The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1930
Page 5
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THURSDAY, DECEMBEK 11, 1930 JBLYTHRVILLE. (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS Impossible to Tell .Now How Many Will Be Forced to Liquidate. UTTLE ROCK, Ark. (UP)— Ar- kainsas rapidly Is mending Us damaged financial structure, a portion of which gave way In the wake ot the crash of Caldwell and Company, Nashville, Tenn., investment banking house. A check of (he state's 440 banks, which were operating prior to the crash, made by the slate banking department, shows 16 were either closed or suspended during Novem- bar, and of that number 19 have resumed business following reorganization and mergers. Financial and business leaders are confident the situation is on the upward trend, indicating Urn march back to normalcy is way. well under- Sate banking department officials said other reorganizations are in process and that other institutions will reopen before the first of the year. Ozan, Nov. 19, Nov. 25; Bald Knob State Bank, closed Nov. 20, reopened Dec. 1; Bank ot McNeil. Nov. 19—Nov. 25; Citizens Bank of Bald Knob, Nov. 20—Kov 2G; Bank of Maynard, Nov. 24—Dec. I, Bank ot Knobel, Nov. 18—Nov. 24; Bank of I Manila, Nov. 11—Nov. 24; Farmers National Bank, Heuer Springs, Nov. 18—Nov 22; The Montgomery County Bunk, Caddo Valley Bank of Norman and Ihe Oden State Bank, which closed Nov. 20, were merged and reopened Dec. G. The banking department has Issued a charter for the Bank of Harrlsburg, which was reorganized following closing of the bank there. Cooler News Notes Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Turner and Tompscy Evans, who have been visiting relatives in this neighborhood, have returned to their home near Milan, Tenn. Mr. Turner's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Turner and daughter, Stella, accompanied them home. R. O. White and son, Quinlis, are working with the Government Fleet at. Frenchman's Bayou. Mrs. ThcKiore Miller and two children left recently for an extended visit with lur parents. Mr. and Mrs. Kinton. near Milan. Tenn. J. M. Bowling and son, James If of Bucoda. Mo., visited relatives Importance of Entries to Dummy Shown in Radio Game u™«w\™» J Him led the Hear iuijiortam to i-hul out a pusslMo] wining with the o ot trumps. After the 1-r.AN COO1T.IIAT1VE DVINd KKYSTOMJ, la. CUP) -"V? Four of America's most brilliant Bridge players met in the third of Milton C. Work's Radio Bridge Spades, the highest of three curds of his partner's suit; Dummy, Eust, plnyeil the 4. Miss Valley, South, games, heard Tuesday, from Sin- so K to Uc able to continue Spades lion WMC. Thin famous quartette! In case her partner's Jack was a ra trump:; luul can'l live forever," Is the slogan Diehard;; \r.t^\ O t a new organization here, it Is n ic trump 'I mid burial society, Hit; dues ot which Heart Jack, riv>o-hii;:a r c 25 cents a yeur nncl (he Inllla- Hcait llnesse Inslend til UM| turn fco $10, The club 'Illns in car- • iw iican unesse insieim m ii:.i|uun feo $10 The club i Clul) bcCHiisc, whelher It Bulled or ) [s mvl i llmscfi bl|y C( J; u-ui. .. .-. „.. *i.~ ii.i...i C, lozd lots, and employ consisted ot Miss Rosamund Valley, of Boston, Mass., Mrs. William C. Ryan, of San Antonio, Tesft Will Ism J. Wall, ot Ottawa, Sinada, and R. R. Richards, ot Detroit, Michigan, all of whom have won repute as teachers, writers, lecturers or championship players of Auction and Contract. Their hands were: Miss Vaney, Dealer. South—Spades, A, K, Q. 9, 5, 2; Jkfirls, K, 8. 4, 2; Diamonds. 9; Clubs. K, 9 Mr. Richards, West. —Spade:', 3; Hearts, A, Q, 3; Diamonds, A, K, J, 10, 8, 0; Clubs, A, Q, 7. Mr. Wall, North—Spades, J, 1. G; Hearts, 10, 9, G, 5; Diamonds, Q, 3; Clubs, 0, 5. 