The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1939
Page 6
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Praises Youthful Speed- '' bailer; DiMaggio, Gor, don Selkiik Also Star By.'GEORGE KIRKSEY United Press staff Correspondent ' ' NEW YORK, July 12 (UP)\ Trooping back lo the wars today the combatants and non-combat ; ants of the all,star baseball gam were willing to concede that Do Feller, the Iowa farm bos will the swaying gait amlVthe blazini fast'ball, Is the kingpin of pilch ers. f ' Joe McCarthy, managei of tht. World Champion Yankees, uishe< Feller' Into one of the loughcs spots any pitcher could bo callcc ; on to face, and tile smooth-facrc Cleveland youngster met, It. tc tatmly that he might be accorded the laurel wreath of the American League's 3-1 triumph over the National League. With the bases Jammed, one out, ! and the American League ahead only 3-1, Feller walked to the mounci before 62,892 In Yankee Stadium yesterday mid cut Die heart, out of a National League rally with Just one pitch -. Tommy Bridges got himself Into the hole so fast thai Teller didn't have much time to -naim up before McCarthy waied him In He • lossed a few to Dill Dickey, nnd looked Arky Vaughnn, Pittsburgh's one-time National League batting champion, right m tlie eye He cut loose with his Sunday pitch, and Vaughnn hit a grounder to Joe Goidon at second base Gordon scooped up Ihe ball, fired it to , shortstop Joe Cronin, who stepped oft second and threw to first baseman Hank Greenberg to complete a double-play That pitch and the resultant "There Oudila'Bc A Law BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.? COURIER double play In the 6th Inning n(?nlnu a - , ~ • «« UKIlllol U Utt( umpiring lhe .soft ball game staged by teams fiom Confess Hie protesting legislator are, left (o light. Rep. pins "" Sen. James M Mead of New decision anil (hi of N D. Tcny nt icnducd by 'Iimney whll Washington coiicspondcnts M Yoik, Rfn Leo r, Allen Today's Sport Parade By Hmrj McLtmofe I'a*",*!.!^ [ ™t.'o'- e tl?Am"r,c«n 0r ^g;;er s< ' of his big dajs " r ' e irf'n,, Fe . n " \ Wh ,°' e 10t " lng Jt wns »" lmp 0 sslble"c n iclV in^oiir lepgiie," said Me- The r~" '•" •-•--• bullet oh, ' i, , uc speed, piopellcd by Shainig the honors weie three ounce or power m the si ank- ' " ' Yankees-George Selkirk, Joe Dl Magglo and Joe Gordon. Selkirk ' drove In the American Leaguers' first ran \\Ulh a line single to right on which I\al Goodman, Reds' outfielder made a desperate, diving tiy but failed to hold the ball. He Injured his right shoulder, and will^ be tout for 10 days or two weeks It was a tough break for -the League-Leading'Reds. In this fourth-Inning lally n boot by Arky Vaughnn on Joe Gordon's easy i oiler permitted the American Leaguers to get theh second run uhich put Diem ahead, 2-1 .But DIMaggio's homer into the lett field bo\es, nenr tlie foul line, In the next frame would liave won the game, anywav. Gordon's fine play on .Vaiighnn's I-~"J "*• - » ulLglliu! i) groimdei, which lie turned into n double play in the sixth, MIS only one of his fielding contributions He knocked do«n ott's single just, before this play which prevented Lombard! Jiom scoring from second But tlio topper of them all was his leaping gloved hand catch of Joe Meduick's smoking liner in the eighth This play was one of the greatest ever seen in (lie Ail- Star series MediUck said, "Gordon should be lynched for making a nlnt. lll._ 11 n i ti T i B mat it was outright Only one game Is scheduled in the. majors today, the Dodgers Playing the Pirates nt Brooklyn tonight. * play like thievery BASEBALL STANDINGS Northeast Arkansas League Caruthersville Faragauld '.'.'.'.".'. 4 Jonesboro ^ x—Night games. Southern League \V. L. Pet. .661 .583 .364 .364 W. L. Pet. f \\ Memphis ........... 45 33 xChattanooga ...... 45 37 Nashville ,. New Orleans '.'.'. 