The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1936
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1936 'Baumers Take Undisputed Loop Lead; Coca Cola Is Handed Upset. Standings W. 1.. I'd. .lack Applebai'ni 3 1 .750 lilythevillo Laundry 2 2 .503 Coca Cola 2 2 .500 Barnes Nu-Wa 1 3 .125C Southern Chattanooga Ulllic Keck Birmingham . "Jew Oilcans Memphis Knoxville .... National By J. 1'. FltlKN!) Behind the biillant pitching of Oussle llltickbuvii. Jack Ajinlc- bauin's Store slipped into undisputed (list place In the Gills' Softball League by heating lilyUic- ville Steam Laundry, 12-4. while Nu-\Va Cleaners upset Coca Cola Dot Hers. 7-5, last night. In chalking up her third consecutive victory, CJiLs.sie completely silenced the Laundry bi(t guns with her fast ball. The S|)eed iner- tiliniit nave »!> but six hits nnd, with the exception of the third ivhcn Laundry combined three hits anil Anplebaum's only two errors, for three runs, stretched them ovei 1 fair innings. She struck out three and issued but two bases on halls. "Tootsie" Stanfield, Laundry ace, vas in trouble from the very start. Four hits in the first frame coupled with six Laundry errors gave the Baumers five runs and more than enough to win. Jack's Queens added four more in the second on <i pair of hits, a couple hi the third imd ran it to an even dozen an Inning later. The eleven- hit attack was featured by doubles b.v Blanche Morris, Hazel Lute.?, and Blackburn. Lutes also cracked out a trinle. E. Whittle had a perfect evening at bat fjettlng 3 for 3. E. Goergcs was the only loser to get as many as two hiLs. A big second inning, when Wa crossed the plate six limes rluyed a prominent part in the Ku-Wa victory. After Helen Laster had led oil with a homer, and Coca Cola, counted, the Cleaners held the 7-1 lead until the fifth when the Bottlers staged an uprising, motivated by Audlcy Blythe's home run, and scored four runs, but the rally was throttled two shy of a tie. Sadie Stanley hurled well In recording the first' Nu-Wa victory. She was touched for eight hits, four coming in the last inning. She struck out two and walked five. Anita Paye Beck, Molly. McGee, and '-MaVy Lou Whittle divided mound. duty for Coca Cola Ij'iil were'"mil Very effective. Helen Lastcr and Marie Iglehart, for Nti-Wn, Audley Blythe and Gwendolyn Fisher, Coca Cola, | toUected two hits apiece. The box scores: First Game SI. Louis .., New York .. _ Pittsburgh . i Chicago ' Boston Cincinnati ,. Brooklyn ... Philadelphia AiiK'riian League W. New York 31 Hoslon : 2U Cleveland 2-! Detroit ->'J Washington ...." 22 Cliiciifio : 11) Philadelphia 1'J St. Louis 12 Northeast Arkansas i f. W West Plains M Osceola 13 Newport 12 Paragould 11 Jonesunro 10 Untcsville 7 w,YTif[<:vn,T.K (Amu COUKIKU Toihv's firmies PAGE THREE m jWesf Plnins Wins and I Take;; Undisputed Lend Disposes of lui'C WIT !ol>!ey llint" n'nis Ow< tn 11V ,1, I'. I'ltlKNi) Roy Weh-Ii, ilii- "C.umiii-:: 1 Wlldrat", smiled fhe exist!:' •: d'[:<l- 'cck wllh ™,o\ lli'btoy. Ai;»inl!o Texas, tv dcfpiidii- tlK 1 TcXiV.s di'd". tcil l!:it"sv!llp.! a uiKI nnd hi'Cltr] I'hilf; ViM'TCfuV •>V.