4, 3. Mrs. Ryan. East—Spades ,10. 8, 4; Hearts, J, 7; Diamonds, 7, 5, 4. 2; Clubs, J, 10. 8, 2. singleton, overplayed th n trump oil Uic third Heart mil and try Ihe Club If Mr, Will, in Hie North, had IvKl tho Queen; Mr. Richards, West, played the Trey. Miss Vahey continued with the Klmjot Spad«s; Mr. Richards, Declarer, rtilfed with the Jack of Diamond?; North and East followed suit with the 7 and 8 of Spader Declarer, to trick three, led the Ace of Diamonds; Nortl. rliyccl Ih Trey; Dummy the De'.!-c; and South tho 9. To draw the lust >ul- vcrsc trump. Mr. Richards next led the King; of Diamonds; North played the Queeji; Dummy the 4; South the Deuce of Spades. ' Mr. Rlchnrds then led the G of Diamonds over to Dummy's 7. North discarded the G of Spailes, since ha did not wish to dkclwo his Club weakness to Declarer; UKM K"IB of Hearts, Mr. Richards would eniplay nn uuder- .laker on n volume business basis. trumped his own winning heart on the third round s-j as ioj lend the Jack ot Club.! from Dummy. The lead ot Hie Jack of clubs ensured three Club tricks if Miss Val-oj, Scuth, held the- King, which Mi. Richards fell was iiiutablo In view of tho bidding. Had the hand Ijcen played til Contract, the Dealer, South, would huve bid two Spades, sliowins six nicks, three oC which wore lilgh- cnril tricks, held by tho bidder. West would have, bid five Diamonds. Of coima five tricks were not assured with his hand, but he hud ii lidding wlilch with a little. lv!p from partner would produce TII'STKHS GKT $17,000 OQUKNSDUliO, N. Y. (UP) — [Mine; and partner might able Although Miss Vahcy, South, held I South discarded the. 5 of Spades, a conventional opening bid of lwo| Declarer, to trick six. led Dum- Spadei 1 in her Fix-card suit headed ray's Jack of Hearts. Miss Vahey, by Ar,:.-King-Queen, she opened the I South, holding King and three I i here Tuesday and Wednesday. Quite a cro\vd attended the party Check Closed Banks W. E. Taylor, state tanking com- i Many games 'were played and all auction with one Spade, evidently because r-he had the King and three rinall Hearts and would have welcomed a Heart, lake.-oul by her small Heorl;', could vilh propriety have played small, but she covered :,i n, rri , / , . *' • till C.tlU:> m MUW, SOU Mlutt ,"L' 1° ? ", g ' i 101 "' 1 ^ Ih , el 'f by110 "'at a slam can be made, it is ea:» tf> render that help and yet not be .viCUB cnouyu to old. Mr. Work admitted (hat with East's hiuul, ht himsrlf would not r.ilbe West's bid to a small slum, ullhcu^h thut slam actuaily \va.'i mat 1 .^. lie collet! al- tvatioi! lo the fact Hint when, she curds in view, you know , make a high I»rtn« '!»»W .'-rpartne have , partncrt hand. good In .her (u " missioner, said it was impossible to determine how many of the closed tanks will be liquidated.- Department age.its ere checking the affairs of the affected institutions and a definite report is expected within the next few days. • It also was pointed out a large number ol banks caught in the wave of financial difficulties were small and will effect mergers placing them on a more sound basis. Examiner's are busy checking over the assets of the American Exchange Trust company here, the closing of which precipitated the run against the group controlled by Ihe A. B. Banks company, which held stock in approximately 3G of the 7G closed. A meeting of the board of directors Is scheduled this week at which will be determined whether an effort will be made to reorganize tlie bank or proceed with liquidation. Banks Which Have Reopened Banks which have resumed business through reorganization or mergers include: Cross County Bank of Wynne, closed Nov. 24, reopened Dec 1; Peoples Bank of