The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1934
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Served by the United Press BEYTHEVILEE COURIER NEWS : _ * 1IETOMINAN ™™^ 11J-J Tf O VOL XXX—NO. 30G _. ' NOUllttA Sl'AKlCAN'SAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUH1 Micvllle Dally Nqws Blyll.evllle Courier '" " Jslppl Valley Leader lilylhevllle Herald '^lil^l' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' A11KA *SAS, TIJKSHAY, .M.AKCIl l.'i l'Vj| ^^ — ^—^^ ' >V ' " ~ : ~ ~ S'NUU'J COPIES FIVK .fJENTS FAMFflLYERS ja AID ARMYJUR INQUIRY Hfiin l S r ^'^^ ^M^ HSEVE1T WINS 'Ts.'slSv, will Aid Ln/Air ProbT^CflHIIIfTFF Wll I NSOF. Hill! flF T ssrx s, >!«£„:»: r— DIPTIIII IMPTITPV ™,™. „.»•,,.' liiriiiT^ini ^ _. iiuivimn ILL mill Rnppmgs From Within Fomozuro Slrengt h e n Hopc.of Rescue SASEHO NAVAL BASE Japan March H. (Wednesday)—All resources of the naval base concentrated today in penetrating (he hull of the stricken Japanese torpedo boal Tomozuro as continued rap- pings deep in the interior of the vessel convinced naval authorities that additional survivors may be added to the'list or three men miraculously saved from denlh. Naval officials at i a.m. today said It W aj indicated that at least !5 men of.'the 113 n board the cap- si?ii! torpedo boat were still alive. Signals heard by rescuers, official;, said, indicated eight were alive in ihc stern, three amidships, and four in tile forward part of the luill. Shortly after the boat, which capsized dining naval maneuvers, «as righted, three men were taken olive from a water tight compart- iiicnl. Greal excitement was manliest at, the naval haw where relatives of Die 113 oniccrs and men still imprisoned In trie Tomozuro I'M gathered, convinced that ail auoard Hie torpedo boat were dead. Navy men worn encouraged when t!ie three were discovered alive and the ranpings were still heard. Preparations to open other compartments were rushed. Finally v/ord was sent to wailing throngs that the rescuers reported sounds. Name Physician's Wife Among Kelley Kidnapers CLAYTON. Mo., March 13. —Mrs. Nellie 'Upton Muench, socially prominent wife of u phy/i- Plan, and five men were charged with kidnaping Dr. Isauu D. Kslley, wealthy nose and throat .specialist, in an indictment returned by a yrand jury today. Others indicted Included Art Davit, acquitted three years ago of the attempted kidnaping (if Oscar Johnson, Felix Francis McDonald, now serving a 10-year sentence for the attempted abduction of Johnson, Angelo Rosegrant, and John Johnson, a negro fanner of S;. Charles. Mo. The name of the fifth was withheld pending his arrest. Mrs. Delia Brewster Dies at St. Louis Hospital Mrs. Delia Brewster, 21, formerly 01 this city, died in a, st Ixnils hospital yesterday after a Ion» illness. Her death was attributed to complications resulting from tp'-er- ClllOsis. Punr-ral services will be held this afternoon at the Second Baptist church with the Rev. J. U Ncwsom officiating, interment will be made ai Maple Grove cemetery. The deceased is survived by her husband and three children Bet'y Jiianlta and Peggy. Slie is also survived by her father, J. A. McMulIin. two brothers W. B. McMulIin and Fred McMul- 1m, and (o-,ir sisters. Mrs. Laura Chism, Mrs. Anna Morris, Mrs Fl- la Perry and Mrs. Julie Lambert.' T_ie Cobb undertaking company i* in charge of funeral arrangements. New York Cotton NEW Cotton Mar. .. May .. .'illy .. Oct. ... Dec. .. Jan. .. Spois New YORK, March 13. <UP)closed barely steady open high low close •• 1221 1221 1214 1214 -. 