The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1944
Page 6
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Few Homes Have •Enough Circuits Seven Major Realms , Of HomejCall For "^ Electric Service « NEW YORK, Nov. 7 — Only, n ;. relatively few of the homes of the , nation ha\e wiring adequate to • care for. complete servicing or clee- ' tricar needs, stales n new booklet "Electrical Oulrte 'to the Postwar Home, 1 Issued by Ihe National Ado citrate Wiring • Bureau. -j The surface of the need Ihrpugh- "oul the United Slates has only bceivscialched, the NAWri asserts ' in showing a two-page Illustrated spieati of piesent-dny usages of ,,te!cc.t|ic equipment 4 Seven majoi realms of the homo' •now call foi electric service They 1 are as follows: tot heating, \enlilatmg' and nir i conditioning. ... For lighting—both for utility and beauty For hoHsecleantng, Inundry and sanitation t For meal precaution and food • storage. ;' Forutllityjindprotccttlcn-agcioc- t mc walei heating, extension (ele- „ phones, luimlng water, fire alarms t, elc ' -'For entertainment, hospitality, education, recreation niitl hobbles —fls ladio-phonograph, table appli ances, bridge lamps, entrance "lighting, door chime 1 ;, lighted house number, electric tools, sewing nm- , chine, photographic equipment study ami reading lamps, movie -projectoi, elc • Foi family health mid comfort— t ns heating pads shavers, ultra. violet N lamps, elcctilc blankets and igeimicidal, lamps Most homes now couldn't, eel "long (at least in urban ureas), It i* pointed out, without refrigerators, roasters, colfcc-makcrs wash ML,","' 1 , *! crs - '"?"."=.' vacuum , ' osiajjc }, eflt cou(toli kitchen vcn- U'ators. mugcs and water heatcis. Here Are Tips For Extending Heating Fuels Tlie admonition, "button up your overcoat," of r> enr-c nnpulnr song lilt Is applicable today'(o the nvcr- age A^ncrfean home, according .in fuel conservation authorities, with anolher winter of Tuol shortages alicad, home owners arc urged 16 take every precaution to make limited supplies go as far as possible. The Ilrst step in pulling nn overcoat on your home, ol course, is through Insulation. A properly Insulated home can be kepi comfortably warm a month or Iwo longer than an uninsulated one on the same amount of fuel. Another fuel saving measure recommended by the government, is the .Installation of winter vestibules These are merely miniature anterooms off (he exterior doors which permit them to be opened without admitting guests of icy air. They should be'simply .constructed and arge cnoiigh to permit one door to close before the other is opened An excellent material for Iliclr construction is Insulating board •vhich Is now available.. Mho exterior can be protected will) wnler- vrcor paint. Here are some other ways in which insulating board can be used to extend your fuel supply: 1. Make your screen doors into storm doors. This -is nn easy one Just fasten panels of Insulating board over the old frame. 1. Insulate your basement windows. Pieces of Insulating board cut to.the right side can be wedged into the opening.?. Tlie basement T 1 W m ,'' c kqit '" nn " thls '" tmn will help to warm the house. >*• Close off windows of unused roams Window areas, for their sl/.e, are the greatest sources of heat nss. covering them with limlliit- I"B board will cut down the loss and increase your comfort •». Back up recessed mdlalo.s. Wall areas behind recessed rnclin- W, "I? U "" el ' """ 1Ct Ollt '"<"••! fil?h ""if ° f '""""""If board ,ntie,l on these areas will provide needed protection at a vulnerable 5- Screen off imiiswl fireplaces. DRS. NJES & NIES OS7TOPATH/C PHYSICIANS .RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER; , , 1 OFFICE HOURS: 6:00-12:00 and 1:30-5-00 CUnle 614 Ud. BlytheriUe, Ark. PKo« 212! NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Oil n cneck-up without cost 6r obligation. SATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WOBK «,-."