Waldo, c'.o'sed Nov. 17, reopened Nov. 24; Viola State Bank, closed Nov. n, reopened Nov. 24; Bank of Waldo, closed Nov. 18, reopened Nov. 24; Bank of Stamps, closed Nov. 18, reopened Nov. 25; Citizens State Bank of Monette, Nov. 17, Nov. 2-1; First State Bank of Mor- rillon, Nov. 17, Nov. 29; Bank of reported an enjoyable evening. Mr. and Mrs. Will Tactett, who 1 h^''» ipent several weeks In this section, have returned, to their Hume near Hebcr Springs, Ark. The Victory Quartet, who are Victor artists, representing the James D.Vaughn music company of Ijawrenceberg. Tenn., rendered an excellent program at tli-3 high school Auditorium Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Allred, W. S. Allred and J. business visit Tuesday. Huey J.iichie male a business trip to Blythevllle, Tuesday. Albert. Woortard, of Steele, transacted business here, Tuesday. Mr. Woodard is the new Constable of Cooler Township. Will Hodge spent Tuesday in Sikeston, on business. it is easy to say lhal n slaiu shoult! -FEEL BETTER IN EVER! II' "Konjola Helped Me More Thiin I C'nn Suy' 1 Relates Nurse,•(!lnd To Praise Konjolii. Till! customs ucpitrimcnt announced dial sn,oou mis paid lo civilians vino liirinslicd "lips' 01 smug- K at-tlvitles niong int New Vorn Miue-Uaniunan tortier uns year, tiiousiiiid nonius of inb PAGEFIVSl sum was paid tor information leading lo Ihe tci/nrc of a large quaintly of diamonds at Rouses 1'olnt. Is a doctor's Prescription lot'; Colds and Headaches IT IS THE MOST SPEEDX REMEDY KNOWN. (itiG ALSO IN TABLETS. COOKING SCHOOL NOTE In the cooking srhcol conducted under the auspices of llic Courier News, Mrs. Myra Oliver Duncan stressed inoilrrn jnclhods, ol cooklnff. Naturally, then, she lists and recommends Crlsco, (he mudi'ru -shurtininE. strength to make such bid. No; the Ac.2; North played Ihe C. Mr.. doubl she also planned, in case her ~' ' partner took her out in No Trump, to rebid the Spades, expecting North to rebid No Trump If really strong in II and weak in Spades. y ruffed with the 5 south's Spade 'Ujamonds; South played the 4 °', cou i (1 iuve been made by setting-n« sl««8'h <° bid informatorily; but with only' "carts. three hearts and three Clubs, it T O (rick nine, Dummy led tho! " I LU11K1 hands , was ctor that he" should play his ! •"»* of Clubs. With the 1 strong Diamonds; and there was clll l)s. With the 10 of Clul 10 of, bs In •... In which you bid for n slam not make II-" Mr. Work closed! his lulk by gtv-. ing Question:,'5 and C In his Bridge;!, H. Bowling made a no P C <T J for ' llm to disclns ? "V"to Leachville, Ark., " al s . ( "^. unnecessarily. There- South went to two Spades West bid three Diamonds, North and Easi and with the Ace. Mr. Wall. North, passed, and South went her limit Playing the Trey, in bidding thros Spades. Mr.' Rich-; Mr. Richards then placed his ards. West, advanced to four Dia- "rds on the table, claiming the mondF, which held Ihe bid. South The high school teams J^"*?/^ A?]?.'•«:?! 8. 3. NORTH (Third Hand) holds— SPADES. K, J, 2: HEARTS. 9, 8, 4; DIAMONDS, A, Q, 10, 0, 2; CLUUS, K, 7. rest of ths tricks with his own: Sou'.h is the Declarer playing a hand and the 10 in Dummy. He Club contract (at Contract Bridge cf Steele will play the home teams; on the local court, Friday evening. The alumnae girls basketball learn desire games with other independent teams; teams wishing to play the Cooler team may confer with Captain Myrle (Sis) Michie. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Halford and family spent Salurday in Blythe- vill-3. shopping. Miss Mary Martha Chambers, who is a, Sophomore in the SouLh- cast Missouri State Teachers College at Cape Oirardeau, Mo., spent the weekend here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Chambers, and also lo play with Ihe alumnae Mr. Richards' strong bidding and scored 42 for tricks, BO for honors five Clubs), West has bid Hearty, "My training days In the hospital Sticks good for youngsters (Mi-riiiy litiif: 10 minHtf"} Ono mollicr 1 know realizes I lint her cliildrcn ui'od swcels. Ho slm provides hoine-iiinilc cuiiteutiotis liki! lln'.s« Dutu Sticks. Made iifli'r lliiii lestod Crisco recipe, llicy satisfy tlie craving for sweets in ;i wholesome wny. As nearly us possible nil of llie fuss and bollier have liren kilclien-testcd out of Crisco recipes and n satisfaction added — tlie salisiaclion of nsintf a modern .shorten- iiiR wliicli lends ils own fresh flavor to the foods made with it. her partner's silence, lor fear of a ai 'd 50 for a small slam. At Pro- double. Mi-. Wall, North, led Iho Jack ol basketball' team of which she is a member. Mr. and Mrs. Amos Hatley and family and Mr-, and Mis. Claud Woods and family are spending th? week with relatives in Camdcu. Ten. Albert Allen, of Steele, spent Tuesday morning in Cooler. Otis) Hodge, who has suffered a slight stroke of Infantile paralysis, is improving. gresslvc or Duplicate he would also have scored 125 for game in one hand. In commenting on the play of. the hand, Mr. Work marked as thcj QUESTIONS: ami East has passed It was his turn lo declare. West, tricks continually, and headaches cilme often. I tried rest cures, diets, and medicines, but obtained only temporary relief. "Then I decided to try Konjola. Four bottles made me feel like a different person. Konjola helped me more Ihan I can say. It built me up physically and ended my stomach trouble. I feel belter ^"A^, •sarssf-sss %&&• *" ** •« •*- SUJl. Ttlih t lint t\tn Irl.irl m.f - ». „»! «U, notsble feature tlie clever establishment of entries Dummy's hand by Mr. Richards. So t-hat Dummy's 7 of trumps would be an entry. Mr. Richardn made his first nilf (trick two) with the Jack. Ruffing with lh> 8 would have been as effective in producing a Dummy entry; but there was n remote pos- 5. Which card should S:uth play on trick 3? G. Which card should Declarer play from his two hands on Irick 4? Isnl that the kind of a. medicine you want . . . one that keeps llic faith and makes good? Profit, then, by the experience of Miss Panels maije of sugar cane fibre . j, ~... *..n^ „,.., ,» mnuu.- J^A;,- i-ancis maue 01 sugar cane nure and uv al tie best di-ntrpiRU in ill t™^ 11 ^'!' ™ 1 -,, N ™ 1 1: ^ "avc been found to reduce noise in ^^^TuX^" Ooddy. Put Konjola to the test and find out for yourself why it, million friends". Konjola Is sold in lilylhevllle, Arkansas at Klruy Drug Stores, and by all t:ic best druggists In all no more Spades, and If so it was! a room by 50 per cent. | lion. —Adv. 1 c'ip four inillt or Ijnl tcrniilV i li-n:-|J.x);i smU :! nijn Hour t li-aspoon 5<llt 1 tc:i«ixxm huLlii^ powde 1 tii|j i'lio|mt'il nut nKats 1 ui[i till dntod Mi*: CriiOg nml augar well. Add so - .]r milk whii-li IJAI Ixxn riitcrl u-illi so(]n.-'riic» ruM Hour wliith luu been sifted willi 5,ilt tin*! linking pooler, ftnd fold \\\ nuU anil il.itts. J'nitr into iiliiLllon' (.'risc<x v il 11.111 nn<l b.ikc 20 minutes in iiKikTali! (S.'V 1'.) oven. (,'«t iilli> narrow slicc.1 wliile. still \viiTin nuil roll in pondered suynr. Tlsc^c cookies will Isiko Uic piece of less wholesome swecls for the children. Fluffy? Yes, Crisco is now so UnfJTy you don't Lave lo cream it. I Men's Suits, Overcoats and Don't Wait any longer-think of getting Keller, Heuman & Thompson high grade clothes and Dobbs hats at HALF PRICE Florsheim Hats Pairs For SUITS 9r OATS Ties, Socks, Shirts, Underwear, Lounging Robes, Etc-? At SALE PRICES

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