39 Birmingham 35 xUtlle Rock 32 x—Night games. W. L Pet. 11 28 629 , ^Cincinnati ,\ New York . Brooklyn .. 1 St. Louis .'.. 36 Chicago 39 Pittsburgh .'...34 , Boston 32 Philadelphia*-.. >.... 4 .. 21 i » American 37 34 38 46 513 500 457 313 L, Pet, 22 .707 NEW YORK, July 12. (UP)-H baseball were played on • a stage, loe Gsrdon of lhe New York Yan- .ecs would be gojng around the ountry giving concerts on the econd base: This youngster, who played In his irst all-star game yesterday, Is to Eocnd base what Pnderewskl Is to he piano, Kreisler' lo the violin, nd Goodman lo the clarinet. He as lilted second basing, ibis Goron boy, fiom a meie bit .;f pliysi- al excielse lo nn ait The actions ».- „„,,„"„ rr e acon Local All-Slar Team Soulhcm Softball Champions Blythcvllle's all-star soflball tram which Is schediied lo oppose the Woca-Pep Soulhein champions at Haley Field tonlglil in n gamn sponsored by. the Chlckasaw Atli- lelic club will boast consldeiable balling power with n members of the squad having averages above the .300 maik. Exclusive of the hitting aveiages of Ihc tlnce pltcheis en the local squad, the all-jstni.s «lll have a fireball pitching; Lombard! line drive in the eighth In- bat al lert speed, piopellcd by evciy ^, body. It «as high In the left. With the speed of an Oneirc the Yankee second baseman raced after It, and i>llh (he grace of a Nijinsky he smred Into.'the' air to take it. The Impact knocked him off balance, nnd he landed crazlly on his feel But he didnt go <lo«n rfc skipped alone on Ins toes, legnlncct his balance, nnd, with (lie roars of nn iinbellevihg crowd In tils' ears dived into the dugout. 'Theie never was a second baseman like him,' Joe rionlu, Boston Red Sox manager, told me aftoi Ihe game "Eddie Collins was gical and so was Nap Uijcle and so Is Charlie Gelirlngcr But they never sa« the day they could make'plays aioimd wcond such makes.' as Gordon Gordon didn't confine Ills magnificent play to the handling ol &fed«lck's liner Earlier, with the bases loaded, he made an ainny.lng play on Arky Vaughnn's whistling groundei to turn it into n double pny Cronin, wi ln wns playing alongside of him at shortstop, had this to say of that play: "I would htue sworn, when Vaughan hit the ball, that it wns a single. I couldn't believe it when Joe not only got it, but handled It so perfectly, so swiftly, that we made it into a double killing" And, cue play before that, Gordon performed n miracle on a grounder by ott. He came rncln" almost to first base to knack down Ji- Illlrt alm °st. catch ott at first There isn't another second baseman in baseball who would ha\e laid hands on the ball, much less stopped it nnd held nil runners on' their bases. If Gordon hadn't made these tliree plajs, the National League might well .have won' Its second All star game in successicn. He Killed c\ery rail, 0 I the Nationals, just n-; he has been killing rallies of Yankee rivals all year. That's the great thing about Gordon—he isn't a one-day cr a one- 1 ............ « 38 .542 "«"—"" ism. a one-flay cr a one?? 10 . XVI , le ............ « 37 538 f mc P' a 5 cr Day in nnd day out, Nashv " 1 ' "" « .481 [° T , the P^t two years, lie hns 45 464 blok . e . n 'he hearts of the hitlers 46 439 "} tne American League. Lito a 47 405 ghost, Joe drifts around and about ^ c: " d **>* cutting off hits and turning what appear to be certain Nallon»l U»gue singles Into double play balls 1 V 10 ° w - tlm ers try to sell - - M of goods on s«o:nd base- 40 33 .548 men ot lh e Past. There have been 35 33 5)5 "me great ones, jes but never one "" 34 .514 if 0 «ie fellow who is playing „„ ___ ihp Vnnlroftr. t« l\.i- ... '^ ° 1939. year of rut. 0 u nllllion < ! "-« the earth's surface still are itn explored by man. 4l ". a ™. nn >. v i . : *ijew York ...-..., ..... 53 'i Boston ...... ^ ..... kl 43 25 .632 'Chicago ............. 40 33 .548 -'Cleveland , ...... ... « 34 .641' 38 36' .514 '32 « -410 ae '46 •' J78 „.,. 