The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1948 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1948
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10, 1948 .' Czech Minister Takes Own Life Hung* from Window •lamed on Strain Of Communist Coup By G«ne FfpU United Tnm Staff Corr«*poadMit PRAGUE, Mirch !0. (UP)—!"or- etgn Minister Jan Masaryk, 61, one of Cechortovaltta's distinguished •Utesmen, killed himself today oy plunging three stories from tha bathroom window of Ms official residence In Cernin Palace. Members of his family said I lie •uicide of M&saryk was in protest against the Communist coup in •Cechoslovakia. The son of the founder of the republic, while calling htnuelf * political independent, had accepted reappointnient to the foreign ministry. Interlon Minister Vaclav Nosck- told the opening session of the purged parliament that Masnryk went from his bedroom to the bathroom about 6 a.m. and from there leaped Into the courtyard. He said the body was found below the second floor window—by the continen- tlal system, the second floor correspondents to the third floor m American reckoning—about 30 minute* later. A clc« friend of Masaryk said lie appeared to have died instantly when he leaped from the window, but some time elapsed before the body wa* found in the courtyard of th« Loreta Square Palace. Some hours after the suicide, the fovernment issiial a formal statement which said Masaryk evidently decided in a moment of nervous breakdown to end his life. The statement mentioned illness and in- aomnia, but did not elaborate on the reference. Masaryk, th« official statement said, showed no evidence of mental depression yesterday and last night, on the contrary evincing his "usual optimism." A member of his family, however, Mid h* had been desperately depressed since the Communists seized power two weeks ago and named him to carry on as foreign minister. When parliament convened a lew hours after the suicide, a red and white wreath lay at Masaryk's seat on (he ministers' bench. Nosek, formally announcing the death of the minister, said: "We feel his loss deeply, and we will keep him In honorable and eternal memory. A great man has lone tway." A meeting commemorating the first anniversary of the Polisli- Ciech alliance, scheduled for tonight, was cancelled. Mnsaryk was to have been the chief speaker. The government radio said the unfinished draft of a speech he was preparing for the meeting was found on his desk. Syrians Reported Ready to Move Into Palestine Syrian and Iraq! Arabs mnke ujt this firing line on combat training In northern Palestine, near N'ablus. Additional Syrian forcei were reported massing across Ihe border, ready to move into Palestine. (NBA Tetephoto.) Admits Murder of Parents Missourian Waives Preliminary Hearing Claude Smithwick of Senath. Mo., waived preliminary hearing in Municipal Court this morning on charge of disposing of mortagaged property •nd was ordered held to await Circuit Court action. Bond was set at $2,000. Smllli- wick is accused of selling a mortgaged tractor to Newt Dunlgan of near Blytheville for 51,350. He was arrested In Flint, Mich., and returned here by city and county officers last week. Betty Jane Kroeger of Eminence, Missouri, has been charged witli murder after admitting, police say. that she killed her father and mother. Talking with Betty Jane Is Sheriff Lester Davis. (NBA Tetephoto.) Only 70,000 Workers Employed by USD A ATLANTA, Ga., March 10 (UP) —T. Roy Reid, personnel director of the Department of Agriculture, said today that the department Is operating with fewer employes than at any time in the past IS years. The USDA'S staff is now down to about 10.000, Reid told federal agriculture workers here. This compares with between 90.000 to 100,000 workers during the late thirties ' he said. William and Mary College I To Honor Truman, Tuck WILLIAMSBURG, Va., Marcll 10 (UP)—President Truman and one of his most vociferous foes in the democratic party, Gov. William M. Tuck of Virginia, will get honorary degrees together here April 2 the College of William and Mary said today. The ceremonies at the college will honor Prime Minister Mackenzie I^'ng of Canada, who will receive a degree with Canada's Govcri.or- Oencrn] Field Marshall Viscount Alcvander of Tunis n,iri"r e f , irsl ., lad >'- Margaret Truman and Lady Alexander will attend the cercmonyMhc ,- o ii cge silid cna Ule _Read^ Courier News Want Ada Pine Bluff Gets New Chief of Police Force PINE BLUFF, Ark.. March 10 (UPjj-The Civil Service Commission has elevated George Smith to the position of assistant chief of police for Pine Bluff, following an examination Friday. Twelve Negroes und nine white men took examinations the same night for policemen and fireman, but no announcement has been made ns (o these appointments. J8 Injured When Trains Collide in Philadelphia PHILADELPHIA, Marcll 10 (UP) —Eighteen persons were injured last [light when two Pennsylvania Railroad electric trains crashed head-on In a tunnel outside the suburan