1235 1237 12« 1224 .. 1247 12-18 1235 1235 .. 125D 1260 1251 1251 •• 1271 1271 12G3 I2C3 •• 1276 1276 12G9 12G9 dosed steady at, 1245, off 5 Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. March 13. (UP) —Cotton closed steady. open high''low close 1220 1220 1220 12l3b 1232 1234 1225 1225 12U 1244 1235 1235 1257 1268 1250 1250 1265 1267 1262 1262 Mar. May July Oct. Dec. —" *«.w i*.uf l^Oi lilOZ Jan. .... 1270 1270 1270 1266b Spots closed steady at 1235, off 4. Chicago Wheat open high low close May 88 5-8 89 88 1-8 88 3-8 Jill 88 3--I 88 V-8 88 1-4 88 1-2 Chicago Corn open high low close May 51 3-8 51 1-2 51 1-8 51 1-4 J«l 53 1-2 53 1-2 53 1-8 53 1-4 Closhifj Stock Prices A - T - «"d T ............ 123 1-4 Anaconda Copper .... 15 1-2 Bethlehem steel 44 Chrysler ........ " ...... Cities Service ........ Coca Cola ....... '.'.'.'.'.'.'.. General American Tank General Electric ....... General Motors ..... ... International Harvester . 43 Montgomery Ward ____ 22 New York Central ____ 54 5-8 Phillips Petroleum ..... 175-8 Radio ..'. ............... g Simmons Beds ......... 20 1-8 Standard of N. J ....... 45 5.3 Texas Co ........ ....... 27 5-8 " S. Steel ............. 54 1-3 1 535-8 314 __ 41 1-4 225-8 33 Charles (Ice Wagon) Connors Found Slain on Lonely Roadside CHICAGO, March 13. (UP) — Oangland's famous last ride today .-- , i .,,, l3 wn:ll sl]e ,. claimed Charles (Ice Wagon) Con- when, as Eliowu | lcrCi s]lo arr | vcl | llllc "UuspiHIn f n , U Jl "; Kl -ws"? Well, Unit IS interesting. Cut Eil.ol Barrymore, wlio played (lie role ot tlio impress couldn't express an opinion. }ou BCD. alio's never seen T " a .' -a «'l, a t,he y ,ann aliases in a dozen or more cities, Seed Loans ror 1934 u u-as one of UK last, members or the "We- after March 20 once powerful "Terrible Touhy" gang. He was known as one of rie •heir principal dispensers o! hLv'y £ iiorthweLsiern Cook county. Factor's Son Threatened LOS ANGELES. March 13 (UP) —Police today disclosed a purported plot 10 kidnap Alvln Factor, 8- year-old son of John (Jake 'the Barber) Factor from the home of the boy's uncle In Beverley Hills The boy was brought to the home or the uncle, Robert, Cowan, soon alter Factor himself was kidnaped, allegedly by the Roger ToiUiey irnng in Chicago last summer. Although police moved secretly it was learned that one suspect bad been arrested, then released after several hour.s or questioning. One group of investigators returned to central police headquarters with an armful of snipped telephone wires, but they refused 10 explain their significance. Detectives indicated that no early arrests were anticipated Tre boy hart been guarded since coming here because of fears that he would be kidnaped in vengeance for ins father's testimony against the fang members at tii c Chicago trial it which they were convicted. Two Youths Held for Manila Store Burglary MANILA, Ark.—Two youths, Bill Downing; and Toots Clark, have wen picked up here accused of participating in burglary of the Tiger- Levine store here Sunday morning Ten dollars in money and two boxes of shotgun shells were removed. The intruders gained access through a window In the rear or the store, tearing away iron bars that crossed the window Tile youths were removed to the county jail at Blytheville and will be tried there. acreage .or production in vioiaiiun of the Agricultural Adi'.:.