steel ICil-l

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