station here. 0/7 Cor Fired In Palestine; Jews May Unite JKUUSAI.EM. Mnr. 10. (UP)—A 25-tou oil tank cur, .set afire during an attack on the Lyddn rail station exploded and spread flaming oil around the station early today. The flames were brought under control. Police said they believed the fire was accidental and was not planned by the raiding party which was intent on stealing oil. Arab sources reported to police IhiU one Arab was killed and one wounded seriously In the attack The Arabs said the iittack was made by a band of some 20 Hnganah m embers. Other reports said Haganah officials have ojwmed negotiations with the stern gang to bring al Jewish military organizations under a single lender before full-scale fighting with the Arabs breaks out. The irgun aval Lcumi already has agreed (o form a military, but not a political, pact with HiiRmiah for the anti-Arab warfare, recent reports said. Jewish agency leaders nre expected to consider ratification of both tile Stern nnci irgun agreements shortly. Burglary of Padlocked Club Brings Promise of Probe by Grand Jury MALVERN, Ark., Mar. 10. (UP)* —A grand jury Investigation into the reported looting of the $60.000 Colonial Club padlocked by court order was promised today by Circuit Judge Thomas E. Toler. Sheriff's officers discovered the jurglary of tile new casino yester- Jay. A Saline county gratici jury has wen summoned to convene March 22 at Benton to study rejxjrts of gambling operations, and Toler said the grand jurors would consider •not only gambling but the burglary of the club as well and maybe some other matters connected with this business." The Colonial had operated only one night before Judge Toler issued a temporary restraining order and closed the place. He Issued a |:er- manent injunction yesterday padlocking the building for one year and ordered Sheriff Fred Murtin to conduct an inventory of the property. Under the court's order, none of the property could be removed from the premises. A deputy from ^farlin•s office reported he found Hie furnishings Including (ables. chairs, linen and silverware missing when he arrived at the club to make the survey yes- terduy. "The first thing I heard about this reported burglr.ry WHS when I read it in the papers this morning," Toler .said. The circuit judge said he was not "so worried about the burglary. "The thing I'm happy about is that the place is closed up." Prior to the discovery of the touting, the court yesterday had granted a Hot Springs linen supply cnin;);iny wrtii>:'on l'i remove linens which lie said had been rented to the elllb's oi>crators. T!ie Colonial had a brief existence from the business standpoint—only one nifiht's operation. Located on the Hot Springs Highway a few yards on the Saline side of the Garland-Saline County line, the i establishment wn s opened Jan. 17 I In issuing his closing order yes- i terday, Judge Toler denounced the club as a "hell hole" and said that if it.s operators "had come to me in the first place I could have j saved them several thousand dollars by telling them they could not operate." Unamerican? Dr. Edward U. Condon, Director of the U.S. Bureau of Standards, w!io is charged by the House UnAinen- can Activities Committee with having associated with Soviet espionage agent's. Condon's Bureau conducts experiments in many scientific fields. Including atomic energy. (NBA Telephoto) MacKrell Appeals Ruling In School Fund* COM LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. March 10. (UP)—James (Uncle Mac) MacKrell was preparing an appeal to the State Supreme court today after the pulaski County Chancery Court ruled that a state law permitting the Arkansas Education Association to collect teachers' dues; direct from public school funds was constitutional. Chancellor Frank Dodge yesterday dismissed MacKrell's petition in which the Little Hock radio evangelist sough I to enjoin Pulaski County Treasurer Carroll Stcgall from discursing public school funds, in paying educational association 1 dues. I After questioning Stcgall, Supt. J. L. Watson of the Pulaski County Special School District and Forrest Rozzcll, field representative of the ABA, Judge Dodge found that the warrants paying the dues were drawn only after being authorized by the various teachers. Large Sale ot Surplus > Buildings Is Under Way Li LITTLE ROCK, Ark., March lOvll (UP)— The third largest sale ot?