-,lmcnl Administration program. -In counties where a county production council has not been set. ip, before any application ror a loan will be considered the farmer is,applying will hnve to giv County Audit Report Will Bejfcleased Soon iie long awaited report of the audit of Mississippi county officials' "~ rdsfo "32 released In . ln reese n about 10 clays, j. Bryan Sims, chief Tlw audit was made under l the ° f work aud tore i audt ' mider unaer ive act. nnnual t Statc , V'nrL- t York from awago eusagc- ment IL London. nors, wanted in connection with the kidnaping here of John Factor, a SI 10.000 mail robbery at Charlotte. N. C.. and dozens of olher crimes. Positive identification was made by Louis Pushkin after careful examination of the body. Controls' had grown a moustache since he last was photographed. The gangster had been shot several times in the head and chest at close ratine. His body was carefully propped in n sitting posture Government Will against a fence a few feet oft n VJUVt -" llllc "l VY1II lonely country road near suburban Willow Springs. The slaying brought a sardonic end to the career of a man believed — by police to have participated in "Fulton Want, Field Supervisor many similar "parties" for enemies f01 ' the Memphis Emergency Crop of his own. Loon Section of the Farm Crc-illt Connors, kn*?n by a variety of Administration,hns announced thai laSP-S in n tlr\tn\* nr- mw,. «4»r.f. KflfVl fr\* Itltt .. •» . KOVi'rnir '•"iimp; lx'!i>r,> Thursday, when'ii, l!°.»r !«' deported ( ,n the llrst to New York. Compromise;Appears Likely on Pension and Pay Cut Questions WASVNGTON. March 1H. <U1'' -Out of a tin-bull'.,I house .vvn!: in favor of payment of ihc b^nm the administration today salvage-! a partial victory on UK- iiucslion o: increased coini/.nsntlon for veti-r- ians and ir.nuratlon of jrowimneir. pay culs. Shortly alter Hie Democratic controlled house had kicked over .the traces and approved Hip $2,400.000,. 000 bonus bill-by a 211") to 125 vole in the lace ol certain veto by President Roosevelt, an admlntslralton compromise was won on the benc- llt and pay cut Issue. A Democratic caucus voted, Itifi to 7-1. to refer the imle[H'iidcnt offices bill, which carries amend-! menu which virtually would wreck President Roosevelt's economy pro-1 VL/J||' Kram. back ID conference with the! senate. The action prevents the measure: from coming before il:e house U) j its present form. Administration' forces believe It will now be |X>ssi- j Willie Brooks, negro, alleged to 5l.ll°," " ^'"t"' 0 "" 5 '- »" Hu'liavc woiimled Alvln UrnUon, local 'bus ih-ivcr. In an attempted ' hotrt- >. Mnri'h 13. iUI')—Siun- '!'•! In.suli «as fiii-nWii';l »m, Unlt- 'd stale:; K <ivi-r,,iiu-i.i'lln,. pa- '•.l.llll.'ll hilll ,.|,,v..|y j,, [,..„• U,.,l "• itiljjl.l ciiiiiinK siiu-idr. L l ";"'l'-'- *Ui- w v i,, K hill, 10 '•"i^ liial. but ii «.,. s i-,.| K ivii-d ]j f '• ll; 'l-.l l!i) Id a lliilf <]„/,.,, ol),,.,. •j»iiilru»,. tiicliidl.ii; Mi-.-lileiisti-ln Illl ' ! "" lik<- republic of (laniimru inili-s and KMHK) Jnlialjli-uiis on n-c The American n-:ive!lii. 4 paiiers wi're provided ni tin' suvve.-Jlloi! of .. Many con- Io visa ltu< travel 'IN n K M 11 • /• , Identified Kv,BllS Driver As Negro Cl ' ! "' l( ' s A - '•'»<"«fl!» who. will, Orville Wright and Clarence>- who shot Him :±' ±,'*:::. ^ ttc * i ° ^ iuv i "" mr > "*>»"»>•»"•-•>* ^>- rvi™ Crop Production Credit Up to|$250 IK.' avail- According to thc.regulatioas im...^,_ h the croj) lMns ^ ^ ihis year, any farmer who . , n( - exli1 *- Uult hC not intend to increase hi M. C. Flowers Dies at His Home at Yarbro jbus run Salnrriay night about 11 j o'clock. OKicers, however, are somewhat skeptical of Brooks' Im- plicalion in the shooting. ,.' _, ' .