> Into tm-[ t lh>,t plniM' j • tlu 1 f>:i!v iK'-'ln niay'.i MJI.II: da 1 . Ihf miiUl ill All Now txjcatal nt 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON r:»\VAHl><j, Troiirlutor make* <u rebuilt Ty|ic»rllm, Adding Macnlnct »nj c»|. cuhilors—Itqmliiiie—I'nrls—Hlbboni Results I.'-asm- n a l.i ':..s of ' i ><:ur I,. - Pet. By Harry Grayson E<Jdie Hart antl a sportsmen's syndicate have .snatched Ralph Qciell from the University of Southern California football squad tiiul embarked the young man on pugilistic career. Hurt is very enthusiastic. The old Princeton captain and tackle points to Odell'.s youth, si/.e, speed, punch, durability, yameness, and aggressiveness. The candidate t'j be taken cnst and given the finest coaching and training obtainable. ft's P, noble experiment worthy oi success, but, similar ones have proved that champions, especially those of the larger dimensions, are not made that way. Heavyweight champions Just hove to grow up, like John L., Ccrbett, Fitz, Jeff, Johnson. Demp- J. Applebaiuri Suliba, ss L. Whittle, If .. Crimes, c Lrggclt, c Blackburn, p .. H. Lutes, Ib .. Morris, 2b I E. Whittle, cf . I Simmons, 3b .. JR. Lutes, if ... [Rosy Lutes, if ] Bcvils. sf Totals i I Ijiundry [ IE. OeoiW, Ib . iNorthcrif, It • lErwin, sf IK Russell, KS . lA. Georges, 2b I Crincr, rf I Wherry, rf ... ID. Russell, 3b . I Light, cf 1 Johnson, cf .. JMcDaniel, c .. Istanficld, p .. AB R H PO A 32201 .32200 .22040 000 1 1 1 2 6 0 1 1 2 300 0 0 0 0 1-1 0 0 0 0 1 0 :fy, and Tunucy. Jim Braddock wasn't fondled. Neither was Joe Louis. They simply were chucked in there when professional handlers considered tlic-m ready. Every time I see or read of wealth consoring a heavyweight, I think of the- time a Los Angeles oil -man turned what lie considered a splendid prospect over to Fred (Windy) Windsor, voluble California cauliflower character who had a hand in the development of Jack Dcmpsey. '.I Alter Mi:b!ry hud tp.V\v. i',i !IHU! tav ™>ihv( with :i s'.'riiiffi'.:! i.elii I;, ltt-."iiiy-i'j»lii mltnid':;, lii "Wildcat" pia 0:1 id: 1 I'i't 1 : 1 ..,;!!.' i;nt '.•aptmvd the iM'vi. Uvi, i.'i 13 a;:; 1(1 minutes, r'-sjK r'KTlv. in th!> niri-ilii inhi".' "\V;!:I • :>!! ^i-rh, Nnslu ilic, Turn.. HI.'I povii'! .•ri:;ily d[.s|!<i::nl of lialk Ov.vii Rflli:-, Nt'V:i(!n. \vho \vi.'i;.:3]('Ct :.LT^ !>t.i!iul", k'S'i. caiiinrh'.:! Hi* mine 1 ill iill'aii'hi fulls. Tin- li'.r." «..':•: 15 ami 7 iniii-.iii s. i J>lir.lic:i(i' lAhil'.iliiiil [ The :.1(>li!i'.v-\Vc!rl) Hltiiiv v.".\'. t < rii'vlic-itliijn cf their s ]i,, w uuvi'1 v/iu-ts as;r>. only on -,\ much [;ir.;,T iuvl bct'.cr H-ib. isoMi v.-crc 1 i> it .for viclciy nnd <lu<! arm ir.'.-t their Lri!:s of iricks nnd h!