21 M .284 ' Phll»delphta Wert Optometrist "HE MA&ES 'EM SKE" Over Joe Isaacs' Slore Phone 540 Ark-Mo, V-8's Win; All Teams Are Deadlocked The second half race In the city Softball League' .went Into" n fbhr- way tie last night when Arkansas Missouri Power Corporation defeated oootiyear and Phillips Motor Company bent Certi Coin.•.••.'•' Aik Mo defeated Ooodyear t lo 2, making eight hits lo Goodyear's seven. • Phillips wnlked over Coca Cola, 9 to 4, making 12 hits lo 10 for the Bolllers. : Ench tetim in the circuit 1ms now won two and' lost tivo. Today's Games Northeast Arkansas League Cai uthersville at Jonesboro. Newport at ['.tiagould.' Southern J.oaguc New Orleans nl Mcmphl.<i, I games. • Chnttannoga at Knoxvllle. nirnilnghnm nl I.ltlle Atlnntn nl. Nashville. National League riltsbiirgl). nt Brooklyn. team bitting average of J87 and with this ninoimt of poi\ei at the. plate Manager "liny oio\er was confictent his aggregation would make a good showing against the VC 1C ° f the nnesl But Crackers Proved Plenty Tough; Lookouts Win Over Travelers Ily United J'ress 'Hie Memphis Chicks were buck In the Southern Association saddle today, after almost coming a cropper in Irylng lo hurdle Die lough Atlanta Crackers. By: winning from the Crackei-s, 8 lo 5, In 10 'Innings ye.stcrday, (he Chicks evened lhe hvi-gninc series and limist lhe Georglnns into third place. The Chattanooga Lookouts, who had been -lied with the Cracker.', for second, tok .sale possession of Dial rung by deadlocking .Die.Little Hook Travelers In an abbreviated game, fi to 8. The game In Atlanta 'was (oo close n duplication of the one the d;iy before for Ateiager Frank Bra- Killl of the Chicks to think about. Monday, the home forces overcame a two-run lead In the ninth nnd edged (he Chicks, 5 to 4, Ycster- ilay lhe Crackers overcame the two- rim lead all right but they didn't belter it and thus the Chicks were able to win with three riins in tiie 10th. . Atlanta used five pitchers In a vain attempt 16 halt the boj-s from Scale street. Lyn Stout went great guns for Memphis unlil the,ninth, when he weakened and Ed He'nsser .ook over and | finished the game Biiigc and Duke lilt hqniers for Atlanta in the early innings. At Chattanocgn, the lookouts led 6 to 5 at the end of the sixth arid seemingly had the game in the bag Goliimnisl Find& Holm Some Television Partne • .'.X' .,...•!'• WEDNESDAY, -JULY.: 12, • , ° usy a teams In the country, W in- tied the score in the eighth after ' ' ' ' ..... , . - v-mn.ijj V. Ill mug the southern title last seasoi and apparently licadcd for anothci successful season In 1939. ' nr »,„ I ---- ----- »«» mini Uliermnin 01 A1011- or tie players sciiedulcu to start day's storm, dining which Hank rLu nv« g S h ° m °. t '"'- Harris « r : Little Rock suffered , a ru nv« . - : sr , a nvc , a £ e r. h , Possessed by sore juvy; arid ; Jim Galvin of the Jcny Harwell, Goodyear catcher, Lookouts 'ii ' busted knc Goodyear catcher > has teen walloping the biscuit in tin. i,, » Vein • ' "'^"ii- I'm iMiuM'iue smoKics put in n to the (me of .532 tms season and bid for third :plnce by unking it who In addilion-has a fielding av- two In a recover the New Orleans ciagc of .97a. John Traynor, Good- pelicans, 4- to'l'-The old snucere year bird .sackevaud "Wild Bill" play In the sbvenlli crossed up the Godw n , Phillips right nelder, aic Pelican defense and led lo three also nnnriv miih u, e bludgeon. Smokie scores. Clare Bertram held SO this season the Pels to ; nine hits. ., .-'„„-, millk . ot - 447 - rrhe Nashville Vols won from the Marshall Blackard, Coca Cola short Birmingham Barons ngain fi I.Q 3 lie dor, Is a so expected' to 'prove and seiit'Che Barons clumping down n big help in battling the Woco- toward the cellar.' Dugas George Peos tontahl. HP ,, h |tth,g .390 and and chapman hit Homers behind Woodie Johnson's effective pitching l.t Hi™ 11^1 ,'-.!.