- Rii5.sell. Snxton, negro, fonncr M. C. Flowere. 63, died tlUs coin-let, who, was taken morniiiK at his home at Ynrbro. Inlo custody by officers about noon He had been in ill health since ,1 'today In connecljon with the same stroke of paralysis four yeai-i; m-n. sl.iintlug. wiiat part he Is allcted Kimeral sorvlrcs were held this i to have had In the affair Is not afternoon and burial made ut known. North Sawba cemetery. The deceased is survived by l\is wife, Mrs. Mary'.lane Flowers. M-Ven sons, Arthur. Jim. Bob. Porter, Dennis. John T. and Ncely, three Mrs. Mrs. Lena Sua Accoi-dlng to rciwrU; Brooks is nllcer-d to have alteinytei! to rob the bus driver while, on a visit here with the Whiles, driving here in a .ruck Saturday night. The LITTLE HOCK, Mar. 13 (UP)— Names of 8li prisoners granted clemency by the state parole board i,nd of MG denied clemenoy will be made public as soon as the prison superintendent, A. G. Sted- niaii. completes his 'records, ho . . Clara Johnson .] truck wns paiked near the Gale- rks and Mrs. 1,u-!way store on South 21st street for I-|ower.i, all of here, it j fl>m e lime Saturday niuhl and bother. Ed Flowers, of Marshall, the altcmptca robbery iTenn.. and (wo sisters, Mrs. Lu!a hnve "occurred during" trial '"i\mc" 1 Ilngcrlnrd of Midcllctoii. Texas, and Ilralton was wonmi;;' in (lie left re. unl Brown, of Ulson. 'ivnn. jarni bin 1101 .seriously hurt Moss Unclvrtaking company is in Mother and Three of arrangcment.s. satisfactory evidence that he is c 11 . r, ,. cooperating with the production j 3a V s Adequate Credit Boost Employment The ,maximum amount of an emergency crop loan that may be obtained by any one Individual is S250. The minimum is S25. The .maximum amount available to tenants of one landlord is United to S500. Applications for loans in any amount rrom $25 to $150 mny \>c WARIflNGTON, March 13 IUP) —Oov. Eugene R. Black of the federal reserve board estimate;! today that between 500.000 and I.OOO.COO men would be put back lo work if siifllck'iit capital were .supplied lo small industries. Governor Ulack said Die federal reserve board had nm y P t compiled accepted by the emergency cron'n , M " ""' ^ l '° ln "" ( ' Cl loan office provided ^fann'er ! " ! ""° ll " ! °' "™" 1 does not have sufficient, security j ---- ' to obtain a loan elsewhere. A farmer applying for SI 50 or more must first make application o the Production Credit Associa- ion for n loan. from 11. Rejection of this application uy the Production Credit association will be considered sufficient evidence .that other credit is not available and the applicant may then make application lo the .emergency crop loan office. Daughters Die in Fire INDIANAPOLIS. Ind.. March 13 (UP)—A mother and her three children were burned to death today when fire destroyed their small framn house here. Victims of the tragedy were Mrs. Edna Finch and ihrcr daughters". of her rmir Promised Land Pioneer Succumbs at Noon Today Bob Fowler, 70-year-old pioneer] ....... ,.,.„ u ,..,,, s ,-,, „„citizen of Promised Land, died to- ! with separate programs Meandering land is Ihe Innd bordering rivers or lakes with ir- irgnlnr shores and which are likely 'o change in lime. Stores Receive Easter Apparel for Fashion Revue This Week Urge shipment.'; of wearing ap- Jane Kochtltzky and Mrs. sterling parel. especially suitable for (he;Wood; jack Appletatim's-Frances taster parade, are being received Jaffee of Osccola end Steve Brooks ClflllV hV lf%T"lI fit-lit !