-!d-; t:. win. nnd thrillrd (lie lav;.:^ (row) with their flcvcrnr-FS. I'i:th ii'i-M Y.ere c-'.uiiiilciL'lv o'il. at Ilic finish, ijtn thc> Canadian already had bi'i-n di'dnrr-d 11'.-' victor in ar, sroraUona! » finii.'.i could l:c C'xprotod. With i!i;> score tii-d nt rno f>ll ;ip;pi". 'Icbk-y |!r:ihl:<:d Wc-loli am] ;:lartfd H aliplnnr? .spin, um [, c in'eriii;! il unc! became (!i^y. loo. When he U't 1^0 ot Hoy i;olh '.verc 1 s«j tiivfy liH-y didn't kno'.v wiii'diiT Ihcj- WIT? afool oi 1 on hr;r::'.! back. lln Hov rctw:-veJ Hi':.! :IIM! stiirtcd n Hying Mcl:- loy in:in:i»ed to U'aii over him tin: Hist tiise. Bui nn the ie- t;ciiii;l from iho ro[ir-s he \\.K> ciuvjht in iniciiiir by (ho (Ivin; Wcldi. The itujwci'«£ Kny'ii''lM i:c:m<!.s knocked oul R;^:. !"d v .' crawled en !iim anil pinned l'i:ii wHil then coll»p?s:d. II \v.-;: srau 1 time bofciv i:;ilh were r.lije i<> \ix\\c Hie ring. Mcbley inau:;i>i-nlr(l a ii(",v liciid In takins tiii- lirst. It v,-;>s :iii- ncnicul as a ;;l'rfi)o:\l-(l b,- ii-.'- -ercc Mike Mi:r;;m:y. TL'>: hi:<! liunishcii Welch inlh aiin lr.:':•-; and strunsjlKi. Hoy iitlllycil !s-:; l^r/.veiTu! li.'cs lo a Mrci!'. il ;vi- vaiuage, altcrnaliiu; with hool: scissors, fcociy and iioacl :-.:ir,ioi,, Both manured tn ^fjuct 1 :;^ cui. of several liahi spots. Mclilcy C'oiwrdf.s Tall It rcqt-irwi Vioy .but, t:.-i 'ini:i- lid's lo crnvilK'i' ihr •.'•,»-:.;n' liv.'. li? \v:i:i tivadiu;: r.n da:i-;ei-i(j.s water in contiminUy rorii?iti',' i'j ll[i on .crah hold.s. \Vi1h 11.>v ii', ('cll.vlx tlrnius ' iV'l 1 ) T'.e M-i| /M'aert !'• li'oil in-..ile IM :i i:y|i,v ! !,-i' 10,1 him ;,'.'(! ?!.'_>,"> ill ilu 1 twl:iiu-e in a Mal- I <ii.' I]!] 1 !'!!!! (I. Creseon 1 Ni£ht Club DANCI'I HVKIJY NKill'l''!'() TM10 MUSIC OF"' Johnny Uny iiiul His Orchestra Must .'it - - Uii'eC't From St. l.oviis i Cover oluirgc Only— y!f Me Thi'rsiluy and Filday tiOc Watmxltty and Sunday '1'liY OUIJ 1'IT 1JAHHKCUR TASTY KAN1)\YICII!';S Cil!;ii't'Ui's $1.25 Cdi'lon On Highway 01, -1 Milt's North ot Stnto Mutt nt Holland UruulKully lli'i'iu;iti'<l C!ln|i in Kindhcusl Missouri Hiilteil 1,'lley, I'ropricUM 1 All li-:ul! n R biinul.s (if Men*, Wlni'S, Wills- lifjs nml (.'nr- iliiih. « m vi>,»6ii 7p.H£W f! ii^L'^fc •">>m t >"' i.'jt«',)'.'i i .* fl M h : on t Vssa:i~;s;-,^ $1 Savsa Cor.M.'O'!!)!.! >V'i(li liniint! Kivavilla E^ i ll { ! ! : • 'I ifevfii tl^if! > o i mmi c SHI \j n y ^ n 1 s . iilrab-oi .t,T* t ^,*,fi/\3 / Jfl/l/V' • &£\v.---Mri i )l > t '/L\ <i MJIK MAGNESIA I'ul! Pint f^$^ I SOc Value Sb Mineral Water Crystals I'itdiii 51.00 I'liK. Ynitic Hcrncr.ihi-r Wha'l You raid Kor DI-OKS llcfon WK MKUYKK fl«JPliSP| a a tv U t? tiii H {j\l P Came (» UATK t)NI,Y 29 12 11 15 5 AB R II PO A .32230 31100 .31101 1 4 0 3 0 0 0 0 tearing down higii back after commj; out "ctf Uvo i:rovioi>;!y. Motley ccnc-cdwl \fv fall. Mctiey liad a lough break ilur- in;; the third fall, lit secure;! n Totals Summary: 21 Two base Iris, Blackburn, H. Lutes, P. Rus- Iscll. Three base liit^H. Lutes. lease on balls—off Blackburn 2. [strikeouts—Blackburn 3. Umpires Browning nnd Taylor. Second Game IUste.r, KS 3 2 2 2 Oi bVnith, If 21100] I Vickies, 3b 3 1 1 2 1| l«. Inglchart, Ib ...'3 0 2 7 '0 |vicrritt, rf 3 0 1 0 0 Whittle, c 3 0 0 0 0 iHillis, sf 3 1 2 2 0 IV. Iglehart, cf .... 