| surplus buildings in the notion wen*' into Its second day al Camp Robinson today after the War Asset Administration place 4,000 building on sale. Transactions totaled approximately $180,000 for 180 buildingi yesterday. The sale will end tomorrow. CIGARETTES $112 7 PER CARTON' L PRE-PAID (Minimum 4 c*ri«nc) J Al Quantity prlctt up»it rcquitl Orders thlppid HIM day tt*t t. 0. Money Ordtr «t Chick STEELE SALES CO., STEELE. MO. Army Order Prohibits Calling Russia an Enemy WASHINGTON. Marcll 10 (UP)-Army Secretary Kenneth c. Roynll has ordered al! officers and men to refrain from referring to Russia as "A potential enemy or threat to this country." the Army said today. The Army permitted publication of Rcyall's order to a United Press request, Roynll issued the order on Nov. IS. 1947. A spu-.cesman s.nd it [iocs not apply to top ranking overseas occupation commanders like Gen. I Douglas MacArlhur in Japan or I Gen. Lusius Clay in Europe. ] Neither, lie said does it apply to any member of the Army testifying before a Congressional committee. The spokesman saki the order was aimed primarily at officers h> tiiis country who" address such groups as Rotary clubs and Chambers of Commerce. Three Sailors Killed In Crash Near Memphis MEMPHIS, Term., March 10. (U.P.I—Three sailors were killed, today when their automobile travel-i ing at a high rate of speed left the 1 highway near the Millinglon Naval Air Base. j The names of the dead were with-1 heli! pending notification of next! of kin. The automobile carried Rhode Island license plates. Police said that two other persons were injured, one sailor, and '. a hitch-hiker. I John M. Libby, officer of the day at Millington Naval Air Station, ar-i rived at the scene before police who: later quoted Libby as saying five j men were in the car. ! Police said thai the driver "apparently dozed al the wheel." Man Carrying $500,000 in Drugs Nabbed NEW YORK. Mar. 10. (UP)—Police today arrested a man carrying $500,000 worth of narcotics in a paper bag under his arm. They said he was believed to be the mastermind leader of an International smuggling ring. The man, Charles Marano, was arrested as he left a shabby tenement building In Brooklyn. Police said they had been searching for him for some time. Inside the building, detectives found more narcotics. $18,000 in cash and a .38 caliber revolver concealed in the basement Police said the narcotics found on Marano's person, 40 ounces of heroin, could be sold on the Illicit drug market for $500,000. The basement cache included five more ounces of heroin. Marano wns held on charges of violating tile narcotics law and Illegal possession of a firearm. Enrolled as Engineer James O. Ncal of Blytheville lias been enrolled as a junior of tlic American .Society of Civil Engineers, it was announced today by Col. William N. Carey of Ne wYork, executive secretary. Standard of Value urc Read Courier Ne»-s Want Ads. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, March 10. (UP) — (U3DA) —Livestock: Hogs 8,300: salable 8,000 a-s compared with 13.500 yesterday. Active 180 Ibs. up, 75 to *1 higher than *verage Tuesday, mostly 75c higher. Lighter weights, SO to 75c higher. Sows, 15 to $1 higher. Bulk or 180 to 240 Ibs. 23.25-23[50; lop 23.75 very •paringly, 240 to 270 Ibs. 22-2325370 to 300 106. 21-22; 160 to 1TO Ibs 22.50-23.25; 130 to 150 Ibs. 1950- tt.25; 100 to 120 Ibs. 15-18.25; sows 450 Ibs. down, 18.50-19.25; over 450 Ibs. 18-18.50. stags 14-16 : Cattle 3,700; salable 3,00; calves 1,000, all salable; steers and butcher yearlings making up liberal proportion of run. Market more active ' with prices generally steady witli ' Tuesday's close. A tew loads of medium to low good slcers 24-25.50; medium to good heifers and mixed yearlinss 20-26; common and me- i dium beef cows 17.50-20; a few good • ^!!i ,',? * 21 ' carmcrs and cutters 13.50-17. i can get them again. .. MIDWAYS WANTED Wide-awake Distributor for Nationally known Automatic Lavador Deodorizer for public rest rooms. This jg «n opportunity to start * permanent business with a steady monthly income of from ?2000 to f 5000 per month. Party must be able to., finance initial stock •Counting to $2000 or $3000. Machines covered by patcnta and all territory fnOy protected. Write P. 0. Box 8067, Station D, New 17, La. Oiiginol.d ond ManufaclurtJ by COOPERS You don'l have to wail any longer! Jockey Midways are back in all Iheir pre-war qjalily. In fine, combed cottons, wilh Ihe patented Y-ffonl construction plus all Ihe other exclusive comfort fealures found only in Jockey Underwear. Replenish thot war-depleted underward- robe of yours lodayl Cotton - - . $1.25 Durcne - - - $1.5Q If It's For a Man Mead's Will Have It the only One-M'iece union suit trith the famous IVFron* Construction Jockey SINGLETON $3.00 Designed for Ihe , "union suit man" who wants the advantages of famous Jockey brand underwear. Patented Y-front construction provides mild support. Elastic band topping swing-back seat. Buttonless— easy to slip on or off. Originated and manufactured by Coopers. MEAD'S »1 MAIN tl OUT SEAGRAM'S 7 CROWN. BLENDED WHISKEY. 86.8 Prool. 65% Grain Neutral Spirits. Seagram-Distillers Corporation, Chrysler Building, New York only Jockey SHORTS R'bbed Cotton 95c byCOOPESS / If yoti'va ever u-orii ,Jocl;cy nmlcnrc ; originated and inarnijaclurcfl / by Coopers, you know there's no _ ' substitute/or its coniforljcalnrcs. Tha patented Y-f rant, construction provides mild support. The quality \^ is outstanding for the price '\ I 1 '* "f""ctional" nndern-car '\ at its bcsl. '\ Jockey Contoured SkirU to Match 85eto$1.25 MEAD'S SII MAIN ITIIIT

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