• Illllrt r,-.. .•.„ J_ . ™-1 , . . - . _ -_ . daily by local firms who arc cooperating In a fashion revue lo be given at. he Rosy theater Tlnirs- dny night and the Hit?, theater Friday night. Because of the large number of jr.: The fashion—Mrs. J. B. Ncely. Misses Marguerite Johnson. Louise Boitrland and Jane Holllpeler; Trc Toggery—Martha Ann Lynch; Miss Whitsitfs Shop—Mrs. w." D. Cham- hlin jr.. Misses Jane Buck and Margnret Cross; day noon at his home. Funeral services will be held at Lhe residence tomorrow afternoon. 2:30 o'clock, with the Rev. W. J. LoRoy. pastor of the Lake street Methodist church, officiating, and burial will be made at the Flm- firms displaying models Ihc show "fE""! Cross; J. c. Penn has been arranged for two nights ' M ss ° 5 Alma Mr>c ' Io!lf:1 ami K ' with senaratc uroernms .^ thai l c . ri "? P05e >': R - n - Hughes-^ thealcr goers might see Ihe lat- ~~t styles, atractivc dance and vood cemetery. The dcce.iscd. who widely known in this vicinity, is survived by his wife and one son, Lendcnnle Fowler. o[ Blytheville. Moss undertaking company is in charge 'of arrangements. Asks for National Guardsmen BIRMINGHAM. Ala.. March (UP)—Sheriff James F. -•• asked today that nationaj ^ attention of the troops be sent to Bradford and por- • , ! c J!,? 1 J. C. Penncv- Kath- , numbers, and a movie without be- £„? , ^ Mc ", coming tired. The shows wi ! be £' ir '° rd p avl Gallsk ' ! »>'. lilackard. James Edwards, -- Guard jr.. and Otto Scrape; I Haynes' Men's Shop—Bill Secoy. . bright with color and s|x-cialtiesif r .. Gall nnd will move rapidly, according . , Bf " Tro "" : °' i Gallskc ' '' !cdcls al!d trc B00 '- to plans made by Miss Ola Bob Harris, stage director, and Hill Troilcr. master of ceremonies. Firms and mannequins to be presented are: Graber's—Misses Virginia Terry, . _ . ...j....... ....._,, ino\\ Maiirmc Brtiiuon. Lonise Uourl.ind. danc Emma Sue Stewart and little !-"or. Ann Carpenter; New Ecor.omy Shop—Misses Frances Eva IK and A voice number, "After Sur.down," by Bill Trotter, with Mrs. Trotter as accompanist, and dance nnm- bers will lntcrs|>ersc the display at the Roxy Thnifday evening when the movie. "Madame Spy." starring Fay Wray and Nils ,^'V."- «-m )«• shown. In a Spnnis ing and carl Hl!cy and Bill TroiUr will perfonn. Three tap dances will b? given by Mary Jea rglv Wright 'and CKambciiin Invitetl to Serve on Board WASHINGTON. Mar. n (UP)-- Cnl. Clmrli's A. Lindbergh, Ofvllle Wright, and Clarence Chamberlain, Ihree of Ihe nation's greatest civilian dyers, were called upon by the administration today to help 11 fix responsibility for the army's Irauic difficulties In . flying the malt. Secretary of War George H.- Dern uhhounccd he was asking these three- lo sR with ,au army board to mako a thorough study of air corps equipment, training and personal. It, has been charged that the army':, equipment Is obsolete and training not «p to date. H was understood the. formal Invitations to Join the' cominlttco nail not yd gone out but iiccc'p- inncc were cxycccd from all three Deslsnatlou of commltfeB *• ""I'm j jiiiv 111 nty mr (JU]"|jS f fill 11)- 11 J J training, is shown here as he appeared at Washington of where he conferred with Secretary ot War ilcrn .dell). Lis '. of T1 \° v ^ nGl ™ te , d Founder and Editor of Clemency Will Be Made Public Soon this afternoon. The list, he said, should be , available "no earlier than toinor- iw." The slate iienal board