• - ° has hit. ,490 tills nnd Godwin has a maik of 'Sji 1 ' He .950. star bench uMllty pJnyers on'the all- iu Use Vol wia .ICll tiff* IY4«"Pffnl . liltlni.*. TCdlW'.IV S/»)ll hitters. ----- •'kiivii nit; JAJWCJ i 111 . ' ilJCtCrS Dick Tiplon of -. Coca Cola .who Nas ' v may get the call to open th= game "' ~ at first, has a hitting average of .533, Baxter of Arkiiio is )ja(liiif •. r ,38, Ncriimn "Monk" Moslcy of Arkmo Is a .431 hUter ami Stnotii- erman of C:ca Cola has n mace mark of .420. /;; Therc will be iwo'.contests on f .tonight's program, -nccirding u> Max I/jgan, who is .-Immlling do- inlls of the event for the athletic ctitu 'j-ho preliminary g nme w ui be between an all-star.learn from Osceoln and members of Ihe Phil lips Motor Company team This game will begin at'7:30 o'clock and ,WI1 be followed by (he feature American Open dnle, Yesterday's Results Northeast Arkansas League Night games: Newport at Paragould. Cai uthersville 10, Janesluro 1. Southern League Memphis 8, Atlanta 5 (ip innings). Knoxvllle 4, New Orlenns 2. Night games: Ultle Rock G, Chattanooga G. tie game, called in eighth to allow Little Rock team to catch train. Nashville c. Birmingham 3. Nalionnl League Open date. Ainrriftin League . Open date. Indian Emulates Father, Stars in Pro Baseball SPOKANE, Wash. (UP) — Lcvl McComilck, a Nez Perce Indian, is a chip oft the old block when It comes to playing baseball. • The husky young Indian has emulated his father, Joe; who played, with the Lnpwal, ; Ida., team years ago and was regarded as a star. The son once played with the Seattle club of the Pac!-* flc Coast league but has been 1 farmed to the Spokane Western International league outfit for proper seasoning. So, for he has been n star with the Spokane. club. Nearly 400 .types of cheese now are produced In the United States. Complete Line of WESTJNGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 111) S. Second Phone 314 Tires, balicries, radios, heaters •nd oilier products for your car can be bought on the Firestone Budget IMiio for surprisingly liitle cash outlay and terms 50 small you'll hardly notice them. Littt* li III Vetci of Firutonf. ,«»„,/.. riYxntlierirl\'*tnxm'<ftN. g, c KWiViimr Tuocin iheFjjtsKWe Voi«pfthcFjrro K.Ji Frosram twice och wttlc during DOC.D hou PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut 810 bllt tlie I* 8 ** peW) '«s 8°t busy arid which the lilt was' called to let Little Rock catch a train. The game was calm In .the aftermath of Mpii- Lookouts ':',& ;.busted knuckle. The Knoxvllle'Smokies put In n Those who siw our likeness in tin receiving set jiinds sij Itiey me smile I don't Koss, pictured during Ihtn NBC' lelcusion (Eleanor Holm and Gearg schedule: .Atlanta at .... .- (2); Birmingham nt Ut- Hock, New Orleans 'at Memphis md. Chattanooga nt Knoxville. Read Courier News want ads. BY GEOKdfc „„„„ NEW YORK July n-I took my baptismal in lelevlskn tlie other day Assured that It would be a painless operation, I mugged it a bit in the new miracle me Hum— and found it a highly e \cltm? adventure. There «as a beautiful lidy m Uie act who aided considerably because slit probibly distracted attention from this none twitch, ed pan The comely femme vas Eleanor Holm Iriends tell me that I bcieened «ell and (hat Ele-mor \\iii, i comely; complement (o the brief appearance in front of the tele- \lsicn cameias But I would like 'o give even fuithei tribute to the lads She sa\ed the da>—-r the :en minutes of the day — when this televised experience took place ,Being poised and ghb she xtpt the comeisation from gaps and lulls, and when her timid leading man was seaichuv foi the ne\t sentence Fleanoi was right out there batting a thon sand with mf nnil chattel TeleUsion let me rejjort from the inside has come n long way since Ihe list time It was mentioned here. necessary any more, for (he ne\ science lias passed