3 1 2 0 1 |:hapmaii, 2b • 2 0 0 1 0 I Stnmcy, p 1 1 0 1 J Totals 26 7 11 15 5 5oca Cola ABRHPOA I iuey, ss 2 2 0 0 1 jvidner, 2b 2 I 0 0 2 Hlythc, If 2 1 2 0 0 Kinzcy. 3b 2 0 1 2 0 hartcr. rf 2 1 0 0 0 1.1. Whittle, Ib, p .. 2 0 1 4 0 llilbiirn, cf 1 0 0 2 0 'Isher, cf 2 0 2 0 0 •;. McGce, c 1 0 0 6 0 1.1. McOee, 1>-1U ..10010 ISeck, p 1 0 0 0 0 Totals 19 5 6 15 3 Summary: Two base hll—M. I Etch art. Home runs—Loster, ilylhe. Double play—C. Whittle. I tose on tolU;—oft Stamcy 5; off | Jeck 2. Strikeouts—Stanley 2; Wr.rld liriglit nml (Jay 1 "See that he gets the best ot everything," were the orders given Windsor. The young man got all that, and then some, for six | months. Things being what they were, Windsor wasn't in any hurry lo start his pupil. Windsor was getting what to him at the time was a Handsome retainer. At the end of six months the millionaire grew impatient. He was supremely confident that his protege could wade through on army of pachyderms, and insisted upon action. He got it in the way of the softest kind of an nmaUmr match for his charge. The champion-to-be gave an , excellent imitation of Gypsy Joe °i Beckett in reverse. :~| "What was the difficulty?" (he 4 G 15 1 sponsor wanted to know, hits—Mor-1 -He needs a little more time," COOLEST Sl'OT IN TOWN! ^ $M ^^™ " ~'*£5E?•&&!. •^••ZSa-fJFi •Ii A lUHi'.t IC.vquisKc Assorhm'iU $1 Face Powder X£ 7£c Lipstick Both For " I 9 Think Wlinl MAIN I'tiv l \VK !)!<: If Wo Were in Town UATK ON1,Y ti V.XJI-T:.-:, 7 ^y.--.' HK.' <l' The (Ji-wiCc-l. Value in SOi-. 'foilotrks face 8: D-/ VnliiK VVsljiO I Itfi'l fill (•rti»-4 'i Vj -rfJ ^vnofif'i'p !>/.-:t'-'VUl V, 7 SAL V£P» | (}', ,,,. m ^. r ^,.^ r ^ •50c Lf;Rio« Cadik Slinaipoo 50c X-Baiin—Removes Hair yi.0'3 Blo:i(icx Shampoo ..... SOc L ! A:lonna N-iil Polhh ... 3Sc Cntcx Nail Polish r?';>si!raKo] fcr Dar.Eai:''! K 4?!." : v M\\ ror J?FKIKS • SI. 15 B. Paul's Henna 92c SOc Walgreen Bnlliantme 33c !>0c Palmolivc Alter Shave 32c S1.09 Gcmey Face Pov/der 68c $1.00 Lady Esther Face Pow<!er 50c Perfection Colt! Cream 31c CARDS advLsed Windsor. Six more month' oi schooling followed. Then again an easy cnce more the starcli. lest and . TCMGHT1S $125 BANK NIGHT! I'?st v.wk l.r.y Welch vv:n c.i! il—M:lMr? HANK l!El'OS!r' r l i-f .'*!