• c - BLANKEKSHIP •- REDECORATED IN 3 HOURS Paint Over Wallpaper, Plastor, Brick, Etc, ®m •tif*- m .!** «*• Wg lurprlM aft* •». I" Hi! N. TwWd, wiRt r.oy b. qMty wa At< w'rtli mild •«(> «< mtw. M* *Mt mtm h* 60 rw *• vhoh wtetf tt Mi ""*•*« • ^^«. K-:/ ^ —-»«"«i mum MM wnm nmiuRCH PAINTS H U B B A R D HARDWARE CO. Work On New Church $12,000 Nazarene Church To Be Ready About January 1 Vork has started on the new .-->000 building of the First church ol Ine Nawn-cne, located nl First nml Sycamore, being erected on Ihe site of the former bulldlim dls- mimueil for tills puriMse, I'lnns of the building include an auditorium In the front and an educational building nt the rear »«1> the building designed to take cn'e of nn Increased enrolment In the ehnrcli nnd Sunday school it tins been announced by 11 u H,',,,, .son, arcliltcct. ' ' ^H Is expected thnt thn new ;ol tho year. In (he'meantime, regular services re liclirt; held In the Armorv mn'r this.fillc. '"moi>, nc.ii nnl'm V°n :F - W ' ' Nnsh 1) ' C>CI1 »"' pastor of the cougrcgatlon a year There's no ii.seil In lcUln K | lca (, „>.. cnpe up the chimney. Make a llgiit- iitmg screen of InstilntiiiB board nn i uive it n decorative touch with painted design or a covering wallpaper. b TiisiilalliKf board can be e(«,,y • wiin fi saw or n sharp knife. It comes In sheets four feet wide and of Tomorrow's Kitchens To Have More Attractive Dining Units If you're invited to dlnnei iipiHri»SHC=;?:e ; aS i,, n,,. .,i.' .'". ,^;" c .. ""July eallns reached eautammf. cni.n =(r n i«i^i |». ( you''ii find the inrnny eallns "'"tKlteheii.'fhat's-tfic way they "^"'•Vf"tit's less vmk.tool Aichltec|s have noted the "derniiml [>n<l In tlie November Issue : of Better Homes & Gai.lcns mngaziiu! [{iree lending designers present ihelr plans of the kltchcn-dinhi' KH™",". If.."!' ^.«»^K i..,~, """—" vl " ex ^nd tiiem out nto Ihc room tut dividers for cooking .and dining ureas. Afchltcet Harwell Hnrrls../or example ,',,ploys an Island sink, ncldlnela shelf On the oOiei- .side i s . the ( ,'|,, |nl , of the' 1 sLlk 0 shelf h '" 8S ~ th * ^" k inster, waffle Iron' nnd . pcrfolntor! Mrs. Cirundy herself won't, see:over and Into the slnkful of untidy <l shes. TJioHBht/lUly. Mr . H a r r ", ^ n so yroi.ped equipment and /„«! piepnratlon surfaces In relation to he sink, creating a logical clrcu- "i: on or movements for meal pbn- l"B, cooking nnd clearing There's •;>„ nml for your, kitchen to lesemlilr. on operating room, bc- c Kosmak. He has trjid- ................-looking white areas for o color 1,11,1 beauly of natural tex- tnies In cabinets, work-tops nnd cupboards. Alr-eoiiU!tlonliiR takes of vnuors nnd odors. Tiie diu- llvlng room, cdmpact' - rooin. reached equlpmrnl save straTnin'tr nnd walking.'He features a celling and lime ot materials which deaden sound and blartk otlt fatiguing Xodcc rif Settlement of Admtnlstra. tors, CJuardlans and Curators • Notice Is hereby K lvdh that settlements have beef) filed and will be subject to confirmation at the November 15, 1344 term of Die Chancery Court for,, the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County Ar- kansiis.In the following (natters tfa- No: I204ipeport. of F C.Doug Complete Auto Repair Service IM Ml-i-r v i_ JIM NEELY Is now Irt charge of our mechanical rcjiair department ROBEllT WATSON I, ir , cliarfe of tlie body , and upholstery department. »l>iiui.iiery ucpiirtc WE GUARANTI1E SATISFACTION Shop Located In Rear of Martin's Cafe "4 IV. Main—I'hone 565 ;<t Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While It Is Available. rv A r* ***,—! i\«iirv LUlb! B ,^^ DALE WFG.p: Phone.2911 No. 1570-Pirinl Report of Byrjn Morse, ;^cimlnlstr ?r t'pr of Bessie c Wllkerson, Estates • No. . v l 575—Final: Rcpo11 of Taylor, AdmlnfStrator of rtfrs v Taylor, Estate. 