The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 4, 1951
Page 7
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f ATVTOAY, AUOWrr 4, 1W1 BLY1'HE*.TLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boordinq House with Maj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams PAGB BEVEK i AND MIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSEB Why, Morton! _ WE'LL LET L6TS PtJLL UP AT SOME SHW/B, VJe WOM'T HEAK. THA.T OrJE KWBR AND & ASAIrJ A6OJT CATCH- IMG SWORDFISH AMOLD'SHOe V\ 8/OSIM6 <a>PPeR?/.~ , -FOR BAIT/ TriASSA MO8I.G SGESTl WTlMD OF WELL, 1 KNOW WE SEE YOU ANY MORE THIS SUMMER., BOVS, IF 1OU SEE US FIRST.' SHE'S MY COUSIN FROM 'A LITTLE MIMING. TOWN IN TH' ROCKIES'--SHE THINKS THIS IS AM ANT HILL AW LOVES TH' OUTPOOES-- GOOPBY, BOYS/TILL FALL.' MORTON O15H CXJT THAT ABOUT HOW BCA6LE ANO GUMBO , \ HAVEN'T THE PIAWMED TO SNATCH MRS.CAMBLE/; ID£\ WHKT LAK A SMALL. HAWS A FAST FREIGHT/ CM.L_ THAT . WHCT3-HIS-N4.ME, THE PROPRIETOR/ I'LL. GIVE HIM SOA^E- THINS- TQ CHEW ON / . 7HE <5AWS BUSTER One 01 every three Irelght cars on rfiilroads of the united States is used to transport coal. 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Whatever H might be up the canyon. $440 was not pin money at the Four Aces. Duke glanced questipningly at A'ngel. who among other duties, sized up the guests and it need be fattened th«m tor the sacrifice Angel shrugged. It meant Duke was on his own. "Care to show it?" he asked. Charity tossed the money on the table. It was al] she nad. Lose. and like Douglas, she would be a peon. Hailing from New England. by way of Ohio, she had weighed the possibility of such a disaster and marked out a u'ne of retreat. A chambermaid at the Aztec, she thought. ...... "My roll," she said hardily Duke did not smile. "Dice?" She shook her head. "Faro? Black Jack? Roulette?' "Doug says never to play the iad never neard ol it Neither lad Chanty until the previous day when to PESS ihe time she oad picked up the only oook the Hotel ollered. "Games of Chonce" Lea!- ,np through its maes sue came to .lazard She read about it and even spent an idle nour playing it against tier sell with dice DOUB lad given ner one day 15 a toke. It was the only gambling game she knew the least thinj! about, but Doug n: sairt not to play the othec fellow's game The Duke thought the matter over A tew minutes earlier Anp,e! hod told him who Charily was, and about nur attempt to redeem Doug Kent's debt She had mentioned an income, not very much, he figured, but dependable, which gam- j other fel!o\v's game." "What's your game?" DfllRV QUEEN 1UHDAI fij«r C«I)M am RNES • SUNDIES • NUTS . SHAKES L 5 BHIITS . H MIS DAIRY QUEEN , So. Highway 61 A he asked indulgently, certain that there was no form of gambling that was nol Duke Rogers' game. "Hazard," she replied. nuances of a lady's sentiments OKI in terms ol nis owi. experience? ne was no tool ano MIS picture ot Charity ivaf al least a superlicial :ikcncss He sn« hei os a romanlic. ihexpenetscec girl from (he ^asi who nao fatten in love with the tirsl man to court hci That man was a gambler not uayeo Hazard lor stakes that in a vcrv successlul one at that :ompanson made even the play at j Nov. thai she nao lost mm wbj 'he Aztec shrink to the dimensions' shoulo she nol litid solare m Duke a ooy's marble game, oul DuKe' who regarded L INC "L«t's agree we love our grandchild but hop* her par«tu» take her with them hereafter on their vacationl" nif altraclions toi equal tc those ol ana who nao thai bling was Moreover, with Angel deserting him to open a casino of her own in Santa Fe he could use some one to take her place al the Four Aces. Angel had worked hard at learning to be a lady, so she could handle occasional suckers from the Aztec who came to see what a real western gambling joint was like, but who could sometimes be persuaded to try their luck only by someone who measured up to their own standards of refinement- This girl .would not nave to learn. It was easy to see she was born a lady. Young, too, with a freshness that offered Cometh ing new to a man like Duke. Thus, behind his inscrutable gambler's mask Duke's mind raced to a decision. He decided to marry Charity. The most remote suspicion of such impertinence would have outraged Charity immeasurably— and unjustifiably True, Duke women quite Douelas Kent _ .. u „ very day proved himsell smaner From such a viewpomi Charity woulo prutn trom the exchange Naturally Duke woulo neeo chance to presenl nis case out it Chanty had nc money ano was neavily in debt lo mm there need be no luck ol opportunity 'All right, lady be said |ovl- ally 'Duke Rogers Plays anything The Four Aces, uejnfc my place 1 belter take the bank.". 'J'HOUGU the book had said that holding the oarik was an advantage, a [act which Duke's experience enabled him to recogm'ze immediately to Charity it seemed unimportant "Take the bank." she agrted and picked up the dice. Duke in . order that there should be no misunderstanding, repeated the rudiments of Hazard. 'As 1 get it. ma'am, you choose a number [rom five to nine as youi point—" "Iff called a 'main'," Charity interrupted. "Main, then ft you throw It, or another number that's dillerent with each main, and is called the nick.' you win. If you throw ace' or deuce-ace it's crabs and you lose.-- It you don't throw" your main, or nick, or crabs, the num- bei you do throw is your new point, 1 mean main." 'It's nol called main, any more." Charity explained brightly, tr II ,,, T , 0 c,,, ,, „ """ "iijusuuauij True, UUHe HUNDRED years earlier Eng- Rogers was not a sensitive spirit lish lords and gentlemen had who could readily comprehend the new one is youi 'Excuse me. 'chsnce. chance." they were married he would enjoy teaching ner not to contradict him. "After that you throw till you get your chance, in which case you win. or the original mam, in which case you lose." (To Be Continued) PRESCRIPTIONS fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores *c »* Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—Culverts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. fil Fliwiy So. 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A.ND WHEW I \HMM....',U.T1S6'S OFFICE IS 1 CWA6 UP HEKE DAE.K. '.VOHPER l?- 5 'CWOCKED HOW SfAOX E TOOK f\ PAPER COM6IMM1ON TO CHECK.TU8B& I I HE(>.K OOWETHlUlG IU LIGHT TOk& ON. » THf\T r.LOSPT! ™ BUT HE W^6 GOWEl BUGS BUNNY VOL) WA'i A ONCE •VE LET 'EM HAVE FUN... LIVE BY V. T. HAMLIN THAS RIGHT...IF YOU COULDADONE IT. 1 COLT VOOD3 MIT-/ [ DUNKJO. T MIMECLOTneS I KEEP...HEIM OUDT CLOTHES. FttiriT.THAT'S BOOTS AND ilER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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