•! SALi^ OF ASSORTED All $1 Value Choice , } - U ' m ' Today Ou'fj/ mm\ Willi .liimcs Stu\v:ivl, Wciuiy W 25c TOOTH I ieck 1. Umpires—Browning Taylor. Scorer—Roush. and Fishcmien during 1923 made a i ross income of $134,000 through I he sale of 2,344.000 pounds of fish ] cales. These were sold lo paint, nulacturere for use in "pearl- Highly Imiiorfaut Item Disappointed, (tie man of money demamleil an explanation. "The boy's the right age, isn't he. Mr. Windsor?" he asked. "Twenty, which is perfect for a i slnrl." replieti the trainer. "Big enough." "Six feet one, 190 pounds Ideal." . ; "Fast?" ' "I don't see how Jim Corbctt could have been any faster." "Punch?" "Dcmiiscy couldn't have done nny more damngc with an ax." "Can he take it?" "Joe Grimm had a chinn chin in comparison," "Game?" "Anyone who has gloves laced on his hands is game." "Aggressive?" "Does he like the business?" "I can't keep him out of the- gymnasium." "Then tell me, Mr. Windsor, v;hat ii; the wovltl is wrong with my heavyweight?" summed up the backer. "Well," replied Windsor, scratching his head, "maybe he can't fight." That's the trouble with practically all carefully manufactured rlngmen. They cai^t fight. National forests hnvc been named in honor of four prc.sidents of the United Slates—Washington Lincoln, Roosevelt and Cleveland Hiirrie, Hoylnivn. love iv;iHs lo fame. M?rK-]f. IlCillv fft i;& n i i ] ! .Fflfjtifi'roo tjj. IjOijU^wi a -:!erlcd EM! S /(! en bS3 V& mmi ">0c All Viirpost 1 K:iro t'ri'iini . . ">()(• l|i:iu;i 'I'diidi t'astc ">Hc WcMitlljiiry CnUI Cri'iini . . . . '.'.'>>• Annanil l''.'ii'o 1'iwdci' .... ">(lr An<i;mil Cold ('ri'iim SI.(Id Hint Hnir Tonic liic Slynlit 1 IVncik . 7r )C - Oiii- .Month \Vnsh, full |iin( lu'Titiii iSiuiviiti; ('ream Ilk VUI.OUK POWDER •lOl! FIJilTCIIBIl'S CASTORIA s %. 57' f * 1 jfll SALTS (i()c Si/i: Weds, - Thurs. •BETTE DAVIS II H K .\ 'I' Vara mount 'Dcse-.l BiMlh" I'jy a % M r /•-•» a isp^tt M-' .r }t ^ 11 Gold Medal NERVINE IMIUGB Viltil Ili'allli Tunic \N1) HIINDIiY SPECIALS .hisiiilc Ctirii Hcniover r> Ar!«.i1iine Tulik'ts Aliirini' lOyo Wnlur l''rei'^i:no ("urn Hornet' y Alfoh.i!. full pint ____ ". -s Preparation (irovi (-oid S:;S ! \VInc Tfinic >U'<!,i! CliiJI Tonic y Com I'lastoi' i '< hrc.nic. 2'. <,' of It>Ttinc v. (luiuitic, r> nf Cardui ... SI.(Id Marrnnlit Tnhlcls IWi 1 Zinc Oxido Oinlinrnl (Or CnniiKiririd <';ilh;ii'lu' Tills 2. r n' ('iirhi)lii- Heiilin); Salvo .. .. 'J5c {.'nsiov Oil, piirosl (jiialily . St.(K) Viii,Miial Syrinjfc ....... T'IC Vfraxcpldl Tnvvdrr SI.2(1 Cakhvoll Kyrup Pepsin ., ZK GilJcltt- liluo' Itlatlcs, 2 for 2-)c TU UK DIl. \\'i':ST'S TOOTH PASTE Olivt' i.ysnl Oil. pui't'v'l qiiitlily Oi.sinfcclanl 13c DC Alkii Hcllwr (Ic (MA .Mi'tlal AiiI Acitl 1'invdn He iMtislurd & (ionst (ireaso Oiu f )c Wilcfi SI:!/.i>l, i>inl 5.; (ilyt'crin, '2, <i/. 5f '''|K()|II t-illl, 1 [KllMHl !)(-' lie Hay lltim 2!c iic Chncnlnlcd (Juininc, full slrcti^lh Hie I.-')"> (jold IMrdat I'unidlc I'rcscriplion 7!'c Si- Taani'tlc J'V'inininc Ilyjjk'iio l'o\v. -l!)c B*as5H3SE5Sa,*3EESffiJJ S2 HERriCmE TREATMENT Ic '«ll r>nt,i n OU GIANT TALC 5c Uaby VI Can BILE TABLETS AL Main Cut Rate }['<' Fill I'rc'Kcrifrt.ions Cheaper Than Any- 'si'nfj 8l»rc in Illy I hvillc, i'vuy Only the. Purest of Drugs.

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