1 • •Jo. 1532—Final Hc|K>rt of dimes blcvenson,. Guardian of Arabeih Crenslmw. .'_', '.,' .' , , No. io?5^Finai Report of F 'M COLO WGGED FeeledilljJ 2 drop* m each nostril, help jou breads frwr' Cautign. Use only as directed. Get PEdETRO HOSE DROPS FOR SALE Closets, Sinks. Lavatories, Tanks. Automatic Water Heater* Pipes,Fittings. Lead, Oakum. ' All Plumbing Repair Parts PETE IS THE 'LUMBEI Jaffe, Executor of Marie Applcbauiri, All parties interested in the above matters will hereby take notice that settlements are on file In the Comity arid Probnte Clerk's office and are Eiibject to Inspection by any interested parties. . Dated this the Itli day of Nd- vcmbeiv 1944. T. W. POTTER, County rind Probate Clerk. By Elizabeth Blyllie, Deputy Clerk. n|7 SSOS.GOO.Wi Jingle-jangle in llie pockets of Florida farmers duriiig the first .sis months ol 1944 according to the Florida State Chamber of Commerce. This gave Florida 15th place nationally nnd first place among the Southeaster^ States. , work -save floors There arc two types of hand grenades—fragmentation grenades designed to fragment with the action of the bursting charge and used pnncipally against- personnel- offensive grenades, containing a high explosive charge In the pacer body nud designed for demolishing Dill- boxes and similar enemy installa- AT FIRST SIGN OF A-' Cold Preparations as directed Simoly rub Bruce Cleaner over the wood surface, then Wlp= with a dry cloth Accumulated wax and ground in dirt d ls ap pear. Light wax base helps.«. ««9fe,luittr of floor.' Most ef- fccUye for removing rubber ra«ks. A quality p&duct by E'L.Bru« Co.,world'.lar ge «t flooring'niaker. V* •f "f .-j- 'A: 1^35^ *>•' For ^^ itiK) : X. mm Frozen plumbing and burst p ipes takc mo|a , replocemen ^ „,„ ^:rtrir rt ; A " dwi *. pi " MH "-^^^ This winter protect your pocketbook by safeguarding your water p : p ^t3 yPi r ancracksaround ^^ ti?kV u t7;;rw° a ; fhese prmy FOM ^ «*« ^ ! ^— Blytbeville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Maaa fer "Water Is Your Clieapest 60c qr. $2 gal. E.C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Aik. Mr. Farmer: We Can Add Months To The Life Of pur modern equipment can handle even your largest - 1 ^ **»» GUARANTEED WORK - CEILING PRICES ^ MODINGER-POETZ TIRE 0). ; Hwy. 81 North Phone 2HI COTTONSEED BAGS and SOYBEAN BAGS See Us Be/ore Vou Buy/ J. L TERRELL Off ice 111S. Bdy. Phone 2631 FOR SALE Property north of Court House, running from Railroad east t<. Second Slreet, approximately 175 feet deep. ' Will consider all offers. Permanent Address Mrs. S. S. Sternberg P. O. Box 387 Blytheville, Ark. d" "' 1 ' >our letlpr scll( tn my w m>ttf **..-, ^^±^^*AA .A. ^ <i w fa; i> > \ ^ u' » •» f\ '£ Ifi i •» ->„,!.'>"' t vv ^\ ^ \ > < v >-: 1 ' .A''-*"" -\ \ Priced 15c Per Single Roll And Up- WALLPAPER for the bedroom Subdued colors, wash or pastel; to trrakc your bedroom a rcstfol anil attractive place, Designs for all types of bol- rooms. WALLPAPER for (he kilchcn Washable, smoke and grease repellant wallpapers for llic kitchen. Bright, cheerful and appropriate colors for miUdy. WALLPAPER for the (liniiiK room , Matched papers for the dining room with the new diagonal stripe patterns and contrasting borders. In ail colors. WALLPAPER for (he living room ' A wide range of wallpapers to choose from for the roost Important room in the house. Every color, r!est<rn and combination. Choose Yours Now! 100',:; I'ure Outside While Paint I'cr Gallon I'orch and Floor Enamel 1'er Gallon 3.53 Mural Tone Casein I'aint I'cr Gallon While Enamels for Woodwork and Walls .. 275 5.25 GLASS Auto Glass, Window Glass & Mirrors, tut any size or pattern. 105 £. M»in Bfythevi/iVs Only fxefujiVe Point & W0//poper Store ARKANSAS Point, Glass and Wallpaper Co. Phone 2272 ft t- l j

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