yesterday tightened Us restrictions on clemency applicants ami began an investigation of reiwrts that paroled convicts hove been held In virtual jKonagc by Individuals who provided the required bonds to secure their release from the prison fanns. Under the new restrictions. Chairman Walter Helms of Tcx- art:ana announced, no second of- rendcre or parole violators will be considered for parole, and applications of short-term convicts will not, be considered until they havo served Half, Instead of one-third of their time. Second offenders and convicts who have violated former paroles and furloughs "mlfjht just as well make up [heir minds to serve tl-.clr full terms," chairman Helms sairt. Two More Scholarship Awards Are Announced The Jewish Ladles Aid has announced winners of two more scholarships which this organization Is awarding In Mississippi county. H. N. Hill jr. has been given Ihe niano scholarship and Miss Martha Chambers the dramatic arC award. Voung Hill, who studied music at ffcndrix college, Conway. where he ;radnated last year, is widely known In this city where he frequently appears In public programs. His scholarship is at the Union Con- Een.ttory of Music In New York City. Miss Chambers who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Chambers, studied dramatic arl at Blue Mountain college. Blue Mountain, Miss, she will study under Mrs. Laura Schercr nines, of Memphis, one of the artists who gave n program here recently. New York Tenement Fire Claims Two Lives NEW YORK. March. 13 (UP) — ot lclwmcnt Arkansas—Cloudy, colder in the mlncrs near llerc pioyes and deputies. Democratic Women Will Geneva stalling an( t M ,< L< , c Wiggins residence, 1126 Hearn St.. „„,! Afflictc. Patricia \Vi?e' and Possibly freezing in cx- caused little damage. t.-c-.ue ncrfPwcst lonlghl. Wcdnes WhitworU:. Lorna Eerryman and Je.sie Milier in o'clock, to Laura Barnes, Mary Blanche Gay a third arrangement. Mary Jean and Martha Chambers; The F.i- Afllick and Klaine will ollyanna linck and also do toe danrc.s. B.LJPPLEBIOP Leachville Star Succumbs at Memphis LEAOHVILLE, Ark.-B. L. Appleby, for 17 years editor and-publlshor of (he Lcaclwlllc Star, died this morning »t 7 o'clock: at the Methodist.'hospital, Memphis, where he wrus Ukcn for the Ireatincnl' of nasal hemorrhages, Iron, which he had bctn critically. Ill for several y_i The rmjeral will be lield Wednesday artcriicon at 2 o'clock at the Methodist church In Leaciivllle, or which Mr. Applcby had been a leading member tlirouglx>iiL bis residence l-.cra. The oHlclnllni; ministers will be the Rev. R n Simpson or England. Ark., and the Rev. Morris Grcer of Jonesboro, assisted by the Rev. J. w. Moore pastor or [he church. Honorary pallbearers will be' L G. Bycrlcy, C. L. Smith, E. E. Byrti John William, Dr. A. E. Robinson. P. L. Lcc, Bill Itancy and John Slcele. The active pallbearers will be: Robert Lee, Eugene Shnncyfll. Howard Selby, Harold Scltiy, John Bcardcn, and Stanley Hancock. Mr. Appleby was 03 years old, having been born November 10. 