the-phase whei the epidermis has .to be coatei with dims n gicen and blacl greasepaints. A mere dab on th> Jadis lips with a hpecnl cosmeln Is enough to, meet the camera*, requirements. And '. that small, square Satan the miciophone is not one o tUutsions menaces Its imag ined horns do not reach out fo the \ictiin who confionts it as li sound-radio fai it is prichcd Inyl o\ei^ the head and is out of sight i is \istlj broadcasts All in all teiew .. msrc informal than bj eai Scripts in the hand are forbidder on televised programs foi then would be no inteiest in peiform eis who ha»e to lead then lines from pipei Bj nn Inteiuoub device of inserting some notes tie- ecu the cellophane wrappei and a package of Cigarettes, I felt safe when the ordeal began and the cameras tinned fccntences surelj would form easily and bon mot would flow from [he lip- like • Niagara. Biit such panic us seizes the vie dm when he is on the ih and tan t ball cut is mvuatdable And ticcor that comes from OlPSfO 1 -DOOX StOAH 'tjf XEGORDS PROVE OLQSMOBIIE OM OF AMERICAS IEAD/MG ECOVOMV CARS/ YOU'D NEVER THINK a car as big and powerful as Olds would be a gaa miser. Yet, that's just what Oldsrr.obile is—a fuel saver if there ever was one. With Olds, you spend less time (and money) in gas stations and more on the open road. The big 90 H. P. Ec&no-Master Engine of the Olds Sixty gives you a wealth of live, eager power to master any kind of going. Yet, because it is precision-built and pressure-lubricated, because it embodies such advanced features 39 a high-efficiency cylinder head, completely cooled cylinders and pressure- cooled valves, it gets the utmost out of every drop of gas and oil. Thai's why an Olds Sixty was able to win first in its class in this year's Giimore-Yosemite Economy Run With an average of 21.4 miles per gallon over a tough 315- mile course. Come in and let us prove to you that Olds gi ve9 you quality plus economy/ smoking profusely and "cribbing"' from Hie celloplmae 1= meager Tlie 1 tonetie slips a notch or two,' Hie breath runs short and the : thoughts run out. ' •'•.•• That's where the pretty Aqua- facile came to the rescue. Originally, I was sii|i|X)scd to have been Hie Interviewer nnd Eleanor, tho Interviewee. Though the rotes were sur- 1 prlsfngly reversed, no one was happier than I at Ihc transposition These wiio saw our likeness in Hie receiving set panels within the fifty-mile radius, say they saw in smile, if so, Eleanor's quips mid' jokes must have been good, r don't remember whht lliey were now I was too busy thinking of what to say in return. But cur allotted twelve minutes passed quickly enough and the report was favorable. Television is here to stay, Read Courier Nuws want ads. — and lolls icy there aft nowotds la Je laltce la In Haver. e. P. voiirtisrn fw We- make it with 40% small grains so,thai it's richer in flavor and amrangjy smooth and mellow, too. mi's' all I'll and let you be the judge when you taste it, " ."' , • " '. ^^=*K Bottied-in-Bond K. TAYLO R KfKIUCKY STRAIGHT' BOURBON WHISKY We battle the ithtilkr)' to preserve the rich favor THE K.TAYLOR DISTILLING CO. n, K T-Hlo, Diailttat Co:, IK,, is ,'„ ,•„*„„,. d '"< >l''l'lr:y.lls trauJ, ',„ HtiOatJiatta kh'"'?°J?z^fr'*"'rx°'toi™% I KIT I;. Coolest'.'Spot in Town WatcH Society Pate Of Courier News F«r Free Show Gueiti if Weds. -Thiife ATRULYGREArPICTUREl LIONEL BARHYMORE . SIR CEORIC HARDW1CKE Iso Faranmunt N'cws ,t Comndy Ailiijissicn Matinee 10<: & 2{Je ' Niyht 18o'.'*' 36c FRIDAY, JULY.14 200 GOOD REASONS •SO SO MORI-; REASONS Vhy You Should- A U e n t! Ulalinco or Night 5 § S S § § S f rttf CA* r#*r HAS „„,„ LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Phone 329 ROXY Admission always lOo & 26f Mattaccs rri.-SaU-Sun. Weds. - Thurs. PAL NIGHTS! «*E the price of I yO'JNGTOLOVE -SAID THE LAW! Also selected shorts

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