1870, at Scale. Ala., the son of Dr. and Mrs. T. I,. Applcby. He never married but his sisters, Mrs. R. i, Hobdy ami Mrs. B. S. Cormvclll made their home here with him. lie also leaves three brothers, John Appieby, assistant, editor of the Leachville Star, George N. Applcby of New York, and Dr. Scott Applc- by. of Cotter, Ark. Mr. Appleby was a veteran of tile Spanish-American war. He came to Mississippi counly in 1912 from Memphis, where he had been employed by the Commercial Ap- Penl, to become postmasler at Barfield, in ipn he moved to Leachville and established the Slar. Ills last work was the publication of Volume 17 of the Star. The paper began Us eighteenth year lost week but Mr. Appicby was too ill lo have an active part. In its preparation, under Mr. Appleby the Slar was the oldest newspaper in Mississippi county hi point of continuous publication under one management. He iwrsonally was In charge of preparation of-every Issue for 17 years appeared to explain at least one f lt>e purposes of Lindbergh's •omcwhnt mytlerious week end conference will, Dcrn. Lindbergh some weeks ugo criticized the administration's canccllallon of prl- vule atrmall contracts and received a White House rebuke. Army and poslofflce officials meanUmc were sllll preparing schedules for limited resumption of army airmail fllghls on a "safely flrsl" basb. Although Poslmastcr Oeneral Jnmes A. Farley yesterday said ho hoped Ilighls could be resumed on nine routes today, no planes had tnken the 'air at 'noon -so far as could be, learned here, All airmail was stopped Sunday following President Roosevelt's order that service' must be "curtailed «s much as • necessary to prevent further casualties. He acted after 10 pilots had been killed In three weeks. CongrcssiouaJ .committees " continued work on 'legislation to permit return of the mull to private lines wllhln the next few montlis Gives Alarm, Report A five-year-old boy sol a grass Ire In an alley off Hearn street this afternoon and then, alarmed . -, — ..„..,*.. „.,„ n.0- at the result, asked a neero ser- ing the death toll from tenement vant to lurn In an alarm fire- fires to 17 within a month, men said. The nre. In the rear of the Ben ----- , . ---- .- ..... .,,„ , except for one week, back In 'lD17 t>a t >cr publisher and former United when lie was ill with Influenza States senator, will be asked to bs- _ _ _ _____ ' f noil* rrfiDciit-n*. r*e i"i>« *-* ________ .-_ Boy Fires Grass And SEEK E1ISEI Two Cadtt Flyers Kilted SAN ANTONIO, Tex, Mny. 13 ' tUP)—Two Kelly Field flying cadets were killed here today when their plane stalled at a height of 1,000 feet and crashed to earth. . The dead arc Cadet, J. W. Carson. 2C, Spartnnbure, S. c., and Cadet N. c. Samuels o[ Severna Park, Md. No Action On Rates Is Expected Tonight Only routine business is expected to occupy the city council tonight at Its regular monthly session, according to Mayor Cecil Shane. Mayor Shane said that action on a proposed ordinance lo require the Arkansas-Missouri Power company to |XKt a surely bond to protect customers who make deposits with the company and a resolution giving the power company notice to show cause why rales should not be reduced would not likely come up. Action will probably te delayed until after the Missouri Public Service commission hands down a decision affecting rates charged by th° same company in Missouri. The company has promised .that a reduction, if such Is ordered, will be effective in Arkansas. The decision is anticipated soon. Will Ask Cohen to Take Party Treasurership WASHINGTON, March 13. (UP) - Ma '' . Cohen. Atlanta, news- come treasurer of fte Democratic national committee, Chairman Jas. A. Farley indicated today. i. n close frfend of President -It, is on his way to Washington from Atlanta. Salmon have been kno;vn to swim at the rate of 10 yards a second. WEATHER : fire, Chief Roy Bfc»d clear, according to 'samuel F. -Is. official weather observer,

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